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Sam Harris defends his silence on Gaza slaughter (or tries to anyway)

“The truth is”, Sam Harris says in a podcast that is getting widely circulated, “we are all living in Israel. It’s just that some of us haven’t realized that yet”. The famous atheist writer explains his silence on the Gaza massacre by explaining that though he’s against a Jewish state, it’s Muslim political zealotry that poses all the risks to the world. And not a word about the blockade of Gaza. This is charlatanism masquerading as a philosophy.

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Free speech?

The west should save the Muslim world its lecture about free speech so long as it limits a host of expressions touching on its own sacred cows

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Bil’in protesters oppose a ‘horrible, horrible wrong’ — Michael Moore

Michael Moore is spending his personal and political capital talking up Emad Burnat of the great documentary ‘Five Broken Cameras’

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If Islam is submission to God, well– journalism is submission to the Almighty State

A Muslim with an affinity for bombs is a hate preacher. A columnist with an enthusiasm for bombs is a political analyst.

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Sam Harris in full: court intellectual, mystic, and supporter of the Iraq war

Sam Harris claims that I misrepresented his views in my last article. Yes: I did not portray the full spectrum of his militaristic and bizarre opinions with the justice they warrant.

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Gore Vidal: In memoriam

Gore Vidal has quit this fallen world and completed the cycle of being and becoming. One might think death is the only thing in life about which surprise is impossible, but as with the winning national lotto numbers, it is always something which befalls the stranger. I have ransacked the interior of my cranium to locate my first memory of Gore. To find the earliest sighting of the man and the icon. No luck. It seems like somehow he’s always formed a part of the mental furniture.

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The ‘Muslim insiders’ of the War on Terror

A number of Islamic deserters have cropped up in the years since 9/11. In touchy political subjects that demand some measure of tact and careful handling, insiders are a useful ideological tool in the armor of the state, and with their highly prized Muslim biography, a number of them have become the brown face of the War on Terror. The average Muslim renegade would wish to have no connection with this obscenity; but the average does not capture headlines. For that you need loud eccentrics with a sharp eye for controversy.

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Sam Harris, uncovered

The Devil sucks in the most devout. In theology fanatics make for easier marks for conversion than moderates because of the jitters and fright common to all such breeds who fear their minds will be colonised by the Satanic advance of the secular world. I’m a living testament to the perils of monkeying with fundamentalism…

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