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Below are some highlights of Mondoweiss’s first thirteen years. Below each image you can find links to many of the articles we found particularly memorable. If you find meaning in the evolution of Mondoweiss as a news source–which we believe reflects the progress of Palestine’s struggle for liberation–please donate today so we can keep providing information in a timely and thoughtful way, to all who need it.

Long before I ever imagined joining the Mondoweiss team, I was part of its target audience. And my story — a journey to solidarity over just a few years — is evidence that accurate news, day in and day out, can convert people and help move the world to the necessary tipping point. Please give today to keep Mondoweiss delivering valuable information and reaching new audiences. The change you seek for Palestine depends on your support.

Check out the new Mondoweiss wall calendar for 2019 -- Life, Resistance and History in Palestine

Mondoweiss is pleased to announce the creation of our first-ever wall calendar, now available for purchase. The 2019 calendar shows key dates in Palestine/Israel’s history, along with images of daily Palestinian life and resistance.

We produced this calendar to share with you the kind of images that Mondoweiss publishes daily. We hope this is a product you will be happy to display in your home, office or give as a gift. The calendar will begin shipping in early October – but you can pre-order now.