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Annie Robbins is Editor at Large for Mondoweiss, a mother, a human rights activist and a ceramic artist. She lives in the SF bay area. Follow her on Twitter @anniefofani

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  • Chancellor Wise, why not accept the scholarly inquiry of your colleagues over the politicized judgment of Salaita's critics?
    • "Evidence, broadly construed, is anything presented in support of an assertion. This support may be strong or weak. The strongest type of evidence is that which provides direct proof of the truth of an assertion. At the other extreme is evidence that is merely consistent with an assertion but does not rule out other, contradictory assertions, as in circumstantial evidence."

      so your evidence is, no evidence?

    • you answered but you didn't address the argument other than to make claims you can't support with 1 iota of evidence other than your 'opinion'.

    • jeff, some of us addressed your (nutty) allegations here on this same topic, you never conceded or responded in anyway. link to

    • speaking of ronnie barkan, check out what he just translated from haaretz hebrew link to

  • 'Get me out of the rubble, please, I’m alive'
    • “After they bombed my brother’s house, I could hear some of them howling to get them out of the rubble, but I was totally helpless. Their voices out of the rubble demonstrated that they extremely clung to life like a baby crying at the moment of his birth.” Talal burst into tears

      how to erase a memory like that. it's something you have to live with for the rest of time.

  • 'New Yorker' limits its expose of Israel lobby to AIPAC
  • Ceasefire deal after weeks of fighting in Gaza promises easing of blockade
    • "it seems that you are more happy about damage to Israel than you are about benefits to Arabs."

      actually that tells us lots about you and nothing about seafoid.

      "you and,others with your proclivities."?

      for all you know seafoid is arab. and you would know otherwise how?

    • Are you suggesting that Hamas will not be quiet?

      why would anyone expect hamas to be quiet while israel imposes a brutal occupation? only people in complete mental submission would be quiet in the face of israeli intransigence. hamas isn't the one who breaks ceasefires. and everyone knows already israel would like nothing more than silence from their victims as they rape and pillage palestine. so this "quiet for quiet" is BS. even in relative quiet times israel's off killing children in cold blood like they did during the nakba day demonstration. and no one's idea od quiet is thieving land and publishing permits for expanded settlements. that's not quiet.

      if israel lifts the siege, sure..then you can see some quiet.

    • there were at least 2. one shot on the israel side of the border when they thought it was hamas incognito. the other was the hannibal death when they massacred 100's of palestinians to kill their own so he wouldn't get captured, probably. i can't recall others off the top of my head. their may have been one other hannibal killing.

  • Gaza goyim jailbreak
    • denis, sorry for getting back to you so late. i forgot!

      And I think that’s the point with these types of dicey words — what is the intent of the person using it?

      exactly, without context, it's a derogatory term. used with purpose, to make a point , either in chiding or sarcasm or however (for me) is different than using it as a casual lazy substitute for referencing a person who is not jewish or referencing oneself the same way. i can't off the top of my head recall your usage. but i know i have encountered many times where posters (specifically citizen) just seems to use it because it's short/3 letters. i'm not interested in this becoming a normal way to reference people. like 'are you jewish' .. i'm a goy. why should we use other people's derogatory definitions of ourselves to self identify? so as far as i am concerned if it's used primarily or solely as shorthand, with regularity..i'll try to end that. this is a site self identified a "from a jewish perspective" but everyone should feel comfortable here. as phil pointed out, the way he used it, it is tonal, ironic, part of the story. it's not a word he uses regularly as an acceptable interchangeable word meaning 'non jew'.

      i hope that clarifies my opinion on the usage.

    • actually phil and i had a conversation about it before he penned the headline. after i get more of these comments cleared i'll try to come back and address this!

    • you're so right, of course it is emotional blackmail. i am so ready for this, so ready. i've been arguing for years the break will come when the masses speak out. and those masses in this country, for the most part, are not jewish.

      and i had a very similar experience/conversation last saturday night. maybe i should write about that. wow.

  • Bay Area gets radio ads about Gaza
    • farah baker! hey that's great. it looks like they updating their blog daily.

    • pixel is right, Erakat's name wasn't up there earlier. i couldn't figure out's a long story. then we added it in italics under the photo temorarily. i'm not a techie and it's a little like learning a new language. i still don't know how to place the photo caption in when the photo is also appearing on the front page. so please be patient!! thanks everyone.

  • WATCH: Ultra-Zionists protest Muslim-Jewish wedding saying miscegenation is 'gravest threat to the Jewish people'
    • "mostly don’t like moves towards coexistence in the social realm - See more at: link to"

      where do you come up w/this stuff? maybe you should find out more about what anti normalization means. the whole purpose is resist occupation and move towards equal rights in the social realm and all other realms. normalization is belief that normalizing occupation will lead to the end it. it won't.

    • for your edification, wiki has the same definition of as you do for Miscegenation, however we've been thru this same conversation many times here at MW wrt the word apartheid , as it pertains to the meaning of "racial types" so here's wiki:

      Miscegenation (/mɪˌsɛdʒɨˈneɪʃən/; from the Latin miscere "to mix" + genus "kind") is the mixing of different racial groups through marriage, cohabitation, sexual relations, or procreation.[1]

      and if you open their embed and check out their definition of racial groups here's what you get: link to

      Race is a classification system[specify] used to categorize humans into large and distinct populations or groups by anatomical, cultural, ethnic, genetic, geographical, historical, linguistic, religious, and/or social affiliation.

      iow, cultural, ethnic, historical, linguistic, religious, and/or social affiliation all applies. and it becomes irrelevant is they didn't use the word "Miscegenation" itself or a different word, if they were protesting "the mixing of different" ethnicities. iow, it doesn't matter that they were protesting Miscegenation for a reason or for your justification, that being: –hitbolelut which literally means assimilation, as in losing one’s culture and heritage and being absorbed into a foreign environment - See more at: link to

      iow, if i claim i am in the aryan brotherhood because i believe in preserving the white race and don't want my white brothers and sisters to "lose one’s culture and heritage and being absorbed into a foreign environment " it doesn't mean i am not protesting Miscegenation. it just means i am doing it under a cause, a cause more commonly understood as racism. and here's the legal definition: link to

      Nevertheless, they also have a right to protest and express their opinions. - See more at: link to

      yeah, and the kkk has a right to do that in this country too. your point?

      david sheen is not "deliberately lying", he's telling the truth. you just don't like the implication. they were protesting the mixing of different ethnic groups through marriage, cohabitation, sexual relations, or procreation. that is exactly what they were doing.

      now, the only question we should be asking here is if you are "deliberately lying" or merely woefully misinformed.

  • 58 Seconds
  • Palestinian-American teen denied access to Israel’s airport
    • "Nooo…there is one set of rules for Israeli >citizens (who may be Jews, Muslims, Christians, Druze, secular, atheist, agnostic, white, black, brown, gay, straight, etc.) and there is another set of rules for non-Israeli citizens - See more at: link to"

      hmm, not quite. there's one set of rules for israeli citizens and then a whole bunch of privileges for jewish israelis not afforded to any other citizens.

      and please excuse the link to the comment above. it's too much effort on my part to erase it every time i copy something.

    • That’s just the way it is. Every Palestinian knows this. It is discrimination but what can we do?

      end the occupation. imagine this. you invade your neighbors house and make new rules. they are no longer allowed to use their doors. all entries and exits to and from their house are thru your control. they can go to the shopping center but not on the road in front of their house. you've built passageways for them that takes 10x's as long. you (and everybody in your family) can use their house tho, and use their doors. but they can't. you say "That’s just the way it is. Every one in their family knows this. It is discrimination but what can we do?"

      you can stop controlling their house. you an not bomb their airports and ports. you can release them from jail. you can get your nose out of their business. then they wouldn't need your airport, they could use their own doors to go to the store and back. and it's really none of your business who they invite for dinner.

      If she was traveling only as an American, in other words if she didn’t have a Palestinian I.D., then she’s allowed to travel through Ben Gurion Airport.

      we get it. israel doesn't want more people having palestinian citizenship. you want them to leave, and leave for good giving up their identity til there are none left. we understand what kind of sadistic game is being played here.

    • She is subject to the same restrictions that Israel places on any citizen of the PA (and it is Israel’s right to put travel restriction on any PA citizen that it wishes, because they are foreign citizens of an entity that is in many respects in a de facto state of belligerency with Israel, what do they expect?)

      israel shouldn't have the right to decide whether palestine has their own airport.

      israel shouldn't have the right to decide who gets to go in and out of palestine.

      israel shouldn't have the right to decide what guests palestinians can invite into their country.

      israel shouldn't have the right to enforce a permanent occupation on 1/2 the people it controls.

      israel shouldn't have the right to place restrictions on palestinians, or citizen of the PA as you call it, any different than any other person the is israeli government rules over. and after that month long pogrom in the West Bank last month, don't pretend for one minute the PA has the final say in the west bank.

      your little apartheid state is not fooling anyone.

  • Our new look
    • that’s what I intuit from the evolution of this site, a salami tactic of pushing the cranks aside.

      this is really hard to listen to. i hope people realize that 1) we're seriously grappling w/hardware issues here and a lot of what you're experiencing right now is a result of that. 2) i would tackle tooth and nail for this comment section, invested too much of my life here to see it disintegrate. as far as i know, and have not heard otherwise, policy-wise nothing has changed here. yes, it can be very tough on the trolls, if that's what you mean by cranks. but posters here get to say the same stuff they've been saying for years. there has not been one email, mention or discussion of clamping down on comments among staff. not one. so please bare with us. for some people (not myself) making these changes has taken energy night and day for way over a week i am sure. and some may be just attending to family matters. a few days please. and i think, i would assume, many of the glitches people have pointed out will be addressed. perhaps there's a system where each of these things have to be individually programmed in.

      and last but not least i thought i was going to have a tad of a breakdown last time we did an overhaul. i felt abandoned. and then i got used to the new look and loved it. so some of this is just grappling w/change. but there's no pushing aside in the cards. no policy changes accompanying the new look as far as i've been told.

    • broadside, to get to the homepage just click the mondoweiss logo at the top left of the page.

    • thanks pixel. especially #3. for us dinosaurs it's really nice just having a list rather than having to keep tracK (remember!!) what we've read - or not. and how can you tell what's new, just been published if the lineup on the right isn't reflective? maybe i'm just old fashion, but since we roll out new stuff all the time, it makes sense to be able to find it or identify the new posts.

      and i was a little surprised today after reading one of our articles and having this bold print - that appeared to be the following paragraph. it didn't take much time to figure out what is was, but a breathing space might be nice. especially for the writers who might not want it to appear as tho this was the last paragraph of their article.

  • Salaita's hire set off fundraising alarm at U of Illinois, per emails to chancellor
    • "I think if you look at those comments in the aggregate he can only mean Jew. - See more at: link to"

      why? he clearly says' all this handwringing about demographics' how does that scream "jew"? all jews are not handwringing about demographics??!!!! the only ones doing that are the zionists worried about staying the majority. that's the aggregate.

      while I don’t think it is about race (remember I use a pretty strict definition of racist) if it were about race it would be racist. So I’m not approving of the talk. - See more at: link to

      that's a neat trick, using a so strict definition of race it excludes the legal definition and the definition as it applies to our fed laws regarding hate speech and everything else? why would you do this while at the same time making accusations you can't support. lest you forget: link to " race, colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin " note how it doesn't say ideology? zionism is a political construct, and ideology. so obviously not being a zionist doesn't make one a racist.

      this is no way to argue jeff. it's disingenuous. you twist someones words to mean 'all jews' instead of zionists when it suits you and then evade using common terms to define racism.

    • Now this could make sense if he was using the word “Zionist” in typical arab fashion to mean Israeli. It doesn’t make sense about a political viewpoint. People generally don’t talk about the sex lives of political groups.

      when you say it doesn't make sense from a political viewpoint you're forgetting it's a joke about demographics. when he references 'israeli handwringing' he means why worry if you're having lots of kids. so it's not about sex per se, it's about reproduction. and he is saying it about zionists.

      generally it's considered racist in america to worry about demographics. as it pertains to of political groups. like if the tea party or republican was worried about the demographics of hispanics in california it would be perfectly politically pc to say maybe all those racist white guys just don't screw enough.

      Now you could say he is using “Zionist” to mean “Israeli” that doesn’t work because he clearly points it at non Israelis: “Zionist uplift in America: every little Jewish boy and girl can grow up to be the leader of a murderous colonial regime” (July 14). So note he’s using Zionist to refer to American Jews here.

      do you know what he means by zionist uplift? what would uplift them(zionists)? what would make them happy? he's not saying that about all jews in america. he's saying zionists would like it if all jews in america joined the regime. how is that racist of him to tweet that? as far as i know lots of christian zionists would be very uplifted if every little jewish boy and girl ran off and joined the regime. christ would be able to come then.

    • Will it be possible to copy comments ?

      yes, it's just harder to see it because the color is yellow when you scroll over it instead of blue or whatever it used to be. btw, there is an article with a thread for comments about the new formatting and every/anything else you want to say about it. link to

    • the government could just setup some group of zionists overseers, operating thru the department of education, in charge of approving all hiring of professors on american campuses, before the offers are made. if everything was upfront and transparent, we wouldn't have these problems.

      people just need to understand from the get go that zionism is institutionalized, part of who we are as a country. especially people planning a teaching career in higher learning.

      and that could hold true for many other professions. if you're not a zionist you and your family don't deserve decent jobs. and if you can't learn to shut your mouth you might as well starve.

  • 'NO DISCUSSION of Gaza' -- new Zionist etiquette
    • lol, i almost had a nervous breakdown myself. i'm breathing deep and lying down trying to recover. but that's how i felt last time too and i got over that/adjusted. it really does look slick and cool, but unfamiliar.

    • an someone create a “welcome to the new MW website” post so we can leave feedback about the new design in the comments section?

      as a matter of fact we have one! it's listed prominently on the front page (at the moment) under "Featured Stories" and is called Our new look

      link to

  • Bardem and Cruz don't speak English well enough to understand 'genocide' -- Saban
    • amy who? this person? link to never heard of her.

    • i've never heard of any of them except saban. they are mostly ceo's and big wigs in the industry, not stars.

      but seriously, if they think they can resurrect this grotesque racist quote into something acceptable by any normal persons standards, they are deluded.

      it's likely this represents somewhat of a looming threat-reminder not to step on these guys feet if you want to work in hollywood. this is the bar they are setting, meir's quote. how disgusting.

  • My life during the war
    • amigo, re "archive posting 4 weeks" the length of time someone has been posting has nothing to do w/it. the new posts roll in on top of the page (in back), older ones are buried. so when a mod enters the back pages it's right on top and short comments often just get moderated. i'm sorry! we're working out glitches.

    • what do you mean by hoax? she's not a fake person. we know her and many writers in gaza and they know each other and many of them studied together. rana took this photo of herself after i asked her to for a graphic for this article. she's definitely real. we didn't whip her up out of ether.

    • reminds us that at the end of the day we are just humans occupying this very disputed piece of land.

      really? you read about her experience and it reminds you you're just human? because israel's actions are completely inhumane. and do you mean israelis are just humans occupying this very disputed (and technically gaza is not disputed land, it's palestinian occupied territory, just like the West bank and east jerusalem) piece of land. because palestinians are not an occupying power.

      I abhor Hama’s ... fundamentalism

      meshaal says hamas are not fundamentalists. link to

      causes so many of us to run in terror to bomb shelters so many times a day. I certainly don’t want to analyse, defend or provoke a debate...I do feel your pain.

      analyze or defend i could believe, provoke? not so much.

    • The scenes of injured children dig deep into my head. The scenes of bodies in the streets kill me. The smell of blood is everywhere.

      so raw, AlShami's writing. there's really no replacement for truth and talent. palestine has an abundance of both. it's a very powerful weapon.

    • and "Rana, I want to bring with me my favorite toy, Spiderman, "

    • August 21st, 2014 was supposed to be my wedding day.

      i about freaked when i ran into this sentence

  • Rolling in underground tunnels

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