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‘Patronizing Israeli crap’ — more American Jewish responses to Oren

Philip Weiss on
Leon Wieseltier

Michael Oren sought to shore up American Jewish support for Israel, but by insulting Obama, Jewish secularism and the tikkun olam tradition, the former ambassador has angered Jeffrey Goldberg, Ron Kampeas and Leon Wieseltier and hastened the divorce between the two communities

In rebuke to Israel, State Dep’t says it has no objection to BDS aimed at occupation

Philip Weiss on
John Kirby, spokesperson for the State Department

More evidence that the US is reassessing the relationship to Israel. The State Dep’t rejects an Israel-led piece of legislation in the US to punish European companies or governments that apply BDS in the occupied territories. The State Dep’t said that it does not oppose boycott of Israeli settlement activity and occupation

Guess who sent me this letter

Philip Weiss on
Letter Phil Weiss got June 25

“Your map of Israel is enclosed,” the New Israel Fund writes in a fundraising letter to American Jews. This gut-Zionist appeal by a progressive group shows the limits of action by liberal Zionist groups to address the roots of the conflict.

Leading NY writer likens Edward Said to monster in a horror movie

Philip Weiss on
Edward Said

Jonathan Rosen, novelist and editorial director of a leading line of Jewish books, describes Edward Said’s Orientalism, an iconic book for Arab-Americans, as a “monster” in academic and public life. Zionism is making American Jewish organizations very conservative indeed.

The peace process is ‘a savior for war’ — Ari Shavit

Philip Weiss on
Ari Shavit

Ari Shavit’s realpolitik: the Israeli author says that Israel has been able to gain international immunity for using force against Palestinians on several occasions, from the 1940s to 2009, only because it was seen as sincerely pursuing peace. The failed Camp David peace process “was a failure for peace,” but a “savior for war.”

Who’s investigating the Rabbis? Jews of Conscience are.

Marc H. Ellis on
(Photo: International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network)

Rabbi’s are under scrutiny for ethical violations — Peeping Rabbis in the mikvah and assorted violations relating to sex. But other ethical violations are under reported or, actually, never mentioned. Like rabbis enabling congregants to flaunt International Law by supporting Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian territory. Only with the emergence of Jews of Conscience has the Jewish establishment been called to task.

What I Was Told: Arabs hate Jews

Essrea Cherin on
Beautiful children of Beit Sahour, West Bank, Palestine. (Photo: Essrea Cherin)

Essrea Cherin writes that growing up in Upstate New York in a progressive Reform Jewish family she absorbed the understanding that Arabs hate Jews. Years later, this belief was challenged when Cherin visited the Middle East to see it for herself: “Looking back on time in the Middle East, I recognize this as a transformational period. I now understand quite viscerally how fear can distort one’s view of the world. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to experience Arab culture for myself and have replaced mental images of monsters with real live people. Until that experience, I was unaware of the magnitude of the fear I had been clinging to. What a relief to let it go.”

The totalitarian reign of Sheldon Adelson

Philip Weiss on
Peter Beinart

Peter Beinart says that Jewish public opinion in the U.S. doesn’t matter on Israel yet because Sheldon Adelson has too much money. But the community leadership plays an important role. A look at the totalitarian nature of the Israel lobby inside Jewish life, and how it may be breaking up.