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April 30 2008

10 Former Knesset Speaker: AIPAC Fosters ‘Near Treason’ In American Jews

13 The Professor Dragged Her Suitcases Through the Dust at the Checkpoint, and Thought of the Underground Railroad

19 Hillary’s Strategist Once Sought Full Accounting for Vietnam War Decision-Makers (Will Hillary Ever Apologize?)

April 29 2008

25 J Street Tees Up ‘Disturbing’ Jewish Role in Iraq War

18 Is Carter Holding Off on Endorsement as a Favor to Obama?

26 ‘Before I Was a Democrat, I Was a Zionist’–New Chair of Foreign Affairs Committee

12 Hillary’s Top Strategist Once Called for Violent Revolution

24 What Do Palestinians Want?

20 At N.Y. Nakba Event, Some Light at the End of the Tunnel, Inshallah

5 Hillary Uses the Israel Wedge, and So Will McCain. Can Obama Transcend It?

April 28 2008

34 Cable News Uses Assimilating Blacks to Paint Rev. Wright as Nuts. When Do Assimilating Jews Get Their Turn Re Israel?

12 Can Obama Succeed Where Almontaser Failed–Mediating Jewish and Arab Communities?

12 Nakba Hits Upper Broadway (When Will It Hit Times Square?)

9 Nakba Plays in London, How Long Before It Hits Broadway?

6 Why the Zionist Org of America Needs Rev. Wright

April 27 2008

38 In New Guinea, I Hear a Conspiracy Theory About Jews

2 Nakba Commemoration at Columbia U. This Week

31 My Jewish Problem: We’re Not Superior

10 Non-Arab Nakba Awareness Hits New High: the Associated Press!

12 Israelis & State Dept. Fume Over ‘Bigot’ Statement Made at Skadden, Arps

April 26 2008

21 Brando, Native American Activist, Gave Money to Irgun Out of Gratitude to Jews Who Helped Him in the Arts

36 Nadine Gordimer Under Pressure to Boycott Israeli Writers’ Festival

16 Obama: Elitist, or Just Elite?

April 25 2008

29 Skadden, Arps Hosts a Foreign Ambassador Smearing Our Former President as a Bigot

15 Don’t Get Down, Obama-ites!

40 Once ‘Daniel in the Lion’s Den’, Finkelstein Comes Into the Mainstream on Israel/Palestine!

9 Saying He Can’t Win Because He’s Black Is a Racist, Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

April 24 2008

20 Carter Is Marginalized by Israel, by U.S., and by ‘Times’

18 Israeli Ambassador: Israel Is ‘Far Better Country’ Than Most Other Countries and Contributes Much More to the World

5 In Happy Talk Report for American Journalists, Israel Lobby Blacks Out Olmert’s ‘Israel Is Finished’ Warning

22 Hillary’s Threat to Iran and the ‘Mindset of Perpetual Conflict’

April 23 2008

47 In Downtown New York, Palestinian Doctor Calls for an End to Zionism

35 Neoconservatism Has Gotten a Bad Name. Why Not ‘Nest of Vipers’?

8 McCain Laughs Now. We Laugh in November

20 Light, Light, Light Is Coming Into Our Lives (on Israel/Palestine)

10 Something Else I Was Wrong About

12 Bill Clinton Tells ‘The Big Lie’

3 Rendell Once Praised Farrakhan–for Good Reason

April 22 2008

22 I Swear My Mama Doesn’t Spy for Israel. Now, My Daddy–

9 In Long Profile of McCain Backer, ‘Times’ Suppresses His Israel Agenda

29 Obama’s Dark Side

10 If You Don’t Want to Be Labelled a Cabal, Don’t Act Like One

April 21 2008

12 We’re All Clinton-Haters Now

2 At Least Bill Kristol Is Being Upfront About His Zionist Agenda

12 Is ‘Times Columnist’ Kristol Still an Adviser to McCain?

8 Seinfeld’s Rabbi Friend Says Jews, Notwithstanding Success, Are ‘Endangered,’ Must Always Be On Guard

10 ‘The Atlantic’ Was Prophetic on Palestine in 1930

3 Israel Wire Service Reports Atrocities, Sans Context

April 19 2008

29 Congressman Ackerman Sends Out Religious Letter at Taxpayers’ Expense

11 At the Obama Rally: King, Rock Star, Religious Leader–Anything But a Politician

17 Let Obama Be Obama–Aristocratic

April 18 2008

9 ‘I’m for the Spook’

17 ‘Great Expectations’ Meets ‘The Declaration of Independence.’ Obama’s First Book

9 The Audacity of Pope

27 Fresh From Jerusalem, the Corries Come to New York to Celebrate Publication of Rachel Corrie’s Journals

19 Obama Surrogate Calls Walt & Mearsheimer ‘Specious, Dangerous, Venomous.’ Well At Least They’re Not Bitter.

April 17 2008

5 Out of the Ghetto: ‘J Street’ Calls on Gentiles for Support

April 16 2008

49 Why I Talk About Dual Loyalty

21 Bibi Says 9/11 Attack Has Been Good for Israel

21 ‘Right of Return’ Is Brought Up In Presidential Race. Hurray

35 Are These Kids in Blackface?

10 ‘Israelis Can’t Have an Economy Like Singapore’s and an Ethnic War Like Serbia’s’

6 Adelson Again. The Culture’s Double Standard for Christian and Jewish Right-Wing Moguls

April 15 2008

11 ‘J Street’ Begins Right Where It Should, By Attacking Neocons

12 Dennis Ross Says American Jews Must Be Obedient to Israeli Politics

11 The ‘Nakba’ Memorial Should Be Close by the ‘Holocaust Memorial’

April 14 2008

13 Why the Media Are for Obama: Self-Interest

23 And on Balalaika–There He Is, Next to the Security Fence– Brooklyn’s Own– Alannnn Dershowitz!

8 ‘All Israel’s Despicable Acts Become Fodder for a Rising Tide of Anti-Semitism World-Wide’

12 Pariah No More–the Political Lessons of ‘The Masters’

4 In the Only Democracy in the Middle East…

April 13 2008

21 The God That Failed (Chris Matthews)

8 Jewish Settlers Make Mosque Into Chicken Coop

18 Obama’s an Elitist, Intellectual Progressive. Where’s the Downside?

April 12 2008

10 Help Me, Rhonda

15 In Publishing Sununu Interview, Aaron David Miller Guts Sununu’s Strongest Criticisms of Lobby

44 New Jewish Center-Left Injects ’78-22′ into American Politics. At Last

6 In Political Coverage, ‘The Times’ Fails to Identify the Jewish Right

April 11 2008

13 ‘The Nation’ Is Afraid People Will Find Out Obama’s a Progressive

13 McCain’s Neocons Want to Replace U.N. With ‘League of Democracies.’ I Wonder Why

8 Finkelstein’s ‘Ruling Elite’ Is Gentile. He’s Wrong

April 10 2008

16 Is Wikipedia Slandering Thomas Friedman and Abe Foxman?

7 Nadler’s ‘Right of Return’ Legislation Throws Wrench in Works of Peace Process

1 American Athlete Who Overcame Mental Illness Is ‘A Little Different,’ and So What

24 General Election Will Feature Rev. Wright vs. Rev. Hagee on Palestinian Rights. Hallelujah!

16 Reflections on Indiana as a Jewish Place

9 Yad Vashem Sells Foxman’s Attack on ‘The Israel Lobby,’ But Not ‘The Israel Lobby’

April 9 2008

1 Dead Woman Walking

12 Did Wasserman Schultz or Ros-Lehtinen Help 21-Year-Old Land $300 Million Defense Contract?

33 ‘NPR’ Debates Arrangement of Deck Chairs on Titanic

April 8 2008

22 The Black Hopeful and Iran. Is This the Test of the Israel Lobby We’ve Been Waiting For?

3 A Gathering in an Airport at 1 A.M., and a Test of Character

6 My Florida Crush, Rep. Wasserman Schultz, Pulls a Lieberman, Supporting Iraq-Hawk Republicans

24 Suicide Bomber Kills 15, Including Highway Minister and Gold-Medal Marathoner (Don’t Worry; It Was in Sri Lanka)

April 7 2008

12 How Will Obama Reprise JFK’s October Surprise (Peace Corps)?

32 Further Proof that Americans Are Fed a Naive, Propagandized View of Israel/Palestine

6 ‘Best Western’ Hotel in Martinsville, IN, Leaves Empty Refrigerators On in Rooms

April 6 2008

28 ‘Shalom’ He Said With a Twinkle, Then Called on Americans to Imagine a One-State Solution

7 ‘Times’ Blindness to Palestinian Suffering Recalls Blindness to Jewish Suffering a Generation Ago

31 Kurtzer, Obama’s Surrogate, Issues Coded Assault on Israel Lobby

April 4 2008

50 Aaron David Miller: ‘Palestinians Fired at Israelis, Leaving 85 Palestinians and 16 Israelis Dead’

37 Podhoretz’s Extremist Vision of a Jewish ‘Judea and Samaria.’ Who Shares These Views?

April 3 2008

50 ‘Wash. Post’ Whitewashes an Extremist

April 2 2008

7 Just When We Were Getting to Know It, Is the Israel Lobby Dying on Stage?

12 Obama Brings Back the ‘Melting Pot’

22 Jews Take Credit for Manhattan Project, Why Not Baghdad Project?

14 Steve Walt’s Sacrifice

April 1 2008

18 Before His Silencing, Wright Likened Obama to Moses and Called ‘Times’ a Jewish Newspaper (I Love This Campaign!)

7 De-Marginalizing Jeremiah Wright

22 ‘Americans for Peace Now’ Bucks ‘Times,’ and Mainstream Jewish Opinion, Re Hamas