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At least 20 Palestinians killed as Israel resumes attacks on Gaza

Ma’an reports: Renewed Israeli attacks on Gaza have killed 20 Palestinians since a temporary ceasefire collapsed on Tuesday, a health ministry spokesman said Wednesday. Ashraf al-Qidra said that Zaki Suleiman al-Rai, 54, died from wounds sustained early Wednesday. The bodies of Mustafa Rabah al-Dalou, 14 and Wafaa Hussein al-Dalou were also recovered from the wreckage of the al-Dalou family home in Gaza City. Earlier, a two-year-old Palestinian girl was killed in Israeli shelling on the al-Zaytoun neighborhood of Gaza City, al-Qidra said.

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‘Lesson: The Jews will defend themselves even if it means killing children’

The state archivist of Israel, Yaacov Lozowick, tweets that the lesson of this war is that “the Jews” will defend themselves even if that means killing children, “just like every other warring nation,” and Phil Weiss finds that nihilistic and murderous and doesn’t want to be part of “The Jews” that maintains such belief.

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Last weekend for the Mondoweiss summer fundraiser

Thanks to everyone who had already donated to our summer fundraiser. We have raised some desperately needed funds to bring you the news and analysis you have come to expect, and that during a tumultuous period in Israel/Palestine this summer. If you have not already given please consider making a tax-deductible donation before the fundraising drive ends on Sunday.

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In 2050, US liberals protest Israeli football logo featuring ‘Fightin’ Palestinian’

UNIFIED JERUSALEM, GREATER ISRAEL (August 14, 2050) Social media is a buzz with righteous indignation over the new Israeli national football jersey sporting a symbol of what looks like a Palestinian youth throwing a rock, right next to the Nike swoosh symbol. Newspaper editorials and liberal commentators are saying it’s time for a change as these symbols do great harm to the legacy of the 15,000 or so Palestinians left in Greater Israel.

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After destroying 10,000 homes, Israel says Gaza can rebuild if it disarms

Ma’an reports: Israel is willing to agree to the rebuilding of the Gaza Strip in exchange for the disarmament of militant groups there, an official said Tuesday. Ofer Gendelman told Ma‘an that the Israeli government linked the rebuilding of Gaza with disarming factions in the coastal enclave.

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Palestinian teens assaulted and detained by Israeli soldiers after being attacked by settlers in Hebron

Ma’an reports: Israeli forces assaulted and detained two teens after they were attacked by settlers near the Ibrahimi mosque in the Old City of Hebron late Friday. A Palestinian who lives near the mosque told Ma‘an that “Israeli forces last night detained Mutaz Adnan Qfeisheh, 14, and Muhammad Hussein al-Sharif, 14, after a group of settlers assaulted them.” “When they tried to defend themselves from the settlers’ assault, soldiers beat them, detained them and took them to the Israeli police (station),” Najeh al-Muhtaseb added, “The police said they will interrogate the children and then release them.”

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The green line is gone: Hundreds of Palestinian citizens of Israel detained following protests

972 reports: The murder of Muhammed Abu Khdeir and the military onslaught in Gaza have brought about a wave of protest among Arab citizens of Israel. Reports on that wave should be supplemented by unprecedented data: more than 410 Arab citizens of Israel have been arrested on various grounds related to their participation in demonstrations since July 5, according to data provided by human rights NGO Adalah.

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As Israel attacks Gaza, 110 Palestinians injured and 12 detained in clashes at Al-Aqsa compound

Ma’an news reports: Dozens of Palestinians were injured in Jerusalem after clashes broke out with Israeli forces at the Al-Aqsa compound in the Old City on Friday amid heightened tensions after the Israeli invasion of Gaza the day before.

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Latest from Gaza: Israel targets houses, mosques, disabled center and essential infrastructure, 14 more Palestinians killed

The latest news from Gaza as of Saturday morning.

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Please help us continue to cover breaking news from Israel/Palestine, and as a thank you get Ali Abunimah’s new book

Mondo is helping to change the conversation about Israel and Palestine, but we need help to do so. Please contribute; and for all those who give $30 or more, a special offer: Ali Abunimah’s new book, The Battle for Justice in Palestine.

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Autopsy report shows Mohammed Abu Khdeir was burned to death; reports spread of other possible abductions

Ma’an news reports a preliminary autopsy report shows that 16-year-old Muhammad Abu Khdeir was burnt alive by his kidnappers.

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PA condemns Israeli ‘collective punishment’ following disappearance of Israeli teens

Ma’an news reports: The Palestinian Authority on Sunday condemned the Israeli arrest campaign across the West Bank and airstrikes against the Gaza Strip, denouncing the “collective punishment of the Palestinian people” by Israeli forces.

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Pardon our interruption

Mondo readers noticed that the site was down for a couple hours this morning. For a good reason: we had to change servers due to growing traffic

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Palestinian prisoner Ayman Itbeish completes 100th day of hunger strike to protest his indefinite detention

Ma’an News reports on Saturday Ayman Itbeish, 34, finished his 100th day of a hunger strike against his indefinite detention with charge by Israeli authorities, and is one of the longest-striking prisoners currently being held.

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Israeli soldiers injure at least four Palestinians during ‘Naksa’ protests marking 1967 occupation

Ma‘an News reports that Israeli forces injured at least four protesters as they dispersed hundreds of Palestinians taking part in rallies across the West Bank on Thursday to mark the 1967 war that led to the occupation of the region by Israel. Protests marking Naksa Day, meaning “setback” in Arabic, took place at the Qalandiya checkpoint near Ramallah as well as in the southern West Bank city of Hebron.

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Let’s Get Cooking: The summer Mondoweiss fundraising drive


It’s summer, and we have a wonderful gift for those who give $80 or more to our June fundraiser: a book of Palestinian cooking. Your choice, either Olives, Lemons & Za’atar: The Best Middle Eastern Home Cooking from Rawia Bishara, the owner of the legendary New York restaurant Tanoreen, or The Gaza Kitchen, an exciting compilation of Mediterranean specialties by Laila El-Haddad and Maggie Schmitt. We depend on readers for support, and again and again you have come through. Thank you!

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Netanyahu to settler leaders: ‘I fight for you’

Haaretz’s Barak Ravid reports that leaders of the Yesha Council of settlements met Wednesday evening with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and asked him to bring an end to the freeze on planning, construction, and marketing of settlement housing. Netanyahu told the settlement leaders: “You have no shield greater than I. I fight for you.”

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Israeli Housing Minister predicts massive settler population growth over next five years

Reuters: The number of Jewish settlers in the West Bank could grow by as much as 50 percent by 2019, Israel’s ultra-nationalist construction minister said on Friday … Construction and Housing Minister Uri Ariel, a member of the hard-line Bayit Yehudi party in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s conservative coalition government, said the negotiations on Palestinian statehood were in their “dying throes” and predicted the settler population would spiral.

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Israeli teens take celebratory selfie in police custody after attacking Palestinian car

The Jerusalem Post reports that an Afula rally to commemorate the life of a local teenager murdered in a suspected terror attack became heated late Saturday night, with some participants throwing rocks at cars belonging to Palestinian citizens of Israel. Eleven youths suspected of taking part in the violence were arrested by police.

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New iNakba app created to help refugees maintain connection to their home

The new iNakba app, produced by Zochrot, an Israeli organization, is meant to help the refugees maintain their connections to their villages. “If you are a refugee in the Ein El-Helweh camp in Lebanon and you want to know about your village, you can follow and each time someone adds a comment it goes directly to your inbox,” Ghaneen Jeries, Media Director for Zochrot and the coordinator of iNakba project told The Media Line.

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Over 100 Palestinian prisoners begin hunger strike to protest Israeli administrative detention

Ma‘an: Four Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jail began a hunger strike on Wednesday in protest against their detention without trial, a Palestinian prisoner advocacy group said on Sunday. News of the four hunger strikers follows reports that over 100 Palestinian prisoners began a mass, open-ended hunger strike in a number of Israeli jails on Thursday in protest against being held without charge or trial under a policy Israel calls “administrative detention.”

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Israeli settlers release wild boars on Palestinian farmland to destroy crops

Chris Carlson reports for IMEMC: Palestinian researcher Khaled Maali explained that the settlers found launching wild pigs toward the Palestinian farmlands was the best effective way to fight the Palestinian farmers without significant cost. Maali pointed out that the occupation prevents the Palestinians from shooting the pigs, whereas it permits settlers to kill the pigs when they reach their colonial settlements.

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UN peace envoy denied entry to Church of the Holy Sepulchre by Israeli police

Ma‘an reports: Israeli police on Saturday prevented UN Middle East peace envoy Robert Serry from celebrating the Holy Fire ceremony in Jerusalem, a statement from his office said.

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Israeli restrictions over Palestinian movement violate Christian religious freedom during Easter

Ma‘an: A group of Christians from East Jerusalem on Sunday said that Israel’s restrictions on Palestinian mobility resulted in violations of religious freedoms. The statement, signed “Palestinian Christian Organizations in Occupied East Jerusalem,” complained that Christians are often denied access to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre during the Easter holidays. Each Easter, checkpoints are erected “at the Gates and in the alley, thus preventing the worshipers from free access to the Via Dolorosa, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the vicinity of the Christian Quarter.”

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