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Annie Robbins is Editor at Large for Mondoweiss, a mother, a human rights activist and a ceramic artist. She lives in the SF bay area. Follow her on Twitter @anniefofani

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  • Israeli president's diagnosis -- 'Israel is a sick society' -- doesn't go viral in the U.S.
    • If Israel were to stop jailing and/or killing all the moderates, we might actually get to find out.

      let's torture and jail 10's of thousands of jews, create legislation to prevent the rest of them from the opportunity to ever live on the vast majority of the land..and then suggest we dialogue with them to have better relations!

    • what i find interesting is Rivlin’s call for dialogue when palestinians are finally fed up with these kind of empty kumbayas are are now anti normalization. if he thinks dialogue is the answer he needs to get the jewish israelis on one page, somewhat at least. as part of the government he could start by making structural changes like some mandatory school program that educated the youth on the actual history of the beginning of the state (nakba!). why dialogue with people in denial, a majority of which don't even recognize palestinians as a people?

      this is meaningless at this stage of the game in an environment (like i mentioned about) of the courts empowering draconian anti democratic legislation by turned the clock backwards and passing it into law!!! and then lets all dialogue?

    • ha! just you crack me up.

    • it's not too advanced for any treatment, but the idea this can be treated with 'dialogue' at this juncture is delusional.

      the racism is built into the structure of society thru the laws and the (in) justice system. what is the state going to offer besides facilitating dialogue? it's like treating the symptoms of a fatal disease while fueling the growth of the disease. take the recent high court ruling regarding those neighborhood admission committees. it's going backwards not forwards.

      Does he have the makings of a De Klerk

      i dunno.

  • The ice floe
    • your olyblog link made me weep although i already knew part of that story. in 2008 when rudd said sorry it made national headlines. i've traveled twice in australia, both 2 month trips and they were worlds apart. once in 1990 and again in 2002. the trip in the 90's i encountered some serious racism in conversations with the people i was living with, normally very progressive people. but the ideas they had about aboriginals were so blatantly racist. i didn't even know and had never met any aboriginals, but i knew from their words it was just wrong. someday, racism will be gone. wiped from the consciousness of mankind. someday please. the pain and suffering inflicted by mankind due to racial prejudice is more that any normal person should ever have to conceive of much less endure. wiped away like some old relic from the days when neanderthals walked the earth - to the dustbins of history, that will be the just fate of racism.

    • maybe. i think of it more as clutching for any sign, any thin thread of 'hope' vs facing the reality their dream country/home away from home, is - with a smattering of exceptions - a racist apartheid cesspool.

    • Anyone who is really serious about ending I/P and any kind of justice for Palestine should understand by now who they have to go after.
      While BDS is having an effect world wide and campus protest/ divisions are having a effect in academia they havent yet drawn any blood in congress and Us government.
      So I’ll say again–go after the politicians, go after the politicians.

      I’ll say again–go after the youth, go after the youth!

      you can go after the politicians til the cows come home but the best way to defeat them will remain at the ballot box. which means changing popular opinion. it won't change noticeably in this election but if the trend happening in colleges all around the county continues it will impact the elections (big time). which doesn't mean you can't go after them (politicians) now because we should. it means the best way to go after them is educating the youth.

    • now now alan, let's not get melodramatic.

    • It is a waste of time to organize in that community.

      i came to this conclusion a long time ago. zionists of this generation (people phil's generation and older) are so deeply entrenched and while it's not like they can't be moved our energies are better spent on segments of the society that are not ... holding on psychologically (for lack of a better description). these sorts of discussions just muddle up the time and space when real work is being done by our actions and education. there just isn't enough time to get bogged down trying to transform these dinosaurs. they are becoming extinct anyway.

    • thanks so much brewer, i'd heard this song many times but never really listened to the lyrics or knew what it was about. just really perfect moving way to start my day.

  • Family of Mohammed Abu Khdeir continues to wait for justice as Israeli court again postpones trial for his killers
  • B'Tselem video: Israeli soldiers blindfold and detain 11 year old disabled child
    • using a dead person’s name to give credence to your own views.

      horse manure? martin luther king ring any bells.

    • He was only released after 15 mins because his father managed to convince the 2 hero soldiers he was mentally disabled.

      i actually thought about this part a lot but didn't add any commentary to this part of b'tselem's report because i thought where my mind went with it was perhaps too much speculation to warrant publication in the main body of the text.

      but here goes (since i think comment threads hold different standards). b'tselem said the boy was mentally disabled and cannot speak.

      well, it's likely the soldiers there are receiving instructions and approval of their actions up the chain of command (phones or walkie talkies or whatever). the palestinian community was telling the soldiers the boy was mentally disable while all this was going on. so they knew that already. but what made them let the boy go may not have been (just)the information he was mentally disabled. it may have had more to do with the understanding he was disabled in such a way as to make him mute. for we all know what they do to these children when they bring them in. they use them to find out information on others. they use them to get them to collaborate, they manipulate them through trying to garner information from them. (as well as torture and threaten to rape their sisters and stuff like that)

      the boy could have been released simply because he could not be of use to them, once the commander found out the child could not speak.

    • under these circumstances i don't wish the children stop throwing stones. simply because, instinctually, it's not natural for all children living in these conditions to be so programed as to not act out. it would signify something about human behavior if, after decades and generations born into occupation, the continual domination of a people could eventually lead to those people internalizing their submission to the point of producing children that acted against basic human nature.

      clearly there are plenty of palestinian parents who warn their children and take every measure to keep them out of harms way. but logically and regardless, there will always be children who act out and resist the systematic oppression even if they don't clearly understand it because they are so young. this is completely natural behavior under the circumstances.

      and what difference would it make if "Stopping the children throwing stones would leave the IDF with no excuse at all for arresting children" in an environment where soldiers need no excuse to arrest children? sure, excuses are nice, but completely unnecessary as has been proven time and again. there have been examples of young soldiers laying in wait for children to pick off like hunting deer or rabbits. no stones, no nothing.

      remember 'they killed by boy as if he was a bird' (paraphrasing)? there are way to many instances of children and teens getting killed for no reason, no reason at all, just standing there.

    • @robbins should know that the motive has always been there. - See more at: link to

      mayhem, way to not get my point. are you going to assert that blockading gaza, virtually ending economic opportunity for over a million people and putting them on a diet, directly after pulling out settlers was not a cause for rockets? breaking the ceasefire was not a cause for rockets? please do not try to pawn off some idea israel only acts in response to palestinian violence, no one believes that. and of course people will always resist the colonialization of their land. of course ever since zionists set their eye in palestine it was a recipe for disaster. so there will always be a motive to resist this occupation of a land, of a people.

      and, zionism in palestine (as opposed to some empty island someone) requires either ethnically cleansing or genociding the indigenous people, so your motive is cut out for you too.

      but looking forward and to the immediate future and circumstance, if israel doesn't want rockets they should end the blockade and quit imprisoning, killing, torturing people , and stealing more and more land. no people could live like that without resisting, none. not jews, not anybody. the slaughter of gaza was not a response to rockets. the rockets were a response to israel pogrom in the WB set off with great intent after the hamas-fatah unity deal and everyone knows it. just like everyone know natanyahu LIED about the death of the teens in order to justify the occupation army rampaging throughout the WB in order to punish palestinians for the unity deal and instigated massive upheaval because all israel knows is force. and to expect palestinians to endure that with no recourse? impossible. take some responsibility for the violent nature of the state representing your people and understand the implications of that violence. iow deal with it.

    • Turns out the kid was held for 15 minutes – 15 min
      Annie’s piece doesn’t say that
      Doesn’t fit with her antizionism

      how "soulcraft" of you mg. however, anyone who places "15 min" in the search function will find this highlighted in the text of the article:

      A-Rajbi was handcuffed, blindfolded, and held on the floor of an army jeep for some 15 minutes until his father arrived and convinced the soldiers to release his son, who is mentally disabled and cannot speak.

      try reading the complete text before making accusations (and analysis) you can't support.

    • the west bank (assuming that giving it up to Palestinian sovereignty is too dangerous an alternative) should have been held as a trusteeship until such time as peace could be reached

      why make that assumption? the occupation of the west bank never should have happened, obviously. israel is not, has never, and will never be a responsible trustworthy party to hold trusteeship over land designated for palestinian sovereignty. and the last thing israel wants is peace, they want the land! big duh.

    • the situation in kiryat arba is different than the situation by gaza. ..... the situation in kiryat arba, creates a different dynamic than that which exists in gaza where there are no such elements

      ok. we get it, no taunting settlers cheering while the kids are dragged off. the "such elements" of gaza, the blockade (counting calories/slaughter/genocide) are a different/harsher form of 'oppression' than other forms of colonialism. as ethnic cleansing could be construed as 'more humane' than genocide.

      although i live in brooklyn, my siblings and nieces and nephews live in israel and it is their reality that i am discussing

      ok, some of them live in settlements tho right? as i recall? so can i imagine your relatives as some of those settlers watching this scene? maybe just the ones standing there as voyeurs (albeit even those little settler children get excited there towards the end and become active participants, maybe this is how they learn to be racist by the time they reach puberty, or does it set in earlier?)

      so yes, do discuss "their reality".

      i wonder if having been brought up with a certain attitude towards israel, how different my attitude might have been if i had been an only child or if i had come from a family that supported israel but never visited there.

      which reminds me yonah, did you get a chance to read ‘I know how the brainwashing works’ ? here > link to

      it's currently on the front page by our MW commenter bornajoo. really an astoundingly amazing article. but what you said about "brought up with a certain attitude towards israel" and "how different my attitude might have been if i had been an only child or if i had come from a family that supported israel but never visited there." well, bornajoo's family had the same attitude towards israel (somewhat), and they/he did visit there. but his experience led him elsewhere, mentally and emotionally. so i'm not so sure it primarily has to do with the those circumstances.

      sometimes perhaps it is more a matter of humane instincts of right and wrong.

      I wonder if it would be really so difficult to write without the taunt. i bet you could if you wanted to. but then you wouldn’t be able to show off how great a humanist you are.

      sometimes people let there emotions slip thru between the lines. even humanists can feel anger watching this video. humanist are not always lovey dovey and sarcasm is not a 'non-humanist' attribute.

      whether it is difficult or not, to write without the taunt, maybe just excuse the angst being directed at you personally. after all it is your choice to come here in an environment of support for equality/justice for palestine and cast your lot with (defending) zionism, is it not? you can always choose to disengage.

      please understand it is very infuriating at times being at one with the caged ones. as a supporter of (inadvertently or otherwise)the oppressors, maybe it is us who should be asking you if perhaps it would be really so difficult to endure online taunts. after all, it's not so bad compared to having one of your nieces or nephews handcuffed, blindfolded, abducted, detained tortured...the taunt, it's sort of a small price to pay considering what you're defending/representing..isn't it? it must be awful having to be on the side of people who are ethnically cleansing palestine. are.

    • and yet another

      On 26 July this year, Raed al Jabari, a 35-year-old a Palestinian father of five, was driving on Route 60. It appears as if he fell asleep at the wheel (having earlier taken painkillers). Near the Gush Etzion Junction he hit a woman standing on the road. The woman was slightly injured. Immediately afterwards he veered sharply back onto the road, and at the next junction turned himself to an IDF unit. There he explained what is outlined above.
      Al Jabri was immediately arrested and taken to the Ofer military detention centre. He was brought to the military court within the complex, where in light of these facts, the military judge released him on a NIS 8000 bail, having decided that he was not dangerous and his action wasn’t a deliberate terrorist act. But those were the days of Operation Protective Edge, and under the cover of the fighting in Gaza, the IDF greatly intensified repression on the West Bank. Without any additional evidence the Military Advocate-General decided not to release him and Al Jabari became a “security prisoner”.
      On September 9, he was transferred to the Eshel Prison in Beersheba, in flagrant violation of international law prohibiting the imprisonment of residents of a militarily occupied area outside the occupation zone. According to witness accounts, he refused to get out of the vehicle, but was beaten and eventually got out. A few hours later the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) claimed that he has been found hanged in his cell. His family wasn’t informed of anything, and only after the case was reported in the media and rumours began to reach them, they contacted the IPS which at first claimed that they knew nothing of the matter, and then confirmed the details. The popular News portal Walla! reported: "the prisoner who committed suicide, a 37-year-old Palestinian from Hebron, was arrested two months ago during Operation Brother’s Keeper on suspicion of security offences."
      The finding of the Israeli Pathology’s autopsy report have not been published to this date. The Palestinian doctor who was present has been prevented by the court from publishing the results. He did, nevertheless, recommend an additional Palestinian autopsy. But I have been unable to get hold of even those results. However, following the autopsy, the Palestinian Minister for Prisoners was able to announce that there were no signs hanging on the body but on the other hand there were signs of violence.
      I don’t know which of the accounts is the accurate one, and for our purpose it does not matter. Either way this is a stuff-up by the IPS which followed a criminal abuse by the military regime of a person about whom it reasonable to assume that his crime was of a minor traffic accident, and that his death would be whitewashed using the usual means.
      This afternoon [Sunday 19 October] on the same road near the village of Sinjil, a settler from Yitzhar settlement ran over and killed 5-year-old Inas Shawkat Dar Khalil and fatally wounding 4-year-old Omar Asfour. He ran away and didn’t summon help. When he arrived iat the major settlement of Ofra he called the police.
      The settler responsible for killing of a child and fatally wounding another, wasn’t arrested, he wasn’t not taken to a military detention centre, he wasn’t tried without evidence, he wasn’t beaten up, he wasn’t taken away from his family, and didn’t become a security prisoner. A Palestinian who slightly hit a woman had to endure all of these, and was killed because of them. If this is not Apartheid, I don’t know what is.
      John's status in Hebrew:link to

    • finding the means to allow gaza to thrive without giving gazans the means to lob rockets at the Israelis, is a tricky business.

      the means to lob rockets at the Israelis? maybe had israel not imposed first an economic embargo on gaza and then a blockade the motive would not have been there. it's not yours or israel job or duty to find a "means to allow gaza to thrive" is yours and israels job to stop blockading them, so they can do it themselves. "allow" how colonialist of you. they'll find a way to support themselves.

  • 'Settlement endorsement should be put on a par with racism, sexism, homophobia and anti-Semitism' --British pol
    • eva, you should have heard if you donated over a certain amount. i can't recall what that amount was, but we did indeed have the dinner in nyc earlier this month. i am terribly sorry if you made a large donation and didn't get an invitation. write adam, phil or scott!

  • 'I know how the brainwashing works'
  • Identities of minors who admitted to killing Mohammed Abu Khdeir to be revealed Monday
    • citizen, the murder of Bahaa Samir Badir was "featured" on our front page for 3 days including over the weekend. maybe you don't visit the home page (still on the features list on home page). it was updated too although that wasn't mentioned in the title. heart thrashing thinking about him and his twin brother. and i read today his mom said he was on his way to play soccer (i think it was soccer) and not part of the group of boys who were allegedly targeted. the unit commander opened fired, shot him close range. a child. link to

    • it was nakba day citizen, that's always commemorated may 15th

  • Anti-semitism charge is increasingly being leveled against Israel's mainstream critics
    • ah the power of the ad hominem. it' really their favorite fall back position. or forwarding position, or whatever. the positioning of victimhood is so valuable some people just can't and won't let go.

      " like sweeping criticism of the black, gay or Yazidi minority.’”

      why not add, 'or the occupy movement criticizing the 1%' after all , they're a minority too aren't they? (snark). face it, all minorities are not equal guys! this kind of 'logic' is just not going to fly in todays world.

      read this one example, just one - not even the most outrageous or unusual in the least - of one man who had his home destroyed by israel in the most recent gaza slaughter. again, this is by no means the most extreme example we've published here.

      Reborn from the womb of my destroyed house by Dr. Hassan El-Nabih link to

      if this doesn't make it abundantly clear israel is not the victim here, you're crazy. this is not anti semitism, it's wrong, what israel does is wrong and collective punishment. it's grotesque.

  • Does 'the thief of Jerusalem' deserve US aid? (Update)
    • peter, thanks for your link to the twitter conversation. just working my way down it. also, just read your October 19, 2014, 2:20 pm comment..will think about that. hmmm

    • the validity of the poll is likely not what concerns hops. it is the idea behind americans making informed decisions. what are the chances some of the people who encountered and participated in this poll did not know american aid to israel was 3 billion a year (actually it amounts to way more than that)? or that aid to israel amounts to 9% of our foreign aid budget? probably a significant portion. so what would the results be if the question didn't include that information?

      but the environment in the US is different than it was before this recent 'peace negotiation' because americans are more aware of the efforts of kerry/obama trying to get a resolution. and they are different after the latest slaughter. and they are different as americans are more critical of our involvement in the ME, and they are more critical of the cost of our wars in the ME. and they are more critical as life becomes more expensive in the US. and lots of factors come into play. so the more they know, the more likely it becomes they will not support this outrageous 'aid' we shovel at israel. and when confronted with that amount, the majority of americans don't like it.

      there's a great advantage to israel and the hasbarists on keeping americans silent wrt israel. and this plays in greatly wrt these recent anti semitic accusations /criticisms phil wrote about today here: "Anti-semitism charge is increasingly being leveled against Israel’s mainstream critics"
      I link to

      so i don't care if hops references it as a push poll. there's nothing wrong with informing someone of some facts before asking their opinion about those facts. there's no obligation to give them opinions of israel supporters to 'balance' out those facts (like 'we need to give israel that money or else the entire arab world will attack israel and genocide the jews' or 'israel is our ally in the ME and if not for israel the terrorists would be attacking us here' or 'muslims muslims muslims ISIS') . there's nothing inherently dishonest about providing facts. the more americans know, the better informed they are. period.

    • kate, thank you, you rock kate. btw, check the updates at the base and your embed in the opening paragraph.

    • very good question hops and thanks for asking. yesterday, inadvertently, the article got published before i had completed finishing touches part of which was a final paragraph encouraging people interact with the poll and adding the very information you requested. also, i had a different vision for the main graphic. we work together a lot and sometimes those things happen when we're publishing in the morning, usually it's to everyone's advantage and i'm not complaining nor did i yesterday.

      anyway, after reading your comment i went back and polished off the text adding that info and choosing a top graphic closer to what i had originally envisioned. so, check the updates and you'll find your answer plus links including a full report w/analysis of the survey. and really, thanks. it was irresponsible of me not updating this yesterday when i became aware the article was published, or even saying something to my editors.

    • hops, i'd urge you (and everyone) to open the survey link and check out the results for the different demographics. i've spent a long time on that link and it's very interesting. the implications are stunning.

      one can click around (it's interactive!) and find out the results of the 18-24 range either for the whole country or regions of the country. and note how the 65+ demographic is dragging the national average down (only 50.9%). the implications being, as american youths move into adulthood, and the current over 65 yrs and older group shrinks (which is inevitable) as long as the incoming youths follow the same trend as youths today (they will i predict) in 10 years we could see that national % approaching 70%.

      already in rural american it is a staggering 67% across all age groups. the poll is worth a post all by itself. i've been meaning to get around to that.

    • thanks harry! will checkout.

      btw, as an aside george mason has some very high powered activists there (SAIA). some are our contributors too.

    • Aminadinnerjacket! lol

    • i know boomer, and i've written about it before. but recently what's been happening at al aqsa (police raided under the pretext worshipers were about to riot, hence a riot ensures) just keeps escalating as jews become more and more brazen about taking over. plus, there was the take over of 25 apartments! and many arrests and revolts. it deserves a whole article in itself. link to

      anyway, on second thought i changed the opening sentence and added an embed. thanks.

  • Europe wearies of Netanyahu's diversions
  • 'NYT' can't keep its story straight on anti-Semitism in Germany
    • jonas, regarding "correcting our news" ..what we reported was accurate

      The story contained numerous references to German anti-Semitism. “Gas the Jews!” yelled marchers at a pro-Palestinian protest in Germany, the story said.

      iow, we didn't report that's what happened, we reported that's what the nyt said happened, which is different. in fact the point of the story is that the nyt's articles conflict w/eachother.

      i know the protest in frankfurt had 2000 people but the video the guy featured was a mach smaller protest w/only 200 people. a town i had never heard of.

      i know if the great many protests in germany over the summer and the nature of them because a lot of people sent me photos from germany for this post, link to i couldn't publish them all there were so many.

      but i think people have come to expect i sraeli apologists lie all the time and fabricate. remember this big lie link to ?

    • jonas, the video in your link, the offending chanting spelled out was in arabic (oh jews, muslim army will return). maybe the police didn't understand it which is was not reflected in the police report. of course i don't speak german so i can't tell what they were shouting although the report said about 200 people were at that protest (it was not at the one w/2,000 people, according to google translate) and one of the slogans on the sign, about 'israel child murders' is accurate, therefore i wouldn't classify it was anti semitic. however, there was one sign 'jews are beasts', or something to that effect, i agree is very antisemitic, but i'd argue it is only one sign. chanting is quite common at protests, there's nothing at the link providing evidence the protest was violent.

      and they provided a source saying a neo nazi group was there. does gernamy allow neo nazi groups? i thought they were illegal in germany.

    • oh this is so interesting to me. and i was just commenting to shmuel about another article i read on this topic, translated from german as i recall, and israeli ministers freaking out at the allegations!!! now i will really have to find the article. i could swear i sent it to you phil. hot topic.

  • Ethnic Cleansing by All Means: The real Israeli ‘peace’ policy
    • shalom, i find it hypocritical for you to be writing about honesty and truth in the same paragraph as hamas firing rockets while ignoring the israeli pogrom that precipitated those rockets, as well as the israel slaughter.

      i find it hypocritical you mention suicide bombers while ignoring it was palestinians who suffered and lost their market in hebron as a punishment for the jewish terrorist attack/massacre of dozens of praying muslims, which precipitated the suicide bombings.

      i find it hypocritical you're referencing "listening" without once referencing israel's intention to ethnically cleanse palestine for a jewish state that is the cause of this crisis back then as it is now. the continued slaughter of children, the brutal occupation, all of it.

      i'm not interested in your 'both sides' narrative if there's not one bit of recognition those sides are grossly imbalanced; one being the imprisoned and the other controlling the stealing the land and resources. besides, netanyahu just announced he's never giving up the WB, so this BS about both sides needing "enormous help and support" when one side doesn't even have running water! seriously.

      and if you want to sound balanced, why arn't you advocating israel demilitarize as you're suggested hamas should? or don't you think palestinian dead people matter?

      israel needs "enormous help and support" the way buffalo bill needs therapy (iow, not high on the list of priorities when a killer is on the lose). see the bloody fingernail in this video clip? re "Israeli has enormous military power, but that didn’t prevent Hamas from firing 4500 rockets into Israel this past summer" well buffalo bill has a very deep well but that didn't prevent his last prisoner from bloodying the stone walls trying to scratch their way out and it also didn't stop her from screaming at him. get it? you go ahead and sooth buffalo bill because he has to listen to those wailing screams, but for heavens sakes don't try pawning off some illusion pretending the needs of "both sides", between the sadist and the prisoner, are comparable when they are obviously not. there's only one victim here, and it's not israel with its decades long sadistic colonialist policies.

    • Was it enough? No! Was it a reasonable beginning? I believe so.

      shalom, Can a path to peace and two states be developed through the reconstruction of Gaza and the enhancement of freedom for palestinians in return for the demilitarization of Israel?

      yes! i believe it can!

  • As Kerry scrambles to prevent Palestinian action at UN, Israeli govt makes clear it will never accept Palestinian state
    • Hello talknic, can you or anyone else please tell me how to include links in these comments?

      the easiest way to add a link is simply to copy and paste any url (copy it from the top of the browser) directly into the comment and it will process automatically. like this (our home page link to )

      also, a new 'feature' (which sometimes drives me nuts) is that when you copy any text from mondoweiss more than about 3 or 4 words, it automatically adds the link next to it.

      but for an embed, the simplest way would be to scroll to the base of this page > > link to < < or ANY comment thread at the base of any article on that site and then look to the right side of the comment box at the base of the page. there are instructions for 5 html tags. bold, italic, underlined text, EMBEDS, and blockquotes.

      the example for the embeds is a link to ACLU. copy and paste that full instructional line. now replace the aclu url (between the quote marks leaving the quote marks and everything else in place) with whatever url you want to link to and then replace the wording “Link to ACLU” with whatever text you want to show up in print.

      but the easiest way is just to place the url right in the thread and our site automatically processes it.

    • it won't fizzle out..spain is up next. link to

    • Palestinian leaders told me that they had written a draft of the document in coordination with the Arab League and would set a three-month deadline for Israel to declare borders based on the 1967 lines. Then Israel would have up to three years to implement the plan or else Palestine would accede to the Rome Statute by joining the International Criminal Court.

      But when I spoke with Palestinian officials this week, the text of the resolution seemed more vague. Dr. Bargouthi wouldn’t say if the resolution would include language about land swaps....

      yesterday American linked to a really good recent speech and Q&A with max blumenthal at the lannan foundation. link to

      at some point, as i recall probably the Q&A at 2nd half, max referenced this resolution and said Abbas pulled it. (or did abbas table it for a later date?) does anyone know more about this? i've heard about the resolution a few times and then talk about it seemed to dissipate until allison's article.

    • What the Palestinians do not have is a partner for justice, accountability and equality.

      sure they do, they have us

  • Palestinian boy, 13, killed by Israeli forces raiding West Bank village
    • They shoot them because they,(Palestinians) are there and because they (Israelis) get away with it.

      amigo, maybe i am more sensitive to the deaths of children and teens and therefore it's just what i see. i'm thinking of one of my old reports where the video, a scene captured from a settlement tower of a bunch of young soldiers pouncing on a boy and beating the crap out of him, arresting him and holdinh him for 30 days claiming he threw stones. he was released when the video proved his innocents. it's just what i see way to much. like this photo:

      link to

      so while i understand your sentiments, i do think they target youth. and when you look at history and how conquerers conquer and ethnic cleanse there are patterns of taking out leaders in society, teachers and artists and sometimes the young. i think there's a pattern of israelis targeting youth more. it's just my personal opinion.

      here's another example from yesterday: link to

      JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- A mob of Jewish men assaulted a young Palestinian on Friday evening while he was working at a hotel in Jerusalem in an attack apparently motivated by racial hate, the victim’s father told Ma'an.

      Faysal Azzam told Ma'an that 11 "extremist" Jews yelling racial epithets attacked his son Muhammad, 20, at his place of work at the Rimonim Shalom Hotel in West Jerusalem.


      After verbally assaulting him, they attacked him with steel bars and tried to strangle him using a piece of rope, Azzam added.

      The attack took place on the 8th floor, he said, adding that his son was rescued by security guards who heard his screams from the fourth floor.

      young people are targeted more. more by soldiers and more by settlers. so, i think they do care more. kill em while they're young.

    • just, did you see the tweet i added to the article above? crushing, his twin brother.

    • so sad. i mourn for his family what they must be going thru right now. a perfectly beautiful boy in the prime of his youth senselessly murdered by an occupation military of professional killers.

    • oh thanks. i forgot. just watched the clip again...

    • Israel could care less what age a Palestinian is.

      oh i don't believe that. especially in the WB they target children. and how could one not notice they target exceptionally attractive children. unless all palestinian kids just happen to be unusually goodlooking. for example, those nakba day assassinations? look at those boys for heavens sakes! a coincidence? i don't think so. they target children. and sometimes they lay in wait like the killing of 14 year old Yusef a-Shawamreh. children killing children! there's a sick hunger games quality to it. remember most of these soldiers are very young, so they see their counterparts as prey. that's my opinion anyway. i've seen it over and over and over. sure, they strategically target adults who are threats to them like Hashem Abu Maria who worded for Defense of Children International-Palestine link to but the majority of killings are young people.

    • If there was an ounce of truth to their claims of stones or molotovs you’d think they’d want to document it on film.

      the claim of stone throwing is continually used as a pretext to raid villages and detain, torture and arrest children. if there were molotovs thrown as a result of the invasion it would not surprise me. what is screamingly noticeable to me is that thus far, there has not been one suggestion by any of the occupation spokespeople that the boy who was murdered was participating in any form of attack or violence. he could have just been standing there.

      plus the discrepancy between 2 seemingly contradictory features of the reports. military spokespeople claim the 'firebomb attack' came "from a distance of about 20 meters" but reports after the child died (unstated whether it was from witnesses or medical staff) was that he was shot at "close range". if both these statements were true it would mean the boy was not the thrower, not the attacker.

      as far as i know, "close range" is not 20 meters. if the boy was shot at close range he must have been very close to the soldiers. "open fire" at "close range" with live ammunition sounds more like brazen slaughter. it would be unusual to mistake a 13 year old child for an adult.
      the implications are grotesque.

    • Just imagine the effect of this news had the Palestinian resistance forces killed a 13 year old Jewish settler boy!

      i already did. and immediately thought of mohammed abu khdeir. there would be lynchings.

    • the killing of children by the occupation military will resume as it always does. the unit commander who pumped 3 live rounds into the child at "close range" will probably be promoted. another killer will be shielded from culpability and it's unlikely we will ever even learn his name.

  • The Missing Context: 'Islamic State' sectarianism is not coincidental 
    • but iraq didn't just "collapse into bloody tribal warfare", that's my point. the target was softened by 10 years of sanctions and the invasion brought with it a massively sectarian racist scrambling of the entire social fabric and socialist gov of iraq bolster by enough 'lost american weapons' (see Report: Pentagon lost almost 200,000 weapons in Iraq link to ) that 'fell into the hands of insurgents' , plus US trained sectarian death squads, to fuel and empower a civil war that STILL took over 2 years to kick off. surely you're not blaming that on saddam.

      say what you will about the man but had the US not enlisted the peshmerga to bend iraq to US will, empowered lethal iranian trained shia militias embedded in the new iraqi army in their efforts to wipe out the ba'ath party i really do not believe iraq would have descended into civil war. you sound like the invasion of the global superpower was some side show, it wasn't.

      he was a brutal dictator and yes he suppressed sectarian movements trying to gain independence, yes. but, common knowledge: link to

      Saddam moved up the ranks in the new government by aiding attempts to strengthen and unify the Ba'ath party and taking a leading role in addressing the country's major domestic problems and expanding the party's following.
      After the Ba'athists took power in 1968, Saddam focused on attaining stability in a nation riddled with profound tensions. Long before Saddam, Iraq had been split along social, ethnic, religious, and economic fault lines: Sunni versus Shi'ite, Arab versus Kurd, tribal chief versus urban merchant, nomad versus peasant.[32] The desire for stable rule in a country rife with factionalism led Saddam to pursue both massive repression and the improvement of living standards.[32]

      ....Ever concerned with broadening his base of support among the diverse elements of Iraqi society and mobilizing mass support, he closely followed the administration of state welfare and development programs...

      Within just a few years, Iraq was providing social services that were unprecedented among Middle Eastern countries. Saddam established and controlled the "National Campaign for the Eradication of Illiteracy" and the campaign for "Compulsory Free Education in Iraq," and largely under his auspices, the government established universal free schooling up to the highest education levels; hundreds of thousands learned to read in the years following the initiation of the program. The government also supported families of soldiers, granted free hospitalization to everyone, and gave subsidies to farmers. Iraq created one of the most modernized public-health systems in the Middle East, earning Saddam an award from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).[33][34]

      iraqis were very well educated. the military was multi ethnic. the benefits to society were for all iraqis. the ba'ath party was by no means an exclusing 'sunni' party. and baghdad was fully integrated.

      i don't know that much about Yugoslavia, but to suggest iraq's civil war was inevitable is irresponsible.

    • I’d say that Saddam Hussein’s divide-the-plebs-to-weaken-them was what originally sapped the iraqi national community

      more than 10 years of sanctions?

    • what if? it's occurred to quite a few of us.

    • When things get really bad people desperately seek out others to trust and very small differences can sow doubt about whether a particular other person can be trusted. That really is human nature I think.

      yes, it is just human nature to notice when people are eliminated by category to figure out what those categories are, figure out where you and your loved ones stand and where you do not, and hang where there's safety. it doesn't have to be religion. in south america the death squads targeted the leftists.

      if categorically people in your neighborhood were disappearing based on their political beliefs and you shared those beliefs, you'd be weary/afraid you might be next. this is one way to divide/manipulate communities, by targeting people by political or religious signifiers/ideology/ethnicities. that's something governments of the world figured out a long time ago. if it's done systematically it can divide in the millions. but iraq, considering the circumstance, did hold together for a relatively long long time before the civil war set in full stop. it took the US/cia/mercenaries 2 long years of death squads to really get it going full score. it wasn't til after the samarra mosque attack/2006 al-Askari Mosque bombing which precipitated the orwellian named (and likely pre planned) "Operation Together Forward" that really kicked it off.

      the sectarian division in iraq wasn't a mistake, it was a strategy to break/decimate iraq.

    • Why did Saddam gas the kurds in the early 90s? When secterianism was supposedly gone?

      it was at least partially political. according to wiki "Al Anfal" (the name of the campaign) literally means the "spoils (of war)". it was at the end of the iran/iraq war and the kurds were facilitating iran during the war. "both major Kurdish political parties opted to team with Iran" (samantha power) link to

      saddam was gassing iranians too.

      the ideology behind ISIS has been fermenting in the Arab world for decades, the Islamists begun their ascension to power already back in the 60s and 70s and the ideological groundwork was sown many decades before even that.

      the islamists?

      I’ve grown tired of reading the same self-excusing apologism from people who should know better.

      who do you claim is self excusing here?

    • this is an excellent article and i appreciate it being published here. thank you!

      the only caveat i have is the implication of "Americans didn’t create Iraqi sectarianism." i believe in a huge way, in 2003, they did. iraq society, especially in baghdad wasn't set up in a sectarian fashion, it was mixed with mixed neighborhoods families and tribes.

      dividing iraqi society was a strategy from the get go under the guise of getting rid of the baath party, which was made up of all components of society simply because you couldn't gain employment in any gov subsidized industry (being a socialized country meant most employment) military/education/health without being in the baath party. but the US targeted sunnis and empowered shia (hakim/the badr brigades etc) and facilitated in the death squads targeting sunni (black and decker drill torture) and it took over 2 years to really kick off a civil war there. the intent was to divide iraq and the most challenging was dividing baghdad which they accomplished largely by ethnically cleansing sunnis. so sure, maybe there was some sectarian sentiment in iraq somewhere (example being iran iraq war when shia clerics went to iran) but largely it was ineffective and didn't hold much sway at all. we basically jump started it in a big big way and could never have positioned ourselves as a 'moderating force between warring factions' (which we needed to do to justify our presence there because once saddam was gone we couldn't be perceived as making war on iraq which is what we were doing, obviously).

      i wrote a little about this here; "In Iraq, and now Syria, US seeks secular outcome by… promoting sectarian division" - See more at: link to with some really good quotes by Raed Jarrar in a great chris hayes video:

      Raed Jarrar: I’m actually half Sunni and half Shite, we call it Sushis,(laughter). From my personal experience I have never been asked in my entire life until 2003 if was a Sunni or a Shia, I had never seen someone been ask that question.

      Chris Hayes: Growing up in Iraq.

      Raed Jarrar: It was never a (inaudible) identity before 2003, after 2003 it is now. It’s the core component unfortuneately. The system of sectarian and ethnic quarters in the government created a complete different government system and that was introduced in 2003 during the government council, so Iraqis were chosen based on their sectarian and ethnic background for the first time in contemporary history.

      and btw, i caught a LOT of crap on twitter for this article from free syrian army supporters back in 2013. i was inundated with tweets from a leader from their online army. this was a few months prior (as i recall) to nusra joining AQ or ISIL and a lot of denial about the vast majority of the fighting force behind assad's opposition.

  • Israel's Dead Soul: Steven Salaita's critical scholarship explains his dismissal from the University of Illinois
    • Second, I am working form the belief that Israel’s soul died at the moment of its invention. - See more at: link to

      david, did you transcribe this from the book yourself or copy paste it? i ask because i am wondering if there is a typo here. form or from?

  • Clintonite turns on Netanyahu for trying to bend US 'to his will'
    • The Marker ... ran a whole series of articles featuring Israelis who had left

      shmuel, i read an article last week (german or dutch press i had to google translate it) that was really interesting. it was about a german jewish publication. either the title or the publication's article title referenced aliyah to berlin. and the response from some israeli officials was outrage! it was all about this topic and i heard there were big discussions about it in hebrew. can't find the article!

  • How Israel relies on Islamophobia
    • anti-Israel action in West Europe – e.g. in vandalizing shops that sell Kosher Israeli products, disrupting Israeli lecturers or pro-Israel lectures or cultural activities.

      ivri, the vast majority or what you reference as "anti israel action" which i presume would include BDS actions in europe which include everything from lobbying unilever to pull out of the settlements and labeling settlement food products etc etc are not carried out by 'arab or muslim groups'. the amount of 'vandalizing' going on in europe is relatively minuscule when compared to the amount of people protesting israeli apartheid and the amount of arabs or muslims carrying out violent actions against israel in relation to the amount of arabs or muslims who resist or abhor israelis apartheid/occupation is also minuscule.

      there's simply no evidence arabs or muslims in europe make up the vast majority of those who protest israel. not in the US, the UK, germany, sweden or anywhere in europe.

      islamophobia is promoted by israel supporters to counter the negative opinion towards zionism. they are the low hanging fruit/targets in societies all across europe who roundly reject israel's actions. it's unfair and racist to single out arabs and muslims when european sentiment towards israel is tanking everywhere.

      since the Holocaust the indigenous European population don`t want to be involved anymore with that for clear reasons.

      what planet are you on? did you open that link i provided in my last comment? look at sweden and the UK (dublin!) and amsterdam. there are plenty "indigenous European population" protesting israel. they show no reluctance. you can't blame that participation of arabs and muslims.

      and look what the jdl types in paris did to tar that huge protest. you can't blame that on 'arabs and muslims'.

      this is brussels. watch it enlarged on youtube and look at the faces. this is not a result of 'arabs and muslims' although they are definitely in attendance. lots of "indigenous European":

    • However, at some point the Palestinian issue went global (in a general globalized environment) and Arab (or Muslim) groups, sometimes whole communities, in countries where they are of meaningful presence, have adopted fierce anti-Israel attitudes, including active and violent BDS-related acts.

      violent BDS-related acts are very rare so i am ignoring that. addressing the rest of your comment. the Palestinian issue has gone global "(in a general globalized environment) and .... groups, sometimes whole communities, in countries where they are of meaningful presence, have adopted fierce anti-Israel attitudes"

      so why are you singling out "Arab (or Muslim) groups" as a justification or rationale for islamophobia? clearly there's ample evidence from the recent church divestment of strong resistance to occupation. and there is also ample evidence of non religious communities who are fed up w/israel. link to

      it seems to me as tho you are missing the point of the argument being made, or willfully evading it.

    • old geezer, is it arguable whether israel qualifies as a " first world state"?

  • Israel wields 'significant US domestic power' to foil peace process -- NY Review of Books
    • w.jones. there is only so much time in life. your question, this is something that came up recently in an interview with remi kanazi. if i were you i wouldn't put many of my eggs in the basket, the basket of creating dialogue with liberal zionist peps largely because they are too emotionally entrenched. unless you're just interested in a psychological study and you're focus is not freeing palestine. if you want to free palestine focusing on the growth of BDS and altering the US govs policy towards israel is a more effective way to spend your time.

    • #4. why should the PEPs see Israeli society as grounded in equality but American as not grounded equality,

      where did you get your information PEPs don't see American as not grounded equality? i think they are of the 'they share our values' genre.

      Fifth, you said that liberal Americans think that there is racism in America… and [it] should be restricted by law “because it’s the right thing to do and most people (i hope) are not hypocrites.”

      no, i did not say "liberal Americans think that there is racism in America and [it] should be restricted by law", you asked me a question. ("why do liberal Americans think that there is racism in America and around the world, and that it’s wrong and should be restricted by law?") - See more at: link to and like a fool, i answered. obviously, not all liberals think alike. but for people who think "it" should be restricted by law (your wording, and clearly there's a big difference between saying racist words and committing hate crimes) the likely reason they would think it should be restricted, is because of the reasons i gave. and please refrain from putting your own words in my mouth and claim they are mine. thanks.

      But what are the underlying societal factors present that make PEPs take a conservative position on their own issue that are not present when liberal Americans view their own society?

      there is no " underlying societal factors", as i have repeated again and again uber programed/conditioned to support israel in a more extreme and familial way than the rest of america.

      get dictionary and look up the word "familial"

      I am not asking whether PEPs are nationalist or intolerant and contradict themselves, but what motivates their nationalism that does not exist for other liberals?

      get dictionary and look up the word "familial"

      What motivates strong leftwing or Social-Democratic American PEPs to become conservative nationalists or support privilege on this topic, while they would not be conservative on other topics

      uber programed/conditioned to support israel in a more extreme and familial way than the rest of america.

      and if that's confusing get dictionary and look up the word "familial"

      and how do their motivations contrast to those of other liberal groups, like liberal Armenians, African Americans, or regular strong leftwing Americans, who do not choose to support Armenian, black, or white nationalism or privilege?

      i have no idea what you're talking about.

      Third, you challenged me on my idea that strongly leftwing PEPs tended to be secular

      i just asked for your source and if this was your theory given that i happen to know there are many many many reform american jews who support israel and consider themselves progressive. and this "strongly leftwing PEP" was not your wording btw. your wording was "PEPs are more often secular or nonreligious" so please do not move the goalposts.

      I am asking for the underlying motivations that make PEPs conservative on this particular topic, and why aren’t other liberals affected by those same motivations?

      as i keep repeating "uber programed/conditioned to support israel in a more extreme and familial way than the rest of america."

      and thanks for the conversation. for me, it's run its course. maybe someone else will be interested in providing their theories. good luck.

    • (3)You asked

      if you can think of a segment of american society uber programed/conditioned to support “elitist Euro-American privilege” - See more at: link to

      actually i didn't asked, it wasn't a question, it was my response to you. but your response here makes my point:

      Sure, all-round ultra-conservatives, Neo-conservatives, southern racists, etc. are some groups that openly support privilege. They were raised in families that came from the segregation days when there were ideas of white racial or class superiority. However, PEPs by nature are usually liberal

      exactly. your original query eliciting my answer was "why isn’t elitist Euro-American privilege and racism an issue that liberal Americans (including PEPs) then make an exception for an defend? "

      the obvious answer is that liberal american do not spend a lot of time caring or thinking about "elitist Euro-American privilege". it's more in the domain of "all-round ultra-conservatives, Neo-conservatives, southern racists, etc."

      and here you are again asking me about peps and african americans! it's as if you can't hear me the first time w.jones. i will say it again:

      what does that have to do with PEPs being motivated by a closed group interest and mentality expressed or taught in religion or culture because they grew up with it? the definition of PEPs is they are progressive EXCEPT for palestine

      Why can they and other liberals recognize discrimination in the US, but not in Israeli practices?

      i already told you. you just don't want to hear me. here was your response to me after i took the time to explain to you my ideas (which you italiced AS IF you were going to address them, which you did not):

      Let me explain better what I see the issue as. America was founded on liberal principles and it ended slavery too...etc

      i get how you see the issue. ok. i thought you were interested in others ideas. apparently you are not interested in examining my ideas of how or why a pep is, by definition, a living contradiction. so scroll back up and read what i wrote, don't keep asking me the same friggin questions while completely ignoring my answer. lol. seriously. this is likea broken record.

      btw, thank you for finally revealing a source from where your theories come from. the pew poll on american jews from 2013. i'm not sure the results of that poll are that accurate wrt the american public as a whole. an example:

      • The general American public is more likely to skew toward wanting less support for Israel. 22 percent say their country is too supportive of Israel; 25 percent want to see more U.S. support for Israel. 41 percent say it's about right.

      this information really does NOT jive with a recent google consumer survey

      link to
      67.5% of rural america think it's too much (combined w/much too much)

      over 60% of suburban america link to

      urban 57.7% link to

      and overall, over 60% of americans believe we are either giving israel too much aid, or much to much aid. link to

      that's almost a 40% difference between pews 2013 results. i'll believe the computer generated google consumer survey. it make a lot more sense, logically.

    • This survey says only 35% of Reform Jews say that God gave Israel

      i fail to see how this pertains to the topic we're discussing. are you addressing my request for the source of your allegation that most PEPS were secular or non religious?

      but do they actually believe this? I have heard my conversants occasionally admit that there is discrimination, which they have compared to Jim Crow. The Holy Land Foundation visited Israeli settlers from America who defended their actions...

      liberal zionists? yes i think there are a lot of liberal zionsist who "see israel as being grounded in democratic and liberal principles/society". and i wouldn't characterize "Israeli settlers from America" as progressives/PEP's. i think of it as more of an american phenomena as opposed to people who've immigrated and are israeli citizens.

      But then why do liberal Americans think that there is racism in America and around the world, and that it’s wrong and should be restricted by law?

      because it's the right thing to do and most people (i hope) are not hypocrites.

      why isn’t elitist Euro-American privilege and racism an issue that liberal Americans (including PEPs) then make an exception for an defend?

      i'm not really seeing the upside of answering all these questions. i'm not seeing how they logically follow my earlier response. i'm not really seeing any engagement with how i answered earlier, just more questions. maybe i'm just getting tired, but this is not making sense to me.

      Why does nationalism take over when it comes to the situation over there?
      It’s at the point where 2/3 or 70% of the community supported the attack on Gaza this summer.

      70% of which community? are you talking about israelis? or the american jewish community? you asked before "why there is such a high percentage of PEPs in their constituency" and i already queried and responded "you mean amongst jews or american jews? because they are uber programed/conditioned to support israel in a more extreme and familial way than the rest of america."

      if you can think of a segment of american society uber programed/conditioned to support "elitist Euro-American privilege" in a more extreme and familial way than the rest of america,let me know.

      Do you agree with some peoples’ explanation that PEPs are motivated by a closed group interest and mentality expressed or taught in religion or culture because they grew up with it?

      yes. But on the other hand, isn’t it true that PEPs also want equality for African Americans?

      ah, i'm not sure how that's "on the other hand". what does that have to do with PEPs being motivated by a closed group interest and mentality expressed or taught in religion or culture because they grew up with it? the definition of PEPs is they are progressive EXCEPT for palestine, so of course they would want equality for African Americans.

    • PEPs are more often secular or nonreligious and do not usually profess a divine land mandate like Christian Zionists do.

      ? source? or is this just your hypothesis? because i suspect there are many reform jews who consider themselves progressive who are peps, like that rabbi in st louis marching with mike brown supporters in ferguson. in fact, i wouldn't be surprised if a significant number of 'liberal zionists' (possibly a majority) are reform (which by definition is religious). and people like beinart is an excellent example and he's orthodox.

      why there is such a high percentage of PEPs in their constituency

      you mean amongst jews or american jews? because they are uber programed/conditioned to support israel in a more extreme and familial way than the rest of america.

      read america's post. this is grounded in nothing but a basic sort of hypocrisy in which it is common for people to be blinded by their own flaws or make exceptions to their morals when it pertains to their own issues. zionists (especially 'liberal zionists' which is a contradiction in terms) see israel as being grounded in democratic and liberal principles/society therefore they don't see the contradiction in merging that society in with other principles of progressivism. they think of israel's extremists and apartheid and ethnic cleansing either as fringe or outliers or else downright denial. iow, they don't perceive themselves as being hypocritical (which is not an uncommon trait of hypocrites). it's not complicated.

  • British Parliament sends a message to Obama: the people see Israel as a 'bully'
    • james, look at the nyt front page and scroll down to the base and notice there are 3 titles listed under the "world" section. now click on the world section. notice there are actually many more article from today listed under "world". had you checked the world page yesterday i bet it was there. but i found all of those just googling "UK Palestine" ("in the news" as opposed to the web option) then i clicked the "More news for UK palestine" option. then, at the top of the page under the search box where it says "search tools" click on the "sorted by relevance" option and choose "sorted by date".

      that is how i search for news on one topic. i can see them coming in and when they came in and the order they were published.

      also, certain browsers and search engines may be are less friendly.

  • Katie Miranda's 'tele-summit' for Palestinian freedom
    • i just watched the first interview w/remi kanazi and it was stellar. just over the top stellar. 48minutes of really informed information. highly highly recommended.

    • what an incredible line up of people katie. i totally signed up and can't WAIT to get the first interview delivered to my inbox tomorrow. thank you so so much!

  • Gazan Faces in the Midwest: Maurice Jacobsen's 'We All Live in Gaza'
    • what an incredible article. i am completely blown away. the art, the painted photos (or screenshots) are magnificent. i wish i could see this show. i wish it was going on the road. thanks you so so much David Alvarez for bringing this to our attention. and a huge thank you to the artist Maurice Jacobsen.

  • British Parliament votes overwhelmingly to recognize Palestinian state
  • Is ISIS a crisis for the so-called Jewish state?
    • Name one Arab country that has complete separation between church and state.

      why? Name one Jewish country that has complete separation between church and state.

      our concept of separation of church and state is very different than what goes on in that part of the world.

      which is why israel does not 'share our values'.

      the propaganda equating ISiL and JSil are sophomoric.

      and netanyahu's propaganda? where do you think this 'equating' meme started?

      ISIS is a reaction to the fall of the prevailing order in two states: Syria and Iraq.

      2 states that cumulatively the US invested trillions in destabilizing. don't pretend we didn't know exactly what would happen. the neocon plan is to balkanize the ME, redraw the map. this is someones idea of an efficient plan for destabilization. it's a tactic that's been used time and again and israel has used against palestinians (ie supporting and empowering hamas to weaken the plo). where's the culpability?

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