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AIPAC and Bill Kristol turn up the pressure

Philip Weiss on
Bill Kristol, at Rightweb

Bill Kristol of the Emergency Committee for Israel urges AIPAC attendees to boycott speeches from the Obama administration officials as AIPAC urges congressmen to attend Netanyahu’s speech next week

James Baker to speak at J Street conference

Philip Weiss on
James Baker

James Baker was purged from the Republican Party as an “Arabist,” neocon Bill Kristol once bragged. Well he’s speaking at the J Street conference next month, a sign that the lobby is splitting

Warriors for ‘the ultimate truth’ gather in New York

Peter F. Leisane on
Trump at the Algemeiner gala, photo by Sarah Rogers

Algemeiner is not exactly a household name, but it has managed to carve out a niche for itself publishing online articles filled with a particularly rabid brand of hasbara. Knesset speaker Yuli Edelstein and the late Joan Rivers were given “warriors for truth” awards at its recent gala in New York

US and Israel divorce rumors over Iran

Philip Weiss on
Obama in 2012

The stakes are rising over the Netanyahu speech to Congress to push a hardline on Iraq. The White House has reportedly cut off some communications with Israel following leaks by Netanyahu. Meanwhile, Rudy Giuliani calls Obama a “moron” for talking to Iran.

Netanyahu’s disaster: speech cost ‘omnipotent’ lobby a veto proof majority for Iran sanctions

Philip Weiss on
Hillary Clinton

The Netanyahu speech controversy is a neverending disaster on Capitol Hill and it just keeps piling up headlines. Eighteen congresspeople say they’ll skip it. ‘The Hill’ calls it likely the most controversial speech ever by a foreign leader to a joint session of Congress. Bill Kristol, the head of the neoconservative Emergency Committee for Israel, put out a tongue-in-cheek letter to Hillary Clinton offering her to drive her to the speech.

Ros-Lehtinen removes pro-Palestinian activists from Congressional hearing on punishing PA for joining ICC

Sam Knight on
Code Pink organizer Medea Benjamin is asked to leave by Capitol Police after Ros-Lehtinen orders the hearing room cleared. (Photo: Sam Knight)

On Wednesday the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee convened a hearing on cutting off aid to the Palestinian Authority in response to joining the International Criminal Court. The hearing panel was staffed exclusively by neoconservatives—three out of four of whom have written about Palestinian children as constituting a “demographic threat” to the Jewish state. Citizens concerned about human rights in Israel/Palestine packed the hearing to represent the growing number of Americans who object to the US government’s one-sided diplomatic and military support for Israel. Subcommittee chairperson Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.) was not amused.

State Dep’t says Netanyahu speech is not inappropriate, disrespectful, humiliating or embarrassing

Philip Weiss on
Jen Psaki

Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to both Houses of Congress to rebut President Obama’s Iran policy is a full-on fiasco. It keeps stirring things up and getting attention. Opposition to the speech is mounting on Capitol Hill, say both the US Campaign to End the Occupation and Jeffrey Goldberg. And any reasonable person has to wonder, Wait, why are the warmongering Israelis messing in our negotiations? Where did a rightwing foreign prime minister derive the power to take on the president on equal terms?

Caroline Glick says there were no Palestinian refugees

Philip Weiss on
Caroline Glick, photo by Ryan F. Cain

Israeli-American writer Caroline Glick says that Jews have claimed Israel for 3500 years so they are the indigenous people of the land; and thus the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who were expelled in 1948 are not refugees.

Burke and Lincoln would have hated the special relationship

Philip Weiss on
David Brooks

Glenn Greenwald’s latest revelation, that three former Treasury officials are involved in a neoconservative Zionist lobbying outfit, combined with David Brooks’s apparent belief that he’s an Israeli parent, shows how commingled the Israel interest is in our political culture, the type of sinister influence Lincoln and Burke both warned their democracies against

No Surprise Dep’t: David Brooks’s son is in Israeli army

Philip Weiss on
David Brooks

From the Jewish Journal two days ago. “David Brooks’ son is in the Israeli army. Does it matter?” One of the more interesting nuggets buried in a long, Hebrew-language interview with New York Times columnist David Brooks in the recent Ha’aretz magazine is the revelation, toward the very end, that Brooks’s oldest son serves in […]

The world was right about Iraq– though Israel got its ‘Clean Break’

Matthew Taylor on

In most circumstances, “We told you so” is a classless statement. But in this case, it’s justified. In 2003, in the largest global protest in human history, millions of us marched in the world’s streets, loudly proclaiming that invading Iraq would be an unmitigated disaster. Meanwhile, Israel’s neocon loyalists achieved exactly what they wanted: a […]

Haaretz joins Rush Limbaugh and company in trying to link Max Blumenthal to KC shooter suspect

Alex Kane and Phan Nguyen on

Before journalist and author Max Blumenthal turned his eye towards Israel/Palestine, he was a dogged investigator of the seedy world of neo-Nazism and white supremacism in the U.S. But now, liberal Israeli newspaper Haaretz has joined right-leaning Israel advocates in trying to turn the tables on him by linking the journalist to Frazier Glenn Miller […]

Right-wing news outlets attack U. Mich’s divestment drive

Alex Kane on

Right-wing news outlets and Israel lobby groups have mounted a concerted campaign over the past few days to attack students leading the call for divestment at the University of Michigan (UM).  The vote on a resolution to divest from corporations complicit in the Israeli occupation failed two nights ago, but the smears have kept up. […]

Israel apologists attempted to discredit Mandela with false Israel apartheid quote

Matthew Taylor on

Did Nelson Mandela label Israel an ‘apartheid’ regime? Israel’s apologists claimed he did in 1990, apparently misquoting Mandela for their own political objectives. Shortly after his release from 27 years in prison, Mandela described Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat as “our friend and comrade . . . like us, fighting against a unique form of colonialism.” These […]

‘Pro-Life? Pro-Israel?': Israeli anti-abortion organization reaches out for US support to fight demographic war in the Jewish state

Allison Deger on

An Israeli anti-abortion group is reaching out to Christian Zionists and pro-choice advocates in the United States in an effort to increase the state’s Jewish population. American Friends of Efrat, the U.S.-based fundraising arm of Efrat (no relation to the settlement of the same name), is an Israeli anti-abortion group with hundreds of volunteers that […]

Pat Boone sells tiny plots of Israeli land to Christian Zionists

Allison Deger on

“Hello friend of Israel,” begins a gleeful and gray-haired Pat Boone in an infomercial for the Holy Land Dream Company (HLDC). Boone’s cue follows the hook to his 1960’s hit Exodus: “This land is mine. God gave this land to me.” At the time Boone wrote the lyrics, he was describing Jewish émigrés going to […]

Christian Zionists help settler-farmers take over Palestinian lands

Allison Deger on

In recent months Benjamin Netanyahu has spent time in the interview chair repeating to the American public that settlements are not responsible for the continuation of the conflict. In turn, the U.S. State Department has merely squeaked that they were “disappointed” when the first of many new settlements tenders were announced during the start of […]