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Annie Robbins is Editor at Large for Mondoweiss, a mother, a human rights activist and a ceramic artist. She lives in the SF bay area. Follow her on Twitter @anniefofani

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  • Sh*tstirring Jeffrey Goldberg dumps diplomatic sh*tstorm with 'chickensh*t' quote
    • omg

    • here's the urban dictionary definition in case anyone is interested

      chicken shit
      Coward... Cowardly... Wimp... Wimpy
      That punk won't fight because he's a little chicken shit

    • not to toot my own horn but take a look see from AP: link to

      Anonymous White House criticism of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that drew condemnation in Israel is roiling Washington politics, putting the U.S. administration on the defensive and prompting congressional demands for President Barack Obama to repudiate the remarks.


      The incendiary comments come six days before elections with Democrats struggling to hold onto their Senate majority and taking steps to boost voter turnout in typically low-interest midterm contests. The remarks also come against the backdrop of negotiations involving the United States and other Western powers to secure a nuclear agreement with Iran.

      .....[i'm shocked, shocked i tell you]......

      On Capitol Hill, Republicans and some Democrats pounced on the anonymous comments and criticized the administration.

      "When the president discusses Israel and Iran, it is sometimes hard to tell who he thinks is America's friend and who he thinks is America's enemy," House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said. "Over the last several months, I have watched the administration insult ally after ally. I am tired of the administration's apology tour. The president sets the tone for his administration. He either condones the profanity and disrespect used by the most senior members of his administration, or he does not. It is time for him to get his house in order and tell the people that can't muster professionalism that it is time to move on."

      House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., said "responsible presidents ensure their advisers work through policy differences with our closest partners respectfully and through the appropriate channels."

      Rep. Eliot Engel of New York, the top Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, called the comments "counterproductive" and "unprofessional."

      Rep. Brad Sherman, D-Calif., called them "outrageous" and added: "Personal attacks against leaders of allied countries have no place in our foreign policy."

      Said Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., "Comments like these go right to our fears about the administration, which is seen as treating our friends like enemies and our enemies like friends."


      Associated Press writers Jim Kuhnhenn and Matthew Lee contributed to this report.

      you don't say! and yes horizontal Ari Fleischer is a die hard washed up neocon (and infamous tool).

      and didn't netanyahu&co pull a few fast ones and try to torpedo right before the last election..oh yes he did, and israel's same lap dogs used the same lines. maybe they think this crap willl get out the vote for the gop and tank the dems. i have no idea.

    • allegedly calling netanyahu a chickenshit.

    • omg that graphic is to die for!!! that's gotta be adam .

    • go ahead, ask me if i think the timing of this right before the elections (and smack dab in the face of iran negotiations) is not a ploy to get the WH to be licking everybody's boots and every member of congress prostrating before israel declaring their everlasting love. JG to the rescue!

      'sorry sorry sorry!'

  • US-Israel relationship is still 'strong and formidable,' says State Dep't
  • 'It's going to be rad': Amman skaters work to build 7Hills Skate Park
    • yeah. and i like that Seven Hills Skate Park Limited Edition skateboard. i might have to get my son one for christmas. i sent him the link over the weekend and he wrote back "definitely a cool looking board " ... and he knows cool like a fish knows water.

  • University of Exeter students vote to boycott Israeli settlement products in a landslide
    • andrew, the largest voter turnout in the history of the university....and 86% approval, is just stunningly wonderful and represents an astonishing success for organizers. hands down.

      btw, Amorus's concise response to the oppositions strategy can (and should) be replicated here on campuses in the US. because claiming to know what's best for palestinians and claiming to be pro palestinian, as opposed to trying to defend israel, has been used here as well (with some success unfortunately). my hunch is it's an overall (colonialist) strategy coming from the top, they need to be fully flushed and outed for this shapeshifting disingenuous charade.

      there's nothing that brings me more confidence things are turning around than the youth today. 86%, just an incredible victory indeed! i can't wait til we start getting those numbers on US campuses, and we will. thanks for your report.

  • Jebreal debunks Netanyahu's 'American values' claim in NYT piece on 'hate policies'
    • would you like to stay where you were brought up and your family has lived for centuries or move across that border and get bombed and invaded? oh gee, i think i'll stay where i am thank you! doesn't mean they love the racist regime.

  • Another New York Times' reporter's son is in the Israeli army
    • seafoid gets my vote any day! sorry mooser ;)

    • israel's sword is dependent on it's pen. what would the slaughter/ethnic cleansing look like without the narrative to go along with it. either way it's a slam dunk tho; israel is loosing the media war because no amount of hasbara can erase the war crimes or the agenda.

    • hey double standard. re your trashed response, you should try that again without the equivalent of 'jews are not a people other than the collective identity to screw over humanity' thrown in. you know we don't publish that crap.

    • ts called stalking.

      bwahhh. and what are you doing here benedict?

    • Her reporting is totally skewed against Israel as it is

      could you post some examples of this alleged "totally skewed against Israel" ? w/link and blockquote?

      like this:

      kershner's title: "Israel Claims Nearly 1,000 Acres of West Bank Land Near Bethlehem" link to

      Israel on Sunday laid claim to nearly 1,000 acres of West Bank land in a Jewish settlement bloc....Palestinians aspire to form a state in the lands that Israel conquered in 1967.

      laid claim? they seized the land. conquered?

      and what about this: link to

      The story here was the massive number of units (20,000!) slated for development. Every Israeli newspaper managed to prioritize that part of the story correctly. Yet for the New York Times the story, written by Jodi Rudoren, was not that 20,000 new settlements units were closer to being built but rather that Netanyahu put a stop to some settlements.

      It is absolutely dumbfounding that Israeli papers continue to report more critically of their government than papers in the United States. In fact, the headline of the NYT story yesterday was "Netanyahu halts some settlement plants, but others to proceed." It would make you think that the majority were initially halted and the minority were to proceed but in fact it was the other way around, twenty-fold!

      i highly recommend opening the entire link. we've had numerous articles here critiquing the bias of the nyt. and there's a great blog dedicated to exposing bias at the times: link to

      so please offer some example of how they "totally skewed against Israel".

    • you might have a point had they written that the times covers israel a certain way because it has a jewish owner. but they didn't. they wrote that the times has a jewish owner and "maintained a policy in the 1950s and 60s of only assigning non-Jewish reporters to Jerusalem lest the paper might appear to be exercising bias in favor of the Jewish state" and later reversed that policy. and then mention that some people today think that policy was anti semitic.

      and then they wrote "But the policy the Times replaced that one with seems to be fulfilling some of its early concerns. "

      and what would those concerns be? "the paper might appear to be exercising bias in favor of the Jewish state"

      You provide no evidence of any link between the two.

      not sure if i agree with you there hops. if the times had reporters whose children were serving in palestinian militias some of their pro israel readers might raise concerns. the evidence, or "link" is the mere fact of their children serving in the military on one side of a conflict the parents are reporting.

  • UCLA Hillel partners with PR firm to fight BDS movement
    • money is likely not an issue. there's an endless supply. if no one else, i'm sure aldelson would cover it. or some other billionaire. alex did an earlier report on that one bruins funder who picked up the tab for their student senate elections via hillel. endless funds or quid pro quo i am sure.

    • so hillel plans to launch an offensive against qatar, isis and hamas!


      great reporting alex

  • Kerry just snubbed a gov't minister who calls for segregated bus lines. And that's a bad thing?
    • oh i am sure she did, very sure. however, remember when the US pressured europe like crazy to find someone to veto a settlement resolution so obama wouldn't have to do it because his policy was a settlement freeze? all they needed to do was find ONE other country who would veto it so they wouldn't have to. the US would not be "FORCED" to veto a resolution unless they were a last hold out. there were probably a lot of deals behind the scenes. toameh's article states "Last week, the PA said it has secured the backing of seven Security Council members for the statehood bid: Chile, Nigeria, Russia, Argentina, Jordan, Chad and China."

      and sort of leaves that hanging leading to the implication maybe they had lost some of that support (which is likely not the case at all) and it omits the other countries. again, kerry would not be forced to veto unless palestine did not have the backing of nine members.

      anyway, just be weary of anything he wrotes, because although some of it could be true, he spins facts and is a tool used by israel propaganda all the time.

      here's more. so much posturing.anyway,the source is challenged.

      Erekat declared Tuesday that if the United States vetoed the PA’s UN resolution for a timetable to “end the Israeli occupation”, the PA would apply for membership to 522 international organizations and statutes - in violation of previous treaties with Israel. Erekat said in a statement quoted by the Ma’annews agency that the PA should also seek recognition by EU countries, especially after the new Swedish prime minister's announcement that his country would recognize “Palestine” and the British parliament's symbolic vote to do the same. "We have nothing to lose except loss itself," Erekat said in the statement, according to PA news agency Ma’an.

      In recent weeks, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has been promoting a unilateral move in the form of a UN Security Council resolution that will call for Israel to “end the occupation” (i.e. withdraw from Judea and Samaria) by November of 2016, thus setting the stage for the founding of a Palestinian state.

      But on Wednesday, PA officials were quoted in Arab media as saying that they were willing to hold off on the plan. They added that they would be willing to resume negotiations with Israel – but only with preconditions, meaning that Israel would have to agree to the PA's demands in advance of any talks, according to Asharq al-Awsat. The preconditions would require concessions by Israel on borders and a complete end to all building in Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem. The PA said that it would wait three months before moving forward with the plan, the PA said.

      link to

    • oh look:

      on Thursday to a report that the Palestinian Authority has agreed to delay by two months its plan to seek a UN Security Council resolution calling for an Israeli withdrawal to the pre-1967 lines within three years.

      The London-based pan-Arab daily Asharq Alawsat quoted Palestinian sources in Ramallah as saying that the PA leadership would give US Secretary of State John Kerry a two-month window to present his own plan for peace.

      link to

      it was irresponsible of Toameh not to mention this. and noticeably the 2 month window jumps over the november US elections.

    • just, the wording in the jpost article is problematic.

      the PA leadership to delay its Security Council bid, made it clear that the move would embarrass Washington by forcing it to veto the proposed resolution.

      Kerry reportedly told the PA leadership that a US veto would have a negative impact on American-Palestinian relations.

      Al-Quds also revealed that the PA has failed to win the backing of nine members of the Security Council for the proposed resolution

      "the PA has failed to win the backing of nine members" implies there were 9 members who would not back the resolution, which is likely not true because had nine members not supported the resolution the US would have not had to use their veto.

      The State submits an application to the Secretary-General and a letter formally stating that it accepts the obligations under the Charter.
      The Security Council considers the application. Any recommendation for admission must receive the affirmative votes of 9 of the 15 members of the Council, provided that none of its five permanent members — China, France, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the United States of America — have voted against the application.
      If the Council recommends admission, the recommendation is presented to the General Assembly for consideration. A two-thirds majority vote is necessary in the Assembly for admission of a new State.
      Membership becomes effective the date the resolution for admission is adopted.

      link to

      granted this is listed under "how a new State or Government obtain recognition by the United Nations?" but this is likely the same kind of structure for a resolution to pass.

      also, this article is written by gatestones KHALED ABU TOAMEH, definitely not to be trusted.

  • Israeli army kills 14-year old Palestinian with U.S. citizenship
    • american, i too think military intervention should be avoided at all cost. but it's hypocritical to hold israel to a different standard than any other country, including iran. if we're willing to threaten iran militarily over their nuclear program (not even a weapons program unlike israel!) and weapons inspections, it's hypocritical not to do the same for any country including israel. same goes for threatening to invade syria for use of chemical weapons on civilians and not threaten israel over their use of them on the population of gaza (while we sell them to israel!).

      we should impose strong sanctions on israel for the continued occupation and settlement building/theft of land and back that up with a threat of force if they do not comply by a given date. make a 'red line' to coin netanyahu's term. be decisive and move this situation down the road. israel would comply in no time to a threat of force by the US military. this could have been a done deal decades ago.

    • The only significance of those ” causes” are as leads in investigations aimed at prevention (before the attack) or apprehending the perps after the fact.

      oh we know that's not true jon. for example, when the occupation army you support commits acts of terror (as in the execution of the 14 yr old child) while, as you say, they "always come up with some dumbass “motivation’, “justification”, “cause” or whatever for killing people" quite clearly "The only significance of those ” causes” " are NOT as leads in investigations "aimed at prevention (before the attack) or apprehending the perps after the fact."

      in contrary, the significance of coming up with " some dumbass “motivation’, “justification”, “cause” or whatever for killing people" " is to be not be held accountable and to continue to slaughter with impunity for the purpose of the continued colonizing and ethnic cleansing of palestine.

      Just to be clear -and repeating myself for the umpteenth time- I condemn terrorism from whatever side, and especially when children are victims.

      yeah, but you don't define israeli war crimes and slaughter of children and innocents as terrorism, so frankly, you can repeat your claims for the umpteenth time and beyond and it won't make a bit of difference. it's a hollow claim given the blatant caveat of holding those whom you defend outside the scope of acts of terror, which they perpetrate constantly in the act of occupation.

    • tree, here is a little more info about what happened to al-jabari, truly horrific. link to

    • in one case the killer was not even an uniformed officer representing the state

      he was a civilian, so it's not applicable.

      re mike brown, it remains to be seen link to

      The FBI is investigating whether Wilson violated Brown's civil rights. The Department of Justice is reviewing Ferguson Police Department's internal investigations of use of force during the last four years.

    • P.S. Are we never to have an Edit button again?

      i have no idea. write adam and phil.

      i do know the iof don't murder these stone throwers:

      yesterday: link to

      Israeli settlers living in Betar Illit settlement hurled stones at
      Palestinian vehicles while they were at Wadi Al-Baqara area at the
      entrance of Nahhalin village, west of Bethlehem city. (RB2000 23
      October 2014)

    • jjs, everyone knows the iof lie w/impunity. there have been way too many murders of innocent palestinian children israel claims were in the process of committing a crime that turned out to be outright fabrications for us to believe anything they say.

    • you're on the wrong thread: link to

      three-month old Chaya Zissel Braun

      why aren't you complaining about little Einas Khalil not getting her own headline? or whining her killer got ignore by mondoweiss? you can be certain of one thing, unlike braun's killer, he won't be gunned down by israeli police, the family of the settler who killed einas will not be hauled in for questioning nor will their home be demolished. it's apartheid after all.

    • i was not addressing you horizontal, i was addressing Laurent Weppe's remark "US can also kill american citizens with little to no consequences".

    • 13/14 year olds, with no repercussions? source please.

  • Thousands attend funeral for Palestinian-American child killed by Israeli army
    • if israeli snipers were not using live fire and were skilled enough to aim properly they could avoid the appearance they were hunting down kids by aiming for something other than their head, neck, heart, etc.

      this the same military that claimed the boys killed on nakba day (shot thru the heart) were slaughtered while they were throwing stones while the video proved that was a lie. there's no reason to believe the allegation hammad was 'about' to throw a molotov, it sounds like justification for a execution.

      lying is a routine affair for the israeli military and believing those lies is routine for the US government. however the people are not so easily hoodwinked.

  • Bus ads hitting US aid for Israeli 'war crimes' roll in Portland (after ban in Seattle)
    • there's nothing dishonest or inaccurate about stating our tax dollars are funding this mayhem, because we are. our tax dollars, because of lobbiests, disproportionately fund war profiteers via fed grants is nothing to be proud of. it's awful our economy depends of being a global supplier of ammo, weapons and weapons carriers.

      and as far as the "american jobs" you speak of, we don't need them. if the fed budget is going to inadvertently create american jobs via funding israel's brutal occupation we can easily cut out the middle man and just give the money to the american public as far as i am concerned. or we can fund another industry where the outcome (free stuff) goes to americans instead of israelis .

      ‘tax dollars’ isn’t really the motivation of our movement

      that's irrelevant. if the motivation is freedom and equal rights and palestinian civil society asks us to BDS, we BDS. government funding matters. we should deprive israel of it and the occupation's blood will be less on our hands.

    • I am wondering why some of these campaigns do not use that haunting picture of the Pope with the words “FREE PALESTINE” in some of these campaigns.

      that's a good idea for an ad kay.

      re block the boat, SeaMAC volunteers are literally everywhere and active on all fronts. who could forget their hounding of bill gates! a friend of mine works for the gates foundation and she called me from her office one day "they're out there right now!!" link to

      here's the video again, literally relentless activists!

    • unofficially, they got hounded by the lobby.

      in the second paragraph of the article above i embedded a link to Silenced in Seattle, SeaMAC presses on with ads against settlements, child imprisonment and collective punishment link to

      it contains a press release from Jan 2012, here's a quote from it with the official response from king co metro:

      King County Metro then twice revised its advertising policy to prevent any “public issue advertising expressing or advocating an opinion, position or viewpoint on matters of public debate about economic, political, religious or social issues”. In spite of that policy, King County Metro has since accepted advertisements for the Mormon religion and a labor rally, as well as a recent ad that said “Buy American”.

      “It’s hard to see how King County has been unbiased or ‘viewpoint neutral’ when they have continued to run other political and religious advertisements while censoring ours,” said SeaMAC volunteer Edward Mast.

  • State Department calls for 'speedy, transparent investigation' of Israel's killing of 14-year-old US citizen
    • i'm not counting out the probability there have been incidences throughout the history of the occupation that a military spokesperson has been truthful, on occasion. but it's not even close to the norm. simply no compelling reason to believe anything they say, which is their own fault. lying with impunity is what they do, and everyone knows it except brainwashed lemmings.

    • israel's already claiming the boy was about to throw a molotov cocktail. this is now the explanation why he was shot. before it was announced he was an american they said he threw stones. they also claimed the nakba day sniper slaughter of the boys was a result of stone throwing but video proved otherwise.

      israel lies w/impunity. a sniper took out the boy, likely because soldiers were sport hunting children again.

  • 'Village on the volcano' is latest effort to change the subject from the occupation
    • Wonder what is in that koolaid they drink over there.

      speaking of koolaid, this reminded me of another one of SeaMAC's efforts, Apartheid Adventures (dozens of videos!)

    • Phil, not sure if you embedded this link because i have not opened them all yet, but i highly recommend this article, a response to Matti Friedman’s tablet article by Steven Gutkin, AP Jerusalem bureau chief, the guy who hired Friedman and whom many of Friedman's accusations were directed towards. Gutkin calls the Tablet article "little more than well-written hogwash."

      link to

      And shame on NPR for hosting friedman regarding his accusations sans one Palestinian voice.

  • Shaking the campus from the US to Palestine
    • The Zionists who first began arriving in numbers during the 19th century could hardly be classified as colonialists
      link to

      The Palestine Jewish Colonization Association, commonly known by its Yiddish acronym PICA (Hebrew: פיק"א‎), was established in 1924 and played a major role in supporting the Yishuv in Palestine until its disbandment in 1957.
      The Jewish Colonization Association (JCA or ICA) was founded by Bavarian philanthropist Baron Maurice de Hirsch in 1891 to help Jews from Russia and Romania to settle in Argentina.[1][2] Baron de Hirsch died in 1896 and thereafter the JCA began to also assist the Palestinian colonies.[2] At the end of 1899 Edmond James de Rothschild transferred title to his colonies in Palestine plus fifteen million francs to the JCA. In 1924 the JCA branch dealing with colonies in Palestine was reorganised by Baron de Rothschild as the Palestine Jewish Colonization Association,[1][3] under the direction of his son James Armand de Rothschild.[4]

      Why are these people not insisting that white Australians return Australia to their rightful owners the aborigines and white Americans return the land they stole from the the Red Indians?

      hmm, maybe because the indigenous peoples of australia and the US are now full citizens in their respective countries. did you read the article? sjp are not asking israel to "return the land they stole" they are asking for end of the Israeli occupation and colonization of 1967 lands (israel is still colonizing/thieving palestinian land, they need to STOP), the right of return and equality.

      pay attention!

  • There are some things about Gaza that I still can't wrap my head around
    • Said to be even more disturbing than the infamous Abu Ghraib photographs that sparked a global furor in 2004,

      yeah, that was reported back in the day.that's why we were not allowed to see them. probably rapes and stuff. or setting dogs on them or making them perform disgusting acts. on eachother or animals or something.

    • This is a war of civilizations.

      israel being the neanderthal

  • Netanyahu vows, ‘we will win’ as family members of Jerusalem attacker are arrested
    • . Israel has more incarcerated people than all other countries worldwide.

      do you mean proportionately?

    • hellsbells, it is likely allison didn't know the video was self starting. i'm sorry, if that makes a difference. i don't like that sound either and turned it off on my computer. but i do think the video is relevant.

      btw, ma'an is reporting they are sealing or demolishing the Al-Shaludi family's home. link to

      Al-Shaludi's mother Inas Sharif, 42, said she was unsure what happened.

      "I cannot say if it was on purpose or just a simple car accident," she told reporters at her home.

      "If it was really an attack, why didn't he have explosives in his car -- or even just Molotov cocktails?"

      Only hours before the incident, she had taken her son to the doctor who had advised him to see a therapist after days of exhibiting signs of mental exhaustion.

      i was thinking, before i watched the video of the incidence, about the title. they called it a terror attack and i thought to myself ... someone would probably have to be mentally ill to purposely drive into a crowd of civilians. of course i thought of little Einas Khalil as soon as i heard of the death of the little 3 month old jewish baby.

      and then to read the mother say she took him to the doctor. he must have snapped. but was it pre meditated? how can one say. but to punish the family this way, why? is the family home of khalil's killer being demolished? are the relatives of khalil's killer being arrested? is the attack on khalil called a terrorist attack?

  • An open letter to Birthright participants past, present, and future
    • It is not a trip designed to identify, define or discuss the plight of Palestinians

      but they always take the time to indoctrinate them w/the idf right? so it's not really true all they do is connected with their "Judaism, with the Land of Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael and with a bit of the spirituality that was given to them as children in Hebrew school" throw in for good measure, now is it?

    • thank you very much for your activism and witness Hannah Ruth Friedstein. i especially found the part about being instructed to draw the windows closed so jerusalem "will be a surprise" very amusing!

      the only part where i felt you were way to kind was this:

      These false accusations of anti-Semitism against anyone who does not support Israeli policies are used in order to achieve the goal of distracting individuals and groups from the problems of illegal occupation.

      the goal is not merely distraction, it is in order to brainwash, threaten and create fear of speaking out in order to stifle dissent so that the crimes of the state can go on unimpeded. and not just in jews but for virtually all of israel's honest critics.

  • Allegations of anti-Semitism used to cover up anti-Palestinian hate crime in Brooklyn
    • you're in top form today mooser ;)

    • exactly! i second that! even chomsky said

      Maybe 500 or 600 students were there, all enthusiastic, engaged, committed, concerned, wanting to do something about it. That’s happening all over the country. All over the country, Palestinian solidarity is one of the biggest issues on campus—enormous change in the last few years.

      link to

      if this is anybody's idea of failure, they have rocks for brains. i think it's a case of sour grapes if you ask me.

    • who's the white gentile? and how does that broad brush anyone except whomever posted the video. i'm not grasping your logic, please explain.

      recalls Jon Stewart talking about white privilege without once mentioning other forms of privilege

      ? except that article is not about "Jon Stewart talking about white privilege without once mentioning other forms of privilege"

      so how it "recalls" it is completely lost on me.

  • The hidden documents that reveal the true borders of Israel and Palestine
    • obviously many of the jews who arrived in palestine were foreigners when they arrived. it takes a contortion of reality to believe otherwise. i can't show up in scotland having never been there and claim i am not a foreigner because some long lost relative of mine allegedly came from there in the 4th century, hundreds of generations ago. this defies all normal concepts of 'foreign'. "historic homeland" is an excuse, not a carte blanche justification for colonization. by these standards we're all natives of africa because that's where humanity began.

      “Bi-national state” implies that there are two nations on the land

      palestinians are as much a nation of people as jews are, arguable, if not moreso. you've simply got no argument jews are "a nation of people" if you don't hold the same or similar standards for others.

      We are quite at home here.

      yeah well i can move to timbuk2 and live there for a few decades and feel "quite at home", still doesn't detract from the fact i arrived as a foreigner. however, i do think people who were born there are not foreigners, but that doesn't mean their relatives were not foreign immigrants.

      in a nutshell, europeans are natives to palestine like humans are all natives of africa. but by modern day standards, they are foreign immigrants.

  • Israeli president's diagnosis -- 'Israel is a sick society' -- doesn't go viral in the U.S.
    • If Israel were to stop jailing and/or killing all the moderates, we might actually get to find out.

      let's torture and jail 10's of thousands of jews, create legislation to prevent the rest of them from the opportunity to ever live on the vast majority of the land..and then suggest we dialogue with them to have better relations!

    • what i find interesting is Rivlin’s call for dialogue when palestinians are finally fed up with these kind of empty kumbayas are are now anti normalization. if he thinks dialogue is the answer he needs to get the jewish israelis on one page, somewhat at least. as part of the government he could start by making structural changes like some mandatory school program that educated the youth on the actual history of the beginning of the state (nakba!). why dialogue with people in denial, a majority of which don't even recognize palestinians as a people?

      this is meaningless at this stage of the game in an environment (like i mentioned about) of the courts empowering draconian anti democratic legislation by turned the clock backwards and passing it into law!!! and then lets all dialogue?

    • ha! just you crack me up.

    • it's not too advanced for any treatment, but the idea this can be treated with 'dialogue' at this juncture is delusional.

      the racism is built into the structure of society thru the laws and the (in) justice system. what is the state going to offer besides facilitating dialogue? it's like treating the symptoms of a fatal disease while fueling the growth of the disease. take the recent high court ruling regarding those neighborhood admission committees. it's going backwards not forwards.

      Does he have the makings of a De Klerk

      i dunno.

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