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Death comes to downtown Ramallah

Allison Deger offers a diary from Ramallah. Weeks after Nadime Nuwara and Mohammed Salame were killed during a Nakba day protest, Ramallah is still in gloom. This wasn’t a clash. It was an indiscriminate spray of bullets. And one took a boy from deep inside the Ramallah enclave: Nadime attended St. George Orthodox School in an upscale neighborhood with restaurants priced around twice that of any other West Bank city.

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Mapping what’s been lost

Eitan Bronstein of Zochrot explains the challenges of mapping the land of Israel/Palestine without minimizing or hiding its history.

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Israeli police arrest three Palestinian youth who returned to the village of Iqrit

Sunday morning police and authorities with the Israeli Lands Administration arrested three youth in the village of Iqrit near the border with Lebanon. When 20 youth took up residence in the village’s church two years ago it marked the only example of descendants of Palestinians expelled during 1948 being able to return to their family’s original village.

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Destroyed Palestinian village outfitted with 1,000 JNF trees memorializing Denver couple’s dead dogs

American JNF board members travels to Israel to plant 1,000 trees honoring his dead dogs, on the land of a destroyed Palestinian village.

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Some important details: Ben Ehrenreich on the Nakba Day shootings

Ben Ehrenreich explains covering the funeral of the two Palestinian youths killed on Nabka Day, the Israeli military has taken to suggesting the teens are not dead, or if they are, that they weren’t struck with live-fire.

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Interview with Haidar Eid: Resisting 66 years of Israeli Apartheid

Video of a 2010 interview with Dr. Haidar Eid in Gaza on the peace process, BDS and the one state solution.

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New video shows Palestinian youths killed by Israeli army on Nakba Day posed no threat to soldiers

Video released by Defense of Children International-Palestine of the two Palestinians killed last Thursday at an annual Nakba Day protest outside of Ofer prison show the youths did not pose a threat to life to Israeli soldiers. In addition, a newly released photo set reveals that one medic was shot in the head while trying to aid one of the wounded youth.

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Crashing the Party: Activists educate pro-Israel festival about the Nakba

Yesterday Students for Justice in Palestine from Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia, (DMV-SJP; George Washington SJP, American University SJP, George Mason SAIA and Georgetown SJP, University of Maryland SJP) decided to crash a pro-Israel street festival and educate the crowd about the Nakba.

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Two Palestinian youths killed by Israeli army live-fire during Nakba Day demonstration

Two Palestinians were killed and a third is in critical condition after being shot by the Israeli military outside of Ofer prison in the West Bank at an annual Nakba Day protest. The youths were struck with live-fire and nine others critically wounded, according to hospital staff. Nadime Siam Abu Nuwara, 17, was shot by a single bullet to the heart and Mohammed Awad Salemeh Abu Thaher, 22, was killed just before 2:00 pm from a bullet to the lower abdomen.

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The Nakba equipped me with a spirit born of catastrophe but destined for triumph

I didn’t live through the Nakba. I’ve never even been to the village my father and grandparents were born in. But I am Palestinian, and its repercussions reverberate throughout my existence. The Nakba has left me scarred and shattered, but still resilient and hopeful.

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On Nakba Day, Israelis forced to confront a guilty secret

As marches and festivals are held today by Palestinians across the region to mark Nakba Day – commemorating the expulsion of 750,000 Palestinians from their homes and the erasure of more than 500 villages – Israelis will be watching. The size of Nakba commemorations are a gauge of how Palestinians are no longer prepared to defer to the Palestinian leadership on the refugee issue or wait for an interminable peace process to make meaningful progress.

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Historical whitewash: Great Britain must be held accountable for its role in the Nakba

A 1937 quote from Winston Churchill strongly implies the Zionist project with its attendant occupation and ethnic cleansing of Palestine, i.e. the Nakba, had nothing to do with Jewish history as discovered by the so-called ‘Palestine Exploration Fund’ and everything to do with racist colonialism backed by the power of the foreign policy of an Empire that has escaped accountability for its role in this ongoing tragedy.

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Identity Crisis: The Israeli ID system and the segregation of Israel/Palestine

A new Visualizing Palestine infographic represents each population group falling under de-facto Israeli sovereignty today. It deconstructs how different groups of Israelis and Palestinians experience segregation based on an Israeli-controlled system of colored ID cards.

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Interminable Nakba: Syrian Palestinians return to the unknown

Like other Syrians, Syrian Palestinians are collateral damage to both the Syrian regime’s bombing and the international approach that chooses to manage the disintegration of Syria. The crisis of Al-Yarmuk has unearthed trans-generational memories of the 1948 Nakba, kept alive by the obduracy of second- and third-generation refugees now witnessing their camps – their neighborhoods – disappear like those of their grandparents.

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To Teta, the Queen of Oranges

What is the cure for vanished existence? Nadya Raja Tannous returns to Jaffa, full of the stories her grandmother told her about the coastal city before the Nakba and is faced with a drastically altered landscape. Tannous writes, “Don’t let their memory be washed out to sea. I never finished searching for their driftwood.”

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Israel’s ongoing colonization prolongs Palestinian suffering and devalues international law

Israel’s continuous and calculated strangulation of the Palestinian people must be properly challenged by the international community, and this challenge must come from an assessment of Israeli actions and policy through the lens of international law. The silence of powerful members of the international community results in the intense and prolonged suffering of a colonized population and the devaluing of international law.

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Thousands of Palestinians mark Nakba Day at March of Return

While Jewish Israelis flocked to parks to celebrate their Independence Day, Palestinians living inside Israel marked Nakba Day. Dan Cohen reports from the village of Lubya in the Galilee, one of more than 500 Palestinian villages ethnically cleansed by Jewish militias in 1948. Over 10,000 Palestinian citizens of Israel visited Lubya on Tuesday as part of the March of Return to commemorate Palestinian dispossession.

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“Your ‘independence’ day is our Nakba”: Thousands of Palestinian citizens of Israel join ‘march of return’ to destroyed village of Lubya

Thousands of Palestinian citizens of Israel participated in a rally and “March of Return” yesterday to commemorate the Nakba, chanting “Your ‘independence’ day is our Nakba” as Israel marked its 66th Independence Day. With flags raised high, singing the Palestinian national anthem, reportedly between 10,000 to 15,000 participants (including non-Palestinian supporters) marched to Lubya, a Palestinian village in the district of Tiberias that was ethnically cleansed and turned to rubble during the Nakba. Marchers called for unity and the right of return for Palestinian refugees.

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Fiddler on the Nakba

Terry Gross and Sheldon Harnick wax nostalgic over the culture of the Russian shtetl from which Jews were “forced out,” commemorated by Fiddler on the Roof. Would that Palestinian village life before the Nakba has such a place in American culture. Some day.

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Palestinian youth fulfill their ‘right of return’ to the destroyed village of Iqrit

A small group of Palestinian youth have enacted on their own terms the aspiration of many Palestinians: the right of return to a village leveled by Israel decades ago. Since August 2012, 20 Palestinian citizens of Israel have lived in Iqrit, a Galilee village at the northern tip of Israel within eyeshot of Lebanon. Allison Deger and Alex Kane report from the village during an Easter celebration where hundreds of Palestinians from Iqrit and nearby towns gathered to celebrate.

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66 years ago today 42 members of my family were slaughtered in Deir Yassin

Tareq Radi tells his family’s story during the massacre in the Palestinian village of Deir Yassin.

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On American Zionist Education: An excerpt from ‘The Politics of Teaching Palestine to Americans’

An excerpt from Marcy Jane Knopf-Newman’s book The Politics of Teaching Palestine to Americans which shows that Zionism is relatively new to Hebrew school programs. Its explicit inclusion into curricular materials was principally a post-1967 development.

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‘Embracing Democracy’ event at DC Jewish community center broaches the Nakba

Seth Morrison reports from the DC JCC where two events presented a new narrative of the events of 1948 for a communal Jewish space.

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Citizen Strangers: Palestinians and the birth of Israel’s liberal settler state

An excerpt from Citizen Strangers: Palestinians and the Birth of Israel’s Liberal Settler State by Shira Robinson.

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Narrative stronger than weapons: the 23 short stories in ‘Gaza Writes Back’

Refaat Alarer, editor of a new volume of short fiction from Gaza, writes: ‘Palestine is a martyr away, a tear away, a missile away, or a whimper away. Palestine is “a story away.”

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