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Annie Robbins is Editor at Large for Mondoweiss, a mother, a human rights activist and a ceramic artist. She lives in the SF bay area. Follow her on Twitter @anniefofani

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  • Palestinian students fear for their lives during attack on train car in Jerusalem
  • Israel's biggest newspaper poses a racist question as reasonable
    • as soon as we finish clearing the comments and finishing up on these drafts i'm sure someone around here will have the time to go over the the news site and copy/paste the front page and throw it all in google translate to find the link and locate the poll to get those results for you. just kidding! ;)

      maybe someone who speaks hebrew can find it easier..

    • yes the major of ashkelon has fired all the cites arab workers from construction near parks and schools. i started a draft and got distracted.

  • George Lopez turns into a Christian Zionist hack
    • it is noteworthy that this kind of racism only affects white women.

      no it doesn't. it reflects very poorly on the latino women portraying them as intolerant crude racists. i watched it yesterday and thus i don't recall it all but there were also crude stereotypes of latino men in the clip. the whole thing is crude and distasteful and perpetuates crude stereotypes.

    • nah, it's all there in black&white. hollywood makes minortiies do weird things for success.

  • Hate attacks in Jerusalem and Israel include one by settler girls
  • 'Palestine is an anxiety' for Americans-- Salaita in New York
    • can't stop laughing

    • lol, no wonder you didn't quote him originally. you crack me up. let me be the first to say i wished they'd all go missing too (lost somewhere one the other side of the green line would be a good start), but ah....contrary to your ultimate wisdom opinion, i really do not wish they'd all be stabbed to death or shot. for one thing, there's are probably a lot of very innocent little children there. and secondly, i have an aversion to blood, death and murder.

    • because his tweet was less direct, that does increase its civility.

      i assume your innuendo means you think a tweet of salaita's indirectly stated "i wish all the settlers were stabbed or shot to death "

      could you please direct us to that tweet or quote it so we can fully comprehend your meaning please. and i don't think salaita is advocating increasing civility at all, but that's another point i suppose.

    • some US arabs? ah, i think there are a few more americans who feel anxiety over Israel. like say the 10's of thousands strong church divestment movement.

  • South African activists reflect on parallels between life under apartheid and Israel/Palestine today
    • There is no way to force an analogy between SA and Israel

      that's the beauty of having the truth on your side. there's no need to force the idea at all because when people hear the truth they gravitate towards it naturally. it's rather irrelevant whether you agree with it or not because it's so obvious to everyone else. no need to force that, no forcing going in.

  • First they came for the Palestinians . . .
    • how is suffering the horrors of war ever "merely"? death is final. tragic needless suffering is not 'mere'.

    • thnx david

    • please tell us snarking cigargod!

    • that's so sweet mnbeshara, thank you. and much appreciated and please come back and comment more sometime.

    • regarding free speech, we have a comment policy here link to

      your cryptic explanation/excuse for your "so-called holocaust" verbiage violates our comment policy. you've been warned. and there will be no next time for me editing your comments to make them publishable by our standards, i'll trash them as i am sure any other moderator would have done. there is no such thing as the "so called" holocaust. it was a holocaust, and jews don't own it because they coined the term. you want exclusivity, don't pick a crime that was not exclusive.

    • This is exactly what the Zionists want to keep their “we are the victims of the greatest crime in history” narrative up and going.

      there's nothing in the poem that suggests the holocaust was the greatest crime in history.
      the lessons from the holocaust are not primarily about jews. it is about how normal people become accomplices to horrendous crime, and in the case of that crime jews were by no means the only victims.

      the original poem:

      First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out - because I was not a communist;

      Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out - because I was not a socialist;

      Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out - because I was not a trade unionist;

      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out - because I was not a Jew;

      Then they came for me - and there was no one left to speak out for me.

      jews don't own the holocaust. 40 million civilians died in ww2 60mil including militaries and i've seen figures much higher. genocide in palestine threatens many more people than palestinians. if the mosque is destroyed we could be facing ww3. one lesson we can take from the holocaust, and ww2, is that with the advancement of technology and fanatical ideologies allowed to run amok, is that each passing decade, each passing century, runs the risk of higher casualties in any future catastrophies. the holocaust was not the greatest crime known to mankind because evil has always existed. it is that we must be more vigilant as the advancement of technology (not just weaponry but communication, surveillance, advanced methods of propaganda and tools of deception aimed at the citizenry) creates an environment in which a greater threat becomes inevitable.

      as leunig said, the poem is universal and eternal. it's certainly not owned by jews nor was it written by a jew. and it's no more about the holocaust than it is about future genocides. the lessons of a genocide are not, and should never be, in the purview of a portion of it's victims. that is simply absurd. it was a key feature in a world war and it was not won by zionists. i had family members who gave their lives fighting that war so as far as i am concerned whatever lessons can be drawn from it i have as much right to as anyone else related to those 60 million. and if the coming century brings about a war or wars with more casualties it will be only us to blame, those of us who saw it coming and remained silent.

      when the poem was written who would have known that a central victim on that list would include central oppressors in this centuries crimes against humanity (likely not the author)? that's a lesson no one expected to learn from the holocaust but that's what we're looking at. it's another reason why the memory and the lessons learned from genocide cannot and should not be in the sole purview of the jewish community. we (humanity) fought it, we all own it. it's a human lesson.

    • citizen,it occurs to me maybe they are stinging from the UCLA loss and taking it to mattress. i really have no idea.

      i'll cheer when someone drives a stake thru the heart of israeli hasbara. there's only so much of this...

    • oyvey has a tag team w/a similar i/p address whose 3rd temple bs "explanation" just got trashed/notpublished. let's see how oyvey responds to this simple inquiry. this could very well be a case of some looneytune religious nutcase(s) best efforts. whatever he (they) are up to it's not very smart.

      reminds me of 'Common Dreams’ website traps Hasbara troll spewing anti-Semitism' story. link to

      and interestingly i generously edited oyvey's comment above. originally he wrote
      "so-called holocaust". this is so amateur i'm not sure the protocol. sloppy trolling.

    • wow, thanks lysias. actually i recall that now that you mention it.

    • i agree american. this is the largest most long-running refugee crises in the world today. if we all join forces we can end it and it is our moral duty to do so. i've already chosen my next effort, people i hope and pray have not been genocided by the time i can afford the time and effort. there are so many disasters in the world, but it's palestine's turn. we can't give up nor be distracted. it's the core of holy land and we have to find resolution or the repercussions from the fall out could have consequences far beyond the unimaginable.

    • please explain how the cartoon assumes the Holocaust to be the moral standard on human suffering.

    • a more accurate description of what giles? a conversation americans should have?

    • thanks tiny. it must be just my computer. of course i can access them, i just can't detect them sans scrolling.

    • my pleasure gracie. i love the cartoon.

      as an aside, could you (or anyone) let me know if you can visually identify the embeds in "ironically" and "immediately besieged" without scrolling over them. because i can't see them and i'm wondering it it's just me.

  • Revisiting 'Graveyard of Numbers': Israel refuses to return remains of Palestinian militants as a punitive measure
    • are you crazy? maybe you don't know the common definition of link to

      martr 1mar·tyr noun \ˈmär-tər\
      : a person who is killed or who suffers greatly for a religion, cause, etc.

      here's another:

      : a person who sacrifices something of great value and especially life itself for the sake of principle

      even those violent crackpot thrusting around with knives at the wedding, link to if they attacked and killed arabs solely because they were palestinians, to make the "land of israel" free of muslims and/or arabs, and were killed as a result the chances they would be considered martyrs by their own kind is 100%. and i would have to agree regardless of having distain for the killings and the racist nature of them. i or you can't change the definition merely because you find the action despicable. it has nothing to do w/my personal feelings, this is the definition.

      if you care to argue the cousins had no ulterior motive in relation to the surrounding events wrt the liberation of palestine or the mosque or, say if one was a jealous lover and had some personal beef with one of the people killed having to do with money or something like that, have at it. but if someone does something for a cause and personally suffers, or is willing to sacrifice ones life for that cause that is the definition of a martyr. as a stated earlier i think it is undoubtably clear goldstein died as a martyr to a cause, i (or you) can’t change that no matter how i personally feel about a crime. - See more at: link to

      what's next! are you going to accuse me of justifying what goldstein did? seriously, you are spamming this thread. you asked me why i used the term and i told you. enough with this stupidity!

    • Very very few in Israel viewed Goldstein as a hero

      excuse me? from the wiki page

      Goldstein's gravesite became a pilgrimage site for Jewish extremists.[7] Upon the tomb, the following words are inscribed: “He gave his life for the people of Israel, its Torah and land.”[6] In 1999, after the passing of Israeli legislation outlawing monuments to terrorists, the Israeli Army dismantled the shrine that had been built to Goldstein at the site of his interment. The tombstone and its epitaph, calling Goldstein a martyr with clean hands and a pure heart, was left untouched.[8]

      it has nothing to do being "officially" recognized. i can't speak for palestinians, but it's my understanding anyone dying as part of their struggle for liberation is considered a martyr. the synagogue massacre was carried out as related to the struggle. and i am not the only person who feels like that,it's widely understood. and it seems fairly certain lots of orthodox jews consider the attack at the synagogue as part of the resistance too: link to to the perpetrators their actions were likely related to al aqsa mosque. also, it was the synagogue where the father of one the killers of mohammed khdeir worshipped. it was thought out, and logically they undoubtably assumed their actions would lead to their death and they chose to sacrifice their lives for a cause.

      goldstein's massacre, as horrendous as it was, was carried out in his mind and the mind of his followers as a (his) sacrifice for a cause. it wouldn't be in the same category as say, the columbine massacre. this is the definition of a martyr, is it not? i think it is undoubtably clear goldstein died as a martyr to a cause, i (or you) can't change that no matter how i personally feel about a crime.

    • cigar god, speaking of extent of practice, there's a b'tselem report up thread, i have not read it yet.

    • yes we are all well aware israel interrupts funeral processions and starts shooting tear gas and other weapons sometimes killing people.

      No nation in the world can allow such heinous acts like those perpetrated in Jerusalem this week to sway its resolve

      don't act like you're so special. we've got plenty of horrendous attacks in this country, including school massacres and stuff. it doesn't justify collective punishments with all your hamas hamas hamas evil evil stuff as israel cranks up the tension and rhetoric day in and day out.

      why don't you calm your nerves by reading about israeli pr porn:

      "After Jerusalem attack, Netanyahu hopes 'PR porn' will win support abroad"
      link to

    • just, i have not read EI's article, but forensic architecture wrote us days ago - we started a draft ...just behind that's all.

      walid, i was aware israel and hezbollah have made many trades over the years (excellent tour guides at mleeta), but i didn't recall or had not heard of some of the exchanges you mentioned. thank you.

    • Israel was held to ransom over the bodies of three of their soldiers in 2004, having to barter hundreds of convicted terrorists in exchange

      doesn't that indicate the intention of keeping the remains was for the return of their living? what, pray tell, is one to think about the headline? what is one to think about the "unprecedented move"?

      This is apparently the first time that Israel has withheld the bodies of terrorists as a deterrent measure.

      ..... Attorneys Sigi Ben-Ari and Andre Rosenthal of the Center for the Defense of the Individual, who have been involved in a number of cases in which terrorists’ bodies were returned to their families, don’t recall a previous instance of the state stating outright that it was withholding bodies as a punishment or deterrent.

      and what is your evidence, or any evidence at all that keeping the remains would deter a crime? there is none! it's all conjecture used to manipulate peoples minds. because we know very well hamas will not return the remains of the israeli soldiers unless some prisoners, or some of the 500 people abducted during israel june/july pogrom on the palestinians in west bank are released. it's highly unlikely.

      Israel has to find ways to give less and less opportunity to potential murderers to gain from their evil acts.

      iow, you wouldn't object to anyone creating less and less opportunity for potential jewish murderers to gain from their evil acts. and by what methods should one pre identify the border guard who shot the boy in cold blood on nakba day? or 16 yr old abu khdeir. so many more palestinians are slaughtered by israel than in reverse, would you advocate killing little jewish children as collateral damage too? please don't talk to us about evil acts. not after last summer. go dig the mote out of your eye while lecturing us on the virtues of collective punishment.

    • hops, what definition of blood libel are you using? it's my understanding from what nadya wrote, what she was told was that the court sentenced "the individual" (judged actions he committed while alive). it doesn't say in the text they tried his corpse. they kept it from the family until the man's sentence was fulfilled. and there's no blood in the story at all or any accusation any jew killed anyone. not sure how that qualifies as a blood libel. or has the definition been expanded?

      it also might interest you to know the haaretz article did reference the court wrt the final decision on the withholding of remains. link to

      “We can’t commit to a certain date [for returning the bodies],” Chief Inspector Yigal Elmaliah, who was representing the Israel Police, told the court. “There are two aspects, the investigative aspect, which the court has seen, and another aspect that I’m not sure I’m authorized to report. For this reason we are arguing that this isn’t the forum to discuss it. ...... One possibility being considered is not to return the bodies to the families, but [for the state] to bury them. The issue is being examined at the highest levels.”

      one assumes they'd get a life sentence. so if the state decides to bury them do you think they will also make the location known? with a headstone or plaque? otherwise what we're quibbling about here is the name of the graveyard. but to palestinians, it's essentially the same thing. where's the bloodlibel hops?

    • i just didn't see the point of headlines claiming this was a "first". more like 'first time they used this hasbara on an all too common practice.' as if the practice is somehow going to make jewish lives safer! can you imagine if hamas tried advertising the idea they were holding jewish remains to deter israel from bombing them!!! no one would believe that for a second. what a farce, israel will bomb the hell out of them, as the did last summer, to prevent live jewish hostages. what's the chance jewish remains would make them rethink that policy? deterrence my a**.

  • 'You don't want us to breathe!': Video captures everyday frustration of life under occupation in East Jerusalem
    • not sure they "removed" it per se. i think when they went w/the new design everything had to be added, from scratch, and for some reason that wasn't. not sure what or why of that.

    • we miss you taxi! i really miss you. and i miss hostage too.. and others missing in action...

      and let this be a reminder to everyone. please write phil and adam instead of(or along with) making your voice heard about the edit function missing from the comments.

    • joe, just scroll on and click the middle of the video. it works for me.

    • how traffic violations etc (unpaid because people can not afford) escalate into huge fines, arrest then jailing. How towns like Ferguson etc thrive on police writing up tickets for small violations and then grow into huge fines, complications.

      omg, i wonder if there was some cross cultural influence trveling in the opposite direction when american cops got 'security-trained'in israel.

    • thanks for the link bumblebye!

    • me too just. i probably wouldn't be alive if i had to endure this for very long.

    • LOL: If the Arabs don’t like it, they’re always free to leave Israel.

      that's the whole point of treating them so miserably! you must think we're really daft.

    • his voice, his exasperation. and when i read the other day the police were out in force giving everyone traffic tickets i just thought, is there no end to this harassment? be it petty or be it home invasions and demolitions and executions, it's from every angle.

  • 'My friends, with us tonight is the face of the Holocaust': Boteach talks Israel, Palestine, and genocide with Wiesel and Power
  • One week in Jerusalem and -- it's not complicated
    • john, i quoted you in an article i wrote today. ;)

      link to

    • The pathologists at Abu Kabir say suicide, but since they have been caught engaging in organ harvesting they have no credibility.

      i made this point to hops last night but i forget which thread. have not been back to check his (or anyones) response. why would the guy bother hanging himself in a bus? i read somewhere(some news article) he had been requesting video protection on his bus, it was the only one without it. and he was complaining to the company at the time he was murdered.

    • they want a retraction or they'll torture it out of him!

    • thanks so much for being a witness john, great report.

  • Netanyahu's 'battle for Jerusalem' can't end well for any of us
    • while large numbers of new settlers were being incorporated into the city limits, in the east the municipal borders slid between the walls of the city and the Palestinian villages virtually abutting the walls in order to exclude them. The prime intention of this blatant gerrymandering of the borders was to ensure an electoral advantage of the Jewish community of the city over its Palestinian residents-

      i'm shocked!

    • walid, if you'd prefer any other video i can switch it out. as an aside, i noticed when i opened your link it went to not one video but a collection. sometimes it's more effective to copy the name of your selection into a youtube search and grab the single page url vs the url off the collection. but when i did that the video i was directed to wasn't to the same concert hall you had referenced in Montreal. thanks for the time stamp i will check that out.

      btw, your "oops" video didn't work either. that's what alerted me something was amiss, reading your opps on the back pages ;)

    • Page: 251
    • yes walid, of course i noticed that at the beginning of the video they open w/the 3 religions represented and it's also spelled out in the lyrics. (star cross and crescent).

      and ava maria i don't think it's just wishful thinking. it is a distinct 6 pointed star. it's likely intentional.

    • hi walid. i tried fixing it .. well, couldn't find that one. but i think this has Ava Maria as the 5th track.

    • thank you kay, really beautiful

    • a night of music

    • Tania Kassis "people of the world - save jerusalem"

    • this is seriously addicting. i highly recommend listening to this on full screen. i'm bookmarking this.

    • this is so beautiful walid, i am listening now

    • and one more thing norm, how do you know they killed "in deep-seated hatred" for jews? maybe, they sincerely like them because they were civilians and were just trying to get the israeli citizens to change the regime and choose better leaders. i mean isn't that israel's excuse for slaughtering thousand of palestinians? pound them with bombs and they'll choose better leaders? or do you think israel slaughtered so many palestinians because of the "deep-seated hatred" of all their soldiers and their government? or could it be you can only see inside of the mind of palestinians and not israelis. do tell norm.

    • Those who kill pious rabbis in cold blood in deep-seated hatred of the Jews have forfeited the right to a state.

      well since they are dead now that's sort of a moot point. or do you advocate assigning blame and retribution to all jews for the actions of one, or two?

      btw, i saw a tweet yesterday that might interest you.

    • invoked by every single Arab leader since 1948

      can you link to musharraf. can you link to murarak. can you link to Bakr al-Baghdadi. what about abdullah of jordan.

      and what's 'every' arab leader got to do with the leader of the cruel sadistic oppressive apartheid government ruling over jerusalem go to do with any of them anyway? are you comparing the leader of a country backed by the superpower with ..whom?

      he's a bloviator just.

    • Jerusalem has been Jewish-majority since the 19th Century.

      the area designated today as "jerusalem" was definitely not jewish majority since the 19th century. and i'm not sure i even believe the claim the small(in relativity) original jerusalem (before israel started adding illegal settlements they call "neighborhoods" and swallowing up more and more land surrounding it against international law) was jewish majority in the 19th century. i know i argued once before it wasn't and did a bunch of research but i can't be sure. either way it's beside the point. the area of jerusale today definitely was not majority jewish in the 19th century.

      Jews have no right no live – not in Jerusalem which has been the capital of every Jewish kingdom and state throughout history.

      gag me with a spoon norman, and prey tell, what multiple "jewish kingdoms" might you be referring to. and no one said "jews" had no right to live there. don't turn yourself into the victim here when the state you are representing has kicked millions of people off their land. throw yourself a pity party but don't expect sympathy here.

    • Netanyahu sets up these scenarios specifically to result in israeli casualties

      wonders never cease.

  • The fight to save a village continues in Wadi Fukin
    • I am only trying to highlight here this tendency of Palestinians to use this bombastic rhetoric

      well you're failing miserably. do you mean like americans who say things like give me liberty or give me death? how much different is that from "Death is better than our life – we have nothing to lose "?

      i think lots of people faced with genocide have "panache for such dramatized rhetoric".

      which I don`t believe for a moment that they really mean

      oh i definitely think they mean "We shall fight 1000 years to liberate Palestine" when they say it.

      and then get carried away with that into self-harming acts.

      oh let me guess, you mean the way when israel slaughters palestinians, palestinians are harming themselves! ivri, you're so transparent. palestinians are no more "bombastic" than any other normal people would be under the same circumstances.

      admit it, or to prove your point, why don't you tell us about people willing to roll over and die instead of resisting their own genocide. (a short list will do)

  • In landslide, UCLA student govt votes to divest from Israeli occupation
    • kma, i saw that video last night. someone linked to it here. it is hysterical. first of all i doubt anyone on campus took him serious when he was waving the isis flag, they probably thought he was a crackpot and many people don't know what an isis flag looks like. i couldn't pick one out other than knowing it's black. but berkeley is the center of the activist universe (imho), so of course they know all about israeli war crimes.

    • american, i am fairly certain this is a south african initiative and it's a completely different business, a food chain.

    • he's a linguist. picky is what they do.

  • Israel sows despair and senseless violence
  • For Obama officials, synagogue attack is 'pure terror' -- and not a word about attacks on Palestinians
    • what do you mean "PA tried to claim"! it's the same lying Forensic Institute for heavens sake. didn't you read about the chief pathologist having a museum of 1000's of stolen organs? for christs sake oleg. get a grip.

      It’s nice how you bring an unrelated incident

      you're welcome. context matters so i am glad you appreciate it. and although the incident itself, the crime, was unrelated, the character of one of the parties is the same. iow, when investigating if a crime had taken place one might mention if someone had a past history of murder or lying. in this case, the institute, a government institution, has no credibility.

    • Israel is known for investigating and prosecuting Jewish offenders against Arabs.

      are you kidding me? something like less than 97% of yesh din complaints led to indictments. don't you mean they have been known in the past, on rare occasion, to actually investigate and prosecute a Jewish offenders against palestinians (like one for every thousands of offenses, or haven't you been following "proce tag attacks" abetted by israeli soldiers)? israel is most definitely not "known" for what you claim, they are notoriously "known" for the exact opposite!

      You don’t believe anything Israel official would say

      i believe an Israel official would say anything to get israel off the hook. this is the same government that claimed there were no dead bodies after the nakba day killings and whose ambassador went on american tv and claimed palestinians had staged the video!

      these are the facts as we know them

      no they aren't. they are the allegations by a gov who repeatedly lies and spends 100's of millions on advocating themselves as global victims. facts don't even enter into it when it comes to the desperate claims of those you represent.

    • He later recanted under pressure from the PA

      i didn't find anything in your link. could you please let me know where you read it. and when you say "he recanted", it's my understanding he didn't file a report until the next day. he "attended the autopsy on the family’s behalf". the family requested there own autopsy and they were refused. he was allowed to attend as an observer. is there anything he signed his name on saying he agreed with the finding? was it some sort of group effort that required his opinion and the time?

      according to kogel "he agreed with the analysis" but this is the Abu Kabir Forensic Institute. rather notorious history with gross negligence (google chief pathologist for decades, dr.hiss) fabrications and other unsavory acts that lead to some court room drama as i recall. and speaking of recanting, wasn't he the same person who revealed in an interview he'd collected body parts from palestinians after the israeli government was going to like, boycott somecountry that published those facts which threw the whole country int oa hissy fit of denial?

      so, Israel refused to allow the body to be moved into a palestinian facility even tho ramouni was not a criminal in any sense of the word. refused a team of palestinian doctors to perform the autopsy. and now you expect me to believe kogel's words over a representative of the family? and, as far as i have heard they have not made the "official" autopsy, that have not given it to the family. so, did you think there might be some reason why haaretz didn't mention in the article the reason why the palestinian doctor didn't think it could have been a suicide?

      He said the autopsy revealed that the man's first vertebra was not dislocated, which is usually the case in hangings by suicide. Moreover, he noted, signs of liver mortis – the settling of the blood after death – were found on the buttocks of the body rather than in the lower limbs, where they should be in the case of a suicide.

      i think under the circumstance israel should have been transparent with the family. and there's no evidence he ever recanted anything. just kogel's word, why should we believe him? maybe it was he who was pressured to say this.

    • oleg, do you recall when Arafat Jaradat died of extreme torture in Israeli custody - See more at: link to

      israel tried claiming he had a heart attack. it's not a blood libel when it's true. palestinians wanted to perform their own autopsy for al-Ramouni, but israel wouldn't allow it. why would that be? you're defending a gov that lies with impunity, all the time.

      blood libel blood libel blood screaming wolf, it's lost all meaning in this context of occupation, ethnic cleansing, and genocide.

    • oh, did it happen? phil wrote about that link to

  • Kahanists attack school after synagogue killings
    • a new conflict format.

      wow, a heavily armed citizenry against people w/rocks. that's brilliant. i wonder why no one ever considered that before. awesome comment ivri.

    • hmm, that must be because i started it yesterday, i don't know why that date is like that. i fixed it tho. thank you!

    • he was obviously lynched. these are the same hacks who went on tv and said there was no dead body after the nakba day killings. they lie with impunity. they say anything, only a complete idiot would think he committed suicide.

    • i have been around, i just have been sort of speechless. and i was writing but things were changing so fast i could kept changing and changing and i wasn't satisfied.

      and then as i was writing i'd eventually see people posting the updates in the comments i had already included but everything just was out of date and it remained unfinished. i was too upset to complete everything.

      yes, an earlier ma'an link about Fadi Jalal Radwan's stabbing link is already embedded in the story. i can't see the embeds. does anyone else have that problem?? but i had not seen the shooting. your link. so maybe i will add it to the base.

      you need to watch the video. i am not sure why a section of my draft w/the dialogue was cut. but the end of the video is really chilling.

  • Muslims' beliefs are 'untrue' and 'ridiculous,' 'Salon' author says, offering support for Maher's intolerance
    • maximus,
      the ptb want control of baluchistan for geostrategic reasons, partly because of gwadar port link to which the chinese have been developing much to the chagrin of the US. china has also invested a lot in iran. Iran is supposed to set up oil refinery in Gwadar

      i recommend and trust b moon of alabama on balochistan news. this is from the nov 10 "(Not) U.S. (Not) Israel Utilized Anti-Iranian Terror Group Jundallah" link to

      i recall having first read this great article "Free Baluchistan" the day it was published. at the time i had never heard of balochistan link to (read this)

      The United States is still dreaming of a gas pipeline from the Turkmenistan south through Afghanistan and Baluchistan to the Arabian see. Long term troop stationing in landlocked Afghanistan will also demand a safe line of communication to a seaport.

      India wants a gas pipeline from Iran eastward through Baluchistan to Delhi.

      But the biggest interest in Baluchistan is Chinese. All sea traffic from the Middle Easter resource fields and East Africa to China now has to go through the Malacca Strait and also pass India and the Philippines. Strategically it is a nightmare to keep this route open in case of a hot or cold global conflict.

      China has therefore invested $420 million into developing a deep sea harbor at Gawadar in Baluchistan. A second investment phase of $600 million is planed. From Gawadar land transport routes lead up in north eastern direction to the Chinese-Pakistan boarder. To protect the new harbor Pakistan will even get four modern Chinese frigates.

      i'm not an expert in this but i think the plan is to chop off southern afghanistan and southern pakistan via baloch separatists to control the coast line because of gas/oil. US/IS is heavily infiltrated into this area and has been for a long time.

    • your logical system of analogy has been ruined

      yonah, here's a great article that might interest you. link to

      it talks about how the mind works, creatively and otherwise. if i were a great writer i could explain that better. bottom line you're not looking at the value in kay's idea. both groups have ways it attacks and you're unable to appreciate the value/weight of the attack/counter attack.

      either way, you should try making your argument by offering a little more than an ad hominem, because that's all you're saying.

    • all/most(as far as i know) Balochistan separatists have always had supporters in congress (they have a free balochistan act from years ago) and the Jundallah/israel/cia impersonation is old story. the new middle east map has a free balochistan state. so this comes as no surprise. jundallah has carried out numerous attacks in iran, big ones. so yeah, they are on the team of the US/IS.

  • RE/MAX cashes in on Israel’s illegal settlements
    • fair enough. but could you do it without copy pasting the very same video and commentary back to back on 10 threads? it's not fair to our readers. perhaps a variation of the same idea couched in different words (and different videos [except for memri and other racist duplicitous sites of that nature] ) might solve the problem.

      p.s. your 10 paragraph rant including islamophobic stuff and discourse about Jihadist did not make the grade. you might want to respond in several concise shorter comments germane to the topic and that way some of your other commentary might make it thru moderation.

    • sorry you feel that way light. but, considering your opinion, it rather begs the question 'why are you here?' there are so many options on the internet. don't you feel this is just a waste of your time?

      a wise man once said:

      This is not a game we are playing – to save a life one may repeat the cry for help more than once.


    • light, you can't spam the site. i cleared this comment here because it was the first time i saw it. but that doesn't mean you can post the same comment/video on every thread. stop spamming.

    • there's so much wrong with this speech i wouldn't know where to begin. but did he just claim that last september (2014)
      "15 palestinians drowned in the sea trying to escape the claws of hamas" (19:15 min.)

      i missed that in the news. do you have a link?

    • i'm so excited code pink is initiating this campaign. there are thousands of offices all over this country and even more open houses with remax signs out front. ;) as i mentioned in a tweet the other day, people should know when they list their homes with @remax, indirectly, they are supporting apartheid and ethnic cleansing. and i used the #REMAX hashtag and twitter handle too. i'm sure they got the message. it's time everyone got the message.

    • “there is only one RE/MAX office remaining in the West Bank, and RE/MAX LLC is exploring possible options for this office."

      ha! it's not just where their office is, it's location of the homes and office space are that they sell that matters most! if an office in jerusalem is selling homes in east jerusalem or any of the settlements, that matters. there are also offices inside israel that won't sell homes in certain areas, except to jews. that's a racist policy.

  • This is not yet an intifada, Palestinians say
  • 'Zionism' is now a dirty word for American opinion elite, Frank Luntz concedes
    • i'm not cool, so i wouldn't know. but if luntz said it, i'll believe it. also, i don't personally know any anti israel activists and don't recall ever meeting and activist who self identified like that, so i can't speak for them. but someone just did, maybe you should ask khyungbird: link to

    • Calling myself “anti-Israel” sounds much better

      somehow i'm not finding that completely convincing.

    • being against racism has become the cool thing to do.
      being against genocide has become the cool thing to do.
      being against apartheid has become the cool thing to do.
      being against zionism has become the cool thing to do.
      being against Israel has become the cool thing to do.

      you bet

    • , Ivri is not the user name Luntz uses in this forum…

      perhaps my comment suggested that to you ivri, but i was merely suggesting the person who wrote it here took luntzy hasbara lessons and used his phrasing.

      edit, never mind. i found the comment i was thinking of and it's not verbatim. false alarm ;)

    • Luntz urges Israel’s supporters not to say that Israel’s critics are “anti-Semitic,” or to argue that anti-Semitism is still a factor in the U.S. in 2014, but to say this instead:

      Everyone deserves to call somewhere home. For Jews that were forcibly scattered across the globe again and again for centuries, that home has always been Jerusalem and the land around it. For more than two thousand years and right up to today, the religious, cultural and historic home for Jewish people has been Israel.

      someone used this line in here recently. i'll see if i can dig it up. maybe it was ivri. almost this exact phrasing.

  • Videos: Jerusalem Skunk
    • mooser, can you find me that link or even the title of the story on tpm? i have been searching for it and can't find it.

    • phil was just there. he mentioned in his article the whole neighborhood of al tur stinks. link to

      it sounds from the filed complaint like the neighborhood has been stinking for months. they are just gassing them with this stuff over and over. at 972 the author said he got some of the skunk fluid on his camera once and it stunk for 6 months.

      so layers and layers and layers of this stuff over time, and rationed water, what are people supposed to do?

    • omg dickerson, that is outrageous. moving jerusalenites to gaza and then bombing them to death. i am overwhelmed today.

    • thanks mooser, i will go check it out. i am so sick of this settler tag, what a farce.

    • wow, since july! unbelievable, not sure how this routine-ness escaped my attention. thanks to both of you.

      Jerusalemites complained about the routine and indiscriminate spraying of the foul liquid at their homes, cars and businesses and said that the occupation has done this with increasing frequency since the 2 July kidnapping and murder by Israeli settlers of the Jerusalemite teenager Muhammad Abu Khudair.

      On 10 August, ACRI said it had contacted the commander of Jerusalem’s occupation police “to request that he urgently clarify the details” of Israel’s use of the substance.

      “Witness testimony reveals that the police indiscriminately sprayed the skunk liquid towards houses, people, restaurants brimming with people and in crowded streets, causing harm to innocent residents,” ACRI said. “Evidence suggests that in some cases the skunk repellent was arbitrarily used with no apparent justification and in the absence of any public disturbances.”

    • crowd control! yeah right, there were obviously no people there except a car driving by. this is just completely sick weird behavior.

    • no i have not blahchick. link to it!

    • omg a palestinian man found hanged in a bus. i think he is from the same neighborhood as the first video. google translate, they think the settlers kids him.

      link to

  • Europe is a weenie on Palestine
    • i'm over when it comes to leaks about baby steps. remember summer of 2013?

      Last week, Haaretz reporter Yossi Verter referenced this as “ the mother of all fears” a “nightmare scenario” and warned of an “economic tsunami”.

      - See more at: link to

      so why didn't they do it then? or last spring when it was clear the obama/kerry's 'peace process' was dead. alright already if they're gonna do it they should do it. and that gazillion dollar horizon program, they could have kicked them out of that but no, they've still got the privileged status of being the only non european country participating. it's just stupid. no more leaks, tell us once it's a done deal or nothing at all please. Ellis's tone was right on, this is bogus.

  • Yad Vashem
    • take a chill pill hops. you're sounding unhinged.

    • I challenge you to quote the exact phrase in which he says “it’s better that they’re not here”.

      i already scrounged around for anything remotely like that. it's just not there. he's shadow boxing. he's so intent on 'catching' someone, (the bigger the fish the better) he's willing to fabricate crap to argue against (typical strawman) intentionally twisting any and every thing into contortions so he can say 'that's the worst thing ever!!!' massive hasbara fail.

    • 66 actually it was citizen juxtaposing your own analogy. i was merely suggesting he use your framing too, to demonstrate how sick your logic was. link to

      does it mean that the usa will protect its citizens in every country but not american jews in israel

      how ugly is that thought

      no more ugly than the usa turning its back on any other american citizen, like rachel corrie or furkan dogan or even abandoning sandra tamari for that matter and scores of other americans. if israel chooses to use it's jewish american citizens as fodder to start a religious war and have the US support that war or stand with their backs turned while israel escalates their genocide and starts massively slaughtering palestinian AGAIN, don't count on the way the wind will blow public opinion. you don't fool me.

    • By your logic, if Never Again is a universal standard, shouldn’t the USA be burning down Israel -

      you're much too diplomatic citizen, why not adopt 666 framing to get thru to him. which would be along the lines of "do you think never again has become meaningless or do you think the US should burn down the zionist state these murders came from."

      and how ugly is that thought?

      666, given israel has killed thousands upon thousands more palestinians than the other way around and the very ground israel chose to honor those genocided souls early zionists massacred scores of innocents (and how gross is that?), you've got a lot of nerve spewing your vileness here. it's seriously disgusting. rude hardly covers it. you're walking on a thin wire here. watch yourself.

    • har hof is next door to yad vashem

      wrong location to talk to us about never again:

    • hops, i read read. it was a discussion with his aunt..maybe they would have cured cancer, maybe they would have made weapons used to kill people. i don't think people have not thought that about einstein.

      you're really making a mountain out of a mole hill and now adding on with your paraphrasing "maybe it’s better that they’re not here".

    • It’s deeply offensive. Millions of children died in the Holocaust. You’re talking about tens of millions of people who would be alive today.

      i think it's unfortunate you're personally offended (again) hops but the reality is that a large portion of the ancestors of jews who did survive are engaged in perpetrating and supporting a genocide that is currently going on. and when you see and read about the weapons they test on palestinians (like dime weapons, and stuff you can read about on democracy now, which i recall just writing about recently "type of weaponry that’s being used is literally shredding and obliterating people, and particularly children, who are so small and vulnerable " (unicef spokesperson)- See more at: link to ) then yes, it's a reasonable thing to wonder if those children would have done when they grew up, if they too would have engaged in this cruel decades long ethnic cleansing. and if so, how.

      frankly, it's not something that had occurred to me tho, ever. but it's not an outrageous abstract thought. in fact i think i recall some rabbis writing a book justifying killing gentile babies merely because they might grow up to be a future threat. now that is really sick. really really really sick. and they claimed it was from the bible or the torah or some religious book. phew!

      It takes someone a little crazy to think, well, maybe it’s better that they’re not here because they might have designed terrible weapons.

      hm, i must have missed that part of the discussion. i'll have to go back and read it again.

    • this ones for you bilal

  • Caltech prof says Israeli scientist passed NASA rocket secrets to his government
    • i agree marshal it is potentially huge marshal. in fact i wrote phil before it was published that i thought it was a huge story.

    • ivri, if you read the articles phil links to you would learn that it is a top secret program and you have to sign agreements w/the gov that you won't pass on any information (especially to foreign entities) without getting express permission from the government just to work on it. here's more:

      in 2012, FBI agents approached her about security breaches at JPL and she told them her experience. She said the FBI told her that Gat was the subject of an investigation that might involve espionage and violations of International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

      link to

    • i emailed you sean. thanks for responding.

    • i'm curious what this means sean. i wrote you about the several you've posted earlier but didn't hear back from you. i wrote adam that you had left a message in the comments about emails but he said he didn't get any from you. what email updates are you referencing and who is this message for? i think this is at least the tenth time you've left this message. do you want someone to email you an update?

  • US Jewish voters have more favorable feelings about Netanyahu than Obama
    • ha! i wouldn't know. i've never had a FB account.

    • thank you jwalters, and cigar god, and horizontal and everybody for the conversations and significant contributions.

      and absolutely "IF information pieces were available to dynamite the myths, those would be worth deploying." which is why we're here! and absolutely "Ex-Zionists have a useful extra degree of credibility on this topic" without a doubt, because they came into this struggle with a lot of baggage we (the rest of us) didn't have. and i think cigargods "abrupt waking" is a good example of how things really change in a person, generally. one of my favorite sayings is "the heart has it's own clock" which means you can't really just decide to unlove a person, you can rationally decide in every which way they are wrong for you, but you can't make you're heart ache go away. and then one day, it's gone (hopefully anyway). whereas a person with less personal attachment to as issue can read those same "information pieces available to dynamite the myth" and see it for what it is immediately.

      and that's something the myth makers know inside and out, which along with the myths there this heavy dose of propaganda woven thru them all to keep non jews from speaking out. "it's a jewish conversation!" etc etc. and it's really not. it requires compliance from the masses for this crime to continue decade in an decade out. all the more reason we should treat this like the emergency this is and not give one inch until we've broken this run. not one inch! we're growing, the movement is growing bds is growing and global opinion is on our side.

      see this link: link to

      we just have to not give up!

    • @bornajoo, i've heard that from others too ("Almost zilch") . i do think forums like mondoweiss threads are are valuable in our national discourse because people learn from them and they are read by millions of people (otherwise i wouldn't put my energy into them). for one thing, because they are public (like the comment sections of nyt/huff po/wapo/etc) and reinforces the reality that there are many voices supporting palestine.

      a friend of mine devotes a lot of time engaging w/people at synagogues and interfaith groups trying to change the minds of zionists. this is the kind of stuff i mean. i think she's nuts. i keep telling her she's banging her head against a brick wall.

    • i do make a distinction between activists and non activists american. i don't support shunning students for their ideologies (or my neighbors who may be zionists). but if they want to actively advocate for destructive policies (like supporting the idf who are slaughtering civilians) then they are fair game.

    • Play Offense, Not Defense.

      i agree! and speaking of "the work of the anti Zionist Jews", as far as i know, with a few exceptions, their activism is not primarily directed towards "the jewish community" either. and jvp, most of their actions are directed at all americans. and look at the strong zionist community, they don't only focus on keeping their troops in line, they most definitely target ordinary americans. they want to shut people up and make people scared to talk about it or only talk about israel is a good way or else. the power of making people think this is a jewish issue and the rest of us should shut up and mind our own business. and there's huge power in making everyone think the majority of americans support israel and therefore anyone who doesn't is part of a fringe.

      and bds really scars them so they come out in force and paint them as hating extremists and all that stuff. so competing with them, we have to target the masses. we have to expose them for the extremists they are.

      i was at nora friedman's book opening about activism on campuses, and one of the student activists on the panel said (and i will not forget this) about the pro israel pro zionists activists on campus "we have to normalize their isolation", and for me this meant that supporting ethnic nationalism and supporting israel/genocide etc should be called out for being weird, and literally isolated from mainstream ideas. and that should be a normal response to supporters of genocide and occupation. normalize the isolation. sitting around debating what's fair and not fair or engaging in mutual discussion civility stuff (normalizing the idea this is a balanced debate between the oppressors and oppressed) is defense. offense is psychologically placing them as outliers, in the corner of the room metaphorically, away from the masses and representing perverse thought. and then normalizing that reaction to them. this is exactly what zionists strategists have tried to do for decades by painting palestinians as terrorists and anyone supporting them as being weird. and this is how they have silenced the masses because our entire generation was raised with these ideas. but that's no longer working on the youth. they're too smart. the tables need to be turned and we need to go on the offense.

    • jw, of course it isn't impossible and i didn't mean to imply it was.

      Turning these people on to the facts would break the grip of the Israel-Wall Street axis, and enable more rational discussions in America on all the major issues confronting the world.

      sure, but at what price? you don't need to " break the grip of the Israel-Wall Street axis" to enable more rational discussions in america. you just need to change the nature of the game by getting americans engaged. allegedly only 2% of americans are jewish.

      so let me ask you this. if your entire family and everyone you loved friends and all were held hostage by a group of fanatics and you needed to convince 1000 people, as many as possible of them to come to your aid. you're in an auditorium with the 1000 people for the weekend. in that room with you 200 were your allies and 200 of them were aligned with the fanatics. the narrative of the fanatics is that all your family and friends, the hostages ..are terrorists. the other 600 are in the middle and don't know one from another, but the majority of them are fearful that if they align with you they will be called racist.

      so. of the 800 other people in the room you wanted to convince over the weekend who would you and your 200 allies prioritize in terms of convincing them to support you? given the options and your families life hung in the balance. you have only the weekend. should you and your allies spend your limited time on the 200 who are hell bent on supporting the fanatics or would you go for the people who are not otherwise engaged?

      for me, already knowing the deep attachment and dedication many american jews feel towards israel, coupled with the urgency i feel, i think an activists time is better spent engaging people who are not hardened zionists. there are over 300 million people in this country who are not jewish. they are paying for a genocide and don't know it. they have almost non stop hasbara/programing telling them how wonderful and what a friend israel is for us. if there were an online campaign telling people to tweet their representatives that they won't get their vote if they support israel and that threat came from 80% of the people we'd see some change. there are people i've talked with israel about for the first time, palestine was simply not on their radar. and within days they started hearing more and more and bam. i could spent years on a zionist and not get that kind of turnaround. literally years. and there are literally tons of people who do not like what is going on there and are to shy to say anything.

      i just fundamentally disagree with the idea we need to change the jewish community to turn this thing around. and i can perfectly understand someone wanting to change and influence their family members who are zionists. and i think that is different (time wise because spending time with our families if different) but if a person is an activist and has 4 or 20 valuable hrs a week to invest in activism, i think it's best spent working on actions aimed at the general society at large and not being jew centric in our activism. the rest of us, we matter too. in a democracy the majority matters, or should. focusing on changing a tiny minority because they are most attached to israel and have the most funds is not the best use of ones resources.

      and example of changing the nature of the game re enabling more rational discussions in America on Israel is the internet. it didn't require breaking the israel/wall street grip. the internet has made a huge difference. in america, it's not a jewish issue, it's an american issue. and it requires the engagement of the society at large.

      this is why i agree with steve That’s what makes BDS so vital – it takes the responsibility and the ‘ownership’ of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict away from the organised Jewish community. - See more at: link to

      and saying that, i think for many years jewish activists have been strong leaders and allies in the movement to free palestine and will continue to be. but the time has come for others to really step forward and engage from all segments of our society. we're seeing that in the church divestment. but it's not just groups, it's individuals. bds is a palestinian led movement that focuses on everyone, not primarily jews.

    • phil has friends that are not jewish, like me. just thought i'd mention. and largly i agree with you. there are a lot of people who think we need to change the jewish community moving forward. i think members of the jewish community working for justice in palestine are an extremely important force of the activist community. but the ones who are not, i think it's a waste of time and energy trying to change them. energy is better spent on changing people who are not so passionately attached to israel. there are so many more out there who just don't know or don't care that are more accessible and ripe for change.

  • Israel bans renowned doctor and human rights activist Mads Gilbert from entering Gaza for life
    • the operative words from his quotes, which you have copied twice, is "within the context I have mentioned."

    • lysias i don't think it says "Israeli government denied that they had refused Holguin admission. " it says "Israel denied entry to Palestine Colombian Foreign Minister". they don't want politicians or diplomats normalizing visiting palestine without also visiting israel. so they denied the visit and it was held in amman instead. it's just sadistic spiteful controlling submission bs.

    • here's a current article on egypt to understand the climate there wrt palestine. and why you shouldn't believe what you read in the egyptian press.

      link to

  • West Bank protesters cross separation wall in effort to get into Jerusalem
    • you're fantasizing if you think the fanatical israeli government would act any differently if palestinians "demostrate that they are capable of maintaining a stable democratic state." this is just hasbara garbage. israel wants all the land, so they will do everything in their power to prevent and destabilize a viable palestinian gov or leadership.

      btw, your opinion is noted but that's all it is. not some oracle that is bound to happen, at all.

  • Despite attempted coverup, Israeli border policeman arrested for murder of Palestinian teen during Nakba Day protest
    • yes, we all heard about the alleged one outlier hamas guy in syria or something who claimed hamas did it. i think that was refuted by hamas at the time. i'm not debating with you whether hamas kidnapped those boys because it's a waste of time and has been debunked over and over. my position stands, palestinians who were celebrating the kidnapping were doing so because they wanted leverage to get their people out of prison. it's a perfectly logical response whether i agree with it or not. many many palestinians were on hunger strikes at the time and whether the world outside hears about it or not the abduction and imprisonment of their people is a huge huge issue in palestine. so you can yammer on all you want in this retro hasbara but no one in the right mind believes this was a hamas operation and it's not a debate we'll likely be hosting again. your framing it as a "political act" is noted, but falls flat under the circumstances.

    • neil, let me know if any of those reports came out after the killings were revealed. of course palestinian militants would like to have some israelis hostages. israel is holding thousands of their people and they'd like a prisoner exchange. your quotes are irrelevant because they don't address cold blooded murder.

    • ckg, cnn covered it the other day. i started a draft and just never got around to finishing it. plus, kay emailed me she watched wolf blitzer covered it extensively on his show and at the time i searched for it on cnn's website and couldn't find it. but it was covered here:
      link to

      and i now see that a video has been added to it about the killing and the arrest, albeit it's not wolf blitzer. kay mentioned the blitzer segment also covered michael oren at the time denying anyone had been shot but that's not on this video (if you open the cnn link)

  • Ilan Pappe offers a reminder that the 'ongoing Nakba' implicates many of us in Israel's history
  • Bay Area activists shut down federal building to protest Rasmea Odeh conviction
    • i had the opportunity of hearing lara kiswani speak at nora's book launching in berkeley link to a very impressive individual/activist
      not sure how she was off my radar and as it turns out we had published an interview of her recently and i had just finished quoting her in one of my articles a few days before and didn't even recognize her name. anyway, if you ever get a chance to here her speak, i highly recommend. i won't be forgetting her name again.

      thank you allison

    • thanks bdslist. fixed

  • In mind-boggling contradiction, UNICEF Ambassador Robbie Williams books gig in Tel Aviv
    • i died laughing when i saw this yesterday while researching. in all honesty, i had never heard of mr williams or his rock band (that's all, or some name with 'that' in it) but he is very popular in the UK. it was the contradiction that i found news worthy, otherwise i would not have bothered with him, at least so early on (he is not performing until may). but wtf is someone doing fronting a campaign about protecting children when israel just slaughtered hundreds of them and created thousands of orphans. it's mindboggling.

  • Why I confronted Gregor Gysi
    • yes, i was serious. and as i recall we've had this conversation before on the same topic.

    • jon, here's your heads up link to
      you might notice i edited your spelling. next time that will be up to you.

    • jon, you may not post unconfirmed government propaganda as if it was fact. just stick "i believe" in front of your allegations next time.

    • hi brewer (and everyone), as i mentioned to bilal recently on another thread, and have expressed at other times, i am not a fan of atzmon discussions because we've hosted them before and a) they never end and b) since he’s too lazy (or perhaps too busy) to moderate comments on his own blog and has chosen not to open his own comment section to free and unmoderated discussion it makes very little logical sense i should be doing it for him. you all might have better luck with a different moderator but they have not been around much lately.

      i am only mentioning that in case you're wondering why this conversation will not be extended, for all of you hoping to extend it. we've posted this video/topic (juxtaposition) twice now on this thread alone and on another thread (iow we have not censored it) but any extended conversation about it i'd suggest you appeal to atzmon to open up a comment section on his blog to discuss the topic further. sorry!

      if you have further questions or appeals or object to my personal decision (re hosting extended atzmon discussions, this is not a site position or policy) please write adam and phil.

    • ok, i hear you. and thought i would mention we (the site) have gotten some email response from germans who appreciate what sheen and max did.

    • thanks ziusudra, i'm not sure why you're directing your comment to me. i have not discussed mr gysi in this thread. my comments above were related to talkbacks link, a different politician who is now deceased.

    • how is this related to "‘people like’ Blumenthal and Sheen"

    • ;) thank you for the update rensanceman. much appreciated!

    • what chase? i never even heard of the guy til today. and the nature of professional murders disguised a suicides and others of that ilk is that proof is hard to find. but there is a trail of evidence that jews (not in general but not immune to it by any means ) have killed people who they don't think are good for israel and zionism. all the time in fact. so there's no compelling reason to believe one wouldn't have. all you need is a rich benefactor willing to pay for it. hit men exist, it is a business. and i can speculate all i want.

      btw, wrt your put up shut up comment, you just might be ordering around the wrong girl.

    • the israel theatre along with a host of israel officials including mossad are hosting "terrorism" conferences all over europe blathering on encouraging islamophobia w/nary a care in the world about encouraging racism. link to

      UPDATE: conference participants include Shabtai Shavit, former director of Mossad, Tzachi Strumza, former head of the [VIP] security section, Shabak, and Brig. Gen. (retired) Nitzan Nuriel, former Director of the Counter Terrorism Bureau of the Israeli PM’s office. More in follow-up post shortly

      The purpose of the open letter is to protest the participation of European theatres in a Brand Israel exercise led by Israel’s national theatre, Habima. The ‘Terror Special conference’ is part of ‘TERRORisms’, a two-year project by the Union of Theatres of Europe, under the leadership of its current president, Habima’s Artistic Director Ilan Ronen.

      hops should dig that big ol mote out of his own eye before lecturing us on what encourages racism.

    • "Shortly before his death, Möllemann had been confronted with allegations he had been involved in illegal arms deals and evaded taxes on million"

      oh how shocking. you mean he gets mobbed by a horde of angry zionists and then someone starts digging up crap on him? how rare. and what, no charges of pedophillia or hanging with prostitutes? link to

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