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Sameeha Elwan is a Gazan studying in the UK.

A honeymoon apart

(This is cross-posted from Sameeha Elwan’s blog Here, I was Born) This is how we planned it: I get my Schengen visa to attend a Peace conference in Geneva and then we fly, together, to France, where we first met, … Continue reading

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Why should I be accused of being Westernized?

“Westernized” is very often the first accusation pointed in your face when attempting to discuss or even try to raise gender matters in our society.” Especially if it stems from someone who has just come back from abroad, let alone it being a woman. I cannot deny that being abroad for the first time in my whole life has put me in a very serious confrontation with my own identity not only as a Palestinian, or as a Muslim but also as a woman.

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Wala’: The untrodden beauty of Palestine

Two Palestinian women, one from Gaza and the other from Hebron, meet in London after being separated by occupation in Palestine.

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Mondo Award Winner: Sameeha Elwan

So far we’ve rolled out three of our winners from the Mondo Awards of the new year. Now here is our #5 winner (in order, going from the top inspirational piece, to be announced next week), winner of the Lyrical … Continue reading

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