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Israeli military attacks Nakba Day protests with live fire

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Protestor shot in his leg with live ammunition during protest in West Bank village of Kafr Qaddum. (Photo: International Solidarity Movement)

AFP reports: “Israeli soldiers fired tear gas, rubber and live bullets at Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip on Friday, wounding at least 21 people, medics and security sources said. Clashes took place near Ramallah and farther north in Nablus, after a new Israeli cabinet took office and as Palestinians marked 67 years since the Nakba.”

New Netanyahu government to expand support for Israeli settlements

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Israeli settlements in the West Bank (Photo: Reuters)

The Alternative Information Center reports: Israel’s new government is planning to “legalise” West Bank settlement construction conducted in contravention of Israeli law, according to the coalition agreement between Likud and the Jewish Home. This stands in stark contrast to the demolition policy implemented by Israel against Palestinian-owned homes built without permits.

Jordan Valley villagers call for international intervention as Israel conducts massive military training

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Israeli tank rolls through village of Ibziq in the northern Jordan Valley, March 2014. The military operations at that time caused 20 families to be evacuated from their homes. (Photo: Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI)/T. Kopra)

The Alternative Information Center reports: “Besieged Palestinian communities in the occupied West Bank’s Jordan Valley have called on the international community to immediately intervene to halt Israeli military training in the area, which has already resulted in the temporary deportation of residents from four villages from their homes and threatens the future livelihood of these communities. Massive Israeli military training in the northern Jordan Valley began on Sunday, with forces using live ammunition around the homes and farms of Palestinian communities.”

Israeli forces fire tear-gas and stun grenades on Palestinian journalists during World Press Freedom Day march

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Scene from World Press Freedom Day in Bethlehem. (Photo: Ma'an)

Ma’an reports: “A number of Palestinian journalists were injured on Saturday when Israeli forces suppressed a peaceful march organised by journalists to mark World Press Freedom Day. Israeli forces fired tear-gas canisters and stun grenades into the crowd of journalists marching in Bethlehem. [Head of the Union of Palestinian Journalists Abd al-Nasser al-Najjar] said that the march was carried out to express ‘our refusal to systematic Israeli suppression policies against journalists even as they express their right of coverage and freedom of expression.'”

‘Israel assassinated my son in cold blood': Hundreds mourn Palestinian teen killed while walking near separation wall

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Funeral of Muhammad Murad Yahiya, 18, after he was shot dead by Israeli forces late Monday in al-Araqa village west of Jenin. (Photo: Maan News)

Ma’an reports: “Hundreds of Palestinians attended the funeral of Muhammad Murad Yahiya, 18, on Tuesday after he was shot dead by Israeli forces late Monday in al-‘Araqa village in western Jenin. ‘Israel assassinated my son in cold blood,’ Yahiya’s father, Murad, told Ma‘an. ‘After a family wedding Muhammad and several of his friends went walking in our lands near the separation wall when Israeli soldiers opened fire and hit him.'”

In defense of Cornel West’s prophetic voice

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Dr. Cornel West

Marc Ellis first met Cornel West almost thirty years ago when he was invited to share the podium with him on the subject of Israel and the Palestinians. Since then West has become a leading African American public intellectual and has taken daring stands in support of Palestinians, including during Israel’s attack on Gaza last summer. Ellis reflects on West’s career and prophetic voice in light of Michael Eric Dyson’s New Republic article excoriating West. Ellis writes, “Though Dyson’s predicted fall of Cornel West is clearly exaggerated, his penchant for disciplining West’s prophetic voice should be taken seriously.”

Palestinian youth loses eye after being shot by Israeli forces in East Jerusalem

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Sponge-tipped bullets. (Photo: Emil Salman via Haaretz)

From Haaretz: “A Palestinian youth has lost an eye, apparently as a result of being shot at with a sponge bullet. It is the latest of a series of similar incidents in which Palestinian youths and children, primarily in East Jerusalem, have lost eyes to sponge bullets fired by the Israeli security services.”

Thousands in Ramallah mourn Ali Mahmoud Safi, 20, killed by Israeli soldiers while protesting

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Ali Mahmoud Safi's funeral in Ramallah.

Ma’an reports: (Ma‘an) 26 Mar — Thousands of Palestinians on Thursday marched in the funeral of a young man who succumbed to his wounds the day before after being shot by Israeli forces during a protest near Ramallah last week. 20-year-old Ali Mahmoud Safi was buried in the al-Shuhada (Martyrs’) Cemetery in the al-Jalazun refugee camp north of Ramallah Thursday, as thousands mourned the first Palestinian youth to be killed in the camp so far this year.

Netanyahu’s honesty towards Palestinians casts unwelcome light on American Jewish leadership

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Reform leader Rabbi Rick Jacobs, shown speaking at the Jewish Federations of North America General Assembly in Baltimore, November 2012. (Robert A. Cumins/JFNA)

In the closing hours of his political campaign, Benjamin Netanyahu announced his opposition to a Palestinian state and evoked Jewish fears of Palestinians outside and inside of the state of Israel. Netanyahu’s honesty caught the American Jewish leadership by surprise. It seems that Netanyahu compromised a special Jewish Occupation Code honed over many years. In essence, Netanyahu cast an unwelcome light on a thoroughly compromised American Jewish establishment that has enabled Israeli policies toward Palestinians for decades. Netanyahu stood up for injustice without apology. It’s time for Jewish leaders to tell us – without apology – where they stand.

Ten year old Palestinian boy attacked by settlers and abducted by Israeli soldiers while playing in the snow in Hebron

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Saleh Abu Shamsiya, 10, after the attack (Photo: Imad Abu Shamsiya)

The ISM reports that on the 21st of February Saleh Abu Shamsiya, a 10-year-old Palestinian boy, was attacked by settler youth in the Al-Khalil (Hebron) neighborhood of Tel Rumeida. Saleh’s father and activist with the group Human Rights Defenders Imad Abu Shamsiya reported that the settlers, who looked around 18-19 years old, surrounded his son while he was playing in the snow and stabbed him in the arm with a sharp metal object about 15 cm long.