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March 15th: Arab revolution returns to Palestine

Youth activists in the West Bank and Gaza seized initiative Monday, beginning a planned wave of demonstrations a day early in a bid to outmaneuver Hamas and Fatah authorities who they say want to co-opt their movement. Activists on the … Continue reading

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Back to Gaza

I arrived in Gaza on Thursday. This the first time I’ve been back to any corner of Palestine since I was deported by Israel in January. It took a week of paperwork and waiting in Cairo to get approval from … Continue reading

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Helen Thomas, and Amira Hass, on the right of return

The furor over Helen Thomas’ remarks reminded me of  this lecture  Amira Hass gave in New York two years ago, in which she eloquently described the intersection of Israel’s Law of Return and the Palestinian right of return. In the … Continue reading

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The not-so special relationship

Some British MPs want to get rid of the phrase ”special relationship" in reference to Anglo-American ties, because they say it has lost its meaning, and because it suggests that Britain is the subservient poodle of superpower America. Asked to … Continue reading

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