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No rights without corresponding duties

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  • Peter Beinart misses South Africa's apartheid lesson, Gideon Levy gets it
    • Just for some context, here's a quicky appraisal article on S Africa now and then, Mandela's factual legacy: link to

      Additionally, I saw an HBO documentary on S Africa today; what was clear is that the new generation of younger folks of every color take their freedom as a given, are very open to everything, demand less corruption and more opportunity from those in power.

  • Passover Auto-Pilot
    • "He has risen."

      The Israeli settlers from USA (mostly NY, NJ, it seems) think they have risen. They sure get substantial perks from the Israeli government to arise to the WB. Indirectly, of course, US taxpayers help their subsidies and discounts, etc. This article takes their picture very well: link to

    • Page: 248
  • Snowden revealed a world of conspiracies I once would have scoffed at-- Bryan Burrough
    • Yeah, it's like the slam against Obama and Kerry that they acted out of ego, pursuing peace in the ME, as if, and this has been pointed out on MW re Finklestein's assessment of Kerry's ambition to make the I-P peace process real, ego is not a layer of motive all humans have.

    • I think, if you've been paying attention, Snowden went to great lengths to not expose data that would put lives at risk. I'm amazed people slam Snowden. How pure does somebody have to be, before you can appreciate all they did for you?

  • 'NYT' photo feature on women in Gaza ignores Israel and Palestine
  • Max Blumenthal's guilt by association – with Jewish ethics
    • @ Annie Robbins
      Ditto here.

    • @ LeaNder
      Alison Weir has a new book out, and she has a web site. Care to give us a few examples from there of those wrong buttons she pushes for you? What does she say or write that makes you so defensive? I'd really like to know because she pushes all the right buttons for me. She spoke at the recent National Summit on the US special relationship with Israel: Here's a link to the transcript of her short speech--it also contains a link to the video of that speech: link to

    • How historically ironic is what Max says on page 406 of his book, Goliath: " Many Israeli human rights activists had resolved to stay and struggle , but there were others who decided to extricate themselves from despair by leaving Israel for good. And so in a steady stream they escaped for a better life in places such as Germany, seeking the free air of Berlin, where a rapidly growing community of Israeli exiles gathered."

  • Tax-deductible US group pushes Israeli control of Temple Mount
  • Obama and Kerry are spurred by 'vainglory' in pursuing talks -- Finkelstein
    • @ JeffB
      RE: "Yes, absolutely. But AIPAC is all Americans. If it had Israelis then it would be a foreign lobby."

      How many AIPAC members, donors, are dual citizens? What percentage would make it a foreign lobby, if any?

      10 Reasons to Keep an Eye on AIPAC link to

      Wasn't former WH chief of staff Rahm Immanuel a dual citizen? Now he's mayor of Chicago. Is he still a dual citizen? How many high level US government appointees/employees are dual citizens? How many Israeli government officials working here are dual citizens? And over there (in Israel)?

    • @ Nevada Ned
      The reality is friction between Iran and the US could be readily resolved with viable diplomacy save two: Israel’s current level of unflinching hostility towards Iran, and America’s addiction to global energy resources. These two factors guarantee that there will be tension between Iran and the United States for some time to come, and place blame for the continuation of tension firmly on the side of the United States.

      The US and Israel have a common interest in keeping Iran and Arab Oil states under deep despot control so they don't nationalize their oil in the best interest of their respective peoples. The US elite can only about themselves, and care not at all about the masses in any country, including the USA. International banking joins such elites throughout the world. In each country, the military is just a pawn of the 1%. The next 9% are their key hired hands.

    • Palestinians May Turn Policing, Services Authority of Territories Over to Israel
      by Jason Ditz, April 20, 2014
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      It’s a possibility that has been raised in the past, but with the current round of peace talks apparently now well and truly dead, the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) is giving serious talks to dismantling the Palestinian Authority (PA) entirely.

      Under the Oslo Accords, the PA has some measure of autonomy in governance of West Bank Palestinian cities under Israeli occupation. The PA is pretty much perpetually on the verge of bankruptcy, relying on foreign aid and Israeli collected tax money, which Israel is often withholding for some perceived slight or other.

      The PA was never really intended to be a long-term solution anyhow, and was meant to just give the Palestinians some autonomy until a final peace deal was reached that granted them full independence. Instead, it has become a caretaker for cities under seemingly permanent occupation.

      Dismantling the PA would mean either conning the UN into taking over the territory directly, an unlikely proposition, or simply handing the keys back to Israel and forcing the Israeli military, the official governor of the occupied territories, to handle basic services in major cities.

      That’s a lose-lose for the Israelis, who would be stuck with a major bill in providing those services to the cities, and would also face more direct blame when their policies cause hardship in cities that have come under their direct rule.

      (So, the US would just give Israel more money each year?)

    • @ Philip Weiss
      So, will we ever get Chomsky and Finkelestein's view of the Adelson GOP primary last month at his Vegas casino? How about their respective views of Mark Kirk? How about the customary freebee jaunts to Israel of our congress critters, paid for by AIPAC's "educational" corporate buddy who just happens to share the same corporate address and personnel as AIPAC itself?

    • RE: " The USA doesn’t have non-strategic alliances either."

      The US-Israel alliance is not a strategic alliance. It's totally due to bribery by Zionists as part of US campaign finance system. Recent comments on various threads on MW here have discussed this thoroughly. US Intell community consensus is Israel is not a US strategic asset. Problem is, the US politicians tell the public the contrary, and the mainstream media doesn't raise the issue.

    • Putin thinks Crimea is a Russian asset. AIPAC sells Israel as a strategic asset to USA.
      Let's compare the two notions. Result?

    • @ JeffB
      J Street? ROFL
      J Street is AIPAC Light

      That agency could care less about anybody but you know who.

    • " But that criticism did not really debunk the legend that Israel is nonetheless a valuable strategic asset."--Hostage

      "How about, “Many in the US ruling elite believe Israel constitutes a “strategic asset” of the US.“--Sibiriak

      I think American campaign finance system, partnering with pro-Israel main media & think thanks, TV pundits always has the ball in the game. Where R the Palestinian Adelsons, Sabans, Soros moneybags? The remaining key factor, a tangent of this, is military power--the point Putin always makes, which is force is a given, the only issue for effective diplomacy arises when the opposing forces are equal enough nobody wants the risk on their head, in their name. Palestinians don't have a chance. I see no change in their powerless status quo unless as unintended fall out from America attacking Iran and/or demise of the American dollar--and there's logical linkage there.

    • @Hostage

      Yes. Follow the money. All you need to know is that the Gun Lobby is very powerful, yet, e.g., Chuck Shuuer is willing to take it on in public with his big bank account. Please name the person or organization who is equally willing to take on AIPAC? Of course, you all know that, unlike the gun lobby, or ARP, the Israel Lobby is not even a local American domestic issue? It's all about a foreign country. Hard to see shy the US main media never even makes this an issue. Private ownership rights of guns for Americans, rights of obligations pertaining to America's senior citizens--how is this even faintly close to what the f++k Israel does, and why we should fund it and diplomatically cover it at the UN?

    • I agree, his whiteness is a diversion.

    • Kerry did say that this is Israel's last chance to get what it pretty much wants. He also said Israel blew it, made it go "poof." He's an asshole, just looking for his place in short term lucrative history, but is he wrong?

    • Finklelstein and Rosenberg blame the Christian USA (98% Gentile). I'd like to know how they can be disputed when you consider the US Congress's activity on the subject of Israel.

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