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January 31 2010

55 Neocon junket: ‘live penetration raids in Arab territory’

65 Israel not always a force for good in Haiti

73 Dershowitz’s latest celebrity client

56 Goldstone explains why Israel is being singled out (after South Africa and Serbia)

January 30 2010

51 Israeli NGO: IDF combat doctrine in Gaza ’caused intentional and large-scale damage to civilian infrastructure’

107 ‘Exodus’ was published in 1958

97 I’m sorry, you can say anything you please but Walt & Mearsheimer nailed it, this is about the Israel lobby

January 29 2010

69 A window into the rightwing American mind re Israel/Palestine

35 Breaking the Silence publishes shocking testimonies from women who served Occupation

25 trying to get Washington’s head around… ‘basic human rights’

35 ‘We have not brought anyone to trial’

16 Report from Gaza: ‘The current situation is much worse than the crisis of 1948′

65 the bodacity of hope

124 Student confronts Obama at Tampa town hall over human rights hypocrisy

5 Neocon likens Israel to ‘police states’

10 ‘Times’ serves up Israeli lies about nonviolent movement

January 28 2010

12 Israeli campaign against Palestinian protest makes the ‘Times’ as Bil’in leader is arrested again

103 On the Lack of Interest in the Goldstone Report

95 At Yale, Judge Goldstone faces down his accusers

19 Media watchdog asks: Is Ethan Bronner’s son in the IDF?

January 27 2010

64 Testimony to Goldstone: ‘What happened at the mill is total destruction’

22 Friedman Beat Goldstone to Gaza/Lebanon Comparison

42 Canadian students launch campaign to divest from the occupation

48 The adviser who never was

38 I laughed and then it felt weird

10 Lift the blockade of Washington

9 Sullivan’s good again

January 26 2010

63 Goldstone found that Israel’s collective punishment policy in Lebanon served as a model for Gaza

92 ‘No safety for civilians’ (the unbearable likeness of Rabin and bin Laden)

9 In fact, pit bulls are usually put down after one or two incidents

3 Memo to NYT: Goldstone didn’t call white phosphorus a war crime; HRW did

15 B’Tselem questions whether Gaza destruction was ‘systematic’ without military justification

40 Israeli activists: Germany’s blanket support for Israel is ‘harmful and immoral’

9 Why Haiti is Poor (IV): the Aristide Failure

5 my wife and I agree on a social signal

18 Facts on the ground: the creation of a ‘de-facto binational structure’

18 ‘NYT’ bashes Goldstone by upholding Arab League report– which notioned genocide!

4 censorship, Islamophobia, the whole 9 yards

January 25 2010

73 Ethan, take the buyout

56 Goldstone documented nightmarish case of a Palestinian ‘human shield’

13 Israeli minister seems to liken Goldstone to Hitler

72 War on Goldstone now deploys human-rights orgs and, you guessed it, the Holocaust

33 Obama czar wrote that Muslims are ‘prone’ to ‘virulent’ conspiracy theorizing– maybe due to bad parenting

14 Will SCOTUS decision re campaign funding weaken lobby?

8 wise

January 24 2010

132 What is the endgame in Gaza?

116 Israeli media consultant in Maariv: ‘The Haiti Disaster is Good for the Jews’

17 Osama to Obama: No security for US so long as Palestinians lack it

20 In first mention of destruction of Gaza’s flour mill, NYT’s Bronner serves up Israeli claims

35 the tide changed

January 23 2010

44 ‘This is our village!’ – a report from Nabi Saleh

10 Excerpt from an important new book: A Wall in Palestine

0 Why Haiti is Poor: The Elite (III)

22 MSM interviewer seems real uncomfortable with Joe Sacco

16 Why all Israel lobbyists should be forced to go thru the Qalandia checkpoint

40 yes and how did that one work out?

January 22 2010

62 the architecture of apartheid fosters the architecture of a movement

22 Why Port-au-Prince Collapsed

28 Ding dong the neocon…

81 memo to the west: you lost the Crusades

January 21 2010

212 Jewish student mag publishes one-state argument, signaling generational battle ahead

31 Jared Malsin: ‘There’s no such thing as a voluntary deportation. I was deported, period.’

10 Abunimah and Ratner to speak on Gaza tonight in NY

38 2 state solution needed in a hurry, for U.S. and Israel

28 my wife might be falling out of love

January 20 2010

172 Port-au-Hasbara

121 ‘We struck the civilian population consciously’ (Gaza’s historical pedigree)

31 The rabbi’s heart goes out to Haiti

40 2 more deportees: ‘nonviolent peacemaking is a threat’

12 11 Palestinian human rights orgs call for investigation of Palestinian violations alleged by Goldstone

35 Nablus assassinations were based on flimsy claims

36 Detained American journalist Jared Malsin leaving Israel under suspicious circumstances

January 19 2010

16 The Lost Lesson of the Civil Rights Movement

27 AP covers the Israeli campaign against protest and dissent

106 Anticipating Israeli response, Dershowitz blames atrocities in Goldstone Report on ‘rogue soldiers’

14 ‘NYT’ moralist-columnist leaves himself no room to oppose BDS

108 Letter from an Israeli jail

January 18 2010

36 David Brooks seeks to reframe Zionism

11 Why Haiti is Poor (II)

3 Nusseibeh: After 40 years of meaningless 2-state talk, Israelis remain colonial ‘outsiders’

28 The Gaza Freedom March

193 Birthright map gives the West Bank to the settlers and Gaza to Egypt

8 Dr. Mads Gilbert returns to North America recounting the horrors of Gaza a year ago

11 Doubts re Iran won’t deter neocon stampede

January 17 2010

40 Haiti Gaza (II)

20 Israel threatened to turn West Bank into ’2nd Gaza’ if P.A. didn’t sell out on Goldstone

3 60 Hours In Gaza

7 200 of us demonstrated outside the courthouse all night long, shouting to be heard by the 17 in the lockup

11 Detained American journalist Jared Malsin goes to court today to fight deportation from Israel

78 Obama capitulates to the Israeli side

120 Why was I silent about my politics in the Holocaust survivor’s house?

January 16 2010

28 A slice of life in Tel Rumaida

52 Why Haiti Is Poor (I)

144 Chomsky/Abunimah (the left and Zionism)

27 Sometimes a headline says it all

91 Haiti Gaza

42 What will another Lebanon war do for Obama’s Cairo speech?

January 15 2010

30 Hebron leaves us stunned, devastated, drowning in shame

29 Goldstone blitz shows peril for Jews breaking ranks

10 Normal Life in Port-au-Prince

1 Rubber bullets fail to disperse Bil’in demonstration

15 Frank Gehry pulls out of ‘Museum of Tolerance’ desecration project

50 Only way to stop delegitimation is to ‘sustain personal relationships with the elite’ (like Friedman and Arianna)

4 Othman’s human rights activities may be circumscribed

41 Sullivan: blockade, racism, checkpoints, militarism are ‘betrayal of Jewish virtues’

23 Elders schmelders–leading Israeli daily threatens to deploy ‘world Jewish capital’ against Turkey

77 From Hebron to Yad Vashem: Jewish Sorrow Justifying the Sorrow of Others

8 all the stars are out at Tel Aviv march against Gaza slaughter Jan. 2

January 14 2010

4 Two chances in NYC to hear reports from the Gaza Freedom March

67 Rawabi, and the American mission to civilize the West Bank

17 Journalist/Birthright veteran who is critical of Israel is detained at Ben Gurion

16 Homage to the Haitian diaspora

86 Somehow I doubt it’s a hatchet job

16 An English politician watches Israeli soldiers lose control at a peaceful demonstration and vows to bear witness

13 Washington Post epiphany: Muslim world cares ‘passionately’ about Palestinian oppression

3 If she wrote this in an American paper, they’d call her an anti-Semite and kick her down the stairs

5 shocker

10 Mohammad Othman and Jamal Juma’ freed from Israeli detention thanks in part to international pressure

January 13 2010

36 Earthquakes and inequality

63 Settling into Sheikh Jarrah

162 Jews in recovery (or why liberal American Jews might help to imagine a binational future)

2 Getting to the root of the conflict

51 A tear for Anne Frank in Cairo

55 Former students blast their professor for blessing Gaza in print

60 the meritocracy and Jewish kinship networks

January 12 2010

14 Low Expectations for Hard Bigotry in Israel

8 Solidarity from Saks to Sheikh Jarrah

35 Frightening night raid targets… nonviolent Palestinian protest

27 ‘May I interject?’ A demonstration in the landgrab that is ‘East Jerusalem’

32 I divine the powerful lobby in an anonymous letter. I’m wrong

29 Protests continue to follow Ehud Olmert

January 11 2010

38 U.N. memo: Israel’s ‘provocative’ actions in Jerusalem could ‘derail’ peace process

7 Support Ahmad Mesleh & support independent media in Israel/Palestine

5 The ethereal promise of midnight in the Sinai

125 One-state solution is debated in California congressional race

119 A war of values

81 Israel’s crisis

24 Gaza Freedom March: Why I went to Cairo

11 monstrous

6 40 years after first epiphany, Judt still very bashable

13 Karon says things will break faster than you think

January 9 2010

135 ‘Take me back to my homeland, even as a rose’

117 One vision for one state in Israel/Palestine

286 History and Hebron

January 8 2010

31 Henry Siegman: Israel is ‘the only apartheid regime in the Western world’

80 Guerrilla ad campaign protests Pacific Gas & Electric’s link to Israeli company

5 YNET reports George Mitchell is threatening Israel with sanctions. Unfortunately, the record looks different.

47 A year later, life has yet to return to normal in Gaza

January 7 2010

29 Arbitrary occupier’s law used to clamp down on Palestinian life

66 an innocent in Israel

15 George Galloway interviewed on Viva Palestina, the blockade of Gaza and the US role

12 Is J Street repeating the mistakes of the irrelevant Israeli peace camp?

85 NYT says Jordanian bomber was triggered by Gaza

174 Andrew Sullivan gets pushback

9 Hasbara fount concedes that well is running dry on idea of ‘Jewish sovereignty’

January 6 2010

6 Engaging in the struggle – not with guns, but with culture

10 Letter from an Israeli Military Detention Camp

6 The state of human rights in Israel/Palestine

171 Israeli television confrontation is ‘a metaphor of the moral crisis in which Zionism is found today’

12 Some recent headlines from Israel/Palestine

14 Palestine Vivra! The French Heroes of the Gaza Freedom March

6 Look familiar?

January 5 2010

57 Frank Gehry can’t be found on controversial J’lem project’s website

7 Gazan Fishermen Face Everyday Struggle

28 Report: Viva Palestina humanitarian convoy to Gaza stopped by 2,000 Egyptian riot police

12 ‘Beautiful resistance’ in Bethlehem’s Aida refugee camp

9 My Husband: Jailed for Protesting Israel’s Wall

69 Udi Aloni to Israelis: BDS is a movement for ‘justice, peace and equality’

January 4 2010

86 Sderot ‘peace march’ promotes war

24 Introducing – The Daily Nuisance

15 Apparently, Bono’s never heard of Jamal Juma’

33 Meet the Post-zionist Zionists: Gilad Zwick

182 Two-state solution needed, and fast– for U.S. and Israel!

149 Deconstructing Simon Wiesenthal

8 Who knew? ‘Commentary’ says terrorism springing from ‘suppressed political ambitions’ is kosher

5 Come see Mondoweiss in Chicago

January 3 2010

61 Ma’ale Adumim: Annexation and the Architecture of Apartheid

84 A Palestinian corrects the New York Review of Books

30 Meet the Post-zionist Zionists: Tania Hary

9 Scenes from Israel/Palestine

22 Jewish American organizations aid Somali human rights abusers in effort to protect Israel

16 From the pyramids to the checkpoints, we have had many victories in Egypt

97 Now wait, who’s censored??

23 Naked in Abu Ghraib/Naked in Gaza– the U.S. press’s double standard

January 2 2010

34 Israeli journo longs for the segregation of days past

76 A slice of life in Sheikh Jarrah

5 For a future without prisoners

4 Meet the Post-zionist Zionists: Dvir Tzur

213 the reluctant radical

63 End the siege of Palestine

January 1 2010

7 New Year’s in Bil’in

5 Weekly Sheikh Jarrah protest greeted with hostility in West Jerusalem, cheers in East Jerusalem

23 Gaza Freedom Marchers issue the ‘Cairo Declaration’ to end this chapter and chart the way forward

193 Report from Gaza: One student’s question to the world – ‘Why the Palestinians? Why are we the only ones suffering?’

7 Meet the Post-zionist Zionists: Hanny Ben Israel