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Annie Robbins is Editor at Large for Mondoweiss, a mother, a human rights activist and a ceramic artist. She lives in the SF bay area. Follow her on Twitter @anniefofani

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  • 'I mourn my Jewish community, which seeks to justify these inexcusable acts'
  • Ceasefire comes to a close -- Mohammed Assaf's 'Raise Your Head High'
    • susan, enass mentioned to me on twitter some of the translation was off so maybe that is what she meant. we will know soon enough hopefully. thank you!

    • So when you reach an agreement – it’s “irrelevant” whether you honor it or violate it?

      they didn't reach an agreement jon, that's the whole point. or didn't you hear? link to

      unsurprisingly you're missing from that thread. why here jon? why this thread?

      If that’s the case – what’s the point of negotiating any kind of agreement with Hamas?

      you mean like israel rearresting hundreds of people from the shalit prisoner trade, for political gain because netanyahu's political opponents were calling it the worst failure in his political career????

      seriously jon, israel lies with impunity, constantly. and is famous for breaking ceasefires. your hypocrisy doesn't intimidate me, it makes me cackle.

    • where did you find the lyrics citizen?

    • palikari, do you support all terrorist states or just jewish terrorism? do you support genocide in general, or just israel's genociding of palestinians.

      and speaking of genocidal cowards, what did you think of the cowardly terrorist supervisor's orders to execute Salem Shamaly? did you watch the video? did you get off watching him cry for help and die?

    • just, i completely love that the video has subtitles for the lyrics. i have been mentioning to our friend enass, who has some contacts with assaf people..about the need for subtitles since forever! so i completely flipped out when i saw this video for that reason too. and it made transcribing from the video really easy. much easier asking (and hoping) someone will take the time to translate for us. i hope all his music videos have subtitles from now on, and someone should add them to all his performance videos from arab idol. and of course ya halali ya mali, i love that song too.

      which reminds me, i should have included the lyricists name in the draft.

    • remiss? in what way?

    • you're a genius seafoid! at 1:42 when buffalo israel starts screaming and imitating her, sounds like the hasbrats. but she doesn't remind me of palestinians who have so much dignity.

    • jon, i just thought i would mention i finalized (rewrote, again) this text yesterday. it was a no brainer the ceasefire would end and it's completely irrelevant who shot first or who broke first. israel is refusing to free palestinians, ever. so what do palestinians have to live for? empty promises about what the benevolent occupiers will allow between sessions of mowing the lawn? talk about misery! grow up, this is not over

      oh, and please take it to another thread. this ones not for you.

    • ah pixel! ;)

    • many times over the last month i've listened to it on robo, over and over and over at night at the end of a long day (while scrolling and updating this which brings me tons of inspiration. and this song was added to that post last month, so i listen as i am scrolling).

      i first drafted this song weeks ago when someone posted it here in comments (thank you whoever that was!). it's so inspiring, but i wanted to wait until it seemed ... like the right time. of course i knew then, as anyone paying attention would know, palestinians are not about to agree to any ceasefire without a lifting of the siege in a significant way..and israel as usual is unwilling to give one inch on their colonial privileges and suffocating occupation.

      so, i anticipate this will go on for awhile. and this just seemed like the right time instead of holding onto it longer and longer. what courage palestinians have. and this song, it really defines this time like no other. for me anyway.

      and thank you everyone (except for jon w/his spoiler top comment)!

      and a huge thanks to mohammed assaf, and all palestinian people.

  • Four arrested after occupying Senator Feinstein's LA office to protest military aid
    • estee in the video as she was being arrested "if you could send this to mondoweiss" ;)

      jvp also send out an alert while this was going on for everyone to call and tweet boxer and feinstein. i did!

  • With ceasefire set to expire, Palestinians aim to lift the siege while Israel wants to turn 'Gaza into Ramallah'
    • lol, jesus seafoid! can't stop laughing...omg, you're killing me.

    • snap out of it kay! i can't believe what party poopers we have here.

    • israel wont do anything to make peace, but apparently palestinians dont get that obvious fact.

      ah. because, for example, not one of the palestinians who write for mondoweiss is as smart as you. they all think israel is trying to make peace! and because you have like...nooo problem finding editorials by palestinians claiming israel wants to make peace. why every single day i'm hearing palestinians say 'that can't be right, israelis are serious about peace.'

      and it's so lucky they have you to set them straight justpassingby. i mean really, if it weren't for the wisdom of people like you, i don't know where they'd be.

    • but they didn't extend the truce today. maybe they just needed a break from being bombed and killed for a couple days. anyways, their leaders are one thing but 'palestinians' are not dumb. i have not been hearing any loud calls from the people to extend the ceasefire, no calls at all in fact.

    • Are the palestinians dumb? They dont seems to understand that israel wont end the siege, now they just play along in this stupid circus of Israel.

      why would you say that? did you get some special information they've accepted israel's terms for the ceasefire. do tell.

  • Gruesome tales surface of Israeli massacres against families in Gaza's Shujaiya neighborhood
    • They abutted the vast buffer zone the Israeli military had established between its border and the Gaza Strip. By pounding neighborhoods like Shujiaya and cities like Beit Hanoun until nearly all of their residents were forced to flee west for shelter, Israel was tightening the cage on the entire population.

      i'm in shock, you mean it wasn't because there were terroristas there?

    • seafoid, i can't believe you can make me crack up at a time like this!

  • UPDATED: Bay Area demonstrators succeed for **fourth** day in 'Blocking the Boat for Gaza'
  • Israel accuses Gaza children of using Hamas as human shields
    • “Why aren’t they picking on the seal slaughter instead of us?” demands B’nai Brith spokesperson Frank Dimant.

      sometimes it's hard to tell the satire from the real thing. this reminds me of the satire on +972 about liberal zionists. link to

      they eventually placed "[satire]" at the top because it's clear from the comments some people didn't get it. they can't even hear themselves.

  • Lady Gaza comes to Melbourne
    • this was an amazingly successful action. hats off to our #BDS activist allies in Australia. big hats off.

      The group vowed that they will continue to work both as a group and in their personal capacity in solidarity with the people of Palestine until Palestine is free.

      count me in.

  • Video: Gaza forces young Jew to overcome 'giant hostile ferocious backlash' of her community
    • But I guess, were the video not this Jewish, it would not be here.

      you mean like like this video: link to

      ? we have other examples if you need them. if it's a good video and pertains to our interests we'd run it.

      Jews are not the only ones who have to receive shoutings of anti-Semitism.

      so make a friggin video eGuard. no one is stopping you.

      (I saw her Obama shirt burning vid first. In there, she did not have or need any Jewish background).

      maybe you should get your news from a website that doesn't promote itself from being "chiefly from a progressive Jewish perspective"if you'd like 'jewish-free' discourse. what matters, or should matter, wrt this self made video, is that it matters to her. whether you think it matters one iota, lots of jews have a hard time grappling w/this issue. so we always welcome signs of positive change.

      i have repeatedly stated over the years (and got in a big online fight about it once w/jerry slater) that it's more important for non jews to speak out because there are more of us, of course. but i don't resent anyone telling where they are coming from on this issue regardless of their background.

      and wrt the obama video, and i would imagine all her other videos, she didn't mention it, probably because, unlike this issue, her viewpoint was not impacted by her ethnicity so it was not relevant to her.

      p.s. and when i think it's relevant to what i have to say, i mention my upbringing, family history, or that i am not jewish. sometimes it informs the topic, other (most) times, it doesn't.

      and check out Cenk Uygur question to max around 4:20 in this video wrt relevancy, and his answer, as well as 19 min, very relevant. and max's @ 22min answer "jewish american's have been raised on humane values that they can't tolerate...":

    • the video tells her story. is not limited to 'her argument'. yes, it would have been completely different because she tells her story thru the kinds of responses she's gotten when she questioned what was going on. and a lot of those responses were accusations of her being a self hating jew.

      it's her story eguard. you can't un-jewish her and why would you want to? plus, lots of people come to this 'issue', for lack of a better word, with no baggage. with no pre conceived notion of history or what's going on. that is not the case for lots of people raised in jewish households. so her story, specifically the quote in the 2nd paragraph above, " “It was associated with me and that meant it had to be good,..." is relevant to her.

      do you have any other problems with the video?

  • Knight in shining armor?
    • how so?

    • It’s almost as if nothing happened.

      oh no, make no mistake, it isn't as if nothing happened. this is an israeli victory. remember, their goal was the complete fracture of the unity agreement between hamas and fatah. so not only do they get to kill/rampage WB and slaughter GAZA they get their objective. to break up the unity gov. i'd call that a win win. one 'side' policing the 'other'. perfect, just what they wanted. divide and conquer.

      plus, i was especially impressed by this line: Israel will provide medical aid to the wounded. what does that mean? does that mean gaza will get the back up it needs to care for their own, or will the wounded be shipped into israel, if israel decides their wounds are sufficient, and/or they are willing to collaborate compromise?

      what does "Israel will provide medical aid to the wounded" mean?

      this is such a sham.

  • Man who saved Jewish boy in Holocaust acts to save Israel from 'racist... quagmire'
    • his point was that these were not really his relatives. but Zanoli doesn't see it that way.

      here's more from his letter: link to

      "The great-great grandchildren of my mother have lost their grandmother, three uncles, an aunt and a cousin at the hands of the Israeli military," Zanoli said in the letter, published by liberal Israeli newspaper Haaretz and widely circulated in the Dutch media.

      "It is particularly shocking and tragic that today, four generations on, our family is faced with the murder of our kin in Gaza. Murder carried out by the State of Israel," Zanoli said.

  • Palestine posters archive nominated to UNESCO Memory of the World program
    • what a wonderful resource. i could click these links and follow them all day. look at this, land day. Ismail Shammout incorporating Scottish artist David Roberts.

      link to

      thank you so much Catherine Baker and Dan Walsh . and the news of the nomination is fantastic

  • The catastrophe inflicted on Gaza--and the costs to Israel's standing
    • 1. overuse of the “drink the kool-aid” phrase is a sign of laziness.

      how bout brainwashed? it is what it is. palestinians didn't start this mantra they they were stuck between hamas and israel, israel did.

      i fully believe that hamas is not on the same page as all 1.8 million gazan Palestinians. they all want the end of the siege, but some of them think that the leadership of hamas is profligate with the blood of the common people.

      "not on the same page"is a vague term. it could apply to anyone about anything. so let's not move the goalposts ok? let's stay on topic. you made a claim some palestinians (or palestinians living in gaza but lets reference them as one people, since they are) "think that the leadership of hamas is profligate with the blood of the common people."

      so i offered you a link, source and quote to back up my assertion. where's yours?

      i want to know where your 'full belief' implication, wrt to slaughter in gaza and the subsequent haggling over the ceasefire agreement comes from. and if i am mistaken in your implication please clarify.

      iow, where did your belief, that some palestinians think "the leadership of hamas is profligate with the blood of the common people", come from?

      because wouldn't it be a coincidence if israeli hasbarists and......some palestinians have something in common?

      the only hitch is there have been protests and demonstration in the WB and inside israel by palestinians w/israeli citizenship in support of gaza, and support of their conditions for the ceasefire. so where's your "belief" from?

      link please. and if it's to the story of the 20 collaborators/protestors...can you find at least one version with a source other than alleged anonymous palestinian official? seriously, there's be tons of foreign journos there. one name, just one to have some personal connection/experience to relate...besides israeli hasbara source.

    • yonah: A number of comments about your comment:

      1. It seems to me that Bibi thought he might be able to get away with clamping down on Hamas on the West Bank without the Gazan Hamas reacting. This war was an unintended consequence of the crackdown on the West Bank Hamas.

      yes, from israel's standpoint it was was an unintended consequence of the crackdown on the West Bank/Hamas. israel/ netanyahu acts with impunity. they act as tho they can do anything w/out consequence. and they didn't expect retribution. my point in 'Israel is in a pickle': link to

      2. Granted that the siege of Gaza is a cause for the Palestinians to go to war and to fight to change the status quo. Still the situation is “infuriating”. “Why are they shooting those rockets at us, don’t they know that we can crush them?” That is the reaction of most Israel supporters. There is something illogical about the Hamas actions. Indeed many commentators have described the war, or Hamas’s role in egging Israel into the war, as a result of Hamas’s desperation.

      yes, i can see how it might seem infuriating. but it's not illogical. hamas is not 'egging israel into a war'. the 'war' is ever present for palestinians. when a truce offers no more than a surrender, which is continued occupation, it's meaningless.

      and it would be helpful (perhaps) to stop describing this as "hamas" when in fact it represents the will of the palestinian people. i have not heard one palestinian say they want a ceasefire without the end of the siege.

      see: link to

      every person I meet, young or old, man or woman, refugee or long-time Gaza resident, displaced in the UN centers, scattered in hospitals, or still in their homes has one message to Palestinian negotiators in Cairo: This inhumane siege, the longest in history, has to end now and we are ready to pay the price to regain our dignity.

      so don't drink the kool aide thinking this is because of hamas. it's because of the people.

      Bibi willing to continue the occupation on the West Bank for the foreseeable future.

      willing? of course he's willing. you frame it as tho this is a compromise. his intent is to continue the occupation of course. the opposite of ending the siege, ending the occupation. it's not the willingness for netanyahu to agree with himself that is sought, it is the willingness to accept palestinian terms.

    • he got the medal in 2011 AlGhorear. not that long ago.

  • Expelled, ghettoized and killed by Israel: The story of my cousin in Gaza
    • every person I meet, young or old, man or woman, refugee or long-time Gaza resident, displaced in the UN centers, scattered in hospitals, or still in their homes has one message to Palestinian negotiators in Cairo: This inhumane siege, the longest in history, has to end now and we are ready to pay the price to regain our dignity.

      thank you so much for reaffirming this. it's what i thought you thought. the time is now. hold strong, we love all of you. what you are doing is very brave.

  • Fraternizing with minorities in Israel
    • i love reading the news via hatim's farcical take on it.

      as an aside, i find it very interesting that the officer in command of the brigade that carried out the slaughter, war crime in Shejaiya killing 100 or so Palestinians, was Druze. does that mean he'll be the fall guy if israel is hauled in front of the ICC? that's a real question, i have no idea how that stuff works.

  • The Walzer Problem
    • james , his source was that old video uploaded 6 yrs ago (who knows when it was recorded) of the unidentified person. labeled claiming the man was making 'a confession' and used the term 'human shield' in arabic.

      dumpster diving. and he rants his comments don't get published. sheesh.

    • I was referring to the issue of the use of hospitals by the Hamas

      jon, your video link doesn't support that statement. there was no claim they were using the hospital, but the area near the hospital. it says right on the top of the video "next to shifa hospital". and this was the same excuse israel used to demolish el wafa hospital even tho israel knew militants were not operating from the hospital. there was no need to destroy the hospital.

      edit, i see shingo just made that pt. oh well.

      and jon, if you can't find supporting evidence for your claim anywhere but memri, maybe it's not worth posting.

      and one more thing, your first link, it has subtitles in english (push cc). what she says doesn't match the headline. she said there was a rocket launched from the area in back of the hospital at 2 am. not from the hospital.

    • creepy toivo. the depths of moral decay some people wallow thru to excuse war crimes.

    • oh great! well i assumed that's what you meant and that it was a wording issue (that's why i said "choice of words"/not helpful). glad we got that cleared up!

    • regarding what walzer says here:

      But I would strongly advise anyone contemplating the loss of life in Gaza to think carefully about who is responsible, or primarily responsible, for putting civilians at risk. The high-tech army, for all its claims to precision, is often callous and clumsy. But it is the insurgents who decide that the death of civilians will advance their cause.

      i suggest reading this from 7/19 link to israel's stated goal was to end the rocket fire. back then, before the goi came out w/little graphs explaining how tunnels were allegedly built under houses, nobody mentioned, and one hardly hears it today, that hamas' weapons and rockets were/are almost certainly underground, and israel didn't know where they were which was why they needed the ground invasion. because bombing civilian infrastructure doesn't damage underground storage areas. storing rockets under ground, which hamas almost certainly does, can't be solved by a bombing campaign and israel knows that.

    • i have not made it all the way through yet, but i just thought i would point out this is blatantly incorrect:

      Judging from the news reports on the recent Israeli attack, it is true that Hamas did launch rockets against Israel and fought against the invading Israeli army from crowded residential neighborhoods, thereby leaving Israel no choice but to bomb and shell them, causing thousands of civilian casualties.

      of course israel always has a choice whether to bomb gaza or not. i know you went on to say other things, but i think your choice of words wasn't helpful there.

      to accept a certain level of death and suffering among its own civilian population as an unavoidable cost of its resistance, but it hardly demonstrates that it welcomes it, as Walzer clearly implies, let alone deliberately invites it.

      absolutely. and here is something walzer says which is incorrect:

      In asymmetric warfare, low-tech forces—call them terrorists, militants, or the more neutral "insurgents," which I will use—aim at the most vulnerable targets, civilians, and they launch their attacks from the midst of the civilian population. The high-tech forces respond, in defense of their own or of allied civilians, and end up killing large numbers of enemy civilians. The more civilians they kill—this is the sad, but not morally puzzling truth—the better it is for the insurgents. If you kill civilians in places like Vietnam or Afghanistan, you lose the battle for "hearts and minds." If you kill civilians in a place like Gaza, you lose the battle for global support.

      it is not always the case that The high-tech forces respond... and end up killing large numbers of enemy civilians in asymmetric warfare and doesn't have to be. in fact, if you read the wiki definition of asymmetric warfare link to it sets out 5 pts of tactical basis. and they do not say The high-tech forces respond... and end up killing large numbers of enemy civilians. here is what they say:

      If the inferior power is in an aggressive position, however, and/or turns to tactics prohibited by the laws of war (jus in bello), its success depends on the superior power's refraining from like tactics. For example, the law of land warfare prohibits the use of a flag of truce or clearly marked medical vehicles as cover for an attack or ambush, but an asymmetric combatant using this prohibited tactic to its advantage depends on the superior power's obedience to the corresponding law. Similarly, laws of warfare prohibit combatants from using civilian settlements, populations or facilities as military bases, but when an inferior power uses this tactic, it depends on the premise that the superior power will respect the law that the other is violating, and will not attack that civilian target, or if they do the propaganda advantage will outweigh the material loss. As seen in most conflicts of the 20th and 21st centuries, this is highly unlikely as the propaganda advantage has always outweighed adherence to international law, especially by dominating sides of any conflict.

      so one should not assume, as walzer does, that in asymmetric warfare,"The high-tech forces respond... killing large numbers of enemy civilians."

      again, israel has a choice.

      and if walzer is going to use that definition he'd also have to claim that " the Jewish resistance organizations, facing both the British army and Palestinian forces, also hid its arms in schools, hospitals, and other civilian institutions." because they wanted, or depended on, jewish civilian death.

      and another thing, the situation at el wafa hospital that allison wrote about. the israeli military admitted they knew the hospital wasn't storing weapons. and the alleged militant wasn't inside the hospital, they were adjacent. israel took down the hospital anyway. that was completely unnecessary. and there was an open field near the hospital. it's more likely hamas just needed, or sought out, an open field in which to launch rockets. and one assumes if israel's 'precision' targeting can target a house, they can also target an open field.

  • We must target our politicians' 'cowardice' in the face of war crimes --Trevor Hogan's impassioned speech in Dublin
    • thanks lonely rico. actually i doubt if that was cut from the video. i think it's more likely Ageel Shatry, the person who shot the video just didn't whip out his cell phone faster. either way we've got the full transcript up here (w/the video): link to

  • Imagine you are a Palestinian academic or a student
    • Don’t fire rockets at Israel, and your electric power won’t be disrupted.

      you mean the electrical power allows them access to since it's a given israel will not allow palestinians to be self sufficient? because israel will not allow palestinians independence? that's a neat trick jon. maybe if israel had not put palestinians in prison, they wouldn't fire rockets into israel. what a novel thought.

      but we all know israel wants to control all of palestine, including gaza, and that's why they can't provide themselves with their own electricity.

    • Regularly, Gaza receives around 60% of its electricity from Israel

      doesn't that seem odd, since they have all those gas depots right off thier coastline, that belongs to them? and since most of israel's water comes from stealing palestine's, one would think there might be some quid pro quo?

      and since israel the benevolent allows the prisoners food to eat, should they be thanked for that also? should palestinians get on their knees and thank the warden?

    • You take the lift with 13 colleagues. While the lift is ascending, the power suddenly goes off and you get stuck and suffocated in complete darkness for an unknown period of time. Female students in the lift keep screaming and crying, including a pregnant lady. How do you feel?

      i have to admit, this particular scenario had never occurred to me before. i imagine it must be quite common in situations where electricity is so intermittent. and to answer his question, i'd feel extremely claustrophobic.

  • US branch of the Jewish 'family' owes the homeland 'unconditional love' -- Rosner
    • If Jews aren’t a family, and their support can be withdrawn, then Israelis have no reason to pay special attention to the complaints of non-Israeli Jews.

      it's irrelevant if israelis "pay special attention to the complaints of non-Israeli Jews" if that attention does not have any chance of impacting israel's agenda. paying special attention for the purpose of modifying talking points, lecturing non compliant non israeli jews, pampering or other ways intending to manipulate those gone astray is ultimately unimportant strategically. as Rosner makes clear "Israelis are going to make their own decisions." nothing will "convince the government to alter its policies" and thinking otherwise he calls "a self-aggrandizing fantasy" he's saying nothing you do or say will make any difference.

      yeah, we already know that's how israel operates. this is why it's going to take more than diaspora jews to turn this thing around. because if israel thinks it can stand against the world, it can't. either american support is critical or it is not. you can't sit there in israel accepting all this american support while claiming, essentially, it would not matter one way or the other because nothing anyone could ever say would make you change your policies. (well, you can, but it's just empty chutzpa)

      israel wants to be able to say it acts on behalf of "the jewish people". this is a very potent weapon it weilds. but to do so it requires not only jews but also everybody else to internalize the concept jews are "one family". this is all hasbara. i say we take him at his word, withdraw support, and only then will we see if israel can really survive without us (the global community, i'm not talking just jews). because i doubt they can. he's saying they're invincible, they aren't. just humans like the rest of us.

    • Page: 242
  • Watch: Young Israeli Jew at Western Wall calls for 'another war and another war and another war and another war'
    • this is an excellent video. nothing i wouldn't expect from the society but it's unusual to capture the dialogue from seemly rational people so concisely on camera. the football field comment, a call for genocide.

  • A month of solidarity in London -- does the BBC get the message?
  • Is the firing of Steven Salaita the beginning of a new Blacklist?
    • But does anyone know what the personal social media policy is for the University?

      is a public university even allowed to have a policy that contradicts the first amendment?

      I had to sign one recently before teaching one class at a (Western affiliated) college here in Japan

      was it a private or public institution? and if it was public, did it violate rights set forth in japan's constitution?

    • elliot, the name Wise does not have jewish origin. link to

  • Serving Israel's aim of lowering civilian deaths, 'New York Times' Gaza tally says 15- to 17-year-old's aren't children
    • even haaretz says "allegedly kidnapped and murdered the three teens"

      The state says Hussam confessed during an interrogation by the Shin Bet security service that he had received funding for the abduction from Hamas operatives in Gaza.

      you're such a tool jon.nobody believes anything israel claims anymore because they notoriously lie w/impunity.

  • Tough Hillary Clinton says 'dreadful' pictures of dead women and children make it hard to get at truth-- Hamas is to blame
  • Rania Masri gives Barack Obama a lesson on the meaning of 'barbaric'
    • there's another from dublin can of worms..reminding me i should get it drafted with or without transcript.

    • thanks robert. i didn't do very much's really rania we should thank, and ageel for recording her incredible speech (and passion!) and downloading it for public consumption.

    • i love your energy and determination ageel ;)

    • i see you've already got the french subtitles Ageel! that's so rad.

    • yes, they are an integral part of the solidarity movement

      the american friends service committee link to

    • Ageel, words cannot express my gratitude to you. As i hope you know, my original text was much much different. the emails we've shared this last week as well as my communication with rania has meant so much to me. perhaps the way i wove the story of you both..(who you are and how you came to the protest, everything, i cannot give it all away here because we will tell it, and it means a lot to rania to tell it in full too) was just... needed work i guess. so i bared it down to start over and for some reason, at midnight it got published in midstream. someone read it bare like that and published. your story is not here. the story, her/your story, i worked on most of the weekend. i'm sorry.

      but it won't stop this train. i agree with you, this is history in the making.

  • Giving birth under bombardment
    • i read in twitter 4500 babies had been born in gaza in the last month. that's a lot of mom's giving birth with bombs crashing everywhere.

  • 'We are all Palestinian'
    • it's comedy! it took me a minute to figure that out. because mark regev could pass as comedy too, if it wasn't horrific reality.

    • and cape town was more than that...i think i read over 200,000. and yemen, look at yemen. link to

    • sycamores, it's a great video. i saw it last night and tweeted it, and him, and ask him for the transcript. have not heard from him yet. should have gotten it up today anyway. oh well.

    • ok, i am starting to update that post now. we so need dublin photos and i've failed in that regard. please send asap. i want large crowds. dublin has really been having awesome protests.

  • What does it mean to be a Palestinian father?
    • my kid was really smart really young. and he liked to read a lot. i hardly read as a child, but he was hooked. one time we were riding on a bus down in mexico and he was absorbed in a michael crichton novel. he was 7*. and he said, mom, what's this word? i glanced over and the word was corpse.

      my son had a large vocabulary, but he didn't know that word. 7 year old kids in gaza probably know all to well what corpses are.

      *he may have been 8. i would have to check which winter we traveled in mexico.

  • Gaza 2014 has clarified the international struggle
  • With friends like these...
  • American woman abandons Zionist group after hearing Palestinian describe slaughter of six family members
    • anti-Zionism, by definition, cannot be a part of any such compromise because it is uncompromising.

      speaking of uncompromising, what do you think of israel's refusal so compromise one iota and any of hama's 10 conditions to end the ceasefire?

      link to

      it is the inability, so far, of the representatives of Israel and Palestine to agree conclusively to a lasting compromise

      the israeli government is unwilling to make a compromise that allows for the equality of all people.

    • However, if JVP didn’t make any religious statements, then in my opinion it would be better if it were a dual Palestinian-Jewish organization

      that wouldn't effect me tho as i am neither. but i am a member of jvp and there are palestinians members too. and hispanic, christian, all sorts of people from varying ethnicities/religions/whatever. anyone can join. and i rec getting their email updates.

    • How do contempt and repugnance (the emotions associated with the act of despising) lead to positive outcomes here?

      i need some context. do you mean, like how does one throw off the yoke of supporting genocide because it repulses you lead to positive outcome?

      well, it might lead to ending genocide, especially if you become an an active partner in advocating the end of genocide.

      one could also say the idea of not having human rights is repulsive. therefore you commit to investing only in companies and products don't violate peoples human rights (actually there are businesses that investigate that sort of thing and advise investors what companies, or countries, are massive human rights abusers.)

      or divesting entities you presently may own stock in based on that entities violations of international law or war crimes.

      so this in turn can lead to a more positive world in which people are compelled to change their ways, or face sanctions or boycott. that's just two examples.

      edit: which reminds me, if one finds the idea of slaughtering women and children repugnant (for example israel's repeated mowing the grass occupation maintenance ) you could BDS israel. that could eventually bring equal rights to the region (positive outcome).

      btw, you might want to check out websters wrt your definition of repugnance link to and i think you're not understanding that emotions per se are not an action, re: your term "the act of despising" there is no such act.

    • you sure did phil. and as an aside, that was the day i met rae abileah, after she spoke at the event about the upcoming trip to gaza and i signed up then and there. went on their next delegation a couple months later. you were there too, in gaza at the same time. a lot has changed since then but some things, for gazans, have remained the same - or gotten much worse.

    • SOP for Hasbara is to cast doubt on any story like his.

      right after the 08/09 massacre, that winter, i attended a 'witness' function at the health department on grove street in downtown san francisco. it was a large public federal building with a stage and podium with distinguishing speakers, mostly health workers and lawyers whom had come back from gaza, part of a delegation of some of the first people let in after the massacre. the stuff they saw was just horrendous. and then someone, i think from code pink, introduced Amer Shurrab, who had just arrived on a plane as i recall. the murder of his brothers and what his father said to him was very fresh.

      and while i may be mistaken i think it was his first time for him in front of a large american audience telling this story. his command of the english language wasn't as good, but what i recall most is the painstaking detail in which he told the story. it went on for a long time because he retold his fathers accounting of those long hours watching his son's life slip away. he spoke slowly. imaging it was more than one could bear. i recalled he looked very young and a little bedraggled. i think he had arrived the night before. he had photos of his brothers. he comes from a family very well known to the israeli military because his family's farm is right on the border.

      a lot happened in those long hours, phone calls relatives trying to help, ambulance coming and being turned away but mostly the description of his father, one son dying and then the other very slowly from a wound that would not have been life threatening had they allowed him to get medical attention. and the house was close where the soldiers were so they were looking over them the whole time watching. it was excruciating, and he wasn't as accustomed to an audience as he is today nor as emotionally composed, although he did hold it together when i heard him speak. he's significantly condensed the event if what he told in phil's video is all that he told. i should watch the democracy now video.

      thanks for these important videos phil.

  • Video: Israeli soldiers share an ecstatic moment as they destroy homes in Gaza
  • My friends say I'm being too nice to Hamas
    • Do these morons even listen to themselves?

      shingo, i do not think they are morons. i think they do not realize that "Gazans being oppressed by Hamas" is a hasbara talking point constantly repeated by israel meant to be consumed by the israeli public and the international community to sell the hasbara talking pt hamas is responsible for israeli massacres and 'if' palestinians were only good and made other choices israel would not oppress them. which is a lie. no palestinian would buy that hogwash. so the friends have internalized it and assume hamas oppresses most of the people, which i imagine would be very low on the palestinian priority list when they are suffering under a brutal blockade by an enemy that bombs you routinely. israel doesn't like hamas, so it stands to reason palestinians don't either? that's just not logical. palestinians have no compelling reason to believe the propaganda of an entity who is responsible for stealing their country. while i agree only a fool would drink the koolaid that hamas is responsible for israel's massacres of palestinian people, it's repeated so routinely on all the msms it's possible some people don't even realize how ridiculous it is. i doubt that these friends of his are really stupid. they've just internalized some of these lies where they take for granted they are truth. but where are the palestinian voices complaining about hamas right now? crickets.

    • it's brainwashing. one of the most powerful military forces in the world massacring scores of defenseless people moaning about the threat of their own annihilation. seriously, only if you're suck on this crap like mother's milk your entire life does it not sound ludicrous.

    • I’d have also told “Don” that Gaza is not “territory next to Israel” it’s territory occupied and controlled by Israel,

      i thought the same thing reading it. i also had a big problem w/don's reasoning in his first comment in this exchange since "
The countries" he refers to that have "formal and informal peace accords with Israel are not subject to horrific scenes of destruction" differ greatly from palestine in one crucial way, israelis not engaged in a ongoing process of taking over all their land under the guise of "security".

      anyone who does not consider the ongoing theft of palestine as a goal of the those in power in israel, due to the evidence of continual settlement expansion, is in denial.

      another aspect i felt missing is the context of who initiated this latest round of violence. even the government acknowledges hamas did not shoot rockets since the 2012 ceasefire agreement. the government of israel and netanyahu, incensed with the unity gov, used those missing teens to carry out a pogrom against the palestinian people. this went on for weeks and weeks before hamas responded with rockets. where is the blame or acknowledgement of that event from Roland's friends. why does the israel gov get to blame hamas without a shred of evidence for that kidnapping and use it as an excuse to renege on a previous deal for prisoner release and round up and detain/re-arrest on no charge hundreds of palestinian people. what would jews do if someone had power over them like that? and what purpose is it to enter into any kind of agreement with someone who will renege on it anytime in the future under false pretext.

      so why not ask why israel started this? because to many people it looks like israel just wanted another opportunity to mow the grass. they started it.

      his friends have been brainwashed:

      When a political movement in an adjacent region continually states that their belief is your destruction, when their supporters, in Europe especially, attack Jewish institutions and businesses while chanting anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli slogans, one is hard pressed not to be moved to self-defense.

      israel is colonizing palestine. When a political movement (zionism)comes into your country intending it's destruction and total annihilation (how many palestinian villages were destroyed?), when their supporters, in Europe and the US especially,support attacking Palestinian institutions and businesses (like say most recently the power plant in gaza and the university) while chanting death to arabs, one is hard pressed not to be moved to self-defense.

      and that's exactly what hamas is doing, self defense. israel is the aggressor here, not hamas. zionism is the political movement that entered palestine and destroyed it. and it keeps on destroying it bit by bit by bit. your friends don't like their militias? so what? asked them what they would do after 3 weeks of pogroms murdering scores of palestinians in the west bank? jews in tel aviv, invading and destroying thousands of homes? jews are not the victims here, at all.

  • 'NYT' is furiously rewriting history of Gaza conflict
    • Where would those instructions be found?

      haven't you ever seen the 10 step promotional to market hamas on their easy access website published in 30 languages? you need to get out more often shingo. i mean everyone has it memorized.

    • Would you like to talk about the report that Baghdadi was trained by Mossad?

      leaked by snowden..ouch! i'm so shocked.

    • I’d love to talk about ISIS.

      well lucky you because the thread from yesterday on the article chock full of ISIS is still open. and i noticed you didn't engage at all! shocking.

      link to

    • Maybe Hamas apologists are also following instructions.

      maybe you can produce an instructional video from hamas saying it's all marketing, like mr lazarus:

      "we have to start a different mindset. that mindset has to be of marketing, taking a message, a simple message and repeating it, repeating it, and repeating it." do you like his marketing jon?

      "the number one thing which i think is crucial to understand, is to explain that israel too is hurt by the casualties on the palestinian side. but there's a very important difference between israel and the palestinians , when israel kills civilians, tragically, we weep. it hurts us, it hurts everyone in israel..."

      yeah. i bet!!!

    • here's Neil Lazarus Israel Advocacy Tips 1 ( see how many of these talking pts about hamas and palestinians you're hearing today, this is from 09. israeli is not at war with the palestinian "hamas is holding the people of the gaza strip hostage"

      it really is a must hear.

    • i love this! : "It’s thought that the order to carry out the kidnapping came from there."

      how bout this: It’s thought that the teens died in a car accident and the government of israel used their deaths to set up hamas because they were incensed over the announcement of the unity government.

    • jack, if i were being tortured i'd admit to kidnapping the teens. i'd admit to anything. i'm a totally wimp when it comes to physical pain.

  • Palestinian refugees displaced again as they flee Islamic State in Iraq
    • thanks for your comments bandolero. one thing thatmakes me curious, is anyone who was blogging about the ME during the iraq war, how could they not forget the neocons continually promoting an independent free kurdistan and the push for 3 separate states in iraq. and now, all we hear about it the hand wringing over how iraq may split apart. i read somewhere just recently it is already all but done. but the constant yammering implying it wasn't always on the people have such short memories?

    • as bad as ISIS may be, I don’t see them getting 100% US Senate approval, or billions in US tax giveaways

      it doesn't work like that for covert ops, i don't think. it comes byway of 'democracy building' ngos (think cia) who get USAID via the state dept. i don't think the senate knowingly has to approve.

  • Gaza war gives rise to new Jewish group targeting Jewish institutions that support occupation
    • american, 'some are this and some are that and some are' ..... well, the purpose is one specific thing. so let's assume all of them have one thing in common, one objective> focused on ending the war on Gaza and ending the occupation. and they are organizing to do that by targeting institutions.

      so, the more the merrier. or do we say, you're not interested in dismantling israel, which doesn't meet my standards so therefore i will reject your efforts targeting institutions that support the occupation?

      But the fact is its gonna take a huge mass of people, more than jewish groups, to have any impact on the political powers that can rein Israel in.
      I see no attempts to coordinate Jewish and non Jewish groups like CNI and others for joint efforts..

      well, what are you gonna do about it? attempt to coordinate Jewish and non Jewish groups for joint efforts?

      Only thing I have noticed in non Jewish groups is the Summit on Israel where a few like Phil were invited.

      well, as a matter of fact , there are quite a few other groups trying to end the occupation. this wasn't organized by jewish groups. in cities across the nation, like austin for example, protests were organized, partly by groups on facebook and such, many non jewish groups. and there were masses showing up so perhaps you're a tad out of touch.

    • but i can’t help being weary IF NOT NOW sounds like a disaffected J Street splintered group

      what's wrong with being disaffected by j street? let's toast to that, not be weary of it. it's a j street convert! being lured to the other side...

    • what town?

    • There is an inconvenient fact here that people don’t talk about, perhaps because we are not allowed to talk about it on this website. Thou shalt not equate Jewishness and Jewish political identity with Zionism (unless you’re a Zionist Israeli or supporter), thou shalt not question or comment on Jewish identity politics in any way;

      well that's funny frankie because i am a moderator here and i've never even heard of this. i don't even really know what "Jewish political identity" really means, other than a group like this organizing as jews. (which sort of messages i'm might not be invited to the party. and makes me wonder why, if the target is non specific wrt ethnicity >institutions supporting occupation.) but then i'm not really familiar with the specifics of 'jewish values', no one sat me down and taught me.

      anyway, when you say " Thou shalt not equate Jewishness and Jewish political identity with Zionism " when you say 'equate' do you mean they are the same thing? do you mean everyone who has 'Jewish political identity' is therefore a zionist? because that doesn't sound true to me. anyway, you're wrong. we do not have a policy of " thou shalt not question or comment on Jewish identity politics in any way". not that i've heard of.

  • Steven Salaita-- unremitting in criticism of Zionism and Gaza slaughter-- loses a job at University of Illinois
    • this is awful. how many university professors are devout zionists? are their jobs threatened? one side here is committing genocide, and being punished for speaking the truth. no wonder the american studies assoc voted in support of palestine. (or whatever the definition of their vote was)

      here is a petition demanding his reinstatement
      link to

      We demand corrective action on the scandalous firing of Palestinian-American professor, Dr. Steven Salaita

  • What will tomorrow bring for Gaza -- a lasting truce or continuous war?
  • War
    • thanks robert. that is an incredible speech from the austin protest. i posted it on the worldwide protest post and have been intending to front page it. just spacing out.

  • Thousands of displaced Palestinians take shelter on the fringes of Gaza City
    • Imagine a Christian pastor running for government in your town with a political agenda based on a parochial fundamentalist understanding of the NT. Think you would voting for him.

      if my people were being genocided while all our land was being stolen and he was the only one supporting armed resistance?

      most likely. i'd be pounding the pavement organizing to get out to vote too.

      And lacking checks and balances why shouldn’t the sane corruption happen to hamas?

      frankly, whatever corruption members of hamas may be involved in (and it would be hard to top that of fatah which is exactly why hamas won the election) pales in comparison to the slaughter going on. i really don't think this is a main concern of most palestinians at this time, especially not since hamas just agreed to give up lots of control by joining the unity gov. funny you should be focusing on it tho. do you really think palestinians are going to be swayed by your propaganda to dump hamas? as if you can shove out some marketing bs about how much civilian death just pains israelis, and they care so much..yada yada . seriously, they are not stupid. try internalizing this:

      get it? it's a marketing scam. just like what you're pushing now. people are being slaughtered and the focus of your diversion is lacking checks and balances in palestinian domestic affairs? try harder.

      If a right wing tea party member in the USA would suggest to hold elections once every 10-20 years would probably trounce him and justly so.

      you should check my archives. i wrote an article maybe 2 years ago about hamas and fatah meeting in cairo to plan the elections. your comment lacks context because hamas never suggested to hold elections once every 10-20 fact right before israel instigated this latest genocical slaught fatah and hamas announced a unity gov w/the intention to hold elections in the next 6 months.

      seriously, this is like swatting flies. like i said before, laughable. oh, and you should tell hasbara central they need new talking pts. that old 09 marketing video i posted? we've heard it all before.

    • but how do we know what the people of gaza want?

      they write stuff, lots of it. we publish lots on this website. they also protest, loudly. pay attention. overwhelmingly they want the occupation of palestine to end. thus far i have not heard any palestinians rejecting hamas' very reasonable conditions for the ceasefire. you should read those conditions.

    • I just pray some of them will still be alive by the time your world of "Both sides have their reasons for their actions. Both sides are wrong based on the standard of the harsh result" settles too bubba.

      those who survived the destruction of the Gaza need eminence aid in the form of basic needs or there will be many more deaths.

      either way there are likely to be many more deaths because israel will just mow the grass again. everything except ending the siege, the occupation, is just a temporary bandaid

      If Israel and the Palestinians do not aggressively wage peace, it is all for naught. If they do not both seek peace, all that Allison witnessed for the two of you (and the world) will occur again and again; just as it has for the last 66 years.

      bubba, one is supported by the US, the global super power. Israel does not want to ever release the grip of the occupation other than by killing or ethnically cleansing palestinians. your narrative wrongly implies there's some sort of parity here, there is not. this is not about israel and hamas aggressively waging peace. this is about the hunter and the hunted and it's going to take an international society to reel in the hunter. yes, people of the world will give charity to hamas and palestinians. but that will not end the occupation. and hamas being uber nice will not end it either. there is not an occupation because of hamas. the colonization of palestine has little to do with hamas other than israel facilitating their creation for the purpose of continuing theft of palestine.

      it is a convenient diversion to be able to use hamas as an excuse for what they have been doing since before the founding of the state; killing and ethnically cleansing palestine. hamas 'waging peace' is a wasted effort, israel breaks every ceasefire. again, it's going to require the world to stop israel. bds and sanctions ASAP.

    • Does hamas believe in western liberal values?

      what difference should that make in the context of the occupation? israel has a deputy speaker of the Knesset who advocates ethnic cleansing and genocide, neither of which reflect "western liberal values". link to

      Lacking democratic elections and a free political discourse how can we know that hamas positions actually reflect the wishes of the people of gaza?

      they were elected democratically. israel and 'western powers' have colluded time and again to prevent another election in palestine. note how they freaked out w/the new unity gov. but the last election hamas won fair and square.

      i'm really not going to be following you down a hasbara road that keeps repeating these kinds of lies from non palestinians: link to today i read some rightwing islamophobic website claiming palestinians were 'caught' between the idf and hamas. that's similar to what hasbrats claimed about palestinians christians too, being squeezed by muslims. overwhelmingly palestinians across social media claimed support for how hamas was responding to israel's last killing spree and did not advocate the ceasefire to go into effect until israel agreed to end the occupation.

      so this whole diversion into what palestinians really want, it's none of our business. even abbas didn't condemn hamas for firing rockets. israel pushed and pushed and pushed for weeks arresting hamas members and blaming them for the kidnapping and constant incitement from israelis gov officials, military forces and mobs of settlers in the WB before they started firing rockets. relatively, their actions were restrained. there were huge protests on the streets in the WB supporting palestinian resistance as well as inside israel (palestinian communities), or maybe you didn't notice. go read hatim's article and see if you can hear him criticize hamas. you want a less extreme ruler in gaza, then stop the occupation.

      and the absurdity of imagining a supporter of the entity ethnically cleansing palestine caring about the people of gaza a full transparent account as if you were looking out for them, or advocating for them, is laughable. it's literally none of your business.

      Will hamas leadership be expected to face similar public scrutiny for its handling of the crisis?

      hell no. where's the opposition in palestinian society scrutinizing hamas? for the most part, it doesn't exist outside your hasbara lalala land.

      When was the last time hamas gave the people of gaza a full transparent account of its use of public money?

      i can't believe how hypocritical this line of questioning is. you do know why hamas won the election right? because the political entity our country was supporting was transparently financially corrupt.

      Would you, annie, be willing to live under a hamas-style regime?

      i've been to gaza. the people were wonderful. i would gladly go back and have considered moving there numerous times. so yes, i definitely would consider living in gaza. and i just got back from southern lebanon which i loved. so that goes for hezbollah too.

      but israel? not on your life. so i guess that pretty much makes your last question moot.

    • benedict, can you tell us what is the idea of having airplanes that fly into gazan territory? Also, if yo can explain how bombing civilians jibes with international law? or how an occupying country can bomb the civilians under occupation in the name of "self defense"?

  • Conflict Resolution 101: Talk to Hamas
    • a lie is a lie. so yes, the comment lacked validity. speaking of pushing people into the sea, have you ever checked out the nakba photos of palestinians being driving into the sea?


      anyway, we get lots of those kinds of comments that never see the light of day. blatant lying isn't worth publishing except to ridicule imho.

    • american, you mean did i go search for the article since you didn't actually link to it and check whether you posted the whole thing? no. i might have had you linked to it, which everyone likes and i wish you would do more.

      but i do recall stripping away over 1/2 the text you copied. in the fair use link i directed you to it says "If you use the copied work in a way that substitutes for the original in the market, it's unlikely to be a fair use;". substitute meaning, the reader does not have to go to the source to read most of the text.

      most blogs like traffic, we do. we support driving traffic at truthdig as opposed to ripping them off.

      notice on our front page, when we blockquote from someone else we rarely do that with more than 4 paragraphs unless we have permission, except for gov stuff like daily press briefings because that's different, it's publicly owned.

      we don't want people posting whole articles in the comment section or even 8 paragraphs is way too much. it's best to provide the link and quote enough so people are interested and go to the source. then it drives the traffic of our colleagues.

      btw, i do it to your copy/paste comments a lot. it's time consuming. generally i don't like to have conversations about the comment section in threads but i think this is worth repeating.

      and for the commenter who just left a 30 paragraph copy/paste comment that got deleted, now you'll know why. i'm going to start deleting comments the infringe on fair use more so please everyone, just repost it with a shorter clip from the article. it's nothing personal.

      the exceptions is full articles that are short/3 paragraphs (ma'an news). or ILM has given us permission to copy anytime.

      i hope that clears things up.

    • Ma’shal was recently interviewed on American TV basically saying he can’t live with the state of Israel.

      no, basically he did not say that. if you have to lie and twist someone's words to make your argument you should examine your argument. and from all evidence, it appears it is israel who refuses to live along side a sovereign palestinian state.

      Anyone who seriously believes that Israel desires anything other than a world without Palestine is living it up in a steep, severe fantasy. you probably have the same goal, so why do you have such a hard time recognizing that it’s Israels’ as well?

    • thanks sean.

    • that's just got to be one of the most original comments i have ever heard palikari. thanks for sharing!

    • thanks lysias, i've definitely been doing that in the evenings and it helps. however, i don't really want to be drinking too early in the day, i have this affliction where i simply cannot spit out whiskey. ;)

    • american, can you please read ( and internalize)this comment: link to


  • What I said to the couple holding a banner with a swastika on it
    • swoon.

    • but you don't need anyone's permission to use the same kind of humor, it doesn't have to be an exact replica.

    • Palestinians are calling for a global "Day of Rage" on Sat Aug 9th.

      Take to the streets on Saturday 9 August with a united demand for sanctions on Israel.

      link to

    • what arrogance? "we are all palestinians now" as a saying, is not arrogant.

    • welcome throwing stones!

      I don’t see the anti-Arab racist “Clash of Civilization” talking heads sanitizing their messaging

      and those apocalypse sound tracks are horrible.

    • Just what do you recommend as a way to channel the good to stop kill happy zionism?

      not sure it would work during this slaughter but i thought one of the most effective things i ever saw to shame zionist was the SNL donkey video. so i'd put in a plug for good comedy. maybe a mock of those israeli HS students dressed up as KKK but preferably blood soaked.

      or i liked those burning bloody babies dolls in front of the holocaust museum. and we posted a photo of britain jews against genocide in their live action on the worldwidephotos thread. and in barcelona everyone in the demo raised their hands with (fake) blood. i thought that was very effective.

      frankly, i am partial to those actions (like the one in derry, ireland and malta, oakland, and some places in south america, too gory tho but then SA has seen so much gore and blood they're earned their right to use it in protests however they want) where everyone lies all over the ground like dead bodies.

      anyway, i probably got too carried away. frankly i think images of death are very relevant.

      but then jordan said the demo was " to call for peaceful justice". i love the idea of south africa reconciliation. but i'd be down w/the hague too.

    • chu, i don't want to burst your bubble but what the author saw in the upper east side was this:




      she even said: to see even this mildly anti-Israel graffiti was a surprise

      radical no doubt.

      and it appears both the photographs in the article were from foreign countries. the one on top, note the asian font in the background ( 2 signs with asian and english which indicates to me this is not new york) and at the base the caption says:
      A student in El Salvador marches with a disturbing mock-up of the Israeli flag.

    • Jordan, what non violence advocacy NGO in New York do you work for?

    • chocopie, you and me too! i've been to tons of rallies here in the US and have seen very very little this stuff being referenced, ever. and i've looked at literally tons of photos and footage in preparation for this the worldwide protest post (which is updated daily btw for anyone interested) and sometimes in states in the ME do you see the burning of the israeli flag or other highly inflammatory signs (allegations of genocide notwithstanding but i consider that fact and reality and i think it's quite appropriate) maybe some in south america albeit rarely, but not in the US.

      anyway, i've heard literally dozens of these kinds of accusations tho, generally allegations people are screaming anti semitic stuff ( i always wonder, so where's the video!!) and i always say to people, take a photo of it or record it.

      and here we have an article about it and there's not even an accompanying photo, which frankly i find disappointing and disconcerting since it's the point of the article, other than the 'what we should all do' instructional aspect.

  • Where you can donate to help Gaza -- Updated
    • sorry chocopie and thanks for bring it to our attention. not sure who cleared that but i imagine it's due to the fact we're backed up all the time (almost 200 comments right now) and sometimes a sentence crammed into a long paragraph just slips thru the cracks.

  • A brief respite in Gaza
    • Hasbara trashed? Break out the champagne

      ha! we'd be drunk non stop. we trash lots of their comments every day.

    • It sounds a bit cruel but it appears

      beauty, amoung other things, is in the eye of the beholder

    • i was talking to erza. the comment is gone so one of the other mods must have trashed it, which i respect. anyway, he tried to respond too, something about a 'wall of life' that is a 'slight inconvenience' for palestinians. what he possibly doesn't understand is that this is a form of nakba denial which is against our comment policy. we really don't need this level of discourse at the site. i probably should have not tried to respond because this mentality is beneath us. people interested in that kind of discourse should go hang at a site like stand w/us and see if he can dig up anyone who wants to wallow in the gutter, let them host the conversation. people who cannot even bring themselves to acknowledge the occupation or be honest about what's at stake here, freedom. some yabbering about throwing jews into the sea.

    • . Honestly, the concept I am trying to convey is not that difficult to comprehend: No rockets, no retaliation, no bloodshed (on either side). Kapish?????........

      Honestly, the concept they are trying to convey is not that difficult to comprehend: No occupation, no rockets. Kapish?????

      And once a semblance sanity can be regained and maintained, I am sure the Israelis will be even willing to help the Gazans rebuild.

      maybe they do not want 'help' from the israelis. maybe they want their independence. no retaliation? phfff! not good enough. no bloodshed? phfff! not good enough. you're not calling the shots and it's not your place to determine what should be good enough for palestinians.

      my theory ... Hamas does not want the bloodshed to end. In fact, it appears by their action that they want their own people to die, particularly the women and children, in the name of jihad.

      that's not your friggin theory, that's straight from hasbara central, or haven't you been paying attention? how convenient, self-serving, lazy and clueless of you. how many times do they have to say it? lift the siege. end the occupation.

  • israel is the golden calf
  • Israel, your brand is tanking
    • trev, we don't link to hate sites here so i removed your link which claims the source as another hate site (jawa report). it also claimed " a picture of the murdered Israel Fogel family doctored by Free Palestine", which you repeat only w/quotemarks.

      however, there's nothing on the photo which implies any 'group' made the image, just a flag that says free palestine on it, which anyone could have made. it's a saying, after all.

      So i’m wondering why with all the dead children in Gaza would Hamas or any other group put out a pic such as this that is so easily checked?

      why would you wonder that? why not wonder why a hate site would claim, against all odds, something so ridiculous.

      and, fyi, a flag w/free palestine on it is not the logo of the freepalestine movement.

      and to answer your last question, i would recommend google drop link to

      just scroll the photo over the screen which opens up and drop the photo in there. it will show you all the places it has been published before.

  • Elie Wiesel plays the Holocaust trump card in Gaza
    • hi Kathryn (and everyone else especially new readers and others, you know who you are) . as a general rule, we don't publish whole articles here in the comment section. we try to practice fair use.

      on really slow days sometimes i read the whole article and pick and choose which paragraphs a reader might prefer having published. you can just imagine how many slow days we have around here. anyway, it takes up valuable time while clearing comments to edit them too. and so far today i've edited at least 3 articles. obviously, i don't leave notes for all of them.

      but if everyone could remember not to publish whole articles please?

      and thanks for the great link! i sent it to phil last night. Hedges even mentions phil in the article!

    • Should I repeat it more slowly?

      no, you should internalize the response so we don't have to keep repeating it. link to

    • The Jewish nation survived all these years partly because it always had a “mainstream” that’s poke with one voice.

      when you say "Jewish nation" i presume you're referencing people, as opposed to the new state. and i heard that in the decades prior to founding of the state there were major divisions within mainstream jewish thought regarding statehood. wasn't there? there wasn't just 'one voice'.

  • Seven congresspeople go to Israel on AIPAC's dime-- and one gets defensive about it
  • I'm waiting for Roger Cohen to say that Zionism is 'often' racism
    • I have stated many times that I don’t think that the Jewish establishment represents “the Jews,” “the Jewish people” and “the Jewish community” — despite its strident claims to do so. Many Jews disagree with the views of the Jewish establishment.

      You keep misrepresenting my views on this subject for reasons that are baffling.

      yes, i know you've stated that many times. however, perhaps you are not aware that when you build your arguments, your 'logic' sounds otherwise. for example: link to

      Mooser has tried to make the argument that American Jews are victims of Zionists. Wrong. Overwhelmingly they represent the Zionist establishment by free choice and with passionate conviction. Perhaps one might argue that they have victimized themselves.

      now, do you see how one might read that and interpret it as American Jews "overwhelming representing the establishment?" so either you don’t think that the Jewish establishment represents “the Jewish community” or you do, but you can't have both views when it suits you.

      but at a minimum sean, please take some responsibility if you feel your views are being misrepresented. i think it's a common phenomena for many people to not see the flaws in their own arguments whereas finding them in others seems so easy. perhaps this is at the core of your 'bafflement'.

      Leaders of the Jewish and Zionist establishments are one and the same people — they are not manipulating themselves

      yeah, that's kind of a nobrainer. as as far as i know, no one is arguing otherwise. however by this same token, being consistent, if American jews "overwhelmingly they represent the Zionist establishment" makes them, also, "one and the same people".

      and if there's one thing i have learned being around here for a few years, it's that there are a lot of jewish voices saying they never even heard palestinians til they got to college, and stuff like that. someone even did a study we published a review of on what was told to kids growing up about israel. so lots of them went thru the first 18 years of their life being told only a hasbara zionist notion of israel's history. to me, this indicates a manipulation on a massive scale. not just some fringe element.

      anyway, as i said before, we just disagree. and thanks for asking about my tooth! i am in severe pain, have been told it has to be pulled, and i am in complete denial (left the dentist's chair!). just suffering away while holding onto my tooth til it becomes unbearable. oh well. this too shall pass.

    • Much of the Jewish and Israeli media are now convinced that the world is veering towards antisemitism

      yes, so the zionist media keeps telling us.frankly, i don't think it's as much of a problem as this..which may have a lot to do with it. here's a graph that might interest you:

      and in case it doesn't show up you can see it here: link to

    • sean, when you say If the Jewish establishment defines Judaism and Jewishness as Zionism.....wouldn’t it be logical for much of the world to embrace antisemitism explicitly and without apologies?

      can we assume when you say "much of the world to embrace antisemitism " you're not speaking for yourself? because when phil says, "we're supposed to be more thoughtful" wouldn't you categorize yourself as one of the thoughtful ones? one of the ones who would not embrace anti semitism?

      and if that's the case why? because you've argued time and again the 'jewish establishment', with the exception of some fringe element, is the same as the jewish community as a whole. so why wouldn't you categorize yourself as one who would "embrace antisemitism explicitly and without apologies" if you think it's the logical path?

      and i say that as someone who does not think it is logical in the least.

    • This model of the world in which Zionists are supposedly manipulating, tricking and abusing Jews strikes me as absurd and morally evasive (even craven). Zionism is a Jewish movement that has been embraced by the Jewish establishment and a majority of the world’s Jews. They own Zionism — they are not passive victims of it.

      sean, aside from your alleged claims regarding a "model of the world" (which i must have missed out on) given your theory (or "fact" as you call it), that (unlike others one presumes) jews were not or are not manipulated by zionists leaders, i'm curious what you think of Kevin Coval's excellent, incredible poem "israel is the golden calf" and wondered if you somehow missed it. link to

      part of the poem (my bold):

      every young person
      every young jew
      every person not named netanyahu
      not a israeli prime minister war criminal

      we have been lied to
      we have been manipulated
      we have been coerced

      your jewishness is not dependent
      upon an undying loyalty to a state
      that murders in your name.

      israel is not a religion.
      israel is the golden calf
      and G-d is
      a child in Gaza

      again, far from claiming this as a "model for the world", but none the less it does imply he may have felt manipulated by zionist propaganda at some point to. do you think Coval is being 'morally evasive/craven'?

      out of his rocker?

      one more thing, can you clarify where your reference to "passive" in "passive victim" came from? or was that merely a rhetorical flourish?

      because there is, or can be, a big difference between being a victim and a passive victim.

    • Precisely. Hear oh ISRAEL the Lord is our God the Lord is One. “Next Year in Jerusalem” Israel, and a return to Israel has been an essential part of Judaism throughout the ages.

      sligoker, i don't think everyone worshiping judaism throughout the ages has interpreted the meaning the way you do (albeit it is clearly in vogue today, probably by design).

      you goliath

      israel the golden calf
      the false g-d

      we worship
      we war/ship

      this is what happens
      when you build a state
      when you erect borders
      when you define yourself
      in opposition to another.
      when you other

      israel I do not want a seat at your table.
      i will eat with the goyium you so despise
      or i will eat alone

      i do not want aliyah.
      the audacity of ascending
      to a higher place
      a place where there is life
      already and love
      and generations
      we now murder.

      your city of peace
      is a city of death.

      i renounce my citizenship.

      we are a Diaspora people
      meant to wander, to make
      all the world a home
      for us and for all
      to call everywhere
      not one plot of land
      it’s a metaphor!
      you literalists!
      you racists!
      you european / american genocidal mimics!
      you maniacs!

      link to

    • welcome mentira. yes, i am a big fan of the comment section myself. btw, did you know you could read all of bandolero's comments by clicking on his user name?

  • Israel shells another UN school-- and even the US is 'appalled'
  • Tariq Abu Khdeir goes to Washington -- and finds surprising support
  • The British public and the world see that Israel's actions are 'wrong and unjustified' -- Miliband
    • vera, check out pakistan: link to

      wonder if they'll do more than pass a resolution. note reference to "Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) as well as Non-Aligned Movement, adding that the OIC general secretary was in Pakistan and there was an OIC meeting being held on August 12."

      and the Non-Aligned Movement had an emergency meeting yesterday in iran. link to

      of course, who knows what will come of it.

  • What Jim Fallows and I saw
  • The withdrawal that isn't
  • Who broke the ceasefire? Obama blames Hamas against the evidence
    • How can it possibly be? Another Israeli strike, in immediate vicinity of @UNRWA school in Rafah, kills & injures many in & outside building.”

      you have no idea how frustrating it is for me writing a post to have it sit there all day long and sometimes til the next day. but yes, this happened. after everyone and their brother reads about it maybe it will get published here.

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