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‘No food, no water to revive awaiting certain death…’: Horrifying report from Khuza’a village following Israeli attack

Felice Gelman received a chilling report from her friend Yamen Radwan over Facebook earlier today. Radwan lives in Khuza’a, a village east of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip, where there have been reports of another possible massacre as part of Israel’s ongoing invasion of Gaza. Radwan wrote Gelman, “Martyrs and the wounded in the streets and under the rubble asking for help no one answered. Shots fired tank shells and sniper most of the houses were destroyed, including my house, #Red_Cross ambulances four times were hits , shot by the occupation forces offender. No food, no water to revive awaiting certain death…” Above, Palestinians flee their homes, presumably in or near Khuza’a, following heavy Israeli shelling during an Israeli ground offensive east of Khan Younis.

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On ‘Death to Arabs’ in Jerusalem & Tel Aviv

Arpen Roy writes about the surge of racist and xenophobia he has witnesses in Jerusalem from Jewish gangs roaming the city: “Because of these events I’ve been witnessing in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, I have been reading on fascism. I want to clarify here that the word ‘fascism’ is often misused, but such a thing actually exists and its implication should taken seriously. It has an ideology and a political program. In my readings, I came across a curious little document called The Doctrine of Fascism, co-written by Mussolini in 1932. I urge everyone to read it. Its points line up with the views of Jewish nationalists exactly. It is spiritual, anti-individualistic, and race-based. With minor changes, it can easily be adopted as the manifesto of the Israeli right. Fascism is here.”

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9 Reasons why Israel is under rocket attack 

Why are rockets being fired into Israel in the first place? “Because the Palestinians are terrorists and anti-Semites?” Perhaps, or perhaps there are few more plausible explanations for Palestinian armed resistance; consider the following.

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It’s time for liberal Jewish bodies to take a stand

UK Reform Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner expresses sorrow for both sides in the Gaza conflict. Robert Cohen calls on her to cross the line and condemn the oppressor in this situation: Israel.

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Palestinians build tunnel to attack Israeli kindergarten, Netanyahu says

Netanyahu’s latest “cartoon evidence” of alleged Palestinian terrorism is the claim that Gazans have built a tunnel that pops up next to a kindergarten in Israel. Where is the evidence? Or is this just a big lie?

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Speaking to the Deaf: Activists attempt to talk with the Israeli public about Gaza

A group of feminist anti-occupation activists issued a petition calling on Israel to engage in immediate negotiations with Hamas based on the organization’s demands. They created the petition because they felt the complete absence of any voice speaking to the Israeli public. There was no one, absolutely nobody, telling them that their government is playing with their lives, while there are alternative much less bloody routes. And while they fully support international pressure, and have been calling for it on any available stage, they believe intervention gains further legitimacy and is reinforced by attempts, ineffective as they may be, to address the Israeli public directly.

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‘Heartbreaking’ is U.S. government’s talking point for Gaza massacre

Gaza is a massacre, and if you can’t say so you’re blind or corrupted. But the US supports Israel while covering itself by saying the civilian deaths are “heartbreaking.” “How can any person with a shred of decency support what Israel is doing in Gaza?” John Mearsheimer asks.

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‘We know that Israel has no red line when it attacks us’: Civilians bear the brunt as Israel’s offensive on Gaza continues

Yousef Alhelou reports from Gaza where news of another massacre is unfolding. Based on early reports, Khoza village, situated in the eastern part of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip, is facing a similar fate to Shijaeyah which was almost flattened by Israeli tank shelling and air strikes over the weekend. Scores of people have been killed and injured as the village is now besieged by Israeli snipers, and people are being fired upon as they flee the bombardment. Above, Palestinian flee their homes following heavy Israeli shelling east of Khan Younis earlier today.

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‘Slate’ blames Birthright for indoctrinating American Jew who was killed fighting for Israel

Max Steinberg was an American Jew who died fighting for Israel in Gaza. Allison Benedikt at Slate says he was indoctrinated by Birthright, the program that introduces young American Jews to Israel, and Birthright is in part to blame for his death

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The green line is gone: Hundreds of Palestinian citizens of Israel detained following protests

972 reports: The murder of Muhammed Abu Khdeir and the military onslaught in Gaza have brought about a wave of protest among Arab citizens of Israel. Reports on that wave should be supplemented by unprecedented data: more than 410 Arab citizens of Israel have been arrested on various grounds related to their participation in demonstrations since July 5, according to data provided by human rights NGO Adalah.

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Israel’s ‘defeat’

Some pundits are calling Israel’s invasion of Gaza a defeat. Even Israel’s international airport is under assault and some airlines are refusing to land there. A blow to Israel’s pride for sure. However, this analysis rests on the assumption that Israel goes to war to win – as in defeat the enemy once and for all. This assumption is false. No Israeli military analyst thinks Israel will win the Gaza war in the traditional sense of that term. Rather Israel goes to war to buy time, to further de-develop Palestinian society and to go about its business elsewhere, say in the West Bank.

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Oh what a lovely war!

The Jewish National Fund is promoting a singles trip for American Jewish singles that went to Israel and Palestine recently as an opportunity to find “love in the shadow of war.”

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Something you can do, wherever you are

It appears to Henry Norr that the horrific images we’re all seeing from Gaza are starting to have an effect, and more and more people are seeing through the politicians’ rhetoric about “Israel’s right to defend itself” and coming to understand the sheer viciousness of the Israeli onslaught – and the racism that underlies it.

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Humanitarian agencies warn of imminent water crisis in Gaza

Since the start of the Israeli assault on Gaza on 8 July 2014, the water and wastewater infrastructure in Gaza has been heavily affected by Israeli airstrikes. Main water supply and wastewater infrastructure has been hit and as a result the water supply or sewage services to 1.2 million (2/3 of the total population in Gaza) have been cut or severely disrupted. The targeting of civilian objects under situation of hostilities is prohibited according to International Humanitarian Law and is considered a war crime.

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US plays decisive role in Israel’s attack on Gaza

US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in the region on Monday to intensify ceasefire efforts, the day after a studio microphone captured his sarcastic comment that it was “a hell of a pin-point operation” by Israel. He had just been informed of a horrifying assault on the Shujaiiya neighbourhood, which left dozens of dead, taking Palestinian casualties so far to more than 650 killed and thousands wounded. Washington’s good faith as honest broker goes largely unquestioned in the US, even though the country annually provides Israel with billions of dollars in aid and military support of the kind that enables these repeated attacks on Gaza. The claim is only tenable because Washington’s actual behavior is rarely scrutinized in detail.

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The deafening silence around the Hamas proposal for a 10-year truce

During its first 14 days, the Israeli military aggression on the Gaza Strip has left a toll of over 500 dead, the vast majority of whom civilians, and many more injured. The Israeli government has been quick to put the blame on Hamas, which has been echoed by Western media and governments, but much less noticed was a proposal put forward by Hamas and Islamic Jihad for a 10 year truce on the basis of 10 – very reasonable – conditions. The proposal was in essence in line with what many international experts as well as the United Nations have asked for years, and included some aspects that Israel had already considered as feasible requests in the past. An agreement on the basis of the Hamas proposal could not only stop the current round of hostilities but also pave the way towards a lasting solution of the conflict. The fact that Israel has shown no interest in considering this proposal leads one to wonder whether Israel really wants a long lasting resolution of the conflict. Above, Palestinian rescue workers search for survivors under the rubble of a house was destroyed by an Israeli missile strike, in Gaza City on Monday.

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Watch: 9 Jewish activists arrested after occupying Friends of the Israel Defense Forces office

Nine Jewish activists protesting the Israeli assault on Gaza were arrested today after occupying the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) office in midtown Manhattan. The protesters, members of Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) and Jews Say No! (JSN), stood in the office for an hour, holding a banner, singing songs in Hebrew and English and reading the names of the more than 600 dead who have been killed as a result of the Israeli attack. The act of civil disobedience came amidst a wave of global protests against the Israeli attack.

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You are not Alone: To Palestinians on July 20, 2014

A speech given to the Chicago Rally for Palestine on July 20, 2014.

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Mr. Modi– do not court apartheid Israel in my name

There is a strong tradition of Palestinian solidarity in India. Right now it is suppressed at the state level by neoliberalism and military contracts between the countries, and by anti-Muslim feeling stoked by Narendra Modi, but the connections between the peoples have been demonstrated by the big demonstrations against the Gaza atrocities, historian Tithi Bhattacharya writes

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Arab reporters come under attack from Israelis

A BBC Arabic reporter was shoved by an angry Israeli while on air from Ashkelon; and Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman says the gov’t wants to bar Al Jazeera from the country, even as the outlet’s Gaza offices were struck by Israeli fire

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‘Telegenically Dead’: Israel’s crumbling media war

Israeli propaganda has hit a new low. While the world was still trying to come to terms with the mass deaths in Shuja’iyeh, Benjamin Netanyahu went on CNN to state that Hamas uses the “telegenically dead” to further “their cause.” But something new has been happening in the establishment media, particularly since the July 16th tragedy. For the first time, perhaps, Americans are witnessing the suffering of Palestinian people in the establishment press. Even while the framework of “Blame Hamas” dominates mainstream media coverage, the humanity of Palestinian people is cracking through the decades long, well established façade of pro-Israeli propaganda.

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US Jews occupy Israeli army support office in NY in civil disobedience action

More than a dozen Jews occupied the offices of the Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces in NY today, and read the names of victims of the Gaza slaughter. Police had arrived by late this morning

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Gaza onslaught is p.r. problem for Israel’s ‘moral authority’ — Albright

Madeleine Albright says the pictures of civilian deaths in Gaza are “hurting Israel’s moral authority.” Andrea Mitchell is concerned about Israel’s economy, now that airlines aren’t flying in. While Richard Engel and Ayman Mohyeldin document the imprecise nature of the Israeli onslaught.

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Naomi Wolf walked out of synagogue when they had nothing to say about Gaza massacre

Author Naomi Wolf went to synagogue Friday and left early because they didn’t mention Gaza massacre, which she regards as a genocide. Where is God? God is standing with your neighbors when they are being annihilated, she writes.

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Burning children

Thane Rosenbaum in the Wall Street Journal treats Palestinian civilian casualties as almost a rite of passage for Jews. Let’s talk about Hamas, he says. But Marc Ellis recalls the words of Rabbi Irving Greenberg on the Holocaust: any statement about violence must be considered by how it would sound to the children burned by the Nazis.

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