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About Dr. Mustafa Barghouti

Dr. Mustafa Barghouti is a member of the Palestinian Parliament and Secretary General of the Palestinian National Initiative.

Roots of Resistance: Israeli repression reminiscent of the first intifada may provoke a new uprising

Dr. Mustafa Barghouti recounts the work he did providing medical care and organizing first aid teams to help the thousands of young people injured by the Israeli army during the first intifada. He sees parallels between the violent Israeli response to Palestinian protest then (video above) and now. This post is part of the series “Roots of Resistance: 25 year retrospective on the first intifada.”

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International attention must be paid to the Palestinian nonviolent movement

The historic hunger strike reminds us that the courage of nonviolent resisters is nurtured by hope in a better tomorrow. The international community must honor this movement with attention and action. If not, a desperate people will lose patience

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