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Annie Robbins is Editor at Large for Mondoweiss, a mother, a human rights activist and a ceramic artist. She lives in the SF bay area. Follow her on Twitter @anniefofani

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  • Judaism's hijacking by Zionists drives 70% of secular Jews to marry non-Jews-- Koppman at Huffpo
    • speaking of the nyt, isabel kershner's title: "Israel Claims Nearly 1,000 Acres of West Bank Land Near Bethlehem" link to

      Israel on Sunday laid claim to nearly 1,000 acres of West Bank land in a Jewish settlement bloc....Palestinians aspire to form a state in the lands that Israel conquered in 1967.

      laid claim? conquered? could they be any more pandering than this? i didn't bother reading the rest of the article. and the WH of course "urges" israel not to do it. no sticks, no sanctions, nothing meaningful, just another urging.

    • that was my impression too mooser ;)

    • But he too is I think hypocritical in denouncing the marriage of Jews to non-Jews

      he condemned it? where?

    • I’ve seen the Sunday Times spread out on the kitchen counter for the last two weeks and a bigger collection of lifestyle news and mouthwatering real estate and web-meme trivia-spotting and US Open overkill you will not find in all the slopbuckets of the internet. And this is printed on deathless newsprint, to divert the elite, and it’s a wasteland for ideas.

      i think this is an indication why young people get their news from the internet. while it may be traditional to get the times on sunday morning, it's not the same anymore. and the elite can't pick and choose what americans read like they used to where the headlines were determined by the very few. Koppman's huff po link may be getting lots more traffic than any of those stories you mentioned in the times. and we're reading more and more of his sentiment, it's very encouraging.

  • The checkpoint is burning
    • and if he wasn't being neutered it would be a lot more. there's only so much of this crap anyone should have to endure.

    • With Gaza War, Movement to Boycott Israel Gains Momentum in Europe link to

      On August 31, 2015 if Israel’s trade is above the current level as measured by World Bank, CIA, Israeli government you admit “I was wrong BDS is a total failure”.

      no, because even if it's sustained at this level (sustaining 2nd quarters 18% drop all year) bds will not be a total failure at all.

    • you are confusing nation and state.

      not me jeff, i was responding to your words. here they are again:

      Biology is not destiny people can choose to join another nation .....

      as they became part of another nation.

      it's you who are confused. israel doesn't share american values of civic nationality, they are an ethnic national state, therefore, as it pertains to israel, palestinians can never become part of their nation.

      you’re a fool suggesting it’s all a choice palestinians need to make as if israel has no power or duty to see to it that people being ruled by their gov have opportunities offer thru law that provide for equality in civil and human rights.

      I’ve never suggested that. I’ve said the opposite time and time again.

      actually you did when you wrote:

      that’s something the Palestinians have to decide they want. They have to decide they want to be assimilated

      It is not inevitable that the Palestinians will lose all their fingers, then their hand, then chop off chunks of their arm so as to “punish” the lawnmower for the last time. That’s a choice they are making

      and we all already know Changing laws can be done in a matter of minutes., that is why a one state solution with equality and equal rights for all would be far easier to implement than 2 states, but alas, israel won't do it.

      good bye jeff. arguing with you is futile when you completely ignore your own contradictions.

    • this one sent me reeling…your analogy using a lawnmower is thoroughly despicable

      just, in jeffy's perverse "logic" the nazi's would be the lawn mower and jews would be throwing themselves against it responsible for their own genocide. it's so gross.

    • As for the -18% that was 1Q2014 nothing to do with Gaza, induced by a drop in durable goods, especially cars on the order of 24-30%.

      obviously, since as i mentioned "israeli exports were down 18% last quarter" meaning the last quarter is was recorded which was the 2nd quarter before israel's recent acts of genocide in gaza.

      from last may link to

      Manufacturers Association president: This emergency requires an immediate response.....In seasonally-adjusted figures, high-tech exports fell 33% between February and April. Mixed-high tech exports (36% of industrial exports) fell by an annualized 18% in February-April, driven by a 26% drop in exports of chemicals and chemical products.

      "This is an emergency, which requires an immediate response to stem the slide. The responsibility for dealing with the crisis is on the shoulders of the government and the Bank of Israel," said Manufacturers Association of Israel president Zvika Oren.

      and here's a more recent from bloomberg link to

      That’s a measure backed by Israeli exporters. Their sales, which account for about a third of the economy, slumped 18 percent in the second quarter. Economic growth slowed to 1.7 percent in the period, down from 2.8 percent in the previous three months.

      2nd quarter...

      so rather than attribute that to factories closing because of rockets i think it is safe to assume people (foreigners)are just not purchasing israeli products as much because of BDS, which was felt earlier this year as well as last year.

      and note in that same bloomberg link:

      Had it not been for the conflict...“it would be hard to imagine that the Bank of Israel would have taken such an extreme step, especially at a time when the U.S. is already talking about raising rates,” Klein said in an e-mailed note.....
      Alex Zabezhinsky, chief economist at Tel Aviv-based Meitav Dash Investment House Ltd., said the near-zero rate puts the onus for stimulating the economy on the government, which could expand the budget deficit and eliminate some tax breaks.

      “With this latest rate cut, the Bank of Israel has exhausted its ability to help the economy,” he said. “The ball is now with the Finance Ministry.”

      and one more thing jeff, regarding your 2012 "Israeli GDP per capita is $32,567.09."

      not according to this site: link to see the chart? in US dollars that's

      The Gross Domestic Product per capita in Israel was last recorded at 23414.98 US dollars in 2013.... GDP per capita in Israel averaged 14238.87 USD from 1960 until 2013, reaching an all time high of 23414.98 USD in 2013 and a record low of 5638.44 USD in 1960. GDP per capita in Israel is reported by the World Bank.

    • It is your side that is obsessed with racial land entitlement..Biology is not destiny people can choose to join another nation... I want the Palestinians to become willing to join Israeli society as full members... I want every Israeli to have ancestors from all the various countries that immigrated to Israel so that no one cares anymore about Palestinians, Sephardic or Arabic..... They have to decide they want to be assimilated rather than act like a hostile remnant of a now dead state.

      for one thing palestine is not a dead state, in fact they are internationally recognized, so don't count your (hopeful) chickens before they hatch. second, you should review the israeli nationality law wrt your fantasy a palestinian could "choose" to join or become part of the jewish nationality because no opportunity is recognized by the is gov or the courts.

      No human will lie down and take it.

      Of course they do. Nations die all the time. Everyone of us is the descendent of many generations of people whose society was being replaced by another and were lying down and taking it as they became part of another nation.

      and herein lies the fallacy of your "logic" as you continually repeat garbage about how everything is a 'palestinian choice' ala: "That’s a choice they are making and one they don’t have to keep making." contrary to the implication of your words, israel is not offering palestinians (israeli citizens or not) to become 'part of their nation' or 'another nation', that is the problem. israel is an ethnic national state, as opposed to the US and most western countries which are civic national states. ethnic national states define their "nation" in terms of ethnicity link to . for example, you might review the recent israeli high court ruling. there simply is no israeli national identity. the state of israel only recognizes palestinian israelis as citizens, not nationals. see israel's nationality law. there are now over 60 laws that privilege jewish citizens over palestinian citizens of israel based on their ethnicity or nationality as jews. so there's no opportunity afforded at the present time, offered by the gov of israel, for palestinians to "decide they want to be assimilated" fully, to "became part of the nation of israel" as israel recognizes jews as 'the jewish nation' and categorically rejects the idea of an 'israeli nation'. link to

      “In its ruling the court, in effect, agrees to totally ignore the obligations included in the Declaration of Independence, which promises full equality among all the state’s citizens, regardless of religion, race or gender,” Haaretz quoted Ornan as saying following the ruling.

      “The government consensus that has developed ignores the existence of an Israeli people that was created with the Declaration of Independence,” Ornan continued. “This consensus enables the Jewish majority to have full control over the country and to operate not for the benefit of Israeli citizens but for the benefit of the current political majority among the Jews.”

      so if you're suggesting that humans will lie down and take being permanently unequal members of apartheid states, you're just wrong. not in the modern day they don't. and you're a fool suggesting it's all a choice palestinians need to make as if israel has no power or duty to see to it that people being ruled by their gov have opportunities offer thru law that provide for equality in civil and human rights. that's not a palestinian 'choice' to make. it's a demand which the international community should impose on israel if they continue to discriminate and violate international law.

      and while you may portend or fantasize to wanting "the Palestinians to become willing to join Israeli society as full members" that would require the state of israel to alter it's laws, not 'willingness' of palestinians to merely 'decide'.

    • Get a grip. Israeli GDP per capita is $32,567.09. Israel now has real Arab allies for the first time in its existence. Hamas can crow all they want about their “victory” but any rational government interested in the welfare of its people would see their last go-round as a disaster. -

      jeff, that GDP is the 2012 figure. did you hear israeli exports were down 18% last quarter. and did you hear the bank of israel lowered the interest rate to almost zero on the same day netanyahu signed the ceasefire agreement against the will of his own cabinet. ? i think it was .25 coincidence? i doubt it. and that was his numbers are down 37% or something. they lost lotsa billions this summer, or didn't you hear?

  • Being Palestinian got me barred from visiting Palestine
    • shmuel ;) let me add my name to the list of those who welcome you back. it's been too long.

    • i'm sorry you had to go thru that basilio. each personal story like this is hard to read.

    • Israel could of course set up a system whereby potential visitors could apply for and either receive....

      chocopie, israel has no right to set up any kind of system to determine who should be allowed into palestine. that's for palestinians to decide.

    • Amanda – EVERY country controls its borders.

      fred, the Allenby Bridge is not on israel's border.

  • Countdown to the next round in Gaza
    • I would not celebrate and I think enough of the Gazans to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that only the zealots are celebrating.

      this is your idea of "the benefit of the doubt"? you don't think a rational person experiencing 51 days of utter hell could find something to celebrate if the bombing stopped? hmm. so what's your reasoning behind not posting even one link to a palestinian voice echoing your sentiments? i recall asking you that yesterday and i think the day before too, but thus far nada. now any palestinian who doesn't share your view is a zealot. not a lot of nuance there yonah.

    • kay, one reason hamas was able to fight back the way they did is because palestinians were using hezbollah tactics and it is my understanding they were trained by hezbollah.

  • The end of 'Operation Protective Edge'
  • Beinart urges young Jews to get arrested in the West Bank for the sake of Zionism. Will they?
    • more specifically, 'liberal zionist' american jews. lefties like lucus koerner or jvp won't cut it. whereas, a liberal jewish summer camp in bi'lin is what he's talking about. as an alternative to birthright? probably not going to happen.

  • In Gaza, Palestinians celebrate resistance and credit it with 'victory'
    • I don’t know why that is not a victory for the goal of stopping rockets.

      well, had the goal been merely to stop the rockets it could be called a victory. but as i mentioned that was not the only goal. in the same way that israel's intent in invading lebanon in 06 was dismantling hezbollah, it is roundly acknowledged israel lost that war for several reasons, one of which was that it strengthened hezbollah.

      But how rationally did Israelis think that Netanyahu could eradicate Hamas without a ground invasion?

      rationality is not what's at issue here. i can't speak towards israeli rationality. did you read this: israeli is in a pickle link to

      even as early as last week reports in israel's msm (and possibly here too) were saying things like 'israel analysts think hamas has used 1/2 their ammo". which means they did not know (see the article i just linked to). they went into this slaughter with poor intel, never knowing what hamas had or where it was although it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out it was underground. so the whole 'tunnel' thing, wasn't solely to stop infiltration into israel, it was to find their weapons storage and de militarize gaza. for israel this would require massive loss of life. it would expose how ineffectual their army is against a worthy foe. the iof specialty is massacring civilians. that's about it.

      they know how to bomb and kill innocent civilians. and they are very adept at running an occupation. but face to face w/combatants? not so much. the only way to eradicate hamas without a ground invasion is a 'make a desert call it peace' solution. an intense genocidal air campaign. and unfortunately that is what many israelis wanted and advocated for. but i think they (israelis, lots of them) are just woefully misinformed about the limits of their armies capabilities.

      How would bombing hospitals and churches and UN shelters defeat Hamas? Since when did aerial bombardment, without a ground invasion, change a government?

      once you free your mind from the illusion the israel government is ever truthful and instead continually lies, you will see the answer very clearly. the purpose of bombing hospitals churches and UN shelters will not to dislodge hamas, the intended purpose is killing people. israel has creative explanations like "they will see how their government is harming them and flock to distance themselves from it". that's preparation for lawfare, it's a bs illogical excuse for massacring civilians and it is seen as such by rational people.

      and as you are well aware (since you copy pasted my comments from another article) we can have this discussion even after this comment thread closes. i will be around.

    • yonah, you made this same claim earlier today and i called you out on it link to and ask you where you get your info other than parroting the memes of the israeli government and their hack job propagandists. is there even one palestinian source for your bs? palestinains are unified right now. find one who is not besides some gatestone turncoat, whatever his name is.

    • totally brave!!! i second what just says. wonderful article.

  • The Palestinian message to Israel: Deal with us justly. Or disappear
    • Not only that, but in Gaza they won an election over their main rival, Fatah.

      actually they won in the WB too. political organizations and parties where ever they are rarely reflect all the people on every issue. but the messaging i'm hearing coming out of palestinian society right now, including the leadership, is one of unity.

      link to Senior Fatah official Faisal Abu Shahla:

      Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the head of Hamas’s politburo Khaled Mishal, are understood to have drawn up a two-stage plan: first, lifting the Israeli blockade of Gaza and securing guarantees for the reconstruction of Gaza’s infrastructure; and second, pushing towards the establishment of a Palestinian state.

      Abu Shahla said the Palestinians were more unified now than before and have agreed that “decisions of war, peace and the establishment of a Palestinian state will be taken unanimously, rather than by one faction.”

      In a statement issued on Wednesday, the Palestinian leadership expressed its hopes that the “lessons and outcomes of the Israeli aggression would represent an incentive to consolidate the unity of the stance and decision-making of the Palestinians and to adhere to working under the leadership of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), the legal and only representative of our people.”

    • Was Hamas’ electoral win in Gaza an “improvement” of the Israeli position?

      that would depend on your definition of "the Israeli position". if the goal is to divide palestine and break off/isolate gaza from palestine- and from the WB, both effectively and in the international arena then i would say they've accomplished that to a degree. but it's unwise, unproductive and will fail.

    • the main statement I think Palestinians would make would focus on peace and human rights

      it's my understanding the primary palestinian focus is liberation, equality and (of course) justice.

      This message is from Hamas, rather than from the Palestinian people.

      i recommend Everything You Know About Hamas Is Wrong link to

      In fact, Hamas derives popularity not only from concerted resistance to occupation but also the widespread social assistance that forms the bulk of its work, helping sustain Palestinians through increasingly dire poverty. As Roy puts it:

      “During the Oslo period especially, the strength of Hamas increasingly lay in the work of Islamic social institutions whose services, directly and indirectly, reached tens if not hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, helping them to survive. They provided services that the Palestinian Authority was unable to provide adequately, if at all. This base supported Islamic institutions largely because they met basic needs for economic sustenance and community well-being with a focus on health and education, community support, and service delivery. Islamic institutions were increasingly viewed as community actors in a context where few such actors existed. … Islamic institutions did not emphasize political violence or substate terrorism but rather community well-being and civic restoration, a role that was (and remains) vital in a context of steady deterioration.”

      In power, Hamas’s smashed and vilified tunnels actually provided a lifeline for Gaza’s crippled economy. Hamas’s conspicuous material modesty has also increased its popularity in contrast to the corrupt Fatah leadership. Equally, journalists and human rights monitors find no evidence that Hamas uses “human shields”, but uncover extensive evidence of the practice by Israel – which also, of course, sites military facilities near major populated areas, subsidises the housing of civilians in a war zone, and deliberately risks the lives of captured IDF soldiers.

      As Roy concludes:

      “While there can be no doubt that since its inception in 1987, Hamas has engaged in violence, armed struggle, and terrorism as the primary force behind the horrific suicide bombings inside Israel, it is also a broadbased movement that has evolved into an increasingly complex, varied, and sophisticated organization engaged in a variety of societal activities vital to Palestinian life.”

      messaging, as you did, "Hamas, rather than ... Palestinian people" perpetuates a false underlying stereotype that hamas doesn't have a broad base of support within palestine society.

    • joe, i sent this to adam and phil. i am not sure how one could post this but i agree, it's incredible.

    • this is brilliant. thank you so much jeff. i began to write an article this morning, why the latest round was a victory of Hamas/Palestine, but you've covered every base and more.

  • Elizabeth Warren says killing Palestinian civilians is 'the last thing Israel wants'
    • thanks sean, yeah i poked around a little before i asked and read that but couldn't find any good source for the dual citizenship.

      That fact of course doesn’t prove he is a dual US/Israeli citizen.

      it also doesn't even suggest it. lots of people have spent stints in israel on a kibbutz. someone could just ask him at a town hall meeting. anyway, i'm going to assume if not one reputable source is claiming he's a dual citizen, it's just a rumor.

    • my suggestion sean, if you want to pursue it again (not your "main issue" but the one on derogatory gender-specific terms, and i say this assuming it's self evident your comment was not censored) you might just bring it up directly as it pertains to the article instead of resorting to sidelining a cute/snide dig/insult accompanied with a smile directed at those who disagree with you, as if you had won the argument. or suggesting calling someone a warrior queen had some relation to harpy (it doesn't because both queen and warrior are empowering terms. and note nothing greenwald wrote came even close to a sexist gender specific term; banal, corrupted, drained of vibrancy and passion, fucking hawk, a neocon, surrounded by sleazy money types who are just corrupting everything everywhere. in his context, his observation about depictions of misogynistic make sense. but had he called her a harpy nagging sleaze bag wouldn't have.)

      and it's not that complicated really. and you can take the last word*, i'm sort of over making my point.

      * which would not include claiming i advocate expunging terms from the English language, or any other silly rhetorical games of that nature you've got up your sleeve.

    • was there a reason you sought to drag in the argument to make your point. or was it just a random dig w/a smile?

      i take it you're not going to be answering my question.

      without reading the entire thread, what you're referencing as the "main issue" i have not noticed in this long thread of comments. and of course, there is nothing wrong with making a comment referencing warren's gender if you think this is relevant to the thread. but i didn't engage you over that. i engaged you over how you launched into it. how the past conversation over what is or is not sexist has relevance here.

      and why, if you claim you are much more concerned about the content of the aggressive neoconservative policies that Clinton, Power and Rice have advocated than the language that has been used to deride them. you bother reinsert the old argument here? referencing 2 posters who don't even seem to be anywhere on this thread? and now you've blockquoted more evidence of the harpy term.

      I respect your objection to the term

      you have no idea what i think of the term, because i didn't engage in that argument. i just noticed it took up a lot of bandwidth in a thread about hillary clinton. and i'm wondering why it's being conjured again.

      oh, and i don't follow "the woman's movement" per se. everyone has an image, whether warren is kow towing to those in power or is an islamophobe doesn't matter to me. as a politician what matters to me is her vote and how she chooses to use her power and influence. same with patty murray or barbara boxer or any male politician for that matter.

    • i know what the main issue is, i was merely addressing your preface. and the argument wasn't about gender-specific terms per se (which are not sexist per se). queen/king, not in the same class as harpy. come on sean, you know the difference. was there a reason you sought to drag in the argument to make your point. or was it just a random dig w/a smile?

      and wrt to your "some of us..hoping" comment, that's just silly. it's the person/morals not the sex that determines a persons humanity or lack thereof.

      and one more thing, the usage of the term queen in this context is no different that saying netanyahu thinks he's king of the jews. that's not a sexist comment. it's not used in a sexualized way. it denotes power, on top. the word 'queen' can be sexualized, or not.

    • tree and ritzl would probably characterize your reference to “warrior queen persona” as being sexist. :)

      albeit no one equates warrior with harpy, but why not take another stab at it sean.

    • jpb, do you mean when phil wrote "In 2016, a Democratic candidate will again emerge to run to her left and win the party base" - See more at: link to

      And I’m saying the Israel/Palestine issue will at last be politicized by 2016; it will be a subject that people discuss openly. Jewish youth and liberal Zionists will have calved off the iceberg of pro-Israel support inside the Jewish establishment; they will be a real political bloc that will give a candidate confidence at last to criticize Israel. AIPAC will be a dirty word for a whole lot more people by 2016; it will be politicized inside the Democratic base.

    • what do you mean by "you understand" sanders has dual citizenship? have you read that or is it a rumor?

  • Yale Protestant chaplain says Americans must curb Israel so as to curb anti-Semitism
  • Chancellor Wise, why not accept the scholarly inquiry of your colleagues over the politicized judgment of Salaita's critics?
    • anti-Jewish stereotype? what anti-Jewish stereotype? i have never heard such a thing wrt jewish lovers. so now it's some alleged trope? this is too much! i think your imagination is much too active.

    • mooser! lol. i think we have a very professional troll on our hands!

      and i love this: You aren’t answering why they wanted him out. Clearly they were unhappy with something

      and clearly congress votes 100-0 for israel because they all just love spending their holidays floating naked in the sea of galilee!(cantor will be soo missed, he was such a wonderful camp counselor) it has nothing to do with those fat checks that would go to their opponent in an election cycle if they didn't tow the line, just like threats of cutting donations to the university would have nothing to do with wise's decision! it's the malice don't you see???

    • i just proved you wrong on the other thread in the “zionist uplift” reference you mentioned

      No you didn’t. I’m a Zionist. I don’t give a shit about whether Historic Palestine is 55% Jewish or 45% Jewish....Ergo your defense means that he is lying about Zionism.

      jeff, whether you "give a shit" if Historic Palestine is 55% Jewish or 45% Jewish. has nothing to do with my answer to you which you are evading like the plague. you claimed, wrongly, that Salaita's joke about zionists whose handwringing over demographics just had to apply to all jews. remember? this is your 'process by elimination' that you've determined he was talking about all jews. this is your standard. just because you have a big blind spot and keep insisting every time he says zionist he means jews. i made it very clear to you

      lots of christian zionists would be very uplifted if every little jewish boy and girl ran off and joined the regime. christ would be able to come then. - See more at: link to

      and your response? "And who are these Zionists?"!!!! and then you claim "I’m saying he uses Zionist as a proxy for Jew"

      yeah, we get that. you ask "What does Salaita mean by “zionists”." if you don't get it it doesn't mean it's about all jews.

      " Clearly they were unhappy with something."

      who's they? because what's clear is the college had no problem with him until carey and his lynchmob decided they wanted him out. and in case you have not heard, ala david horowitz and a whole slew of uber zios don't like anti zionists on campus. they form lynch mobs and go after them. that's what we're watching here.

      and i don't have to create a definition of Zionist that fits all his tweets, because he did it himself as per your recitation. "“Zionism is the belief that Jews have the right to a nation-state in historic Palestine that is majority Jewish”

      it's your job to find evidence to the contrary and you have not done that using any of his tweets, and are spamming the comment sections about Salaita with reams of endless crap.

      i say to you "if the tea party or republican was worried about the demographics of hispanics in california it would be perfectly politically pc to say maybe all those racist white guys just don’t screw enough." - See more at: link to

      and your comeback?: "I think you are missing the thread. I’m saying that comment is clearly not about a political ideology but rather about a people. -" See more at: link to

      it's like talking to a brick wall jeff. you claiming it's about "a people" does not an argument make when faced with a reality anyone could make that joke about anyone handwringing about demographics, regardless of religion or ethnicity purely on a political landscape. keep repeating yourself without considering the implications or the other persons argument, as if the words don't exist. you seem to think stating "clearly not about a political ideology" in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, is an argument. it's not.

    • Regardless the point has now changed. Prior to this we were debating about civility in universities. That is now irrelevant since civility is not the reason he didn’t get the job. The board has shifted the debate from merely being uncivil to promoting malice. So most of what we were arguing about is not relevant. The question is not anymore which statements cross the line into being anti-Semitic. The question is which statements encouraged people to commit a crime or a tort. -

      i wish you could hear yourself the way others hear you jeff. you sound like such a tool. the 'point' is not what wise or the lynch mob who went after Salaita say it is. it's not about them moving thr goal posts left and right or around the corner from accusations of anti-Semitic or malice or whatever they come up with. the point is everyone already knows she was hounded by the horde who wanted him gone and tried to hide that little factoid and what everyone knows already, after the emails got out. it's just excuses at this point. excuses and rationalizations.

      They aren’t the sort of statements one makes about people who support a political philosophy. They don’t fit the form of such statements. Replace them with an ethnic group like Chinese and they fit the form, though obviously the details don’t fit. Replace them with Jews and they work fine.

      only in your mind jeff. i just proved you wrong on the other thread in the "zionist uplift" reference you mentioned. and you just basically glossed over that. you're just wrong. Replace them with Jews and they do not work fine. not unless you're an anti semite. so basically all you are doing is claiming he is one, and therefore, they work??? that a ridiculous way to argue. you can't make yourself right by chasing your own tail.

    • "Evidence, broadly construed, is anything presented in support of an assertion. This support may be strong or weak. The strongest type of evidence is that which provides direct proof of the truth of an assertion. At the other extreme is evidence that is merely consistent with an assertion but does not rule out other, contradictory assertions, as in circumstantial evidence."

      so your evidence is, no evidence?

    • you answered but you didn't address the argument other than to make claims you can't support with 1 iota of evidence other than your 'opinion'.

    • jeff, some of us addressed your (nutty) allegations here on this same topic, you never conceded or responded in anyway. link to

    • speaking of ronnie barkan, check out what he just translated from haaretz hebrew link to

  • 'Get me out of the rubble, please, I’m alive'
    • “After they bombed my brother’s house, I could hear some of them howling to get them out of the rubble, but I was totally helpless. Their voices out of the rubble demonstrated that they extremely clung to life like a baby crying at the moment of his birth.” Talal burst into tears

      how to erase a memory like that. it's something you have to live with for the rest of time.

  • 'New Yorker' limits its expose of Israel lobby to AIPAC
  • Ceasefire deal after weeks of fighting in Gaza promises easing of blockade
    • It really is very difficult for sane, rational, fair-minded people to accept that that was Hamas strategy: trying to kill Jews, while at the same time causing as many civilian casualties as possible among their own people.

      so why do you believe it? repeatedly palestinians have written that they support the resistance. repeatedly they have written that gaza is a slow death anyway.we have our own saying, give me liberty or give me death. just because israel slaughters innocents while hasbrats the world over pump the lie they are avoiding civilian death, against aLL evidence, doesn't mean hamas' intention is to have their people slaughtered. why clearly, if that was their intent, they would not have agreed to a ceasefire. i think it's you who can't accept that the policy of mowing the grass is built in to their demographics strategy which israel's been handwringing about since day one.

      repeating constantly hamas is responsible for the death of their not really that different than blaming jews for the holocaust. it's repulsive jon. i'm not sure how much of it we're going to continue publishing. free speech has it's limits on mondowiess.

    • i love this Egbert and just. i saw a photo this morning of a few guys lined up doing this and assumed it was in relation to the ice bucket, which i just heard about the other day for the first time.

      maybe i will try this!

    • oh, teaming up w/ hass now are you. if she's said anything to back up your claims produce it.

      mediocre is parroting the memes of the israeli government which has repeatedly pushed the line palestinians are not united over what's transpired in gaza

      The average Gazan knows that as of this moment..., there is nothing to celebrate

      do you have an iota of evidence to back up your claims or not? some source besides liberal zio talking heads. a palestinian source? because i am in touch with many gazans and i have not heard anything to support the idea gazans are not unified right now along with the rest of the palestinian people.

      and i don't hear you harping after dan cohen who said essentially the same thing at the end of his article.

    • I am confused how they consider that to be a defeat. - See more at: link to

      wjones, Netanyahu's goal was not merely to stop the rockets. don't forget he started this thing and completely freaked out over the unity agreement, the goal was to eradicate hamas/sever their authority, place the PA in charge ... which he completely failed to do. hamas is strengthened, the opposite of his desired effect. and the original ceasefire agreement israel wanted was to completely neuter/disarm hamas.

      they failed in their objectives and likely knew when they went in to this thing they were going in blind.

      dismantle Hamas’s control of the strip). To do that it must locate Hamas’ weapons arsenal and thus far, it appears it is clueless as to where they are. Israel doesn’t know the extent of weaponry Hamas has amassed, either in quality or quantity. All the blowing up of civilian infrastructure, including homes and hospitals, won’t end the rocket fire because it’s extremely unlikely any central stash of weaponry is stored in homes, schools, hospitals or mosques. The weapons are probably underground which is why it requires a ground invasion to find them. - See more at: link to

      (and see my comment to jon above)

      "Wasn’t that goal achieved by the ceasefire? "
      it's a temporary ceasefire. there's no way to guarantee, if palestine doesn't get the siege lifted, that the rockets won't start up again. israel got no concessions and won nothing. that's why palestinians were dancing in the streets and israelis are grinding their teeth.

    • jon, re your mr nice guy comment, israel can't afford it. the intrest rates just got drop to practically zero, exports down 18% in thelast quarter, and there's no way militarily to dislodge hamas because israel has no intel. so all they can do is lash out at the civilian population (and contrary to your ridiculous hasbara taking pt no sane person in this world is going to believe hamas "deliberately" killed those people or is responsible for the zio-slaughtering fest perpetrated by occupation army).

      israel started a war it could not stop and the israeli military, cowards that they are, were not willing to expend the lives it would take to actually find where hamas keeps their weapons stash because it requires intel and a ground operation to go find them. which means..dead israeli soldiers.

      and after loosing 60 guys they got chicken little feet, just not willing to die for it. all this huffing and puffing and threats to blow the house down, their only option short of loosing more soldiers (not brave like palestinians) is a full on air campaign, make a desert genocide type fight - with the whole world watching! so the 'restraint' by isreal, was not a restraint on massacring civilians, it was the restraint, after getting their feet wet, to risk the personnel is would take to eradicate their enemy. all they have is weapons and bombs, the army doesn't have heroes. it doesn't take heroics to slaughter civilians, which is what israel specializes in, the unarmed enemy.

      israel went into this in a pickle (NO INTEL) link to and is jumping out with their head between their knees because they had no other option besides....genocide.

    • "it seems that you are more happy about damage to Israel than you are about benefits to Arabs."

      actually that tells us lots about you and nothing about seafoid.

      "you and,others with your proclivities."?

      for all you know seafoid is arab. and you would know otherwise how?

    • Are you suggesting that Hamas will not be quiet?

      why would anyone expect hamas to be quiet while israel imposes a brutal occupation? only people in complete mental submission would be quiet in the face of israeli intransigence. hamas isn't the one who breaks ceasefires. and everyone knows already israel would like nothing more than silence from their victims as they rape and pillage palestine. so this "quiet for quiet" is BS. even in relative quiet times israel's off killing children in cold blood like they did during the nakba day demonstration. and no one's idea od quiet is thieving land and publishing permits for expanded settlements. that's not quiet.

      if israel lifts the siege, sure..then you can see some quiet.

    • there were at least 2. one shot on the israel side of the border when they thought it was hamas incognito. the other was the hannibal death when they massacred 100's of palestinians to kill their own so he wouldn't get captured, probably. i can't recall others off the top of my head. their may have been one other hannibal killing.

  • Gaza goyim jailbreak
    • denis, sorry for getting back to you so late. i forgot!

      And I think that’s the point with these types of dicey words — what is the intent of the person using it?

      exactly, without context, it's a derogatory term. used with purpose, to make a point , either in chiding or sarcasm or however (for me) is different than using it as a casual lazy substitute for referencing a person who is not jewish or referencing oneself the same way. i can't off the top of my head recall your usage. but i know i have encountered many times where posters (specifically citizen) just seems to use it because it's short/3 letters. i'm not interested in this becoming a normal way to reference people. like 'are you jewish' .. i'm a goy. why should we use other people's derogatory definitions of ourselves to self identify? so as far as i am concerned if it's used primarily or solely as shorthand, with regularity..i'll try to end that. this is a site self identified a "from a jewish perspective" but everyone should feel comfortable here. as phil pointed out, the way he used it, it is tonal, ironic, part of the story. it's not a word he uses regularly as an acceptable interchangeable word meaning 'non jew'.

      i hope that clarifies my opinion on the usage.

    • actually phil and i had a conversation about it before he penned the headline. after i get more of these comments cleared i'll try to come back and address this!

    • you're so right, of course it is emotional blackmail. i am so ready for this, so ready. i've been arguing for years the break will come when the masses speak out. and those masses in this country, for the most part, are not jewish.

      and i had a very similar experience/conversation last saturday night. maybe i should write about that. wow.

  • Bay Area gets radio ads about Gaza
    • farah baker! hey that's great. it looks like they updating their blog daily.

    • pixel is right, Erakat's name wasn't up there earlier. i couldn't figure out's a long story. then we added it in italics under the photo temorarily. i'm not a techie and it's a little like learning a new language. i still don't know how to place the photo caption in when the photo is also appearing on the front page. so please be patient!! thanks everyone.

  • WATCH: Ultra-Zionists protest Muslim-Jewish wedding saying miscegenation is 'gravest threat to the Jewish people'
    • "mostly don’t like moves towards coexistence in the social realm - See more at: link to"

      where do you come up w/this stuff? maybe you should find out more about what anti normalization means. the whole purpose is resist occupation and move towards equal rights in the social realm and all other realms. normalization is belief that normalizing occupation will lead to the end it. it won't.

    • for your edification, wiki has the same definition of as you do for Miscegenation, however we've been thru this same conversation many times here at MW wrt the word apartheid , as it pertains to the meaning of "racial types" so here's wiki:

      Miscegenation (/mɪˌsɛdʒɨˈneɪʃən/; from the Latin miscere "to mix" + genus "kind") is the mixing of different racial groups through marriage, cohabitation, sexual relations, or procreation.[1]

      and if you open their embed and check out their definition of racial groups here's what you get: link to

      Race is a classification system[specify] used to categorize humans into large and distinct populations or groups by anatomical, cultural, ethnic, genetic, geographical, historical, linguistic, religious, and/or social affiliation.

      iow, cultural, ethnic, historical, linguistic, religious, and/or social affiliation all applies. and it becomes irrelevant is they didn't use the word "Miscegenation" itself or a different word, if they were protesting "the mixing of different" ethnicities. iow, it doesn't matter that they were protesting Miscegenation for a reason or for your justification, that being: –hitbolelut which literally means assimilation, as in losing one’s culture and heritage and being absorbed into a foreign environment - See more at: link to

      iow, if i claim i am in the aryan brotherhood because i believe in preserving the white race and don't want my white brothers and sisters to "lose one’s culture and heritage and being absorbed into a foreign environment " it doesn't mean i am not protesting Miscegenation. it just means i am doing it under a cause, a cause more commonly understood as racism. and here's the legal definition: link to

      Nevertheless, they also have a right to protest and express their opinions. - See more at: link to

      yeah, and the kkk has a right to do that in this country too. your point?

      david sheen is not "deliberately lying", he's telling the truth. you just don't like the implication. they were protesting the mixing of different ethnic groups through marriage, cohabitation, sexual relations, or procreation. that is exactly what they were doing.

      now, the only question we should be asking here is if you are "deliberately lying" or merely woefully misinformed.

  • 58 Seconds
  • Palestinian-American teen denied access to Israel’s airport
    • "Nooo…there is one set of rules for Israeli >citizens (who may be Jews, Muslims, Christians, Druze, secular, atheist, agnostic, white, black, brown, gay, straight, etc.) and there is another set of rules for non-Israeli citizens - See more at: link to"

      hmm, not quite. there's one set of rules for israeli citizens and then a whole bunch of privileges for jewish israelis not afforded to any other citizens.

      and please excuse the link to the comment above. it's too much effort on my part to erase it every time i copy something.

    • That’s just the way it is. Every Palestinian knows this. It is discrimination but what can we do?

      end the occupation. imagine this. you invade your neighbors house and make new rules. they are no longer allowed to use their doors. all entries and exits to and from their house are thru your control. they can go to the shopping center but not on the road in front of their house. you've built passageways for them that takes 10x's as long. you (and everybody in your family) can use their house tho, and use their doors. but they can't. you say "That’s just the way it is. Every one in their family knows this. It is discrimination but what can we do?"

      you can stop controlling their house. you an not bomb their airports and ports. you can release them from jail. you can get your nose out of their business. then they wouldn't need your airport, they could use their own doors to go to the store and back. and it's really none of your business who they invite for dinner.

      If she was traveling only as an American, in other words if she didn’t have a Palestinian I.D., then she’s allowed to travel through Ben Gurion Airport.

      we get it. israel doesn't want more people having palestinian citizenship. you want them to leave, and leave for good giving up their identity til there are none left. we understand what kind of sadistic game is being played here.

    • She is subject to the same restrictions that Israel places on any citizen of the PA (and it is Israel’s right to put travel restriction on any PA citizen that it wishes, because they are foreign citizens of an entity that is in many respects in a de facto state of belligerency with Israel, what do they expect?)

      israel shouldn't have the right to decide whether palestine has their own airport.

      israel shouldn't have the right to decide who gets to go in and out of palestine.

      israel shouldn't have the right to decide what guests palestinians can invite into their country.

      israel shouldn't have the right to enforce a permanent occupation on 1/2 the people it controls.

      israel shouldn't have the right to place restrictions on palestinians, or citizen of the PA as you call it, any different than any other person the is israeli government rules over. and after that month long pogrom in the West Bank last month, don't pretend for one minute the PA has the final say in the west bank.

      your little apartheid state is not fooling anyone.

  • Our new look
    • I make no distinctions. Whether the terrorists are Moslems such as the 9/11 hijackers or the Hamas, or Jews such as Barukh Goldstein or the “Jewish Underground”

      or the sharp shooters who executed a civilian teenager in cold blood for crossing an invisible red line. you make no distinction for calling jews terrorists when they slaughter innocent civilians as they did all over Shejaiya, Rafah and the list goes on. you make no distinction because they have on a uniform of the terrorizing israeli military do you jon.

    • that’s what I intuit from the evolution of this site, a salami tactic of pushing the cranks aside.

      this is really hard to listen to. i hope people realize that 1) we're seriously grappling w/hardware issues here and a lot of what you're experiencing right now is a result of that. 2) i would tackle tooth and nail for this comment section, invested too much of my life here to see it disintegrate. as far as i know, and have not heard otherwise, policy-wise nothing has changed here. yes, it can be very tough on the trolls, if that's what you mean by cranks. but posters here get to say the same stuff they've been saying for years. there has not been one email, mention or discussion of clamping down on comments among staff. not one. so please bare with us. for some people (not myself) making these changes has taken energy night and day for way over a week i am sure. and some may be just attending to family matters. a few days please. and i think, i would assume, many of the glitches people have pointed out will be addressed. perhaps there's a system where each of these things have to be individually programmed in.

      and last but not least i thought i was going to have a tad of a breakdown last time we did an overhaul. i felt abandoned. and then i got used to the new look and loved it. so some of this is just grappling w/change. but there's no pushing aside in the cards. no policy changes accompanying the new look as far as i've been told.

    • broadside, to get to the homepage just click the mondoweiss logo at the top left of the page.

    • thanks pixel. especially #3. for us dinosaurs it's really nice just having a list rather than having to keep tracK (remember!!) what we've read - or not. and how can you tell what's new, just been published if the lineup on the right isn't reflective? maybe i'm just old fashion, but since we roll out new stuff all the time, it makes sense to be able to find it or identify the new posts.

      and i was a little surprised today after reading one of our articles and having this bold print - that appeared to be the following paragraph. it didn't take much time to figure out what is was, but a breathing space might be nice. especially for the writers who might not want it to appear as tho this was the last paragraph of their article.

  • Salaita's hire set off fundraising alarm at U of Illinois, per emails to chancellor
    • "I think if you look at those comments in the aggregate he can only mean Jew. - See more at: link to"

      why? he clearly says' all this handwringing about demographics' how does that scream "jew"? all jews are not handwringing about demographics??!!!! the only ones doing that are the zionists worried about staying the majority. that's the aggregate.

      while I don’t think it is about race (remember I use a pretty strict definition of racist) if it were about race it would be racist. So I’m not approving of the talk. - See more at: link to

      that's a neat trick, using a so strict definition of race it excludes the legal definition and the definition as it applies to our fed laws regarding hate speech and everything else? why would you do this while at the same time making accusations you can't support. lest you forget: link to " race, colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin " note how it doesn't say ideology? zionism is a political construct, and ideology. so obviously not being a zionist doesn't make one a racist.

      this is no way to argue jeff. it's disingenuous. you twist someones words to mean 'all jews' instead of zionists when it suits you and then evade using common terms to define racism.

    • Now this could make sense if he was using the word “Zionist” in typical arab fashion to mean Israeli. It doesn’t make sense about a political viewpoint. People generally don’t talk about the sex lives of political groups.

      when you say it doesn't make sense from a political viewpoint you're forgetting it's a joke about demographics. when he references 'israeli handwringing' he means why worry if you're having lots of kids. so it's not about sex per se, it's about reproduction. and he is saying it about zionists.

      generally it's considered racist in america to worry about demographics. as it pertains to of political groups. like if the tea party or republican was worried about the demographics of hispanics in california it would be perfectly politically pc to say maybe all those racist white guys just don't screw enough.

      Now you could say he is using “Zionist” to mean “Israeli” that doesn’t work because he clearly points it at non Israelis: “Zionist uplift in America: every little Jewish boy and girl can grow up to be the leader of a murderous colonial regime” (July 14). So note he’s using Zionist to refer to American Jews here.

      do you know what he means by zionist uplift? what would uplift them(zionists)? what would make them happy? he's not saying that about all jews in america. he's saying zionists would like it if all jews in america joined the regime. how is that racist of him to tweet that? as far as i know lots of christian zionists would be very uplifted if every little jewish boy and girl ran off and joined the regime. christ would be able to come then.

    • Will it be possible to copy comments ?

      yes, it's just harder to see it because the color is yellow when you scroll over it instead of blue or whatever it used to be. btw, there is an article with a thread for comments about the new formatting and every/anything else you want to say about it. link to

    • the government could just setup some group of zionists overseers, operating thru the department of education, in charge of approving all hiring of professors on american campuses, before the offers are made. if everything was upfront and transparent, we wouldn't have these problems.

      people just need to understand from the get go that zionism is institutionalized, part of who we are as a country. especially people planning a teaching career in higher learning.

      and that could hold true for many other professions. if you're not a zionist you and your family don't deserve decent jobs. and if you can't learn to shut your mouth you might as well starve.

  • 'NO DISCUSSION of Gaza' -- new Zionist etiquette
    • lol, i almost had a nervous breakdown myself. i'm breathing deep and lying down trying to recover. but that's how i felt last time too and i got over that/adjusted. it really does look slick and cool, but unfamiliar.

    • an someone create a “welcome to the new MW website” post so we can leave feedback about the new design in the comments section?

      as a matter of fact we have one! it's listed prominently on the front page (at the moment) under "Featured Stories" and is called Our new look

      link to

  • Bardem and Cruz don't speak English well enough to understand 'genocide' -- Saban
    • amy who? this person? link to never heard of her.

    • i've never heard of any of them except saban. they are mostly ceo's and big wigs in the industry, not stars.

      but seriously, if they think they can resurrect this grotesque racist quote into something acceptable by any normal persons standards, they are deluded.

      it's likely this represents somewhat of a looming threat-reminder not to step on these guys feet if you want to work in hollywood. this is the bar they are setting, meir's quote. how disgusting.

  • My life during the war
    • amigo, re "archive posting 4 weeks" the length of time someone has been posting has nothing to do w/it. the new posts roll in on top of the page (in back), older ones are buried. so when a mod enters the back pages it's right on top and short comments often just get moderated. i'm sorry! we're working out glitches.

    • what do you mean by hoax? she's not a fake person. we know her and many writers in gaza and they know each other and many of them studied together. rana took this photo of herself after i asked her to for a graphic for this article. she's definitely real. we didn't whip her up out of ether.

    • reminds us that at the end of the day we are just humans occupying this very disputed piece of land.

      really? you read about her experience and it reminds you you're just human? because israel's actions are completely inhumane. and do you mean israelis are just humans occupying this very disputed (and technically gaza is not disputed land, it's palestinian occupied territory, just like the West bank and east jerusalem) piece of land. because palestinians are not an occupying power.

      I abhor Hama’s ... fundamentalism

      meshaal says hamas are not fundamentalists. link to

      causes so many of us to run in terror to bomb shelters so many times a day. I certainly don’t want to analyse, defend or provoke a debate...I do feel your pain.

      analyze or defend i could believe, provoke? not so much.

    • The scenes of injured children dig deep into my head. The scenes of bodies in the streets kill me. The smell of blood is everywhere.

      so raw, AlShami's writing. there's really no replacement for truth and talent. palestine has an abundance of both. it's a very powerful weapon.

    • and "Rana, I want to bring with me my favorite toy, Spiderman, "

    • August 21st, 2014 was supposed to be my wedding day.

      i about freaked when i ran into this sentence

  • Rolling in underground tunnels
  • The new center
    • shingo, did you read link to

      Former Israeli AG: Our government staged the assassination of Al-Daif

      In the biggest blow to Israeli propaganda, which claimed that Hamas broke the ceasefire, former Israeli Attorney General Michael Ben Yair has said that "it was Israel who staged the alleged Hamas breach of the ceasefire in order to create the conditions for assassinating Muhammad Al-Daif, Commander-in-Chief of Hamas's military wing, Al-Qassam Brigades.

      The website of Makor Rishon newspaper said that Ben Yair, who also worked as a judge in the Israeli supreme court, tweeted on his twitter account the following: "There is no agreement and hostilities have been renewed, but who is the culprit? Hamas who wants an agreement with accomplishments or Israel who staged the breach of the ceasefire in order to justify the assassination of Muhammad Al-Daif?"

    • wow, wonderful speech norm

  • Hillary Clinton just lost the White House in Gaza -- same way she lost it in Iraq the last time

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