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‘My friend, Mahmoud Maher, a doctor, was killed at Tahrir Square’

At 1:15 am Cairo time on Saturday morning I spoke to my friend Ghassen. His friend was killed at Tahrir Square during the 24 hours of horrific violence we all saw on Feb 1st and 2nd. To the best of … Continue reading

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‘We are very much in the early stages of our revolution’

At an estimated nineteen million people, Cairo does remain a very small town. Every single time I have been there I have been struck by the small cliques of people who hang out at the same parties, go out to … Continue reading

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‘The chant is يسقط يسقط حسني مبارك – Tell the world he is killing us’

Today was the day everything changed for the peaceful patriots of Egypt. It was the saddest day of what was a peaceful revolution and has now been attacked with unspeakable violence by a regime that has had three decades to … Continue reading

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Please help us find missing Egyptian protester Maram Eid, 29

Below are emails to me from Maram Eid’s relative Neffy, my Facebook friend, since January 28. Neffy lives in California. Please spread the word and let us try and see how effective our social networking on this might be.If you … Continue reading

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Yousry is now Omar: ‘Tell Mubarak we don’t need his damn Internet for the Peoples Revolution’

“Please use my real name Omar from now on—we have nothing left to hide anymore” That is how the man I was calling Yousry started his remarkable intervie with me a few hours ago. At a point in our conversation … Continue reading

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‘It’s a revolution of the people, not of the Ikhwan, not of Baradei, not of Soliman, not of Facebook and Twitter, no this is a people’s revolution’

Its lonely and I am thinking (and dreaming) in 140 characters or less. The only people I have spoken to in the last few days are friends in Egypt, friends from Egypt in the US, my boyfriend and a few … Continue reading

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‘Muslims, Christians we are all Egyptians’: Scenes from a revolution as told by one eyewitness

My friend Yousry is in his late twenties. He and his wife would be considered affluent because they live in Zamalek. But like so many others, because all barriers of class have fallen away—he has been on the streets for … Continue reading

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