Dershowitz allegation that Mufti had 4000 children ‘gassed’ is questioned

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Yesterday Alan Dershowitz–whose picture I’d run here every day if I had my druthers, I think it’s good for traffic– had a piece in the Jerusalem Post saying

that Palestinians assisted the Nazis during the Holocaust, thereby legitimizing the 1947 partition of Palestine to create a Jewish state. Much of the piece deals with the Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, who met with Hitler and was famously anti-Semitic. The Israel lobby is now using Husseini’s former leadership role in Palestinian society to try to blacken Palestinians so that they never have the right to self-determination. 

Jeff Blankfort read the piece carefully and passed along this comment:

Dershowitz’s statement that the Mufti "personally stopped 4,000 children, accompanied by 500 adults, from leaving Europe and had them sent to Auschwitz and gassed," is almost word for word from the FIRST part of a sentence by Raul Hilberg, on p. 504 of the "Destruction of the European Jews." According to Hilberg, "4,000 children, accompanied by 500 adults reached Palestine and for that reason he [Mufti] asked the German Foreign Minister to do his utmost to prevent further immigration from Bulgaria, Roumania and Hungary."

That’s it in 790 pages. There is no any other mention of the Mufti until the end of the book when the American Jewish Conference wanted him prosecuted as a war criminal.

Blankfort feels that Dershowitz made up the second half of the sentence, the assertion that Husseini had the Jews gassed. Blankfort again:

He clearly went to the Hilberg book, and then changed the ending to make his point. Fortunately, I have the book. Hilberg was considered the number one expert on the details of the Holocaust and to his credit he publicly supported Finkelstein in his battle for tenure at DePaul.The Mufti was clearly a Nazi sympathizer who saw the connection with Hitler as a means of preventing Jews from colonizing Palestine but the evidence that he was involved in any way with the Nazi extermination operation does not appear to be there. Dershowitz, taking his cue from Lieberman, probably both of them,Avigdor and Joe,  tries to do his part and sees the quote from Hilberg, because I am sure he has the same book, and gives it a different ending.

I’m not sure where I come down on this. I wouldn’t put it past Dershowitz. It certainly raises a question. I give him the benefit of the doubt; he’s looked at other books or, more likely, ordered his assistants to look at other books. Professor, what’s your source?

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  1. lovelyisraelis
    July 28, 2009, 9:05 pm

    how about ben gurion?

    if he had his “druthers” 50% more children would have been murdered by the nazis:

    “If I knew that it was possible to save all the children of Germany by transporting them to England, but only half of them by transporting them to Palestine, I would choose the second—because we face not only the reckoning of those children, but the historical reckoning of the Jewish people.”

    What a goddamn psychopath!

  2. v...
    July 28, 2009, 9:31 pm

    Now I am sure you are not running his photo for aesthetic purposes….lol

  3. DICKERSON3870
    July 28, 2009, 9:32 pm

    RE: “Dershowitz allegation that Mufti had 4000 children ‘gassed’ is questioned”

    SEE: “The Origin of the Palestine-Israel Conflict”, Third Edition, published by Jews for Justice in the Middle East

    (EXCERPT) Wasn’t the main goal of Zionism to save Jews from the Holocaust?

    “In 1938 a thirty-one nation conference was held in Evian, France, on resettlement of the victims of Nazism. The World Zionist Organization refused to participate, fearing that resettlement of Jews in other states would reduce the number available for Palestine.” John Quigley, “Palestine and Israel: A Challengeto Justice.”
    “It was summed up in the meeting [of the Jewish Agency’s Executive on June 26, 1938] that the Zionist thing to do ‘is belittle the [Evian] Conference as far as possible and to cause it to decide nothing…We are particularly worried that it would move Jewish organizations to collect large sums of money for aid to Jewish refugees, and these collections could interfere with our collection efforts’…Ben-Gurion’s statement at the same meeting: ‘No rationalization can turn the conference from a harmful to a useful one. What can and should be done is to limit the damage as far as possible.’ ” Israeli author Boas Evron, “Jewish State or Israeli Nation?”
    “[Ben-Gurion stated,] ‘If I knew that it was possible to save all the children in Germany by transporting them to England, but only half of them by transporting them to Palestine, I would choose the second—because we face not only the reckoning of those children, but the historical reckoning of the Jewish people.’ In the wake of the Kristallnacht pogroms, Ben-Gurion commented that ‘the human conscience’ might bring various countries to open their doors to Jewish refugees from Germany. He saw this as a threat and warned: ‘Zionism is in danger.’ ” Israeli historian, Tom Segev, “The Seventh Million.”
    “The Zionist movement…interfered with and hindered other organizations, Jewish and non-Jewish, whenever it imagined that their activity, political or humanitarian, was at variance with Zionist aims or in competition with them, even when these might be helpful to Jews, even when it was a question of life and death…Beit Zvi documents the Zionist leadership’s indifference to saving Jews from the Nazi menace except in cases in which the Jews could be brought to Palestine…[e.g.] the readiness of the dictator of the Dominican Republic, Rafael Trujillo, to absorb one hundred thousand refugees and the sabotaging of this idea—as well as others, like proposals to settle the Jews in Alaska and the Philippines—by the Zionist movement… “The obtuseness of the Zionist movement toward the fate of European Jewry did not prevent it, of course, from later hurling accusations against the whole world for its indifference toward the Jewish catastrophe or from pressing material, political, and moral demands on the world because of that indifference.”
    Israeli author Boas Evron, “Jewish State or Israeli Nation?”

    “The Origin of…” (40 pages) – link to

  4. Joachim Martillo
    July 28, 2009, 10:01 pm

    Responding to Zionist Collaboration Propaganda
    Open Letter to Guardian Editor
    In Re: Israel uses Hitler picture to sell its settlement expansion

    Dear Mr. Leach,

    I am an historical political economist specializing in modern E. European Jewish studies.

    I have often been puzzled by the claim that “the Mufti of Jerusalem … helped [the Nazis] raise an SS division in Bosnia” because he spoke neither Serbo-Croation nor German. As far as I can tell he spent most of his time in Yugoslavia with a N. African Arabic regiment that had more or less been conscripted to fight alongside the Wehrmacht in E. Europe.

    There is no evidence that the Mufti sympathized with the German Nazis except insofar as they were willing to help him drive Eastern and Central European Zionist invaders out of Palestine.

    You can find my blog entry on Zionist-Nazi collaboration at Nazi-Zionist Friendship Commemorative Medal.

    Sincerely yours,

    Joachim Martillo
    Ethnic Ashkenazim Against Zionist Israel

  5. Un-Natural Growth
    July 28, 2009, 10:02 pm

    Dersh is such an embarrassment to Harvard. He’s a smashmouth thug, an intellectually dishonest lawyer for Zionism, and his tactics are to be despised. He provides political cover for the Palestinian apartheid by fabricating the Mufti’s role in World War II, and advocates a collective punishment for the Palestinians.

    The Zionists are on the run, shifting the goal-posts. There are Bible-thumping fanatics like David Harris of AJC getting an audience with 20 Democratic senators (!!) and informing them that Israelis have a 2,000-year deed on Palestinian land. David Frum and Elliott Abra,ms are spreading disinformation to undermine the good work of the Obama administration.

    Memo to Dersh: as lawyer for Israel, can you please pass the message to your client Bibi to take his greasy Zionist paws off our $3 billion in taxpayer dollars that he uses to obliterate little children in the Gaza Strip? Hey, much appreciated, Dersh, thanks heaps.

  6. v...
    July 28, 2009, 11:06 pm

    This is the same nonsense found in Dershowitz’s “Case For Israel,” book – you know, the one that plagiarizes a hoax (Peters bullshit) . I find it interesting that when he quotes from “himself” (with still NO supporting evidence in what he says) –

    “For example, in 1944, a German-Arab commando unit, under Husseini’s command, parachuted into Palestine with the intention of poisoning Tel Aviv’s wells.” [as example]

    Than he goes on to “extrapolate” –

    “…support were widespread among his Palestinian followers, who regarded him as a hero even after the war and the disclosure of his role in Nazi atrocities…”

    “…The notorious photograph of Husseini and Hitler, together in Berlin, was proudly displayed in many Palestinian homes…”

    “…after Husseini’s activities in the Holocaust became widely known and praised among Palestinians…”

    “…Husseini is still regarded by many as “the George Washington” of the Palestinian people…”

    “…He was their hero, despite – more likely, because of – his active role in the genocide against the Jewish people…”

    Etc., etc….you get the point, wild inflammation beyond reason. The fact of the matter is, he does not say much different about Husseini that what he said in his “blockbuster” hoax lifting book “Case…” , there is only one important difference, his conclusions, in his original work (I use the term lightly) he concludes –

    pg 56 and 57 – “Although it would be unfair to hold the Palestinian people responsible for the murder of European Jewry, its official leadership was certainly far from blameless in the Holocaust.”


    Note carefully, if you will, how counsels views have conveniently changed over the years, through desperation over the current light shed on the murderous activity of Israel towards the Palestinians, its worldwide exposure, and the growing consensus in the world that these atrocities must stop. The vitriol increases in the periodic screeds of the professor, and is than injected into the well oiled extended Israel Lobby echo chamber, and is supposed to disgrace the Palestinians as a whole when needed. It just proves one thing for sure – it is not only the work of Dershowitz that is deceptive and shoddy, but also his character. Can anyone make a “case” for this character?

  7. David F.
    July 28, 2009, 11:41 pm

    I’m not sure Dershowitz worries about sources enough to bother cherry picking and mutilating quotes from Hilberg’s 1000+ page masterwork.

    I’ve never noticed that D. cares very much whether his supposed evidence is real or made up. He’s a lawyer and propagandist. Truth is immaterial to his goals.

  8. DaveS
    July 28, 2009, 11:50 pm

    Dershowitz is one of the most deceitful, disgraceful “public intellectuals” in the world. A full-length book could be written about his dishonesty. If you ever check his footnotes, when he provides them, he almost unfailingly has distorted or even fabricated his claims. Big lies, little lies, even easily exposable lies. It doesn’t matter to him.

    He’s been peddling this nonsense about the Mufti for years, at least since his 2002 Case For Israel book, but he’s been getting more and more hysterical in recent years. He uses the argument to claim that the Palestinians deserved what they got, because they truly are partially responsible for the Holocaust. Of course, his evidence is all against the Mufti, so to make the Palestinians collectively responsible for the Mufti’s Nazi sympathies, he claimed Edward Said was on his side. I checked the quote Dersh cited from the Said book and found that Dershowitz had altered it, subtly but with clear intent to distort. When I confronted the schmuck by email, he had no excuse or answer but just wanted to know about me. He should never, ever be believed without checking and double-checking his facts. At best, he relies on the lies of others, but more often, he makes up his own facts.

    His thesis that the Palestinians deserved to be targeted for ethnic cleansing because of their complicity in the Holocaust is, on its face, absurd. They were targeted decades before the Holocaust because they happened to live on land desired by the Zionists. Ben-Gurion was occasionally candid about why the Palestinians would naturally resent this invasion of foreigners. No one, from Herzl to Ben-Gurion and his contemporaries, ever suggestion that the Palestinians deserved to be displaced because of pro-Nazi sympathies. This belated excuse and justification is nonsense. Wasn’t it convenient that the indigenous population which had to be subdued and expelled to make room for Israel, wound up committing the cardinal sin of Nazi-worship decades later, thereby retroactively justifying the Zionist plan to displace them. It is similar to Joan Peters’ thesis that the Palestinians deserved displacement because they were recent immigrants themselves who had been attracted solely by Jewish prosperity. How did the early Zionists miss this moral foundation for their enterprise? Why did it take a half-witted “journalist” to dream it up nearly a century after the fact?

  9. jaime
    July 28, 2009, 11:57 pm

    This is not the first, and I think, neither the last that Dershowitz falsifies history. Finkelstein unmasked Finkelstein as a plagiarist a while back.

  10. michelle
    July 29, 2009, 1:26 am

    RE:There is no any other mention of the Mufti until the end of the book when the American Jewish Conference wanted him prosecuted as a war criminal.

    Yeah, Arial Sharon’s dad must have been on that panel. I swear, I don’t know if it’s Jews or Zionists but they live in a parallel universe which ever applies.

  11. otto
    July 29, 2009, 1:51 am

    Surely any criticism of the Palestinians for objecting to immigration to Palestine (as colonists, of course) of those threatened by the holocaust can be equally applied to all countries that did not allow open migration to jewish and other refugees, not least the United States and Canada, where of course one might add that there was no danger that that any such migration could be used as the basis to found an apartheid colonial state.

  12. Shmuel
    July 29, 2009, 2:44 am

    See Idith Zertal, Ha’umah Vehamavet (Death and the Nation), pp.142-150, on the Nazification of the Arabs (“Arabs=Nazis”) and the exaggeration of the role of Al-Husseini in Zionist propaganda. Sorry I only have the reference in Hebrew.

  13. Eva Smagacz
    July 29, 2009, 3:14 am

    Dershowitz is quite safe: dead people cannot sue, just as poor people cannot sue.

  14. Citizen
    July 29, 2009, 7:57 am

    So, Dershie says it’s fair to impose collective punishment on the Palestinians for decades now because The Grand Mufti believed the Nazis (with whom he found a safe haven as a political refugee) would help his own nationalistic struggle back home against the Jewish interlopers immigrating from Europe? The Mufti was put into highest power in his own land by the British who hoped to use him to maintain law and order, colonialism carried out on the cheap, for oil.

    The Brits literally put the Grand in Grand Mufti. The original
    candidates put up by the Arabs themselves for the regular mufti slot were all more
    moderate elites, and long opponents of he who became so Grand–when one of the
    original candidates was induced by the connivance of the Brits to drop out, thus opening up a place for Mister Grand Mufti to run for Brit appointment.

    Why wouldn’t some Palestinians like a man who had so much power over them
    due to British power over them, especially when they knew he had a history of
    fighting the Brits and the Jews, both of whom they viewed as trespassers? How
    does this admitted jew-hater’s trajectory make all Palestinians Shoah enablers or
    heirs of same? And so worthy of their present fate?

    Finland was a Nazi ally to fight Stalin’s occupation. Does that make all Finns anti-semites responsible for the Shoah?

    Should all American Jews be tossed into prison because of Madoff and other well
    known Wall St scam artists?

  15. Citizen
    July 29, 2009, 8:05 am

    When one can blame Finland that it should be ashamed of the collaboration with Nazi-Germany, one can see the situation as the same when the Western countries, USA, UK etc. gave a huge material support to Soviet though they knew which kind of administration existed in the Soviet Union. There were Jewish officers in the Finnish
    army. Finland had swastikas on its air planes in WW1, before Hitler ever thought of
    using that symbol, which is ancient in certain cultures.

  16. Gert
    July 29, 2009, 9:52 am

    This story’s been doing the rounds for years in the Far Right US pro-Zionist blogosphere (it’s that part of the Tinkerweb’s sewers where the wearing of armpit high wellies, goggles and other protective gear is highly recommended when one wants to ‘wade in’), in all likelihood first disseminated by Far Right rags like David Horriblewitz’ FrontPageMag.

    Jerkowitz shows himself from his most disingenuous side again: the man’s on record being against the Occupation (I kid you not), yet wants to claim Palestinian self-determination should not be granted, based on the highly contentious claim of a crime with which the vast, overwhelming majority of Palestinians had absolutely nothing to do with.

    Watch this story gain a revival now, he peddled similar nonsense about Hamas at Durban II and some of that stuck too… The man’s a real douchebag and I’d say it to his face too…

  17. Tridant10
    July 29, 2009, 11:04 am

    Al-Hajj Amin al-Husayni, the Mufti of Jerusalem, is a pathetic figure in which Zionists have found a propaganda gold mine. Exaggerations of his contacts with the Nazis is part of the big lie, designed to discredit the Palestinians as a people and somehow justify their dispossession and subjugation by Zionists colonists.
    What the masters of zioinst hasbara, including Dershowitz, do not tell us is that the forefathers of Likud also has contacts with the Nazis during WWII. In particular, LEHI (one of whose leaders was none other than israeli prime minister, Yitzak Shamir ) not only had contact with the Nazis during WWII but proposed “THE ACTIVE PARTICIPATION OF THE NATIONAL MILITARY ORGANIZATION IN THE WAR ON THE SIDE OF GERMANY” in order to facilitate “The establishment of the historical Jewish state on a national and totalitarian basis, which will maintain contacts with the German Reich, is a German interest, for strengthening and protecting the German power posts which will be established in the near future in the Near East.”

  18. Ismail
    July 29, 2009, 12:47 pm

    Actually, Philip, I’d love to know the cause of your uncertainty re Dersh’s latest fabrication. The impeccable Hilberg claims with certainty that the 4500 souls in question reached Palestine safely. The diminutive hasbara fountain from Cambridge says they were killed. You seem like a wonderfully fair sort of guy, but aren’t you being just a little too understanding in this case?
    Really, whence your uncertainty? Can you seriously imagine that Hilberg was dissembling and that Dersh is standing up for the truth?

  19. syvanen
    July 29, 2009, 5:30 pm

    Why give Dersh the benefit of the doubt — Finklestein nailed him as a plagiarist.

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