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An Israeli history teacher,long-time activist on the Israeli Left.

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  • I see five bears
    • Two guys are walking thru the woods when they see a charging Grizzly Bear.
      First guy says "Run for it!"
      Second guy says, "You can't outrun a Grizzly!"
      First guy says "I don't have to outrun the bear, I just have to outrun YOU."

  • Ceasefire deal after weeks of fighting in Gaza promises easing of blockade
    • Just,
      I read the NRG report in Hebrew that Richard Silverstein links to and claims to quote.
      The NRG report says no such thing ( that the IDF killed three of it's own soldiers when executing the Hannibal Directive).

    • Annie,
      Are you serious? Are you threatening to ban me for writing about Hamas crimes?

      I've always endeavored to stay within the guidelines of the comments policy: no racism, no profanity, no Holocaust denial or Nakba denial, no 9/11 conspiracies... Are you adding "no mention of Hamas crimes"?
      Your analogy with Holocaust denial is especially repulsive ( borrowing your own term...): Holocaust denial is a lie; Hamas' crimes are real and well documented. It's sad if you can't tell the difference .

    • Annie, You may have a good point in saying that "no sane person" is going to believe that Hamas deliberately caused those deaths. It really is very difficult for sane, rational, fair-minded people to accept that that was Hamas strategy: trying to kill Jews, while at the same time causing as many civilian casualties as possible among their own people. There may not be any historical precedents for such an evil strategy . Who ever heard of a situation where the "authorities" deliberately create conditions which cause death and destruction among their own people ? (The Khmer Rouge?)

    • The huge number of civilian casualties, including children , was mainly caused , deliberately , by Hamas. That's their strategy.

    • There's a lot of criticism in Israel of the IDF's restraint, that there should have been more "gloves off", less Mister Nice Guy,

    • You can call "hasbara" or trolling .
      I call it "the truth".

    • In Israel the mood is, indeed, somber. We payed a terrible price, with 70 killed, injuries and economic damage. We love life and celebrate life, so we are mourning our dead, and we're also sorry for the civilian deaths in Gaza, caused by Hamas.
      Hamas celebrate death, so they're celebrating.

  • Our new look
    • Bumblebye, I've been over this before, but I'll repeat: I make no distinctions. Whether the terrorists are Moslems such as the 9/11 hijackers or the Hamas, or Jews such as Barukh Goldstein or the "Jewish Underground", or Christians such as Timothy McVeigh, or atheists or whatever...

    • Danaa,
      As to my suspicion that MW has become pro-Hamas: I haven't seen a word of condemnation of their crimes, and some of my comments critical of Hamas haven't made it past moderation.

    • Danaa,
      I' m still trying to figure out whether you're being cynical, asking "what are your issues" with Hamas.
      Really, what possible "issues" could I have with people who have been trying to kill me, my family, my friends and neighbors?
      I abhor terrorism and I despise terrorists of any kind, whatever their "cause"happens to be. Once they deliberately target innocent civilians - they lose any sympathy I may have had, based on their " cause".
      (Please forgive me for not having focused on the Ukraine situation this summer, I don't have a well-thought-out position at this point. In principle, nations have the right to self-determination, and the use of terrorism is despicable.)

    • This is what I meant, on being concerned with the content:
      Obviously, Mondoweiss is an Anti-Zionist, Anti-Israel blog. That's clear, it's the blog's raison d'etre, and I've accepted being one of those representing a minority opinion here.
      But what concerns me this summer is that MW seems to be evolving from Anti-Israel to pro-Hamas. And I'm not talking about the commenters who seem to be overwhelmingly pro-terrorist. I mean the editors and staff writers, who set the tone, and avoid condemning even Hamas' most obvious crimes, while some anti-Hamas comments are banned.

      ( I admit that I haven't read every word on MW this summer. So if I'm wrong, and the editors and staff have codemned Hamas crimes - I'll be happy to be proved wrong.)

    • I'm less concerned with the wrapping, more concerned with the content...

  • The new center
    • Holocaust survivors are not a monolithic public: some are religious, some are secular; in politics some are on the Left, some are on the Right, some in-between.
      The survivors overwhelmingly support Israel , because the Jewish people in general overwhelmingly support Israel.

  • As Salaita's case becomes a cause, U of Illinois issues declarations on 'civility'
    • pjdude,
      I never said that I live in Sderot. I live in Beersheva.
      If I did live in Sderot I'd be proud to say so.

      Are you sure that you don't live on stolen property?

    • Just,
      I hated serving there.
      I've never shot anyone .

    • pjdude,
      I'm one of those around here who advocates two states, which is the solution which provides for a Palestinian state. So I certainly don't deny their natural rights.
      I don't know what you would consider a "cushy lifestyle". I'm pretty much middle class. And I don't live on stolen property .

    • Adele,
      (Comments have been discontinued on the other thread, so I'll reply here.)

      I was in Gaza during my service in the IDF. Not pleasant.

      I was active in a group called MECA (Middle East Children's Association) , which brought together teachers from both sides. Unfortunatley, it went belly-up. (Not to be confused with "Middle East Children's Alliance")
      Also I participated in encounters organized by IPCRI:
      link to

      I don't know why you accuse me of being "hostile" to Palestinians.

  • A visit to the East Jerusalem hospital treating children injured by Israeli strikes on Gaza
    • Note that Noor's Commenter Profile links to an Anti-Semitic website.

    • American,
      You justify mass sumary executions by Hamas of their own people

    • Just now: Hamas opened mortar fire on Erez crossing , causing several injuries and closing the crossing. The wounded were Israelis who were evacuating Palestinians to hospitals in Israel.

    • The IDF opened a hospital for wounded Palestinian civilians at Erez crossing.
      The Hamas terrorists prevent them from reaching it.

  • Coming Soon: A new Mondoweiss
  • Watch: Huge pro-BDS Palestinian flag unfurled on Manhattan Bridge
  • In Photos: Thousands pack Rafah streets for funeral of top Hamas commanders
    • Seafoid ,
      Some questions for you: have you ever visited Sderot?

      Have you spoken to people who live in Sderot, or Nahal Oz, or Kfar Azza or Yad Mordecai, or any of those places?

    • RobertB,
      A 4 year old child was killed by those "firecrackers" yesterday.

      Who is Jon Stevens?

    • Seafoid,
      1. Yes, I've been in Gaza.
      2. Gaza is one of the most miserable places in the world, a place of utter despair. The people of Gaza are afflicted by Hamas, who chose to invest millions in acquiring rockets to attack Israel's civilians, in building tunnels to attack Israel, instead of investing in education, health care, infrastructure, industry, agriculture and the welfare of their people.
      3.One personal anecdote in reply to your last question: some years ago, my son was hospitalized in Soroka Hospital, here in Beersheva. In the bed next to him was a boy from Gaza, also accompanied by his father. At night , Mohammad (the father ) and I found matresses in the supply room and spread them out under our boy's beds. We ended up sleeping so cramped together that I figured that this was the closest I had ever slept next to another person, except for my wife.

      Adele, Sorry, I don't use Twitter.
      I was involved in Israeli-Palestinian encounter groups. I was always impressed by their warmth in welcoming people who came in peace.

    • Just as I expected, noone has a word of condemnation for summary executions of their own people carried out by Hamas.

    • No similarity. Kastner wasn't summarily executed by the authorities, he was murdered by a citizen, who went to jail.

      The debate on Kastner persists. Some see him as a collaborator, some see him as a hero. His granddaughter is MK Meirav Michaeli (Labor).

    • Seafoid,
      You're right. They should complain to Hamas.

    • I was thinking not only of James Foley's fate, but also of what happened to Daniel Pearl, another Jewish-American reporter , chasing a story in an area saturated with jihadis.

      I realize that Hamas probably regard Blumenthal as a "useful idiot", but the message may not reach every operative on the street, especially now that they are in a panic, shooting suspected "spies" in the street.

    • My personal experience today:
      I was driving home , after doing my pre-shabbat shopping -when I heard the alarm : first on the radio("Beersheva 292") and then , after I rolled down the window I heard it loud and clear. Stopped the car, turned off the ignition, got out and lay down on the sidewalk. After a few seconds I heard some booms, looked up and saw the contrails of the interception. Got up, drove home, called my family. Bastards didn't get me.

      Heard later that one rocket did get through and fell in our city, causing one injury and some property damage . Also a rocket hit a synagogue in Ashdod, injuries and damage there, too.

    • BTW, I hope Max Blumenthal is out of there.
      If not - he should be extra careful regarding his personal safety.

    • The latest report is that Hamas has executed 18 of their own people today.

      I'll bet the Hamas cheering squad on MW will approve .

    • Haled Mashal is based in Qatar. Ismail Haniya and Mahmoud al-Zahar are in Gaza.

    • Maybe the ones hiding in the hospital.

  • 'Common Dreams' website traps Hasbara troll spewing anti-Semitism
  • Despite ravages of war, Gaza supports armed resistance to lift the siege
    • Dan Cohen has it backwards: the Hamas violated the ceasefire by firing rockets, starting 8 hours before its expiry time. After that, the IDF resumed attacks.

      Oh, by the way,a Hamas official took responsibility for the kidnap/murder of the three teenagers:

  • Ari Shavit calls out every brutality, except the ones Israel is complicit in
  • Dead American soldier in IDF signed up to fight global jihadists plotting 'Holocaust 2.0'
  • 'I mourn my Jewish community, which seeks to justify these inexcusable acts'
    • AbigailOK, Modern Zionism did, indeed, appear at the end of the 19th century and was influenced by European nationalism of the time . But it also had its roots in Jewish history and traditions. If you think that the Jewish communities can be "divorced " from the Jewish state - it will be a cold day in hell when that happens. In any case, the Anti-Semites won't allow it:

      link to

    • Asher Zvi Ginsberg (1856-1927) is best known by his pen-name, Ahad Ha'am (literally: "one of the people") and is considered one of the founding fathers of modern Zionism. He wasn't a leader in the political sense, his influence was primarily as a thinker and writer, on the moderate wing of the Zionist movement . He was one of the first who expressed concern about the future of Jewish-Arab relations, at a time when most Zionist leaders preferred to ignore the issue . Ahad Ha'am saw the conflict looming in the future.

      See here:
      link to

  • Amid fierce debate, members of German think tank take a stand on Gaza
  • Air strikes and rocket fire resume as Gaza negotiations collapse
  • Ceasefire comes to a close -- Mohammed Assaf's 'Raise Your Head High'
    • Chu, I don't see what's the point of your question about my personal friendships. I wouldn't ask anyone "how many Jewish friends do you have?"

      Donald, I try to see things honestly and fairly. I certainly don't subscribe to the view, prevalent on this blog, that Israel is totally evil, the Palestinians are always innocent lambs. I think that I've been around long enough to recognize the face of evil when I see it. For example we now see these IS people rampaging through Syria and Iraq, committing unspeakable atrocities, so we recognize evil . And we see it in Hamas: not only in their genocidal charter and their terrorism towards us, but in their cynical use of their own people . So, yes , blame for the civilian casualties lies primarily with Hamas.
      I assume you're referring to Richard Witty. It was a sad day when he was banned here.

      MHughes976, I agree. As you may know, I support a Palestinian state, in the context of the two state solution.

    • Adele,

      I happen to support Palestinian rights, including the right to a Palestinian state, in the context of two states. I think of myself as a sincere friend of the Palestinian people, and I've certainly never dehumanized them. I do make a distinction between the people and the Hamas terrorists.

    • Page: 16
    • There was an agreement on a ceasefire until midnight last night.
      They resumed rocket fire from Gaza around 4 pm, in violation of the ceasefire.

      Sorry I can't be on every thread on this forum, I can't inhabit MW 24/7.

      I'm not happy with rearresting those prisoners from the Shalit deal. As far as I know some of them have been charged with violating the conditions of their release.

      As to hypocricy : how about people who supposedly care about human rights- and support Hamas?

    • Annie,
      It's "irrelevant" who broke the ceasefire? Really? So when you reach an agreement - it's "irrelevant" whether you honor it or violate it? If that's the case - what's the point of negotiating any kind of agreement with Hamas?

    • The ceasefire "comes to a close"? A very gentle way to put it... How about: 'Hamas decided to break the ceasefire- like they broke the previous ones- and resume the bloodshed and bring more misery'.

  • HAMAS made me do it!
    • This afternoon Hamas violated the ceasefire, firing rockets at Beersheva and Netivot. This may lead to a full-scale renewal of the fighting . The Hamas terrorists haven't had enough bloodshed and misery.

      Donald, noone opposes the settlements in the West Bank more than I do. Building them was both illegal and foolish and they are a major obstacle to achieving two states, the only possible solution. In Gaza, as I'm sure you know, there are no remaining settlements, the last Israeli "resident" of Gaza was Gilad Shalit.
      What you consider "ruthless" is actually a criminal, terrorist strategy.
      What's depressing, in my view, is people who may think of themselves as "leftists", making excuses for, and even supporting , Hamas terrorists.

    • It may be difficult for reasonable, moral, people to accept that that is the evil Hamas strategy: they fire from schools, mosques, hospitals and residential areas, knowing that the IDF will attack those facilities and cause civilian casualties among their own people.

  • Rob Reiner wants to pick Palestinians' leaders for them
    • Does PEP mean people who are generally progressive, except in the case of Palestine , where they support violent religious fundamentalists?

  • Witnessing Gaza
    • Donald,
      Are you sure that you read the entire essay?
      It includes this:
      "we need a commitment by leaders of all the great faiths to work to ensure the rights of religious minorities in every part of the world where they have an influence. None of us will win if we work alone: not Jews, not Christians, not Muslims. The victim cannot cure the crime."

      And this:
      "Genesis 1, common to Judaism, Christianity and Islam, says that every human being, regardless of colour, class or creed, is in the image of God. Our shared humanity takes precedence over our religious differences. Until we are prepared to take this seriously, people will continue to kill in the name of the God of life and practise cruelty in the name of the God of compassion. And God himself will weep."

      So Rabbi Sacks certainly refers to the responsibility of all three religions.

      And it's "Rabbi Sacks", Donald. A little respect.

      As to the huge number of civilian casualties, including the children - their blood is on Hamas' hands.

    • See this essay by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks ( a different "jon s"...):

      link to

  • Gruesome tales surface of Israeli massacres against families in Gaza's Shujaiya neighborhood
    • I doubt that " T.A " refers to Tel Aviv. If the Hebrew letters are indeed Tav, Alef it could mean "tatslum avir" (= aerial photograph). But it's possible that the letters are Het, Alef , in which case it could mean "heyl avir " (=air force).

      In any case, losing a map is a serious screw-up and the officer responsible could conceivably be prosecuted.

  • Israel correctly fears its 'delegitimizers,' says leftwing member of Irish parliament
    • According to Mr. Barrett Israel should be "dismantled" - which can be achieved only through a bloodbath of genocidal proportions.
      He's got one thing right : "that is what they fear..." I wonder why...

  • Tunnels-to-kindergartens propaganda Netanyahu peddled to NYT and CNN is exploded by Israeli news site
  • The Walzer Problem
    • If the IDF issues a warning that a certain building, being used by Hamas terrorists, will be bombed, warning civilians to distance themselves, and then the Hamas urges them to remain, and even go up on the roof -that's the very essence of the term "human shields".
      Note that the Hamas spokesman says the tactic is "effective". In other words, either the bombing is aborted and Hamas gain an "immune" facility , or the civilians are hit, and Hamas score anti-Israel pr points.

    • Tree, As I said, my source was the IDF, which has the means , and is making the effort, to trace every launch.

      Annie, "Next to the hospital", "in back of the hospital" - I don't know whether you can imagine what happens in warfare .With all the talk of "precision bombing" and "surgical strikes" - the reality is a lot messier: errors, malfunctions, accidents, "friendly fire" , not to mention the nasty element called "the enemy", trying his best to foil your best plans... Combat is the ultimate manifestation of Murphy's Law. So firing from a hospital's back yard or parking lot is not much different from "firing from the hospital". Aside from that , there's a video of what looks like machine-gun fire , coming from Wafa hospital, and secondary explosions there after it was destroyed. And , again, there's the matter of the Hamas HQ in the basement of Shifa hospital. All consistent with Hamas tactics.

    • Of course if anyone has a better source, with more accurate figures on the number of launches from schools, mosques, hospitals , etc. - by all means, let's see it.

    • James North,
      no, I was referring to the issue of the use of hospitals by the Hamas, for which I linked to those tv reports, and my comment didn't make it past moderation. Sorry I wasn't clear.
      The Finnish report:
      link to
      And the poor France 24 reporter (this is my favourite):

    • James North,
      Links? Sources? C'mon, I tried to post a link to to videos from Finnish TV and French TV, for God's sake, and "moderation" censored them. And if those links , from foreign sources, were disallowed - what are the chances that official Israeli sources , or pro- Israeli, will be allowed? In any case , they won't be considered reliable by many on this forum.

      On human shields:

      and this nice gentleman (from a few years ago):

      The figures I cited were from the IDF spokesperson website. There are a lot more statistics there. Of course, if anyone has more accurate figures I would like to see them.
      link to

    • On "human shields":it's no use denying Hamas' cynical use of civilians as shields, when Hamas spokesman talk about it openly, even boast about it.

      Using civilian facilities as depots and launching sites is a win-win situation for Hamas: if the Israelis refrain from attacking them , they get to launch their rockets with impunity; if the Israeli do attack those facilities the damage and the civilian casualties will further Hamas' pr objectives.
      These are the numbers so far:
      Approximately 260 rockets were fired from schools.
      Approximately 160 rockets were fired from religious sites, including mosques.
      Approximately 127 rockets were fired from cemeteries.
      Approximately 50 rockets were fired from hospitals.

  • Imagine you are a Palestinian academic or a student
    • At least they shouldn't shoot out the power lines, and then complain that they don't have electricity.
      Many Israelis wonder why we don't just throw the switch, shut it off.

    • Philemon,

      Regularly, Gaza receives around 60% of its electricity from Israel, 30% from its own power plant, 10% from Egypt.
      Hamas fires at the power plant in Ashkelon and at the power lines that provide electricity to their own people.
      Hamas fires at the Kerem Shalom crossing, where humanitarian supplies are delivered to their own people.

    • Please explain where Gaza gets its electrical power from.

      And at least mention that Hamas fire hit the power lines that conduct electricity from Israel to Gaza.
      Don't fire rockets at Israel, and your electric power won't be disrupted.

  • Daily News publisher, Gov. Cuomo, Yankees president, and NE Patriots' owner are latest to rush to Israel's side
  • Serving Israel's aim of lowering civilian deaths, 'New York Times' Gaza tally says 15- to 17-year-old's aren't children
  • Goldstone sequel to be co-authored by Amal Alamuddin, Clooney's fiancee
    • I was "challenged" to provide evidence, from non-Israeli sources , that Hamas abuses hospitals . I did so, with segments from Finnish tv and France 24 available on Youtube.
      Moderation hasn't passed my comment.

      This is from Mondoweiss:
      "One of the goals of this site is to promote critical discussion and debate on US foreign policy and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We want Mondoweiss to be a place that everyone feels comfortable visiting, to read and comment, regardless of political perspective. People might not always like what we post, but everyone should feel invited and encouraged to join the discussion, share their opinions, and engage in debate."
      How is the censorship I'm encountering consistent with those goals?

    • Shingo, I tried to post a comment with two such examples of proof, but it was shot down by "moderation". I feel like I'm in a barroom fight with multiple adversaries- and with one hand tied behind my back. But you can do it yourself: search youtube for "hamas fires from hospital".

    • Chu,
      “According to the Gaza Ministry of Health, as of July 29th, there have been 34 attacks against Gazan medical facilities since this latest Israeli military assault began 25 days ago.”

      Are those the medical facilities the Hamas terrorists use - or, rather: abuse- to launch rockets from ? or as their operational hq?
      When I wrote about that nearly a month ago , my comment was greeted by derision here on MW. Now it's common knowledge.

    • Shingo,
      The suspects in the case of the three murdered teenagers are Hamas operatives.

      Gaza was bombed in response to Hamas rocket fire, raining down on our civilian population.

      As to a future objective inquiry, in this summer's conflict, lessons were learned from previous "rounds" such as "Cast lead," and the subsequent inquiries.
      As far as I know, this time everything has been documented meticulously: recorded, photographed, videotaped. The IDF forces even had real-time legal advice on targeting decisions.

      So here's an exclusive preview of a session from the future:
      Investigator: Is it true that on July such-and-such you targeted and destroyed Mosque so-and-so?
      IDF spokesperson: Absolutely. Here's a file of evidence that proves that Mosque so-and-so was being used as a rocket depot.
      (A few minutes later)
      Investigator: OK, next case…

    • The aggression is from Hamas and the blood is on Hamas' hands.

      The question is whether an inquiry will be fair and objective. If so- Hamas will be condemned.

    • Israel made a mistake, at the time, by not cooperating with the Goldstone commission.
      After the report was published the Israeli side had to go into damage-control mode and answer the charges anyway, so why not cooperate at the outset.
      This time around I hope the lesson was learned. The Israeli side should say "bring it on, it's the Hamas who should be worried".

  • The Greenhouse propaganda—How Gazan history is being rewritten to dehumanize Palestinians
  • Hollywood's latest blacklist shadows Bardem, Cruz, Almodovar
  • 'We are all Palestinian'
    • I posted a comment which included data on Hamas rocket attacks. The comment didn't pass moderation. I would understand disputing the accuracy of the data. But, hey, not to be allowed to even present the data?How does that violate comments policy?

  • How the Israeli discourse on terrorism seeks to justify blatant war crimes
    • Inanna,
      I've been a consistent supporter of Palestinian rights, probably longer than any other commenter here, and I've paid a personal price. I also happen to support the rights of my own people.

      I'm horrified by the scale of death, destruction and misery in Gaza, caused deliberately by Hamas. If you support Hamas, then it's you who fails the test of humanity.

    • Ritzl,
      I didn't ask what the Hamas goals and methods are, I assumed that they're well known. I asked Mondoweiss editors and staff whether or not they support Hamas.

    • You know, Mooser, you used to be amusing, at least occasionally. Now you're just nasty.

    • LuLu,
      Hamas is considered a terrorist organization, because that's what it does: murders innocent civilians. Not only the US and the UK: Egypt has also outlawed Hamas. Israel is "the master" of Egypt, too?

      I think that you need to improve your knowledge regarding Judaism and Zionism. There are plenty of Jews today -a majority, in fact - who do not live according to the Torah, and are still Jews. There are many who do live according to the Torah, and are also Zionists.

      Zionism wasn't created by one person . I presume you're referring to Herzl?

      Hamas regrets the suicide bombings? That's news to me.

      As to Hamas not hating Jews, see Hamas Charter:

      "For our struggle against the Jews is extremely wide-ranging and grave..."
      "...Muslims will fight the Jews (and kill them); until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: O Muslim! there is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him! ..."
      Also Article 22
      see here:
      link to

    • Amigo, I meant from the MW editors and staff. That was the point of my question. I know that some commenters support hamas.

      I oppose honoring anyone who engaged / engages in terrorism. You don't have to go way back to the LHY. The extremist settlers honor the terrorist Barukh Goldstein, and I think that's despicable.

    • ritzl, Since you're not a member of Hamas , it's not up to you to define their goals . So "I'd define goals " is meaningless, it's not your call. They themselves define their goals very clearly, in their Anti-Semitic charter and in their statements. Just a couple of days ago I heard their spokesman reiterating their commitment to "liberation of Palestine from the river to the sea".
      Their method is terrorism: to try to kill as many Jews as possible through rockets, mortars, tunnels, bombings, whatever...and also to cause as much death , destruction and misery as possible among their own people.

      If you've read my past comments, you know that I support ending the occupation through the two-state solution, the only possible solution.

    • Citizen, what an obscene comparison.

      News from today: The Hamas opened fire on the Kerem Shalom checkpoint, through which humanitarian supplies are delivered to Gaza, forcing it to close.

      From Haaretz website:
      " The defense establishment has decided to close the Kerem Shalom border crossing, due to rocket fire in the area.

      The borders authority in the defense ministry said after the decision was announced that the rocket had nearly hit trucks carried flammable materials to Gaza. (Gili Cohen)"

      I also saw a report on a Hebrew website that the Hamas executed a large number of their tunnel-builders after they had completed their jobs, to prevent leaks.

    • Anyone who joined a terrorist group was a terrorist. That's not what pjdude wrote.

    • pjdude,
      So , for example, the immigrants of the Second Aliyah, young idealists bent on establishing a socialist utopia -were terrorists?
      Holocaust survivors, emerging forom the death camps and seeking to rebuild their lives in the Jewish historic homeland - were terrorists?
      Jews from Yemen and from Ethiopia, crossing deserts on foot to reach Israel -were terrorists?

    • 1. So far, noone from Mondoweiss has seen fit to reply.
      2. No surprise that some of the commenters support the Hamas terrorists. That's pretty obvious.
      3. By now it should also be pretty obvious what the Hamas' goals and methods are, for anyone who can read, hear and see.
      4.Amigo, as far as I know the LHY ribbon is not given to soldiers. It was given to -by now elderly-veterans of the LHY.
      5.Mooser, it wasn't a super-sophisticated, tricky, talmudic question. It was simple and blunt, could even be answered by yes or no.
      6. Inanna, again with the "hasbara handlers" nonsense? I don't have handlers or a handbook. I'm a private person and I write my own observations and opinions.

    • There's a question that I want to pose, this thread is as good as any.
      It's addressed to the Mondoweiss editors and staff. To Phil, Adam , Scott, Annie, Alex , Allison ( I hope I haven't forgotten anyone). Both individually, and in the name of the Mondoweiss "brand".

      The question is:
      Do you support Hamas? (I'm referring to both goals and methods)

      I would appreciate any answer or answers.

  • 'Cooking is my politics': Rawia Bishara's Middle Eastern food is all about spreading culture
    • Well, I can't say that I remember anything about the za'atar situation in 1977, but , fact is, today in 2014, there's plenty of za'atar, available for all.

    • Walid, let me get this straight: by protecting the plant,( used a lot by Palestinians..)and saving it from extinction, Israel is discriminating against the Palestinians...Right?

  • Steven Salaita case recalls blacklisting of Pete Seeger and Paul Robeson
    • Mooser, a while ago, here on MW, there was a discussion that focused on the "blacklisting" of various anti-Zionist Jewish individuals and groups, by the community establishment. They were not being invited to speak, etc. At the time I pointed out the hypocrisy , since those same anti-Zionists were supporting the bds campaign, a boycott of their fellow Jews.

      I realize that you were probably being sarcastic, attributing to me expertise "as a Zionist"..
      So I'll take you up: you may -or may not- know that today, the shabbat after Tisha B'Av, is "Shabbat Nachamu", the "Sabbath of Consolation". How appropriate, after the recent, and ongoing, death and destruction.
      The haftarah is from Isaiah ch.40, and the first verses are:

      1 Comfort ye, comfort ye My people, saith your God.
      2 Bid Jerusalem take heart, and proclaim unto her, that her time of service is accomplished, that her guilt is paid off; that she hath received of the LORD'S hand double for all her sins.
      3 Hark! one calleth: 'Clear ye in the wilderness the way of the LORD, make plain in the desert a highway for our God.
      4 Every valley shall be lifted up, and every mountain and hill shall be made low; and the rugged shall be made level, and the rough places a plain;
      5 And the glory of the LORD shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together; for the mouth of the LORD hath spoken it.

      Incidentally, Rashi's commentary on verse 3 is :"In the desert"- the way to Jerusalem.

    • Right. Like the Jews who support a boycott of Israel, and then complain that the community boycotts them.

  • After Gaza
    • In what's surely one of the wackiest , most grotesque , developments, ever the Hamas terrorists sent a delegation to Cairo with a list of "demands". I saw a segment from Egyptian tv ridiculing the Hamas and treating their "list of demands" as satire.
      It should be made clear that Hamas should achieve nothing from this war: no prisoner release, no easing of the blockade, no port, no airport. Nothing.
      (All those things may happen, through agreements with Egypt and the PA, just not as concessions to Hamas.)
      Also , they get not one cent for reconstruction: all funds for reconstruction to go through international organizations and the PA and a mechanism needs to be set up to disarm the Hamas. They should no longer have the capability to fire rockets or mortars or build tunnels.

    • Just, you have it backwards. Israel agreed to continue the ceasefire , Hamas resumed fire. Hamas wants to continue the bloodshed.

  • On being accused of anti-semitism by well meaning liberals
    • Unfortunately it's not merely rhetoric : synagogues have been attacked, rabbis assaulted, Jewish children threatened.
      Where Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism converge , innocent people have been murdered. Anti-Zionists who are not Anti-Semites have a responsibility to speak out, and, in fairness, I know that some do.

  • 'NYT' is furiously rewriting history of Gaza conflict
    • Breaking news: Hamas has decided to end the ceasefire and has resumed mortar and rocket fire at Israel.
      They haven't seen enough death and destruction.
      Israel was willing to extend the ceasefire.

    • Kay24,
      Israel doesn't have a Ministry of Information.
      The quote is attributed to Harry Truman.

      Maybe Hamas apologists are also following instructions.

  • Gaza war gives rise to new Jewish group targeting Jewish institutions that support occupation
    • I just wrote to this new group:

      Message: I'm writing this from Beersheva , in the south of Israel. I fully support Palestinian rights, and oppose the occupation and settlements, and I'm very much concerned for the survival of Israeli democracy. I would like to see you address these questions: 1. How should we respond to the rockets and mortars raining down from Gaza on our civilian population? 2.Considering that the Hamas uses schools, mosques, hospitals and civilian residences as arms depots and launching sites, in a cruel, calculated strategy meant to cause death and destruction to their own people, while their own leadership are protected in fortified shelters- what should the Israeli response be? 3. This morning Hamas ended the ceasefire and resumed firing. Israel had agreed to extending the ceasefire. What should our response be? 4. How should we respond to the rising tide of Anti-Semitism? thank you Jon

  • What will tomorrow bring for Gaza -- a lasting truce or continuous war?
    • Just back from a family visit to the USA, not much of a "vacation" since we were constantly in touch with loved ones and friends at home.
      The death toll , caused by Hamas, has been horrific: nearly 1900 Palestinians, nearly 70 Israelis. Also thosands wounded, and huge property damage , and a wave of Anti-Semitism in the world. What a calamity.
      We have a ceasefire now, but we hear that the Hamas terrorists are threatening to renew firing tomorrow morning, while Israel favors extending the ceasefire. Haven't they had enough blood and death?

  • (Updated) In Photos: Worldwide protest against Israeli attack on Gaza
    • Talknic,

      "They are their own people you moron. Hamas are Palestinians."

      No kidding. I'll make it clear to you: The Hamas terrorists are trying to get their own people, Palestinian civilians, killed. Get it?

    • Where did I say "bombing"?

      I just heard a witness, interviewed on the radio. He said that the Jews had to barricade themselves in the synagogue for a few hours , while attackers armed with clubs and chains tried to break in.

      As for video, so far I've only found this brief one, from which it's difficult to understand what's going on:link to

      There's also this from a few months ago:link to

    • Annie, I'm certainly aware of the imbalance: we have Iron Dome, and shelters and security rooms, and on the other side the Hamas terrorists are trying to get as many of their own people killed as possible, while also trying to murder us.

    • It's a tight race , but I think that Taxi takes the "Most Bloodthirsty Mondoweiss Commenter " award.

    • In Paris the anti-Israel/ anti-Semitic march culminated in an attack on a synagogue:
      link to

  • Activists occupy UK govt office demanding end to arms trade with Israel
    • Anti-Semitism has been a permanent presence, endemic in Western civilization , for 2000 years. It has little to do with anything Jews actually DO, has a lot to do with the fact that Jews ARE.
      Naturally, circumstances vary, so there's an ebb and flow: there have been , and are today , places and periods where Jews feel very little Anti-Semitism, and other times and places where it boils over.

      As I've repeated numerous times on this forum, I believe in the equal value of all human lives and I'm horrified by deliberate attacks on -and endangering of- innocent civilians.

    • Anti-Semitic chants at Berlin demo:

      "Jew, Jew, you coward pig, get out and fight on your own"

  • Bowing to AIPAC, Senate unanimously passes resolution supporting Israel
    • I could have sworn that according to numerous Mondoweiss reports, support for Israel is plumetting.
      So , in reality, at least regarding the present operation ,there's unanimous (!) support in the Senate, and from the President. Today there were also statements supporting Israel's right to self-defense from Chancellor Merkel and the Foreign Minister of Australia. Egypt is also blaming Hamas.

  • 'We are moving from Iron Dome to an iron fist': Israel launches ground invasion of Gaza
    • From Wikipedia:

      Hamas bunker[edit]
      Several reports by Shin Bet officials (Yuval Diskin, Yitzhak Ilan) stated that Hamas used Al-Shifa hospital as bunker and refuge, knowing it'll be spared by air-strikes. Ahmed Jabari hid there during the 2008–2009 Israel–Gaza conflict.[8][10]

    • According to several reports that I've seen , in the present fighting -as in the previous round - Hamas operational hq is in the basement of Shifa hospital. Cynical exploitation of the hospital's immunity.

      It's like you don't see what you're looking at. The Hamas man is standing in the open, talking to the press, without any fear that he'll be granted his wish to become a martyr - because he's at a hospital.

    • Shingo,
      Do I detect a note of concern for my personal welfare?
      I'm touched, really.
      In any case, my wife and I are flying to the U.S. tomorrow for a pre-planned vacation. Maybe my insanity and dementia will be cured.

    • Nearly forgot: mosques, too.

    • Well , the IDF command post is not , in fact, located in Yad Vashem, while the Hamas terrorists are making use of hospitals, schools and civilian residences as launch sites, weapons depots and command posts.

    • We are hoping and praying for the safety of our soldiers, in battle with a vicious enemy and for the innocent civilians on both sides.

    • Just saw the Hamas spokesman, speaking from in front of Shifa hospital.
      It looks like once again the terrorists have placed their hq in the hospital, using it as a shield.

  • Rachel Maddow ignores the story in Israel/Palestine
  • Violence outside Paris synagogue falsely attributed to anti-Semitism (Updated)
  • Hamas has agreed to a ceasefire, says senior Palestinian official (Updated)
    • As we're waiting for the "humanitarian ceasefire" - the siren sounded here : four rockets were fired at Beersheva, Iron Dome intercepted all four.

      It looks like the Hamas terrorists want to see more blood, up to the last minute (and beyond?). They're not satisfied with killing one Israeli , and causing the deaths of over 200 Palestinians, aside from the material damage on both sides.

    • A question for Allison: is the Palestinian unity agreement still in force? If it is , maybe it made sense for the Egyptians to officially contact the PA, since the PA and Hamas are ostensibly "united". And don't forget that the present Egyptian authorities hate Hamas, and have outlawed it.

  • Sullivan and Leveretts throw in the towel on two-state solution
    • There's no big mystery here. Basically , the borders would be based on the 67 borders, with minor, mutually-agreed adjustments. Jerusalem would be the capital of both states. In other words, East Jerusalem will be the capital of the Palestinian state. The settlers will, for the most part , have to be repatriated. The two states will sign a peace treaty and maintain diplomatic, commercial and cultural relations.
      In the long run, after a certain period, this arrangement could evolve into a federation.

      Naturally, there are lots of details which woul have to be worked out in negotiations, once the principles are agreed.

    • MRW, I'm not helping? I practically invented "two states".

    • One of the conclusions from the present situation is that the "one-state" idea should be officially pronounced dead. Anyone who thinks otherwise should just wake up and look around.The only possible solution is two states.

  • Understanding Hamas
    • This should be the deal offered to Hamas and Islamic Jihad and other terrorists:
      1.They surrender their rocket arsenal , to be disposed of under international supervision.
      2. For the leadership: fair trials and appropriate jail terms.
      3. For the rank-and-file: amnesty and rehabilitation. If they refuse: exile.

    • Any agreement should also provide for elimination of the Hamas' rocket arsenal. Perhaps an international mechanism could be set up, to which the Hamas and other terrorists will surrender their rockets, after which the rockets will be destroyed. Something like the process by which the Assad regime had to get rid of its chemical weapons.

    • Israel accepted the ceasefire and observed it for five hours. The Hamas terrorists responded by firing more rockets. We have the right to defend ourselves.

    • We've just experienced the worst rocket attack so far.

      And we have our first dead Israeli, killed by mortar fire at Erez.

    • No? Hamas didn't fire rockets?

    • This morning the Israeli government accepted the ceasefire.
      The Hamas response has been to release a barrage of rockets. In their view, not enough people have been killed, not enough damage done.

  • Not In Our Name: The Jewish duty to stand with the people of Gaza
    • Amen, Marnie.

      Keep safe , wherever you are in the North.

    • Amigo, the quote is not from "jon s", it's from the Torah.

    • In a lame attempt to gain credibility as a knowledgeable Jew, Sally Kantar produces a biblical quote and mentions Hanukah. The quote is misattributed , as I showed, and she didn't even get the Hanukah ceremony right: the third candle , like all the candles except the "shamash", is lit by the "shamash", and not with a match.

      And the minor issue of the rockets raining down on Israel's civilian population - slipped her mind, did it?

    • Is that a threat, amigo?

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