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January 31 2008

24 In Neocons’ ‘Parallel Establishment,’ a Foundation Hides Its Israel Concerns

37 Even for a Liberal American Jewish Journalist, the Occupation Is a Family Matter

January 30 2008

14 Hosni Begat Gamal. Saddam Begat Qusay. And Norman Begat John

9 ‘Commentary’ Distances Itself From Podhoretz (Norman)

23 What Obama Bragged About in Kansas, Men Were Once Lynched For

12 My Country Needs Jewish Liberals to Expose Neocons as a Jewish ‘Special Interest’

January 29 2008

19 We Can Talk About Religion in the Republican Party. But Not Among Democrats

10 The Clinton We Never Knew. Well Actually Some of Us Did

29 Another Zionist Nightmare–Backing Outpost Settlers, Israeli Soldiers Bare Moon Palestinian Shepherd

12 Will Obama’s ‘Jewish Problem’ Allow Media to Talk about Israel Lobby?

January 28 2008

32 Obama vs. Clinton: Code for Anti-Israel Lobby vs. Pro?

6 Why Wasn’t a Joint Jewish-Arab Protest of Gaza Siege in My Newspaper?

January 27 2008

31 Jews Argue About Holocaust’s Role in Fueling Neocons–at the Nixon Center, No Less

11 The Madman Was a Realist (Saddam Feared Al-Qaeda and Iran)

3 The ‘Times’ Takes a Healthy Lesson From the Blogosphere

January 26 2008

35 How Many Years Before U.S. Policy Toward Palestinians Shifts?

29 Conflation Again: Lieberman Says Israel Is the ‘Strongest Roots’ of U.S. Foreign Policy

January 25 2008

32 ‘The Israel Lobby’ Has Become an Outsider Narrative. Unhealthy

January 24 2008

32 Was I Wrong to Vote for Nader?

29 Those MIT Students in West Bank

50 Big Change in Media: Arabs Are Suddenly Human Beings. Israel Is Becoming South Africa

January 23 2008

18 I’m Wrong About ‘Nakba.’ The Spelling, Anyway

27 What Does ‘Pushback’ Mean? An Email from Dersh

7 Israeli Press Shames Settlement Czar Leviev (Will American Press Shame Sarandon?)

January 22 2008

31 An Antisemitic Joke From My Youth, and What It Says About the Elite

10 There Won’t Be Peace in the Middle East Till There’s a Naqba Museum in the U.S.

40 Are Leftleaning American Jews in Denial About the Zionist Dream’s Tailspin?

January 21 2008

21 Reagan Enters Bipartisan Pantheon, Joining FDR, HST, JFK

23 Mearsheimer: ‘No Misgivings’

22 AJC President Justifies Israeli Occupation as ‘Presence’

29 While American Jewry Sleeps, Leading Israeli Calls for Sanctions and Denounces ‘Lobby’ Here

January 18 2008

26 Did ‘The Times’ Leave Judy Miller Out in the Cold Because She Was Jewish? And Other Parochial Asides from an Angry Bill Kristol

51 Memorializing Bobby Fischer, NPR Confuses Anti-Israelism With Anti-Semitism

38 Huckabee: Palestinians Should Go Live in Arab Countries

4 British-Jewish Disillusionment in Israel Comes to Off-Broadway

4 The Israel Lobby Is Not a Conspiracy. It’s a Faction.

January 16 2008

50 American Jews Cannot Conduct a Discussion of Jewish Power Out of Earshot of ‘the Goyim’

January 15 2008

17 Settlement Czar Now in Oxfam Flap

January 14 2008

23 You Can’t Be Free….On Route 443!

18 Bush’s Limp Protest of Israeli Settlements Echoes Father’s Limp Protest, Eons Ago

January 13 2008

25 Israel, Sanction Thyself

13 None Dare Call It Neoconservatism

January 12 2008

31 I Admit It, I Voted for Nader in ’00. And I’ll Do It Again if You Nominate Hillary

January 11 2008

23 If Bush Is Serious About Settlements, He Should Stop American $’s Supporting Them

31 Is There a ‘Seismic Shift’ in our Media Re Israel/Palestine?

January 10 2008

35 Chicago Tribune: Israel Is Jews’ Spiritual Home. Nope, Mine’s Here!

15 Reviewing a Debacle: Howard Dean’s ‘Even-Handed’ Blunder in ’04

January 9 2008

3 Why I Don’t Believe Roger Clemens

10 Nationalism as a ‘Blinding Force’ in Jewish Identity

5 I-Won’t-Show-You-Mine-If-You-Show-Me-Yours Journalism

January 8 2008

16 Crushed. And Wrong

5 Did M’stream Media Assert Hillary Was a Lock to Cover Its Own Sorry Ass on Iraq?

15 Charlie Rose Breaks a Taboo, Allowing Open Discussion of ‘Jewish Lobby’

4 No, Virginia, There Is No Israel Lobby (1 Question About Israel in 11 Debates)

3 Mike Huckabee Is ‘A Face in the Crowd’

January 7 2008

18 Why I Don’t Believe the Reports from the Strait of Hormuz

3 Crying, and Not Crying, as a Test of Presidential Temperament

2 NY Sun Revives Cocaine Allegation Re Obama

3 Huckabee Supports a Palestinian State–in Saudi Arabia

1 MSNBC Should Stop Anchors From Advertising Their Books

8 Rooney’s Racism, on ’60 Minutes’

6 Walt & Mearsheimer Should Let Israel Be Israel

4 It’s Over. Or, Why the Baby Boomers Are Deserting Hillary for Obama

11 Obama Puts an End to Identity Politics

January 5 2008

28 Shocker: Haaretz Editor Urged Sec’y Rice to ‘Rape’ Israel

12 Israeli Minister’s Joy at Going From 56 to78% of Palestine Makes Israel Seem Like Landgrab

January 4 2008

35 Chris Matthews’s Coyness About Jewish Money in Politics Is Downright Irresponsible and Irritating

11 The Fresh Left: Obama Victory Signals an End to Left’s Marginalization

January 3 2008

6 The Kids Behind Obama

10 The American ‘Street’ Stuns the World

3 In Kenya, the Times Bumps Into the Israel Lobby

9 Jews Have Become Centrist Democrats

January 2 2008

15 This Time the Best and the Brightest Just Get Promoted (Bill Kristol Roosts at the Times)

3 Does Lantos’s Retirement Signal Change in Consciousness?

43 Hypocrisy: Keep America Secular, and Israel Jewish!

January 1 2008

8 My New Year’s Parties Expose Mingling of Affluent Gentiles and Jews

3 Elitist Journalists Dis Populist Iowa Caucuses As Elitist