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Annie Robbins is Editor at Large for Mondoweiss, a mother, a human rights activist and a ceramic artist. She lives in the SF bay area. Follow her on Twitter @anniefofani

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  • Emails show Missouri museum canceled 'Ferguson to Palestine' event under pressure from Jewish group
    • there's no indication from the missouri history museum of "understanding" anything other than when pressured by the jewish community you better buckle. that when push comes to shove it's not their own opinion that matters, it's that of the jewish community and ADL.

      also, what's clear is that levine's role and responsibilities, as part of the “organized” Jewish Community, supersedes her responsibilities as the director of the museum. she's known all along what she was doing was wrong, otherwise she wouldn't have lied about it to the students and press. the released emails tell a completely different story. so why lie if your actions are honorable? they were trying to hide the involvement and pressure from jewish community members.

      and yet, without this evidence if you accuse jews of meddling in community affairs and demanding their way you get accused of anti semitism. ADL should be lambasted for getting involved in this.

    • oh, and regarding pabelmont's comment, that's his opinion. considering our government has a policy of doing just this, spying on mosques, muslim leaders and the muslim community, it's fair game to make statements like that. we've had numerous articles about it as well as discussions about it in other-numerous threads. show me where you objected, show me where you claimed it was racist or unpublishable here or came down on any of our regular israel defenders for defending this kind of stuff. then i'll take your complaint more seriously.

      personally, i think it is extreme. i believe in a separation between church and state. but that's not what happens here in the US, churches are involved in social issues too. synagogues are not just about worship, many (most) have submerged with zionism. and it's documented that pressure (some would considering it threatening) comes to bear on community members opposed to zionism or supporting palestine.

      considering the jcrc requested the museum notify the local police to assure their presence and the peaceful demo this is a tables turned comment. see how you like that? i don't see you objecting to jcrc's request. calling it racist. why not?

    • The notion that the museum is unwilling to hold events on Palestine is simply belied by the facts here.

      strawman. i never made the claim the museum was unwilling to hold events on palestine. i responded to this untrue allegation of yours "you don’t change the subject of the event at the last minute"

      it was not at the last minute. the group held several meetings w/museum staff discussing the event, it had been cleared, posters had been made, and event had been advertised on the museums website all prior to jcrc complaint. the only thing that happened at "the last minute" was the cancelation.

      also, there is a difference between holding "events on Palestine" and holding events on Palestine only after they have been vetted by zionist organizations. how would you like it if every jewish or israeli event was first required to be vetted by palestinians!!

      please!!! don't make us laugh!

    • i'm not an investigative journalist. i almost exclusively rely on others (already published) reports i find online. i just scrunch them together in one draft and add some commentary.

      i'm not even a journalist. i'm a blogger. ;)

    • just, the story was out for a few days before st louis biz journal started writing about it. they featured that photo of levine. i don't recall the first stories mentioning the museum director by name. when i saw that photo of levine the pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place w/ease.

    • phil, you should have used levine's photo too! don't let her off the hook! link to

      given their collective histories, it's to be expected of local Jewish Community Relations Councils to pull this crap, but unless the museum is a jewish museum (it isn't) directors should be vetted for bias before holding these positions. it reminds me of the latest UCLA trumped up scandal about the student gov questioning the jewish student about bias given her affiliations. these people shouldn't be allowed to act as gatekeepers for the jewish community if they are holding public positions serving the public interests. levine should be fired from her job.

      and calling the ADL and giving them access to vet all palestine related events is absurd! fire levine for gatekeeping and lying to the public in the attempted cover up.

      great sleuthing by St. Louis Palestine Solidarity Committee and St. Louis JVP!

    • hops, do your homework before making foolish statements like this. the event was already posted on the museum's events calendar (before it was removed) and it was advertised in posters around town. with the name of the event clearly posted in the headline, using the word "palestine".

      i collected a whole slew of graphics and links intending to write about this story which broke in the run up to israel's election. never got around to it. but there was plenty of evidence the museum was just making an excuse.

  • Jeb Bush bashes Iran talks as 'foolish' and hails Israeli settlements as 'new apartment buildings in Jerusalem'
  • The liberal Zionist lament: Joe Klein and Jodi Rudoren try to explain away Israeli racism
    • nah, she gets away with it because she's african/black and makes outrageous claims (lies, which got her kicked out of the netherlands). but she's not so famous for getting busted for her lies here, so there's a big push to resurrect her in the states. because she is exotic looking and black and claims to have been a victim of muslim related persecution she makes a perfect poster girl for the right.

    • TEN YEARS of Holocaust studies?!

      holocaust studies is a college major offered at several universities. they have entire departments just for it. they pump out graduates yearly to teach it cross the world.

    • that's an outrageous quote from brooks. even in their victimhood they claim superiority. hatred against us is worse, bigger and all encompassing! total trash! get your head out of the sand brooks.

  • American Jews are taking back their power from Israel
    • ;) bummer! i wanted the cuddly moose! you're forgiven. how very very sweet of you.

    • the winner is entitled to cigar, coco-nut, or stuffed animal, winner’s choice!

      i'd like the cuddly moose:
      link to

    • about 1/2 way thru i did think 'hey, we matter too!' and the next sentence i read was "Of course many other Americans were angered by Netanyahu’s act of daring. But I believe that Jews drove the political shift. "

      this, i believe, is difference of opinion/perspective - there are those who believe (like slatter) that any shift in US opinion on israel depends on the jewish community. i don't agree. i think most american jews are susceptible to the same shifts, the same winds coursing thru our political environment. i don't think we can be separated so easily and i don't think we take our cues from jewish pundits, politicians and thinkers. i think americans of all stripes were appalled by the gop/netanyahu/boehner gumption of making that speech and there is clarity israel is trying to push us into war with iran. that's not just jewish people giving us permission to be appalled. it's a natural reaction for an american. so that revulsion swept thru the country and we all felt it.

      i don't care that phil (and others) think these national winds of change on the american conscience happen because there is some sort of permission there from american jews. in fact, phil's second to last embed here: link to “It breaks my heart to say this, but today I don’t feel I can call myself a Zionist any longer.” i think we give them permission. i think the national dialogue is lifting up and supporting these voices . it's really normal not to be a zionist and it doesn't mean you're a hater and a bad person. it's because of people like martin, and people like blacklivesmatter, and people who have been in front on prison reform, and here we are decades after the civil rights movement that as americans we just know, in our hearts that racism is wrong. that's not jewish per se, it's common sense and who we are. and it's the strength in knowing that and the support we lend eachother that will give courage to these people who are a part of us (american jews) who have been raised to support this criminal state -- it will give them support to break away. and that's what we're seeing. i don't think they are leading this shift. i think it is the american people from all walks of life in the lead. as we (all of us) swell in numbers what we're seeing is the tipping pt.

      anyway, either way it's fine with me. chick egg or egg chicken it makes no difference. what makes a difference is we're moving forward and doing it together.

    • if it has not occurred to the conference of presidents they shot themselves in the foot by rejecting j street - not including them in their big tent - it should be dawning on them sometime soon. bigggg divide in the works.

      great article phil!

  • I want my country back
    • yes, i follow him on twitter. that's where i got access t all those amazing photos as soon as they were published. that particular article got published late on MW, the next day, not sure why. by the time it was published the news had already spread like wildfire and i think because of that, unfortunately, our article wasn't heavily trafficed. which is a shame. i remember being bummed about it at the time. a day late and all that.

      anyway, after writing the article the day of the event and using all of hasan's incredible photos (which later got picked up around the web), the next day we found out he was arrested which i added to the base of the article.

      but at the time as i recall i was following the twitter feed and then it just went dead. i didn't know he had been arrested. we had tried to reach him for permission to post the photos. (in fact maybe that's why it was delayed come to think of it) when i found out he had been arrested we published. my memory is starting to kick in now.

    • If you read the NY Times, you understand that a “Memo from” column is usually an analysis/human interest column ... not just straight reportage.

      analysis? what analysis? did we read the same article? have you read the comments on the article hops? if not i highly suggest you do. it doesn't appear that anyone other than yourself thinks she was just mouthing israeli opinion and didn't agree with it. this is one of the comments at the times (my bold):

      It is understandable that Netanyahu, his allies and even his countrymen and women who now have to bear the fallout of his unseemly behavior earlier this month now want to put this whole matter behind them as if it never happened.
      But I don't understand why the journalists reporting this story are toeing that line. The notion that genuine concessions required for real progress on a two-state solutions are dismissed out of hand should be a clue as to how serious Netanyahu was in the days leading up to his election.
      Put simply, Obama is right to follow through on his response to this bullying "ally." Unlike Netanyahu, he talks softly and carries a big stick.

    • rusty, those comments at the nyt are gold. just amazing. the nyt picks squeezed in one supporting netanyahu w/the 'surrounded by sea of hostility' hasbara, but other than that, even their picks reflected the overall sentiment.

      and the readers picks are just fantastic. i'm quite a ways down and not one pro israel comment yet. americans are fed up.

    • As you point out this is the first time Obama and team have said that they will “reassess” I believe a first.

      i was really hoping obama would reassess his carrot/stick options after 9 arduous months of kerry running back and forth across the atlantic for the "negotiations" that morphed into a neutered "framework" for negotiations --- but nooo. and then hops has the nerve to say "You really believe that Obama wasn’t planning to launch this “reassessment” before Netanyahu made his comment to the NRG reporter? I have a bridge to sell you."

      ha! as if obama didn't have the perfect opportunity to do just that over and over and over again. so if it was the grand plan all along, what the hoot took him so long? what's taking him so long right now? so get it over with! the absurdity of thinking obama had some grand plan and was perched on the edge of his seat waiting for some opportune time to announce reassessment? ridiculous! what better time than the run up to that congressional speech? or after kerry's "poof" statement in front of congress. or the numerous announcements of new settlements -- like the time biden was in town? i mean seriously, the time to launch a reassessment was years ago. this was not some sidelined leak (recall the leaked video of netanyahu bragging about american can be moved and he personally tanked oslo?), it was not a press statement in hebrew during last summer's slaughter (and yes i think we can assume since it was reported in the times of israel as well as numerous hebrew press reports the state department knew about it) this was a highly publicized get out the vote press junket directed at the nation! it was a blatant reveal-statement! there's no evidence what so ever Obama was planning to launch a “reassessment”. none whatsoever. in fact, all evidence (an ABUNDANCE of evidence) suggests obama would have continued doing nothing in terms of retribution. in fact i think most people had assumed he'd washed his hands of the whole "peace process" gambit.

      netanyahu pushed too far. he honestly thought he could get away with anything and when queried he spoke honestly -- not on his watch. it was something anyone with a brain already knew anyway, the only surprise here is that obama just said 'enough already and were not playing this game anymore'. if the majority of israelis don't want 2ss, then the US should not continue with this game. we need a FP that reflects reality, not a fantasy of publicly having wool pulled down over our eyes with lies, for years;being made fools of, like dupes shoveling out the money.

    • the very first time obama has dared to say he’s reassessing the options. ”

      C’mon Annie. The White House and the State Department were publicly criticizing Israel just about every day for a week.

      so cite them. go ahead. you know i am right. this is the first time obama has ever stated he was re assessing his options wrt israel. thru think and thin he gave them support at the UN, money, backing for everything. the harshest criticism was a 'we don't think that's helpful' type thing.

      what? all hell breaks loose if the US rethinks their strategic options? face it hops, you've got nothing.

      You really don’t seem to understand that the piece is covering the reaction of the Israelis

      spare us. she wrote this:

      Mr. Obama showed no signs on Tuesday of softening his stance on Mr. Netanyahu’s momentary disavowal of the two-state solution that has long been the cornerstone of American policy.

      not 'Mr. Eiland said', or 'israelis think'. face it hops, you've got a theory and you're trying to push it off as what she allegedly means. instead, just read her friggin words and face the music. she called his get out the speech to the nation, reciting the very same communication he made last summer, as a "momentary disavowal". that's HER.

      massive hasbara #FAIL on your part.

    • it's so astounding just. to take a posture that obama is relentless after years and years of obtrusive bullying behavior from the israel lobby! it's as if to say 'the nerve of anyone hitting them back.'

      i'm thinking of the fullpage boteach nyt 'genocide' advertisement w/the skulls. that personifies the kind of bullying directed at the administration. it's disgusting - an almost constant assault.

    • just, this report from last year - ettinger is one of the violent settlers. link to (scroll, but he's in the top photo here). he was also one of the people that attacked the military base for threatening to dismantle an outpost. these people would likely be dead if they were palestinians, certainly imprisoned. but the kahanists have strong political backing in israel so they offend w/impunity. the chances he will stay out of the WB for a year? impossible. he's the prodigal son of the one they are worship - the kahanists.

    • i'll tell you who is unrelenting kathleen. netanyahu, adelson, dermer, and the entire israel lobby enterprise. right after that disastrously unrelenting speech to congress w/the over 50 standing ovations and the threats to count heads of who doesn't come and threats of retributions then the iran letter w/the 47 signatures!!! it's just hit after hit after hit and did obama once threaten him w/any retributions? no, not once! nothing. yes he refused to meet w/him in DC, but he didn't threaten to revise or reasses his options. it's like - how much are we supposed to take before we decide to bite back? ever, anything? when? 9 months of wasted negotiations months of diplomacy completely down the tubes because israel refused to budge. i mean please! and SHE calls it a "momentary disavowal". not some israeli she's quoting. that's her, as if we're all idiots.

    • " Israelis have been astonished by the unrelenting White House criticism that has helped sink relations between Washington and Jerusalem to a nadir not seen for more than 25 years. "

      hops, that's not just "giving the perspective of mainstream Israelis". that's her stating WH criticism has been "unrelenting".

      when the reality is this is the very first time obama has dared to say he's reassessing the options. "unrelenting" is the way you characterize someone weeks or months down the road and after netanyahu has taken action to reverse course and prove otherwise, not just making some claim of reversal. and what is this:

      "Netanyahu’s momentary disavowal of the two-state solution "

      momentary disavowal? are you kidding me? those are her words, not "perspective of mainstream Israelis". after 9 months of "negotiations" and years of stonewalling and refusing to even offer a proposal for borders? that's not momentary, all of his actions make very clear he's unwilling to make a deal. and she prints this as if we're supposed to take it seriously with nary an ounce of commentary that it sounds ridiculous. doesn't she know netanyahu's history? this is from last summer

      Netanyahu finally speaks his mind link to

      But now we know.

      The uncertainties were swept aside on Friday afternoon, when the prime minister, for the first time in ages, gave a press conference .....

      He spoke only in Hebrew..... He answered those fundamental questions.

      Netanyahu began his appearance, typically, by reading some prepared remarks. But then, most atypically, he took a series of questions. And while he initially stuck to responses tied to the war against Hamas, its goals, and the terms under which it might be halted, he then moved — unasked — into territory he does not usually chart in public, and certainly not with such candor.

      ..... Nobody will ever be able to claim in the future that he didn’t tell us what he really thinks.

      He made explicitly clear that he could never, ever, countenance a fully sovereign Palestinian state in the West Bank.....on Friday he made explicit that this could not extend to full Palestinian sovereignty. Why? Because, given the march of Islamic extremism across the Middle East, he said, Israel simply cannot afford to give up control over the territory immediately to its east, including the eastern border — that is, the border between Israel and Jordan, and the West Bank and Jordan.

      and this:

      "it sounds like, ‘Well, I have been waiting until you make such a mistake, and now I’m going to exploit it.’ ”"

      a mistake? in a public speech to the nation? i mean please hops. get real. this stonewalling has been going on for decades. at what point is the US going to revise it's position of carrots for israel? when? it's the last stretch of his presidency. netanyahu just came to the country and made a grandiose speech lobbying congress against obama's foreign policy during negotiations with iran. it's been one face punch after another. waiting til he makes a mistake my arse!!! it's been nothing but "mistakes" from netanyau year in and year out.

      and what is this?:

      While Israel’s Arab politicians rejected Mr. Netanyahu’s apology on Monday for an election-day video in which he warned about Arab citizens’ descending in “droves” to the polls, several of his most virulent Jewish critics praised it.

      who? which one of netanyahu's "virulent Jewish critics" praised his apology? why the reservation identifying them? was it Giora Eiland? then why not say so? netanyahu is not a child who you pat in the head after he tries to kiss and make up w/the sibling after pissing on the pant leg.

      netanyahu's "reversal" is unbelievable. that's because he has shown by his actions time and again that he won't allow 2 states on his watch. obama should have done something after israel walked away from the negotiations. netanyahu has exhausted the patience of the president. this may have been the straw that broke the camel's back. and she calls the president unrelenting! the nerve.

    • Page: 266
    • i started my day today rereading this nyt article again before closing the browser page (it was hanging out on my desktop from yesterday). it’s truly an astoundingly transparent piece of propaganda. i scrutinized line after line to fully appreciate the manipulation. this line in particular - i lingered:

      Others suspect a ploy to undermine Israel’s lobbying efforts against the American negotiations for a nuclear accord with Iran.

      Others suspect an effort to undermine the Israel lobby’s ploy against the American negotiations for a nuclear accord with Iran.

  • 'NYT' and 'J Street' address power of Jewish donors behind Hillary and Hillel
    • The Guardian never names the “liberal activists” as attendees at J Street

      well, it goes on to say:

      McDonough told 3,000 delegates at the national conference of J-Street

  • Why did Herzog run scared? He fears the Israeli people
    • also, OT, but notice how gordis segues Sephardi to Mizrahi back and forth and describes Sephardi as "Middle Eastern". i find that confusing because although i think mizrahi are sephardi i'm not so sure all sephardi are mizrahi. can someone explain this to me?

    • Likud’s success, from what I have read, came from tapping into the frustrations of Mizrahim, people that were lured to Israel with promises of the glorious life they would have only to find themselves discriminated against because they weren’t “European” enough.

      hmm, i read a claim by daniel gordis link to but i'm not so sure i buy it. take naftali bennett's home party many of whose voters flocked to likud (as evidenced by the parties shrinking numbers against predictions in the polls). i think most of his supporters are Ashkenazi. i also think a large segment of what used to be the secular base in israel that has become more religious is primarily Ashkenazi. and then there are those russian lieberman supporters.

      whereas it is my understanding that Mizrahi have traditionally been conservative voters. they've always been at least half the population (as i recall) and their numbers will grow organically. but i don't think they are becoming conservative, it is my understanding they've always been, for the most part, socially conservative and vote conservatively. not sure if this is because of "frustrations" w/Ashkenazi. netanyahu personifies Ashkenazi, doesn't he?

  • World Water Day protest targets Massachusetts-Israel Water Partnership
    • that's a bunch of hasbara crap herb. opening line:

      Six decades of providing water in a country that’s 60 percent desert have made Israel a technological leader in the field,

      they steal palestine's water and their riparian rights and sell it back to palestine at a profit. if that's your idea of being a good provider you've got rocks for brains. the whole things reads like an advertisement.

  • Bill Maher justifies Netanyahu's racism by saying U.S. has done much worse
    • exactly just, that's what i meant. so why is it defenders of his come up with this claim that he's ruthless on judaism too when he's not. not a peep about deuteronomy or the killing gentile babies book and the continued justification of slaughtering children.

      one of my best friends who likes him i mentioned he definitely was not even handed wrt criticizing judaism. and listen to him equate the settlers w/the tea party. he's in denial.

      so chris, i'm waiting for you to back up your statement, or are you in denial too?

    • He is ruthless on the ridiculousness of religious beliefs - See more at: link to

      oh really. do you have a link on any alleged "ruthlessness" wrt judaism? because i remember looking once and found nothing.

    • i didn't know that about al-Mayadeen walid! that is fantastic. of course i heard that (from you as i recall) about Jiddo "walked away from an 18-year career because he refused to abide by Jazeera’s marching orders on Syria. "

      when i was in lebanon my friends watched al-Mayadeen all the time.

      just, - donahue, of course i remember his show. he's got tons of integrity. those were the days.

      and chris, i never said anything about maher selling his soul to hbo.

    • They used 911 just like GW and his neocon cabal, Israel, and the all of the racists in the US did…None of these folks ever bothered to question “why”?

      just, many people either forget or just never knew that maher spoke the truth after 9/11 and had his show taken away for a year. he made a deal w/the devil to get it back, has changed his tune.

    • i don't think if him as progressive. his demeanor, everything about him makes me cringe. seems very rt wing to me.

  • Apartheid is no longer verboten word for Israel in 'NYT' and 'CNN'
    • They were an Israeli family that lived in the USA for the last 2 years. - See more at: link to constructed a complete fabrication so as to offer you an excuse to create an imaginary wrong. This one is rather clear cut. How many other times does that happen?

      actually, ramzi may have been incorrect about the birthplace of the children but he didn't use that as any kind of "excuse" to construct an imaginary wrong. here's the analogy he used:

      So imagine a Palestinian born in Palestine with children born in Palestine but currently living in USA, would she be allowed to bury her children in Palestine if they were to die today? Would she herself be allowed to be buried in Palestine when she dies? Of course not. The zionist apartheid regime would never allow that.

      This is what disgusting zionist apartheid is.

      exactly the same situation you are describing:

      All those dead children whose political ideology upset you so were born in Israel

      it's doubtful any of those children (other than perhaps the oldest teen) even had political ideologies. but aside from that, what you are revealing is the same situation in ramzi's analogy.

      kris, jeff has answered you (hours ago actually) but i am trying to train him to post under the comment so i'm waiting for someone else to come along and release his comment. let's see how long that takes. it's way down at the bottom of the thread so you'll have to scroll unless he has some brilliant revelation and figures out how to land his responses somewhere underneath yours - closer.

      (hint for slow learners: scroll up to the closest "reply" related to your response)

  • US Court of Appeals upholds discriminatory ruling against transit ads critical of Israel
    • thanks sawah. yes, more exposure. i mentioned that to ed. but ultimately i'd like more than that as the final result. i'd like a reversal by king co metro and the ads to go up on the buses. and for them to pay punitive damages for breaking the contract. if all it takes is bullying by zionists to get counties to fold then we're all screwed.

    • They should ask for a redetermination by 9th Circuit sitting en banc (the whole court rather than 3 judges). - See more at: link to

      they may do that which was something ed mentioned in our interview. not sure why it was cut from the article.

  • Zochrot and BADIL bring Nakba to U.S. audience
    • i wasn't insinuating you had good medicine catalan. but i don't believe you when you say "you have no idea how you can push governments to do what you want them to do". obviously war and regime change work on occasion. it's good enough for the US and israel wrt iran, obviously. it's something both countries advocate for their adversaries and relate to.

      do you object to the US tying it’s trade treaty to the EU to ensure their support for trade with israel?

      a simple yes or no will do.

      do you object to the sanctions against iran to pressure them to curtail their nuclear program?

      a simple yes or no will do.

      saying there was never a jewish boycott of germany because there was no Jewish community that had either the power or the authority to decide on such a boycott is no different than saying the bds movement doesn't exist because the palestinian community has neither the power or the authority to decide on such a boycott. it's bullcrap and meaningless and a word game.

      and i already know there was no jewish consensus on a boycott because everyone knows (or should know by now) the zionists were trading hand over fist with the nazis. so i already know "worldwide" doesn't mean every jew worldwide.

      that wasn't my point anyway. i guess i just don't believe you. i think you're taking this stand because you support israel and don't like it there's a growing boycott against it in varying degrees (some just for the settlements which is a tad disingenuous since there are so many ties between israel and the settlements it's virtually impossible to unravel them just like it's virtually impossible to keep profits from the settlements and the occupation from benefitting israeli people as well as feeding the expansion) and don't want to come off sounding like a hypocrite. that's how it reads anyway.

      anyway, i get it. you don't like it. but you're wasting words here. the boycott won't stop because you don't think it will work.

      I am pretty certain that boycotts of firms in Nazi Germany probably did not help. It probably aggravated things.

      you don't say?! as i recall kristallnacht happened a week after the jewish boycott against german businesses was broadly announced, that's just been (somewhat) erased from the historical record. but the internet will make sure people remember, if they are interested enough to find out.

    • what sort of diplomatic actions would you advocate states use to apply pressure on gov't actions in lieu of economic sanctions catalan? i suppose you also object to the US tying it's trade treaty to the EU to ensure their support for trade with israel? and you also object to the US sanctions in place to pressure iran?

      as a prelude to war, how would advocate our country pressure gov't it's unhappy with?

      My problem is with making innocent people bear consequences for things they should not.

      iow, by cutting off trade with corporation that employ thousands of workers, say Volkswagen, Basf, Krupps, Mercedes and Bosch - you'd be concerned with the impact it would have on their families and children? certainly in the millions of dollars and 100's of thousands of people?

    • Did this “worldwide” community have a Ministry of Defence or elections for these “leaders”? A standing army that could challenge Germany and “formally” declare war?

      i appreciate your support for the BDS movement.

    • once we get a chance. hmm. that would require someone compiling them, rotating them and updating them. it would probably need to rival something along the lines of kate's list. i know she spends hours on that list a few times a week. so unless you know someone who can do all this work i'm not sure how staff could take it on. whereas, i am a member of several listserves (jvp comes to mind) and have these updates delivered to my inbox. also, anyone can join end the occupation listserve too and american muslims for palestine (amp). i'm not sure what else to tell you but if this is something that matters to you, i would suggest doing the legwork. start by investing a few hours joining listserves of several groups, then every week compile the data. send it to us. if, over the course of a month or two or once you get it streamlined make the proposal to adam and phil. as for us doing it for you -- i'm booked. i spend my spare time moderating and we're backed up right now. sorry!

      p.s. it occurs to me you could leave a message for kate at the base of one of her today in palestine lists. maybe she's got the extra few hours a week. ;)

    • 2dogs, great idea. in the meantime you can sign up for nakba education project updates here: link to

  • 'Do US Jews need a Jewish state for our safety?' debate begins in wake of Netanyahu victory
    • LOL!!!

    • thanks lysias. i didn't recall specifically you had written that but i certainly did recall it discussed here (and elsewhere) before and didn't think my idea (or comment) was original in the least or even that controversial. it just makes all the sense in the world for european jews to be offered a state in europe, if a jewish state was to be offered. and i don't think it would have created near the upheaval in europe that israel created for the entire middle east region. sure, some arab jews may have chosen to immigrate there but they would not have emptied out of arab countries, not that i can imagine.

    • thanks lysias. my point was, during the period of time this was going on (which i didn't advocate) would have been the opportune time to take a small county from germany (the size the UN allotted for israel in '47) and offered it for the future jewish state - instead of palestine.

    • oyvey, as i already explained to you, i'm not debating your reality reconstruction of how this conversation started which was a current offer by bandelero of his hometown. there is no mention of force here, in the present day. it was framed as an "offer", a gift.

      secondly, i didn't advocate a population transfer of germans, i said, if they were going to giveaway an area after the war they should have given away part of germany, not palestine, at that time.

      if you think this "displays a blatant hatred of Germans or anti-germanism", so be it. i don't care.

    • whether i approved of it after the war or not is beside the point and not relative to the conversation. it happened. policies of germany's population transfers were reversed after the war. germans were expelled from areas germany had annexed before the war, areas that no longer were part of germany's empire. this is not an area of history i am that familiar with but it happened. and kicking foreign people off foreign land their leader annexed is not ethnic cleansing. no more than kicking the settlers out of occupied territory is ethnic cleansing. even if some of those setters had children who were born in the territory.

      get it? this is past tense. you're wearing me thin with your reality reconstruction and twisting my words. reshuffling populations is not a euphemism, and it's illegal. but it happened during that time and if anyone was going to be giving away anyone else's property, as what happened in palestine, that would have been the time to do it..and in the region the crime took place, not in some far off land which ended up destabilizing and entirely different region of the world after the war.

      and speaking of disappointments, i deleted you racist comment about every non jew being racist. watch yourself. my disappointments hold more weight around here that yours, and sometimes a lot more consequence.

    • i'd like to know how or why OyVey's racist comment even made it thru moderation.

      so, i'm deleting it --retroactively.

    • how would turning a chunk of Germany into a Jewish state compensate for anything

      things of value are commonly awarded to crime victims as compensation. referenced as punitive damages.

      let alone for being dead?

      RoHa, you can't ever compensate dead people. courts rarely do it. compensation primarily goes to the heirs, for their loss.

    • don't play rhetorical games with me. you called bandelero's offer ("I personally would like to offer my hometown Berlin and the surroundings up to the Baltic sea as part of a just compensation for what jews suffered by the hands of Germans ) "pathetic" .

      i said "why?". and then i expressed it should have happened all along. and of course, it should have. the reason why it should have is because if ashkenazi jews needed a homeland (they were, for the most part, already safe in the arab world prior to zionism and by all indications there would not have been any expulsions nor emigrations out of arab lands had zionsim not imposed itself on palestine to begin with) or deserved land or a state as compensation for the holocaust it should have been accommodated during the reshuffling of populations that went on after ww2 in that region as those people were europeans, not middle eastern. plus, israel is a relatively tiny country and germany could have accommodated the land loss much easier than palestine.

      so, from there you launch into a question, hypothetically answer it for me yourself, and then proceed to make conclusions and accusations based on my supposed agreement with you imposing an assumed answer of your own question?

      try harder #FAIL.

      He advocates to give land away that he does not own, expel millions of people for crimes they haven’t commited [sic]

      so what? israel was created by giving land away that was not owned and expelling millions for crimes they haven’t committed. And, israel jews very much DID and DO commit the crime of ethnic cleansing of palestine and the ongoing nakba. so your hypocritical whining falls on deaf ears.

      and p.s. i am not promoting ethnic cleansing or forceable transfer, but the offer is anything but pathetic. the offer makes an abundance of generosity and common sense.

      plus, if there was a sliver of land offered to jews in europe, not only would diaspora jews who wanted to live in a jewish state have the option of going there, as oppose to being part of the crime of apartheid taking place in historic palestine, or israeli jews who wanted to emigrate away from israel and end their complicity in ethnic cleansing but still live in a jewish state, they could do so elsewhere, like some place in germany.

      i predict a decent amount of jews would abandon israel voluntarily under these circumstances and those who remained would have to learn to get along with the indigenous palestinian people.

    • why pathetic? that is what should have happened all along.

  • White House said to be reconsidering policy towards Israel following Netanyahu victory
  • An American translation of Netanyahu's racist get out the vote speech
    • despite growing populations of people of color in the U.S., racial prejudice is decidedly NOT on the decline.

      not according to cornell west.

      link to
      (video of him 4 nights ago on dave letterman). it's actually on pt 2, just but don't miss what he says about palestiniand children in pt 1)

      link to

      "it has certainly improved but you have to recognize it was so bad to begin with,,, but socially - personally, we've had magnificent breakthroughs"

      so, i'll stick w/cornell west. however, structurally it's not better - at all. in this you are correct.

      The U.S. has long had its own ingenious ways of “discouraging” certain kinds of people from turning out at the polls. From gerrymandering, to laws that prohibit convicted felons (who have served prison time) from voting, to opening the polls only on Tuesday, to tampering with voting machines, to rolling back key aspects of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, to requiring I.D. at the polls, the practical result of our elections (remember 2000?) is tantamount to the kind of bigotry voiced by Netanyahu about Arab voters.

      i am not sure how this works as a rebuttal to what you're responding to given the context of the quote. so let's review:

      It would be condemned (even if there is a history of doing just this). But the issue here is that Netanyahu did exactly this in 2015, and in a place like Israel it works. Why is that? And what does it say about the supposed shared values between Israel and the United States?

      did you open the link? to lee atwater? the point here is that although the structure in the US is decidedly FU, societally we've moved. netanyahu's speech "worked" in 2015 israel because of the israeli people who are racist. a lot of them. and i don't think it would work today here. don't confuse the structure of society laid out on a graft for our guidance to keep us on target, with the condition of society. that speech wouldn't work today in the majority of the US. that's because the values of a people are determined by the people, not the elite. as a society, for the most part, we don't share the values of (most) israeli people. and more and more people are discovering that.

    • wow ckg, that's huge. i am about to watch a recent interview of his. late late late!

    • fresh idea: "“I don’t have any problem with the Palestinians having a state, but does it need to be within the confines of Israeli territory?"

      talk about brilliance. and sooo fresh.

  • Netanyahu and the unraveling of the British Jewish consensus
    • thank you very much robert cohen. i'm crossing my fingers you're right. the tipping point will come someday and there's no time like the present.

  • The journey from 'birthright' to Palestine
    • i agree maria, it's an incredible article. .. the energy and love is just beautiful.

      we cannot heal through hurting....Let us rewrite history like truth this time....

      One day, peace will be brought upon this land once again.

    • that's not true citizen, we get way more traffic that that. it surpassed that many viewings a couple hours ago and the day is still young. by the end of the week it will surely get a few thousand hits - at least.

  • The bitter anniversary of Yusuf Shawamreh's death
    • i was so incensed by this murder i wrote an article about it called "It looks to me like sport hunting: the killing of 14 year old Yusef a-Shawamreh"

      however. it never made it to publication here. they let him bleed to death. they watched him time and again go forage in the same place on his families land and one day they hunted him down like an animal. a child. and then let him bleed to death. i placed it on a listserve and luckily stanley read it and published it on his blog.

      here it is: link to

      thank you stanley. and thank you for keeping the memory of yusef alive. and we should all remember how he was hunted like an animal.

  • Landmark New York Synagogue attempts to shut down Nakba discussion
    • ah, the ol' "vast majority of Jews" line stevie? impressive/not -- when people prop up their arguments with by corralling along a whole slew of folks who allegedly agree with them.

    • and thank you for the nice compliment sycamores. not sure if you had a chance to see my interview with ed mast last week. it's already slipped off the front page link to

    • very sad, tragic. may they rest in peace.

    • ziusudra, on top of every page there is an "about" link and you can find the contact info of staff. yes, i have seen your many queries to me regarding your comments that were trashed, many of which i had not read before until i visited the trash to find out what you were referencing. i saw many many of your comments there regarding the talmud and stuff that happened back in the BC days. why don't you direct your queries to adam and phil and they can do their own investigation of why moderators are trashing your comments. me, i am mostly just scrolling over them at this point.

      in general, we don't discuss moderation issues in the threads, which is why so many of your comments get trashed. i've tried engaging you on this issue before, and you just don't seem to get it. i also sent an inquiry to adam, phil and the other moderators yesterday or the day before because i keep running into your many comments/questions directed towards me in the comment queue. we're discussing whether you're the right fit for mondoweiss. if you really push it you could find yourself banned. stop writing me like this. if your comment gets trashed do not write the same thing over and over and over again.

      p.s. if a comment is consistently trashed then the logical* conclusion of your query is "no, we will not allow that discussion and debate here".

      logic is not some people's forte. many smart people lack common sense. apparently you fall into that category.

    • They can discriminate against whomever they want for whatever reason they want. - See more at: link to

      and my point was, i'm not sure you can "discriminate against whomever they want for whatever reason they want." once you've signed a contract with someone.

      jeff, if there's no reply button attached to the comment you're responding to, is it so very difficult to scroll up til you find one?

    • just. did you open my embed to LSS? i almost mentioned it costs 50 million in the article. my eyes popped out reading that. it's a feat of architecture. for a synagogue that seats about 500 people.

      when i was in nyc last fall i couldn't believe all the building going on. apparently manhattan is has become so unaffordable everyone is moving to brooklyn and it too is being gentrified block by block. ordinary people who have traditionally lived in these neighborhoods are being pushed out.

    • eljay just mentioned another i've got on my desktop already! ahhh. lol.... and then there's that swastica at georgetown. so many stories to tell, so little time...!

    • so jeff, you think it's ok to make a contract with someone, accept the money and then 2 months later inform the people you've had a change of heart the day before the event? is that ok too in your book? did you read the article?

      Gail Miller of Jews Say No! made clear the event was “an opportunity for an Israeli group and a Palestinian group to talk about their work”, and expressly emphasized in writing “we need to be sure that somewhere down the line there won’t be a problem.”

      Thusly, Keil responded, “For a rental like this, I’m not particularly concerned about the political stance of your program.”

    • thanks sycamores. yes, ed mast fro SEAMAC sent me this yesterday or the day before i just had not gotten around to drafting it. i'm backed up as you can imagine.

      i attended an awesome protest yesterday too. gotta get on covering that.

  • Who can save Israel now?
    • congrats on your new entrepreneurship shingo!!!

    • he pandered big time to the right and pealed off a bunch of seats from Jewish Home .... A new wave of right wing zealots did not appear to give Netanyahu the win.

      still, jewish home has only been around for a couple years. the youth in israel are increasingly rightwing, extremely so. every year a high percentage of the youth entering the election process are, relatively speaking, right wing zealots. how else would you describe high school polling statistics revealing the vast majority of jewish teenagers in israel don't think arabs should be allowed to vote in israeli elections? and at the friday night right wing rally in tel aviv, look at the faces in this photo: link to i read on twitter it was over 50% youth.

      so assuming you're right regarding likud peeling off votes from jewish home (which i agree is likely) it still doesn't nullify the concept there's a "A new wave of right wing zealots" voting in this election. it's just another accurate name for jewish israeli youths. and they sure differ from the trend were seeing from jewish youths here in america, thank heavens!

    • MSNBCs’ comment that Netanyahu was the new George Bush (43) I think is accurate. ...... This election presents the new PM with a mandate.

      george bush stole 2 elections. that's not a mandate it's a rip off. i've read enough of your comments to know following your logic reminds me of carsickness on a curvy mountain road.

      Israelis have never indicated they want a strained violent relationship with Palestinians.

      !!! seriously jeff. take off the rose colored glasses.

    • Obama administration may now agree to passage of a United Nations Security Council resolution embodying principles of a two-state solution

      that would be significant.

  • Israelis go to the polls today--and nobody knows who will win (Updated)
    • i love the song. i want to learn how to sing it but can't find a phonetic translation. (hint!)


    • seafoid, thank you so much for Ahmad Qabour's Unadikum w/the translation.

    • excellent comment piotr. i especially like: Netanyahu, in a brilliant maneuver, rescued Kahanists from the sinking ship of Yachad


      cat, I will aways be a 7 year old boy with boogers waiting in line in the cold for the once a year far the sanctions are hardening the Israelis ....spare the patronizing tone. It does not suit you.

      yada yada yada, as if "softening" israelis will bring an end to their colonialism, ethnic cleansing and war crimes.

      just, what doubt? phff. just another hasbrat.

  • Why I hope Netanyahu will be crushed tonight
    • The neoconservatives will have been driven from Washington. Bill Kristol will be thoroughly discredited. ... The neoconservatives will be driven from the national stage.

      ha! wishful thinking indeed. there's nothing i'd like better but this won't be happening. for example, look at dershowitz. you could prance him around with a dozen pubescents and he'd still be clamoring away on the msm shoving himself down our throats. and this boteach character, a stake driven thru his corpse and he'd still be back!

      other than that i think you're right on. i do think it would open up the main stage for a showdown between the (non)liberal zionists and supporters of equality in this country. i'm with you on everything else, always hopeful. but i don't think labor will fold on allowing a palestinian state. it's going to take the international community ... and bds. keep up the pressure.

  • Day 2 at JVP: Anti-colonial visions, border fences and the right of return
  • Fans of Barcelona basketball team show support for Palestine despite attacks on free speech
    • They want to include a sports team because of the politics of the government in the country that the team comes from. And this -only in the case of Israel.

      why is israel playing in the euro league anyway? aren't they located in the ME?

      why not meet at the international championships, or not at all?

  • The farewell party of the mezuzah-kissers
    • more syria whataboutery from debakr

    • jack, do you read your own links? in the first one, netanyahu denied he ever made the offer and the doc was of the american plan. the second link abbas said he didn't see the offer. nowhere does it claim palestine rejected this alleged offer and the 2nd article ends like this:

      The concessions he agreed to on substantial issues such as borders, refugees and settlements appear to indicate a fierce and far-reaching desire to reach an agreement that would end the conflict. At the same time, Netanyahu implemented measures on the ground that appeared to indicate otherwise. Apparently, he wanted to be seen as a man eager for peace, but on one condition – that he never actually achieved that peace.

      For the most part – a zigzag. His pendulum swings back and forth in a frenzy – from far-reaching concessions, in terms of his voters, to no concessions at all; from right to left, and then right again. There's no purpose to it, but there's movement at least.

      There is a vast and irreconcilable divide between Netanyahu's hawkish speeches and the instructions he conveyed to his representative in the talks. Was Netanyahu seeking to pull one over on the Palestinians? Was he, in contrast, looking to pull one over on his voters? Was he trying to dance at two weddings with one rear end? All of the above appear correct. The pirouette was delightful; the choreography stunning. And when the curtain came down on the drama, it turned out that Netanyahu was only fooling himself.

      so what are you talking about?

    • awesome, i will check it out.

  • Purim in the holy land: Jewish teens attack two Palestinians
  • Sheldon Adelson is not the problem
    • the UN, the Arab League, Hamas, Fatah, and even Iran have indicated that they would accept a two-state solution based on the 1967 to understand why the partition plan needs to be discussed ... both 1967 and a one state solution seem far more likely than returning to the partition plan.

      as talknic made clear, "Israel’s leaders have never intended to adhere to the law and they haven't."

      when something is broken, to fix it one must deal with the reality, not the fantasy. one clear fixed reality in the equation (or the pieces of the puzzle, or the broken vase) is that israel does not, or will not adhere to the law. therefore any and all agreements it makes cannot be trusted. therefore, it seems probable and likely a solution may eventually be imposed on the state, as opposed to a solution israel agrees upon.

      furthermore, what "the UN, the Arab League, Hamas, Fatah, and even Iran have indicated that they would accept", israel would not accept and there's no reason to assume just because some parties accepted something in the past they will accept those terms under conditions in the future. conditions in which, at this juncture, are unknowable.

      what seems likely (to me) is that any solution imposed on israel may include the imposition of punitive measures. those measures may take into considerations agreements israel made in the past - and broke.

      the point of discussing the partition plan is that putting it all back together may require starting at the beginning, taking everything into consideration.

    • assuming the other issues are resolved as well. I just fail to understand why the partition plan needs to be discussed any more.

      that's because you're lacking in the most basic sense, the common kind. since there's no reason to assume "the other issues are resolved" when they are far from resolved, then everything is still in flux, is it not?

      anyway, nice diversion. but it won't work.

  • Day 1 at JVP: lemon squares, pinkwashing and high rate of miscarriages in Gaza
    • hi maiselm, better later than never! kudos for you, a jvp newbie from SD and making it to the baltimore conference. i'm a jvp member too and was extremely impressed with the last conference i attended in the bay area a couple years ago. there were so many workshop options they overlapped and no way i could attend them all. amazing line up of panels and speakers.

      i hope you reread and reassess your judgement this article has a "slightly mocking tone" for it doesn't seem that way to me at all. first of all, MW reserves the right to title all articles published on MW. once in awhile the subject line i use for my articles makes it thru the final edit but not that often, iow it's very likely claire did not choose the title. i liked the inclusion of the food in the article (especially the asparagus and crab cakes!) and i think the lemon squares was picked up in the title to let the reader know right off the bat in was an all inclusive timeline sort of article. i don't think it was mocking in the least and i can guarantee you it would never be the intent of this site. we have a staff member attending the conference this year (alex) and the site is good friends and very supportive of w/jvp. we work with them a lot.

      i'm glad you're attending the conference and very appreciative of claire for giving us this brief run down of day one. even this:

      We were given totes which included nice postcards with political slogans on them, and I plan to send those to friends. There was complimentary coffee, and brownies and lemon squares. The lobby was crowded with people.

  • The Obama-linked ad that imagines Mr. and Mrs. Netanyahu leaving the official residence (Updated)
    • lol, blownaway..even if they vote him out he could still end up PM verrry easily. i'm not really seeing anyway anyone else could build a coalition as long as the arab list does really well (which of course i hope they do). the mark of a true progressive is building a coalition w/the arab list .. can/will that happen? remains to be seen, but i doubt it. so then we have netanyahu but with a very fed up public (here and there).

    • kay, the video almost has 590,000 views. it is very popular. when i looked at it this morning it had 550k. it's getting lots of attention. by far i think it's the best ad of this election. it's very well thought out/paced psychologically ... but mostly because it resonates with the times.

      edit: i just added a screenshot at the base of the actor grabbing a photo of netanyahu and adelson to -- pack it up. wishful thinking indeed.

  • 'The chrysalis of mirrors around Palestine' -- 'Two Blue Lines' screens on first night of JVP
    • thanks for a great report susie. of course i had to go watch the vimeo trailor you posted in your first article again. such a powerful short. i'd love to see this film. thank you!

  • Netanyahu flails against int'l conspiracy, as liberal Zionists seek orange revolution against 'fading strongman'
    • Bibi interferes in US Presidential elections and that was okay.
      Ha, ha ha….what goes around, comes around.

      kay, part of my blockquote from the nyt in this article link to

      [T]he accusation that Mr. Bird’s involvement is inappropriate….given Mr. Netanyahu’s move to work with the House speaker…“It is eye-rolling for Netanyahu to complain about former Obama aides working against him when he cooked up a speech to Congress with Boehner and didn’t tell the White House,” said Tommy Vietor, a former National Security Council aide to Mr. Obama. “He has removed his ability to complain about playing politics by openly meddling in U.S. politics…” -

      plus, the absurdity of a congressional investigation over state funding the opposition in israel when those same congress critters signed that letter, likely written by the millionaire israel lobbiests! the whole thing is a joke. reminds of Chemi Shalev's headline link to

      Netanyahu’s torment: How he loaded the political gun now pointing at his head

      in more ways than one indeed.

    • oh yeah but the derm will never cross him or leave him. he's his yes man.

    • they are probably bbf's and will commiserate together, not take eachother out. they belong together.

      Shall we weigh along these streets
      Young lions on the lam?
      Are the signs you hid deep in your heart
      All left on neon for them?
      Who are foolish
      Who are victim
      Of the sailors and the ducky boys who would
      Move into your eyes and lips and
      Every tear
      That falls down on the neighborhood now
      I said "Bird, we just gotta tell them"
      And they turn and ignore us
      And the only heroes we got left
      Are written right before us
      And the only angel who sees us now
      Watches through each other's eyes
      And I can hear him
      In every footstep's passing sigh
      He goes crazy these nights
      Watching heartbeats go by...
      And they whisper ---
      We belong together
      We belong together.

    • w.jones, dermer is netanyahu's yes man. this congress idea either came from netanyahu or one of the US zionist shakers like adelson, boteach, kristol, or their ilk.

  • Even if Netanyahu loses, he can still win
  • We may not have Netanyahu to kick around anymore
    • a labor likud coalition is far more likely than a narrow left wing government.

      which would mean the arab list might (probably?) lead the opposition for the first time in israel's history. or do you see a way around that given your scenario?

    • just, tsk tsk -- that was deeply personal.

  • UC Berkeley Israel group wants to ban imaginary word rhyming with intifada as 'triggering, terrifying'
    • i just heard of this whole trigger warning thing about a month ago. no, beyond what society already provides, i think it's bs. can you imagine libraries sorted by trigger warnings? movies i've accepted. but if i go to a movie that looks violent in the previews then it's up to me to anticipate violence and plug my ears and close my eyes accordingly. it's not the directors job or the theatres job to stop a scene in the middle and say "violence coming up".

      i've been on the internet a long time and it's not too often i encounter really gruesome scenes without some kind of warning before i open a link. a college student should be able to read the word intifada without warning unless that person is already psychotic or something. and if a person is in that fragile a mental state then they should be in a hospital, not a college campus.

      all students should feel safe in their person and be protected from violent assaults on a campus. but that's different that reading about a violent assault. what's next, no discussing mike brown in the classroom because it's too painful?

      so i noticed you completely skipped over the "campusintifada" reference. where's the cry out from the zionist kids about the use of the word? a tad hypocritical - no?

    • oh this is amusing. this is blockquoted from google:

      Crossing the Line 2: The New Face of Anti-Semitisim on ...
      link to
      Israel is under assault on North American college campuses today like never ... that Israel's supporters face, with this quick and easy 'crash course' on Israel.

      but when i clicked on the link the url has been changed. it automatically goes to "stepupforisrael" instead:
      link to

      hmm. there could be a branding problem here.

    • whether he believes that triggers that affect a Jewish community are less important than triggers that affect other minority communities on campus.

      hops, since this word (intifada) is, allegedly, so traumatic for some of the jewish students i was just wondering if they'd complained about it before. is there any history of the word being rejected on campuses.

      btw, have you heard of

      Crossing The Line: The Intifada Comes To Campus?

      link to

      Crossing the Line: The Intifada Comes to Campus, produced by acclaimed filmmaker Raphael Shore, explores the proliferation of anti-Israel and ant-Semitic incidents on North American college campuses. In particular, the film explores the rapid growth of such incidents following the launch of Operation Cast Lead by Israel's military into Gaza in late December 2008 and January 2009. The documentary demonstrates the blurring of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic lines, showing how the War evoked deep anti-Jewish sentiments amongst college students and professors. The film explores the context of these hostilities, by demonstrating the financial ties between Middle Eastern Studies departments and Arab states; the often biased and Pro-Palestinian education received by students in college classes; and the historical connection between the Muslim Student Association and the Muslim Brotherhood. Interspersed with accounts from Jewish Students and campus professionals, the film offers a glimpse into the experiences of Jewish college students who are actively involved in the daily struggle of supporting the State of Israel and fighting against biased misinformation both in and out of the classroom. The film is Directed by Wayne Kopping, and distributed by Imaginations Productions. Running Time: 32-minutes

      maybe someone should tell them how offensive this word is to jewish students.

      the url is w w w campusintifada link to

      isn't that insensitive? traumatizing? or it's ok to culturally appropriate the term for the benefit of zionism or israel?

    • as such it is not an “innocent” word

      what's an innocent word? or a guilty word? i am not familiar with this phrasing used by bears for israel.

      you know what this reminds me of? poor little 17 year old ayelet pearl who didn't think it was fair she had to encounter a quote by edward said on her AP test.

      Though she had just 40 minutes to write the required essay, Pearl froze when she encountered the Said text. “I didn’t know what to do because I wasn’t comfortable answering it,” she said. She decided to put a paragraph objecting to the quote’s inclusion at the top of her essay. “I find it really inappropriate to put a political question like that on a test,” she said she wrote.
      Using this quote in the AP exam “is very reflective of the widespread use of education and testing as a platform for anti-Israel propaganda,” she told the Forward.

      Read more: link to

      here's the quote:

      “Exile is strangely compelling to think about but terrible to experience. It is the unhealable rift forced between a human being and its native place, between the self and its true home: its essential sadness can never be surmounted.”

      It is a political word with specific connotations especially for those who are aware of the history

      and here, you share something else with ayalet:

      the test’s description of the late Columbia University humanities professor as a “Palestinian American literary theorist and cultural critic” has led some pro-Israel students to object that the test has been politicized.
      “I was really startled to see that quote because both of the practice questions didn’t mention the writers’ nationalities,” said Ayelet Pearl, a senior at New York’s Bronx High School of Science. “For me including this one clearly had political implications.

      reading the nationality, she "froze".

      what is the magic age these dear precious innocent children can be expected to endure these difficult challenges in life? of having to encounter history in these non-innocent words? when the very mention of "palestinian" upsets her. because, presumably "It is a political word with specific connotations especially for those who are aware of the history".

      it occurs to me how encountering arabic on a street sign could upset these children. having to read "al quds" could be very traumatic for some of these students.

      Two nights later Pearl began an open Facebook protest group, called “Protest the 2010 AP English Literature and Composition Free Response Question.”
      As of press time the Facebook group had attracted 493 member...

      College Board spokeswoman Jennifer Topiel told the Forward, “We have heard no concerns about this exam question, which contains a quotation about exile and does not contain any political subject matter.”

      it was the identity of Said that thru the child off. not an "innocent" word. not an "innocent" identity.

      Josh Cohen:

      There is in this something like Blumenthal and Pearl’s right, as American Jews, as New York American Jews, as smart New York American Jews, not to be faced with anything—their words—politicizing. In the spirit of keeping it so—and I’m going to have to show her this, I’m realizing—Blumenthal told me point blank that she’d have preferred the quote to “remain completely out of context”: a wish for purity, I couldn’t express it better.

      Which does remind me of that parallel world, waiting for us when we’re ready, over there. Of the billboards, for example, enclosing Silwan’s “City of David” dig, which give a sort of panorama of an imminent totally-different-looking future exclusively populated by fit, golfing Ashkenazim, the rest, the Palestinians, written out—or rather, if you were born Jewish in the late 80s and early 90s in America, i.e., into a ready-made world, kept in but blessedly unidentified.

      - See more at: link to

  • Neocon meteor Sen. Cotton is funded by Abrams, Adelson and Kristol and loves war a little too much
  • On first campaign stop in West Bank, Netanyahu warns that 'radical elements' want to take over Israel
    • speaking of this ISIS propaganda election theme "essential to prevent a takeover by radical elements that would certainly attack Israel" has anyone else read "ISIS releases video purporting to show child soldier killing 'Israeli spy'"?

      link to

      interestingly a palestinian from east jerusalem who "completed 12 years of schooling and worked as a national service volunteer with the Israeli firefighting services....The video, published by the group's Furqan media outlet, showed Musallam sitting in a room wearing an orange jumpsuit, talking about how he had been recruited and trained by the Israeli intelligence service."

      whether this is true or not who knows. but it wouldn't be the first time israel has trained palestinian spies. is israeli intel is sending palestinian spies to infliltrate, or join isis?

      Musallam doesn't really fit the profile of the sort of palestinian who would go to syria to fight alongside isis.

  • The U.S. sells out a brave, democratic Muslim leader -- again (Updated on March 13)
    • they don't care about democracy or so called moderates, it's all lipservice.
      thanks james

  • Israel's Foreign Minister calls for beheading Arab citizens and it's not anywhere in the New York Times
    • sharon, the following blockquote from wiki is sourced such as " Melamed, Karmel. "Iranian regime’s propaganda use of Jews would make Goebbels proud." Jewish Journal. 4 December 2013. 4 December 2013."

      iow, conservative sources. and even they do not claim "say anything “disloyal” or they’d be hanged."

      link to

      The condition of Jews in Iran is difficult to assess objectively. The Islamic Republic uses factions within the Iranian Jewish community to win public relations points with the Western world, but privately many Jews complain to foreign reporters of discrimination. Foreign reporters are asked by the Iranian Jewish community to self-censor their own reports for fear of repercussions on the community.[66] The Islamic government appoints the officials who run Jewish schools, most of these being Muslims and requires that those schools must open on Saturdays, the Jewish Sabbath. Criticism of this policy was the downfall of the last remaining newspaper of the Iranian Jewish community which was closed in 1991 after it criticized government control of Jewish schools. Instead of expelling Jews en masse like in Libya, Iraq, Egypt, and Yemen, the Iranians have adopted a policy of keeping Jews in Iran.[67] The strong public anti-Israel position of the Iranian Jews might be related to their desire for survival and led to their overselling of their anti-Israel positions. Their response to the questions regarding Israel have been outright denial of Israel or staying quiet. An example of the dilemma of Iranian Jews can be observed in this example :"We hear the ayatollah say that Israel was cooperating with the Shah and SAVAK, and we would be fools to say we support Israel. So we just keep quiet about it... Maybe it will work out. Anyway, what can we do? This is our home."[68]

      since the revolution 17 iranian jews have been hanged for spying for israel. but realistically, how many iranian jews have spied for israel? how many american jews have spied for israel that we don't know about? maybe they hung them because they were spies. granted all of them may not have been. is that what you meant by "disloyal"? spies?

    • i think the duke crap is hopi's hasbara, not yonah.

  • Racism disguised as liberal anguish
    • i suggest you read the definition of the crime of genocide. link to

      ...any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:
      (a) Killing members of the group;
      (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
      (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
      (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
      (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

      there's nothing light about it.

  • Senator who spearheaded letter to Iran got $1 million from Kristol's 'Emergency C'tee for Israel'
    • oh hot, thanks henry

    • it's up another 25k since then. should hit 200k by morning easy if it keeps up at this pace.

    • thanks dickerson. amazing quotes.

    • that first link is fun irish, quoting maureen dowd on senor.

    • i agree, but dermer only carries out the orders.

    • eljay, my first thought reading hops screed is that he'd be the first person to accuse someone of anti semitism if we called aipac the jew lobby. but he thinks he can get away with this anti semitic framing in support of likud rt wg politics.

      Because if a few Jews support it, it must be Jews who are responsible for it.

      i guess this means don't blame netanyahu - "the jews". or something. because jews are not responsible for anything, or something. it's weird to decipher.

    • or sheldon adelson and bill kristol. i doubt dermer initiates anything.

    • $960,250 from ECI? what a cheap date! why not throw in the extra $39,750 and make it a cool mil?

  • Netanyahu's accomplishment: Consolidating support for negotiations with Iran
    • here's the deception: The Pr. platform was based on decreasing the number of warheads on the planet

      obviously the 47 senators do not support that because they don't support decreasing ours or israels. it's about the balance of power steven, everyone knows that by now.

      Ignoring terrorism must increase the chance of peace and safety on the planet!!!

      like your ilk does when it comes to slaughtering palestinian children. surely you jest.

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