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  • Sheesh: A conservative response to the special relationship
    • Here's a detailed report on the F-35, including what countries are involved in developing it & what the problems are with it, cost, etc
      link to

    • typo: correx: $1.8 Billion

    • @ Peter Field
      See tree's comment.
      Generally, of the usual annual $3.1Billion military aid US gives Israel, plus interest, 26% does not go back to US weapons companies; instead, it is devoted to subsidize Israel's own weapons industry in direct competition with US companies. Israel is the only foreign state with such a deal re the interest and subsidizing of foreign competition. Just one of every transaction between US & Israel where Israel is a unique case, and always gets the better deal. Our very first FTA was with Israel in 1985 and it clearly is not reciprocal; in fact it's the result of Israel First spies in US who slipped to the Israeli negotiation team ahead of the talks the complete strategy of the US negotiation team and all the details on the US companies involved in the background.
      Congress has never had the guts to reform this crappy deal even though the spy element is now well known.

    • Israeli press says it's just to keep Israel not screeching and only until the Iran Deal is signed. Have seen nothing on this in US main media.

    • Many Western countries worked with US on research & development of the F-35; Israel did not contribute. Those F-35s are very expensive. They are only part of the deal to keep Israel quiet only until the Iran Deal is signed (It will start squealing again before the ink is dry, to get more from US). The Pentagon also offered, additional to the F-35s (which will bring the total up to 50 gifted to Israel):
      8,000 smart bombs
      14,500 smart bomb guidance systems
      50 bunker busters
      4,100 small" bombs (110 kilograms of explosives)
      3000 Hellfire Missils (For Attack Apache helicopters)
      Total cost !.8 Billion
      Plus 3000 bomb guidance systems

  • Zionism is tired
    • The English are an interesting people--they give us Shakespeare. yet also "The White Man's Burden. And, of course, the brutal domination of Ireland and Scotland for how many years?
      These days, I figure the next result impact on humanity is Dickens is all that's worth preserving. The rest should fall, same as their teeth--maybe even the Beetles & Rolling Stones, swiped from black Americans, as Elvis did. Of course it's arguable those guys actually helped black Americans immensely--very arguable.

    • Israel whole Brand depends on its edulcorated form of fascism. BDS is giving it a run for its money, but I see the US State Department's various state legislation defining anti-semitism/hate speech is aggressively fighting BDS, with Indiana & Illinois, NY all adapting their state & local pension funds to block any criticism of Israel as hate speech, jew hatred.

    • Jewish Israelis view goys, including the US government, as fryers, suckers; if you need some recent proof (more recent than Netanuyah's statement America is "easily moved," try reading the recent article & comments on MW re Obama's bribing Israel to quit bawling so loud until his Iran Deal is signed.

    • I dunno, Illinois, Indiana, and next, NY, all passing laws to silence criticism of Israel. The Federal definition of "anti-semitism" allows them to do so, and said definition is copied by some US states. There is a direct attack on the US 1st Amendment when it comes to anything critical of Israel, and our media is not up in arms; in fact, it's totally silent, complicit.

    • @ amigo
      yes read the very recent article on Obama's compensation to Israel for not bawling so loud about the Iran Deal until after its signed on this web site. If there ever was the proverbial spoiled child, it's Israel.
      As if that huge bribery just to pipe down is not enough, Obama's going to placate the Israel First folks today at a famous US synagogue:

      To mollify his Jewish critics, Obama Speaks About Anti-Semitism at Washington Synagogue link to

  • Netanyahu cancels controversial 'apartheid' buses plan, but there have been segregated West Bank buses for years
    • What's pathetic is US taxpayers pay for this stuff & are unaware--compare how the US main media supported the Civil Rights movement here.

  • Maybe next time it's Arab Americans who will be interned by U.S. gov't -- Rand Paul launches filibuster
    • Good luck with that. Mayer Rothschild said, "Whoever controls the money needs no standing army to control the country." One big US bank was fined recently for fraud; a lot of money for the average person, but a pat on the wrist to such banks. Besides, the CEO didn't get the fine, the bank's investors will take the hit. If memory serves, the Nazi banker, Schacht was set free at the Nuremberg Trials. (He had the highest IQ of the defendants.) In comparison, the ex school teacher Julius Streicher, was hung for exercising his crude anti-semitic writing and cartoon skills. (He had the lowest IQ). How many Americans even know that one of the new banking rules defines your banking account deposit funds as a debt which can be used by a bank to keep it afloat, a forced "bail-in." to bail-out your bank?

      Fox News had some pundit on yesterday that dismissed fear of the mass data mining of private citizens--he said the system didn't involve invasion of privacy by humans, but merely collection of contacts, mere algorithms. His competition countered a federal court's verdict was that the program was unconstitutional.

  • Civil Rights Groups Tell Gov. Pence: Don’t stifle free speech -- Support for BDS is not Anti-Semitism
    • Looks like the State Department's definition of anti-Semitism is part of the problem: link to

      Blows a giant hole in the First Amendment, making the number one beneficiary of US foreign aid tax dollars immune from criticism! And the main media most folks watch is totally silent. Ugh! Why don't they just make Bibi Netanyahu POTUS and be done with it since increasingly, the US constitution does not seem to mater anymore when it comes to anything remotely touching on Israel.

    • NY legislature is going to copy Illinois bill: link to

      They say if BDS supporters can do it, anti-BDS supporters can do it too, such as elected representatives of the people, e.g., make government pension funds stop investing in any company that supports BDS. Ugh! This is outrageous. Who will take state laws that include criticism of Israel in their definition of anti-semitism to federal court? Why hasn't that been done yet?

    • – Illinois on Monday became the third state in a month to pass legislation formally opposing the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel. But going further than non-binding anti-BDS measures in Tennessee and Indiana, the Illinois bill took concrete action against those who boycott the Jewish state.

      The legislation—which unanimously passed both the Illinois House (102-0) and Senate (49-0), and will be signed into law by Governor Bruce Rauner—prohibits state pension funds from including BDS-participating companies in their portfolios.

      “Illinois is the first state to take concrete, legally binding action against the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign, providing a legislative model for the rest of the country,” said Jacob Baime, executive director of the Israel on Campus Coalition.

  • 'NYT' obit turns the murderous settler rabbi into a 'contentious firebrand'
  • The U.S. is at last facing the neocon captivity
    • @ David Doppler
      From a comparative cultural point of view, when a freier/frayer aka sucker culture, USA meets an Israeli culture that says, "laws are made to be broken," whether it's waiting in line for service, or circumventing international law, the dispute is what it is, for that reason.

    • @ hophmi
      Fukuyama later said that neocons had a habit of conflating Israel's problems with US problems; in short he retracted his earlier view that the puny state & sole superpower had the same interests.

    • @ Brewer
      No. although that should be the calculus for those speaking in the interests of the US public. Truth is, the de fact calculation is, what's good for the 1% here & simultaneously, for Israel, as Israel sees it.

    • Even General Petraeus told Congress US blind support of Israel painted a target on every US soldier abroad. It was even broadcasted on CSPAN. And that everytime he went anywhere, the first subject any Arab diplomat brought up was US rubber-stamping of Israel's policies and conduct in the region. BTW, Petraeus (Betray US) at the time, had a briefcase under his feet that he never used; it contained documentation galore of what he said. Nobody in Congress pushed him to clarify, show evidence; they just "moved on," as in "Nothing here, let's move on." Main media also dropped this ball, and our Press stenographers for their own careers have never showed any interest.

    • @ Mooser
      Geez, I'm so old I had to give up tending my tiny tomato garden due to lack of energy, too many bugs, crows, squirrels, etc; there's nothing like fat tomato off the vine, with some salt. But this articles touches many on MW over its years, & I've read all of them since 2008, plus many other sources. I think Big Oil had little to do with Bush Jr's war on Iraq; I think PNAC had a lot to do with it--and is still operating in a bipartisan way, for regime change in ME states Israel does not like as they're not cooperative enough with Israel's agenda. The only bone of contention with the neocons and Israel was that Israel wanted to screw Iran first, not Iraq, but Israel took a temporary back seat to Bush Jr's desire to attack Iraq as it didn't like his Daddy, and to Chaney, who stood to gain lots of $ from an attack on Iraq; the Zionists in the neocon camps had to go along with that, as did Israel--both would've preferred an attack on Iran first. They are pushing for it now on bipartisan basis, but Obama's intent on Iran Deal for legacy reasons, & last time Obama left attack on Syria to congress, Putin stepped in, making it easy to withdraw war for an increasingly tired and war impoverished US public. Even if Obama gets his Iran Deal, Israel makes out because Congress will continue to be bought by orchestration of AIPAC donor dollars and Israel First Billionaires and Israel, never the fryer/freier, sucker, will get "such a deal!" in the form of 50 super expensive free F-35s and more defensive missile systems, courtesy of US tax payers, the ultimate suckers, blinded, bamboozled, laughed at by Israel & US main media & Congress. When Smedley Butler wrote War Is A Racket, Israel did not yet exist. His ghost should write a new book about how that's still true, but now, US Zionists have added an extra ingredient to core content of US aggression: America's Jewish Establishment, just a "slight" twist on the old WASP formula, one that morphs the motive to not just Imperial profit but also Israeli hegemony in ME, with more lebensraum to come.

    • Yeah Snowden!

    • No doubt PNAC derived from Yinon's strategy for Israel. After the 9/11, "the new Pearl Harbor," (cf: Reichstag Fire, Gulf of Tonken, Remember the Maine, etc), the neocons-Zionists got busy ASAP; Frum added a macro: "War between cultures, Axis of Evil", main bone of contention with Israel is that Israel wanted Iran knocked out first & Shrub/Chaney wanted Iraq knocked out first; Americans won; but do to no rational or slightly thoughtful post attack plan, all fell apart. US media should explain this to the public because the neocons-zionists-PEPs are still toiling to do the PNAC agenda at expense of US blood & Treasure, even though PNAC now operates under a different handle.

    • Media definitely worked as stenographers for Chaney et al. The goy neocons manipulated the facts around their determination to attack Iraq for oil & the Jewish contingent did the same, in behalf Israel. All really knew what they were doing. Brit Intel & CIA gave evidence there was no connection of Saddam with Al Quaida nor that Sad Sack had WMD. Downing St Memo, etc. Still Waiting for main media to get into this; Chris Matthews wants to, but he's sticking vague for now.

    • OTOH, Chris Hayes showed Pelosi saying she didn't go with the neocon intelligence data at the time & thought the data did not evidence a reason to attack Iraq. Barnie Frank said the Democrats who voted for the war were those, like Hillary, who were POTUS wannabes. Lesson learned? Frank says we have learned the lesson. He says Lindsey Graham would invade Chicago.
      Frank says some interventions are good. Frank dissed Hayes as a noninterventionist. Frank said should have ended war in Afghanistan once Al Quaida guy killed.

    • Chris Matthews tonight kept asking the question re who's responsible for getting us into War on Iraq? He noted nobody is asking this question. Yet he never mentioned PNAC, the neocons or the Israel Lobby. No mention of the Special Plans unit under Bush JR packed with Jewish Zionists. Nor did he tie any answer in with the push for war on Syria and Iran. Finally no mention that Jeb Bush circle of consultants are all former consultants for Daddy Bush or/or Bro Bush, including Wolfowitz, the architect of the Iraq War. Your thoughts?

    • Jewish Geography: Jews counting influential Jews in disapora.
      Anti-Semitism: Gentiles counting influential Jews in dispora.

  • Rubio calls out Clinton over settlements -- and his biggest donor funds one
  • Settlers Supporting Settlers: Towards an explanation of the US/Israel relationship
    • You can google the Ottoman census and early Brit census; you will see how many Jews lived in the area during the early years of Zionism. Also, the Nuremberg & Toyko Trials of 1945-1946 & Geneva progeny ended historical justification for wars of aggression, dispossession, "spoils of war,: etc--Israel never got the memo even though Germans in their 90s are being hunted down even as the Nakba is still on-going.

    • @ Mooser
      Yes, this was documented in Black's book, The Transfer Agreement. I've heard it's best to read the original edition as later editions have been edited by the author after he got a lot of flack upon the original publication.

      BTW: New film on Nazi links to Zionism sidesteps the toughest questions link to via @intifada

    • Yes, it cost a lot to settle, or even do initial trade, natural resource exploitation ventures--Columbus got financed,

    • I don't know how relevant this article is today, but it seems remote from today's reality. In US, if you show the famous painting of Custer 's last stand to any American kid, they will laugh at it, white, brown, and black alike. The main problem towards justice today is not any western settler past glue, but big Zionist money on the political candidate auction block. This goes for US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and of course we have Germany's guilt and Churchill's remark, "the Germans, they're at your throat or at your feet." If it were not for Germany & US foreign aid/reparations, Israel would not be robust today, would be a backwater with little to offer without that aid it could no longer afford to use the natives as lab rats to perfect war & security weapons and tactics.

    • @ Donald
      Zionist Pam Gellar always refers to Muslims as "savages." She put it on her billboards, and recently repeated it in US tv cable news.

    • We are post two world wars, which were fought against racist governments and today, to support Israel's policy and conduct is to shit on all the allied troops and civilians who died in WW2.

    • How strong is the Jewish lobby in Australia, New Zealand? Zionists today rely on white racism for the continued prosperity and expansion of the state of israel.

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