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Three years ago: A ‘normal morning’ turns to horror in Gaza

It was a few minutes past eleven. I woke up “early” to start preparing for my school exams that were due to start in a couple of weeks. It was a lovely morning, warm and sunny. The December sunlight filtered … Continue reading

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Reading Anne Frank in Gaza

I always believed to write is to “make less the depth of grief.” But it’s been long since I wrote down anything, and indeed I spent long and hard time attempting to convince myself that this latest recurring experience of … Continue reading

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On March 15 the ‘angry young men’ of Gaza will work to end division

“Write down, I am an Arab” wrote the late renowned Palestinian poet, Mahmoud Darwish, in the opening lines of his controversial poem boasting about and promoting then-declining Pan-Arabism. Toward the middle of the poem, he writes, his anger obviously amounting, … Continue reading

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Gaza Two Years Later: There is nothing that tastes as beautiful as reading in the dark

“I just take it as a challenge, the louder the bomb, the more engrossed in my book I become; the more intense the shooting, the more pages I’m determined to read. And they just lose.” That is what my teacher … Continue reading

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For Jawaher Abu Rahma: As one sleeps, another wakes up. As one dies, a whole generation is born.

The tragic death of the Palestinian protester Jawaher Abu Rahma in Bil’in left all of us grieving very deeply as we sat helpless, leafing through the news stories of her sad death. That, in fact, was not an extraordinary incident … Continue reading

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Gaza Two Years Later: The Earth woke peacefully

For the first time in twenty-two days the Earth woke up without a start. Even though the sky was spotted with a few randomly dispersed clouds, it was was bereft of the disturbing tones of the overhead drones which had … Continue reading

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Watching The Pianist in Gaza

The Pianist is a movie that tells the disheartening story of a Jewish pianist,  Władysław Szpilman, who struggles to survive during the holocaust along with his family in Warsaw. Although it is primarily the story of one man, the movie … Continue reading

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Me and my Israeli cousin

In the early 1980s my father was illegally crossing the borders as he stamped his passport with forged seals of the countries he wished to visit, from Libya to Syria, then on to Jordan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia … Continue reading

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It is only Palestine

8000 rockets are no excuse Suicide bombers, it’s all just a ruse Unless you’re Israel, self-defense is right A Jewish army response is disproportionate might The activists sailed to deliver their aid Jihad cash is what they were paid Turkish … Continue reading

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