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We need just twelve more people — can you be one?

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I’m sure you’re aware of the many ways Israel and its supporters have worked to suppress information about the Great March of Return going on right now in Gaza. Efforts to silence the truth have ranged from typical Israeli government misinformation to the sickening murders by Israeli sniper fire of journalists Yaser Murtaja and Ahmad Abu Hussein.

While those who defend Israel at all costs hope desperately to hide the facts from public scrutiny, the Mondoweiss team has been working overtime to expose them.

And we’re able to spread the word to ever more people, because people like you invest in our work. Contributions from hundreds of people enable Mondoweiss to publish images, reporting and commentary to give context to the Great March of Return. Take the cartoon above by the talented Carlos Latuff. Carlos is able to convey in a few vivid strokes the lunacy and cruelty of the Israeli regime — and Mondoweiss shares his drawings week in and week out.

Our current fundraising campaign, Mondoweiss Mondays, is focused on recruiting regular donors. We’ve had great success this month, with dozens of new recurring gifts. Last week, one of our most steadfast supporters offered to contribute $60 in matching funds for every new recurring gift for the rest of this month — up to 25 new gifts. As of now, we are twelve short of that goal. Please sign up now to multiply your impact as an investor in truthful reporting from Palestine. Commit to accurate reporting and insightful commentary by giving $2 every other week ($52/year); or $5 every other week ($130/year) or $10 ($260/year)

Please give today to increase the number of people who learn facts and challenge mainstream narratives — in order to bring justice sooner for Palestinians everywhere.

If giving every other week doesn’t fit for you, please consider contributing now anyway. Whether you want to give just once, or you want to sign up for $40/month–you can go to our main donation page and set up whatever works best for you.

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Tova Perlmutter

Tova Perlmutter is Mondoweiss’s Executive Director.

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