The Gestapo Didn’t Have a Water Cannon

The other day I wrote about what I loved about Israel. This is why Israel is a sick society. Unarmed Palestinian fishermen, shot at by Israeli soldiers on the sea, with brio. Jews Sans Frontieres says this video has shown up in China. Where's the American coverage of the pogroms on Palestinian fishermen? Can you imagine if anyone was doing this to Jews trying to make a living? Of course there's no outrage in the U.S., and the presidential campaigns have a fake conversation about this sh*t, which is why it goes on unabated. And why, when the reckoning does come, it appears more and more likely that it will be a solution that ends the idea of a religious state in historical Palestine. 

Thanks to David Bloom.

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  1. Wow!

    What harrassment!! Disgusting.

    But I'm glad that last week, in the midst of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, Congress approved another $3 billion in military aid to Israel!

    USA! USA! USA!

  2. Richard Witty says:

    The MORE IMPORTANT question is what heals it?

    Peace, fair, safe, and just peace.

  3. Richard Witty says:

    Is the US a sick society?

    Any effort at reform here?

  4. "Is the US a sick society?"


    Any nation that can inflict what it did on Iraq and go blithely about its business needs an expert psychiatrist.

  5. "Is the US a sick society?"

    You'll notice that no one in the presidential and VP debates even mentions Iraqi civilian suffering.

    Moreover, Palin actually giggled and smiled when she acknowledged that the invasion had suffered from "blunders."

    I guess one woman's silly "blunder" is the end of existence on Earth for thousands of others.