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Today, the fight for justice is being fought in the United States, in Palestine and in countless places around the world. As you know, the corporate media’s attention span is short – when they notice at all. At Mondoweiss, our beat is Palestine and the movements, activists and policymakers who affect what’s happening there. We cover Palestinians’ stories of occupation, resistance and hope – stories that show us all how the world’s struggles interconnect. Today, we’re asking for your help in continuing this essential work.

A protest in support of the rights of Palestinian political prisoners.

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I am proud that Mondoweiss supports movement organizations like We Are Not Numbers, which helps young Palestinians not only to survive, but to grow and contribute to the struggle for freedom. Our goal this week is to sign up 50 new monthly donors to Mondoweiss, and a loyal supporter has offered a $60 match for every new subscriber — at any level! We will share the proceeds of this drive with We Are Not Numbers. Please read on to understand why.

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