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March 31 2010

6 Klein on Berkeley divestment: ‘when our governments fail to apply sanctions for defiant illegality, other forms of pressure must come into play’

4 At D.C. conference, Goldstone has a defender at the top of his game

22 Why is this president worse than all other presidents?

10 15-year-old killed by Israeli troops– no story

8 Duke beats Baylor, by somewhere between 5 and 15 points

7 Petraeus is holding his ground on linkage

7 Matthews demands accountability of the Catholic hierarchy

21 Status quo is not OK

15 Palm Sunday protest in Bethlehem–and only the Palestinians are still detained

8 The creed of objectivity and ‘The New York Times’

14 This is not a phony crisis

16 ‘Hill’ says that Obama may be alienating Jewish ‘donors’

March 30 2010

8 It’s complicated

2 Mohammed Omer is coming to Texas

24 Why there is no mainstream investigative journalism about the Israel lobby

33 Cutting aid to Israel is quickly becoming conventional wisdom

6 It’s really complicated

14 Linkage– ‘iron-clad’

91 In the Jewish democracy, Arab parties aren’t ever considered for the governing coalition

March 29 2010

78 Amazing headline

151 Saying no to ‘next year in Jerusalem’

112 How’s life on the planet of Israeli hasbara, Thomas Friedman?

March 28 2010

38 sea change?

15 Happy Passover, Palestine!

8 Why can’t we do this?

38 It’s time for Americans to discover the true character of Israeli society

69 ‘Dennis Ross more sensitive to Netanyahu than US interests’ (Surprised?)

59 an argument about Passover

March 27 2010

96 Self-determination

17 Dennis Ross opposed a tenet of the new Obama Middle East policy

26 ‘NYT’ publishes a very helpful map of East Jerusalem

17 ‘Politico’ quietly revises a political anecdote, saving face for ‘J Street’

36 First time melodrama, second time caper

March 26 2010

122 When it comes to E Jerusalem, ‘NPR’ misleads and misinforms

12 Netanyahu ‘humilated,’ but the ‘special relationship’ is alive and well

14 Int’l Relations 101: Harvard’s David Gergen says Obama has no power over Israel

30 When will the Democratic Party break?

16 This is creepy

2 Alan, Alan, come in, Alan, we thought you were holding the law school– do you read me, Alan?!

20 Finkelstein at Harvard: Gaza wasn’t a war

32 At your seder, salute a Jewish truth-teller

29 The New Yorientalist Times

59 The next ‘special relationship’?

19 prayer for Andrew Sullivan

17 Cantor and anti-Semitism

14 prayer for Chris Matthews

9 Why do they hate us? Americans are finally cottoning to a reason

3 How the Israel lobby escapes scrutiny from political reporters

March 25 2010

27 What the ‘Jewish state’ means to its Palestinian citizens

36 No partner for peace

12 When will the US press show us what annexed East Jerusalem looks like?

11 2 int’l volunteers are arrested; are they anti- or post-Zionist?

13 Pssst– Al Jazeera platforms American views that our media suppress

3 I was wrong about the Weatherhead Center

5 Bummer

20 Uncrushed, Judt explains why we single Israel out

36 Explaining a Gaza atrocity

March 24 2010

26 Foreign leader spits in president’s eye, and neocons side with–

28 Barghouti: The first intifada has begun again

26 Why isn’t Obama outraged over yet another slap to the face?

4 Columbia J School class covers the occupation, after all

10 BBC puts US media to shame on E. Jerusalem

7 Amending for Kramer scandal, Harvard’s Weatherhead Center now invites–

7 Paul Berman’s error

11 Republicans adopt Zionist litmus test

17 Also he speaks of Zionism in the past tense

2 Greenwald doesn’t weasel on Amanpour

3 you can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the eretz out of Peretz

15 Hosanna, ‘NYT’ columnist notions one-state without getting Tasered (yet)

March 23 2010

36 In defense of the UC, Irvine 11

6 Brainy Krugman can’t catch a clue when the answer is: Israel lobby

43 NY Senate candidate Tasini calls for lifting Gaza blockade

5 Lobby’s Iran game is dangerous

4 fat chance

62 Britain kicks out Mossad chief

54 AIPAC supports BDS….of Iran

10 consciousness is rising, even in New York

12 consciousness is rising, even in the MSM

20 Pawlenty seems to care more about Israel than troubled vets in Minnesota


6 ‘This past year has arguably been the worst in the history of the occupied Palestinian territory’

19 Washington Post columnist suggests that Code Pink are anti-Semitic

2 Hebron ‘pogroms’ are subject of NY event

105 Netanyahu misreads the moment, totally

29 CODEPINK activists disrupt Netanyahu (and use the AIPAC director’s table to do it)

4 Israel lobby is making hay of Bibi-Obama tensions in election cycle

March 22 2010

43 Take the ‘J Street’ map test

16 American street wants Obama to ‘get tough’ on settlements

9 AIPAC junkets buy congressmen

3 Why not ridicule?

7 Is this any way to run a Jewish democracy?

9 Influential blogger shot at W Bank demo

57 Hillary tells AIPAC, the occupation is hurting the US around the world

35 AIPAC punked by false press release saying it pressures Israel on settlements

18 The shootings and arrests last Friday in a West Bank village

12 Lawrence Wright boldly challenges NY audience with Israelcentric view of Gaza

March 21 2010

31 AIPAC… Obama… Nazi Germany (fill in the blanks)

23 Planet AIPAC: Obama should declare ‘I’m a Zionist,’ Goldstone is ‘token court Jew,’ and please don’t boo Hillary

5 Huh– ‘New Yorker’ says liberal Jews were right to deplore Gaza war

0 ‘J Street’ leader warns that further Israeli conflict endangers American ‘troops’

61 Zakaria: Palestinians are ‘serfs’

23 Plus-ca-change agent Obama to meet Netanyahu

36 Israeli education ministry censors Universal Declaration of Human Rights

11 Nonviolence is met with violence

10 ‘NYT’ peddles meaningless Peres plan

80 Philosemitism’s threat to Zionism

13 Ban says settlements are ‘illegal’

March 19 2010

210 Times watch

85 Obama could study Reagan and grow a pair

18 Is Israel’s crackdown on free speech coming here?

22 Israel lobbyist warns Obama, he’ll pay on health-care vote

85 CNN viewers: Time for the US to get tough with Israel

71 Oren’s historical fiction about Lebanon war has long tradition in MSM hasbara

19 Peretz off the deep end

15 East Jerusalem isn’t ‘disputed,’ it’s ‘occupied’

13 When Netanyahu’s father drummed a Jewish army in the US

37 Yglesias and Goldberg sittin around talking

March 18 2010

58 Now General Petraeus is ‘dangerous’ (Foxman on the case)

2 What will happen in Bil’in today with the crackdown? Twitter @jvplive

13 No nation can endure when built on hatred

5 Goldstone report is Banquo’s ghost of international law conference

20 Translating Obama, and Netanyahu

11 Berkeley student senate divestment resolution

11 George Bush raised Rachel Corrie’s death with Ariel Sharon

14 Gen’l Petraeus and the American street

2 Berkeley student senate votes for divestment, 16-4

8 This happened today in Palestine

41 Palestinians should sit down and negotiate, even if Israel is building in E Jerusalem

March 17 2010

205 Katrina to Birthright to Gaza–a young Jew’s progress

6 Winds of change took 25 years

12 NPR’s Robert Siegel opens a door I want to go through

44 TNR says it’s Obama who’s endangering Israeli lives

3 Switcheroo at Khalil Gibran school prompts call for Almontaser’s re-appointment

35 Special relationship is melting in the sun

28 Mearsheimer: the lobby can’t hide the fact it is siding with Israel against the US president

25 Gaza marks 1,000 days of siege

14 Yes I am bad for owning the whole loaf but you are just as bad for dreaming you can own it

6 Bromwich: Hebron must remind Americans of Montgomery

11 I guess John McCain won the last election?

9 If you believe in two states, why aren’t you slamming Netanyahu?

24 More Moor on academic boycott

2 Dowd commenters are sick of the special relationship

24 Where’s Joe Biden?

7 Lawrence Wright on linkage

2 ‘white intifada,’ 2 states, or ‘binational reality’– Palestinians must be free

5 An attack on Steve Walt

March 16 2010

57 The linkage fantasy

8 Who does the ‘Times’ call?

38 Howard Berman: Please– let’s get back to bashing Goldstone!

9 Holocaust porn is serious subject

33 We cut no ice on the right, what gives?

69 They’re backing down

23 How the Western press distorts the Mideast (Part 2); Israel’s news management

43 Rectifying asymmetrical warfare, a modest proposal

35 Naomi Klein: Arguing for justice is not a call for revolution

21 (Sometimes the news takes 9 years) Petraeus says lack of progress for Palestinians is ‘root cause’ of Arab anger

17 Simon Wiesenthal Center launches PR campaign to whitewash Jerusalem desecration

27 we have power

19 US heartland wakes to ‘colonial project’

36 Is this the showdown?

4 Even E.T. got to phone home…

48 Eran Shayshon says some criticism of Israel, including Naomi Klein’s, is not ‘legitimate’

15 NPR interviews two Israel lobbyists for story on settlement squabble

9 Then I guess I’d have to say it’s dysfunctional

7 ‘J Street’ stands ‘solidly behind’ Obama

March 15 2010

31 Comparative Circular Grammar Studies

30 Podhoretz urges ‘wildly disproportionate’ Jewish donor base to abandon Democrats

99 Suddenly the ‘special relationship’ is… embarrassing

8 How the western press distorts the Mideast (Part 1)

4 Spirit of Bil’in travels to London

40 ‘Stars and Stripes’ picks up Petraeus report

8 ‘Moment’ profiles J Street leader

11 Report: Israel seeks to bar Friday protests in Bi’lin

18 Case of Tristan Anderson may be reopened, adding to Israeli ‘public relations nightmare’

19 Oren sounds the alarm

48 The invention of Jewish tourism

18 Axelrod doesn’t answer the question

March 14 2010

138 AIPAC panicked by Obama people’s ‘escalated rhetoric’ about you-know-who

40 Bombshell: Gen’l Petraeus has single loyalty

245 Naomi Klein calls out an Israeli thinktank for misrepresenting her views

32 Slater: by failing to stand up for Goldstone, Jewish peace groups have made themselves irrelevant

25 In Almontaser coverage, ‘NYT’ gives Israel lobby a pass

12 Bemock Obama

18 Gen’l Petraeus channels Walt and Mearsheimer

15 Sullivan has been freed by Wieseltier’s smear to say what he really thinks and take on all comers

17 None dare call it a Jewish kinship network

1 Melville on Obama?

53 From Gold to Bolton to King John (more on the lawfare conference!)

6 When your job is Israel lobbyist, you have to be more Catholic than the Pope

March 13 2010

75 Inside the Lawfare Project: Netanyahu’s attack on human rights NGO’s comes to the US

90 ‘The New York Times’ sanitizes Israeli racism

March 12 2010

45 Is Hillary’s ‘deeply negative signal’ a deeply positive signal?

10 Pressure mounts on Swedish clothing chain that finds Israel vogue

8 Golda is hero to Texas right

10 Bibi’s father says ‘enemies’ seeks ‘destruction of the Jewish people’

54 Dear Congress: What the Purim video reveals about the racism embedded in the Israeli state structure

38 Steinhardt and Khouri agree: it’s not about borders, it’s about refugees

27 Israeli insult to Biden should have been no surprise

20 ‘To wipe the spit off his face, Biden had to say it was only rain’

7 Palestinians not ready to play Broadway, need more time in dinner theaters

47 Ahmed Moor: Why I am for academic boycott

57 My nephew in Jerusalem is headed to Poland

26 Many western Jews believe: We need a Jewish state

65 Cindy Corrie reaches out to Middle Easterners who have lost family members to violence

30 Marty Peretz, Arabist

9 Israel indicts soldiers for using human shields, but says Goldstone had nothing to do with it

March 11 2010

56 Biden to Bibi: You are endangering us

105 Obama kids they are not

30 Sullivan says Israel doesn’t want a viable Palestinian state

42 Unending myth of two-state solution has helped to destroy two-state-solution

10 Neocon suggests that Palestinians are grabbing Jewish neighborhoods in E J’lem

6 what recession?

29 It’s time to rock, Joe Biden says– and breaks out the golden oldies

26 Left right left

6 Why all American Jews should now work to close the Zionist chapter of our history

4 ‘Times’ marches forward– and publicizes the ‘Judaization’ of East Jerusalem

2 Israeli press calls Netanyahu ‘insane’; why can’t American press do the honors?

12 At Harvard, Kramer is merely ‘controversial’

8 More oldies but goodies: Clinton to keynote AIPAC

6 Aaron David Miller says Obama must ‘restore his reputation’ in Israel

March 10 2010

19 Columbia Journalism School junket to Israel tunes out big story

22 Deafening silence from corporate media (on silent IDF dinner protest)

8 Elephant admits it is in the room

13 Netanyahu steals more land, so Biden is late for dinner

29 Lord almighty, MSM covers dissing of Biden

9 ‘Sandbox’ neocon persists in epic battle against Palestinian womb

4 ‘Life changed’ by Gaza, Congressman Baird seeks to testify in Corrie lawsuit in Israel

110 Who knew– BDS is tied to… 9/11!

35 ‘Clean and tidy’ campaign targets non-Jewish foreigners in Israel

24 Israel’s existential crisis comes to New York

15 On the day Jaffa’s refugees return

3 Chris is west and Palestine is east, and never the twain shall meet

2 Villagers briefly gain access to a segregated road that cuts through their land

20 Sullivan says ‘the soul of Israel’ is at risk

4 Double standards

35 Make intermarriage, not war

March 9 2010

20 In NY, silent protest greets architect of Gaza onslaught

19 The price tag for Israeli intransigence

23 Biden takes one on the chin

10 Oren, who won’t meet with J Street, says dialogue is essential

7 Lobby’s purchase of Republican Campbell recalls its purchase of Obama

70 Anywhere but here: IDF protest in NY today gets ink

42 J Street says Obama is serious (but Israeli Foreign Ministry shrugs)

17 ‘No one in Washington supports more settlements’ Why then?

12 a mind is a terrible thing to waste (Columbia/Barnard edition)

8 Every bad thought you have had about Ethan Bronner

14 How do we dispel the ‘vulgar propaganda that passes for history’?

2 Karon warns of third intifada

March 8 2010

45 Why some favor cultural boycott

24 As trial begins in suit over Rachel Corrie’s killing, her parents appeal for support

47 As Biden touches down, Israel announces 112 new settlement units in stark violation of ‘freeze’

333 Deck the halls: Finkelstein to speak on Goldstone at Harvard Law School

10 ‘NYT’ says Barak called Iran an ‘existential threat’. He didn’t say that

19 Sheikh Jarrah demo featured thrilling speech by Israeli artist Sara Benninga

10 On Israel/Palestine, ‘NYT’ prefers obfuscation

14 Obama’s Cheney

47 Novelist Henning Mankell says Israel faces ‘final insurrection’ and ‘fall’

8 Bibi Ahab (Obama Starbuck?)

6 Marty Peretz doesn’t trust Arabs, or his readers

25 Egg donor and recipient must be of same religion, you-know-where

March 7 2010

98 Jews of good will need to understand that they no longer get to decide for Palestinians

75 Israel’s ‘sensitive artist narrative’ just might implode at the Oscars tonight!

3 ‘Haaretz’ covers NY protest of IDF (where are the NY papers?)

9 Followup to Qadir’s roster of speakers on Israel/Palestine

108 The Israel Lobby, campus edition, Cal State Northridge

20 Colorado interfaith group takes on ‘raw political power that stymies Obama’

21 Stranglehold: When will a U.S. columnist decry the ‘injustice’ of 1948?

March 6 2010

21 My grandmother’s trees changed the face of Palestine

8 Political blackmail

12 Richard Cohen used ‘apartheid’ description of West Bank twice in ’04

28 Would the ‘NY Review of Books’ have printed an article on George Wallace in Alabama without talking to any black people?

99 The David Project swarms an apartheid-week event, and pathos prevails over logos

31 It’s easier to be a Zionist if you don’t live there

4 ‘NYT’ removes Israel lobby from Turkey genocide story

33 my critique of the leftwing critique of Israel lobby theory

15 My wife got a lesson

March 5 2010

15 Dubai-Mossad t-shirts now available

39 Tail wags the Turkey

22 Ivy League mag publishes dual-loyal dithyramb to IDF-Rambos vs swarthy Arabs

45 ‘JVP’ takes on the ‘epic battle’ inside the Jewish community

13 Two friends argue about the two-state solution

12 ‘JPost’ and ‘BBC’ say the lobby worked against Armenian genocide resolution before

8 Bronner party hypes the ‘existential threat’

16 Memo to Kramer: Gazan ‘youth bulge’ is matched by Orthodox

9 Maybe this is how Americans begin talking about the lobby?

6 Israeli envoy tells Palestinians they can’t set a deadline for freedom

March 4 2010

93 How do you aim BDS at the Israel lobby?

61 Is House committee vote on Armenian genocide tit-for-tat for Turkey’s Gaza criticism?

15 Roll over Ben Gurion and tell Jabotinsky the news (‘Washington Note’ characterizes Zionism as colonialist)

10 Tzipi Livni won’t be visiting the UK any time soon

9 Sunstein augured Obama’s strategy back in ’04

19 More on Jews, Poles and peasants

12 In Israeli-Lebanese brinkmanship, the US is powerless

25 Is declaring yourself an ‘anti-Zionist’ like declaring you’re a ‘Communist’?

6 Louisiana had apartheid

26 Hasbara extremist uses N-word

5 Enlightened American Jewry is worried about– Palestinian ‘demographic time bomb’

16 How did Martin Kramer get into Harvard?

March 3 2010

7 At J Street, two young Jews said they needed to talk about privilege (and so do I)

17 Nonviolent protests are also taking place in Gaza

48 In Spain, anti-Zionism spills over into anti-Semitism

38 Haaretz: In Iranian-Israeli brinksmanship, Obama is powerless

17 What it means to go to Ben Gurion airport with an Arab friend

65 Chas Freeman: This time apartheid has western complicity

11 ‘This is New York. This is the moment’ (IDF benefit dinner)

11 Define ‘loose cannon’ (Peretz attacks ‘old’ Jews who go to ‘gentile soirees’)

15 ‘LA Times’ says Republican rivals to challenge Senator Boxer are out-Israeling one another

25 People never change their views

10 Party line is PEP (Progressive except for Palestine)

5 Democratic discourse in D.C.: Neocons and ‘good Palestinians’

March 2 2010

34 You be the judge

51 How would Washington Post respond if soldiers came for a columnist at 2 in the morning because of his writings?

5 Red herring in Mamilla case

18 Rahm: Just hanging on?

5 Hooray for the ‘NY Times’

7 Why hasn’t the Arab world produced a Koufax?

5 Nobody here but us chickens

6 Raising the discourse

4 Tom Friedman oversaw NYT’s purchase of J’lem house with Nakba legacy

21 New principle of ‘asymmetrical warfare’ justifies attacks on civilians

19 Keller and Karsh–the ‘Times’ kennels the dogs of war

12 Crimean war blunders ended English oligarchy (and the Iraq war?)

14 ‘Washington Post’ columnist ends the occupation with stroke of pen

24 At what point will the West dump Israel?

March 1 2010

13 Now Hofstra asks: ‘Was the Goldstone Report severely flawed and motivated by anti-Israel bias?’

3 American Jewish apathy threatens Israel lobby

54 Canadian liberal leader says calling Israel ‘apartheid’ state is anti-Semitic

8 ‘Israeli Apartheid Week’ arrives, and so do attacks

147 Finkelstein in Gaza

15 Dubai puts wind under the wings of… Goldstone

5 E tu Yale: conference will be led by prof who claims Goldstone seeks ‘elimination’ of Israel

20 Naomi Klein: they are trying to ‘extremize’ us

20 Judith Butler: Identity ‘allegiance’ stands in the way of peace

0 Activists urge ‘Pixies’ to care for Gaza and nix Tel Aviv

5 Canadian human rights org is swallowed by the Israel lobby

4 AP: Israel factor could derail Armenian genocide resolution

51 Wallace Shawn on the one issue whose resolution would do the most for world peace