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Annie Robbins is Editor at Large for Mondoweiss, a mother, a human rights activist and a ceramic artist. She lives in the SF bay area. Follow her on Twitter @anniefofani

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  • Finally, Israel is alienating the US mainstream media
  • The other side of history
  • In Photos: Worldwide protest against Israeli attack on Gaza (Updated)
    • finally added Santiago Nico

    • raquel, thank you! please send them to us (see about page for email) and we'll try to get them up.

    • oh my, i guess it wasn't an "anti-Israel/ anti-Semitic march culminated in an attack on a synagogue" after all. link to

    • Hamas terrorists are trying to get as many of their own people killed as possible

      of course, why didn't i think of that.

      , while also trying to murder us.

      but you don't try to murder palestinians, they just end up dead. got it.

      I’m certainly aware of the imbalance: we have Iron Dome, and shelters and security rooms, and on the other side...

      hmm, what about all those fighter jets? come on jon, you've got more than the 'Iron Dome, and shelters and security rooms' wrt balance of power. don't play coy.

    • Where did I say “bombing”?

      you said the anti-Israel/ anti-Semitic march culminated in an attack on a synagogue and i my recollection was off, i thought the haaretz article had stated someone threw a smoke bomb or something into the synagogue (i was mistaken).

      i'm glad you posted both those videos, they do seem to have a lot in common. but neither of them look related to the photo above for the march for gaza in paris.

      where are the signs and the palestinian flags? how are these videos related to the peace march? this would be an awful development and of course i don't approve of violence against houses of worship, regardless of which religion it is. and it's awful of a small group of people tarnished the reputation of the peaceful marchers.

    • alleged anti semitic march (i read a yahoo news article claiming 'otherwise peaceful march' but am i surprise you're here trying to tar all those people? no). right now there's a concerted effort to frame supporters of palestine (last night in LA, arrests by DHS, very suspicious occurrences) and i think after the blatant allegations/lies told about the murder and assault in jerusalem accusing a 15 yr old boy who was attending a wedding..and almost killing him..i think anything we hear right now is highly suspect. show me the video jon, and they don't.

      btw, several times before, hasbrats right from the get go, tried to insert this link into the top of the thread to highjack this thread. at least 7-8 times. so have at it with your claims down here at the base where it belongs. and scroll up and read sumud's 3:09 comment.

      if it doesn't make sense, it's probably a lie. and where's your evidence the march 'culminated' with a bombing? where's the security video?

      we're not just sitting ducks for whatever kind of propaganda we're supposed to believe. extraordinary times, extraordinary claims, require extraordinary proof.

      but let's be thankful no one was hurt at the synagogue, and remember who the victims are here and who is massacring little babies today, shall we?

    • actually jon, there's a lot you don't see. but let's keep in mind the disgusting imbalance of power , the gore blood and guts spilled this week, the massacre of children (under the guise of 'precision targets and hasbrat claims carried by all the msm that israel tried to prevent civilian death and they bomb houses at iftar when muslims break their fast, when families are together and they bomb mosques as people are leaving prayer services) and then you tell me more about who is bloodthirsty.

      the reality is john, we see the bloodthirstyness of israel on the screen and in the news happening to real people during these slaughters benignly called 'mowing the grass' so depending on who is moderating, we don't need support for that in the comment section. it is too inflammatory imho.

      that's possibly why, in comparison, taxi's post reads as inflammatory to us. but think again jon, what bloodthirsty maniacs are bombing families and slaughtering children? and why should taxi's words alarm us?

    • i figured as much walid, being smart enough to figure mehane wouldn't intend to show palestinians in a good light. i was also on al mayadeen the other night when tel aviv shut down after hamas announced they were sending 4 rockets into tel aviv and as everyone was watching them spell bound, palestinians were celebrating in ramallah. so i figured it was of that celebration. thanks for the confirmation.

    • i'm sorry nico but i'm having internet issues right now and can't download anything. i also am not on FB and your link is not showing me any photos, i can't explore it. sorry.

      there are a lot more photos i found here, including one of santiago, i recommend for everyone! link to

    • taxi, i am highly suspicious of these provatateurs who show up as a fringe element at protests and grab all the headlines.

      haaretz had a similar report w/one photojournalist (whom i think they described ad jewish) claiming there was death to jews chanting. we've heard these claims before but they donot seem to have video of it. who are these people? seriously, it's not enough to claim it is happening, this is an old worn out accusation. so let's catch whoever these people are on tape, don't tell me about it. why didn't a photojournalist capture and image and plaster it all over the front page? because he could get sued for libel? enough already! there's too much history of infiltrators instigating violence at demos, over and over.

    • Half the ambulances in Gaza have become inoperable for lack of fuel

      i read somewhere yesterday or the day before they bombed an ambulance depot

    • excellent Nancy, will add! of course we need NYC

    • thanks, i will see what i can scrub up, and i am adding photos all the just alert me and i'll see what i can do. did you see columbus ohio? go susie!

    • spring! you are so right milan is in italy, i think i must have been going dizzy or something. but that photo was taken in spain (same banner link to ) but i added a photo of the protest in milan, and one in paris too..from the protest today.

      thank you..

    • ramzi, i whole heartedly agree. thank you for the wonderful comment.

  • Massacre in Gaza: At least 60 killed in Shuja'iyeh, over 60,000 in UN shelters
  • Palestinians celebrate report that Hamas captured Israeli soldier
    • no combat experience in recent years. Cast Turkeyshoot doesn’t count.

      omg, that caught me by surprise.

    • it's news from today. death by settler.

      Those dead fighters, from both sides, fell in dignity, not like fish in the barrel.

      please do not twist my meaning, here's what i said:

      civilians living inside an outdoor prison getting picked off like fish in a barrel are helpless victims.

      that's hundreds of civilian deaths. there's no dignity in getting slaughtered by an occupation army and there's no dignity in slaughtering children which the israeli military troops do w/proficient regularity. the dime weapons are decapitating people. what dignity is there in this? as a soldier, what dignity is there in using this weaponry, or white phosperous? the zionist regime is not leading samurai into battle, that's for sure.

    • mehane, a hostage means bargaining power. that is what they are celebrating.

      Israel announced that Hamas fighters entered Israel.

      yep, they infiltrated the occupation forces (uniforms etc) and took them out inside israel. at least that's what they were reporting early yesterday in the arabic press before israel announced the casualties.

      settlers kidnapped a palestinian and killed him.

    • 2) this operation is just getting started-not close to easing up and pulling back.

      no shit sherlock.

      1) there is no truth to a soldier being kidnapped

      because the zionist occupation regime always tell the truth hahahahah

      sure as sht nothing is going to end until all the tunnels under the border are rooted out

      like the mighty iof rooted out hezbollah's weapons stash. hahahahaha

    • I wonder for how long you can keep both tracks at once: on one hand trumpeting any setback for Israel as a “game changer”

      who are you quoting? the AJElive tweet asking if this was a game changer?

      and on the other hand lamenting them as helpless victims

      civilians living inside an outdoor prison getting picked off like fish in a barrel are helpless victims.

      there's no contradiction in pointing out the 4th largest military power in the world got their asses kicked by the palestinian resistance and lamenting the slaughter of innocents those same occupation forces savagely took out their revenge on, like the complete cowards that they are. none whatsoever actually.

      that said, i don't think this is the game changer. i think if hamas can keep it up and israel experiences a consistent drip drip drip like we've seen these last couple days, over several weeks, then let's talk game changer.

      i said israel was in a pickle, i didn't say they were pickled. yet.

    • but this time there have been reports that Hamas wants everybody to be declared a ‘civilian’ dead until Hamas decides to declare them militant deaths.

      reports from who? please explain or provide a source because all i've heard are allegations from hasbarists about hamas wanting civilian death. there are many many photos and videos of dead children. there was a video of the aftermath of that neighborhood. what are you implying?

    • what's next?plowing thru every neighborhood in gaza and then claiming they all have weapons under them and hamas wants israel to kill all those civilians? it's getting a little far fetched, israel's propaganda and the killing sprees.

    • what are you nit-picking about?

      oh nothing. but i wrote something yesterday about israel being in a pickle, given they really don't know the quality, quantity, or where abouts of hamas' weapons. i heard the tank got blown up another way. i don't like gore so i'm not going to go into detail. let's just say hamas said they had some surprises and they've delivered thus far.

      and i also read yaalon said something about intensifying fire to evacuate casualties which made me wonder if they massacred all those civilians as a form of retribution. timing and all that.

      and since it was hamas who announced the captured soldier, and the rumors were flying about all those deaths way before the iof announced them, it sort of looks like israel didn't want to announce any casualties til after the massacre. because what if people had heard about those deaths and then read about the civilians massacred. they might have put 2 and 2 together. instead, we get graphics about underground tunnels underneath the neighborhood.

      not too convincing. like that UN ticking bomb graphic. we are not stupid.

    • Calm down

      i'm perfectly calm.

      jeezus criminy!

      maybe it's you getting flustered.

      Reports of up to 30 deaths -just not confirmed.

      hm. i heard there were at least 20 today. plus the other 18..that's getting closer to 40. give or take a few.

    • analysts in the ME are already speculating this is the end for him.

    • Some 13 soldiers dead?

      no, israel is admitting 18 now. but rumors are flying it's much higher. (these do not include some of the deaths that occurred yesterday).

      13 IDF soldiers killed in Gaza as Operation Protective Edge death toll climbs to 18
      Latest Israeli military fatalities all from Golani Brigade; IDF completing identification process of fallen troops.

      link to

      frankly, i don't believe everything in that article either. they were ambushed.

      Golani's 13th Battalion drove over an explosive device and caught fire

      that's not what i heard.

    • Like Israelis would actually allow a repeat of the Shalit fiasco

      could you flush that out for us a little bit. do you mean what happens in this war is what israel allows? did they allow the death of 18 of their soldiers? from what i heard, some israeli soldiers fell into a trap.

      i also heard hamas killed a lot more soldiers today, and israel has not admitted it yet. why do you think they waited so long to announce all these deaths when analysts on arab news stations were already discussing it many hours before.

      do you think maybe israelis don't trust their officials so much now that they know they lied to the public, using the missing teens to commit massive human rights abuses and kill people in the WB. i wonder what else they are not telling them.

      i think israel is in a pickle. link to

      i think this war is not just about what israel will allow.

      slaughtering civilians tho, they do seem fairly proficient at that. but i heard that ambush, those were special forces weren't they? or something. any idea how they lost so many men so early in the ground invasion?

  • Video: Resistance activists down power line in West Bank
    • jpb, got it. we have a comment policy thread so we don't divert on other threads. i suggest posting there or emailing phil and adam. thanks

    • thanks walid, that is (very) good to know.

    • here? on the site? i heard hamas' video as soon as it was announced (on al mayadeen) , it took us (allison and i, she heard from ramallah) ) a little while to write it and then a not uncommon wait for publication. we published about 3 hours after the video came out. when i made that comment to kay it was already written.

      but i had heard the news aprox 8 hrs earlier. however, we couldn't publish rumors.

    • thanks kay, we published this morning: link to

    • thanks kay. yes,we heard. should have something up very soon.

    • abused terms (“resistance”...)

      triple yawn

  • Look at Netanyahu's 'evidence' that civilians are harboring rockets in Gaza
    • why would I waste time linking to the dozens of videos showing Hamas officials readily admitting to stockpiling missiles in and around civilian areas

      so that would be a no. you have nothing.

  • 'Washington Post' exhibits naked double standard in Israeli, Palestinian deaths (and injuries)
  • Hamas wants to pile up 'telegenically-dead Palestinians for their cause' -- Netanyahu, on television
  • In Photos: Activists clash with Israeli and Palestinian Authority forces during protest in Bethlehem
    • the israeli media have simply been gloating that the PA is winning total support.


      They’ve been on air 24/7 advertising that there was a Palestinian consensus blaming Hamas (for ‘self-genociding’) and substantiating the legitimacy of the PA.

      really? i have not been hearing this from palestinian sources. i have been hearing palestinians are in unity in support of gaza. and a ceasefire with conditions, not the status quo.

    • Palestinian activists managed to convince the PA forces to leave, linking arms to shield them as they left. One member of the PA security was reportedly shot with a rubber bullet by Israeli forces

      so the iof are watching from the side, and if the PA forces don't do what they are told the iof shoot them. it's a direct approach anyway.

  • Kristof says Stephen Hawking and American Studies Association support Hamas
    • donald, send an email to phil and/or adam w/the subject line ASAP:edit. and then change the wording however you want. in the meantime i'm updating now w/your words here.

  • Gaza, a poem
  • Israel is in a pickle
    • Pogroms are primarily civilians against civilians

      the definition of a word is not limited to how it is primarily used.

      What occurred on the west bank was an army action.

      primarily (settlers participated you know), yes i am aware of that. however, there's nothing in the definition describing the perpetrators of the crime, just the victims: many helpless people usually because of their race or religion.

      that sounds about right to me.

    • Can you tell me why Hamas should have any role in negotiating a ceasefire

      because israel wants the rockets to stop and hamas controls them?

      Hamas... it is the overwhelmingly defeated party?

      really? they are not acting defeated. if they are "overwhelming[ly]"defeated how is it they are still killing israeli soldiers? and how come israel is beginning a ground invasion if hamas is already defeated? something seems a little skewered in your logic.

    • Page: 239
    • crone, i can't see the video you've linked to but i can say yossi gurvitz is someone i respect very very much. so much so i implored phil to interview him the next time he visited israel and he did, w/video: link to

      if you google "mondoweiss Yossi Gurvitz" you can find his work as contributor to mondoweiss as we've picked up his articles before. yossi also works for yesh din and we've featured articles he's written from there. quite a few actually. the last i recall citing him was pogrom in qursa. link to

      another i am having trouble opening is gurvitz's/mondoweiss "Israel's not-so-stellar record on treatment of Christians"

    • boomer, the paragraph prior to your quote, and the preceding sentence from Mitchell Plitnick arethis:

      It can only come from an international delegation, either under the auspices of the UN or in the form of a committee from a variety of countries. There would need to be international guarantees and sanctions applied to both sides (and, crucially, actually enforced) for violations of any agreement.

      That, of course, is not something Israel would ever accept.

      can you explain to me what difference it would make whether israel accepted international sanctions against it? what is the point of an international delegation from either the UN or a variety of countries threatening actually enforcing sanctions if this required an acceptance from israel? can you give me another example of a country accepting sanctions against it, or sanctions being canceled because the country being sanctioned didn't agree to them. i'm not familiar with those kinds of sanctions.

    • thanks sumud, yes we need new thread. in the mean time i hope everyone checks out the additions to the old thread. london yesterday, incredible. others too.

    • The Israeli public and its government have no stomach for what it will take in IDF dead and wounded to crush HAMAS and settle the issue. This failure of nerve means HAMAS will continue to survive, fighting asymmetrically, exploiting Israeli weaknesses and long term getting stronger. That I believe is the “pickle” Israel is in.

      ahhiyawa, exactly.

    • yes, send me some. i have one from last week and just added another. so 2 of dublin thus far.

    • i'm going to have to start another post for them amigo. it takes me so long to download the other one with so many photos on it now. yes, please do send and i have already saved one really good one i found of dublin today. fantastic.

    • I am not as interested in praising the resilience of Gazans in the face of all their dead or pointing out Israeli embrassments

      then why bring it up? wars are fought to secure objectives. they are not won by killing civilians. if israel can't stop the rocket fire they are in a pickle, that's my point. you can have the last word.

    • I’ll bet the idea came straight from Tel Aviv.

      henry, that was the subtext of blair 'cobbling' it together after obama spoke with netanyahu.

    • Israel isnt in a pickle as long the zionist can control or influence the major governments.

      hmm, i beg to differ. unlike other wars israel went into this one blind. they think they are so high and mighty but they got their collective asses kicked and looked like fools when they couldn't bring down hezbollah. this isn't 08-09 anymore. israelis are going to expect the rockets to stop, they are going to expect israel to win this war. and they are unprepared to start loosing soldiers trapped and blown up underground. i don't think israel knows how to operate here.

      i think they have underestimated hamas. i'd say, that's a pickle. remember, they have to satisfy the home front. israelis are used to being in control. digging around underground looking for missiles is not the same ballpark as bombing palestinian homes with no israeli casualties.

      Deal with this reality.

  • Dwight Howard should be thanked for showing the price of standing up for Palestine -- Zirin
  • NBC reverses; Mohyeldin to return to Gaza to cover 'Palestinian side of story'
  • How can Human Rights Watch conclude an Israeli didn't want to kill 4 boys on the beach?
    • A few Israelis could perfectly well have decided to take a potshot at some kids on the beach for sport

      i wrote an article about israeli military sport hunting for children once. they lay in wait, then ambush. that's what it's come to, or coming to. i don't think you can carryon an occupation for decades and not have these kinds of mental escalations in at least a segment of the population. that's how a society accepts genocide, the dehumanization. it's partly as a result of the video game culture too.

      it's not responsible analysis to just say "it is hard to imagine Israeli forces deliberately trying to kill" children. well, then that's a problem for HRW. they better start imagining, because it is real.

      who could forget the crosshairs photo? that was real. these people definitely exist.

  • Israel's iron fist
    • Saudi-Arabia, Egypt (to name some new “big guys” in it).....Hamas, which was used in the past to outpouring sympathy (and banked its strategy on that), is shocked to find out how isolated it now is (including in the Arab world).

      don't confuse the arab world with their dictators, or turkey with chopped liver.

  • 'Heartbroken' at 'horrifying' killing of boys, State Dep't says Israel must do more to prevent civilian deaths
    • Oh I know, I know, I’m a ‘hasbarist’ engaging in ‘whataboutism’

      yes, you are. deflect deflect deflect.

  • 'Are you a fucking leftist?' --Israeli fascists target anti-occupation activists in Tel Aviv
    • technically that quote you cited is not an ad hominem, just thought i'd point that out.

    • 11 were arrested and it turned out that 9 of them were officers of the Border Police!

      oh my!

  • 'We are moving from Iron Dome to an iron fist': Israel launches ground invasion of Gaza
    • first of all i wasn't talking to you in that comment RoHa, i copy and pasted kalithea's comment "the response by Jews to this renewed horror executed on their behalf is–unacceptable".

      second, if you think we only hear one voice, and that voice is pro-Israel you're not listening and wasting your time here day after day year after year and there's clearly something wrong with your ability to process information.

    • According to several reports that I’ve seen

      so link to them why don't you.

      The Hamas man is standing in the open, talking to the press, without any fear that he’ll be granted his wish to become a martyr

      ah, the ol death cult propaganda. you don't think hamas wants to live? in gaza, hamas people stand in the open all the time. this is not the WB. this is where the press junket was set up, therefore it is perfectly logicl a hamas spokesperson would be there. what's next, you plan on questioning why he shows his face to the world.

    • I’m not going to lie; I cannot trust any Jewish person....

      that is what i hear kalithea. and what reason pray tell should anyone trust you? a person perfectly willing to throw an entire (very active) segment of our progressive community under a bus, because they are jewish.

    • Jews who criticise Israel almost never make it into the media.

      exactly RoHa, just like the rest of us criticizing israel. it almost lends to the idea that criticizing israel almost never makes it to the media no matter who is doing criticizing!

      in fact, where's this story in our msm?: link to

      how many people would it take protesting israel for it to make it into press!

      and look at this: link to

      For those who wanted Howard to grovel for daring to even muse that Palestine should be free, he did not disappoint, tweeting, “previous tweet was a mistake. I have never commented on international politics and never will” and then, “I apologize if I offended anyone with my previous tweet, it was a mistake!” This was not enough for Zionist Organization of America chief Morton Klein who told TMZ(!) that Howard “ should be publicly condemned as strong as Donald Sterling was.”

      so this is the climate supporting palestine is surrounded by. massive blame and shame. the idea a famous person would be subject to the recrimination of the outlandishly flaming racist Donald Sterling merely for tweeting 'free palestine".

      What are we supposed to think?

      you're supposed to think there's a massive amount of resources invested in manipulating public opinion "jews" is synonymous with zionism and support for israel. you're not supposed believe it's true. and who speaks for 'the jews' in the media? Zionist Organization of America chief Morton Klein? or the author Dave Zirin?

    • implying there are that many Jews protesting this; then that would certainly get significant media coverage

      ha ha ha ha ha . so let me get this straight, you're claiming if say an org of 100,000 jews protested it would get significant media? because jvp doesn't get the kind of press AIPAC gets and anyone paying attention knows groups like JCRC do not release their numbers.

      Saying something over and over again doesn’t make it true. The Bay Area JCRC, and local offices of the ADL and the AJC, are not synonymous with the “Bay Area Jewish Community.” In fact, while the Jewish Community Relations Council claims to represent Bay Area Jews, they won’t release the number or names of groups they represent. That certainly makes one wonder if the number is embarrassingly small. And it’s likely shrinking. There is no shortage of Jews around here, from a wide political spectrum, who would be appalled to be associated with an attack on a Muslim group for using a word that Israeli officials use regularly.

      link to

      they have money,money means power. they are just as interested (if not MORE) silencing jewish voices as all other voices opposing their apartheid mandates. what i wonder is why you are following their lead and perpetuating a notion "jews" all speak in one voice, the very notion these pro israel jewish groups like to perpetuate?

      so show me the numbers. while i'd wager jews supporting israel are the majority in this country, but they're not the whole kitten kaboodle, not by a long shot.

    • maybe if i had statistics? you made the initial claim, you provide statistics.

      the response by Jews to this renewed horror executed on their behalf is–unacceptable

      your claim is unacceptable because it implies "jews" speak in one voice. they do not. here's what's unacceptable, congress voting en mass to support israel. there's a statistic we can count on. whereas your claim is merely conjecture. and racist conjecture at that.

    • Just saw the Hamas spokesman, speaking from in front of Shifa hospital.

      jon, watching mayadeen tv it appears this is where the station is set up doing interviews and the station field reporters are there 24/7. there's no logical reason why a hamas spokesperson should not be interviewed there. it doesn't indicate the hospital is their 'headquarters'. and hamas has more than one spokesperson. maybe it's not so easy for these stations to maneuver around the strip.

    • you see Israel taking every conceivable step to prevent the killing of innocent civilians

      no we don't, that's ridiculous.

    • what I’m witnessing is a handful of Jews here and there condeming this slaughter.

      you need to get out more.

    • hey jon, i thought you might like this, soldiers partying on the border of gaza preparing for a land invasion.

  • Tel Avivians brave sirens for clothes in NYT story about 'Fashion during wartime'
    • from the gaza fashion show link:

      Gaza's clothing industry was once a flourished business that exported tons of ready-to-wear jeans, dresses and gowns to the world.

      i didn't know that. when i was in gaza a palestinian woman told me it's really hard to get decent thread there anymore (embroidery and otherwise). it's israel's way of making their product unsellable. and the fabric available to them is very limited.

  • What would you do?
    • they want to end the blockade. how would you advise they do that? israel didn't honor the last ceasefire anyway. they killed lots of gazans since 2012 and before this latest round. and israel should release all those WB prisoners and all the other palestinian prisoners held without charge. it's been going on too long.

  • Jet Blue incident shifts from anti-Semitic story to anti-Palestinian one
    • ooooh. how terrible.

    • no one said she was typical hops. but then advocating for israel is becoming less 'typical'. as phil said, israel's "advocates are becoming desperate, afraid, and smashmouth.” we see it on these threads all the time.

    • She’s not reflective of the Jewish community in any meaningful way. That you would suggest otherwise is obscene.

      while it might be true she's not reflective of the jewish community in a meaningful way, she is reflective of the mentality of a segment of the jewish community. while that might seen obscene to you, think about how it seems to the rest of us.

      you're just on auto-defense hops. is nothing worth condemning?

  • NBC reportedly orders Mohyeldin to leave Gaza -- after he criticized State Dep't
    • i saw a tweet from rudoren earlier saying they've now closed eretz crossing to journos

    • it's midnight in gaza.

    • And soccer no less, just after the world cup made that sport the universal for international harmony and fair play. This one changes things.

      oh please, israel attacked a kids soccer game in gaza to get their war on in nov 2012 too, or did everybody forget about that, it's par for the course (for israel).

      the ground invasion has begun. slaughtering children on the beach in broad daylight won't mean a thing in another week. we've only just begun. and the sadists eating popcorn on the hills above gaza are jacking off big time right now, tonight.

  • Israeli strike kills four Palestinian children playing soccer on Gaza beach
    • thanks mehane. very disappointing to say the least.

    • shorter DaBakr : I would submit... Syria, Iraq..children in Africa....hysterical outrage ...wildly visceral..explosive hysteria...I would submit...absurdity becoming..less hazy.. I sense .. bloodlust

      got it. i suggest trying it next time with a tad less drama queen.

    • thanks lysias, i read that. and i read beaumont's tweet "Gunner appears to have adjusted to hit survivors", iow hardly any time. that's why this comment of asherpat's seem so ridiculous. 'they were clearly NOT playing soccer.. because 30 seconds before they started running from the first blast'!

    • gross. it's hard believing he said those words. if you find another source for the quote please link.

    • Kick out hamas “government” and stop the suffering of gaza.

      thanks for being so blunt. israel has been on a rampage since fatah and hamas signed a unity agreement. but israel has no intention of lifting the blockade with or without hamas. israel has no intention of ending the occupation with or without hamas. israel has no intention of agreeing to 2 states with or without hamas. israel has no intention of ending the occupation with or without hamas.

      so don't give us this bs about what will "stop the suffering of gaza" because we all know palestinians will suffer until the world steps in and holds israel accountable.

    • they were clearly NOT “playing soccer” while they were hit, they were running away from the previous strike.

      and how many seconds apart were those strikes? your point being?

    • There isn’t much history here, on Mondoweiss.

      Regarding the hunting and the killing for sport of Palestinian boys -

      In 2010 this appeared at Mondoweiss –
      link to

      Nine years after the fact.

      anon, citing one story we published in 2010 about hedges account in 2001 as a source to support the idea "There isn’t much history here, on Mondoweiss" is bs. we've run whole series on history, like the 25th anniversary of the first intifada. we've published thousands of articles here.


      done. here is @gilirei's tweet link to

      and my RT (english)
      link to

  • The trojan horse of liberal Zionism
    • The IDF has said that the navy misidentified the kids on the beach as Hamas fighters

      yeah, because hamas fighters hang out on the beach playing soccer in the middle of the afternoon. or doesn't the israeli navy have binoculars?

      w/15 wounded and 4 dead, that was a large target. but then by your reasoning ("Less than 1 in 8 targets have resulted in a death"), instead of 4 dead in one target (the 15 wounded kids do not count in your miraculous statistic), there were 2 targets, the wall and the children. so that cuts the percentage down to 2 deaths per operation. shall we applaud the most moral army in the world for keeping the death toll so low?

      is there anything the israel state does you won't defend hops?

  • Report: Hamas offers Israel 10 conditions for a 10 year truce
    • the timeline is really important for several reasons. one being, it completely supports the notion how the constant drumbeat in the US and Israeli media over Iran was merely to impact US elections. it ended at a drop of a hat after the election results came in and that's when all the focus of israel's cabinet was aimed ending the statehood bid. that meeting, on nov 7 listed ways israel was going to punish palestinians.

      link to

      but their immediate action, the next day, was to invade gaza (see "Several Tanks Invade Khan Younis..eight Israeli tanks and four armored military bulldozers" link to ) and murder a child in gaza which set off the war. predictable, the killing of Ahmed Younis Khader Abu Daqqa was ignored, but the gazan response ("revenge invoice") was trumped by the media as the beginning, with israel's "fired an artillery shell at a number of Palestinian children who were playing football" on saturday dubbed as "response" . see " Why did Israel invade Gaza at dawn on Thursday with eight tanks and four bulldozers?" link to

    • Abierno, excellent comment. i agree completely.

      one minor timeline issue tho:

      This war mirrors the timing of Operation Pillar of Cloud/Fire which was
      initiated just after Palestine went to the UN and received statehood status.

      pillar of cloud was initiated right before Palestine went to the UN to pressure them not to seek statehood status, see "Did Israel provoke rockets from Gaza to pressure Palestinians to back off UN bid?" Nov 12, 2012. (palestinians went to the UN in nov 29)

      link to

      As we reported earlier, on the evening of November 7 in Israel, 10 hours after Obama was elected to his second term in office the Defense Minister of the Israel, Ehud Barak went on the radio and said the Palestinian UN bid had to be delayed "immediately." The next day a Palestinian child was dead, killed in Gaza by invading Israeli military forces. That news has been erased from the narrative rapidly developing over the last 72 hours.

      At dawn, the morning after the Defense Minister's radio address, Israel military forces crossed over the border into Gaza with tanks and bulldozers sparking off a new round violence when 13-year-old Ahmed Younis Khader Abu Daqqa was killed by rounds of live ammunition fired by an Israeli military helicopter on Nov, 8. The Popular Resistance Committees responded by firing rockets into southern Israel saying they were a "revenge invoice" for the increased Israeli attacks on Gazans, making it clear they viewed the Israeli attacks as a provocation. Still, the Palestinian response has served as a PR-friendly casus belli to "prepare international public opinion for an Israeli operation in Gaza."

      then days after i reported that, we published on Nov 15 "Palestinian UN envoy: Attack was ‘deliberately timed to torpedo the UN vote’" link to

      and 2 days later Nov 17 "Abbas: Israel instigating ‘blood bath’, aimed at sinking endeavors to reach the UN" link to

  • Following missile attack last Saturday, al-Wafa Hospital receives warnings of new round of bombings
    • because israel only targets locations hamas uses human as shields, like on the beach where the remains of mutilated charred childrens bodies lay. blame hamas no doubt.

  • Violence outside Paris synagogue falsely attributed to anti-Semitism (Updated)
    • it makes a certain sense for the jdl to hold their demo in that location, especially if their intent was to instigate conflict with people who showed up to suppoert gaza. one could use it for propaganda purposes by claiming the action took place in front of the synagogue purely for propaganda purposes for radical international inflammatory headlines claiming pro palestinian protesters were attacking the synagogue.

      nah, too complicated, too mush conspiracy. the integrity of jdl is so outstanding, it wouldn't occur to them.

    • did you read the text to the article?

      As promised, the video shows extremist Zionists (who had said the day before that they would appear outside of the Synagogue “to support Israel, where the population lives under the rhythm of sirens”) smashing chairs and tables to make weapons. The group forms barricades before pursuing pro-Palestinian demonstrators while yelling “Palestine, we fuck you” (“Palestine, on t’encule”) and throwing missiles. The JDL members pursue the demonstrators, but stop at the nearest intersection. A stand-off ensues, until pro-Palestinian demonstrators themselves respond with militancy and charge, bearing a hastily-cobbled together armory of their own. The JDL members, minus a few comrades who were attacked, retreat behind a line of riot police, and take refuge near the synagogue – without a hint of irony, in light of cynical accusations that Hamas has been employing “human shields” in one of the most densely populated strips of land on earth.

  • Hamas has agreed to a ceasefire, says senior Palestinian official (Updated)
    • chick,there were some really awful tweets last night posted by a gazan @alayham2008 who had been warned his house would be blown up. he said 40 people were living in the building and they were not leaving. and some israelis started sending him awful messages. he has not posted for 9 hours. i hope he survived the night.

  • As we sat down to break the fast, everything in the house started smashing and flying
    • thank you so very very much walaa. for sharing, for being who you are, for your sumud, for staying alive.

  • Falastin: A poem by Mai Zeidani
    • it's an incredibly powerful poem, for the ages.

      (and our apologies for the earlier formatting which skipped the stanza's. sorry!)

  • Netanyahu says there will never be a real Palestinian state
    • Israel has been shifting its economic interests to the east in both China and India

      it's about time. get them off our back.

      poor little Israel ... made the US military arms industry BILLIONS btw.

      only in your lala land. taking the money from uncle sam and shifting it to the arms industry still amounts to taking money from US tax payers for the benefit of israel. the US should have skipped israel and dumped the $ into health care for americans.

  • Ceasefire. Tightening the Gordian Knot?
    • exactly

    • maximus, israel started this thing w/the pogrom in the WB rounding up hundreds of people many from the prisoner exchange and invading thousands of homes and killing people. so this is not about a ceasefire, it's about returning what was stolen, which includes people. what would be the point of a ceasefire under these conditions. they were not even included in writing it up.

    • Israel has made its point, for the time being, so time to agree to a ceasefire.
      Hamas says NO ~ Israel needs to pay ~

      hopefully hamas will stick to their demands. there's not a lot of sense to hamas making ceasefire agreements when israel just 'mows the grass' every couple years. israel needs to return the prisoners and lift the blockade.

      So, it’s okay for Israel to attack Gaza from the air ~ but forget Israel risking the life of one single IDF soldier by attempting a ground invasion?

      it's a little more complicated than that, but you've got it they are not prepared to for a land invasion. this is not going to be a walk in slaughter lane like the 08-09 massacre. they don't know what they will find on the other side. israel is in a crunch which is why netanyahu agreed to a ceasefire. they know (one would imagine) they don't know where the weapons are. they are destroying people and infrastructure but thus far no evidence of weapons depots. the logical explantion is they are underground and no amount of destroying mosques and houses will fix that. it will require a ground invasion. and they don't know where the weapons are, just like with hezbollah, they couldn't figure out where the targets were so they slaughtered people.

      anyway, they want to stop the rockets. but a land invasion doesn't guarantee the rockets will stop, or even find the missiles. they just don't know how many hamas has, where they are, what finding them entails. and they don't wan to loose their boys or be seen as loosing the war like they lost to hezbollah.

    • your point? a ceasefire is not worth parchment. what don't you get:

      A ceasefire tightens rather than untangles the Gordian Knot of occupation and destruction.

      Is this what Israel, the United States, Europe and the Arab world really want?

      The Palestinian people deserve an answer rather than a ceasefire that promises failure and destruction without end.

  • Understanding Hamas
    • aren't ceasefire agreements supposed to be negotiated between both parties? was there anything in it requiring israeli terrorists to return prisoners or lift the siege?

    • only when israel is demilitarized.

    • In their view, not enough people have been killed, not enough damage done.

      is that what they said? i didn't think so, you're such a tool jon. in their view, there goals have not been met. those people didn't die in vain. end the occupation. end the blockade. return their people israel stole in their latest pogrom. return the people exchanged for gilad in the prisoner swap.

      besides, the last time israel signed a ceasefire agreement in 2012 they were shooting at people on gaza's borders in less than a week, as i recall.

      Haniyeh said: "Our people were avoiding the war but the Zionist enemy began it, he announced it, he prepared for it, he started to kill the women, children and families, destroy homes. Entire families were eliminated."

      "Every drop of blood is dear to us. My heart and all the people are standing beside these families, but this bloodshed pushes us towards being more committed to our rights and to stopping this aggression, to end this situation in Gaza and the West Bank."

      link to

  • Out to Kill: Israel’s assault on Gaza is not to stop rocket fire 
  • Federal official fires gun at pro-Palestine demonstrators following scuffle in LA
    • tree, not sure if you read Violence outside Paris synagogue falsely attributed to anti-Semitism link to

    • If that’s OK, then I have no problem with Jews fighting back. Anywhere. Anytime. And so the Israeli ’67 conquests are, yet again, entirely justified.

      technically a conquest is not 'fighting back' if one initiates it. and you have no problem w/jewish conquest/ fighting to begin with so don't pretend that's your position because anyone is fighting back. the zionist enterprise is one of land appropriation, something you're never gonna get on a silver platter. that's what's being fought over and of course someone is going to fight back when you steal their home. you're not the victim here defending what's rightfully yours.

    • That’s right in your article, sorry!

      yeah, it's blockquoted from the highly partisan jewish journal right in our article. iow, it's the most radical claim. doesn't make it true! and is not supported by any of the other reports that come after it. just because you report something first doesn't make it more accurate.

    • the issue is when and why the officer shot. He was said to have shot his gun as the bus was leaving. This is mind boggling. I didn’t realize you shot someone after they were beaten/roughed up.

      actually that is not my biggest issue w/hophmi's comment. when the news of the attack on the synagogue in paris was first reported, because of the timing, it was reported that the whole of paris protesting what was going on in gaza 'culminated' in this attack or was aligned with it all screaming death to jews, or something like this (an absurdity!). that is clearly not the case. take that and the fact it is not clear what happened in LA, there are 2 sides to this story and hophmi, in his 'denial' comment assumes this LA incident is in the same category as the paris attack. he's aligning them as a rhetorical device which just inflames and already inflammatory situation.

      whatever happened in LA, it is not a hundred people attacking a synagogue.

      neither does it answer what a DHS agent doing hanging out on the street w/the stand w/us crowd,which is not clear, why he shot at the person is not clear, why the video taken does not support the idea the palestinians were aggressors, the report made clear these were unconfirmed allegations, the claim they 'arrived w/sticks' by a highly highly partisan site (jewish journal) renowned for fabrication and exaggeration. so in this environment, to claim anyone is in 'denial' not to see it thru his narrow lens, is absurd. it's only meant to change the goal posts, not just shift them, but catapult them into another zone.

    • The P’n bunch were hitting some of the Israeli bunch with sticks.
      allegedly according to whom? not the reporter. some anonymous stand w/us people? plllease.

  • Gaza war spreads as rockets are launched into Israel from southern Lebanon
    • hmm, have you opened your link? lots of those pics look like the photo allison chose.

  • Gaza under attack again
  • Joining Graham, Schumer calls for end of Palestinian unification for sake of Israel's 'survival'
    • israel's been on a warpath since fatah and hamas signed the unity deal. didn't even drip a beat w/the reports of the kidnapping. just drove it home the whole time. now they arebombing gaza and still demanding it.

      israel is the bully in the schoolyard and they will throw a tantrum(massacring) until they get what they want if no one stops them. shame on all these senators doing netanyahu's bidding . shame. while children are slaughtered.

  • 'Protective Edge' has nothing to do with protection
    • hamas has named it Operation Ramadan the Tenth link to

      “The reconciliation government will not be dismantled and Hamas has no intention of returning to a divided Gaza Strip and West Bank, or to a split in the two main political movements,” said the official, who asked not to be named. “When Israel attacked our people in the West Bank we could not remain silent. We had to show we’re one people and one nation and must protect our people,” he said.

      When asked whether this should be at the cost of Gazans' lives he replied:

      "You think we don't thirst to live in peace and prosperity and not suffer? We didn't start this war, during which most of the casualties so far have been Palestinian citizens, including many children and women. The war was forced upon us, and we are protecting ourselves."

      Asked whether Hamas didn’t know Israel would strike at civilians when it escalated the rocket fire, he said the rockets came in response to Israel's assault on West Bank homes, widespread arrests and re-arrests of former prisoners released in the Shalit deal. "The oppression lasted 14 days, even though Hamas denied being involved in the abduction of the three settlers," he said, referring to the three teenagers kidnapped and murdered in the West Bank.

      “When Israel started attacking so wildly, people lost their patience and wanted to react to the crimes in the West Bank," he said. "They couldn't remain silent. We know what Israel is capable of, we knew Israel would attack fiercely,” he said.

      “But Israel thought Hamas would be silent for longer, they wanted the West Bank to be completely cut off from Gaza. We must change this attitude and prove the Palestinians are one people and cannot be separated,” he said.

      The official said everyone knows Israel would strike hard, but that the Palestinians are not afraid. "We won’t put our hands up and let it do what it wants, anytime, anywhere and without any response."

      Referring to the cease-fire that ended Operation Pillar of Defense, he said, "We want calm but on condition that Israel respect the agreement from 2012 – to end the aerial attacks against us and the targeted assassinations, to let the fishers fish and the farmers work their land, to allow open borders and the entry of raw materials, and to honor the prisoners' release deal. We are not afraid and we will not raise the white flag."

    • bringing the death toll up past 80 ... the number has already passed 100.

      it's 125 now

  • Gaza hospital struck by missiles; int'l volunteers gather to protect it
  • Soul-crushing video shows Gaza father unable to accept his little boy's killing
    • goldberg spins w/ 'that draw return fire' justifying civilian death, but it was the pogrom against hamas in the WB that 'drew' rockets into israel.

      and let's get real, israel is hit 5 health centers today. hospitals drawing missiles from israel? please, that's israels choice who they kill. own it goldberg.

  • Israel's message to the Palestinians: Submit, leave or die
    • it seems fairly reasonable to suspect that there is something about Judaism that arouses this universal hatred.

      not really. it doesn't seem fairly reasonable to me. especially in light of what's going on today. it presumes 'universal hatred' stems not from the person/people who hate but from the subject of their hatred. and then it presumes it is the religion of that subject responsible for the haters hatred. it's contorted.

      for example, would you ask what it was about islam or christianity that was responsible for for teens writing 'death to arabs' and all those other awful things on their instagrams? this would be way down my list of things to even consider, not something i would characterize as a reasonable suspicion.

    • It would be interesting to waterboard Oren 183 times to see what he really thinks. _


    • I see fantasies of Israel’s demise which is not going to happen any time soon.

      granted it probably won't happen soon but if they don't change direction it does seem like more of an inevitability as opposed to a fantasy.

      at this stage, israel changing direction is what seems like a fantasy.

    • I am saying Israel completely conquered Palestine and is continuing to do so

      that's a contradiction in terms. had israel completely conquered palestine (which one presumes includes the people's submission and/or death) there would be nothing more to 'continue' conquering.

    • traintosiberia 11:22 am , i completely agree

  • Terror in Gaza: 57 seconds after 'warning,' Israel destroys a house
    • thanks walid, i am going to tweet that

    • i'm curious what they are chanting. it sounds and looks more like cheering for a soccer game. are you sure this isn't the night palestine won the asia cup challenge?

      btw, just because this comes from a youtube station w/a photo of a guy wearing a keffiyeh w/ script in arabic doesn't mean it's anymore accurate than had the lettering been in hebrew.

    • I already copped to my inaccuracy

      ah! so it was not " of course, ..a lie" because when you're inaccurate it's simply a mistake. albeit you, being who you are, are able to determine "of course" who is lying.

      anyway, i think i made my point. in the future if "it’s not clear" what someone is referencing, perhaps asking for clarification befoe claiming someone is "of course" lying, might be more appropriate, given your penchant for truthieness.

    • p.s. Mikhael, speaking of liars, you might notice the slight edit to your post "[...]". it's there because i edited out what i determined to be a blatant lie. now, i could be mistaken wrt your reference (notorious beach massacre) and naturally i assumed you were referencing israel's massacre of a family on the beach that launched off 'operation summer rain' which broke the ceasefire w/hamas. i wrote about it here. link to

      of course at the time, the NYT link to claimed " Hamas fired at least 15 Qassam rockets from Gaza into Israel on Saturday, ending a tattered 16-month truce with Israel, a day after eight Palestinians were killed on a Gaza beach, apparently by an errant Israeli shell."

      iow, according to the NYT israel kills 8 people on a beach and hamas is responsible for breaking the ceasefire? because israel claims their attack was 'errant' HAHAHAHAHA.

      but you, mikhael, tried to claim hamas killed those people. unless of course there was some other "notorious" massacre on a beach that's slipping my mind. do tell.

    • In the case of non-Israelis killed by rockets from Gaza, such as the Thai workers in Israel, they were guests of our country

      of course, but that wasn't my point. i just think if you're going to accuse giles of lying you should be held to the same standard. after all, you did claim 44 israelis killed by rocket and mortar fire. so by your own standards let's judge if you we're lying or not. here's your source link again: link to

      you claimed B’Tselem lists 42 fatalities due to both rocket and mortar fire from Gaza

      here's from your source link to B'Tselem:

      B'Tselem’s research indicates that, from June 2004 to 17 April 2013, 24 Israeli civilians (four of them minors) and one foreign national were killed in Israel by Palestinian rocket and mortar fire. In addition, five soldiers were killed, three in Israel and two in the Gaza Strip. Another Israeli civilian and three foreign nationals were killed by rocket fire at settlements in the Gaza Strip, before they were evacuated.

      so sticking to your claim of "israeli's killed" according to b'tselem

      24 Israeli civilians
      five soldiers were killed
      Another Israeli civilian ... killed by rocket fire at settlements in the Gaza Strip, before they were evacuated.

      that makes 30 israelis killed. iow, your source doesn't support your claim.

      Giles’s statement that no Israelis have been harmed by missiles from Gaza remains a falsehood

      as i mentioned before, given the context of the conversation, i think it's clear he's talking about the latest invasion. but as i mentioned before speaking of liars (your term), what source are you using to come up with 44 israelis killed?

      i'm still waiting. or were you lying?

    • This, of course, is a lie. To date, 44 Israelis have been killed

      or a miscommunication. i think it's clear giles is discussing this latest invasion. as you said yourself " in 2014, no Israeli citizens have been killed due to Hamas’s indiscriminate rocket attacks on Israeli population centers ".

      and speaking of liars (your term), what source are you using to come up with 44 israelis killed? here's an israel project "List of Deaths Caused by Qassam Rockets and Mortar Fire. Total: 23 " but it only goes until 6/08

      link to

      plus, many of those listed are not israelis, to be accurate. for example

      Dec. 14, 2005 - Jitladda Tap-arsa, 20, a female Thai national, was killed while working in a greenhouse in the Gush Katif settlement of Ganei Tal.....June 7, 2005 - Bi Shude, 46, a Chinese national, was killed while working in a greenhouse in the Gush Katif settlement of Ganei Tal...June 7, 2005 - Muhammad Mahmoud Jaroum, a Palestinian worker, was killed while working in a greenhouse in the Gush Katif settlement of Ganei Tal.
      June 7, 2005 - Muslah Umran, a Palestinian worker, was killed while working in a greenhouse in the Gush Katif settlement of Ganei Tal.

      perhaps you could provide a list/source of all israelis killed by rocket/mortar fire since 6/08 and we can add them together. with so few, i am sure they are listed by name somewhere.

    • yes it is mikhael, except israel is so much closer to gaza, i suppose the proximity and view makes the experience more intimate and vivid.

  • Protest the Israeli onslaught: Demonstrations planned worldwide against Israeli attack on Gaza
    • What is the basis for immunity, in these astonishingly rare cases?

      i think you're asking the wrong question. most people are good and not racist, the question to be asking what is it about israel that causes so many to become racist.

    • Perhaps my memory fails me, but I don’t recall protests of this magnitude for Palestine in the past.

      pillar of cloud had many very large demos and we recorded some of them in a post. once the photos start pouring in...

    • that's an impressive list adele

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