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Annie Robbins is Editor at Large for Mondoweiss, a mother, a human rights activist and a ceramic artist. She lives in the SF bay area. Follow her on Twitter @anniefofani

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  • Oren's memoir reveals Israel's elite is hyper-sensitive to U.S. criticism
    • common sense that Oren was far from the first person to complain in advance about a story.

      no it's not. 60 minute has done hundreds (if not thousands of shows, i don't keep track) what makes common sense is for someone, claiming simon lied on air, to simply find an example of that complaining. why not just make a few phone calls hops?

      what reason would i or anyone have to assume simon would lie on air? not only that i am sure the staff for 60 minutes is quite large, and someone (several someones) would probably know if others had complained about a show prior to it being aired. what's common sense is that at least someone would leak that information had simon been lying.

      so, thus far, there's no evidence he lied, merely an allegation. these little rhetorical games ie ; I’m sure that even you don’t believe that one are unimpressive.

      failed to include Christians living in Israel proper, who were likely to say positive things about Israel

      you're joking right? why would a palestinian christian living in israel likely say positive things about israel? do we read the same news? could he search for one or two palestinian christians? like one that joined the army? sure, but that doesn't make it likely a palestinian christian would say nice things about israel.

  • 'We are you and you are us' -- Netanyahu has tons of American friends
    • lol, i know there's some natural progression in all these photo ops. it reads like a train of thought., a funny one. speaking of "Israel and the United States “are family,” we share values and freedom and have a common enemy: the terrorist state of Iran" , i was watching a video with netanyahu and the FM of italy the other day. it was a formal 'welcoming' type event each behind a podium. after a little meet and greet he says (paraphrasing) israel and italy are friends and we're alike and recognize the greatest threat to mankind, the terrorist state of iran.'

      maybe he squeezes 'the terrorist state of iran' into every single speech he gives. someday, they should place the quote on his gravestone.

  • Activists call on Oprah Winfrey to distance herself from Leviev over human rights abuses
    • I suspect that Winfrey and her people will try to ignore the letter

      every signature (i signed!) sends oprah and several people on her staff, including the editor of the magazine a copy. so cumulatively they've probably gotten 4-5000 at least already and this campaign has just started. at a minimum i'd think they'd make some benign worthless statement. but ignore it completely? hmmm.

    • thanks just, all credit goes to adalah ny. they made it really easy.

  • Spread the Word: Announcing the weekly Mondoweiss newsletter
    • ah, it reminded me of what happened at dkos where it became a site rule to ban mention of us - or linking to us - both in comments and stories. but i had not heard of that anywhere else.

    • hi jwalter. what do you mean? if someone links to us in the comments?

  • 'Patronizing Israeli crap' -- more American Jewish responses to Oren
  • Palestinian is shot at Qalandiya checkpoint a day after Israeli soldier is stabbed at Bethlehem checkpoint
    • me too, overwhelmingly so. although as one who hasn't experienced anything but kindness and compassion (and huge care and generosity) from muslim families i've interacted with, it is all i'm familiar with.

    • YEAH, fantastic news!

    • what a wonderful wonderful story. thank you so much bumblebye.

  • Palestinian family says alleged attacker being held on false evidence
    • The Israeli authorities would definitely want to arrest the perpetrator of a particular crime as that is the best way to ensure that person can’t do it again.

      what has that got to do with reality Israel takes people from the streets (or homes) and issues any charge they want (or no charge for that matter, re palestinians). and there’s little any of us can do to stop've heard of administrative detention right?

      iow, how dod your answer relate to the text you cited?

  • In rebuke to Israel, State Dep't says it has no objection to BDS aimed at occupation
    • interviewed live via streaming webcast from the Museum of Tolerance!!! omg, what an opportunity. let's set our alarm clocks.

  • 'NYT' finally acknowledges that 'growing number of American Jews' support BDS
    • thanks amigo. yes, he's very easy to have a conversation with. it wasn't a debate -- or planned or anything. just free-wheeling spur of the moment.

      balance yada yada yada. let's talk balance after palestinians activate and apply an administrative detention policy towards israelis (including their children) on a whim 24/7.

    • we try to make a difference! ;)

    • thank you so much kris! i stumbled a little here and there -- but kept plowing on.

    • thank you just! i was a little nervous at the outcome, it's always strange listening to ones own recorded voice (that's my experience anyway). i had missed shingo's comment. scott tweeted me this the other day and i forgot to come back and post it.

    • this article and many of the points it makes reminds me of my radio interview w/scott horton the other day. if anyone is interested link to

  • United Church of Christ votes to boycott & divest from companies profiting from Israel's occupation
    • is something a “BDS” victory if it declares support for the two-state solution?

      that would depend. for example, once netanyahu said he supported a 2 state solution. that would not be considered a victory for bds. whereas, if veolia declares they support the 2 state solution and at the same time pulls out of israel and/or the settlements, that would be a victory. basically, it doesn't matter if someone or some entity (country or business) supports one state or 2, if they boycott, divest or sanction israel, it's a victory for the bds movement. even if someone doesn't doesn't declare they are supporting the bds movement and decide to actively end investment in israel or the occupied territories, for whatever reason (bad investment) it's a victory for bds.

      and by 'victory', i don't mean a total victory. it won't be a total victory until all the goals are met. a one state solution, per se, is not one of the goals.

    • I believe all the land legitimately belongs to Israel.

      your beliefs vs facts. tough choice, not!

    • exactly, re your last sentence. and orange is willing to pay 90mil to eradicate themselves. i'm sure that is not random. it's framed as determined how much it will hurt the israeli business partner but you better believe orange wouldn't be making a deal like that unless it was in their financial interest to do so. plus, they signed a 10 million deal (as i recall) just weeks ago. so they grabbed headlines w/the kowtowing and deal, then turned around & scrapped the deal, and then made a deal to get out. hmm.

    • a blah chick, read this earlier today.. was going to try to write about it. very fishy strange news after all the earlier headline grabbing articles. this essentially paves the way for orange to get out of israel, exactly what they said they wanted to do to begin with -- the way i read it.

  • In effort to thwart BDS, some Israel supporters urge partial settlement freeze
    • If there is no reciprocal gesture from the Palestinian side then they get exposed for their unwillingness to aim for an equitable solution.

      and what kind of 'reciprocal' do you think might be appropriate if israel froze the settlements?

  • My journey from Zionism to Palestine solidarity
    • jon, adam said "I believe it is essential work towards reaching a just and peaceful outcome in Israel/Palestine."

      you said once (to eljay) you didn't believe it was possible for palestinians to have both justice and peace and therefore one had to choose and you chose peace over "any notion of perfect justice."

      in your own statement you moved the goal post from "justice" to "perfect justice". either way it's the elimination of justice to come to peace. and i am just wondering if you would accept that for jews? no reparations from germany, no rights, nothing. roll over and we can have peace. or what kind of peace do you believe is possible with no justice, no reparations, no i am sorry, no nothing. just stands for justice. no justice generally means no peace. and, it's just not true people have to choose between the two.

      btw, eljay responded to you at the time, and you didn't answer him link to

    • We did not put money in the UNICEF boxes, however, because (so we were told) “UNICEF teaches Arab kids to hate Jews”.

      wow, not one but 2 families. i never heard of anything like this as a child, just that unicef helped starving children. i didn't even know they were 'arab'.

    • you're so sweet citizen ;)

    • as frustrating as it's been for me dealing with this over the years, i somehow crossed over into some zone where i realize how showing these features of zionist communication is beneficial to our movement. generally, it's so bereft of common logic, knowledge, and ordinary human compassion it's mindblowing sometimes.

    • adam, that was awesome. i especially agree with you about what a privilege it is, the opportunity to work with amazing writers. i've met so many people here (in comments too) i admire and have developed some lasting friendships that mean more to me than i can describe.

  • In Gaza, the ultimate humiliation
    • omg! that makes me feel wonderful ;) thank you so so much.

    • i know, it's awful. sadism.

    • But perhaps the most disturbing was this:
      [ re photo of last t shirt]

      To be clear, the image on the front is some kind of mythological demonic creature with wings, prepared to drop a bomb. Considering Gaza’s function as a laboratory for Israel’s weapons industry, this is a particularly disturbing sight. Underneath it, says “Team Yoav,” which appears to be a reconnaissance team belonging to the Golani Brigade.

      a mythological demonic creature with wings, prepared to drop a bomb is the sort of cult like thing i'd expect from sadistic members or ex members of the israeli military. maybe it doesn't disturb me as it might have in my past because of the psychological trauma of last summers slaughter. i think with time, even tho i once thought it couldn't get any worse, i've learned to put nothing past them. the idea of some soldier donating a shirt like this so their captives can wear their own domination imposed by the sadist, perfectly demonstrates the morals behind israeli oppression. it's intended to disturb, and i'll just not be sucked into it. we know already, what makes them tick.

      when dealing with a sadist mentality don't bite, that's what they want.

      i really appreciate this article. exposing this twisted sadism is a crucial component of american understanding and awareness of our 'special friend' and understanding our draconian complicity in this ongoing crime.

  • Oren's criticism of US Jews earns his book five thumbs down: 'slinky,' 'self-aggrandizing,' 'twists reality'
    • ;) bring it on. lol. almost nothing about israeli society would surprise me anymore. imho, he's completely un presidential (and completely lacking in charisma, brains aside). it's almost unfathomable he could muster that much support or influence in israel - or anywhere for that matter.

    • shingo, miller:

      Oren opines that the first principle of the U.S.-Israeli alliance that Obama has forsaken is that while both parties could disagree, they would not do so publicly.

      who thought up this "first principle" and who does it serve? is it a demand from israel? i recall first reading about it a few years ago, i think it was after biden blew up and clinton publicly criticized netanyahu when some new settlements were rolled out during biden's visit to israel. all these pundits came down on the admin and screamed 'how could you be so vocal' and chastized the admin for not keeping it behind closed doors. what bs. closed doors just means don't tell the public.

      and this principle of 'no surprises', since when does israel warn the US it's rolling out new settlement expansion?

      maybe i'm wrong but it seems to me both these principles are israeli demands. or does the US also demand israel run everything past them first?

      more from miller:

      I remember an impatient Saeb Erekat, then-chief Palestinian negotiator, during both the Wye and Camp David summits in 1998 and 2000, asking me why we hadn’t given the Palestinians our proposals, while knowing full well we were waiting for the Israelis to review and react first.

      why is the US waiting in the wings, ever? or ever-chasing after the impudent child.

    • just, it's not surprising if oren is blind to how out of bounds he's gone, if he's indeed as brainwashed as i think he is (he probably believes this stuff he's writing, although i absolutely believe there's an abundance of hoodwinking/lying in the hasbara community) but for the country (US - mainstream) to be so indoctrinated into a zionist mindthink to not recognize how traitorous he is, that's what's really freaky. but indications are people are not buying it.

    • What is it that stops the forward momentum of the Oren juggernaut?

      i keep saying i think israelis are brainwashed and i don't mean that metaphorically. i really think oren is an example of that. i think they (lots of them anyway -- not all) are so pumped up on hasbara (in a steroid kind of way) they've confused it for actual truth (or nutrition). and that pattern or habit leads the mind to not be able to distinguish fact from fiction.

      so, perhaps he's so pumped up in these zionist (or jewish?) myths or beliefs (about assimilation?) that he shoots for the stars and exposes all the craziness it entails.

      i always thought him identifying himself as an historian was propaganda. because his sort of "history" is more like fable-making or leon uris pseudo historical fiction or something. and i think the pseudo psychological analysis in his new book reveals his penchant for making those same kinds of leaps and bounds, in his pseudo history as well. there's a possibility the exposure could stop the juggernaut, we can hope anyway. not sure how he can climb down from this pedestal he's placed himself on.

    • really interesting irfan. i've been chewing on some homegrown (unprofessional) psychological analysis of oren myself lately, i guess i feel entitled to since he's written his book. so much grist for the mill in his upbringing.

      it's a sorry state in our country where there's such a gross imbalance in a national response to the kinds of actions he's taken. traitor indeed. it says more about our national psyche than it says about him.

  • UN report on Gaza war is 'tepid,' 'unserious' and exhibits 'anti-Muslim bigotry' -- Finkelstein
    • thanks, i was just trying to understand your meaning.

      as an analogy i'd like to offer a child with 2 parents. dad harasses the child continually to study more because it will make him smart, mom harasses the child to study because she wants him to get into a great school.

      if the child says he's studying more not because his dad says it will make him smart, but ultimately because he wants to get into harvard.

      did the child deny the father had any influence him over this decision.

      did the child say 'my fathers words did not influence my decision'.

      no, he said i am not studying to get smarter, i am studying to pass the entrance exams and get into harvard. (albeit, the outcome none the less will make him smarter...but i am not sure how that fits into the analogy)

      my point, is the norm did not "deny" the lobby has influence. he merely expressed he didn't think that influence was the reason the US takes the action it does. that the over riding reasons were because the US routinely does the same thing, only worse. iow, it's in the US best interest not to confront israel about actions the US takes itself.

      it's a difference of opinion, but it doesn't deny influence of the lobby per se.

    • hi giles, excuse me for not reading the whole thread an article again before responding, but your wows caught my attention. i'm not quite understanding your point because opining the US will side with Israel, not because of the Israel lobby but because of whatever reason norm gave doesn't mean or imply "the lobby has no role in the US always siding with Israel". did norm say "the lobby has no role in the US always siding with Israel"?

      because i would disagree the lobby has "no role". albeit lots of people don't think they are the over riding feature. that's not very wowy. it's par for the course in debating us influence in i/p. i would sort of wow if norm said the lobby had no influence tho. obviously they have influence or they wouldn't do what they do.

    • Every time an Arab ..[bla bla bla].. factor goes up exponentially, and this has nothing to do with the Hollywood Zionist controlled media.

      unless you've got polls or something to back this up, this is a statement of speculation, not one of fact. where's your source american racists who hate all arabs are growing exponentially?*
      ie are there any groups whose memberships have expanded exponentially over the last couple of years due to new memberships? why not ask us if you're wrong after presenting some kind of evidence to back up your speculative assertions first.

      *or do you mean those american racists are just getting exponentially madder vs their numbers growing?

    • the American public .. fears, hates and loathes Arabs.

      in your dreams maybe.

  • 'A traumatized society is dangerous'
    • seems to be a rather harsh response to someone who merely said that “the Holocaust was an horrific event that transcended the historic sufferings of” many other peoples.

      you didn't say "of many other people", you listed those peoples. for example, you listed ukrainians. to say the holocaust transcended the suffering of those who died in the holodomor, a forced starvation of millions, why would you do that? who are we (or anyone) to measure the suffering of others?

      i think irresponsible is a fair term. some might consider it callous. and to family or relations of those who suffered greatly from some of the others you mentioned, specifically called out ... it might seem cruel to them that you have devalued the suffering of their loved ones by transcending others suffering over and above.

      What makes the Holocaust transcendental to many other examples....... the mechanics of state power, technology, transport, ideology, and bureaucratic competence had advanced to the point where it was possible to make huge inroads in the destruction of peoples

      i addressed that here already:

      "bryan, in your clarification, leaving “relatively unique” alone (because one could argue modern mechanisms did make the holocaust unique although any advance of weaponry could make past, present or coming genocides unique in their time)....."

    • no worries on the delay. i wasn't asking about you personally or about your affiliations or spiritual practice. i meant, regarding your professional opinion wrt your view that "Jewish culture is organised like a cult. The exclusivist, insular mentality based in a fearful, mistrustful, inward focused view of the world, self preoccupation and self centrelines" and what you call "a ‘specialness complex’ ... all part and parcel of Jewish religion and by extension of Jewish identity."

      and i meant, in my question, to address whether you thought there was any jewish culture happening around the planet, now or in the past, not organized like a cult. not exclusivist, insular mentality based in a fearful, mistrustful, inward focused view of the world, self preoccupation and self centrelines, referenced as ‘specialness complex’.

      understanding exclusivist, insular mentality based in a fearful, mistrustful, inward focused view of the world, self preoccupation and self centrelines is part and parcel of Jewish religion and by extension Jewish identity, i just wondered if you thought there were exceptions to this ie jews who were part of jewish culture who were not organized like a cult, not exclusivist, insular mentality based in a fearful, mistrustful, inward focused view of the world, self preoccupation and self centrelines etc etc?

      or do you think every jew part of jewish culture is therefore inevitably all these thing, ie is it inherently so? in your opinion.

      i guess what i mean to ask is wrt "Judaism/Jewishness is only one cult of many out there" can and does jewishness or judaism exist outside of a cult? in your opinion or experience?

    • bryan, in your clarification, leaving "relatively unique" alone (because one could argue modern mechanisms did make the holocaust unique although any advance of weaponry could make past, present or coming genocides unique in their time), in your first comment it was the word "transcends" that i find objectionable. even tho you said "the process of comparing national sufferings is a pretty pointless exercise" it's still there, the statement that certain ones sufferings 'transcends' others. and the debate is not merely "pointless". it's incalculable and therefore, could be construed as an irresponsible statement at minimum. and callous or even cruel too.

    • avigail, i asked a question yesterday regarding a statement you made and i was very much hoping you'd answer me. it was in response to your statement about your view that jewish culture was organized like a cult, with references to Jewish identity and ‘specialness complex’. it's upthread a tad with your exact quote. the question was

      do you observe any un or less organized and/or non-cultish jewish culture or identity? or do you think this encapsulates it or is inherent thru all facets of it?

    • rosross, earlier you said The first step to mental health from mental dysfunction is recognising something is wrong and taking responsibility for embarking on a healing path

      but in this recent comment it seems like the "taking responsibility" part is not there. i'm not suggesting you're saying you've backed away from it, but are you prefacing it with "provide breathing space"...soothe and calm the ‘patient’"

      The first step to mental health from mental dysfunction is provide breathing space, soothe and calm the ‘patient’ and they will recognise something is wrong and the they will take responsibility for embarking on a healing path? is that what you mean?

      i'm asking because on another thread our commenter jon s said he didn't think palestinians could have peace and justice. that people had to choose one or the other and he chose peace. do you think israelis can embark "on a healing path" and take responsibility for their actions by ignoring justice? and if the answer is "no" and that in order to take responsibility it required an element of justice, how would you make that happen?

      if, just as an exercise, we used jon s as an example of "mental dysfunction" and we gave him breathing room and soothed him, do you think he would choose justice over peace, given he thinks palestinians can only have one? how much soothing and breathing room would it take to get john to take responsibility for the healing and how long should we wait knowing palestinians are suffering during this breathing room period? how many deaths is acceptable during the soothing period? a few thousand? tens of thousands?

      these are real questions.

    • i think you have a point yonah, but in the context of an article about a psychotherapist or psychotherapy i think it's all in context. psychotherapy uses art, dreams, the merging of the two all the time. freud was no exception. so when discussing a topic in this context it makes sense to use the visual. if the photos you mentioned, specifically the last, was used in a news article, i'd agree with you.

    • my view that Jewish culture is organised like a cult. The exclusivist, insular mentality based in a fearful, mistrustful, inward focused view of the world, self preoccupation and self centrelines and what I call a ‘specialness complex’, are all part and parcel of Jewish religion and by extension of Jewish identity.

      do you observe any un or less organized and/or non-cultish jewish culture or identity? or do you think this encapsulates it or is inherent thru all facets of it?

    • yonah, i don't think the holocaust art, "Shooting - Murdering in Poland - 2005" by Rita Kasimow Brown underneath "one of the characteristics of trauma is that it is passed on, through the generations and proliferates within the generations " is propaganda. i think it demonstrates quite well why trauma is passed on.

  • 'Jewish cow' is udderly superior to all other cows in the world, Netanyahu says
    • Where are the intersections? Although comparing the treatment of animals to the treatment of humans is obviously a delicate affair, it’s important to see the structural similarities between the two.

      those cattle chutes and turnstiles palestinians are routinely forced to endure .... along with the extensive database documented in the gatekeepers documentary. and the way they document and keep records of all the children they imprison, interrogate and torture. the intersections are endless.

    • how would you know?

      the dead person won't know, but they actively do this, it's not a secret. actually i am not sure they turn them into mormons, i'd have to read up on it. but i think they baptize them, so maybe it's effectively the same thing.

    • a jewish cow! whoda thunk? no kippa tho. hmm.

  • When will justice's 'thunderbolt' come for Palestine?
    • leaving the right wing ripe once again for the most vile forms of antisemitism driven by the events in Palestine.

      i'm not sure it stands to reason that hatred "driven by the events in Palestine" is even (generally speaking) anti semitism, much less "the most vile forms of antisemitism". traditionally, anti semitism is ""hatred toward Jews—individually and as a group—that can be attributed to the Jewish religion and/or ethnicity." or "irrational" hatred of jews, just for being jewish.

      on the other hand, if an iraqi hated all americans because we invaded his country and killed or imprisoned his family, that hatred might not be considered racist in nature, nor completely irrational.

    • So, let me understand

      yes, it is a "natural sequel".

      How exactly the 2 are linked – apart from abstract humane notions that in fact links it to a thousand of other issues in today`s world?

      "abstract humane notions" are what make the world go round ivri, so what logical reason would there be to set "dealing with the palestinian issue" "apart" from other issues in the world today? what objective lies behind extracting it from consideration of other current atrocities to begin with? seriously, think of all the times we hear about that jewish issue from the last century, bandied about and inserted into conversations by jewish leaders today (70 years later) merely because of "abstract humane notions".

      isn't what goes on in Syria, Iraq, Libya, The Sudan, Yemen and other countries in this region infinitely bigger in scale and severity?

      no, it's definitely not "infinitely" bigger in scale and severity. not when considering the scale of human suffering by population in the geographic region you described. if it were infinitely bigger the suffering and destruction would be incalculable, and it isn't.

      also, you posit, hyper-violence has emanated from Palestinians "throughout". aside from thoroughly dismissing decades of non violent acts of palestinian resistance that occur as a matter of course daily, if violent palestinian resistance to the brutal decades long israeli-zionist occupation of palestine is deemed "hyper", the vast majority of which is carried out with rocks, how pray tell should we describe zionist slaughter of an imprisoned civilian population last summer- "the single largest user of explosive weapons among international states in 2014 " link to ?

      certainly "hyper" would not suffice. genocidal perhaps?

      also, "primarily" speaking, the palestinian people`s struggle for rights in their homeland is nonviolent, including the non violent bds campaign and countless other acts of non violent resistance to unspeakable human rights abuses carried out by the ever expanding colonizing israeli state.

    • omg phil, you've got me crying.

  • We must break out of the paranoid survival myth
    • good point mooser.

    • What was the slightest bit anti-Semitic, subtle or not, about what I said?

      well, since you asked, i thought this was weird:

      In recent times more have begun to speak out and separate themselves from the actions of Israel and Zionism and that is all to the good but one wonders if it is happening because more Jews have found a sense of justice and moved away from the sense of themselves as superior, or because they are being hit by the ‘backwash’ of growing world outrage and horror at what the Israeli State is and does.

      Whatever the answer.....

      the idea "more Jews have found a sense of justice and moved away from the sense of themselves as superior" implies the jews you're wondering about/describing here, had, at one time, a sense of superiority.

      i'm not saying 'a sense of superiority' isn't alive and well within the jewish community. but it's not a universal. your alternative "or because they are being hit by the ‘backwash’ of growing world outrage and horror at what the Israeli State is and does" leaves no room for a person who does something simply because it's right regardless of a "growing world outrage".

      a person like myself, who speaks out and separates myself from the actions of Israel and Zionism does it because it's the right thing to do. so your premise here tells me there are no jews who act for reasons just like me. it also tells me a person (who may happen to be jewish) would not act as i do just because i am a moral person, that they would be acting "as a jew" to do what's right.

      there's this sense in your writing of a pervasiveness of jewish superiority (either past or present) vs a zionist superiority which given the nature of zionism, of ethnic nationalism, demands a superior positioning within israeli society.

      again, i am not claiming superiority is not feature of judaism, but there are other interpretation within judaism of chosen. the way you've interpreted it is not inherent for all jews. i think your descriptions are confining and reveal limitations or impositions on interpretations of judaism. and i say that as a casual reader, because i don't really know much about judaism. and it's my belief most religions contain doctrine which can be interpreted as elevating that religion above others, depending on interpretation.

      i think it is very likely there are many jews who don't feel superior, or have perhaps inferiority complexes just like other people. you've presented it as an inherent nature. it presupposes too much and implies someone, such as lillian for example, came from a mindframe of superiority at least at one time. do you believe that?

      so i'm not so sensitive to this stuff that i would accuse someone of racism for expressing this view, but when you asked about subtle or not, it strikes me as "superiority" stereotyping.

      also, just thought i'd mention, i know encountered plenty of non jews who have superiority complexes. including people in my family. it's not just a jewish thing.

    • thank you Lillian. i never tire of your determination and clarity of mind. you're a moral giant and i love you. It's always an honor for us to publish your wisdom.

  • In op-eds, church leaders say BDS is moral response to Netanyahu's rejection of Palestinian statehood
    • just, everytime i read something like double standard's BDS will go the same way as Hitler it's just another nail in the coffin of their dead hasbara. today, on the radio show, i was ticking off some of the latest.. nazis, responsible for 9/11 (my personal fav), blood libels bla bla bla, it's all just so --- tired and rehashed. where to go from here la di da? the devil incarnate?

      the only way bds will stop growing like a mad virus is if israeli policies change, and everyone knows israel won't do that (except by going more radical, genocidal and racist). they only change the rhetoric. and they circulate it over and over as if our memories are completely shot.

      anyway, hitler. why oh why does that not surprise me.

      oh, and scroll up to your tweets, i fixed them.

    • Judith Butler is hardly a respected scholar.

      uh huh.

      link to

      Butler’s work has been extraordinarily influential in feminist and queer theory, cultural studies, and continental philosophy.[40] Yet her contribution to a range of other disciplines — such as psychoanalysis, literary, film, and performance studies as well as visual arts — has also been significant.[3] Her theory of gender performativity as well as her conception of "critically queer" have not only transformed understandings of gender and queer identity in the academic world, but have shaped and mobilized various kinds of political activism, particularly queer activism, across the globe.[40][41][42][43] Butler's work has also entered into contemporary debates on the teaching of gender, gay parenting, and the depathologization of transgender people.[44] Indeed, so influential has Butler's challenge to traditional notions of sex and gender been that even Pope Benedict XVI has written critically about it.[45]
      Many academics and political activists maintain that Butler’s radical departure from the sex/gender dichotomy and her non-essentialist conception of gender — along with her insistence that power helps form the subject — revolutionized feminist and queer praxis, thought, and studies.[46] Darin Barney of McGill University writes that:

      “ Butler's work on gender, sex, sexuality, queerness, feminism, bodies, political speech and ethics has changed the way scholars all over the world think, talk and write about identity, subjectivity, power and politics. It has also changed the lives of countless people whose bodies, genders, sexualities and desires have made them subject to violence, exclusion and oppression.[47] ”

      hey, speaking of politics, did you happen to check out the supreme court ruling today? awesome news!

      oh, and somehow i missed butler's dissertation on European culture is inferior and white people are responsible for all the problems of the world . LOL, do tell!

    • lol, you really think the standard "persecuted .. Jews" is going to fly in this scenario? pllllease!

    • just, you mean adding the tweet? because if you leave the url for a tweet i can "fix" it for you.

      (and you find the url for a particular tweet by clicking on the tweets time stamp)

    • and how long do you think you can sustain an argument like that? it's not very convincing. at some point people are going to start noticing you're diverting away from the issue. ad hominems are not called fallacies for nothing. link to the movement is very very large and growing all the time and includes many respected scholars (ie: judith butler etc), stupid and racist (your argument aside from masochistic (like the Church) which borders on hysterical) just won't fly. for millions of people (and there are millions of people in the movement) it's an unconvincing response and is completely dependent on the meme of jewish victimhood.

      and we all know how much israel depends on that meme:

      it's so like ..last century.

    • iow, all you've got is ad hominems. no meat ( you did not counter even 1 of their arguments) -- boring.

  • BDS will keep Israeli tanks from moving and F15 from flying, Oren says
    • no but the north used it against them, and rightly so.

    • their mommies must be proud of them, slaughtering whole families with their big bad flying machines. they probably think they're kids are civilized since they don't wear the scalps of the babies they kill on their belts, like pelts.

    • BDS uses settlements and our policies toward Palestinians as a tool

      bwahhhh!! BDS uses truth as a tool ! gee, ya think!

  • Foreign direct investment in Israel dropped by 50% in 2014 and expert says it's due to the Gaza war and BDS (Updated)
    • ;) maybe it will get replayed i have no idea. i have not heard it myself.

    • thanks just. hey, i was just interviewed about this story on scott horton's radio show. exciting.

    • thanks dickerson!

    • a so-called “hasbara central” comment points out serious flaws in MW ‘analysis

      dabkr, i'm really not understanding what MW analysis you're referencing here. no one has even addressed the only thing that could be construed as 'MW analysis' in the entire article.

    • It wasn’t an accusation.

      "Annie’s analysis is misleading "?

      how is that not accusatory? why not just claim ynet's analysis is misleading, or newsweek's? if that's the 'analysis' you're referencing.

      regarding the 2015 report, i reported what was stated and reported by newsweek and ynet. my only commentary (what you reference as analysis) is at the end which acts as a critique buttressing the analysis by the israeli expert. and is backed up by 2013 press reports about the coming year (2014).

    • Annie’s analysis (if you can call it that) is misleading because it compares this year to last year

      actually i didn't even mention this year, nor did i do any yearly comparatives (at all) in my "analysis". .

    • Protective Edge is a far, far large contributor to the drop than BDS is.

      perhaps you misunderstood the text of my article. my point was not that BDS is responsible for 50% drop in investment. try reading it again. my point -- Israel is a bad investment.

  • Leading NY writer likens Edward Said to monster in a horror movie
    • of course. whoops!

    • echino, could you link to some examples of phil's "residually respectful treatment" of the nyt. perhaps i'm so accustomed to reading MW i have developed blinders wrt how much we fawn over the nyt. i just can't recall much of it, especially lately. once in awhile perhaps. anyway some recent examples would be helpful.

  • Interview with a suicide bomber
    • I would be surprised to learn that church -affiliated schools don’t teach the Bible as literal truth.

      i'm not too well versed in this stuff. but i specifically mentioned "don’t take the bible literally – word for word,". not sure if we're understanding eachother. but i think primarily fundamentalists and some evangelicals are literalists, the rest are not.

      link to

      Fundamentalists and evangelicals sometimes refer to themselves as literalists or biblical literalists. Sociologists also use the term in reference to conservative Christian beliefs which include not just literalism but also biblical inerrancy. The term "biblical literalism" is often used as a pejorative to describe or ridicule the interpretative approaches of fundamentalist or evangelical Christians.[6][7][8]

      A 2011 Gallup survey reports, "Three in 10 Americans interpret the Bible literally, saying it is the actual word of God. That is similar to what Gallup has measured over the last two decades, but down from the 1970s and 1980s. A 49% plurality of Americans say the Bible is the inspired word of God but that it should not be taken literally, consistently the most common view in Gallup's nearly 40-year history of this question. Another 17% consider the Bible an ancient book of stories recorded by man."[9]

      more at the link on Biblical literalism.

    • is that a no jon? you can't link to your sources for the "ethnic cleansing of Jews that was done by Palestinians during the 1948 war?"

      absence of jews in one area doesn't mean they were necessarily ethnically cleansed. especially when the state of israel was scrambling to hold down the regions they'd stolen from the area designated for arab state. why do you think they imported jews from iraq, the zionist underground there and trying to work out a trade from iraq? you made an allegation and i think it's fair to ask for a source. was it benny morris? just spill the beans.

    • thanks for answering jon. not sure if your mention of church affiliated and muslim schools meant "in israel" but i absolutely know that there are many christian schools that don't take the bible literally and teach w/ (your wording) "modern critical methods". most christians don't take the bible literally - word for word, as far as i know, i could be wrong. i don't know much about the various muslim schools.

      I refer to the Bible as a source when teaching the Second Temple period , especially where events described in the Bible are consistent with extra-biblical sources and with the archaeological record.

      what about teaching the masada? do you teach that thus far there's no evidence it happened or that there's growing doubt by many scientists, or anything like that? any both sides teaching? and what about the period of the parting of the red sea? do you not teach about that time, teach it with the idea it's true, or teach it with a caveat about science?

      i'm just asking because i was never taught about the parting of the red sea in school, nor any other biblical stories. i recall reading about greek gods and goddesses, the illad and odyssey maybe noah's arc, but nothing about jesus that i can recall. and we were not instructed to believe the story of noah was based on any reality anymore than we were instructed to believe pinocchio got swallowed by a whale.

      i'm just wondering if something like the red sea parting is ever introduced as possibly having fable implications, or if it's always taken literally in a state school or not referenced (as in my history classes).

    • jon s, i've read that in israel they teach the bible as history in state schools. is that true?

      ie, something like the parting of the red sea?

    • perennial Palestinian suffering at the hands of Israel is not a myth.

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