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No rights without corresponding duties

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  • You be the judge
    • If memory serves, everyday middle aged Germans wear sandals and socks. Anyway, socks with Birkenstock leather sandals is very comfortable for my feet; aesthetics? Who cares at my age?

    • @ Mooser

      Which Frye boots? Pick the ones you wore back in the day: link to

      I once wore wampum design cotton bell-bottoms, back in the days of Aquarius, 1969.

    • Go Coleridge, and imagine what a domestic battle it will be if the US government feels the need to invoke conscription--what soccer mom who won't let her boy play American football will want their kid drafted to fight in the ME? What stance will feminists present, given they are all for equal rights--hard to explain unequal duties to the state, based on gender,eh?

    • Why dwell on reality's tidbits when you can #DonaldTrump Declares He Loves #Israel More Than Any POTUS competition: link to
      More US blood & treasure 2 spend on Israel
      And Huckabee says Obama is leading Israelis to the gas chamber!

      If Dick and Jane don't become aware of the dual loyalty problem and the problem of AIPAC donations in the "pay to play" US campaign finance system rubber stamped by SCOTUS, they never will--at least until the usual special interests call for implementation of the conscription system when Israel First types embroil us in

      a war on Iran. Do you see the main media pundits pointing out the same assholes who got us into the war on Iraq are now given the spotlight to push for war on Iran?

  • Huckabee plays the Iran Holocaust trump card
    • It's always young Nazi Germany Era and everybody critical of Israel's policies and conduct is Hitler. Illinois just made criticism of Israel an economic crime.

Showing comments 27657 - 27601