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Ruqaya Izzidien is a British journalist and cartoonist based in Gaza.

Christmas in Gaza

Approximately 3,000 Christian Palestinians live in Gaza. Few are able to visit the West Bank this holiday season, where Christmas celebrations are substantially larger and more festive. Nevertheless, Palestinian Christians in Gaza have been gearing up for the celebration, determined to enjoy Christmas.

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The aftermath of a bombed home in Gaza

At 2 a.m. on Thursday, December 9th, three Israeli airstrikes hit meters away from Migdad Elzalaan’s home in Gaza. The attack killed his uncle and injured 13 members of his family.

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Gazan fishermen recount narrow escape from Israeli fire

At around 9.00 am on June 21, two fishing boats were attacked at about two and a half miles off the coast of the Gaza Strip. Since 2008, Gazan fishermen have experienced a reduction in the areas in which they … Continue reading

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Rafah chaos escalates as Gazans continue to wait for the border to open

Arms grappled through the black metal barrier that separates Palestinians from the Rafah terminal. A barrier which only ever shifts to let through ambulances, press and- very occasionally- a busload of travellers, successfully making it out of Gaza. Elderly ladies … Continue reading

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A family in Gaza struggles to rebuild following repeated Israeli attacks

37-year-old Nasr Abu Sa’ad is holding a demonstration with his children outside the United Nations in Gaza with the aim of convincing them to rebuild his home which was shelled five times in July 2010 and another four times this … Continue reading

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