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  • Kerry is off the Israel bandwagon
    • Bibi is on US TV now, saying Israel is only protecting its people. Fox News asks Bibi, " Are the Hamas tunnels the goal to end them to protect Israel?" What a bad joke,.

    • IDF reports they reached their targets, and counts them, which are all labeled "terrorists," even those in any Palestinanian mother' s womb, literally. Americans pay for all this horror don't seem to care.

  • In Photos: Worldwide protest against Israeli attack on Gaza (Updated)
    • Dear PLO, please take your case to the ICC:
      link to

      Why don't they do it? I really have no clue. Advice?

    • @ Chu
      Yes, "the world" sees the truth, but not the American public. Over here, its all about poor widdle Israel protecting itself against Palestinian terrorist, day and night on mainline news TV.

    • @ MRW, problem is Phil is focusing on a few incidents that some truth is becoming available to the US public about I-P conflict; anything is an improvement, but the overwhelming main media response is to just keep repeating HAMAS started this latest cycle of violence by HAMAS killing 3 Jewish teens, and Israel is merely defending itself against Palestinian rocket attacks by bombing Gaza. It's, by far, the most repeated narrative on US main cable TV news and infotainment shows.

    • Meanwhile, lots of ISIS wounded are being treated in Israeli hospitals while Palestinians can't get treated there. What does that tell you?

    • @ Pat Nguyen
      Why? Nobody disputes the borders except Israel. Wake up, fool.

    • @ Stephen Shenfield
      Those planes cost who a lot of money?

    • @ Taxi
      Pat's not resting either; he commented under an article from a local Florida news url that the Tampa teen beaten by the Israelis had a weapon and was dressed like a terrorist at the time of the incident. He's spreading Zio lies everywhere. Ain't he cute with his specially picked surname?

    • Thanks for your work. We will spread it around.

    • Embarrassing and annoying as hell that more Americans are not protesting in the streets. US main media avoiding the Gaza turkey shoot with free US weapons. Imagine a reverse scenario. It would be on US TV night and day, 24/7, and Jews would be at the forefront of the protests. Hard to believe the US is 98% non-Jewish since its main media and government parrot Israeli hasbara constantly. Even CSPAN WJ had a bland goy on this morning, repeating that the Pal rockets are the trigger for what's going on and the key is the two sides don't trust each other, and US just tries to help these two distrusting groups but their disagreement goes back centuries to biblical days.

  • Claim that Hamas killed 3 teens is turning out to be the WMD of Gaza onslaught
    • Not hard to think the kidnapping & murder of 3 Jewish hitchhikers was pay back for the two Palestinian teen shot dead in the street by IDF merely for walking in the street on May 15, Nabka Day. This event was caught on a store camera & went viral internet, but was never shown by US News TV. US mainstream has never to this day shown or discussed the video. In contrast, it has endlessly told John Q PUBLIC about the 3 jewish hitchhikers.

    • @ John O
      He claimed it was HAMAS who did it, and he claimed he was looking for the suspects, while he concentrated on rounding up HAMAS in WB, whom he blamed for the kidnapping murders. He knew the hitchhiking kids were dead from the one kid's phone call; he said the parents' just heard blanks being fired. Now it's come out that Hamas did not do it, just as Hamas said. For theres reasons, your question seems stupid and rhetorical.

    • @ Qualthrough
      Have not yet heard a single person on US main media TV mention those two poor Palestinian kids shot dead by IDF snipers while walking innocently in the street over Nakba Memorial day, on May 15 last, merely for being non-Jewish natives of the land.

    • @ oldgeezer
      I doubt many Americans are listening to Paul Mason, who's broadcasting very near Gaza: link to

    • Yep. Wonder if Star Trek writers had Israel hive in mind when they thought of the Borg. It sure fits, eh? Who's the queen bee, Joan Rivers? Please get on Twitter and tweet your thoughts to her. She needs entertaining.

    • @ Kate
      I understand your meaning, and agree--Kipling et al. But British culture is also famous for human refinement, same as Jewish culture is. I will just say to keep it short that Zionism is the dark side, same as Brit colonialism is the dark side. Just curious, what contemporary country's culture and history should be the best available model for what we mean by "civilized?" Iceland? Finland? One of the Scandinavian countries? Switzerland? Ireland? Can I get some help here?

    • Except for a short time when France supplied Israel with hi-tek weapons, the two countries primarily guilty of aiding and funding Zionism are England and USA. Pretty much, the USA is now the only staunch supporter, funder, diplomatic cover for Israel. US recently was the lone nay vote at the UN for authorizing ICC to look into Israel's war crimes in Gaza. I think, with all the internet activity about Gaza babies being murdered by the IDF and Israel's air force, and the simple fact many millions of Americans who fund Israel with the largest chunk of foreign aid, with even more to come to buy Israel more Iron Dome (8 of 10 Iron Dome units were 100% paid for by US tax payers), maybe, just maybe, the US main media and (let's hope against hope) US Congress will actually have to become accountable for being whores of AIPAC matrix. Remember what Petreaus said to Congress? US rubber-stamping of Israel paints a target on US backs around the world? While Israel is slaughtering Palestinian women and babies, a poll of the Jewish Israeli public shows 86.5% favor more massacre with US-gifted weapons.
      link to

    • There are 1,000 Jewish Americans serving now in the IDF. As of Feb of 2011, 32 Jewish Americans had died in US military uniform in Afghanistan and Iraq. (Forward article)

    • Wolf Blitzer reports Palestinians are attacking Israel.

  • The killing fields
    • It's equivalent to over a million Americans being killed by Jewish Israelis with the help of 5th column of Zionists in USA. Keep it up. US news cries for Israel, Dick & Jane are kept ignorant, Shoah Jews are used as tools for Israel's war crimes.

  • Oren's charge that networks showcase Palestinian dead at behest of Hamas is 'obscene' -- Penhaul
    • Well, the truth is most Americans are not paying attention as they are looking for jobs, something beyond flipping burgers, and the people in places like Detroit are wondering why they've had their utilities cut off because of former tenants or owners. The dead in Gaza stats reveal it's as if over a million Americans have been killed. US TV news is not conveying the reality in Gaza to this US TV news audience.

    • @ just
      Yeah, she was all over national TV repeating the Palestinians "started it." She's an old dumb, and ignorant woman who has made a lucrative career out of her nasty remarks about people, all her own freudian projections. She's old school Zionist apologist, a la, you goys "quit picking on the Hebrews!" And her daughter is her clone.

    • Americans don't get it because of the Hasbara news they get. If what's been happening in Gaza happened here, going on 160000 would be dead, murdered by Israel, and over a million would be wounded: link to

      And Israeli officials have now stated publicly that HAMAS was not responsible for the 3 dead teenagers; rather, it was a separate Palestinians rogue "single cell."

  • Fox's Hannity abuses Yousef Munayyer, says he has a 'thick head'
    • I don't think THAT'S anything to brag about, as U need to know your enemy.

    • I think it's important to keep tabs on Hannity at Fox, as well as on Blitzer at CNN, and Hayes on MSNBC. Also, we need to follow PBS and CSPAN WJ. Why? It's how to watch how concerned Americans get informed, especially those who don't go to alternative media on the internet.

    • I am about 62% Irish American, and I think Hannity is a conniving whore for Israel. Just for the record. Wonder how much $ he makes in his job? I think that explains him completely. Now, since we are dealing with Fox News channel, how about Imus? He's a regular channel for hasbara. His crappy hair and honed befuddlement in behalf Israel is atrocious. Bernie plays along, another Irish man like Hannity who is smart--and totally knows his career paycheck is confined to hasbara for Israel. Disgusting.

    • @ Sumud, not this old white Irish American. I'm all for the Palestinians, I don't think I'm alone.

  • Joan Rivers slams CNN and BBC coverage of Gaza -- 'you're all insane'
    • "To people like Joan Rivers we are all Palestinians."

      Yes. Ms Molinsky is age 81. She's made a wealthy celebrity host career out of insulting people in public, especially other celebrities, including herself. You can bet she's watching the response to what she said about the situation in Gaza. She will say more, so stay tuned.

    • "To people like Joan Rivers we are all Palestinians."


    • @ Keith
      Yes, that's why the USA is the only Western country where the majority still practice routine baby boy circumcision.

    • I don't think the BBC even knows there's a gigantic IDF enforced no-go ("buffer") zone covering nearly half of Gaza, so there really is no place for the squished residents to escape to.

    • @ bilal a
      They say what Kirk Douglas said late in his life, i.e., that for his entire life in America he never trusted the Goys. Poor boychck, he has such a hard life in 98% Goy America.

    • Dear Janet Jupiter,
      I accept the right of the Palestinians to defend themselves from Israel's incremental genocide. Let's all work from that concept and perhaps we can get somewhere. Let's talk about actual existential rights. We all know Israel has a nuclear arms arsenal which is not subject to any inspection and we all know about the Samson Option and how Israel lives off the USA. 8 0f 10 Iron dome sites were paid for by American taxpayers, many of whom are on food stamps and can't pay their utility bills anymore.

    • Israeli officials have now stated the kidnappers/murderers of the three Israeli hitchhikers were not Hamas, but "a single cell." Further, if you want to pick out a crime, how about the one that happened not long before, like when the IDF shot dead two Palestinian boy walking in the street with their school back packs on their backs and hands free, last May 15, during Nakba Day? The cold blooded, sporty IDF murderers were captured in the act on a store front camera. The video is available on the internet.

  • PLO official Hanan Ashrawi: Israel's assault on Gaza is 'state terrorism' and should be referred to the International Criminal Court
  • Controversial, illegal, and documented: Israeli military strategies in Gaza
    • Israel's blockade commenced the minute the last Jewish settler left Gaza, way before any tunnels were built.

    • No brutal siege, no tunnels. Bibi used a kidnapping by nobody knows who to arrest HAMAS leaders because he didn't like the fact the US & EU said they'd work with a Palestinian unity government. Israel: We have no partner as HAMAS and Fatah can't work together. Oh, now we can't work with the Palestinian unity government because part of it is HAMAS.

    • Thank God, the US Congress has so far failed to control the internet--but it's working hard to do so under the mask of protecting intellectual property owned by corporations. Better keep up with the bills bouncing around in Congress, and let your congress critters know where you stand. Same thing with more bills to give more to Israel, bills to strap down all Israel's enemies, and the bill to audit the Fed.

  • Dr. Kristol's curriculum: US 'special responsibilities' include 'ancient longings' of Jewish nationalists
    • Why is it that most Jews I've ever known supported humanist values but now they despise those values? The UN gave Israel it's home, but now the UN is viewed as anti-semitic. Not hard to see and old pattern, manifested by the question, "Is it good for the Jews?" Nobody else matters. Oddly, some people are catching on. Bill Kristol is a mirror of Joe Goebbels--the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

    • Page: 259
    • @ lysisas
      When I was growing up it was all about the starving people in China--that was the reason given to clean your dinner plate. Now the US is a debtor of China. One of the reasons is that the US borrow money from China at interest to give endless funds to Israel, and the US then gives Israel interest on the money it borrowed for Israel. How f***** up is that?

  • Israel's actions 'unjustified' in eyes of women, non-whites, Dems, indy's, and those under 50 -- Gallup
    • I think the post-grad educated mostly seek to join the 1% & they know the litmus test in professional careers is to at least be silent about what Israel does. The really ambitious loudly rubber-stamp Israel. I'm speaking about the Goy portion of this group.

    • @ Vikram
      Americans are no different than Germans back in the Nazi era; the White Rose was the exception.

    • @ Paldi5
      Yes, I and my brother are two like you, though we are both voluntary Catholic rejects and default agnostics.

    • @ Rational Zionist
      I think you have a good point. All the Cable TV & Infotainment shows are Pro Israel and render endless hasbara talking points with very little counter talking heads. Chris Hayes on MSNBC bucks that trend a little bit. And of course the younger folks get their news from the internet where pros and cons can actually be sorted out since both are easily available. Women generally are empathic to children--Gaza's average age is 17. African Americans don't trust the government, for good reason. The result of all this mainstream media POV is it puts PEP Jews in the same seat as Hagee's dupes & the GOP, starting with McCain, Krauthammer, and Kristol. You'd think they would closer at that pattern, eh?

    • @ jijj
      I think you have a good point--same as all those who think Snowden is a traitor, not an honest whistleblower acting in behalf Americans' best interests; they say, "What do you have to worry about if you're not doing something wrong?" So they impliedly say it's ok for Big Bro to dragnet en masse our privacy so Big Bro can use peruse the metadata content at whim to blackmail dissenters. I'm sure if they had lived in Germany back in the day they'd think it was good The White Rose was murdered by the government.

    • @ just
      Yeah, it seems those Americans who get post undergrad higher education, i.e., lawyers, doctors, MA & PHD types--mostly all follow the Hasbara 101 talking points. Why is that? Is it part of a de facto professional career litmus test? Is it because they all want to joint the 1%? My brother and I, being lawyers, and over age 50, support the Palestinians--I guess we're an aberration? I wonder why.

  • 'Israel is wrong by any moral standard' -- Robinson says, as US media pile up
    • @ Kay24
      Same here in Florida. If I get any response it's boilerplate Israel is our best ally in whole wide world.'"

    • Dunno about the blue eyes, but Christian Palestinians are being massacred by Israel right along along with Muslim Palestinians. Dick and Jane are ok with that.

    • On MSNBC now: Wolf Blitzer telling US public how Americans are protecting Israel via Iron Dome. Folks on food stamps are not being told that they pay for 8 of 10 of the Iron Dome units. They do say "It's money well spent."

    • Wolf Biitzer on MSNBC News now, re "Israel rejects 7 day cease fire framework." Now, "Obama mum on middle east?" and "How much is US spending to keep Iron Dome working?"

    • 70% of Gaza is already refugees of #NAkba. Now the US wants to kill more of them due to #AIPAC BRIBES.

  • In photos: Over 1,000 New Yorkers protest Israel's attack on Gaza
    • Why isn't this on the TV news shows? Chicago had a really big protest turnout too. That didn't make the news either.

  • Berkeley rabbi mounts a soapbox in my living room
  • 'No food, no water to revive awaiting certain death...': Horrifying report from Khuza'a village following Israeli attack
    • Yep, gracie fr they've laid out the formula for continue US enablement--it's interesting that nevertheless , Bibi N still finds it hard to do.

    • The system how the US gets its elected government really needs to be changed. That future US foreign policy depends on the whims of the younger generation of 2% of its citizens is an acute Achilles heel, as it is currently in the hands of the Jewish Establishment orchestrated by AIPAC. Future history books about America will tell readers the USA lost it's soul and went beyond repair to the dismay of the whole world--due to this flaw, this flaw which enabled a tiny foreign state without oil to rule the lone superpower in the world. The readers of history in the future will see that the US electoral system was a form of bribery with no cut-off for this foreign country of Israel's proxy cash via a 5th column in the USA.

    • Obama still has to answer to Peny Pritzer.

    • @ seafoid
      I have not seen any US mainstream media broadcast of what HAMAS has to say about the situation in Gaza, but Bibi Netanyahu's take is all over US mainstream media news. Why is that? Given AIPAC, is that a rhetorical question? Are we left with Imus In The Morning to explain the why and what is happening in Gaza? Really depressing, this state of Take your pick.

    • @ Ka24
      Is there anyone more ridiculous that Kerry? Consider that Kerry can't say anything officially unless it has Obama's blessing. Obama is a real disgrace. U want reality politics? Obama already got the Noble Prize for Peace. Most Americans are just ignoring foreign policy. If you want to see why, go watch PBS show on Poor Kids in USA. It's delivered through the real voices of American poor kids with no narrative direction. Really hard to support US foreign aid to Israel after watching this show, and I can't help thinking of the crisis in Detroit. That does not seem to bother the US Congress. Sheldon Adleson and Soros reign supreme as to US financial aid to anybody; it's not Americans they care about, just the Jews in Israel. US campaign finance law is killing American kids. It's a real domestic issue, but US mainstream media treats it as a foreign policy deal. The two are connected. Dick and Jane need to wake up.

    • @ SQ Debris
      Israel regime says, on the one hand, that there's no worry about rockets from HAMS regarding BG airport, yet those rockets are its excuse for kiling Gaza civilians at a rate of 75% according to UN, with 33% of those killed by IDF being kids.

    • The zionist rag Algemeiner says Obama is using FAA to harm Israel, directly implying there 's no problem of safety to Americans in flying to and from Israel regardless of HAMAS missiles and the death of the airliner over Ukraine that especially harmed the Dutch.

    • Yeah, Cruz says Obama is screwing Israel--Algemeinier, that Zionist rag, is covering it, saying so.

    • @ yonah freedman

      Y worry? US senate is totally bribed by AIPAC matrix?

    • Me too!

  • 'We know that Israel has no red line when it attacks us': Civilians bear the brunt as Israel’s offensive on Gaza continues
    • It seems to be hopeless. First we have the US political campaign finance system, which determines he who has the most singularly focused donor money determines US foreign policy (special interests rule) --supported by SCOTUS, and then we have the conflation of Zionism with Jewishness, echoing back to the Shoah and the anti-semite card/charge. Barney Frank is a PEP, and he knows the score, sample is he just orchestrated Congress to keep auto dealers immune from the regulation of subprime car loan system enforced on banks, when they are actually partners with the banks. It's even easier when there is no influential opposition, as in the case of giving a blank check to Israel.

  • 'Slate' blames Birthright for indoctrinating American Jew who was killed fighting for Israel
    • According to The Forward, in February of 2011, 37 US jews died fighting terrorism in US military uniforms in the middle east; at the time nearly 6,000 US military were killed fighting there for that government-claimed reason.

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