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Thank you for helping equip Mondoweiss to take on the challenges of 2018!

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As you know, last month Mondoweiss celebrated the many hundreds of writers, photographers, artists and videojournalists who produce the news and commentary we publish about Palestine. In our campaign A Thousand Voices for Truth we highlighted the expert analysis and on-the-spot reporting that make Mondoweiss an essential tool in the effort to inform and mobilize the public worldwide. We also asked you to add your voice by investing in Mondoweiss journalism; our campaign goal was to raise $160,000 by Dec. 31.

Thanks to a record number of contributions from people like you who value our work, we not only reached the goal but blew past it! We have received over $175,000 in cash and pledges—with more still coming in every day—to sustain and grow our work.

Just a few of the articles we are proudest of, from the last weeks of 2017:

How will we use the funds you contributed to the Thousand Voices campaign? Our goals for 2018 and beyond are to continue delivering original reporting, remarkable photographs and video, as well as opinion and analysis you will never find in the mainstream media. We intend to expand our social media presence, increase our editorial presence in Palestine, and continue our series of print publications. Every single element of this plan has been developed to serve our ultimate mission: informing and mobilizing tens or hundreds of thousands of people to demand freedom and justice for Palestine.

We are overwhelmed by the confidence in Mondoweiss expressed by so many of you, and we will do all we can to live up to your investment in educating people about the realities of life in Palestine.

Thanks for all you’ve done to make Mondoweiss a thriving, growing and influential news source.

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