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Annie Robbins is Editor at Large for Mondoweiss, a mother, a human rights activist and a ceramic artist. She lives in the SF bay area. Follow her on Twitter @anniefofani

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  • In Photos: Thousands pack Rafah streets for funeral of top Hamas commanders
    • but you said political leadership. aren't they based in qatar?

      edit, when i asked do you mean more mossad assassinations in foreign countries?

      you answered yes. ah, so we should have great fear of the impervious mossad. gotcha.

      and how does this impact the situation on the ground?

    • Apparently Hamas admitted that they were responsible for the Israeli teen deaths

      hamas? hamas who? link to

      Claim by Saleh al-Arouri, a founder of Hamas's military wing, is doubted by experts and not supported by other Hamas sources

    • wonder if the political leadership is next?

      are they in gaza? or do you mean more mossad assassinations in foreign countries?

    • Is there any possibility that you could be less flippantly disrespectful to the victims of Israel’s recurring massacres?

      i doubt it. jpb called palestinians 'dumb' the other day. oh i take that back, he said "Are the palestinians dumb? " he knows everything so much better than them. and then he said "they just play along in this stupid circus of Israel." which makes you kind of wonder if he agrees w/netanyahu they are trying to kill themselves off. and then he said "palestinians dont get" the "obvious fact...israel wont do anything to make peace"

      i mean, if only palestinians hung out at MW they could easily learn so much from jpb. because it's oh so clear palestinians think israel is trying to make peace.

      and you know what else is wonderful? getting this kind of crap as top comment on a funeral thread. that really will attract palestinians and their supporters to this site no doubt! NOT.

  • 'Common Dreams' website traps Hasbara troll spewing anti-Semitism
    • ;) you're a jewel mooser. i am soooo glad you're back.

    • Sycamores, we covered that in "Covert online students hasbara units directed out of Israeli PM Netanyau’s office" : link to

      imho, our report was better. but missed Liel's quote. thanks. an added perk from our coverage:

      As an aside, last year staff at Mondoweiss became informed/aware one of the posters participating on our forums at that time was using an ip address out of the Israeli PM’s office. One wonders what prompted the open announcement of these “covert” units at this time.

    • He’s so prolific it’s kind of hard to avoid him.

      that is the point of an agent provocateur. it can intimidate people who might otherwise speak out. it sets the tone for what 'real' dedicated anti zionists are supposed to sound like, it encourages other people to accept the discourse as normal. and the the 'moderating' voice that speaks up is the progressive jew character which he revels in, and probably considers himself.

      this is how coin operates, counter intel ops in the army. the infiltrators. often the position themselves as leaders and push the group to be more extreme.

    • wow thanks walker.

    • oh, those news reports. i have no idea.

    • cbc, he definitely had a political motive and CD/tapley said as much. Smearing a Progressive Website to Support Israel.

      and i wrote in my article

      Beck created literally dozens of online personas to support his true objective: poisoning online discourse critical of Israel.

      tapley's article is long and somewhat exhaustive out of necessity, but it's worth the read. it's explored how he may have created the psychological explanation excuse.

    • well, it stands to reason if they were keeping the situation hush hush they wouldn't have featured this great article on their website. i say kudos to CD for putting the effort into nabbing this guy. naturally i would love to know who he is and i have no idea if 'protecting' him is the sole reason they are not outing him. i also don't know why a college would protect him under these circumstances. maybe if he were a teenager, but he's an adult in his 30's engaging in incitement which could be construed as a form of hate crime. maybe, i don't know. so it's not just CD protecting him. i doubt anyone would come after him to cause him bodily harm. i don't know, i can only speculate. but there are undoubtedly other sites he frequented and they too have is i.p. they've probably heard of these handles. they could track him to the same college. i can only speculate so far.

    • i saw something on youtube i assumed was a false flag last night. it was drenched in so many inaccuracies and just represented critics of israel as completely stupid. i will go see if i can find it. someone linked to it on twitter.

    • hey old geezer, you may have noticed i extracted "harvard" a couple times from your comment. can you scroll up and see the note at the base of the article i placed there 3 hrs ago. also, i was just wondering where you read the article because you were quoting the report as it was first published. is it published somewhere online like that? i just want to make sure we are not spreading false rumors.

    • jpb, it's all laid out in tapley's article. did you read it?

    • Not a chance. He would have been caught out very soon.

      i bet he tried. how could he not. us, being who we are (meaning the best online discussions (in english) about i/p on the internet imho) ;)

      and actually just, wrt 'getting past me' i have not been moderating that much lately. it seems someone else is on the ball so there are not hundreds of comments stacked up all the time. that could be the result of our recent fundraiser, i don't know and i didn't ask. but it's great having the comments flow without having to moderate them all. i hope it keeps up like this.

    • amigo, i think it's likely, tho i do not know, these sites let comments go thru automatically and they clean up the threads after the fact. that's what we used to do. we'd check things when we'd start getting emails. but then we get so heavily targeted.

      i've mentioned before we get some very vile stuff, of course it never gets published. what i find interesting is the creative ways some posters find to insert heavily racist stuff into otherwise long and sometimes thoughtful sounding comments. towards the end sometimes in the penultimate sentence they throw something in so if one is lazy about it it just spills right into the page.

      anyway CD probably doesn't have the staff,money or volunteers to keep up w/all their articles (they publish a LOT of articles).

      and there is an upside of letting vile stuff thru, i suppose. just to show unvarnished the way some people think. but i think a good portion of these kinds of comments are FF. so what's the point! we have some differing views here on this kind of stuff. i'm more of a ct/ff than some people about trolls (but not more than everyone) and assume the enemy is very cunning and duplicitous. plus i get really vile accusatory emails some times. extremists zionism can be just rabidly rabidly vicious. not that long ago someone who was banned unleashed and said he would see to it we would get sued for supporting terrorism...or something. just so over the top threatening.

      and interestingly, when you read the words of this troll beck, when he's in his 'JewishProgressive' character, he sounds like stuff we've read, the talking pts, over and over. which indicates to me he's working with a group think tank. even his anti semitic comments have a hashed over repetitive quality about them. not individualistic like regular people talk. it sounds prepped.

    • philip, what i would like investigated was who his other contacts or affiliates were, assuming he has friends and colleagues. for example, is he associated/affiliated with stand with us? who supports him financially and how?

      the other websites where he frequented also have access to his ip addresses and could track him down just like CD did. and this kind of "psychological obsession" doesn't go away by being busted. it requires heavy monitoring otherwise he's just going to keep doing what he's been doing under different identities. he's obviously smart and versatile. but sick.

    • Abierno, i have been informed by students, several contributors of ours who are members of pro palestinian activists groups on campuses, all speaking anonymously, that the pro israel groups on campus go to great lengths to place minorities in leadership positions within their college groups to represent them. using race as a calling card, whether as a troll, an advocate, an impersonator, or a as a way to defame, is calculated. just as recruiting christian zionists is calculated.

      also, in my observations, generally pro israel internet trolls introduce themselves with a bio. we've had several of them. they tell you about themselves and come with built in things about their character that, allegedly qualifies them to 'speak on behalf of'.

      personally i doubt he was working alone, partly because there are job offers out there for prolific pro israel bloggers but more persuasively because pro israel bloggers never identify themselves as the paid variety. they work undercover and covertly. and i think it is very likely that working in the under cover capacity there are experts who overtly set out to defame others in the choice of names, professions, race, nationality, etc.

      another thing, there was a well known case of the white nationalist donated money to ron paul that was later used in a way that appeared to set him up. when he posted a screenshot of his computer for another reason, the giyus megaphone download could be seen on his desktop. everyone using megaphone, distributed thru israel's mfa website, advocates for israel. they monitor what is going thru comments. so that indicates a coordination between the gov of israel and a well known white nationalists who defames jews. it was heavily covered on the internet at the time it happened. big scandal.

      one more thing, OT, we've gotten many comment attempts of this variety at MW, they do not get thru moderation which is very time consuming. and sites who do not moderate become targets if they ever start getting traffic.

      false flag trolls are a dime a dozen.

    • chu, i made a mistake. the troll was a harvard grad but not a student at harvard when he was busted. see the base of the article.

    • Rich, i made a mistake. Investigative journalist Lance Tapley emailed me and alerted me and i recently edited the article and left a note at the base.

      thank you for your comment and i would have probably seen it eventually had he not written me. much appreciated.

    • w.jones, what do you mean get what from? the image? it's a famous classic anti semitic image called 'the happy merchant' or something like that. if you google 'happy merchant anti semitism' by image you can see knock offs of the same sort of image. i found this on google image after seeing the one common dreams published which is exactly the same but very small. 'beck' used this on the vanguard racist site he hung out on smoozing it up w/a murderer. i recommend reading the full common dreams article.

  • 'The land of goodness turned upside down to the wasteland in 5 minutes' -- Eyewitness to massacre
    • this is an amazing article. and phil informs me maha was featured on NBC report, and other msm in the US when they were in shifa hospital. and Ishraq tells me it's very unlikely her father has any idea of that. why would he even think of it having lost so much.

      and to have to choose, i can't imagine. it's more than i can fathom. this is an incredible article.

  • My personal BDS
    • Uri, i think you are making a mistake is not writing her back. as an educator she should be aware ethnic cleansing isn't just a term. it is an act, a crime under international law with a definition.

      link to

      Ethnic cleansing is the systematic forced removal of ethnic or religious groups from a given territory with the intent of creating a territory inhabited by people of a homogeneous or pure ethnicity, religion, culture, and history. The forces applied may be various forms of forced migration (deportation, population transfer), as well as mass murder, and intimidation.

      Ethnic cleansing is usually accompanied with the efforts to remove physical and cultural evidence of the targeted group in the territory through the destruction of homes, social centers, farms, and infrastructure, and by the desecration of monuments, cemeteries, and places of worship.

      ethnic cleansing is not defined by the emotion that precipitated or accompanied the action. iow, the fact that there may or may not have been 'fear' is irrelevant.

      the act of denying the force eviction of people from their land is nakba denial. but she doesnot deny it. she plainly states "no doubt a lot of forced eviction, aggressive and brutal expulsion" and "a fight for a place to build a nation".

      her claim that "Those who were not suspected of being potentially hostile were allowed to stay" is rather irrelevant in an environment where potentially any indigenous person one could be considered 'hostile' to people taking over their land. and clearly there are multiple examples of whole villages being expelled en mass. so the concept that all people were considered individually wrt whether they were suspect or not is absurd.

      you should write her back and explain the definition of the crime of ethnic cleansing. like the crime of apartheid, it is not measured against a separate incident of apartheid, it is measure against the definition of the crime itself and what qualifies within the framework of that definition.

  • In Gaza havens are far, heavens are closer
  • Despite ravages of war, Gaza supports armed resistance to lift the siege
    • seafoid, check this out. i follow your link and he's ragging on MW again. it's right there about 3 or 4 tweets down. link to
      i swear the guy is obsessed w/us. i used to feel sorry for him, for the longest time. now, not so much! he should move on because whatever he's doing wrt smearing us doesn't seem to be working.

  • 'Absolutely not!' -- Young Colorado Jews meet hostility when they try to talk to organizational leaders
  • Salaita’s stellar teaching record exposes political motivation behind his firing
    • it's not. shae is just using a rhetorical a device (aghast!) to avoid supporting his unsupportable position (re "leaders of the University" are preventing Salaita "harm[ing] a student based on ... political or religious beliefs") with any argument what so ever.

      grab the smelling salts, he's stunned.

      you know what this reminds me of. remember that jewish teenager who didn't answer a question on her SAT's about refugees because the question required her reading a paragraph written by Mahmoud Darwish and writing a little essay?

      she was so stunned (she claimed) and hurt at the idea of Darwish referencing refugees (or 'exile' perhaps) given that she was jewish, one time refugees (something along that line). and it made the news all over the country!!!

      she too was stunned at the level of inappropriateness of the SAT! lol in fact i think she was demanding the test be re written or something. or the question removed because it unfairly effected jewish kids taking the test, possibly throwing them into fits of despair. (i'm exaggerating somewhat, but not much)

  • What's 7 letters and begins with Z and runs in the 'NYT'?
  • 'Lesson: The Jews will defend themselves even if it means killing children'
    • jeff b. re that woody allen skit. families are often on their 'good behavior' when a daughter or sister brings home some stranger. i can't recall the movie from start to finish but there's a good chance that jewish family he was imagining (his own one presumes) might not have acted like that had she been in the room.

      as a matter of fact i recall some pretty strange undercurrents when i was invited to a jewish household/home not that long ago with some very weary family members. but after we got to be friends a little bit into the trip, the mom started preparing some of her special dishes and that's when i knew i had passed the grade. but non jewish families, like my own for example, have some very raunchy lively dinner table conversations.

      but i get that this is or has been a 'theme' in jewish thinking and literature. the blind spot tho, is thinking this is unique or a somehow 'jewish experience' in terms of exclusivity. it isn't, it's not uncommon treatment for strangers or outsiders. hence the english idiom, don't hang your dirty linen in public. but once you get to know a family well, or become one of the family, they are more likely to start arguing in front of you. that's not jewish, that's normal.

      and that grandmother in allen's video, that is NOTHING compare to the 'evil eye' i got from the dad (jewish) at that gathering. nothing!

    • he of the Mondoweiss website, that lair of American-hating Antisemites

      lol! can't stop laughing. such flair!!!

  • 'I mourn my Jewish community, which seeks to justify these inexcusable acts'
  • Ceasefire comes to a close -- Mohammed Assaf's 'Raise Your Head High'
    • jon, you being not 'happy' with israel going back on the trade/deal, in terms of what it says about their integrity, is irrelevant and worthless.

      and israel claiming hamas broke the ceasefire means very little because, unlike hamas, israel lies all the time. so i have no certainty who broke the ceasefire anyway. but it's not really that important jon and here why. hamas presented their proposal to israel thru egypt and israel didn't even respond to it. the ceasefire was set to expire anyway. so this is not some huge walkback even if hamas broke it, which i doubt they did.

      whereas, the shalit deal was a deal that was negotiated for YEARS and YEARS. there's a huge difference between a few hours of a soon to be expired ceasefire, one everyone knows israel will not agree to any of the palestinian conditions anyway and had already been extended, and a few hundred lives being imprisoned kidnapped and imprisoned.

      As far as I know some of them have been charged with violating the conditions of their release.

      jon, you do not get it. it's completely irrelevant if they did or did not because unlike israelis, they have no rights. israel doesn't need a reason to pick them up. it's a sadistic relationship where israel can do whatever it wants and come up w/any excuse they want and lie thru their teeth to justify it. so "as far as you know" means diddly-squat. hypocrisy jon, blatant hypocrisy.

      how about people who supposedly care about human rights- and support Hamas?

      why don't you list, point by point, which one of hamas conditions for a ceasefire you object to: link to

      i'm not in a position to tell palestinians how best to protect themselves from a powerful terrorist state. that's kind of over my head. but thus far everything i have read, including this today: link to indicates palestinians do not support an end to the ceasefire that doesn't lift the blockade. israel stated this with their pogrom. weeks of terror imposed on a civilian society. millions of people impacted. and you want to talk about hamas? what a diversion jon. this is not about hamas, this is about the palestinian people. that's who israel is killing, and that's who wants the blockade ended. this is decades of oppression, way before hamas entered the picture. i support the palestinian people.

      and you support buffalo bill up there. if a million babies were butchered you'd still be supporting the sadistic death and destruction metered out by the israeli military and be yammering on in the comment section about hamas. it's just a diversion as far as i am concerned. hamas are not the ones out butchering children. contrary to the lying garbage cranked out by the israeli government and all their lap dogs, hamas wasn't digging tunnels to kindergartens and was abducting soldiers.

      and that cowardly army you support attacks with overwhelming firepower, slaughters unarmed fleeing innocents with sharpshooters and unarmed drones and does everything in it's power not even face hamas militants.

      and lastly, there is not a contradiction in supporting human rights and supporting palestinian resistance, no justice/no peace link to

    • susan, enass mentioned to me on twitter some of the translation was off so maybe that is what she meant. we will know soon enough hopefully. thank you!

    • So when you reach an agreement – it’s “irrelevant” whether you honor it or violate it?

      they didn't reach an agreement jon, that's the whole point. or didn't you hear? link to

      unsurprisingly you're missing from that thread. why here jon? why this thread?

      If that’s the case – what’s the point of negotiating any kind of agreement with Hamas?

      you mean like israel rearresting hundreds of people from the shalit prisoner trade, for political gain because netanyahu's political opponents were calling it the worst failure in his political career????

      seriously jon, israel lies with impunity, constantly. and is famous for breaking ceasefires. your hypocrisy doesn't intimidate me, it makes me cackle.

    • where did you find the lyrics citizen?

    • palikari, do you support all terrorist states or just jewish terrorism? do you support genocide in general, or just israel's genociding of palestinians.

      and speaking of genocidal cowards, what did you think of the cowardly terrorist supervisor's orders to execute Salem Shamaly? did you watch the video? did you get off watching him cry for help and die?

    • just, i completely love that the video has subtitles for the lyrics. i have been mentioning to our friend enass, who has some contacts with assaf people..about the need for subtitles since forever! so i completely flipped out when i saw this video for that reason too. and it made transcribing from the video really easy. much easier asking (and hoping) someone will take the time to translate for us. i hope all his music videos have subtitles from now on, and someone should add them to all his performance videos from arab idol. and of course ya halali ya mali, i love that song too.

      which reminds me, i should have included the lyricists name in the draft.

    • remiss? in what way?

    • you're a genius seafoid! at 1:42 when buffalo israel starts screaming and imitating her, sounds like the hasbrats. but she doesn't remind me of palestinians who have so much dignity.

    • jon, i just thought i would mention i finalized (rewrote, again) this text yesterday. it was a no brainer the ceasefire would end and it's completely irrelevant who shot first or who broke first. israel is refusing to free palestinians, ever. so what do palestinians have to live for? empty promises about what the benevolent occupiers will allow between sessions of mowing the lawn? talk about misery! grow up, this is not over

      oh, and please take it to another thread. this ones not for you.

    • ah pixel! ;)

    • many times over the last month i've listened to it on robo, over and over and over at night at the end of a long day (while scrolling and updating this which brings me tons of inspiration. and this song was added to that post last month, so i listen as i am scrolling).

      i first drafted this song weeks ago when someone posted it here in comments (thank you whoever that was!). it's so inspiring, but i wanted to wait until it seemed ... like the right time. of course i knew then, as anyone paying attention would know, palestinians are not about to agree to any ceasefire without a lifting of the siege in a significant way..and israel as usual is unwilling to give one inch on their colonial privileges and suffocating occupation.

      so, i anticipate this will go on for awhile. and this just seemed like the right time instead of holding onto it longer and longer. what courage palestinians have. and this song, it really defines this time like no other. for me anyway.

      and thank you everyone (except for jon w/his spoiler top comment)!

      and a huge thanks to mohammed assaf, and all palestinian people.

  • Four arrested after occupying Senator Feinstein's LA office to protest military aid
    • estee in the video as she was being arrested "if you could send this to mondoweiss" ;)

      jvp also send out an alert while this was going on for everyone to call and tweet boxer and feinstein. i did!

  • With ceasefire set to expire, Palestinians aim to lift the siege while Israel wants to turn 'Gaza into Ramallah'
    • lol, jesus seafoid! can't stop laughing...omg, you're killing me.

    • snap out of it kay! i can't believe what party poopers we have here.

    • israel wont do anything to make peace, but apparently palestinians dont get that obvious fact.

      ah. because, for example, not one of the palestinians who write for mondoweiss is as smart as you. they all think israel is trying to make peace! and because you have like...nooo problem finding editorials by palestinians claiming israel wants to make peace. why every single day i'm hearing palestinians say 'that can't be right, israelis are serious about peace.'

      and it's so lucky they have you to set them straight justpassingby. i mean really, if it weren't for the wisdom of people like you, i don't know where they'd be.

    • but they didn't extend the truce today. maybe they just needed a break from being bombed and killed for a couple days. anyways, their leaders are one thing but 'palestinians' are not dumb. i have not been hearing any loud calls from the people to extend the ceasefire, no calls at all in fact.

    • Are the palestinians dumb? They dont seems to understand that israel wont end the siege, now they just play along in this stupid circus of Israel.

      why would you say that? did you get some special information they've accepted israel's terms for the ceasefire. do tell.

  • Gruesome tales surface of Israeli massacres against families in Gaza's Shujaiya neighborhood
    • They abutted the vast buffer zone the Israeli military had established between its border and the Gaza Strip. By pounding neighborhoods like Shujiaya and cities like Beit Hanoun until nearly all of their residents were forced to flee west for shelter, Israel was tightening the cage on the entire population.

      i'm in shock, you mean it wasn't because there were terroristas there?

    • seafoid, i can't believe you can make me crack up at a time like this!

  • UPDATED: Bay Area demonstrators succeed for **fourth** day in 'Blocking the Boat for Gaza'
  • Israel accuses Gaza children of using Hamas as human shields
    • “Why aren’t they picking on the seal slaughter instead of us?” demands B’nai Brith spokesperson Frank Dimant.

      sometimes it's hard to tell the satire from the real thing. this reminds me of the satire on +972 about liberal zionists. link to

      they eventually placed "[satire]" at the top because it's clear from the comments some people didn't get it. they can't even hear themselves.

  • Lady Gaza comes to Melbourne
    • this was an amazingly successful action. hats off to our #BDS activist allies in Australia. big hats off.

      The group vowed that they will continue to work both as a group and in their personal capacity in solidarity with the people of Palestine until Palestine is free.

      count me in.

  • Video: Gaza forces young Jew to overcome 'giant hostile ferocious backlash' of her community
    • But I guess, were the video not this Jewish, it would not be here.

      you mean like like this video: link to

      ? we have other examples if you need them. if it's a good video and pertains to our interests we'd run it.

      Jews are not the only ones who have to receive shoutings of anti-Semitism.

      so make a friggin video eGuard. no one is stopping you.

      (I saw her Obama shirt burning vid first. In there, she did not have or need any Jewish background).

      maybe you should get your news from a website that doesn't promote itself from being "chiefly from a progressive Jewish perspective"if you'd like 'jewish-free' discourse. what matters, or should matter, wrt this self made video, is that it matters to her. whether you think it matters one iota, lots of jews have a hard time grappling w/this issue. so we always welcome signs of positive change.

      i have repeatedly stated over the years (and got in a big online fight about it once w/jerry slater) that it's more important for non jews to speak out because there are more of us, of course. but i don't resent anyone telling where they are coming from on this issue regardless of their background.

      and wrt the obama video, and i would imagine all her other videos, she didn't mention it, probably because, unlike this issue, her viewpoint was not impacted by her ethnicity so it was not relevant to her.

      p.s. and when i think it's relevant to what i have to say, i mention my upbringing, family history, or that i am not jewish. sometimes it informs the topic, other (most) times, it doesn't.

      and check out Cenk Uygur question to max around 4:20 in this video wrt relevancy, and his answer, as well as 19 min, very relevant. and max's @ 22min answer "jewish american's have been raised on humane values that they can't tolerate...":

    • the video tells her story. is not limited to 'her argument'. yes, it would have been completely different because she tells her story thru the kinds of responses she's gotten when she questioned what was going on. and a lot of those responses were accusations of her being a self hating jew.

      it's her story eguard. you can't un-jewish her and why would you want to? plus, lots of people come to this 'issue', for lack of a better word, with no baggage. with no pre conceived notion of history or what's going on. that is not the case for lots of people raised in jewish households. so her story, specifically the quote in the 2nd paragraph above, " “It was associated with me and that meant it had to be good,..." is relevant to her.

      do you have any other problems with the video?

  • Knight in shining armor?
    • how so?

    • It’s almost as if nothing happened.

      oh no, make no mistake, it isn't as if nothing happened. this is an israeli victory. remember, their goal was the complete fracture of the unity agreement between hamas and fatah. so not only do they get to kill/rampage WB and slaughter GAZA they get their objective. to break up the unity gov. i'd call that a win win. one 'side' policing the 'other'. perfect, just what they wanted. divide and conquer.

      plus, i was especially impressed by this line: Israel will provide medical aid to the wounded. what does that mean? does that mean gaza will get the back up it needs to care for their own, or will the wounded be shipped into israel, if israel decides their wounds are sufficient, and/or they are willing to collaborate compromise?

      what does "Israel will provide medical aid to the wounded" mean?

      this is such a sham.

  • Man who saved Jewish boy in Holocaust acts to save Israel from 'racist... quagmire'
    • his point was that these were not really his relatives. but Zanoli doesn't see it that way.

      here's more from his letter: link to

      "The great-great grandchildren of my mother have lost their grandmother, three uncles, an aunt and a cousin at the hands of the Israeli military," Zanoli said in the letter, published by liberal Israeli newspaper Haaretz and widely circulated in the Dutch media.

      "It is particularly shocking and tragic that today, four generations on, our family is faced with the murder of our kin in Gaza. Murder carried out by the State of Israel," Zanoli said.

  • Palestine posters archive nominated to UNESCO Memory of the World program
    • what a wonderful resource. i could click these links and follow them all day. look at this, land day. Ismail Shammout incorporating Scottish artist David Roberts.

      link to

      thank you so much Catherine Baker and Dan Walsh . and the news of the nomination is fantastic

  • The catastrophe inflicted on Gaza--and the costs to Israel's standing
    • 1. overuse of the “drink the kool-aid” phrase is a sign of laziness.

      how bout brainwashed? it is what it is. palestinians didn't start this mantra they they were stuck between hamas and israel, israel did.

      i fully believe that hamas is not on the same page as all 1.8 million gazan Palestinians. they all want the end of the siege, but some of them think that the leadership of hamas is profligate with the blood of the common people.

      "not on the same page"is a vague term. it could apply to anyone about anything. so let's not move the goalposts ok? let's stay on topic. you made a claim some palestinians (or palestinians living in gaza but lets reference them as one people, since they are) "think that the leadership of hamas is profligate with the blood of the common people."

      so i offered you a link, source and quote to back up my assertion. where's yours?

      i want to know where your 'full belief' implication, wrt to slaughter in gaza and the subsequent haggling over the ceasefire agreement comes from. and if i am mistaken in your implication please clarify.

      iow, where did your belief, that some palestinians think "the leadership of hamas is profligate with the blood of the common people", come from?

      because wouldn't it be a coincidence if israeli hasbarists and......some palestinians have something in common?

      the only hitch is there have been protests and demonstration in the WB and inside israel by palestinians w/israeli citizenship in support of gaza, and support of their conditions for the ceasefire. so where's your "belief" from?

      link please. and if it's to the story of the 20 collaborators/protestors...can you find at least one version with a source other than alleged anonymous palestinian official? seriously, there's be tons of foreign journos there. one name, just one to have some personal connection/experience to relate...besides israeli hasbara source.

    • yonah: A number of comments about your comment:

      1. It seems to me that Bibi thought he might be able to get away with clamping down on Hamas on the West Bank without the Gazan Hamas reacting. This war was an unintended consequence of the crackdown on the West Bank Hamas.

      yes, from israel's standpoint it was was an unintended consequence of the crackdown on the West Bank/Hamas. israel/ netanyahu acts with impunity. they act as tho they can do anything w/out consequence. and they didn't expect retribution. my point in 'Israel is in a pickle': link to

      2. Granted that the siege of Gaza is a cause for the Palestinians to go to war and to fight to change the status quo. Still the situation is “infuriating”. “Why are they shooting those rockets at us, don’t they know that we can crush them?” That is the reaction of most Israel supporters. There is something illogical about the Hamas actions. Indeed many commentators have described the war, or Hamas’s role in egging Israel into the war, as a result of Hamas’s desperation.

      yes, i can see how it might seem infuriating. but it's not illogical. hamas is not 'egging israel into a war'. the 'war' is ever present for palestinians. when a truce offers no more than a surrender, which is continued occupation, it's meaningless.

      and it would be helpful (perhaps) to stop describing this as "hamas" when in fact it represents the will of the palestinian people. i have not heard one palestinian say they want a ceasefire without the end of the siege.

      see: link to

      every person I meet, young or old, man or woman, refugee or long-time Gaza resident, displaced in the UN centers, scattered in hospitals, or still in their homes has one message to Palestinian negotiators in Cairo: This inhumane siege, the longest in history, has to end now and we are ready to pay the price to regain our dignity.

      so don't drink the kool aide thinking this is because of hamas. it's because of the people.

      Bibi willing to continue the occupation on the West Bank for the foreseeable future.

      willing? of course he's willing. you frame it as tho this is a compromise. his intent is to continue the occupation of course. the opposite of ending the siege, ending the occupation. it's not the willingness for netanyahu to agree with himself that is sought, it is the willingness to accept palestinian terms.

    • he got the medal in 2011 AlGhorear. not that long ago.

  • Expelled, ghettoized and killed by Israel: The story of my cousin in Gaza
    • every person I meet, young or old, man or woman, refugee or long-time Gaza resident, displaced in the UN centers, scattered in hospitals, or still in their homes has one message to Palestinian negotiators in Cairo: This inhumane siege, the longest in history, has to end now and we are ready to pay the price to regain our dignity.

      thank you so much for reaffirming this. it's what i thought you thought. the time is now. hold strong, we love all of you. what you are doing is very brave.

  • Fraternizing with minorities in Israel
    • i love reading the news via hatim's farcical take on it.

      as an aside, i find it very interesting that the officer in command of the brigade that carried out the slaughter, war crime in Shejaiya killing 100 or so Palestinians, was Druze. does that mean he'll be the fall guy if israel is hauled in front of the ICC? that's a real question, i have no idea how that stuff works.

  • The Walzer Problem
    • james , his source was that old video uploaded 6 yrs ago (who knows when it was recorded) of the unidentified person. labeled claiming the man was making 'a confession' and used the term 'human shield' in arabic.

      dumpster diving. and he rants his comments don't get published. sheesh.

    • I was referring to the issue of the use of hospitals by the Hamas

      jon, your video link doesn't support that statement. there was no claim they were using the hospital, but the area near the hospital. it says right on the top of the video "next to shifa hospital". and this was the same excuse israel used to demolish el wafa hospital even tho israel knew militants were not operating from the hospital. there was no need to destroy the hospital.

      edit, i see shingo just made that pt. oh well.

      and jon, if you can't find supporting evidence for your claim anywhere but memri, maybe it's not worth posting.

      and one more thing, your first link, it has subtitles in english (push cc). what she says doesn't match the headline. she said there was a rocket launched from the area in back of the hospital at 2 am. not from the hospital.

    • creepy toivo. the depths of moral decay some people wallow thru to excuse war crimes.

    • oh great! well i assumed that's what you meant and that it was a wording issue (that's why i said "choice of words"/not helpful). glad we got that cleared up!

    • regarding what walzer says here:

      But I would strongly advise anyone contemplating the loss of life in Gaza to think carefully about who is responsible, or primarily responsible, for putting civilians at risk. The high-tech army, for all its claims to precision, is often callous and clumsy. But it is the insurgents who decide that the death of civilians will advance their cause.

      i suggest reading this from 7/19 link to israel's stated goal was to end the rocket fire. back then, before the goi came out w/little graphs explaining how tunnels were allegedly built under houses, nobody mentioned, and one hardly hears it today, that hamas' weapons and rockets were/are almost certainly underground, and israel didn't know where they were which was why they needed the ground invasion. because bombing civilian infrastructure doesn't damage underground storage areas. storing rockets under ground, which hamas almost certainly does, can't be solved by a bombing campaign and israel knows that.

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