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Scott McConnell is a founding editor of the American Conservative. The former editorial page editor of The New York Post, he has written for Fortune, The New Criterion, National Review, Commentary and many other publications.

Ernie Els’s tribute to Mandela

Decades of structural racism in a society can be overcome, as Ernie Els demonstrated at the British Open victory ceremony yesterday

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A European says, You can stick a fork in Israel

My formidable English ex step mother says Israel is finished, there won’t be two states

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Bruising Judt, Fukuyama says Arabs aren’t ready for liberalism

Francis Fukuyama suggests Tony Judt’s idea of one state was “monstrous” because Arabs aren’t ready for liberalism

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Loury says Iran attack talk is ‘anti-Islamic hyper-pro-Israeli genuflection’

John McWhorter and Glenn Loury are more interested in Ron Paul’s opposition to Iran saber-rattling than his racist newsletters

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Gingrich has opened an important door

Like Palestinian nationalism, Irish nationalism reflected an irrepressible movement that could only be answered with equality

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Wexler on the warpath: Opening volleys of major push for Iran war by liberal Zionists and hawks?

Robert Wexler, former Florida congressman and a key Obama ally on Israel/Palestine issues, was one of the speakers at a Churches for Middle East Peace dinner last night. Wexler is a liberal Zionist, who (correctly) sees Israel’s long term interest … Continue reading

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(Finally) a mainstream radio host describes Gaza as a jail and mocks angry readers’ letters

I was twirling the dial while driving and heard this guy Pete Dominick, a host on POTUS–a mainstream satellite station.  Kind of great on I/P — he had on a Palestinian former Princeton prof guest, deftly parried hasbara points, talked … Continue reading

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At her book launch, Olson’s Indian ancestry gives hasbara-ist opening to use U.S. ethnic-cleansing excuse

On Thursday night, I went to the book launch event for Pamela Olson’s memoir Fast Times in Palestine at the New School. For quite a while now, I’ve thought Pamela was going to become a star—young, smart, and cool and … Continue reading

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Weiner’s progressive defenders blind themselves to the rightwing views that may now ensure his survival

Two quick points about the Anthony Weiner scandal. First, among heavy hitters in the progressive media, no one wants to point out that Weiner’s Israel-Palestine views put him in deep Likud territory, which on the American spectrum translates into an … Continue reading

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Code Pink’s nervy presence reminds us that consensus for segregation and Vietnam also seemed impregnable once

The Code Pink “Move Over Aipac” demonstrations in Washington were extraordinary. There are not yet thousands ready to come to DC to demonstrate against AIPAC and its fellows’ dominance of American Mideast policy, but there were a few hundred. Medea … Continue reading

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The mysterious Mr. Ross

I’m tickled by the Times front page story today: there is a question of whether Obama should lay out an American peace plan. He and Hillary favor this idea. Dennis Ross opposes it. So, the gist of the article implies, … Continue reading

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Glickism and Feithism

Caroline Glick was on Capitol Hill, giving a speech at the Center for Security Policy national security luncheon, along with Douglas Feith and new congressman Allen West. Really quite a performance.  I thought it was bad to see David Horowitz … Continue reading

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Five years ago today, Walt and Mearsheimer gave Americans the vocabulary to discuss a central issue

What stood out from the first page was the tone—measured but firm, uncompromising but not strident. Every assertion seemed precisely weighed, put forth without exaggeration, flamboyance, or polemical excess. Also striking was the absence of gratuitous deference towards the opponent. … Continue reading

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U.S. funded Israeli-linked security company pushes anti-Muslim ideology

As Representative Peter King’s hearings on “Muslim radicalization” refocus attention on Islamophobia, a new report sheds light on the network of private security firms tapping into public funds that push an anti-Muslim agenda to law enforcement agencies. An organization called … Continue reading

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The history of the Camp David Accords reveals that even a sympathetic president could not stand up for the Palestinians

Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, left, and US national security adviser Zbig Brzezinski play chess at Camp David, 1978. In the midst of the Egyptian revolution, a concerned Benjamin Netanyahu told his cabinet that the 1979 Egyptian-Israeli peace was “the … Continue reading

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Can the U.S. really find no ‘niche’ for Al Jazeera?!

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‘NYT’ gives Oren a lectern to spew potted history

Ever notice how the Times will happily publish any claim by an Israeli spokesman, regardless of its relationship to facts? Note today’s op-ed by ambassador Michael Oren: “Will Egypt Be a Partner in Peace?” It would take a while to … Continue reading

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The assault on Human Rights Watch and Shawan Jabarin

A little wave came out of the Israeli agitprop machine yesterday: Harold Evans wrote a piece in the Daily Beast, soon amplified  by one of the Washington Post’s resident Israelists, Jennifer Rubin. They attacked Human Rights Watch, the venerable organization … Continue reading

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You can’t see freedom from any window

What measures can the Palestinians take to get Israel’s boot off their necks? Armed struggle is out. All Palestinians we (a delegation from Churches for Middle East Peace) spoke to on a recent fact-finding trip to the region recognized that … Continue reading

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US gov’t official: Israelis ignore everyone in the US except Tom Friedman and Jeffrey Goldberg

Just had a Jerusalem meeting with a US government official. Inevitably, as our group is a delegation from Churches for Middle East Peace, someone asks, “What can we do back home to most effectively advance the peace process?”  To persuade … Continue reading

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Goldberg/Netanyahu: Because of Spanish Inquisition, and Holocaust, Israel gets to have a nuclear monopoly

At the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies conference, Jeffrey Goldberg gave a plug for the worldview of Ben Zion Netanyahu, the 100 year old father of Israel’s prime minister who is reportedly much more a nationalist extremist than his … Continue reading

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Handicapping Islamophobia

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Israel to deport 100s of children (what say open-border neocons?)

Israel announced plans to deport 400 children of migrant workers, born in Israel, speaking Hebrew, the children of people came legally to do work that Israelis don’t want to do and Palestinians aren’t allowed to do. It’s an ugly business, … Continue reading

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Hearts and minds, and tumors

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Beyond a ‘strategic liability’–the special relationship has made the U.S. ugly

I received one of the coveted invitations to Tuesday’s Nixon Center’s debate between Chas Freeman and Robert Satloff over whether Israel is or is not an American strategic asset. It was a sign of the intense interest in the topic … Continue reading

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