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Annie Robbins is Editor at Large for Mondoweiss, a mother, a human rights activist and a ceramic artist. She lives in the SF bay area. Follow her on Twitter @anniefofani

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  • Zero (0) Palestinians quoted in 'NYT' piece on rift between US and Israel
    • my instinct is that netanyahu is gambling the "friction" boosts his chances of holding onto power. so everything happening right now is aimed at enhancing his attractiveness as a candidate, his image as someone tough who can stand up to the WH and compete on an equal footing, also proving his bonafides with congress. what looks like a clusterf'ck from here may look like schadenfreude to the settler types.

      of course, i could be wrong. but if he's about to lose an election he probably doesn't care about the overall US/IS relationship right now. he's looking at where he can pick up votes. it's not from the left or the 'moderates' (by israeli standards). there are a bunch of israelis who want to be tough..never apologize (sound familiar) link to . there's his competition. the worse the relationship looks between now and the election, the better are his chances of capturing the votes.

      just a hunch. and what BS of josh block to say It would be nice if a level of maturity kicked in and we did not allow the personality-driven issues and political issues to overwhelm...

      he's all about personality-driven issues when it comes to taking down his opponents. this is nothing but a rah rah holding the troops together (US israel supporters)thru the rough storm. that's why they didn't interview any palestinians, it has nothing to do with palestinians (from their perspective) because it was written for israel's supporters who are fretting and rubbing their hands together. it's a lobby driven piece and that's why it doesn't mention the most likely scenario, that this is all about enhancing netanyahu's image at home where insulting the US president looks good where it matters>the israeli electorate.

  • 'Great American villain' Henry Kissinger faces citizen's arrest inside a Senate hearing room
    • santa.. of course, why didn't i think of that. ;)

      so grateful for this action so close to his impending demise (one assumes), it will have a lasting effect -- like those bloody hands over rice's head as she was testifying in a similar seat/chamber. only unlike rice, there will not be decades to water down the effect.

    • cliff, yes, i followed that exchange yesterday in real time. you have to write phil or adam to get anyone banned. frankly, i've never had a discussion with either of them why yonah is still here but i imagine it has something to do with the site facilitating discussion including the "liberal zionist" angle. so we clearly have some seemingly permanent posters (like hops too) who fulfill that role. my advice would be to scroll.

      look on the upside. the way i see it yonah's 'interpretation' was so transparently twisted it just reads as tho he's a trickster bereft of any viable comeback. let it all hang out and see how out on a limb the zionist argument has become. don't sweat bullets over it. i know it came be teeth grinding at times but if it were not yonah it would be someone else filling the void (for lack of a better word).

    • top of mine too

    • why is it no surprise that giles and eva find their way to bash those who prosecute Nazi guards?

      probably because there are not many other examples of people going after 90 r old guys. why not just take a bow? or add it to the list of jewish accomplishments, like those nobel prizes winners? or does a double standard apply in this case? a war criminal is only a war criminal if we approve of the victims (the ultimate being _____)

    • my pleasure joe! and it's code pink we reeeally have to be thankful for.

    • lol, they let him sit down first, he was not physically assaulted.

  • Netanyahu speech could allow Obama to 'take on the Jewish lobby' as he took on Cuba lobby -- Indyk
    • i'm with you chet! my son is a huge seahawks fan and flew up to seattle for the weekend to be with his friends. i don't think he has tickets to the game but seattle will be going wild, he'll be wearing his #24 marshawn lynch jersey!

    • yes i think mooser does live in the pacific northwest phil, that's old news.

    • citizen, from your article:

      The organization defines members as email-list subscribers whose addresses do not produce bounce-backs when messaged.

      i would be very weary of cufi's claimed membership if they count everyone who doesn't bounce back emails. many people just block orgs (so emails go directly to spam) whose emails they don't want. many have alternate email addresses they give to people on request. many just scroll over. if i was a member of every group who sends me emails i'd be a member of lots of groups. i've gotten on multiple email lists merely by signing a petition at one time. i wonder what the number would be if they only counted those who signed up and paid dues or contributed to their organization at least once.

  • Charlie Hebdo: The sacred of the 'wretched of the Earth' and its desecration
  • 'Break Down Borders 5K' in San Diego highlights injustices at border regions around the world
    • great action, great video and a great article. thank you.


      is a one world universal state or a United States of Humanity where the nation states of the world become states under a planetary government;

      nafta and other "free trade" (which is rarely free for indigenous people who get ripped off) agreements are the demise your "world divided into nation states with closed borders". the US already acts like a plantetary gov.

  • Shit dead rabbis say about gentiles
    • much in the manner that bigots like Pamela Geller take the statements of prominent Imams out of context to bash Muslims.

      and please note we also report on the gellar ads (actually we have not yet reported on her latest ones in SF, alas), i'll have to check and see if you complained/condemned our reporting on her racist ads over your concern/hope for "for your sake, that no one uses this particular post as justification for violent attacks on Muslims," because of our coverage. somehow i doubt it.

  • Finkelstein on Joan Peters's legacy (and Dershowitz's legal troubles)
    • tovio, honestly, to me, it sounds like you're all over the map. so much so it's hard to know where to begin. so, to begin with, as far as i have heard, "basically" norm is neither "requesting" or "insisting" anything of the bds movement and i find this "purge" rhetorical tool (suggesting you are paraphrasing some request of his) not helpful in the least. "basically" or "essentially" or whatever, he is not tasking anyone, he is stating his views (accusations) as he sees them. as i have stated many times here, and defended, i am a huge fan of norm. i adore him and i really don't see anything that would change that. and, i do disagree with him in certain areas.

      I ... feel it is not up to me what I personally would find acceptable.

      yeah, you are not the only one. that doesn't make either of us "neutral" tho, what it does mean is that it is not up to us and ultimately whether we support 1 or 2 states is, as you stated earlier "not important". it's also somewhat out of our control. so why is it on your front burner at a time like this? because for me it is not. maybe it is for norm, or jon who claims 1 or 2 states is as "fundamental as your ultimate goal". but as i stated before it is not my fundamental goal.

      i can't speak for norm and wouldn't dare, but my hunch is he sees, what is for him, right before his eyes. but that is not what is before my eyes.

      By definition, those who support two states accept the state of Israel. There are others that do not. The BDS movement has agreed to work for justice for the Palestinians and they have clearly not taken stand on the one or two state solution. This is a political coalition consisting of people with different goals.

      no, they do not have different goals. they are people who share the same goal; freedom, equality and justice for palestinians. it takes a certain kind of mind, when focusing on this issue, to prioritize the acceptance of the state of israel first in their concern and framing. i rarely think about it because i don't think right now it is that important.

      as you yourself say " if Israel was willing to recognize a West Bank state then this situation might change. But as all of us know, the ruling government of Israel is led by a party that has written into its charter that they will never recognize a Palestinian state."

      right, so under the circumstance if israel is unwilling to ever recognize a palestinian state, what difference could it possible make if palestinians recognize israel? there is a standoff here. so, in that regard it makes perfect sense to not dwell on 1 or 2 states, let things unfold and keep your eye on the prize. and the prize is equality and justice. NOT recognizing israel. i swear you could recognize israel til the cows come home and it wouldn't matter to those who will "never recognize a Palestinian state."

      In the meantime, any Palestinian resistance movement will have to consist of those two factions.

      yeah, and you forgot to mention that israeli society will have to consist of multiple factions, so what? are you demanding they come together in agreement prior to any resolution?

      The BDS movement has not taken a stance on this issue and is willing to remain neutral.

      not taking a position is smart. there is no reason to divide, what is essentially a civil rights movement, into a decision making body regarding 1 or 2 states. it's diversionary and unnecessary at this time. people and governments are going to do what they do. the UN will do what it does. the wheels of justice will turn and people who support bds will have very diverse opinions as the movement grows, and it will grow. the more pressure that comes to bear on israel via bds, the more they may see the advantage of relenting, or not.

      it reminds me or baking a birthday cake. when mixing the ingredients i realize i have no butter, salt, sugar or flour in the house...but my siblings are arguing (screaming on fact) whether to bake the cake on 275 for 60 min or 350 for 45 min. at this point i really do not care. does that make me neutral about the cake? no, in fact i am starving, it just means i could care less what temperature it's baked at as long as it includes the main ingredients.

    • well, if ones ultimate goal is equality and justice then maybe some people are willing to be flexible about whether that takes place in one state or two.

      there are millions of people who support bds but that doesn't mean they all agree on everything. i've found that people, in making decisions, are frequently impacted by not just their personal preferences, but by what they believe to be true or by what they think are attainable goals. and that is likely to be a wide range of opinions for millions of people.

      now, about that train. some people don't have the luxury of choosing whether or not to get on that train. if you have a cliff on one side that kept eroding one foot every hour and on the other side was train tracks and a wall on the other side, and every 24 hours a train came by and you didn't know where that train was you think you might eventually get on the train?

      in the case of palestinians i think an argument could be made that either option, one state or two would be preferable to the current situation. and for me, well... i don't sweat bullets over the idea of one state. but i don't think it really matters at this juncture because either way, one state or two, pressuring israel with boycott divestment and sanctions is the best way to approach the issue of equal rights.

    • thanks jay. i've heard that before (about becoming a lawyer), especially in my youth.

    • has basically been asking

      what does "basically" mean in this context? that fundamentally norm seeks the movement to be purged of certain people?

      The BDS movement has not taken a stance on this issue and is willing to remain neutral.

      what about people who are neutral? are you willing to deny their existence?

    • There is no connection between Dershowitz’s support for torture and ethnic cleansing, and the allegations against him of sex with a minor.

      that might have been true had it not been for the harvard statement in the context of sexual slavery. the statement , according to finkelstein describe him as “courageous” and “outspoken” in “defending the despised, and attacking the views of important people.”.

      once one uses dershowitz's own history as a rational to support him in his defense against sexual allegations, then it becomes the responsibility of those defenders to produce history that pertains to that defense. the claim in the harvard statement is that dershowitz defends the "despised," and that he attacks the views of "important people".

      therefore finkelstein's argument is to show, using dershowitz's own history, how he does the opposite, that he defends those in power and bullies the powerless. and the example he used was Dershowitz's whitewashing Israel’s brutal torture of Palestinian detainees.

      it becomes fair game because of the harvard statement.

      furthermore, norm could likely have given many examples if challenged for he made the claim If you multiply this description [Newfield's] a thousand fold, you might begin to approach the real-life Alan Dershowitz. but none of those necessarily need be connected to sex with a minor if what one is contradicting is the claim dersh defends the despised and attacks the powerful people.

      i thought it was an excellent example myself.

  • How Rahat became a symbol of Israeli inequality
    • what an incredible article allison. i had heard lots of horrible pieces of this story before but all of it left me very confused. and that video is almost too much to believe, you can see the car swerving at one point intentionally aiming at a person, so what the witness Fadi said about trying to run over people, there's no other explanation.

      it's just - the whole story is amzing and devastating. thank you again Allison, so much for your incredible reporting.

  • That thrilling, anti-elitist Shas campaign video
    • so your personal theory is that some law someday may segue with some lenient local judge that will "ease" conversions for palestinians. i think you're wasting our time jeff.

    • it creates the possibility for a lenient local judge to ease conversions for Palestinians who were interested.

      is this a personal theory of yours or do you have any source links.

    • how does anything in that ad also create "a possible solution for at least some of the Palestinians"?

  • Surprise-- 'NYT' publishes straightforward report on Israeli human rights violations in Gaza
    • and that was kershner's article. here's b'tselem:

      Hamas and other organizations operating in the Gaza Strip do not abide by IHL, nor do they purport to do so. As B’Tselem stated both during and after the fighting, Hamas has breached these provisions, and particularly its duty to distinguish between civilian objects and military targets. Not only did Hamas fire at Israeli civilians and civilian targets, it did so from within the civilian population. Hamas operatives fired from sites located near civilian dwellings, concealed weapons and munitions inside them and dug tunnels under them.

      clearly, mayhem just shot from the hip, easier than fact checking! link to

    • they (nyt publishers, editors, and journos) all probably wake up everyday and check mondoweiss! ;)

    • mayhem, did you read the nyt article or b'tselem's report?

      According to B’Tselem, Hamas acted “in complete contravention” of international rules, firing from civilian areas at civilian communities in Israel. But B’Tselem said that violations by one side do not give a carte blanche to the other side regarding international obligations.

    • What can I say?

      Maybe it’s the Baquet effect

      no! it's the james north effect!

      When will the Times find a Jewish woman who works for the human rights organization B’Tselem and makes challah, and profile her, and tell us how she got to be a leftist? Or tell us how Haneen Zoabi got to be such a compelling political leader in Israel?

      We expect equal treatment. We’re not saying don’t write about Darshan-Leitner, but humanize the other side, too. Tell us what foods they prepare.

      - See more at: link to

  • PA arrests Palestinian student for 'insulting a public official' on Facebook
  • State Dep't says Netanyahu speech is not inappropriate, disrespectful, humiliating or embarrassing
    • smart, i agree snowdrift.

    • . I suspect his much more humanitarian approach to the Palestinians will play well in the USA among liberals.

      you must be living in a fantasy land

      Palestinians who “resist the occupation” will be attacking a government who claims to and is interested in their welfare.

      uh huh. maybe you think we're stupid.

      link to

      In the protest letter, which was sent to Netanyahu, IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz and the heads of the Intelligence Corps and Unit 8200, the signatories said they would not continue to be an “instrument in deepening military rule in the occupied territories,” and thus would cease doing reserve duty in the unit.

      The reservists maintained that information the unit gathers is being used to harm innocent people, and is “serving political persecution and the creation of division in Palestinian society, by recruiting collaborators and turning portions of Palestinian society against itself.”

      The signatories, the most senior of whom was a major, wrote that their consciences did not allow them “to continue to serve this system, and to do harm to the rights of millions of human beings.”

      we know all about what these "loyalty oaths" are about. any sane person would resist an occupation. no amount of "humanitarian" gestures is going to replace civil rights and equality in the eyes of either palestinians or "american liberals". nothing

    • nope, his parents were from san francisco but he was born in israel. link to

    • The main person who worked on the report was Perle. The rest just contributed ideas.

      hops, where did you get that information?

    • much as everyone wants to argue that the tail is wagging the dog here, or that this was just an idea cooked up by Ron Dermer, it is very much something that I would expect out of a Congress like this one, and it’s wrong to minimize their role here.

      reminds me of what MJ wrote

      How do u know a member of Congress or pundit is owned by the lobby? He blames Bibi speech disaster on Boehner, not Netanyahu. -

      fyi, tho everyone says it was the "brainchild of Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer" link to i don't agree, nor do i think congress calls the shots in the relationship with israel. none the less and regardless of whose idea it was, as the israeli ambassador he should have been well aware it was a diplomatic nightmare for this to be announced publicly without going thur regular channels to the WH. and for him to engage in a couple hr meeting with kerry and not mention it, surely you can blame dermer for that can't you? or do you also think congress tells the israeli ambassador how to do his job?

  • French Jews, surrender to terror in the baguette capital and move to the land of legal terror!
    • are you talking to natalie hops? wouldn't it be GRAND if she answered you here?

      I LOVE this video. and she's a fabulous performer. FABULOUS.

    • i was wondering the very same thing myself tea. who and why would someone bother getting a statistic like this and how would they go about determining this? reading social media sites. i so wish yonah would show his sources. the only thing i can determine from this kind of "factoid dropping", true or not, is that yonah doesn't want anyone using the term "chosen". not that i use it, but... isn't the term used mostly in synagogues and things like that?

  • Phila Inquirer publishes a lie: 'Anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism are one and the same'
    • i commented without having read enough of her magnum opus: eichmann in jerusalem and was called out on my illiteracy and thus shamed i have been delving into her book and briefly skimmed the book eichmann before jerusalem by stangneth. - See more at: link to

      i doubt if you were called out on your illiteracy and thus shamed because you had been delving into her book and briefly skimmed the book eichmann before jerusalem by stangneth. you were probably shamed because you made some ridiculous determination/conclusion and tried attributing it to ardent or strangneth, or something. you're frequently making these uninformed conclusions based on, what appears to be, an attempt to blame or inflame.

      i would insist that a level headed view of zionism should have an analysis of the last 140 years of history prepared to deal with the roots of zionism.

      and do you plan on insisting this of yourself too?

      such level headed seriousness is really not found around here and to pretend that it is found around here is silliness.

      is this a self critique? are you admitting something, confessing you've been silly, letting us know why you're planning on taking a hiatus from posting, some sabbatical to gain an analysis of the last 140 years of history to prepared to deal with the roots of zionism?

      do tell.

    • Zionism in 2015 implies satisfaction or at least acceptance of the Nakba of 1948.

      what's your definition of "acceptance"? i don't know what you mean. zionism is a political construct therefore it doesn't experience "satisfaction" or "accept" ideas. as a system it imposes, it informs, it occupies. do you mean "zionists"? zionism doesn't "imply".

      surely you don't mean if a person believes joan peter's version of history they are therefore not a zionist. do you mean nakba deniers are not zionists, because we all know that's not true.

    • First, hatred of Israel can no longer be separated from loathing of Jews

      i'm always amused by the way israel propagandists get off on attributing emotions like "hatred" and "loathing" to their adversaries, yet rarely ever (that i can recall) attribute it to themselves.

      i swear, if they could get away with stating the opposition was frothing at the mouth it would probably give them a hard on excite them.

    • Roha, the statement at the top not under any sub-heading and framed with an implied caveat ["could be" etc], is likely an accurate assessment of how they define anti semitism:

      "Anti-Semitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of anti-Semitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities."

      i agree with that.

    • hi john, note that in providing "EXAMPLES of the ways in which anti-Semitism manifests itself with regard to the state of Israel, taking into account the overall context could include" the state department doesn't ever reference "homeland". not once.

      also note nowhere on the state department page that provides "Contemporary Examples of Anti-Semitism" is the word "homeland" ever mentioned.

      link to

      note the definition at the top of the page, PRIOR to listing other "Contemporary Examples of Anti-Semitism"

      also note at the base of the page "However, criticism of Israel similar to that leveled against any other country cannot be regarded as anti-Semitic."

  • Menendez bags on Iran sanctions, and congressman says AIPAC demands deference to Israel over US
    • Neither congressional Jews nor the American Israel Public Affairs Committee were notified of the speech, much less consulted.

      oh please. it's very likely certain congressional jews were informed or in on it, while 'consulted' may be accurate, who knows. but the chances aipac wasn't in on this from the get go is far fetched. aipac says anything. recall when they claimed they were not in on pressuring the US to invade syria? ha! just because we don't hear about it doesn't mean they don't bloom like a nightflower, in the dark.

    • keith, practically speaking ... now that the republicans are in the majority they could introduce legislation that would trigger a war, easily. this recent campaign of code pinks (and they have many all the time) is timelu and accurate imho.

      If Code Pink really was serious about a nuclear weapons free Middle East, then logically they would be organizing an email campaign to pressure Obama to pursue a nuclear weapons free Middle East.

      they already have and it's ongoing. i support you organizing a campaign to pursue a nuclear weapons free Middle East. but right now i also support ALL senators not signing aipac's legislation designed to push the US to war if these negotiations don't meet with israel's demands. it's very current and dangerous binding legislation.

    • support for Israel is NOT part of this nation’s political DNA, if it were there would be no need for an israel lobby. our country and our elections would be thousands times better without lobby funds being pumped into the election process. elections are now a billion dollar industry which is sick. it rips apart our democracy and hammers americans with months and months of advertisements every other year.

    • he used to be a republican, he's a dem now.

    • do you mean nuclear free or nuclear weapons free? because code pink does support a nuclear weapons free middle east. you sound like you do not think code pink can multi task.

      btw, pressuring dem senators is not the same as 'urge support for dems. ' i am sure there are a lot of dems they do not support.

  • 'The New York Times' throws another sop to lovers of Israel
    • pubs matter!

    • oh look, speak of the devil

      link to

      January 25, 2015 by Alex Safian, PhD

      Israel Law Center and Nitsana Darshan-Leitner Attacked by the New York Times

    • nah, the right is all over the nyt claiming it is a left liberal biased paper. they have professional goons that hound the news sites. they get them to change the wording and then write articles bragging about it. try googling "CAMERA and new york times" to read all about it.

      here's wiki link to

      The New York Times '​ coverage of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict[edit]
      In a 2012 monograph of its study of The New York Times, CAMERA asserts that the newspaper shows a clear preference for the Palestinian narrative. It further says that The New York Times treats Israel with a harsher standard and omits context.[45] The study called "Indicting Israel - New York Times Coverage of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict - A July 1 – December 31, 2011 Study" is part of the Monograph Series. In the executive summary senior CAMERA research analysts Ricki Hollander and Gilead Ini, say that the dominant finding of the study was a disproportionate, continuous, embedded indictment of Israel that dominated both news and commentary sections. It further states that "Israeli views are downplayed while Palestinian perspectives, especially criticism of Israel, are amplified and even promoted."[46] According to Rick Richman, writing in Commentary Magazine, the CAMERA study examines all news and editorial sections in the print version of the newspaper directly relating to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict (july 1 - december 31, 2011).[47]

      i kid you not. and like pam gellar's group these guys (probably) threaten lawsuits and such. they are really rude, pushy, threatening and well funded.

  • The growing ties between #BlackLivesMatter and Palestine
  • Tell your congressperson: Don't attend Netanyahu's speech
    • rico, he's quoting phil, the original post:

      That is the moral challenge here. Do you think it’s shocking and inappropriate and outrageous that the Israeli premier is coming here to speak in defiance of the White House? You think this is a plot hatched by neoconservatives behind the president’s back in the last two weeks? You think that politics is supposed to stop at the water’s edge when a possible war hangs in the balance? Fine. Vote with your feet. Don’t go to the House chambers for this historic atrocity.

      fyi, after over 10 years on the computer i finally learned if i clicked "command F" (on an apple, not sure on the other kinds of computers) the browser page offers a search box. place the quote in the search box and it will show you where it is on the page.

    • lol! i go away for a few hours and it gets better and better!

    • I consider what Boehner and Ron D, did as Treason.

      just for the record fpm, i think dermer had to relinquish his US citizenship to become israel's ambassador. therefore, technically, he could not be charged with treason at this time. however, there's a strong likelihood he will seek to get it back in the future. perhaps we could rethink the treason charges at that time!

    • sure mooser, by all means. whatcha got?

    • Well, there’s a great little piece of nut-job agitprop right there. Backward insult at Phil by mentioning the “real Journalist” North

      tree, that is what i meant upthread when i said i couldn't recall a time when yonah complimented phil "unless perhaps once you tried to couch an insult." not sure if "couch" is the right word, perhaps cushion is better. it's a set up.

      mooser, i found that video googling meshuga (crazy) but it seemed to fit the context. crazy assimilated jews! ;) ahhhh lol

    • except that atrocious is the adjective and atrocity is a noun.

      wow, she's a beauty

      yonah: no she's not, don't be cheap! she's beautiful, they are really quite different!

      edit: hmm, maybe i should reverse those in case yonah doesn't know the difference between a noun and an adjective.

      wow, she's beautiful

      yonah: no she's not, don't be cheap! she's a beauty, they are really quite different!

    • Hearing what he has to say? hasn't he been making speeches about iran since the early 90's? we already know what he has to say. and besides, he's speaking at aipac and all of the congress people will be there anyway. don't pretend this is business as usual.

      Netanyahu is merely a pawn in the internal politics of today`..


    • a strong swimmer getting pointers from someone who’s barely mastered the dog paddle

      that's an excellent analogy too tree. and of course, that war with iran.. but also the act itself, to announce directly after the state of the union address (which traditionally is followed by a response by an AMERICAN opposition speaker from the other party) to announce that a foreign leader with a view opposing the president will be addressing a joint session of congress - that's really lowball gutter politics. and then for the president to find out from the press at the same time as the american public? and that it's israel? the country that already has congress eating out of it's hand? can you even imagine if that became routine. to have the PM of israel, the dog's tail, address congress after the SOU every year? i would die. our forefathers would be rolling in their graves.

      but you're right , the historic atrocity is a foreign leader pushing us to war. and like iraq, the israelis won't be dying. they'll be advising, expanding their illegal colonies, taking our money and planning our next 'intervention' on their behalf.

    • oh thank you tree, coming from you that is quite a compliment. ;)

    • of course they support him. i mean, even if they overtly don't prefer netanyahu they support the relationship with congress and have invested so much in it they will downplay anything that puts that at risk. yesterday ivri tried to pass this off as "usual political theatre" -or claimed that's what obama thought. plllllease

      ok, let's place bets. how many standing ovations will he get? will they top the 29 from last time? do they dare?

    • Jews who’s genes are all mixed up

      LOL! omg ~ you're hysterical! that's not what it means!!!

      meshuggah ;) lol

    • why don’t you put it on Twitter: “Phil Weiss says “atrocity”!”

      but mooser, it was "historic atrocity" !!!! ahhhh !!!!

    • omg just, this video is perfect! can't stop laughing.

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