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May 15 2008

12 Bush Suggests Obama’s an Appeaser at Knesset–the Israel Lobby Finally Enters Our Political Discourse

8 Jaffa Is Still Contested Space (Even in Jewish Hearts and Minds)

21 Neocons Don’t Have Time for Golf. Or Didn’t. Maybe Now They Do?

28 ‘Commentary’ Ignores Palestinians’ Eyewitness Testimony in Denying that Zionists Drove Arabs From Jaffa in ’48

May 14 2008

12 One Cheer for Olbermann’s Latest Bush/Iraq Tirade

2 Citing Israel and Obama, Chicago’s Daley Quashes Anti-Iran-War Resolution

4 Prophet Without Honor: ‘Sydney Morning Herald’ Prints American’s Appeal for 1-State Solution

25 If Israel Is a Democracy, Why Does a Liberal Jewish Leader Forswear a Coalition With Arabs?

May 13 2008

20 Chicago City Council, Leading the Nation Re Iran

8 Bush’s Jewish Guest List to Israel Bash Feels a Little Throw-Backy

12 Obama’s Obeisance to the Lobby Concerns Me Not

20 Oren Shows, It’s Not that Zionism Is Racist, It’s that It’s Selfish

May 12 2008

12 ‘Loathing Is Acceptable,’ My Wife Said

7 Was Dennis Ross Sincere When He Scanted Power of Israel Lobby?

11 More Mainstream Voices Declare, Israel Can’t Survive as Jewish State

31 Progress, Progress. MSM Flatly Refers to ‘Cycle of Violence’

May 11 2008

47 Walt & Mearsheimer Must Be Brought Into the Mainstream (Just Ask Haaretz)

May 10 2008

49 Amid Tears, Brandeis Student Senate Declines to Congratulate Israel at 60

7 Nakba and Neocons Can Dance

9 Obama Vs. Goldberg (Or, Why the Jewish Experience of the U.S. Civil Rights Struggle Is Israel’s Only Hope)

May 9 2008

14 Israel Could Transform Its Future, and Image, by Recognizing ‘Nakba’ Right Now

10 And McCain Is Dukakis

4 Leviev Is Foiled at Last! And ‘Forward’ Refers to ‘Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine’

7 More Evidence of Obama’s Post-Racial Appeal

19 Was I Glib About Ahmadinejad?

6 ‘LA Times’ Bravely Addresses 1-State Solution

May 8 2008

17 Yes, He’s an Intellectual (Obama Uses the Word ‘Signifier’ to Describe Bowling)

4 Pastel-Pantsuit Populism Pasted as Pander

10 McCain’s Pastor Friend Calls for Destruction of Islam

7 Nelson Mandela Was a ‘Terrorist’ in Eyes of U.S. Government

5 Hot Tip for Hackademics

3 Obama Never Played the Gender Card (Or Any Other Identity Card)

15 Will Hillary’s Exit Signal the End of the Jewish Establishment?

May 7 2008

29 Being Right About Iraq War Finally Yields Career Dividends (Obama Closes In)

10 The World Will Play a Role in Our Election This Time

May 6 2008

4 I Was Wrong About Columbia’s ‘Lionpac”s Offer for Nakba Dialogue

10 Journalism 101: Don’t Use ‘Wow’ and ‘Holocaust’ in the Same Sentence

10 ‘Times’ Defines Nakba as ‘Israel’s Birth.’ Is That Right?

8 Hilda Silverman, Human Rights Leader, Passes On

23 Can Israel Become Democratic and Secular?

May 5 2008

27 ‘Walk Around Harvard. What Are the Names on the Buildings?’

16 ‘Financial Times’ Warns U.S. Must Choose Peace or Settlements. Our Candidates Are Mum

8 NYT Uses ‘Nakba’ 34 Times in 10 Years

4 Hillary Was Initially Against Bosnia Intervention, Biographer Says

10 In Rome, Jews Support a Neo-Fascist Because He’s Good for Israel

May 4 2008

3 In Indiana, Obama Dreams Not of His Father

35 Israelis at Columbia Express Fear of Arabs

6 The ‘Obama Effect’ Has Begun: ’60 Minutes’ Airs Stories on Racial Injustice, Third-World Doctors

50 John Mearsheimer Eviscerates the ‘Times’ Review of ’1948′

11 From Montana to ‘Bama– It’s Bloomberg Obama!

4 Abu Ghraib’s a Moral Fig Leaf for the Disastrous Decision to Invade (and Other Wit n Wisdom of Linc Chafee)

May 3 2008

23 Chairman of New-York Historical Society Underwrites Monument of Nakba Denial

22 Since When Did ‘Helping Israel’ Turn Into a Stated Reason for Invading Iraq?

4 Methodists Cite ‘Daily, Undeniable Misery’ of Palestinians Under Occupation

9 Columbia’s Israel Lobby Says Let’s Talk About the Nakba– in Private

9 Religious Jewish Colonists Attack American Envoy in Hebron

May 2 2008

10 Another Nakba Letter With Jewish Signatories in England. Do I Hear an Echo?

21 Obama Marginalizes the Left, Necessarily

23 Brzezinski Explains Why He (and Gazillions of Others) Are for Obama

4 More About Lila Abu-Lughod

13 I Go to a Hip NY Party. Here’s What They’re Saying About Barack

May 1 2008

37 Nakba Makes ‘The New Yorker’

11 Maybe Hillary Should Pull a Lieberman and Run All the Way to November

2 Juiced Baseball Has Come from Conspiracy Theory to Conventional Wisdom

May 31 2008

32 Reporters Project Their Own Power on to Those Wily Jewish Voters, Laying in the Weeds in the Everglades

18 ‘New York Times’ Flexes Its Moral Muscle for Palestinian Freedom

May 30 2008

8 Tough Israelis Tell Mearsheimer, ‘Give the Palestinians a State in Jordan’

4 Memo to ’60 Minutes’ Producers: Take ‘The Israel Lobby’ to the Israel Lobby

3 ‘J Street’ Adopts a Position Goldberg Deems ‘Anti-Semitic’

9 Steinhardt’s Hebrew Charter School in Brooklyn–What’s the Agenda?

17 Professor Gray Provides Me His First Name and Administers a Spanking

5 Roll Over Ben-Gurion, and Tell Jabotinsky the News

May 29 2008

12 McClellan May Be the Everyman That Breaks the Neocon’s Back

6 British Paper Publishes Jewish Anti-Zionist

10 Conventional Wisdom Shifts Toward Belief, We Can Live With a Nuclear Iran

32 At the Center for Jewish History, the Kumbaya Mood Is Broken With an Attack on Hiphop

14 In the Swamps…

8 ‘Maariv’ Laces Into Diaspora Jews Who Come and Go, ‘Basking a Little’ in Their Mediterranean State

May 28 2008

3 Has Haaretz Fired Amira Hass?

6 Why No McClellan of the Neocons? Or the Clintons?

4 How Lobby Duties Have Corrupted Jewish Leadership (AJC Refuses to Denounce Hagee’s Praise of Hitler)

4 Did Jeffrey Goldberg (Bravely) Damage His Friendship With Wieseltier by Embracing Walt & Mearsheimer Position?

May 27 2008

10 What Is the World Coming to, Two Jews Say ‘Zionism Is Racism’

1 Kovner the Juilliard Chairman Should Pay a Price for His Extremist Connections

0 Kovner the Liberal Lawyer Wants to ‘Restore First Amendment’ for Americans to Speak About Israel

13 Zbig Brzezinski Says Israel Lobby Is ‘McCarthyite’

9 The Nakba Isn’t Just History, It’s About People Feeling Homeless

14 Why Have the Dogs Stopped Eating Their Neocon Dogfood?

May 26 2008

18 Christians Don’t Live in the Past? Aaargghh!

22 Getting It Right Re Finkelstein

May 25 2008

35 ‘American Jews Are Double Agents’

18 Work With Me, Sword of Gideon

4 Neocons Barefoot, Lonely, in Caves

May 24 2008

34 Now What Do You Think About the Death of Vincent Foster?

May 23 2008

14 Finkelstein Kicked out of Israel as ‘Security Risk’

3 Where Is Fukuyama?

23 Jerome Slater Pulls Intellectual/Historical Rug Out From Under Goldberg

10 As Obama Heads to Minnesota, Swedish-Americans Have Doubts About His Sweden Policy

7 Define ‘Argy Bargy’

1 94-Year-Old Jew Will Vote for Obama

6 Chris Hedges Embraces, Expands Walt and Mearsheimer’s Analysis

May 22 2008

14 Why Did the Israeli Lieutenant Hold a Pistol to the Boy’s Head When He Tried to Bring Water to His Evicted Family on the Road in July ’48? Why?

20 The Obama Effect: Is It Possible to Have a ‘Diverse’ Social Life and Be a Zionist?

19 In Brooklyn Meeting House, Jews Speak of Families Divided Over Israel Issue

May 21 2008

7 Nakba Reaches the Subaru Set (NPR, on the Case)

6 Top Political Columnist for Major Paper ‘Absolutely’ Supports All Palestinian Actions. How Long Before He Gets Fired?!

8 Goldberg’s Variation

May 20 2008

43 Pseudonymous Columnist Markets Zionism to Christians–and for Arabs, ‘More Barbed Wire, More War, Please’

16 The Doors Are Opening… NYT Publishes Walt, Mearsheimer and a Nakba Jew

20 ‘Vanity Fair’ Breaks Taboo on Discussing Jewish Rise and WASP Decline

May 19 2008

16 Was Goldberg Courageous, or Just Goin’ With the Progressive Tide?

5 It’s Cricket to Keep Kosher

17 Haim Saban Accused of Vote-Tampering. To What End?

11 I Think ‘The Times’ Is Exercising a Religious Bar

23 What Obama Told Goldberg, Behind Closed Doors

May 18 2008

17 We Are All Mearsheimerites Now: Jeffrey Goldberg Joins the Anti’s

8 Another Sign of Progress: Abe Foxman Bewails the (Alleged) Nakba Coverage

8 Tom Friedman Advances the Lone-Gunman Theory of Iraq War

12 ‘Birthright’ Should Welcome Non-Jews (and Other Reflections on the Obama Effect on Identity)

3 How Can Bush Support a Palestinian State If His Crony Wants ‘All Arabs to Disappear’?

May 17 2008

25 Osama: Palestinian Cause Was ‘Main Factor’

7 Iraq Is Just a Rainy Day at the Beach in American History, Shrugs Robert Kagan

17 Arendt and Kissinger Both Feared that Israeli Intransigence Would Generate Antisemitic Violence

May 16 2008

7 Israel Warns UN and Palestinians to Cleanse Their ‘Lexicons’ of a Word. Guess Which One

2 Peretz and Goldberg Get Obama to Renew the Balfour Declaration

May 15 2008

9 Jeffrey Goldberg Says American Politicians Can Say ‘Whatever They Want About Israel’

4 A Nakba Memorial, of Sorts