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  • Rightwing flamethrowers see a US role in the battle for Jerusalem
  • Israel lost the British elite after Gaza onslaught, UK ambassador says
    • @ Polar
      In his book, “Jewish Religion - Jewish History,” Israel Shahak records that Harry Truman had been abandoned by everyone when he came to run for President. Then an American Zionist brought Truman $2 million dollars in cash in a suitcase aboard his whistle-stop campaign train.

      “That’s why our recognition of Israel was rushed through so fast,” John F Kennedy had remarked to Gore Vidal. And thus occurred yet another Zionist event in the corruption of American politicians.

    • Yes, Truman was bluntly told by the Zionists if he didn't play ball with them they'd toss big Zio cash at Dewey & enlist the Zio news pundits too. At the time Truman was broke and given 0 chance to beat Dewey & the Zio cash funded his successful whistle stop campaign.

      The Saudis threatened to jinx the ARAMCO deal, and then Ibn Saud threatened to “apply sanctions against American oil concessions,” but a rushed State Department study at the time showed this Arab oil card strategy would not be very effective.

    • Israel reminds me of that guy walking down the street in the Cadillac commercial. He's a nerdy looking guy, poorly attired though he thinks he's dressed smartly and a'll the pretty girls he passes by are looking at him--he even does a twirl or too, proud as the proverbial peacock, when its painfully obvious to the audience their eyes get caught by the classy red Cadillac cruising along behind him. They don't even see him, not only because he's a nothing, but because they are mesmerized by that Cadillac.

  • Netanyahu's 'battle for Jerusalem' can't end well for any of us
    • I researched the problem, but came up with no solutions. Those media Facebook sites have their own agenda and your comments there don't fit it. I don't know what mechanism they use to block your comments, but I imagine it involves tracing via your e-mail account inter alia.

    • Murder in Jerusalem, context unavailable in US mainstream media: Murder in Jerusalem link to

    • @ Kathleen

      Every time we make any sort of agreement with Israel we always get the shitty end of the deal--look at our first FTA, which, of course, was with Israel; it was the result of certain Jewish Americans giving away our negotiation plan in advance to the Israelis. Bibi was able to define "military zones" in the Oslo Accords on his own because "nobody said" what they were. Now, why was that? In the "contract" that was an obvious key phrase. The US doesn't lack for decent attorneys to watch any government contract or "Accord" like hawks. When Israel's involved, the US hawks always look the other way, it seems to me. The US mediocrity is intentional because of dual loyalties?

    • @ bryan
      Pithy, succinct, educated comment--thanks! +2

    • When the state directly or impliedly or symbolically favors one religious group over another what is posited is the police power favoring a selected religious group, or groups, above others. This means sharing or not sharing is de facto result of a state policy not separating church and state.
      There's a ton of US federal constitutional law cases involving, e.g., symbols of religion in the public square--often their result is to include additional religious symbols there, or to exclude all of them. So, you sere saying about what's "really" at issue? Arab Americans are in the courts now on these issues, and, of course, many bible belt Americans see nothing wrong with welding together Church and state--so long as it's their religion favored by the state or municipality; again, lots of court cases on this too, still going on.

    • @ American

      Jim Webb is the right person; you're right --all that sort of ilk hate him.

    • Yes, so winsomely beautiful…

    • Greenspan? He greatly underestimated the power of unleashed greed. He didn't fully imagine what those Ivy League Wall St crackerjack kids would do with derivatives, nor, earlier, what was bound to happen with no wall between commercial and investment banking coupled with government desires for poor folk to own their own home, most especially urban poor folk.

    • Unfortunately, I don't think USA will turn in time to prevent evolution of US enabled I-P to WW3. The Palestinians are not useful to the plutocratic elite that runs the USA, which itself is fast becoming a big banana republic.

  • Muslims' beliefs are 'untrue' and 'ridiculous,' 'Salon' author says, offering support for Maher's intolerance
    • Maher constantly slams Christianity and Islam with such a broad brush; so it's really annoying as he is very alert to even the slightest remote and indirectly implied imaginary generalization about Jews or Judaism.

    • @ Mooser
      Thanks for sharing the Carter Family's Sunny Side! You are quite a guy, er, I mean moose.

    • @ jayn0t

      What is your source for saying Armstrong converted to Islam?

    • All forms of female circumcision, including symbolic forms, are banned in the USA, where the custom is routine circumcision of boy babies

    • The likes of Maher and Gruber, they run the show.

  • 'Zionism' is now a dirty word for American opinion elite, Frank Luntz concedes
    • Here's Luntz explaining how to Israeli leaders how to sell Israel to Americans: link to

      He makes me want to puke; I've seen a few of his Fox channel polls, including his orchestration of live American dummies. One would like to think after Bernays and Goebbels the folks would;t be so gullible, easily led, all the while they are merely props actually thinking they opine a contribution based on some independent thought.

  • Yad Vashem
    • How well did the US treat the survivors of the USS Liberty?

    • @ Annie Robbins
      Seems 666 hasn't been aware the US has a pattern of being very weak in protecting US citizens who get treated badly by Israel, murdered even.

    • @ Annie Robbins

      Additional to the comments above in this thread, there are some really negative common meanings to "666."

    • So, 666, you posit the implementation of Never Again is collective punishment? By your logic, if Never Again is a universal standard, shouldn't the USA be burning down Israel, rather than funding it? Or is Never Again applicable only when your group members are attacked?

    • In 1881, when the new Czar took over, his political ideal was a nation containing only one nationality, one language, one religion and one form of administration. Many years later, in Israel, Bibi N took over and his regime has shown the same political ideal.

    • Maybe taking 666 as one's name involves "the ability to see"? I don't think judicial notice takes 666 as suggestive of empathy.

    • @ hophmi

      So who's persecuting Bill?

    • @ OlegR
      Is your Jewish aspect also a collection of stereotypes? Or are you somehow a unique Jewish human being? More unique than Phil? If so, how so?

    • I'd like to hear a Palestinian's comments on this story Phil shared with us. Or maybe a few of them. I also Don't know quite what to take most essentially rom this story when I know my elected leaders and my tax dollars have supported for so long this quest to provide insurance for every Jew living now and in the future because, hey, "It happened in Germany, it can happen here (or anywhere non-Jewish people like myself get power)!"

      A very vague, partially-baked analogy likes cramped in the back of my mind, a small clod, somewhere, perhaps looking for the road it came from, or the wheel that formed it apart--are Jews always to be burdened with the murder of Jesus, and our non-Jews always to be burdened with Auschwitz? I'm so old, when I was born the Final Solution had just found its legs… When I was in kindergarten the Nakba had just found the Palestinians.

    • I agree, thanks for sharing, Phil.

    • Phil's not Max Nordau's muscular hero? Buber's “Renaissance” Jew? Berdyczewski's Nietzschean “new man"? Herzl's “authentic Jew”? Is he the Hebrew literary talush (rootless person)? Is he a Jewish American, or an American Jew? Aw, just another golah jew?

  • Sea change down under: Ex-Australian Foreign Minister announces himself a 'Friend of Palestine'
  • Pressure on 'The Lancet' for Gaza letter another example of pro-Israel assault on freedom of expression
    • Thanks for sharing your interesting data, Ms Baker. Here's the latest on the UN inquiry into the latest Gaza war. A retired Dutch general is heading it up--anybody recognize the American name participating?

      link to

      We all know what happened to the Goldstone Report. US ignored it.

  • Dempsey bucks Obama line by praising Israelis for Gaza tactics
    • PBS had a one hour show today themed with how the US military and its personnel has been despised by the elite, ivy league class; noted 21% of US Congress served in military, the place to go if you're hard up for a job or a stupid macho man--in 1968, it was 74%. More: Military leadership today think the civilian leaders don't understand strategy but only tactics & so misuse the military regularly.

    • Dempsey wrote his Master's thesis on the Irish Literary Revival, and he proudly claims his Irish American heritage--so why does he have such a blind spot when it comes to the oppression saga of the Palestinian people? Has he been drinking from the same purification water as Samantha Power and Chuck Hagel?

    • Pentagon Aims to Copy Israel Tactics on Civilian Deaths in War--70% Civilian death rate is new model for USA Military link to

  • In and out of love with Israel: Tzvia Thier's story
    • @ Mikhael

      There's a difference between de jury and de facto rights; further:
      2006 Israeli Minority Report On Israel's Structural Matrix For Its Minority Citizens: link to

      2012: Not All Israeli Citizens Are Equal: link to;

      Legal & Political Status of Arab Citizens of Israel
      link to

    • I agree, Bornajoo is a wonderful asset to humanity; I admire his principled and courageous heart.

    • "Most Israelis never see first hand what is actually going on, even though they live right there. Most live in a propaganda bubble."

      Cf: "Most Germans never saw first hand what was actually going on, even though they lived right there. Most lived in a propaganda bubble."

      And Poland was like the West Bank?

      Goldhagen has his own theory on the Germans, eh?

    • @ seafoid
      Most folks are herd animals, whether in Israel or, say, USA?

    • This is a very important witness article; how can we get it read in the US Congress? How can we get it on American TV? I think Obama knows the truth but he's said all along as to other issues, he needs the American people to push him before he can stand up. What do we do about the great weight of the American population that simply doesn't care about the issues here? Where are the Native Americans on these issues? Anybody know?

  • NYT sanitizes group that wants to 'remove Muslim shrines' from Old City
  • Israel lobby stakes claim for Jerusalem at Supreme Court, but Kagan isn't buying
    • By marketing and selling properties in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, RE/MAX is complicit in Israel’s illegal population transfers, land theft, and colonization.

    • What was the true intent behind the legislation at issue? When Lewin denied that Section 214(d) amounted to a “political declaration” regarding Jerusalem, Kennedy quipped that in that case he wasn’t “sure why Congress passed it” in the first place. If the legislation is approved, common sense says this will make US position even more confusing to everyone and every country with any interest in US foreign policy/diplomacy. It's not as easily handled as SCOTUS changing the litmus test of an individual giving up US citizenship. (To "intent" of the individual).

    • SCOTUS could have decided not to take on the case simply by characterizing it as "a political question."

  • Ambassador Power to kick off 3-hour event on 'never-ending' genocide of Jews
    • @ Horizontal
      I think they know most Americans have no interest in foreign policy, most especially now that there's no military draft. And the main media is now a propaganda arm of the government regarding foreign policy. Bolton's trotted out almost daily as a foreign policy guru on cable news/infortainment shows.

  • 'Let the police mow the lawn': Israeli right-wing demands stronger crackdown as Netanyahu increases attacks on East Jerusalem
    • "the huge size of Arabia"
      "the steep influence of world Jewry"?

    • Kirk Douglas said in his dotage he never trusted any Goy. Alas, he had it so horrible in the USA.

    • If you want to know where the power lies, look to whom you cannot criticize in public. Now apply this principle to America.

    • That young Jewish guy learned his racism at his parents knees, growing up in USA where the government has a whole special department devoted to monitoring the slightest discrimination against anybody of Jewish descent. Disgusting.

  • Israel's Knesset upholds longest suspension in state's history against Haneen Zoabi
  • 'We are in a violent fight with extreme Islam' -- Feiglin leads rightists to pray at al-Aqsa Mosque
  • David Brooks's romance of community
    • I'm surprised our main media talking heads are not outright rote-saying to Brooks and his son, and those in our midst like them, "Thank you for your service."

  • 'Exalted anti-Zionists' are now driving the conversation
    • @ Mooser

      Astair was born to a Lutheran German mother & Catholic Jewish father.

    • It's not like Bibi N did not grow up with the American privileged establishment, soaking in its milieu. The elite rule America, money rules.

    • The neo-Zios are betting on your conclusion, Irishmoses. Knowing American politics, I wouldn't bet against them.

    • Yes, it's about the USS Liberty. Yesterday morning Algemeiner web site attacked it hard as a product of conspiracy nut jobs through the mouth of a former Israeli ambassador who said essentially that everyone knows it was just a "tragic mistake." Anybody see it? I fell asleep before it came on. Today, I see no mention of it in the US main media.

    • Double irony.=iron?

    • Double iron as he is a rabbi of a Reform synagogue.

  • 'Chickenshit' attack enrages Netanyahu and lobby, but will it stir voters against Obama?
    • Former Israeli Diplomat Claims USSLiberty Was "Tragic Friendly Fire Incident" as Al Jazeera America Airs Report 2nite link to

      Al Jazeera America has a tv show tonight at 10EST devoted to the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, back in 1967. I don't know how many of you have read up on this incident, but it is very controversial and long kept from the general public--as controversial as official explanations of JFK murder and 9/11.

    • If memory serves, wasn't Goldberg a concentration camp guard in the IDF?

    • He said it: "When there are pressures on Israel to concede its security, the easiest thing to do is to concede. You get a round of applause, ceremonies on grassy knolls, and then come the missiles and the tunnels."

      Bibi, who spent many years in the United States, is surely cognizant of what his "grassy knoll" reference connotes. You can argue it was just an infelicitous phrase, or that Bibi was referring to himself, not Obama. Maybe so. But what if, say, an Iranian official, even a low-ranking one, had said such a thing? The uproar would be deafening. And so the question must be asked: was Bibi threatening the President of the United States?
      (From Antiwar web site, linking to Bibi's speech)

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