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Nu'man Abd al-Wahid is a UK based freelance Yemeni-English writer specialising in the political relationship between the British state and the Arab World. My focus is on how the United Kingdom has historically maintained its interests in the the Middle East. A collection of articles are posted at

Historical whitewash: Great Britain must be held accountable for its role in the Nakba

A 1937 quote from Winston Churchill strongly implies the Zionist project with its attendant occupation and ethnic cleansing of Palestine, i.e. the Nakba, had nothing to do with Jewish history as discovered by the so-called ‘Palestine Exploration Fund’ and everything to do with racist colonialism backed by the power of the foreign policy of an Empire that has escaped accountability for its role in this ongoing tragedy.

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Great Britain’s 100 year war on the Arab world

The current British wars on Arabs must be understood as part Great Britain’s imperial heritage.

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Why the United States must reject British foreign policy in Syria

One of the effects of the Obama presidency is that it has turned international warmongering on its head. The script, has been somewhat flipped. During the George W. Bush era there was very little doubt who was perceived to be leading the mindless, breast-beating clamour for war. What is now clear and impossible to avoid is that the United Kingdom is assuming the lead in calling for more Western intervention in the Middle East. As such and like Libya, the British have been leading the calls for a United States led intervention in Syria.

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British conference kicks off campaign calling for apology and reparations for the Balfour declaration

The land of Lord Balfour hosted a rare but much needed conference on his infamous 1917 declaration. The event was convened by the appropriately named organisation, the Palestine Return Centre (PRC) on the 19th January 2013 in London. The aim of the … Continue reading

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The Suez Canal and the British empire’s need for the Balfour Declaration

Today is the 95th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration. The declaration is best understood in the context of the British Empire’s need for security for Egypt and specifically the British owned Suez Canal.

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British blowback and the killing of the US ambassador in Libya

Inevitably and tragically the United States has once again experienced a blowback of a policy not of its sole provenance.

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An account of the Guardian’s racist endorsement of the Balfour Declaration

Between 1917 and 1948 Great Britain more than any other nation helped to lay the diplomatic, governmental, military and economic foundations for Israel. Yet its commitment to the Zionist cause was due to its own imperial interest.

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British colonial strategy and the 9/11 blowback

Osama bin Laden gained his reputation as a militant Islamist during the Western backed counter-insurgency – so-called “jihad” – against the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan in the 1980’s The main strategy employed by the West during this campaign to … Continue reading

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Britain’s denial of democracy and the ethnic cleansing of Palestine

“The British government have promised that what is called the Zionist movement shall have a fair chance in this country, and the British Government will do what is necessary to secure that fair chance…We cannot tolerate the expropriation of one … Continue reading

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