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Heike Schotten is Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Massachusetts Boston. She is the author of, among others, “Reading Nietzsche in the Wake of the 2008-09 War on Gaza.

When ‘J’ means ‘Jewish’ not ‘Justice’

Zionism contends that Jewish people have a special connection to the Zionist colonization of Palestine (i.e., Israel). Unfortunately, this “special connection” is often reproduced in certain Jewish-identified Palestine solidarity work in the U.S. This happens when the focus of movement work is directed toward the needs, motives, beliefs, or histories of Jewish people, rather than the needs and situation of Palestinians.

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Counting the Gaza Dead: False equivalences, distorted dichotomies

One rudimentary measure of the destruction of any war is casualty numbers – answering the question, how many dead? Media coverage typically reports Israeli and Palestinian casualty figures together, misleadingly suggesting an equality between them in either suffering or culpability.

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