Chris is west and Palestine is east, and never the twain shall meet

In this Hardball clip, at around 2:25, Chris Matthews says George Mitchell has to cross the Allenby bridge to get to Ramallah! Hello!! And Ethan Bronner doesn’t bother correcting him either.

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  1. Avi says:

    Very few American commentators and figures in the mainstream media know the geography or history of the conflict.

    All they know are the talking points and rhetoric they hear from Israeli/US politicians. If you asked them about the details, they’d revert to their talking points because that’s what they know. It’s like the story about the guy who lost his car keys near his car, but was looking for them under the street light because there was light there.

  2. Chaos4700 says:

    There are only two commentators on MSNBC who are worth paying attention to at all. And neither of them are Chris Matthews.

  3. It’s because Matthews and Bronner know the simple fact that Jordan is the Palestinian state!

    BTW: Did anyone catch Matthews’ casual use of the word “population bomb” in reference to “Arabs” ending Israel’s “Jewish Democracy” (in the words of Bronner)?