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While marchers can’t breathe, people like you are making sure their stories spread around the world

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The photos of homemade gas masks above and several more we posted earlier this week show the ingenuity and unrelenting dedication of Palestinians participating in the Great March of Return. That persistence — the courage people are showing by putting their bodies in snipers’ sights — has sparked admiration and solidarity around the world.

While those demonstrating put themselves at the mercy of an army that has proved itself conscienceless, people like you are investing to make sure the word gets out. The support of hundreds of people committed to truth has allowed Mondoweiss to provide these images, reporting and commentary to give context to the Great March of Return. Unlike mainstream media, our correspondents bring you protesters describing in their own words why they are putting their bodies on the line. In this video, for example, one of the grassroots activists who planned the march responds to Israeli allegations that Hamas staged the whole thing.

Our current fundraising campaign, Mondoweiss Mondays, started March 30 when three longtime supporters offered $60 in match for every new recurring gift, up to a total of $1,500. Within eight days that match was reached by dedicated readers who value accurate reporting — and that inspired a second donor match we announced last Monday. The second challenge was fully matched within three days — so yet another donor has now stepped up.

In order to keep the momentum for the rest of April, a new match has been offered by a supporter who is pledging $60 for each of the next 25 people who commit to a new recurring donation at any level. Please sign up now to multiply your impact as an investor in truthful reporting from Palestine. Commit to accurate reporting and insightful commentary by giving $2 every other week ($52/year); or $5 every other week ($130/year) or $10 ($260/year).

You could pay for the New York Times or the Washington Post a few times a month, and support their slant on events in Palestine. Or you could give a comparable amount regularly to help the Mondoweiss team deliver reliable news to all who need it. Please give today to increase the number of people who learn facts and challenge mainstream narratives — in order to bring justice sooner for Palestinians everywhere.

Donate buttonP.S. If giving every other week doesn’t fit for you, please consider contributing now anyway. Whether you want to give just once, or you want to sign up for $40/month–you can go to our main donation page and set up whatever works best for you.

Please, do it now. Take a minute to join our hundreds of supporters in whatever way you can! Your commitment will make a real difference.


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  1. Kathleen on April 21, 2018, 10:06 pm

    Just made a small donation. Wish I could afford more since you MW folks do such an incredible job keeping us up to date about these very important human rights issues Thank you so much

  2. JLewisDickerson on April 22, 2018, 9:07 am

    Sorry, I can’t hep ya ’cause
    I’m in the jailhouse now!

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