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An Israeli history teacher,long-time activist on the Israeli Left.

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  • Dutch activists disrupt Israeli apartheid whitewashing event in Amsterdam
    • I wouldn't be too upset because I'm pretty sure that actions like this are counter-productive.
      Most decent people will sympathize with the dignified lady on the stage and not with the disruptive hooligans in the back rows.

    • The wonderful, 85 year-old ,Lia Koenig reacted to the bds goons with remarkable dignity and even humor.
      Thugs will be thugs.

  • On the use of provocative analogies (Nazism, fascism)
    • smg, On Albert Einstein: in 1938 there were several "dovish" Zionist groups and individuals , such as "Brit Shalom " and Hashomer Hatzair who supported the concept of a bi-national state. But after WW2 , the Holocaust and the establishment of the state, they supported Israel, including Einstein.
      Certainly Ben Gurion wouldn't have offered him the presidency , if he had any doubts regarding Einstein's Zionism.
      Also note that according to his will, Hebrew University owns his archives and copyrights .

    • Once again, I wonder whether someone calling him/herself "NoMorePalestine" would be allowed to post here.

      Prof.Leibovitz didn't call" the Israelis" (in general ) Nazis. He said that the occupation would inevitably bring about the emergence of "Judeo-Nazis". He thought that using provocative terms like that served a good purpose.

      Albert Einstein was pro-Zionist, was even offered the Presidency of Israel.

  • The best U.S. 'strategy' to combat ISIS? Stop supporting religious states
    • Annie,
      I don't recall ever "merging " Hamas and ISIS, but if you say so, I'll take your word for it. I think they are comparable . (Note that "comparable" doesn't mean "identical".) The similarities are in their fundamentalist-jihadi ideology and in their methods, namely terrorism. The difference is that ISIS is slaughtering all " infidels" (meaning anyone who doesn't share their ideology, Hamas focuses on trying to kill Jews (and the occasional "traitor").

      I absolutely plead guilty to making a distinction between the Palestinian people and Hamas.
      I wrote that Hamas love death and teach hatred, based on their own words.

      I'm convinced that our friend Shmuel was wrong in maintaining that the kidnap/ murder of the three teenagers was not a Hamas operation.

      So far you've failed to cite a single racist statement on my part.

    • Annie, I abhor all forms of racism, and for many years I've tried to do my small part in countering racism, through education. So I would like to know where, in all my comments, have I ever expressed racism.

    • Annie, you're an American citizen, and you "prefer" an alliance with Iran, where the regime organizes rallies with the slogan "Death to America". You prefer the regime that wants you dead.

    • As to Iran's criminal activities abroad, ask Argentina.
      link to

    • What Phil seems to be saying is that an Islamic state is ok, even worthy of an alliance with the U.S. A Jewish state, on the other hand, is not ok.

    • Mooser, "...can’t form a natural alliance with one of the strongest nation-states in the region, Iran. "

    • Phil says: Stop supporting religious states (meaning Israel) , but form an alliance with the mother of all religious states, Iran.

  • Three ways Palestinians can hold Israel accountable for Gaza war crimes
    • Shingo, not lies, not "eviscerated " or debunked . Hamas launched hundreds of rockets and mortars from schools, mosques, hospitals and civilian residences. They also used those civilian facilities as weapons depots , command centers and entrace points to tunnels.

    • Annie, I don't think it was me who posted that video. I posted videos relating to rocket launches from Shifa Hospital.
      Are you justifying summary executions by Hamas because "Israel does it". Isn't that what you call "whataboutery"?

      Justpassingby, Hamas didn't send "a rocket", but thousands of potentially lethal rockets and mortars.

      Donald, Fine with me, too.

      Pjdude, I'm not a legal expert but I doubt that that's true. Wouldn't that justify deliberately targetting children? In any case, the civilian population in the Israeli South have not been "illegally transported into occupied territory" so your point is irrelevant.

      Talknic, What's hilarious is the notion of investigating alleged war crimes on the part of the one "player" in the entire Middle East that makes the most serious effort to minimize civilian casualties.
      It's not illegal to use civilian facilities for military purposes? It just changes their status to military? So you convinced me that it's ok to attack them.
      IDF headquarters: is it in the basement of Hadassah Hospital?
      Summary executions are consistent with Hamas practice. No surprises.

      Marnie, When we're attacked, we have the right to fight back. I admit that , when under rocket fire, there is an element of fear, I wouldn't be honest if I denied it. Completely natural.

    • As Alex Kane mentions in passing, if the Palestinians sign the Rome Statute, it will open the way for investigations into Hamas' crimes: the rocket and mortar fire directed at our civilian population (every single launch - a crime in itself); the criminal use of schools, mosques, hospitals and residential areas as launch sites, depots, command-and-control centers and so forth; the use of their civilians as human shields; summary executions of their own people...

  • Sign of the times, in a Brooklyn window
  • 'The Hill' is to the left of the 'New York Review of Books'
    • "Left" and "Right " are confused here.
      Since when does supporting Hamas - or at least apologizing for it- put you on the Left?
      Fundamentalist -religious terrorists are not on the Left.

  • Cycling4Gaza to stage Philly to DC trek in mid-September
  • The west is safer for Jews than Israel (duh)
  • 'NYT' headline implicating Hamas in teen killings is a lie
  • Hamas is ISIS for dummies
    • I heard a report today and I wonder whether anyone has any info: the report was that ISIS is selling oil.
      Or put it this way: that the European countries are buying oil from ISIS.
      Could this be true?

  • Salaita firing turns into a 'catastrophe' for University of Illinois
  • I see five bears
  • Ceasefire deal after weeks of fighting in Gaza promises easing of blockade
    • Abu Mazen blames Hamas for prolonging conflict:
      link to

    • Annie, Are you saying that the story is phony? That Hamas did not execute alleged "collaborators"? They announced the executions themselves and had them photographed.

    • Annie, Seeing that those Hamas consider disloyal are summarily shot in the street, I would be surprised to hear of anyone there expressing a dissenting opinion.

    • Just,
      I read the NRG report in Hebrew that Richard Silverstein links to and claims to quote.
      The NRG report says no such thing ( that the IDF killed three of it's own soldiers when executing the Hannibal Directive).

    • Annie,
      Are you serious? Are you threatening to ban me for writing about Hamas crimes?

      I've always endeavored to stay within the guidelines of the comments policy: no racism, no profanity, no Holocaust denial or Nakba denial, no 9/11 conspiracies... Are you adding "no mention of Hamas crimes"?
      Your analogy with Holocaust denial is especially repulsive ( borrowing your own term...): Holocaust denial is a lie; Hamas' crimes are real and well documented. It's sad if you can't tell the difference .

    • Annie, You may have a good point in saying that "no sane person" is going to believe that Hamas deliberately caused those deaths. It really is very difficult for sane, rational, fair-minded people to accept that that was Hamas strategy: trying to kill Jews, while at the same time causing as many civilian casualties as possible among their own people. There may not be any historical precedents for such an evil strategy . Who ever heard of a situation where the "authorities" deliberately create conditions which cause death and destruction among their own people ? (The Khmer Rouge?)

    • The huge number of civilian casualties, including children , was mainly caused , deliberately , by Hamas. That's their strategy.

    • There's a lot of criticism in Israel of the IDF's restraint, that there should have been more "gloves off", less Mister Nice Guy,

    • You can call "hasbara" or trolling .
      I call it "the truth".

    • In Israel the mood is, indeed, somber. We payed a terrible price, with 70 killed, injuries and economic damage. We love life and celebrate life, so we are mourning our dead, and we're also sorry for the civilian deaths in Gaza, caused by Hamas.
      Hamas celebrate death, so they're celebrating.

  • Our new look
    • Danaa
      Photos of our dead (soldiers and civilians):
      link to

      Just the soldiers (in English):
      link to

    • Bumblebye, I've been over this before, but I'll repeat: I make no distinctions. Whether the terrorists are Moslems such as the 9/11 hijackers or the Hamas, or Jews such as Barukh Goldstein or the "Jewish Underground", or Christians such as Timothy McVeigh, or atheists or whatever...

    • Danaa,
      As to my suspicion that MW has become pro-Hamas: I haven't seen a word of condemnation of their crimes, and some of my comments critical of Hamas haven't made it past moderation.

    • Danaa,
      I' m still trying to figure out whether you're being cynical, asking "what are your issues" with Hamas.
      Really, what possible "issues" could I have with people who have been trying to kill me, my family, my friends and neighbors?
      I abhor terrorism and I despise terrorists of any kind, whatever their "cause"happens to be. Once they deliberately target innocent civilians - they lose any sympathy I may have had, based on their " cause".
      (Please forgive me for not having focused on the Ukraine situation this summer, I don't have a well-thought-out position at this point. In principle, nations have the right to self-determination, and the use of terrorism is despicable.)

    • This is what I meant, on being concerned with the content:
      Obviously, Mondoweiss is an Anti-Zionist, Anti-Israel blog. That's clear, it's the blog's raison d'etre, and I've accepted being one of those representing a minority opinion here.
      But what concerns me this summer is that MW seems to be evolving from Anti-Israel to pro-Hamas. And I'm not talking about the commenters who seem to be overwhelmingly pro-terrorist. I mean the editors and staff writers, who set the tone, and avoid condemning even Hamas' most obvious crimes, while some anti-Hamas comments are banned.

      ( I admit that I haven't read every word on MW this summer. So if I'm wrong, and the editors and staff have codemned Hamas crimes - I'll be happy to be proved wrong.)

    • I'm less concerned with the wrapping, more concerned with the content...

  • The new center
    • Holocaust survivors are not a monolithic public: some are religious, some are secular; in politics some are on the Left, some are on the Right, some in-between.
      The survivors overwhelmingly support Israel , because the Jewish people in general overwhelmingly support Israel.

  • As Salaita's case becomes a cause, U of Illinois issues declarations on 'civility'
    • pjdude,
      I never said that I live in Sderot. I live in Beersheva.
      If I did live in Sderot I'd be proud to say so.

      Are you sure that you don't live on stolen property?

    • Just,
      I hated serving there.
      I've never shot anyone .

    • pjdude,
      I'm one of those around here who advocates two states, which is the solution which provides for a Palestinian state. So I certainly don't deny their natural rights.
      I don't know what you would consider a "cushy lifestyle". I'm pretty much middle class. And I don't live on stolen property .

    • Adele,
      (Comments have been discontinued on the other thread, so I'll reply here.)

      I was in Gaza during my service in the IDF. Not pleasant.

      I was active in a group called MECA (Middle East Children's Association) , which brought together teachers from both sides. Unfortunatley, it went belly-up. (Not to be confused with "Middle East Children's Alliance")
      Also I participated in encounters organized by IPCRI:
      link to

      I don't know why you accuse me of being "hostile" to Palestinians.

  • A visit to the East Jerusalem hospital treating children injured by Israeli strikes on Gaza
    • Note that Noor's Commenter Profile links to an Anti-Semitic website.

    • American,
      You justify mass sumary executions by Hamas of their own people

    • Just now: Hamas opened mortar fire on Erez crossing , causing several injuries and closing the crossing. The wounded were Israelis who were evacuating Palestinians to hospitals in Israel.

    • The IDF opened a hospital for wounded Palestinian civilians at Erez crossing.
      The Hamas terrorists prevent them from reaching it.

  • Coming Soon: A new Mondoweiss
  • Watch: Huge pro-BDS Palestinian flag unfurled on Manhattan Bridge
  • In Photos: Thousands pack Rafah streets for funeral of top Hamas commanders
    • Seafoid ,
      Some questions for you: have you ever visited Sderot?

      Have you spoken to people who live in Sderot, or Nahal Oz, or Kfar Azza or Yad Mordecai, or any of those places?

    • RobertB,
      A 4 year old child was killed by those "firecrackers" yesterday.

      Who is Jon Stevens?

    • Seafoid,
      1. Yes, I've been in Gaza.
      2. Gaza is one of the most miserable places in the world, a place of utter despair. The people of Gaza are afflicted by Hamas, who chose to invest millions in acquiring rockets to attack Israel's civilians, in building tunnels to attack Israel, instead of investing in education, health care, infrastructure, industry, agriculture and the welfare of their people.
      3.One personal anecdote in reply to your last question: some years ago, my son was hospitalized in Soroka Hospital, here in Beersheva. In the bed next to him was a boy from Gaza, also accompanied by his father. At night , Mohammad (the father ) and I found matresses in the supply room and spread them out under our boy's beds. We ended up sleeping so cramped together that I figured that this was the closest I had ever slept next to another person, except for my wife.

      Adele, Sorry, I don't use Twitter.
      I was involved in Israeli-Palestinian encounter groups. I was always impressed by their warmth in welcoming people who came in peace.

    • Just as I expected, noone has a word of condemnation for summary executions of their own people carried out by Hamas.

    • No similarity. Kastner wasn't summarily executed by the authorities, he was murdered by a citizen, who went to jail.

      The debate on Kastner persists. Some see him as a collaborator, some see him as a hero. His granddaughter is MK Meirav Michaeli (Labor).

    • Seafoid,
      You're right. They should complain to Hamas.

    • I was thinking not only of James Foley's fate, but also of what happened to Daniel Pearl, another Jewish-American reporter , chasing a story in an area saturated with jihadis.

      I realize that Hamas probably regard Blumenthal as a "useful idiot", but the message may not reach every operative on the street, especially now that they are in a panic, shooting suspected "spies" in the street.

    • My personal experience today:
      I was driving home , after doing my pre-shabbat shopping -when I heard the alarm : first on the radio("Beersheva 292") and then , after I rolled down the window I heard it loud and clear. Stopped the car, turned off the ignition, got out and lay down on the sidewalk. After a few seconds I heard some booms, looked up and saw the contrails of the interception. Got up, drove home, called my family. Bastards didn't get me.

      Heard later that one rocket did get through and fell in our city, causing one injury and some property damage . Also a rocket hit a synagogue in Ashdod, injuries and damage there, too.

    • BTW, I hope Max Blumenthal is out of there.
      If not - he should be extra careful regarding his personal safety.

    • The latest report is that Hamas has executed 18 of their own people today.

      I'll bet the Hamas cheering squad on MW will approve .

    • Haled Mashal is based in Qatar. Ismail Haniya and Mahmoud al-Zahar are in Gaza.

    • Maybe the ones hiding in the hospital.

  • 'Common Dreams' website traps Hasbara troll spewing anti-Semitism

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