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Pamela Olson is the author of Fast Times in Palestine. She blogs here.

Ari Shavit calls out every brutality, except the ones Israel is complicit in

Israel’s Liberal Zionist Finger Pointer in Chief shows stunning lack of self-awareness.

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On being accused of anti-semitism by well meaning liberals

A rebuttal to those who assume bigotry, or speciously accuse you of it, when you try to talk about Palestinian human rights

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Nakba in The New Yorker, BDS in Variety

A piece on the Nakba in The New Yorker gave the lie to “all us ‘lefties’ who have tried to convince ourselves that the tragic flaw began in 67,” a friend of Pamela Olson’s writes to her. Olson says the piece, by Ari Shavit, is a step forward but doesn’t address the root of the problem.

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‘The Almond Tree,’ a gateway book for westerners learning the Palestinian story


I started reading The Almond Tree with trepidation. A Jewish-American woman writing a historical novel from the perspective of a young Palestinian man requires serious chutzpah. But Michelle Cohen Corasanti pulls it off, Pamela Olson writes

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Yet another film about Palestinian suicide bombing (‘The Attack’)

Given how few feature films are made about Palestine, it is painful to see this fringe theme—isolated in time, within a certain context, and since abandoned—recycled over and over again, as if it somehow defines the Palestinian experience. — Pamela Olson on a cinematic treatment of suicide bombings

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There’s been a sea change in US opinion on the conflict

Pamela Olson’s book tour tracks ongoing sea change in US public opinion: You used to need extra security to bring a pro-Palestine speaker to campus. Now you need extra security to bring a pro-Israel speaker.

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Another awakening: US travel sites feature West Bank as tourist destination

Travel guru Rick Steves interviews Pamela Olson about the occupation. And so does National Geographic. America is changing. Olson will be doing events in Washington on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

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The dancing cop at Al Manara

When a Jewish friend came out to Israel for Passover, Pamela Olson got him to lie to his family and visit her in Ramallah, where he saw the dancing traffic cop. Another amazing fact about Palestine that you have never heard about in the west, where we have destroyed a civilization in our discourse

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Forget SodaStream, help Palestinian workers by boycotting settlements and ending the occupation

I’ve heard this already a couple times on my book tour: “Hey, we shouldn’t boycott settlement goods. It’ll hurt job prospects for Palestinians!” An excellent article in the Electronic Intifada picked up this theme and thoroughly demolished this ridiculous argument.

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On crossing cultures as a western visitor to Palestine

Pamela Olson: Like Abraham Lincoln, I believe people will make pretty good choices when given enough freedom and information.

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Rania’s family, and a summer camp breakthrough

Many people have asked me how Rania and her family have been doing this year. (Here’s the backstory on Rania, if you’re unfamiliar with it.) Thanks to the generosity of many kind donors, she was able to finish her house, … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart on Romney’s painfully oblivious racism against Palestinians

Jon Stewart on Mitt Romney’s claim that Israel’s economic superiority over the Palestinians is due to culture and the hand of God.

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Jon Stewart’s Triple Threat

Jon Stewart mocks the Israel lobby, calls for an end to war drums, and urges U.N. to accept Palestinian state

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‘Fast Times in Palestine’ to sponsor OccupyAIPAC

20% of all income from the book ‘Fast Times in Palestine’ during the month of March will be donated to Occupy AIPAC.

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Reasons for hope

Yesterday we posted reflections from Pamela Olson who has been in the West Bank during the UN debate over Palestinian statehood. Here is a follow up post on where she sees hope. Despite everything I outlined in the post yesterday, … Continue reading

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The view from the West Bank: Statehood bid? What statehood bid?

That pretty much sums up the atmosphere in the West Bank following Abbas’ recent trip to the UN in New York to submit an application for statehood for Palestine. There was some anticipation leading up to his speech in the … Continue reading

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Pamela Olson’s ‘Fast Times in Palestine’ published

After three and a half years, I’m delighted to announce that my book, Fast Times in Palestine, is between covers. It’s modeled in a sense after Uncle Tom’s Cabin, a book that didn’t try to pontificate about the evils of … Continue reading

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Backgrounder on Hamas-Fatah split

Shortly after Hamas won Parliamentary elections in 2006, I wrote an essay that addressed frequently asked questions about the Hamas election victory. I thought now would be a good time to link to it (read the full essay here), given … Continue reading

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On ‘Cycles of Violence’

Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert wrote an article in the New York Times (“He who Cast the First Stone Probably Didn’t“) explaining why starting cycles of violence is so easy. There are many forces at play, of course, but two basic … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart strikes again

The Daily Show – America’s Freedom Packages Tags: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook Once again, Jon Stewart leads the way in pointing out America’s exquisite hypocrisy in the Middle East. John Oliver joins … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart compares settlements to terrorism, and gets laughs in the process

The Daily Show – How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sharia? Tags: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook Last night I fired up the Daily Show on my computer, something I hadn’t done … Continue reading

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Book Review – The Hour of Sunlight

The Hour of Sunlight: One Palestinian’s Journey from Prisoner to Peacemaker, co-written with journalist Jen Marlowe (author of Darfur Diaries), tells the remarkable story of Sami Al Jundi. Recounted as a first-person narrative, it’s told with rare honesty, sparing no … Continue reading

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Defending the indefensible — badly

The following is a piece from the Jerusalem Post (JPost), which is usually a pretty right-wing Israeli paper, but it has one amazing column called Rattling the Cage by Larry Derfner. Let me back up a minute. Last night I … Continue reading

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The world still wants to love us

I was in Washington, DC in the late summer of 2006 showing a Palestinian friend around, and I remember looking down the street at the US Capitol building. The intricate white dome soared into the sky, a breathtaking beacon of … Continue reading

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Israeli spoof of brainwashing — in kindergarten

This is adorable. And telling. And hilarious. Not the salmon!

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