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We’re delighted and grateful to announce Mondoweiss supporters have met a $5,000 challenge set by a generous donor last weekend, which means our 2017 summer campaign, “They Fear The Truth: We Report It” is only about $9,000 short of the $75,000 goal. We know that for some readers, appeals for donations distract from core news coverage. So we’ve decided to do something unconventional in the world of fundraising: thank all our supporters, and wind down the drive a bit earlier than planned. All funds raised through this campaign are earmarked to pay freelance journalists on the ground in Palestine for their vital reporting. But starting now, we won’t be soliciting full-force as we have been. We simply want to thank you for believing in the value of Mondoweiss and the work we publish.

Recently a Mondoweiss writer based in Palestine told us, “Anyone working in the country who describes the state’s repression of free speech is risking being kicked out for good.” You know that we who fight for justice in Palestine are tearing down the wall of lies brick by brick and that every effort to silence the truth shows the urgent need to invest in more truth-telling. We ask today that you donate to help Mondoweiss continue and increase our work informing the world of what happens in Palestine, and how U.S. policy underwrites the oppression. Every time Israel’s guardians lash out to silence truth, their fear testifies that our reporting is making a difference. Please give today to help us keep them shaking in their shoes.

Hillary Clinton has gained the support of major neoconservative donor Seth Klarman. Klarman’s family foundation supports rightwing Zionist groups, including the David Project and the Israel Project, and has supported several Islamophobic groups, including one that “applauded” an Oklahoma law later struck down as unconstitutional, that would have discriminated against Muslim religious practices. A Democratic Party think tank has said that the organizations Klarman supports have put out “anti-Islam messages polluting our national discourse.”

The report is that Bernie Sanders just won a string of concessions from the Hillary Clinton camp on the 2016 party platform. Wall Street reform, banking reform, regulations on hedge funds, criminal justice reform, greater opposition to the death penalty, and let’s fight for a $15 minimum wage. Sanders is “winning some big victories,” says Greg Sargent in the Washington Post, but guess what’s not in the concessions? Where are Clinton’s redlines? You guessed it. Vox says the sticking points are Trans Pacific Partnership, stronger measures to slow global warming, and Israel Palestine.

The New York Times has decided that it cannot cover Sheldon Adelson’s involvement in American politics because doing so accurately would entail the use of classic anti-Semitic tropes of Jewish influence. The judgment was rendered by public editor Margaret Sullivan, who wrote in a April 1st goodbye note to readers: “We’d really like to cover the Republican candidates’ appeals for Adelson’s support, but we can’t do so because the reporting would inevitably bring up anti-Semitic stereotypes.”