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Annie Robbins is Editor at Large for Mondoweiss, a mother, a human rights activist and a ceramic artist. She lives in the SF bay area. Follow her on Twitter @anniefofani

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  • Menendez downfall could be diplomacy’s windfall
    • some one(s) made it go away from the press, but it has not 'gone away'. my hunch is that things quieted down considerably after b.clinton was named as one of the people on the plane link to - given hilary's presumed run for the presidency (that has yet to be announced).

      but who knows. this is not the end of it yet tho. that's for sure.

      link to

      Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein sent $3.5 million to Bill and Hillary Clinton‘s foundation after an underage sex slave probe began, according to secret Swiss bank records leaked by a whistleblower.

      As has previously reported, Hillary Clinton is reconsidering her 2016 presidential bid because of fears of the embarrassing revelations that could emerge in the coming months about Bill Clinton’s dealings with Epstein.

      oh look, from a week ago..mentions

      What hardball PR and legal tactics will Hillary Clinton’s campaign use to try to make this potential problem—which could potentially derail her planned presidential bid—disappear? Will those tactics work, or is Ms. Clinton’s campaign already dead, even if the exact time of the funeral is not yet known?

      Why is the Left-Wing Media Machine pretending that anyone who asks questions about the Epstein-Clinton connection is a paid stooge of the Right-Wing Media Machine? And why is the Right-Wing Media Machine, which would normally be gleefully talking about this or any sordid affair involving the Clintons, being unusually reserved in hyping the case? (Hint: Because some notable conservatives and prominent supporters of Israel — a constituency that used to reside solidly in the Democratic camp but which the GOP in recent years has been wooing, with some notable success— have been implicated in the Epstein scandal too.)

      ......Philip Weiss wrote an astonishing story about Mr. Epstein..

      link to

  • GOP rebrands for 2016: Welcome to the Republikud Party
  • Netanyahu to stage hunger strike against world peace
    • omg! can't stop laughing! just noticed the caption under that photo:

      An emaciated Benjamin Netanyahu, left, meets with Ariel Sharon during Wye River negotiations. (Photo: TMZ)

      how do you think of this! you should be a comedy writer adam.

    • i love tom waits!

  • Mondoweiss Exclusive: One on One with Rep. Steve Israel
  • Leaked Clinton fundraising memo reveals presidential campaign strategy
  • Approaching Easter and Passover
  • The Jewish establishment has banned these four valiant Jews. Why?
    • ;)

    • Page: 267
    • yes!

    • LOL, i had to google "verdigris".

    • Last Wednesday they were to speak at Swarthmore Hillel, but the dictator who runs Hillel, former congressman Eric Fingerhut ...
      - Acceptable.

      don't forget:

      Last Wednesday they were to speak at Swarthmore Hillel, but the pigheaded who runs Hillel, former congressman Eric Fingerhut ...
      - Acceptable.

      but my favorite PC (according to yonah):

      Last Wednesday they were to speak at Swarthmore Hillel, but the McCarthyite who runs Hillel, former congressman Eric Fingerhut ...
      - Acceptable.

      speaking of props, this is totally OT but something i thought was so funny when i read it i made a note of it so i could use it myself. matt taibbi writing in rolling stone link to about pelosi re natanyahu’s speech "somewhat south of enraptured"

      i think yonah should take a bow for successfully highjacking the thread, hence we've hardly discussed the topic. of course, he does it all the time with his picky lil complaints. but this time it really worked!!!

    • I find this highly offensive! Not only that, it interferes with the practice of my religion because Tchaikovsky is/was a KNOWN HOMOSEXUAL and that’s against my religion!

      dickerson! not only that, i think cliburn was too! what's happening to our world? it's as if everything is crumbling around us. hetrosexuals breeders unite --- or else the future of humanity will be threatened!

    • bertha! mooser, did you notice Bully, blind, pigheaded, dictatorial or that old standby McCarthyite

      however, we just know had phil used any of these descriptions yonah would be right there nipping at phil complaining about them too.

    • ;) oh sorry, i got side tracked listening to van cliburn playing Tchaikovsky - Piano Concerto No 1 in B-flat minor, Op 23 after following phil's link. sometimes it's just a matter of having a life yonah. the reason this got cleared and your others have not is because when i returned to moderating it was right on top. sometimes, it's just that simple.

  • Video: Max Blumenthal on the ways Zionism exploits anti-Semitism
    • hi dan, keith, giles, mooser, yonah, hops, philemon, tokyobk, w.jones... and every/anyone else. i anticipated lots of comments about atzmon when i put this up, because people are so obsessed w/him. however, i posted this video anyway because i thought it was valuable info, not primarily focused on atzmon, and worthy of discussion.

      as i have mentioned before, especially since atzmon doesn't host any forums for people to argue about him and his ideas, and once people start arguing about him they often become myopic and do not stop, we don't plan on hosting an extended argument/ conversation about him.

      just saying in case you notice your comments about him start not making it thru, you're not alone and it's not targeted towards your opinion per se. otherwise this will go on for days like it always does whenever his name gets mentioned.

      sorry to break up the party, find another forum for it. and by all means if there's anything else you'd like to discuss about the information in the video, feel free.

    • not satisfied with hijacking one thread over the use of the word "gangster" eh?

      and what, pray tell, is "the Jews killed Christ meme against Zionism? " i have not heard of that yet. or did you just think it up?

    • mooser, in that video he said he wasn't israeli not that he wasn't jewish.

    • just thought i'd mention that traditionally the levant references link to "The Levant is the eastern Mediterranean area now covered by Israel, Lebanon, part of Syria, and western Jordan. "

      and i think that's how most people think of it, although that may be changing. i don't think of turkey as the levant. and perhaps using the term "gutted" meant gutted the heart out of it. you'd have to asked tho. i think it was somewhat of an extreme accusation the way it was phrased tho.

    • oh you're right. shoot, i googled Ayaan and her full name. anyway, thank you very much mrw.

    • you are such a drama queen hops. i've never advocated the jews pack up and leave. my comment is past tense, had they chosen a place that was uninhabited and did not require the ethnic cleansing of palestine. that's common sense, it is not genocidal in the least nor is it racist. there were many uninhabited places on the planet at the turn of the century (1800-1900) that would have sufficed. and since zionism initially was not a religious endeavor it didn't have to be the holy land, obviously, for there were other areas being contemplated at the time.

      but, had they not required ethnic cleansing it would have likely worked out much differently. plus, it's irrelevant that "Zionists bought the land where they set up their kibbutzim ", for had they only colonized land they had bought we wouldn't be having this conversation today.

      oh, and they couldn't just settle for any place and build their new country from the ground up, they only wanted the holy land! of course! land cherished by all three religions, how logical/not.

    • thanks gamal, wow

    • it's not "a" jewish state i have a problem with. it's the one they have and where they have it. jewish is not synonymous w/zionsim. they should have done it on an island or an uninhabited place. george bush bought a piece of land larger that the size of israel in south america in the last decade. i think for a blackwater training ground or something. they didn't colonize the place , they bought it outright. sure, it's screwed, but not like what happened to palestinians.

      this is not going away. it won't blend w/the times. not going to happen. ever.

    • snore. you're all over the map. and your allegation about African-Americans who oppose affirmative action? there is no mega million African-American industry here in america demonizing opposers of affirmative action. no well oiled media market pushing that ptv as bigotry. simply NO comparison to the islamophobic hate machine uplifting and supporting demonization of muslims. false equivalence to the max. hasbara #fail.

    • thanks mrw, i made a brief search of my comments/archives w/her name (nada) well aware i probably didn't use her name in the post. so thanks.

    • The Chinese analogy is also meretricious. There aren’t many Chinese people in the Middle East

      it's irrelevant to the pt. the pt being, if it had been the chinese colonizing palestine there would have been anti chinese sentiment (and he made the pt wrt native americans too). the pt of the analogy; the resentment, anger, hatred, or how ever you care to characterize it, is not a result of racism. go look at the headline and try staying on topic.

      There are six million Jews there now, and they’re NOT LEAVING.

      you take the cake on meretricious argument, this too has nothing to do w/the topic -whatsoever.

    • just, i thought everyone (informed) already knew she was a fraud and a liar. i watched that 4 pt dutch series a few years ago (and have posted some of the videos here in comment thread(s) in the past although i have never written a main post about her. it's not controversial she's a fraud, i think she got kicked out of dutch parliament (and as i recall possibly lost her refugee status from the dutch gov too) as a result of her lying. how could anyone believe anything she said having fabricating a past like that?

  • 200 protesters in Nabi Saleh are met with rubber-coated bullets, then live ammunition
    • and look at tis bs from 3/26 link to

      Israel to use frozen Palestinian tax funds to offset PA electricity debt

      Under the deal reached Thursday between the Prime Minister’s Office and the IEC, the electric company will receive 300 million shekels ($75.8 million) from the frozen PA tax revenues, equivalent to the Palestinian debt for the last three months – December, January and February.

      [iow, it was already a done deal/in the works]

      In addition, a solution has been found to a crisis surrounding the new Palestinian city of Rawabi; the city has remained empty due to Energy and Water Resources Minister Silvan Shalom's refusal to connect it to the water infrastructure.

      Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has approved a proposed compromise stipulating that both Rawabi and several neighborhoods in nearby settlements will be connected to the water system. The senior official stated that Israel had informed the Palestinian Authority of the decision.

      meaning illegal outposts. FFFFFF**********CCCCKKKKK that

    • they formally gain membership to the icc tomorrow, which is today in europe. so that ship will sail in a few hrs, at most. no, i think they are going thru w/it. they had months of waiting, being held back by the deal w/the state dept over negotiations. abbas has already stated he will carry on negotiations thru all this. it's not abbas or the pa/plo holding up negotiations. if israel wants to play ball they are going to have to offer more than tax revenue. that's my prediction.

      the window for palestine making major inroads w/the icc is obama's presidency. that's another year and 9 months. this would be the time to go for it and i think they will.

    • btw, just looked it up. in an email earlier today this is what i wrote

      you have to learn how to scrutinize the way these things are reported. when the title doesn’t match the text. when the title is explosive, when the content has no quote from a palestinian official, or merely an anonymous quote, when the allegations are unbelievable, when the timing is such that it competes with big news (palestinian ascension to icc) and when it’s not picked up by responsible news org (reuters for example) and when it’s published by rt wing tools like glicks’s probably bullshit.

      edit: in the exchange this is from my earlier initial response to jpost article:

      the title is more definitive than the article. the article says “is not expected to”, the title say “won’t”...i am not sure parts of it are true or revealing. as i recall there was already an announcement (around the time they turned off the power during the snowstorm) that some of the tax money would be released to pay the electric bill. since this current story says the money will pay of debts for utilities it could be the same money, the same story just re-spun. it says “exclusive” while at the same time the information in headline is not confirmed by the report. so i’d be very doubtful this is an accurate report outside of what some people might expect, or hope for. or what israel is trying to bargain.

    • walid, don't believe that. a reader sent me the jpost article the other day and i smelled fish immediately because the title did not match the info in the article. link to

      then, haaretz published this today:

      link to

      Palestinians deny halting war crimes charges against Israel in exchange for tax revenues

  • Netanyahu says US is part of new 'axis'!
    • you seem to think [....yada yada fill in a bunch a of crap.....] Foolish and short-sighted.

      dabakr, it's unfortunate that with over 26,677 comments on this blog as well as over 1k articles/posts you resort to creating strawmen to agrue with. i'm not addressing anymore of your "you seem to say" garbage. see ya round.

    • heavens to mergatroid if Israel were to provide troops , arms and logistics to conflicts as far reaching as Iran has and you would have exploded with outrage and indignation by now.

      israel is cheap and smart. why on earth would they invest blood and treasure when they can manipulate the US to do it for them? it's our troops that carry out their regional plans and do the dirty work. the absence of israeli troops / arms means nothing. don't pretend because they don't fight along side the US they are absent. they are obviously not for they have our congress critters by the balls when it comes to their interests.

      again, do not speak for me. i will trash the comment.

    • I don’t know what in the world you would consider “expansion” to mean.

      facepalm. golly gee, how very confusing /NOT.

      Are you parsing the word ‘expansion to define only your take on the Israeli policy of building Jewish and Arab(Palestinian)-yes-Israel funds building 100s of homes for Palestinians as well- homes on land

      i am not "parsing" anything. i am referencing the literal, common definition

      websters link to

      : to increase in size, range, or amount : to become bigger

      : to cause (something) to increase in size, range, or amount : to make (something) bigger


      link to

      In general, expansionism consists of expansionist policies of governments and states. ...., more commonly expansionism refers to the doctrine of a state expanding its territorial base usually, though not necessarily, by means of military aggression. Compare empire-building, colonialism, and Lebensraum.

    • even Iran knows it funded the bombing. People in the real world-....-do not dispute what the basic origins of the marine barracks bombing are.

      ah, you and the "real world" impressive, not. here's wiki:

      An obscure group calling itself 'Islamic Jihad' claimed responsibility for the bombings.[2]

      The chain of command likely ran from Tehran, to Iran's Ambassador to Syria, Ali Akbar Mohtashamipur in Damascus, to IRGC commander Hossein Dehghan, in Beirut, as the Iranians drew on assets in Lebanon.[3] Hezbollah, Iran and Syria have continued to deny any involvement in any of the bombings

      likely - but nothing definitive. the rest is just a bunch of yada yada yada. remember when hariri was assassinated. at first it was definitely syria and then they changed their minds and decided it was hezbollah. winep claimed the lebanon bombing was Mughniyah and now that iran is the worst of the worst it's iran. i mean please. it's a constant shift of the goal posts when the primo enemy changes.

    • don't mind the dot dot dot dabkr, but you might think twice next time before putting words in the mouth of the moderator, words never spoken that is. i let you get away with it once in the comment, but twice? please.

    • supposedly? i think that question has been laid to rest.

      Iran currently has troops money and arms in Yemen.

      so they say. how do you feel about the US drone program in yemen?

      Your attitude seems to be-the world is unsafe-and so be it if 3 or 4 more unstable regimes gain the bomb. This is why a lot of people are wary of Obama’s ‘deal’

      Your attitude seems to be-the world is unsafe-and so be it if the US destabilizes another regime by invading another country and crating another war. This is why a lot of people are wary of the neocon no ‘deal’.

    • btw-can you point tom anything Iran has done for the Palestinians except to threaten to “liberate Jerusalem” just like many Arab nations have threatened as well.

      dabakr, i see instead of articulating your previous allegation about Iranian "expansion", which is completely unconfirmed and unclear, you've not only launched into another allegation based on that flawed theory ("so then, I take it your fine with Iran’s expansion") and double downed with an ad hominem thrown in (my so called " Your small-minded world view") for good measure you've ignored my request altogether!

      and i'm not interested in this excuse, this 'everybody in the world agree w/me' attitude. you can either back it up or not. so where's your evidence the iran is "expnading"? unlike israel i don't see shifting borders in the least. and it's a little hypocritical denouncing iranian influence in the region (where it is actually located unlike the US!) days after netanyahu is over here pressuring US congress to bomb iran.

      so either back up your allegation or stand down. and don't think you can shift the conversation by asking me questions. you answer first.

    • hmmm. the allegation that was carried out by hezbollah came from anonymous israeli intel. pff.

      take a good look at who wanted the US out of lebanon. there's a glaring hole/absence in your logic.

      who made the first allegation Mughniyah carried out that bombing and when? neocons that's who. never trust a known liar.

      or maybe i missed the declaration from hezbollah it was their operation. do link please.

    • what expansion? is that how you would characterize the US invasion of iraq or our presence in afghanistan and drone killings in yemen? it's clear to everyone iran is not interested in isis on it's borders. doesn't mean they want syrian territory. same w/hezbollah in syria. the last thing they want is isis destabilizing lebanon. seriously, you sound unhinged. iran is not an expanding empire. influential yes, but no indication, unlike israel, they are trying to increase their territory. you're taking characteristics easily applied to the nation you are defending and transparently transferring those intentions on your enemies. #FAIL

    • Iran’s involvement in the 241 marines murdered in the barracks in Lebanon.


    • traitors. i'm ready for the fight. bring them down.

  • 12 pretty good signs you're vacationing in an apartheid country
    • thanks phil link to

      These days, Cliburn rarely plays in public, but still practices every day — often, he says, in the middle of the night.

      "You feel like you're alone and the world's asleep, and it's very inspiring. I was never really the type that needed the stage. I love music. I love listening to it. But when you just listen, you can be 100 percent; when you have to serve music, you must be thinking of others, not yourself."

    • i agree, it's incredible.

  • Dear Senator Blumenthal, Thank you for your dreadful letter
    • now is the time to get vocal, very vocal.

      john, awesome post (letter!). i wish every informed citizen would inundate congress members with letters like this. i think they don't know we know, or think our complaints are superficial.

      My own modest (really) effort to influence the debate is ...

      ha! keep it up! i love your emergence, in activism and our discussion. write more for us!!!!

    • excellent letter!!!

  • Philosophy prof who likened Palestinians to 'rabid pit bull' ignites protest on CT campus
    • truth to power, on second thought i trashed that comment. we don't need that sentiment here.

    • you defended what he said and pooh-poohed the feelings of those students who said that his comments made them feel uncomfortable, and you parsed his statements to suggest that he didn’t really mean the plain meaning of what he said.

      yeah, lots of mean things get said when israel was carrying on their pogrom in the WB that lead to the slaughter of lots of other people.

      i'm just so sorry hops, but while israel was massacring palestinians in the thousands i wasn't very concerned about old tweets expressing the wish settlers would just all disappear from the WB.

      in fact even today with no massive slaughter going on i for one would be very very grateful if all those settlers in the illegal colonies would go missing, preferably back to israel or russia or brooklyn or wherever it was they came from!!!

      and if that make you or students or anyone uncomfortable i could give an F for heavens sakes. it's been decades of an illegal occupation.

      it's a far cry from expressing the wish they'd be put down like a dog. we're looking at a false equivalent here, no doubt about it. one statement is subject to interpretation, and easily conflated to be the wish most of the world has (including europe) , that the illegal settlers would leave the WB. one is not and clearly implies a call for execution.

      Here, you’re condemning a professor who said nothing more offensive than Salaita did.

      actually, i have yet to condemn pessin. and your second allegation is preposterous.


    • philemon, tree, roha, i spent a little time doing a search on google last night wrt to this allegation and came up with nothing concrete regarding this saying or signs like this here in the US. not on google images (which were limited to the playbills of the play) or text. one chat room discussion came up of a person asking if anyone had heard of this and one person (only) said their grandmother told them there were signs like this on apartments for rent in nyc when she arrived in the US at the turn of the century. but that's all i could find.

      presumably abe foxman has more info on this, if it ever happened. but all indications lead one to believe most all "evidence" leads to the title of the play circa 2000.

      the hasbrats are noticeably silent on this question. perhaps retroactively some new evidence will appear online sometime soon.

    • Moreover his books elaborate on this theme.

      what theme? a call for genocide? by all means what book at what passage. i am not going to let you continue spamming the thread with this allegation until after you substantiate it beyond these hypotheticals. so show me this passage from the book w/a link.

    • The context here remember was following the deliberate murder of some Jewish kids.

      prove it. as i recall the only ones aware the teens had been murdered at that point were the gov of israel, their intel and who ever murdered them. remember, netanyahu lied about it and used it as a pretext to carry out a month long pogrom on palestinians in the WB. when the tweet was made they were just missing.

    • jeff, wishing someone would just disappear is not incitement for their slaughter no matter how you'd like to spin it. after all, how many times have we heard israel wants the land but not the people on it. i'm sure there are many many people, both israeli and palestinian who'd wish the other would just disappear but it simply doesn't mean they'd wish to slaughter them or are calling other to do just that. you're really out on a limb here. whereas saying someone or a group of people should be "put down" like an animal, everyone knows what that means.

      hasbara #FAIL

    • maybe he's confusing fiction and reality:

      link to

      No Niggers, No Jews, No Dogs (2000) is an American play by John Henry Redwood. Set in Halifax, North Carolina in around 1949, the play dramatizes the unfortunate times of an African-American family, the Cheeks, and their encounter with a Jewish writer, Yaveni Aaronsohn.[1][2] The title refers to a placard said to have been put by the road at the entrance to a town in Mississippi.[3]

      and here's the reference to the last sentence:

      3. Sarah Blacher Cohen, Joanne B. Koch, Shared Stages: Ten American Dramas of Blacks and Jews, SUNY Press, 2007, p.5.

      (my bold)

    • No he doesn’t because that isn’t happening in Gaza.

      just jerusalem!

      link to

    • i don't know Philemon. i think horrible stuff has been said about lots of people throughout the centuries. some people make lists, some don't. some bury it, some keep it fresh.

    • he said he realized he made a mistake and apologized profusely. link to

      then, he stated he was not a racist :

      It’s essential for me also to remark that I in no way hold and do not condone the terrible racist views that have been ascribed to me on the basis of the language of this post. I hope that my past actions and words already demonstrate that I am not the person some now think I am; I know that my future actions and words will. Let my first such action be the reiteration of my deepest apology for causing such wounds.

      but, he didn't say what he did was wrong. therefore, it doesn't quite cut it. saying i made a mistake stealing from you or killing you or your family or lying or any number of things and that you are sorry is not the saying as saying you now realize it was wrong or a bad thing to do. and the president didn't say that either.

      if your husband cheats on you and says "i made a terrible mistake" it should be followed up with an acknowledgement is was wrong. 'a mistake' could be simply for the fact one got caught.

      now the history dept and the The Center for the Comparative Study of Race and Ethnicity at Connecticut college, they said more:

      The "CCSRE would like to clearly state that we do not condone speech filled with bigotry and hate particularly when that speech uses dehumanizing language and incites or celebrates violence and brutality," an email read.

      From the history department:

      To the Campus Community,
      The history department would like to clearly state that we condemn speech filled with bigotry and hate particularly when that speech uses dehumanizing language and incites or celebrates violence and brutality. In response to the many events that transpired on campus prior to and during spring break regarding a Facebook post by a member of our faculty, we join the CCSRE in condemning hate speech.
      The history department would like to note the particularly salient tactic of dehumanizing language as a means to justify brutality and lull otherwise "well intentioned" people into silence and, effectively, complicity in racism, sexism, discrimination, colonialism and the numerous genocides throughout human history.
      We make this public statement with particular attention to those students, staff, and faculty whose identities and affiliations position them as the targets of such speech. We feel a public statement is essential to supporting the well-being of various members of the Connecticut College community, their right to educational opportunity, and their right to work in a non-hostile environment. We will continue to play our part in creating spaces for productive engagements around inclusive excellence. We look forward to collaborating with others to help move the College forward in achieving our goal of full participation.

      he didn't even acknowledge what he said was racist. he was just sorry he cause hurt.

      link to

    • But remember that if you condone this practice it’s likely that it will hit YOU next.

      unless pessin has a blind spot, he knows what he did was wrong. and according to the students (listen to the last link interview in the article), the students are taught at that school that genocide begins with dehumanization (one student says this is what the nazis did, and rwanda, as examples). so how does the excuse of "hamas" make what he said not dehumanization?

      in the video below, the guy reads text from pessin's book "The 60 Second Philosopher". there are a series of these on the internet. this one is about tolerance:

      "if you believe a given practice is morally wrong, then you shouldn't tolerate it, for that would be to condone it. and if you believe that practice is morally acceptable, then you're not tolerating it, you're agreeing with it. so if you really think a practice is wrong, you should think of it as wrong for everyone."

      there is more at the end of the video that pertains to this exact situation. listen to this and see if applied to israel, he would tolerate the nakba, or the colonization of palestine.

      he says at the end "you ought not to tolerate the tolerators." well, the students are not tolerating it. and they want the administration to not tolerate it either. but they are not asking for him to be fired.

      link to

    • it's not my understanding the students are pressuring the administration for his termination. i think they were looking for a condemnation of his words by the administration -- and for something more from him. an acknowledgement he understands his words were wrong and immoral.

      he seems to think the excuse he gave, that it was about hamas, makes it understandable or ok. it doesn't. dehumanizing your adversary is wrong. i would not call kahanists rabid dogs or think that was excusable under the circumstance.

    • Why only six months after?

      eguard, i don't think she was aware of the FB page until recently. from everything i have read thus far, it's not clear who first person to read the professor's FB post from august. there are several references that just say "a student". it occurred to me it is possible that another student brought the FB posting to her attention because of her position as chair of diversity and equity at the college and in her capacity as chairperson she first contacted the professor.

      it also could be that after the charlie hebdo panel, and inspired by his words at that panel, students began reading his FB posts during the attack last summer.

    • thank you for catching that eguard. "by coincidence" was added by my editor and i thought he had read something i had not - wasn't quite sure why that was slipped in, perhaps because i had not mentioned a reason why pessin was on leave (because i didn't know, although i assumed it was related). i had read the higher education article prior to publication (and linked to it) but i must have been remiss in reading all the way to the end of the article because i missed that part. again, thanks.

    • for what effect? for the effect of adding it to a list of tropes that jews have allegedly been accused of over the last couple thousand years which immediately catapults the status of the speaker (or writer) into an historical catch 22 style conundrum?

    • oh yes. believe me, did we ever think of him time and again contemplating how to cover this event. it's worthy of an article all on it's own.

    • exactly. did you listen to the DesRoches interview w/students (last link)? i mean..think people. these are young kids. you can't teach them one thing and then take actions and make words diametrically opposed ~ they are not stupid! and from a philosophy professor no less. pllleeease.

    • don't hold your breath. if it doesn't get picked up by the msm there will be no statement. this is likely slated for an early burial.

      a story like this is prime time. bigger than some students asking a jewish student if her affiliations might effect her ability to be unbiased (which made headlines in the nyt). so if it doesn't get past local news, there's an effort to make it disappear.

      he's got tenure tho which could create some issues for the school. what student will want to sign up for his courses? only certain kinds of ideologically bent students (racist zionists like himself) could respect him. not so sure there are a lot of those types on diversity focused liberal arts colleges today. it remains to be seen.

    • for just:

  • No time to mourn
    • reading through this, it's inconceivable for me to comprehend what it would take to survive these kinds of losses. just, unfathomable. burying people in 10-15 minutes for fear you will be targeted. loosing whole families. i will never get used to hearing or reading about it.

      thank you so much alice rothchild. and my heart goes out to Dr. Yasser Abu-Jamei and everyone , the whole staff of Gaza Community Mental Health Program. i don't know how you do it, especially when it's happening to your own family, consoling your own staff too. unbearable loss and strength.

  • Open Hillel's big month: Swarthmore 'Kehilah' is born and a student resigns over Hillel restrictions
    • are you also confused by alex's reference to the forward's "“to break apart the ridiculous and increasingly flouted rules governing conversation about Israel in Jewish communal spaces, especially on college campuses.” ??

      for your edification:
      link to

      Definition of MAINLINE

      transitive verb
      : to take by or as if by injecting into a principal vein
      intransitive verb
      slang : to mainline a narcotic drug

      : belonging to an established and widely accepted group or system
      Full Definition of MAINLINE

      : being part of an established group; also : being in the mainstream

      so, to answer your question "how do I become “mainline”" simply sign up at your local jcrc. get on some mailing lists, they'll tell you what you can and cannot say.

  • Thousands in Ramallah mourn Ali Mahmoud Safi, 20, killed by Israeli soldiers while protesting
  • White House will go after AIPAC next -- Newsweek
    • RoHa, you didn't address this allegation Iran has spread its tentacles far wider by 1000s/km then Israel ever has

      which is simply not true. israel's "tentacles" are coursing thru US diplomacy and military policies. the "lillypad" restructuring of our military globally began over a decade ago and was a direct result of israeli/neocon clean break pnac policy. there's nothing in iran's portfolio that compares.

    • what rage? that's just a logical reality. even Danielle Pletka Vice President, Foreign and Defense Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute - See more at: link to acknowledges that.

      The biggest problem for the United States is not Iran getting a nuclear weapon and testing it, it’s Iran getting a nuclear weapon and not using it. Because the second that they have one and they don’t do anything bad, all of the naysayers are going to come back and say, “See, we told you Iran is a responsible power. We told you that Iran wasn’t getting nuclear weapons in order to use them immediately…” And they will eventually define Iran with nuclear weapons as not a problem. - See more at: link to

    • they are not more independent from aipac money per se, i doubt it anyway. historically, as a community, they likely have much more fine tuned receptors wrt racism but it's more than that. maybe it's integrity, cajons and a rejection of blatant bullshit plus the support of their constituents over this issue. all around maybe the american black community is less susceptible to being swayed by routine propaganda. think of katrina and how the drumbeat from propaganda machine kept saying the black community was obsessed with "conspiracy theories" when evidence (including lots of witnesses) support there was indeed that explosion that broke the levy after the hurricane subsided. just stuff like that, being able to tell what a lie and a set up is, instinctually and collectively. being on the rotten end of the stick for centuries. sound familiar?

    • i started laughing at this:

      John Bolton in the New York Times op-ed page calls for a joint US Israel military attack on Iran now

      seriously, i laughed. why does the times even bother publishing this rehashed crap?

      another great report. i am so loving the news lately. thank you phil.

      oh, and i went to 'favor' one of mj's tweets, and a little note popped up informing me he's blocked me from favoring him! wonders never cease.

  • CUFI Leader John Hagee confirms Christian Zionism is anti-Semitic
    • Jesus said that even if one follows all the commandments it’s impossible for a human to never sin in his life and thus all of them will go to hell.

      does Jesus say that, or does he say 'even if one follows all the commandments it’s impossible for a human to never sin in his life' and then from that you concluded >thus all of them will go to hell?

    • p.s. and it wasn't hagee's accusers who invented the idea advocating all jews pack up and head off to israel was grounded in anti semitism. just sayin'. it's disingenuous to call this an anti semitic trope (as has been done repeatedly by israel supporters) and then turn around and bash someone with it if applied to someone (like hagee) you so clearly support.

      i mention that because while i question whether the christian belief jews with burn in eternal damnation if they don't accept christ is anti semitic (for reasons i have explained elsewhere in the thread), i don't think it's a "tactic" being "spun", under the circumstances.

    • hm, not sure hagee's comments about hitler can be "spun" another way. granted he's retracted the statement but what kind of person thinks like that to begin with? try explaining that away.

      and about your "islamophilia" comment. i'd never even heard of the term but i just googled it. it was recently invented by islamophobes and is bandied about by the likes of robert spencer, daniel pipes, melanie phillips and their ilk. what "Islamic constituencies" might you be referring to? and if someone is already a muslim, then how can that word be applied? for wouldn't that word be applied, like judophilia is to non jews (like christian zionists), to someone who is outside the religion to begin with? so who exactly do you mean?

      i find your framing of islamophilia as a "subject" confusing, perhaps because, as i mentioned, it's the first time i have ever heard of it, and coupled with the term "constituencies" implying several groups of muslims (who by virtue of already being muslim - well of course they would like their own religion - they already worship it!). seriously, what do you even mean? and how could anyone be anything but silent about a topic (or subject as you call it) one would have never even heard of unless one hangs out at hate sites or reads daniel pipes!

      anti semitism is a label that has been thoroughly trashed by over application. as the primary favored ad hominem crutch, unfortunately used as a weapon routinely and manipulatively in the first line of hasbara defense in support for israel, it has been thrown about casually, worn down, overwrought and over used.

      but your segue here, from a discussion on what does or does not qualify as anti semitism (which everyone has heard of !) to this term "islamophilia", used in an attempt to bash the author, while perhaps creative, rings hollow. and what's it got to do w/hagee? nothing that's what.

      it's almost as if the definition of anti semitism is now up for grabs it's been bandied about so much. and now you're calling "anti israel" a religion! is there no end to this madness?

    • i guess i am not that concerned about the claim that Jews are automatically damned to eternal suffering in a lake of fire merely by virtue of their being Jewish. after all, this is the same religious ideology that believes in original sin. essentially, isn't every human being who is not baptized and has not accepted christ also subject to the same fate as the jews (i fit in this category also)? so why the focus on racism, anti semitism or jews? if it's an equal opportunity offender, across the board damnation of everyone based on religious beliefs unlike theirs, how is that racist per se? maybe i am just confused. i don't know the ins and outs of the bible.

      Hagee firmly insisted that Christian Zionism is anti-Semitic, and that the reason CUFI so obsessively and blindly defends Israel is not because they care about Jews (who, in their mind, will face eternal damnation unless they renounce their religion and become Christians) but rather because they genuinely believe the world is on the verge of total annihilation and the Bible supposedly tells them they must do so. - See more at: link to

      if the reason CUFI obsessively and blindly defends Israel is because they genuinely believe the world is on the verge of total annihilation and the Bible supposedly tells them they must do so., then how is that anti semitic? not caring about jews is not anti semitic. there's a big leap between not caring and hating someone or some people.

      granted, i think hagee is an anti semite, for other reasons mentioned in this article. and i don't like him, for reasons i've articulated in this 2013 article: ‘You live or die based on your support of Israel’ — Christian Zionists are no nightflowers!

      - See more at: link to

      but i don't see how believing the rapture will come and burn everyone to a crisp if they don't believe in christ is anti semitic, per se.

  • Emails show Missouri museum canceled 'Ferguson to Palestine' event under pressure from Jewish group
    • Who’s vetting events?

      the museum vetted the events in their normal capacity.

      Beltran said that while Palestine had not been mentioned in his initial communication with the museum, the inclusion of Palestine in the event was made clear in subsequent exchanges and on promotional materials posted to the museum’s website.

      “We were really confused—the first question was why? Basically, their answer was ‘we didn’t know Palestine was going to be part of the event,’ referring to a very old email from January when we didn’t know which topics we were going to cover—we just didn’t include Palestine in the email. But every email after that included Palestine,” he said.

      An email dated March 4 sent from an organizer at the museum to Beltran read, “I love the flier. See you on the 19th,” with the attached image linking to a flyer with the event’s full name. A page promoting the event on the museum’s website also included the event’s full name and information on the panelists, which contained references to Palestine and the Saint Louis Palestine Solidarity Committee, respectively. As of Wednesday afternoon, that page had been taken down, with the URL directing users to a “page not found” notice....

      “They posted our flyer online, they posted the title online, they posted the event description online—all of which had Palestine in it—so there’s no way they didn’t know,” Beltran said.

      photo of the musuem's website promoting the event here: link to

      and this is a total lie:

      Museum spokesperson Leigh Walters, the assistant director of communications, stressed that the decision was made by the museum’s staff without any outside pressure from donors or other individuals or groups to do so.

      “No one else was involved. It was entirely a collective decision by our leadership team, which is a leadership team of staff,” Walters said.

      The JCRC is a representative Jewish organization, and so is the ADL.

      although they were founded on the principle of fighting anti semitism they've since expanded and promote themselves thustly:

      Describing itself as "the nation's premier civil rights/human relations agency", the ADL states that it "fights anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry, defends democratic ideals and protects civil rights for all," doing so through "information, education, legislation, and advocacy."[1][2]

      link to

      Why wouldn’t a community organization reach out to them if they were planning an event involving Israel?

      umm, get back to me when you start complaining about the media talking about israel all the time without including one palestinian voice. and since when did towns and cities approving permits for israel day parades and such "reach out" to palestinians in the community for their approval? there's no reason the jewish community councils need to be informed or approve community events and panels involving palestine. for decades jewish groups have held events all over this country sans one tiny bit of input from palestinians.

      Why is it racist? Did JCRC advocate contacting PD because of a single race of people?

      yes they did. they advocated contacting the police because they (a single ethnic group of people) didn't like the protest. we don't like it so we want the police to harass them! why the special treatment hops?

      Funny how you’re always playing up the presence of Jews in the BDS movement

      playing up? we report issues related to activism for a free palestine. if a jewish group (like jvp) creates an action we report it.

      and then defining it in racial terms, as if everyone in it was Muslim.

      except i didn't do that. demanding a jewish zionist presence or opinion whenever palestine is discussed is racist. it's gatekeeping because the advocacy is centered in palestine. it's an apartheid sate, therefore defending it is defending racism. that's not too complicated is it? they didn't advocate calling the police because they anticipated a violent crowd, they were trying to shut down the free speech of activists for palestine.

      Criticism of the BDS movement is not racist.

      it is when the criticism makes false allegations of anti semitism based on nothing but evidence of anti zionism. you can't defend a tactic, originating in the hasbara community, of accusing the bds movement as racism and then claim willy nilly your own movement, supporting apartheid, is not racist.

    • i support fair and equal access to a whole host of community establishments including law enforcement, town halls, libraries, post offices, fire departments, schools and public museums.

      i support people in charge of hiring and vetting for these sort of admin and/or service related jobs asking special questions regarding biases people may have based on their religious and political affiliations that may prevent them from treating every person (or group) fairly within the law and making balanced judgements regardless of those religious and political affiliations. and i see no reason jews should not be expected to tow the line in answering those questions like everybody else.

      in fact, this story is a perfect example why.

      whereas, i do not believe groups such as jcrc should be required to be even handed across the board, because they are a jewish group (serving jewish interests within a community). but the adl on the other hand claims to be representing the entire community, not primarily a jewish group. like the aclu, they are an american institution. i know the difference might be lost on you hops. but if a public institution serves the entire community, then of course the employees (even jews, really!) should be unbiased in serving that community.

      shocking tho it may be, the answer to your question is in the affirmative which i think i made clear previously in numerous comments in the thread of the UCLA alleged anti semitism article.

    • ok well thanks. i have not been doing much lately besides reading mondoweiss. being very lazy.

    • there's no indication from the missouri history museum of "understanding" anything other than when pressured by the jewish community you better buckle. that when push comes to shove it's not their own opinion that matters, it's that of the jewish community and ADL.

      also, what's clear is that levine's role and responsibilities, as part of the “organized” Jewish Community, supersedes her responsibilities as the director of the museum. she's known all along what she was doing was wrong, otherwise she wouldn't have lied about it to the students and press. the released emails tell a completely different story. so why lie if your actions are honorable? they were trying to hide the involvement and pressure from jewish community members.

      and yet, without this evidence if you accuse jews of meddling in community affairs and demanding their way you get accused of anti semitism. ADL should be lambasted for getting involved in this.

    • oh, and regarding pabelmont's comment, that's his opinion. considering our government has a policy of doing just this, spying on mosques, muslim leaders and the muslim community, it's fair game to make statements like that. we've had numerous articles about it as well as discussions about it in other-numerous threads. show me where you objected, show me where you claimed it was racist or unpublishable here or came down on any of our regular israel defenders for defending this kind of stuff. then i'll take your complaint more seriously.

      personally, i think it is extreme. i believe in a separation between church and state. but that's not what happens here in the US, churches are involved in social issues too. synagogues are not just about worship, many (most) have submerged with zionism. and it's documented that pressure (some would considering it threatening) comes to bear on community members opposed to zionism or supporting palestine.

      considering the jcrc requested the museum notify the local police to assure their presence and the peaceful demo this is a tables turned comment. see how you like that? i don't see you objecting to jcrc's request. calling it racist. why not?

    • The notion that the museum is unwilling to hold events on Palestine is simply belied by the facts here.

      strawman. i never made the claim the museum was unwilling to hold events on palestine. i responded to this untrue allegation of yours "you don’t change the subject of the event at the last minute"

      it was not at the last minute. the group held several meetings w/museum staff discussing the event, it had been cleared, posters had been made, and event had been advertised on the museums website all prior to jcrc complaint. the only thing that happened at "the last minute" was the cancelation.

      also, there is a difference between holding "events on Palestine" and holding events on Palestine only after they have been vetted by zionist organizations. how would you like it if every jewish or israeli event was first required to be vetted by palestinians!!

      please!!! don't make us laugh!

    • i'm not an investigative journalist. i almost exclusively rely on others (already published) reports i find online. i just scrunch them together in one draft and add some commentary.

      i'm not even a journalist. i'm a blogger. ;)

    • just, the story was out for a few days before st louis biz journal started writing about it. they featured that photo of levine. i don't recall the first stories mentioning the museum director by name. when i saw that photo of levine the pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place w/ease.

    • phil, you should have used levine's photo too! don't let her off the hook! link to

      given their collective histories, it's to be expected of local Jewish Community Relations Councils to pull this crap, but unless the museum is a jewish museum (it isn't) directors should be vetted for bias before holding these positions. it reminds me of the latest UCLA trumped up scandal about the student gov questioning the jewish student about bias given her affiliations. these people shouldn't be allowed to act as gatekeepers for the jewish community if they are holding public positions serving the public interests. levine should be fired from her job.

      and calling the ADL and giving them access to vet all palestine related events is absurd! fire levine for gatekeeping and lying to the public in the attempted cover up.

      great sleuthing by St. Louis Palestine Solidarity Committee and St. Louis JVP!

    • hops, do your homework before making foolish statements like this. the event was already posted on the museum's events calendar (before it was removed) and it was advertised in posters around town. with the name of the event clearly posted in the headline, using the word "palestine".

      i collected a whole slew of graphics and links intending to write about this story which broke in the run up to israel's election. never got around to it. but there was plenty of evidence the museum was just making an excuse.

  • 'New anti-Semitism' on college campuses is largely blowback against orchestrated Israel advocacy
    • Antisemitic attacks in the US is far greater (4-5 times more) than attacks against Muslims, yet the Islamists claim that they are the most victimized!!!

      triple yawn. have you ever watched the movie defamation? they have receptionists there documenting every whim of paranoia labeling in an anti semitic attack whereas 3 muslims get murdered execution style in their own home and the media AND law enforcement hem and haw about labeling it a hate crime for heaven's sakes!!!! and when a jewish student gets busted for swastica graffiti the attack goes down in the annals of recorded anti semitism (adl's list) never mind it was likely carried out as a set up!

  • Jeb Bush bashes Iran talks as 'foolish' and hails Israeli settlements as 'new apartment buildings in Jerusalem'
  • The liberal Zionist lament: Joe Klein and Jodi Rudoren try to explain away Israeli racism
    • nah, she gets away with it because she's african/black and makes outrageous claims (lies, which got her kicked out of the netherlands). but she's not so famous for getting busted for her lies here, so there's a big push to resurrect her in the states. because she is exotic looking and black and claims to have been a victim of muslim related persecution she makes a perfect poster girl for the right.

    • TEN YEARS of Holocaust studies?!

      holocaust studies is a college major offered at several universities. they have entire departments just for it. they pump out graduates yearly to teach it cross the world.

    • that's an outrageous quote from brooks. even in their victimhood they claim superiority. hatred against us is worse, bigger and all encompassing! total trash! get your head out of the sand brooks.

  • American Jews are taking back their power from Israel
    • ;) bummer! i wanted the cuddly moose! you're forgiven. how very very sweet of you.

    • the winner is entitled to cigar, coco-nut, or stuffed animal, winner’s choice!

      i'd like the cuddly moose:
      link to

    • about 1/2 way thru i did think 'hey, we matter too!' and the next sentence i read was "Of course many other Americans were angered by Netanyahu’s act of daring. But I believe that Jews drove the political shift. "

      this, i believe, is difference of opinion/perspective - there are those who believe (like slatter) that any shift in US opinion on israel depends on the jewish community. i don't agree. i think most american jews are susceptible to the same shifts, the same winds coursing thru our political environment. i don't think we can be separated so easily and i don't think we take our cues from jewish pundits, politicians and thinkers. i think americans of all stripes were appalled by the gop/netanyahu/boehner gumption of making that speech and there is clarity israel is trying to push us into war with iran. that's not just jewish people giving us permission to be appalled. it's a natural reaction for an american. so that revulsion swept thru the country and we all felt it.

      i don't care that phil (and others) think these national winds of change on the american conscience happen because there is some sort of permission there from american jews. in fact, phil's second to last embed here: link to “It breaks my heart to say this, but today I don’t feel I can call myself a Zionist any longer.” i think we give them permission. i think the national dialogue is lifting up and supporting these voices . it's really normal not to be a zionist and it doesn't mean you're a hater and a bad person. it's because of people like martin, and people like blacklivesmatter, and people who have been in front on prison reform, and here we are decades after the civil rights movement that as americans we just know, in our hearts that racism is wrong. that's not jewish per se, it's common sense and who we are. and it's the strength in knowing that and the support we lend eachother that will give courage to these people who are a part of us (american jews) who have been raised to support this criminal state -- it will give them support to break away. and that's what we're seeing. i don't think they are leading this shift. i think it is the american people from all walks of life in the lead. as we (all of us) swell in numbers what we're seeing is the tipping pt.

      anyway, either way it's fine with me. chick egg or egg chicken it makes no difference. what makes a difference is we're moving forward and doing it together.

    • if it has not occurred to the conference of presidents they shot themselves in the foot by rejecting j street - not including them in their big tent - it should be dawning on them sometime soon. bigggg divide in the works.

      great article phil!

  • I want my country back
    • yes, i follow him on twitter. that's where i got access t all those amazing photos as soon as they were published. that particular article got published late on MW, the next day, not sure why. by the time it was published the news had already spread like wildfire and i think because of that, unfortunately, our article wasn't heavily trafficed. which is a shame. i remember being bummed about it at the time. a day late and all that.

      anyway, after writing the article the day of the event and using all of hasan's incredible photos (which later got picked up around the web), the next day we found out he was arrested which i added to the base of the article.

      but at the time as i recall i was following the twitter feed and then it just went dead. i didn't know he had been arrested. we had tried to reach him for permission to post the photos. (in fact maybe that's why it was delayed come to think of it) when i found out he had been arrested we published. my memory is starting to kick in now.

    • If you read the NY Times, you understand that a “Memo from” column is usually an analysis/human interest column ... not just straight reportage.

      analysis? what analysis? did we read the same article? have you read the comments on the article hops? if not i highly suggest you do. it doesn't appear that anyone other than yourself thinks she was just mouthing israeli opinion and didn't agree with it. this is one of the comments at the times (my bold):

      It is understandable that Netanyahu, his allies and even his countrymen and women who now have to bear the fallout of his unseemly behavior earlier this month now want to put this whole matter behind them as if it never happened.
      But I don't understand why the journalists reporting this story are toeing that line. The notion that genuine concessions required for real progress on a two-state solutions are dismissed out of hand should be a clue as to how serious Netanyahu was in the days leading up to his election.
      Put simply, Obama is right to follow through on his response to this bullying "ally." Unlike Netanyahu, he talks softly and carries a big stick.

    • rusty, those comments at the nyt are gold. just amazing. the nyt picks squeezed in one supporting netanyahu w/the 'surrounded by sea of hostility' hasbara, but other than that, even their picks reflected the overall sentiment.

      and the readers picks are just fantastic. i'm quite a ways down and not one pro israel comment yet. americans are fed up.

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