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  • ‘We have nothing left to lose. I would rather die with my family under the rubble of our house than have a humiliating truce’: Palestinian youth demand justice
    • BM, raised Catholic, says he discovered his Jewish half later. He hates the Pope and all priests--pedophile jokes by the cartload. In his maturity, while laying claim to being an atheist, he constantly exhibits his secular religion: Jewish superiority and Zionism.

    • @ Kay24
      He threw out his quota of silly and viciously banal Zionist blurbs. If you watch the show, you will easily see why oldgeezer says it was packed and scripted.

    • CFR head on Imus In The Morning today, said Palestinians started this situation by killing three Israeli teens; that Israel accepted cease fire proposal several times; that HAMAS refused all such proposals; that there's no hope he could see in ever getting to the roots of the situation. Friday night Bill Maher show panel discussion results: Rockets into Israel to blame; Arabs suck, Jews are great, US Congress backs Israel 100% as they represent their American constituency, which loves Israel. Audience applauds.

  • Finally, Israel is alienating the US mainstream media
    • @ Netanyahu on MSNBC Now: "Hamas wants to pile up more Palestinian dead."

    • Brick is Russia, China, India, and Brazil. You also must consider Iran. This group is important if you think usury and money from nothing is important. Any takers on this counter influence on Rothschild, 1913 US Federal Reserve, and Nixon's foray into trickle down paper money?

    • Well, it has not trickled down to Dick and Jane; I know, because I live among that couple. BRIC's another significant force that has not trickled down.

    • We Americans cheer for the blue folks. Hold your breath for another Hollywood movie that that makes the blue folks into Palestinians.

    • @ Daniel Rich
      Yep. 90% of US news getting to the everyday American is spewed by only 5 conglomerate news corporations, all Zionist controlled, although Murdoch goes with the Zionist flow not for ideology necessarily, but because it's most profitable.

    • Youth is always comparatively seeking the truth before they learn to hide it for, sequentially: 1. material survival, or 2. security, or 3. luxury gain.

      It takes really serious adult truth sayers to get the ball rolling towards fairness and equity. How about Dennis Kucinich? Wouldn't I like to see him on cable TV news shows as a pundit as often as Krauthammer and Bolton? Those two guys are really lethal, right up there with Chaney and Adelson (he, only as a funder of evil).

      As counters, Snowden, Blumenthal, Greenwald. These guys are examples of whist I see as the best America has to offer as a guide to a better future for humanity. These guys are in the new prophetic vein Ellis talks about here on MW. Weir is too.

    • @ Mooser, his comment conclusion:

      Me either. But the internet is still a growing problem for the US AIPAC controlled government. Haven't you seen the bills floating around in congress to curb it, make it subject to more censorship by Uncle Sam under the mask of protecting free domestic trade and copyrights?

      But things are slowly leaking out, e.g., the Tampa boy beaten up by the Israeli undercover border cops, the two American Jewish young men who skipped the US Army recruiter to go to the IDF recruiter's office and got killed in Gaza; the one guy was a sniper, shooting at desperate Palestinian cockroaches trying to aid their civilian family targets?

      That Schmully guy, that self-styled "America's rabbi," is all over Twitter praising the two Jewish American IDF soldiers as heroes. And he's got lots of company.

    • Didn't Lt Calley get a slap on the wrist?

    • Chomsky told Weir he has never left his original stance on Zionism, a Zionism of kibbutz and separate but equal treatment of Israelis and Palestinians in some format, perhaps a federal approach, if memory serves. He says, that being so, Zionism left him in its morphing to what it is today, which in his opinion, is contrary to why he was a Zionist leader in his youth, and still a Zionist, but with his eyes wide open.

    • @ chinese box
      Too, Arab and Persian Americans communities are under constant pressure by the US government arms, including IRS and HS, to not stir the Zionist-conrolled pot. It's a really tall order to bring the truth about the I-P conflict to Dick and Jane. That senate vote backing Israel was 100%, including all those Jews considered liberal or progressive by the US press and their own history, putting aside anything impacting Israel. Take a look (if you can stand it) at Barney Frank.

    • @ dimadok

      Yeah, they could've spent it on hand grenades to arm their kids with, so they had something more than pebbles and small stones to throw at the IDF enforcing the blockage, which is an element of Israel's incremental genocide and slow ethnic cleansing of Palestinians so Israel could have its obscene holy grail, Greater Israel, homage to Joshua and a G-d that's a racist tyrant aping Hitler's last political testament to the degree it can in a post-Hitler world. If this is a bad cowboy movie come to life, it's not Israel who's wearing the white hats here. Eventually even Dick and Jane might get the clue. It's not HAMAS who turned a simple murder into a war on a whole people simply because they were born non-Jewish in a land some Jews want for themselves, no matter what the cost or morality of it, no matter the lesson allowance of same gives to the whole world post-Nuremberg and Geneva 4.

  • CNN headline: "100 people killed today in Israel, Gaza fighting"
  • Heathcote Williams: 'An Old Man and a Young Man in Gaza'
    • I can't find anyone around me or with whom I'm in contact who's even listening. I live in the Tampa Bay area, where the Tampa Bay student was mauled by Israeli border undercover thugs. My own family members have shown little interest, and they are educated and pretty cynical about government.

  • Lacking bomb shelters, Israel's Bedouins advised to 'protect themselves by lying on the ground'
    • Nice to have US funded Iron Yarmulke and a host of hi-tek, US funded weapons. Shouldn't American Goys be celebrating the Gaza massacre since they enabled it?
      Instead, most ignore what they've accomplished. What would you call such a group? Humble or ignorant, or what?

  • The other side of history
    • Mr Ellis bemoans how little Jews are engaged in the Jewish prophetic tradition, the tradition of calling out status quo power on their divergence from the best Judaism has to offer for a humane world. America also has such prophetic tradition, and nobody influential is listening to the current prophets there either. I haven't even mentioned the Christian prophetic tradition.

    • A small example of the problem you articulate re your mention that Israel's Elbit Systems (US subsidiary) beat out big time US Suppliers in contract to provide surveillance on US southern border: link to

      Elbit is a BDS target, but our government takes Elbit's bid to defend US border. Why? Elbit's services and products are tried and true--tested by Palestinian lab rats?

      American born and raised Jewish youth is now serving the IDF's massacre in Gaza, and American born and raised Palestinian youth gets brutally beaten in Israel by Israeli border guards--for no reason except he's of Palestinian ethnic extractions.

      Did that bill get passed yet, the one that will be the first in US history of asymmetrical and not mutually reciprocal visa waiver?

      The US-Israel FTA in '86 was the very first US FTA; to this day it remains highly lacking in reciprocity, all to the advantage of Israel. This despite the fact it's now known Jewish Israel firsters in US gave the Israeli negotiation team all the classified documents outlining US negotiation strategy and pin pointing US private companies involved. US team never had a chance to negotiate a balanced FTA.

  • Democrat Eliot Engel appears at pro-Israel rally featuring anti-Muslim activist Pamela Geller
    • So how about all those US politicians who've been telling us for decades Israel is our closest, best ally--even though we don't even have a mutual military support pact with Israel? The US actually offered one, but Israel refused because it would have had to define its borders and instate a Constitution--it chose instead to refuse since it nevertheless got every perk possible the US can give a foreign state--with no cost or risk to its own independence.

    • Obama is on TV now, telling us Israel has a right to protect itself from HAMAS rockets, but he's concerned about the number of Palestinian and Israeli civilian deaths. He's ending over Kerry with instructions to do his best to return the situation to the 2012 status quo. Nothing about the HAMAS call to condition any cease fire on ending Israel's occupation or siege, or expanding settlements in WB.

      It's most interesting that neither POTUS nor any political US leader ever talks about the right of Palestinians to self-defense. By depriving Palestinians of such a recognition of right, Obama et all just encourage Israel to do whatever it thinks will continue its agenda of Israel's hegemony generally in the ME and its brutal jurisdiction over Palestinian life. Obama's hypocrisy is top notch. Should I attribute his character to his black daddy or his white mommy? I prefer a real political leader, not the usual political representative, say Dennis Kucinich. But most Americans have never heard of him, and what he's been saying about the Gaza turkey shoot.

      Now Fox News has John Bolton on to offer expert analysis. LOL. (Except it's a horrible joke on the US public and even more, on the Palestinian people).

    • @ Kay24
      No, they know they won't harm their political careers by being totally pro-Israel no matter what Israel does. There is no price tag in America for being totally Zionist to the max. It's, instead, a help to increased political power. The mindless puppets are the average Americans who have no clue how a tiny percentage of the American population drive US foreign policy and, increasingly, since 9/11, US state and local governmental expansion of domestic police power in the name of security.

    • There were about a dozen attempted kidnapping of Palestinian youth by Israeli Jews but the others were prevented by alert Palestinian neighborhoods.

  • In Photos: Worldwide protest against Israeli attack on Gaza (Updated)
    • Dear PLO, please take your case to the ICC:
      link to

      Why don't they do it? I really have no clue. Advice?

    • @ Chu
      Yes, "the world" sees the truth, but not the American public. Over here, its all about poor widdle Israel protecting itself against Palestinian terrorist, day and night on mainline news TV.

    • @ MRW, problem is Phil is focusing on a few incidents that some truth is becoming available to the US public about I-P conflict; anything is an improvement, but the overwhelming main media response is to just keep repeating HAMAS started this latest cycle of violence by HAMAS killing 3 Jewish teens, and Israel is merely defending itself against Palestinian rocket attacks by bombing Gaza. It's, by far, the most repeated narrative on US main cable TV news and infotainment shows.

    • Meanwhile, lots of ISIS wounded are being treated in Israeli hospitals while Palestinians can't get treated there. What does that tell you?

    • @ Pat Nguyen
      Why? Nobody disputes the borders except Israel. Wake up, fool.

    • @ Stephen Shenfield
      Those planes cost who a lot of money?

    • @ Taxi
      Pat's not resting either; he commented under an article from a local Florida news url that the Tampa teen beaten by the Israelis had a weapon and was dressed like a terrorist at the time of the incident. He's spreading Zio lies everywhere. Ain't he cute with his specially picked surname?

    • Thanks for your work. We will spread it around.

    • Page: 258
    • Embarrassing and annoying as hell that more Americans are not protesting in the streets. US main media avoiding the Gaza turkey shoot with free US weapons. Imagine a reverse scenario. It would be on US TV night and day, 24/7, and Jews would be at the forefront of the protests. Hard to believe the US is 98% non-Jewish since its main media and government parrot Israeli hasbara constantly. Even CSPAN WJ had a bland goy on this morning, repeating that the Pal rockets are the trigger for what's going on and the key is the two sides don't trust each other, and US just tries to help these two distrusting groups but their disagreement goes back centuries to biblical days.

  • Video: A beautiful brother went looking for his family in the death zone (Updated)
    • On Imus In The Morning today, Imus interviewed the head of CFR, who identified this organization as a group of about 80 independent and objective think tank folks who write about US foreign policy. He told Imus (1) trigger of the current Gaza situation is Palestinians kidnapped and murdered three Israeli teens; (2) that Israel has agreed to a cease fire a bunch of times but Hamas has rejected all such proposals; (3) that there is no hope of getting to the roots of the problem.

      Imus of course accepted all this misinformation and lying by omission without further questions.

      Then again, last Friday HBO subscribers were treated to Bill Maher's panel discussion on latest Real Time segment covering the issues of Gaza (it's those rockets), Israel (just defending itself), Jewish superiority over Arabs in the humanities and sciences, the propriety of US congress backing Israel 100%--Congress is merely doing its job, representing the American people who overwhelmingly support Israel. The audience applauded.

  • Massacre in Gaza: At least 60 killed in Shuja'iyeh, over 60,000 in UN shelters
    • @ gracie fr

      The US main media never explains to the American people the context of what's happening in Gaza; they usually refer to just the latest cycle in endless tribal conflict in the area. Nobody in mainstream media ever tells us public that when Israel took its settlers and IDF out of Gaza, they never really left Gaza because they immediately surrounded Gaza with a blockade, a continuous siege down to this day (with the help of Egypt, services paid for by US taxpayers).

    • @ radkelt
      Good technical point about the Arms Control Act--the HAMAS rockets allow Israel to support its claim it's only acting in self-defense, hence avoid said statute's reach. But there's been no attempt by anyone in US government to even remind Israel over the years that the US has ethical restriction on its arms exports (just as there's been no governmental warning to remind Pro Israel NGOs here in US that tax exempt status can be lost for slanted funding of Jewish terrorist groups acting under color of law). In fact, your whole comment is informative, thoughtful, showing Israel has the technical ability to minimize Gaza civilian casualties much more than it has been doing, and yes, I forgot about those huge gas fields in Gaza's territorial waters; just another aspect of Israel's macro agenda to grab more Palestinian resources and continue its policy of incremental genocide and slow ethnic cleansing.

    • Kerry remarks on Israel's assault on #Gaza: "It's a hell of a pinpoint operation." link to

    • @ lysias
      They volunteered, walked past the US military recruiter and signed up with the Israeli recruiter. link to

    • Of the 13 IDF dead so far, two were young Jewish American volunteers: link to

    • @ MDM
      I read that the Golani brigade is composed mostly of jewish conscripts and arab volunteers. Apparently it has a ton of prestige in Israel.

    • I don't think the US Congress gives a crap about the truth going on. They are only concerned with AIPAC-orchestrated donor dollars and US main stream media tales to Dick n Jane, all hasbara. US political campaign finance system determines US government conduct. Sheldon Adelson, for example, is who they listen to, not Glen Greewwald, or Max Blumenthal. Follow the money. That's all you need to know about US politics, hence US foreign policy.

    • Why is not possible to imagine the US government sanctioning Israel as it's doing with Russia and Iran, for example? Can U say AIPAC orchestrated Jewish Establishment matrix in USA? David Duke talks of ZOG. I know we can't talk about Duke here on MW, but, then how to inform the US public what's actually happening with their blood, sweat, and tax dollars?

    • @ Elisabeth
      As somebody who was of ripe male age when the US had military conscription, I don't agree with you. Further, when my Irish ancestors got off the boat in America, fleeing famine aided immensely by Brit government, they were conscripted into the Union army. At that time, wealthy folks could buy a replacement, but not those poor Irish immigrants. Much later, during the Vietnam War Era, it was a more sophisticated version of the same thing: college deferments. Chaney, for one, a war hawk if there ever was one, took full advantage of this. Bush Jr took advantage too, by being in the National Guard, which was a refuge back than from getting involved as a participating military soldier. I give lots of respect to the IDF soldiers who, although conscripted, speak out in Breaking The Silence. In short, I do care about those Israeli soldiers, because they are conscripts, and brainwashed from birth, just like America did during the Vietnam War era, and check into how the Irish were treated in USA; they formed a disproportionate number of US troops in Civil War, and both WW1 & WW2, although they were once considered subhuman. Slanted Irony: the Irish Americans contributed more cannon fodder for WW2 than any other ethnic group--except the German Americans. I wish the Jewish Americans would be as American as the German Americans. Put this country first. German Americans literally fought Germans, in USA behalf, in behalf equal rights. Can't Jewish Americans fight against Israel's wars crimes in the same way? At least by their voices? Nobody's asking them to fight HAMAS literally.

  • 'Washington Post' exhibits naked double standard in Israeli, Palestinian deaths (and injuries)
    • The big bold deadline of 2 IDF deaths says everything you need to know about the paper's bias & perception of its audience, when juxtaposed with the smaller sub-headline on 330 deaths & the way the latter is phrased, implying HAMAS militants are the cause of those 330 deaths.

  • In Photos: Activists clash with Israeli and Palestinian Authority forces during protest in Bethlehem
  • Kristof says Stephen Hawking and American Studies Association support Hamas
    • Eventually, way to long for my view, Dick and Jane will see that they've been funding and supporting otherwise an ethnocentric state that is far removed from US values centering on equal rights and opportunity for a good life. What's good for the Jews in Israel is not anything like what's good for the Jews in America. Why? Because Israel is an ethnocentric state and acts accordingly. It's also an expanding settler state in the 21st Century, and this is not a good example for the contemporary world.

  • Video: 'It's a hell of a pinpoint operation' -- John Kerry caught criticizing Israel on hot mic during Sunday news show
    • Pentagon spokesman says the Russians are liars. Feinstein says Germany has to lead. Putin has to "man up." regarding Ukraine. US rushes to push more sanctions on Putin, but Bibi is given a blank check. Feinstein is urging an ethical compass, "the world has to rise up." She ignores what's happening in Gaza. Nobody challenges her on CNN.

    • Kerry just wants to live high of the hog. He mixes this banal interest with lies he tells himself that he is being an altruist.

    • Bibi is on CNN now, saying what Putin & Obama did with Syria was good because Syria actually got rid of its chemical WMD, but that's not what's happening with the Iran talks. I 'd like to ask Bibi Y we should trust Israel with its chemical weapons and nuclear weapons, but I'm an American, so I can't--it's taboo thanks to the power of AIPAC-orchestrated dollars gushing into the US bribery system, some call the US campaign finance system.

  • This Jew can't support Israel
    • @ seafoid

      Problem is that many American Jews who believe in all you say, have a brain fart when their ethical principles and morals are applied to Israeli conduct and principles.

  • Israeli military destroyed el-Wafa hospital even though it knew there were no weapons inside
    • Kerry is just a guy who was born into wealth and influence, married into more of the same, has a very mediocre mind and imagination. He's like the icon of political S.O.P. Of course he cares more about his sailing boat than any abstract Palestinian. He'd agree AIPAC is not abstract at all. Glen Greenwald laid out the archetype for US politicians when it comes to foreign policy int the ME, indeed when it comes to anything Israel's agenda touches.

    • What Israel is doing is breeding future terrorists everywhere. Everybody should contact their congress critters by name and tell them Israel is drawing a target on every American's back. Further, we should all remind our congress critters that US law bars giving US weapons to another state engaged in war crimes.

    • All efforts to show Israel cares about human life (other than Jewish life) is purely for PR purposes; if they had their way, the Israelis (enabled by AIPAC bribery in USA) would exterminate the Palestinians for lebensraum and Greater Israel.

  • Israel warns media they are at risk of 'injury or death' because Hamas ‘exploits journalists as human shields’
    • Yes, it's a threat. I think Israel's biggest concern is average Americans may start actually getting wind of what Israel has been doing all these years with that $8.5 million we give it, with interest, no strings attached. Our congress critters may suddenly get besieged by constituents as they did when it looked like we were going to attack Syria. Americans may start pushing for enforcement of our statute that does not allow military aid to a state committing war crimes. And Dick and Jane might suddenly realize that what Israel is doing with our daily financial aid & diplomatic support is painting a target on every American's back. link to

  • Gaza City resident Amal Sarsour: 'There is no place to go, death is around us all the time'
    • Why not watch the whole show? After his short chat with the pastor, most of the show is a panel discussion on Gaza, Israel, Jews, the Israel Lobby. It's a Jewish Zionist Love Fest between a variety of Jewish Americans, a regular Zionist Circle Jerk. link to

  • Arrests without charge of American beating victim's relatives in Jerusalem leave State Dep't 'deeply concerned'
    • Israel's Transportation Minister replied to Erdogan with a whattabout--you guessed, it--The Armenian Genocide?

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