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What it takes for Mondoweiss to deliver what the movement needs

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This year, Ha’aretz columnist Amira Hass described Mondoweiss as one of the essential websites “you must visit to understand Israel’s policy toward Palestinians.” She wrote, “One can’t help but envy the site for its network of writers and reporters from the field.”

And did you know that Omar Barghouti, co-founder of the Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions movement, has said “Mondoweiss is a rare beacon of free speech and insightful analysis”? He went on to say “But more than that, the site is a vital tool for raising awareness in the U.S. about the struggle for Palestinian rights.”

Mondoweiss can’t accomplish all that is necessary without your help. We have all sorts of plans for 2019, including new site design that will make it easier to find what you need; new editors and specialty content sections; and continuing expansion of the topics and regions we report on. And all this will be possible, thanks to the extraordinary community of readers and supporters like you.

The chart below shows our plan for raising the funds needed this year (“YTD” represents funds already received this fiscal year, which began September 1):

Where do you fit in this funding plan? No one person needs to give more than they can — but each of us has our part to play in spreading the news from Palestine to all who need to hear it, worldwide.

And if you want to see how the funds raised will be used to bring you the news, we are happy to share that information as well. Note that we expect to spend $70,000 or more this year to pay Palestinian writers, photographers, videojournalists and commentators. Part of our journalistic integrity as a reader-supported nonprofit operation is that we work hard to be transparent about our use of the funds you work hard to provide for our work.

Why does Mondoweiss ask you to invest in our journalism? It’s straightforward: our sources of funding are very limited, but our ambitions to deliver important information are immense. We believe that more is needed — urgently — to reach millions of people and foster true change.

Your gifts make a difference — throughout the year. Please take a minute today to help Mondoweiss reach our year-end goal, so that we can reach more people with more information, to build a future with justice and freedom in Palestine.

P.S. We believe the fate of Palestine and Palestinians depends on getting more and more stories, videos and photographs to a larger and larger audience who will pressure policy-makers to work for justice. And with limited foundation support and no government funding, we depend on committed, generous individuals like you to keep the work growing. Please act today to invest in journalism for justice.

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Mondoweiss is irreplaceable in the media constellation so I contribute. Unfortunately its modestly according to my means. Information not available elsewhere appears regularly. It’s not only the fate of Palestine and Palestinians that is at issue but the rule of law and proposition of endless wars. Getting more and more stories and information to a larger audience has definitely had an effect on public perceptions in recent times. Breaking through to the office holders remains… Read more »