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Great March of Return

Gaza boy dies 3 months after being shot in head with teargas canister

Kate on

Palestinian medical sources have reported that a child died, Friday, from serious wounds he suffered in mid-October of 2019, after Israeli soldiers shot in southern Gaza, IMEMC reports. The sources said the child, Ala’ Hani al-Abbassi, 15, was shot by the soldiers with a high-velocity gas bomb in his head, east of Khan Younis.

The captain returns: Gaza fisherman home after 18 months in an Israeli prison

Abdallah Abusamra and Pam Bailey on
Suhail al-Amoudi with his grandson Mohammed after returning home.

A largely forgotten casualty of the Great Return March protests in the Gaza Strip quietly returned home in November after serving 18 months in an Israeli prison. Suhail al-Amoudi, 58, was the captain in the Freedom Boats 2, commanding one of three vessels in a flotilla that sought to break the Israeli naval blockade around Gaza. 

50 Palestinian protesters have been blinded by shots to the eye at Gaza fence protests

Kate on

Israeli snipers targeting participants in Gaza’s weekly Great Return March protests have aimed for the legs – and eyes. To date, Gaza’s Ministry of Health reports that 50 protesters have been shot in the eye with teargas canisters or rubber bullets since the demonstrations began March 30, 2018 – leaving them permanently blind, according to an investigation by al-Araby.

43 children are shot at Friday march in Gaza

Kate on

In Gaza on Friday, 95 Palestinian civilians, including 43 children, a woman, 2 paramedics and a journalist, were shot and injured by Israeli forces, who fired live rounds against peaceful Palestinian protesters at the 80th Great March of Return.

‘Expect anything’ — the steadfast service of a Gaza paramedic

Ahmad Kabariti on

Nada Shaikh Deeb, a 23-year-old volunteer paramedic in Gaza, has attended every protest at the fence since March 2018. Even after an Israeli officer taunted her following the killing of paramedic Razan al-Najjar. “You’ve still got time to catch up with Razan,” he said. “Expect anything.”

71 more Gaza protesters injured, 33 by live fire

Kate on

Seventy-one Palestinian civilians, including 28 children, were injured due to Israeli soldiers’ excessive use of force against peaceful protesters at the 78th Great March of Return, yesterday, the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights reported. Hundreds of civilians protested near the fence across the Gaza Strip. Some protesters attempted to throw stones, Molotov Cocktails and firecrackers at the Israeli forces.

Gazans honor 78 children killed at the fence

Kate on

Israeli forces attacked non-violent protesters in Gaza Friday, killing one Palestinian and wounding 57. The Palestinian protest organizers called this Friday’s protest the “Friday of 78 Children”, in honor of the 78 children killed by Israeli forces since the weekly marches began in March 2018.

Israelis were ‘saddened’ to have to kill Gaza protesters, to avert ‘bloodbath’

Philip Weiss on

American Jews who condemned Israel’s slaughter of Gaza protesters don’t understand that Judaism is now the Jewish state and it won’t survive if Palestinian refugees are allowed to return, which is why no Israeli Jews questioned the slaughter, Daniel Gordis writes, urging American Jews to stick by Israel to stay Jewish.

In Gaza, 86 Palestinians injured, one slain, in 76th Friday protest

Kate on

At the Gaza border in Rafah yesterday hundreds of protesters gathered for speeches and folk songs. Dozens approached the fence and threw stones and Molotov Cocktails, and Israeli soldiers responded with live fire, killing Saher ‘Awadallah Jaber ‘Othman (20).

Reflections from Gaza on anti-Semitic language

Haidar Eid on
Palestinian protesters join the Great March of Return at the Israel-Gaza border in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip

Haidar Eid writes Palestinians can never endorse anti-Semitism and looks at models within popular movements and supporters of BDS who have championed the rights of all and worked in partnership with Jewish supporters of Palestinian human rights.

All that we long for is justice and equality

Ahmed Abu Artema on
Palestinian activist Ahmed Abu Artema, 34, in Washington DC, Monday March 18, 2019. (Photo: Allison Deger)

“Let us combine forces. Let us struggle together. Cross the mountainous road together, and strive together for a better world for us, for our children, and for our grandchildren. A world where all human beings are equal, safe, and free.” — Great March of Return founder Ahmed Abu-Artema addresses the 2019 Palestine Expo in London, England

Meet Jamil al-Baz, portraitist of the March of Return’s fallen

Ahmad Kabariti on
Jamil holding a portrait of his friend, Tamer Abu al-Khair.

“Posters of the world’s cinema heroes are pasted on the walls outside Gaza, but the martyrs of the March of Return have become the heroes of our real life cinema here in Gaza,” explains 16-year-old Jamil al-Baz, who has drawn the portraits of dozens of the protesters who has been killed in the 66 weeks of the protest in Gaza so far.

‘Your home is my home!’ — Rivlin slips up at Iftar

Hatim Kanaaneh on

After Reuven Rivlin greeted Palestinians at an Iftar meal, “Your home is my home,” Hatim Kanaaneh wonders: “Could the president have such an odd sense of humor? Could he be on such close terms with his Muslim friends that he had decided to needle them a little about who now lives in whose house?”

‘Music of dead, bombed-out buildings must be heard’ — Gaza artists hold anti-Eurovision concert in building destroyed by Israeli attack

Ahmad Kabariti on
Children watch the concert in the ruins of the al-Qamar building (Photo: Mohammed Asad)

Palestinian artists held a concert in a building destroyed by Israel just a week ago to call on the world to boycott the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Tel Aviv. “Why doesn’t Eurovision arrange an event to let the music of dead, bombed-out buildings, and for the voices of mothers of the slain to be heard?” asked Sabreen Juma’a al-Najjar, the mother of slain paramedic Razan Al-Najjar, who attended the concert.