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On the unbearable lightnness of (not) being Israeli

The adjective ‘Israeli’ is a magician’s trick. but whereas the common magician makes coins and pigeons vanish and reappear, ‘Israeli’ can disappear a whole people, only to pull it back from the ear of an assistant when the show requires it. Let’s see how it’s done.

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Estelle and the freedom of association

Henry Norr calls the decision of the Estelle, the boat that is now making its way to Gaza to challenge the Israeli siege, to disinvite Ann Wright, “sheer madness,” and “guilt by association.” This Language is both wrong and false.

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Ash responds to critique of Finkelstein on BDS

Gabriel Ash responds to a criticism of his post “Norman Finkelstein’s disinformation about BDS.”

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Norman Finkelstein’s disinformation about BDS

Norman Finkelstein continues to spread disinformation about BDS. In a new interview], by Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East, Finkelstein repeated the accusation that “BDS is a cult,” this time in a measured and composed way, not as an “outburst”.

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Beinart’s ‘Zionist BDS’ will only help entrench the occupation

Peter Beinart’s proposal for a “Zionist BDS” movement mirrors the Reut Institute’s strategy for splitting and weakening the BDS movement.

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Seeing past Rothschild Blvd

Joseph Dana and Max Blumenthal published their promised article on the J14 protest movement, and it is disappointing. The only part of Israel they see is the Ashkenazi middle class of Tel Aviv. That, the protest of that sector, which started the #J14 … Continue reading

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Israel’s ashkenazi elite, not Russian immigrants, are responsible for the country’s ever increasing racism

Before syphilis was baptized with its modern name, it used to be called the “French disease” in Italy, Poland and Germany, the “Italian disease” in France, the “Spanish disease” in the Netherlands, the “Polish disease” in Russia and the “Christian … Continue reading

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