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October 31 2009

13 Rabbi Yoffie returns all J Street’s favors by… praising AIPAC!

16 Walt and Mearsheimer explained this 3 years ago

45 Patsy Obama

10 Nozette alleged to have given secrets before

36 J Street throws Gaza under the bus

26 Wrong on Chait

21 We make The New Republic again

October 30 2009

37 J Street: Do we really need another Jewish-only road?

51 Memo to Michael Oren: There’s a water crisis in the West Bank

32 Oren: ‘Settlement issue between US and Israel is largely behind us’

15 Goldstone attacks House resolution on his report as ‘sweeping and unfair… devoid of truth’

5 did Harvard invite Orval Faubus and Bull Connor to speak in ’60s?

7 Now you know (Israel lobby and ABM decision)

12 Israel lobby at play in the fields of the media

19 the Pied Piper of Hasbara

154 Palestinian equal rights joins the progressive agenda on ‘The Daily Show’

October 29 2009

61 House weighs bill to condemn Goldstone for giving ammo to ‘enemies of the democratic Jewish state’

27 Who booed Yoffie?

10 Jeffrey Goldberg’s standard for ‘Who is a Jew?’ would knock down Holocaust numbers

25 Covering the olive harvest

18 Thirsting for justice

37 J Street and the battle for the Jewish soul, or wallet, or status

8 McConnell: J Street may move the templates of American politics

5 Blumenthal responds to Goldfarb n Goldberg

12 ‘Daily Show’ heckler a sign that some are afraid of change. Tell Jon Stewart you’re not.

4 Goldstone effect: Israelis start to turn on Gaza’s planners

October 28 2009

43 Watch ‘The Daily Show’ tonight!

177 Squaring the circle and erasing the margins

38 Praise for J Street

14 Jeffrey Goldberg suggests anti-Zionists aren’t Jews

2 Non-Zionism at J Street

3 Realists pushing out neocons

5 See no Gaza

1 See no BDS

October 27 2009

141 Israel, we have a democracy problem

October 26 2009

97 Impressions from the 1st full day at J Street conference

October 25 2009

258 Off to J Street

October 24 2009

432 Is equality a ‘nightmare’ for liberal Zionists?

31 Israel—casting out its own children

93 Moyers plays devil’s advocate with Goldstone

17 Lesson for Democrats: substitute ‘Israel’ for ‘insurance industry’

35 Hey Jews, let’s stop using our exceptionalist narrative for political cover!

30 What did we learn from the Holocaust, mommie?

October 23 2009

61 What planet? department: AJC comes out for permanent war

12 Protocols of the elders of America

40 ‘This is a balanced report on an imbalanced conflict’

12 AEI and John Yoo still raising Cain

7 Mohammed Othman’s Kafkaesque imprisonment

82 J Street leader compares Walt and Mearsheimer to ‘Protocols’

15 Rally for Gaza march will be staged in NY next week

24 Obama administration undecided on how little it has accomplished

86 Now ‘J Street’ is incorrect on… intermarriage!

118 Olmert speaking tour continues to be disrupted by the reality of Gaza

13 UC students justify their rage at Olmert for killing civilians

October 22 2009

14 J Street smearers are ‘desperate to see it fail’

13 ‘Israel poses profound espionage threat to U.S.’

45 Liberals like to deceive themselves about Jewish power

99 Whatever happened to the war for oil?

36 In boycotting J Street, Oren’s role model is Soviet Union

31 Your Israel lobby at work

19 Only in Haaretz: ‘We need to cultivate hatred of the Arabs’

8 838 Gaza students are barred from study– and the NYT publishes tunnel capers

5 Never again– neocon misspells Auschwitz

9 Steal Holbrooke’s passport

28 Amira Hass: NYT runs Israeli propaganda, and U.S. is blindered to absence of Palestinians’ rights

October 21 2009

36 Repellent attacks on J Street (Peretz: ‘circle jerk,’ Goldberg: ‘grubby’)

13 More half-cocked redbaiting of J Street

54 Trying to rationalize Israel’s bar on intermarriage. No can do

105 Israeli refusers follow South African footsteps in the struggle against apartheid

9 Attack dog on J Street is– no surprise– a colonist on West Bank!

15 Searching for a Minyan: Israel, McCarthyism, & the Struggle for Real Dialogue

7 Israeli activist Ezra Nawi sentenced to one month for protesting the occupation

19 Can you imagine the Times Op-Ed page running pieces supporting the Haditha massacre in Iraq?

October 20 2009

29 Netanyahu’s New Rules

42 Under strong attack, J Street accommodates its critics, but does it alienate its supporters?

39 Paralyzed but undaunted, Judt wills the left to a battle against inequality

36 Accused Israeli spy told FBI both his parents were Jewish

24 Latest tactic against ‘J Street’– anti-Arab racism

116 ‘NYT’ continues to justify dropping white phosphorus on school children

28 Sand blasters

October 19 2009

125 Mondoweiss in ‘The Nation’ – American Jews Rethink Israel

8 Open Letter to Obama: If you are serious about forging peace, then support Palestinian non-violent activism

45 Israeli hoops coach refuses to leave court after ejection

24 Is Obama’s game waiting for Netanyahu gov’t to fail?

October 18 2009

48 At last, Arab pressure on Obama to cut off US funding for West Bank colonies

22 Flat earthers meet in DC

35 Mohammad Othman – Jailed for an idea

October 17 2009

75 Ehud Olmert struggles to give Univ. of Chicago lecture amid protests

167 At NYU, devilish Shlomo Sand predicts the Jewish past and pastes the Zionists

19 I slob, you slob, we all slob for the Is-lob!

4 Joel Beinin, smeared by the right

October 16 2009

200 Treatment is sought in U.S. for 3-year-old victim of white phosphorus attack in Gaza

17 BBC on Gazan Children: Better than US news, but balance is deceptive

16 Human rights investigations for Africa not Gaza, says France’s Kouchner

31 Falling in love again (J St’s hopes for Jewish identity)

17 Wallace Shawn says his legendary father helped ‘cut the cord’ of Jewish religion for him

October 15 2009

23 Neocon shitstirrers work J St conference

52 Is Goldstone the tipping point?

9 Lizards

9 Tensions with Turkey hit Israel’s bottom line

10 Nobel prize was an effort to box Obama in on Iran

5 When your kid’s the schoolyard bully, you stop getting dinner invitations

4 Even disco Arabs are taking on the Israel lobby over Gaza

10 Don’t try this at home! (Turkey’s Gaza criticism panics Israel)

8 Alterman: Jewish right wing is panic-stricken at loss of power

22 Arguing about BDS with Jack Ross

October 14 2009

3 Israeli attempt to shame Ken Loach only brings more attention to the occupation

12 Journalism takes a holiday (in Gaza)

12 Jeffrey Goldberg says ‘nakba’ never happened

15 Jack Ross defends Rabbi Waskow

38 BDS works

14 Temple Judea of Manhasset to host Dr. Strangelove next week

70 Hope in Obama is ‘evaporating’ in the Middle East as the peace process goes nowhere

38 ‘J Street’ rebuts Israel: you’re hurting American Jewish interests

20 Israel lobbyist to become Israel lobbyist

28 Look at the path of the wall through East Jerusalem

October 13 2009

16 Update: Palestinian human rights activist being held without charges in indefinite solitary confinement

79 Talking to Israelis is so useless

15 Dumb show: Matthews asks ‘who’s funding neocon front groups?’ with nary a word about Israel

30 Bromwich: Where did Cheneys get the idea that ‘dominance’ is the goal of foreign policy?

7 ‘The mistake of the bright is worth 1,000 mistakes’

64 Everyone’s reading Larry Derfner’s piece on hypocrisy/violence in the Jerusalem Post

71 NPR’s ‘Morning Edition’ Joins Vigilantes

9 ABMs trumped Oslo in Norwegian decision re Nobel Prize

17 Charlie Rose guest offers Israeli occupation as a model for U.S. conduct

October 12 2009

37 Israeli filmmaker Udi Aloni on the importance of Toronto

70 Settlers in a Palestinian state

15 Goodbye to Leila Abu-Saba

10 Leslie Gelb admits he supported Iraq war for the sake of his career

12 Some stuff is so crazy it’s fun to read!

13 two games, two results

October 11 2009

113 Oren ‘accedes a key tenet of anti-Zionism’ (per Frum)

51 Nakba denial

26 ‘There are Israeli, not Jewish people’ –Sand

25 Goldstone variations

5 Single file! Israeli embassy says ‘J Street’ doesn’t act in Israel’s interests

75 New book on Nakba just underlines the growing historical understanding: it was ethnic cleansing

17 Israel to Palestinians: ‘If you want a normal life, forget the Goldstone report’

7 Turkey-Israel

October 10 2009

191 Shlomo Sand’s ‘The Invention of the Jewish People,’ reviewed by Jack Ross

33 Univ. of Buffalo student forces Tony Blair to respond to (and dodge) the Goldstone report

14 Bil’in protester on Obama’ Peace Prize: ‘We need our land now, not tomorrow’

28 Israeli/American/Democrat/Zionist seeking to buy Al-Jazeera

54 The collaboration between the P.A. and Israel is unprecedented…

20 Nobel Prize is all about Israel. Just ask David Brooks and Andrea Mitchell

11 Oh Bomber Sullies Peace Prize (I know it’s already sullied)

October 9 2009

69 Rabbi Waskow is wrong on BDS

63 Phuck, it’s Zuck

21 Where was Huffpo when they were trying to rebrand Jim Crow?

25 Orentalism

6 Not so long ago, liberal idealism ravished the Jewish soul, even Podhoretz’s

18 Nobel Process Prize

3 Marty Peretz has lost Andrew Sullivan

22 Mississippi breathes easier following killings of 3 Freedom Riders

3 Levy slams neox for undermining O. Stockholm concurs

October 8 2009

39 Gazans paint stripes on donkeys so kids can still go to zoo

12 ‘The Times’ lets everyone off the hook on Goldstone

8 Jeff Halper to make NY appearance on behalf of Gaza march

9 TNR watch

74 Rebranding the Jews

October 7 2009

16 ‘LA Times’ runs piece by investor in Occupation without disclosing his interest

13 not Fonda, Vanessa

7 Oren screed written off as ‘crazy… ridiculous’ on Huffpo

23 Oren likens Goldstone to… Nazi threat

41 ‘Non-Jewish Jews’: We’re here, we’re queer, get used to it!

88 Will the real people of the West Bank please stand up, please stand up

6 The soul is also occupied

3 Ask the neocon: Do you think occupation leads to suicide bombing?

1 Why is a synagogue sanctifying Jewish warriors on Yom Kippur?

4 Marty Peretz called Jim Abourezk

6 Yes and why, David?

October 6 2009

30 Neverending Holocaust, this time in the Wall Street Journal

14 NYT uses Edelman obit for Holocaust kitsch, and leaves out the pro-Palestinian angle

16 In the occupied territories, Jewish holidays mean lockdown for Palestinians

15 IDF ethics advisor on civilian casualties: ‘whoever stayed [in Gaza], let the blood be on his head.’

19 a third intifadah?

29 Goyim need not apply to U.S. foreign policy jamboree

19 ‘Israel will ensure complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion’ Not

32 I’m thick

11 The excommunication of Judge Goldstone

October 5 2009

25 Goldstone forgot his loyalty oath

73 Hot damn, we’re the new Establishment

4 Seeing double (JPost/NYPost praises Bloomberg for solidarity with Israel)

28 Obama gave the dirty work to Abbas and now both are soiled

79 MSNBC airs Greenwald saying Israel flouts NPT and ‘slaughters’ neighbors

8 In my hour of meanness, Janet Malcolm came to me, speaking words of wisdom–

October 4 2009

110 ElBaradei’s talking about Israeli nukes

October 3 2009

111 At Yom Kippur, shame over Madoff (and for Gaza–bupkus)

100 Among the Shministim– excommunication and self-hatred

October 2 2009

53 Letter to Gaza from a West Bank Palestinian

5 Israeli refusers bring ‘a declaration of sanity’ to New York City

147 Obama has reaffirmed double standard for Israel/Iran on NPT

14 sex, lies, and Vince Foster

October 1 2009

34 Maybe tail won’t wag dog this time

57 Sad-making: American Jews support attack on Iran, bigtime

35 Mr. Yes we can says, No we can’t

136 Disagreement over Iran’s threat

233 More on the anti-Semitism charge