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Where to begin with the outrageous ironies of invoking the Hollywood 10 against the Toronto Declaration against promoting Israel?  Let us begin by noting that the Hollywood 10 got exactly what they had coming: the Communists made Hollywood into the most ruthless war propaganda machine in history. 

A lot of readers will give me grief for that, I know, but consider how militantly Zionist those Popular Front Hollywood Jews were.  Among the more memorable examples was Yip Harburg, who wrote "Somewhere Over The Rainbow", and later wrote a song for the Stalinoid presidential campaign of Henry Wallace about "fixing things in Palestine and Greece", that is, kicking the Arabs out of Palestine and standing in the way of the Marshall Plan.

In the past, this site has taken after Kirk Douglas for his shameless Zionist iterations.  That’s Kirk Douglas, who championed the arch-Stalinist Dalton Trumbo [pictured] in making a comeback by starring in Spartacus, the same Dalton Trumbo who around that same time directed the execrable Exodus.  Indeed, one can reduce the entire longevity of the myth of progressive Israel to the bizarre and insular world of the Hollywood Popular Front.  And in this light, the accommodation of militant Zionists by the Hollywood liberals at Huffington Post is just par for the course.

Finally, it is also worth noting in this context the Hollywood blacklist they don’t talk about, of antiwar and anti-Communist voices before World War II.  Among these were Lillian Gish for her support of the America First Committee; Walt Disney, of whom bizarre and baseless accusations of pro-Nazi sympathies linger to this very day simply because he would not use his cartoons to bash middle America like the pro-Soviet Warner Brothers; and last but certainly not least, Morrie Ryskind, the Marx Brothers collaborator who would become the highest paid screenwriter in Hollywood before being banished for his staunch anti-Communism, and going on to be a supporter of the anti-Zionist American Council for Judaism.

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