If not for Mondoweiss and others who share our commitment to a just peace in Palestine, our new movement of “Return Solidarity” would be dancing in the dark. But Mondoweiss strikes blows that make cracks in the English-speaking world’s stone wall of silence about Israeli colonialism and apartheid. Yes, we need Mondoweiss—and for the site to continue delivering the stories and images suppressed elsewhere, you and I must invest in its capacity. Please give today.

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This year, Ha’aretz columnist Amira Hass described Mondoweiss as one of the essential websites “you must visit to understand Israel’s policy toward Palestinians.” She wrote, “One can’t help but envy the site for its network of writers and reporters from the field.” We’re proud to be recognized, but Mondoweiss can’t accomplish all that is necessary without your help. We have all sorts of plans for 2019, including new site design that will make it easier to find what you need; new editors and specialty content sections; and continuing expansion of the topics and regions we report on. And all this will be possible, thanks to the extraordinary community of readers and supporters like you. Where do you fit in? No one person needs to give more than they can — but each of us has our part to play in spreading the news from Palestine to all who need to hear it, worldwide.

Earlier this week we presented you, our readers, with a challenge. Five donors were offering up to $3,000 to match every gift we received over 24 hours and I have GREAT news – not only did you meet the match, your generosity and enthusiasm exceeded it! To be specific, we raised over $7,500 in 24 hours, bringing our total to over $10,000 after the match. Thank you!

While those demonstrating in Gaza put themselves at the mercy of an army that has proved itself conscienceless, people like you are investing to make sure the word gets out. The support of hundreds of people committed to truth has allowed Mondoweiss to provide images, reporting and commentary on the Great March of Return. Our current fundraising campaign, Mondoweiss Mondays, has successfully met two challenges of major longtime supporters. The second challenge was fully matched within three days — so yet another donor has now stepped up. In order to keep the momentum for the rest of April, a new match has been offered by a supporter who is pledging $60 for each of the next 25 people who commit to a new recurring donation at any level. Please sign up now to multiply your impact as an investor in truthful reporting from Palestine.

You already know that last Friday in Palestine tens of thousands of dedicated Palestinians made their way to the border between Gaza and Israel, and that the Israeli armed forces used snipers to pick off individuals and intimidate nonviolent protesters. Mondoweiss reported from the Great March of Return, and will continue to provide photo, video and oral documentation of this historic statement of sumud—and the atrocities in response. We truly believe that our work reporting on this systematic violence is a vital tool in fighting against it and building a better future. If you agree that truth-telling is mighty and necessary, please consider signing up for a regular contribution to be processed every other week.

Last month in the Thousand Voices for Truth campaign, Mondoweiss highlighted the expert analysis and on-the-spot reporting that make the site an essential tool in the effort to inform and mobilize the public worldwide. We also asked readers to invest in Mondoweiss journalism; our campaign goal was to raise $160,000. Well, we blew past the goal! We have received over $175,000 in cash and pledges—with more still coming in every day—to sustain and grow our work. Thank you to every single contributor. We will use your gifts to share the facts as broadly as we possibly can.

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