Walt and Mearsheimer just scratched the surface

Are you watching MSNBC?!? Donny Deutsch is hosting (I guess he’s in for the suspended David Shuster) and he’s doing a segment on Israel/Iran. Sole guest: Alan Dershowitz, who calls Israel "the perfect ally" and suggests Obama is another Neville Chamberlain. Deutsch laps it all up. His first follow-up:

"Alan, as a Jewish-American, I don’ t think there’s any disagreement that we need to stand together against Iran. I just want to war-game it a little…"

[P.S. Alan Dershowitz, in Chutzpah:

My generation of Jews was too young to fight against Nazism or for Israeli independence, too American to make aliyah (emigrate to Israel), too comfortable to put our bodies on the line for anything Jewish. Instead, we observed, contributed... We became part of what is perhaps the most effective lobbying and fund-raising effort in the history of democracy.]

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  1. Just a potshot at Dershowitz, but with no link?

    • Chaos4700 says:

      Pot kettle BLACK.

    • Chaos4700 says:

      “No link.” No, but a citation. As if giving you the page number would matter, you don’t read anything outside of your Zionist library.

    • Mooser says:

      I like a guy who leaps to the defense of his heroes!

    • Shingo says:

      “Just a potshot at Dershowitz, but with no link? “‘

      From the master of rfusing to post links? Witty, your hypocricy just amplified by an order fo magnitude.

      BTW. It was on MSNBC. Felson asked if you were watching Witty, or did you not even bother to read the post?

    • Citizen says:

      Richard, as you likely know, the quote is in Chutzpah, on page 16. I urge everyone to read it; you can get a copy cheap. It’s very revealing. And looks who talking about taking potshots sans links!

  2. Debonnaire says:

    Donny Deuthch, the Nelson Mandela of pedestrian 5th rate cable showmen. Landing the blotchy-faced Dersh was quite a coup. I guess Chuck Woolery was unavailable.

    • Citizen says:

      Donny took over his father’s marketing firm; says he’s a lucky sperm child. His circle of friends are nearly all Jewish. He’s exactly what you think of him when you watch and listen to him for a few minutes. Here’s an old article about him–judge for yourself–he’s still the same, although
      his career has changed:
      link to nymag.com

      Allen and Donnie. Two well-off guys, not about to reside in Israel or join the IDF, never served in the US military, but hey,
      let’s “we” Americans “stand up” to Iran, the latest contender for hegemony in the Middle East. That’s the least “we” can do to protect
      poor beseiged Israel.

      • marc b. says:

        Two well-off guys, not about to reside in Israel or join the IDF, never served in the US military, but hey, let’s “we” Americans “stand up” to Iran, the latest contender for hegemony in the Middle East. That’s the least “we” can do to protect poor beseiged Israel.

        I figured you’d make the point, but you’re too kind. Dershowitz and these ‘brave’ souls, ‘fighting’ for their homeland. They have unparalled creature comforts, privileges passed to them like some hereditary title, the talentless shites, and they have to act out their revenge fantasies, sacrificing the lives of others, because they’re too chicken shit to even muss their hair. They are as f*cking dumb and decadent as the inbred British royalty, and hopefully they will soon be just as irrelevant.

        • Avi says:

          British royalty, and hopefully they will soon be just as irrelevant.

          I don’t know how a British national will take that comment. Personally, I have never understood why an alleged parliamentary democracy puts up with a monarch that lives off of their tax money. It just doesn’t add up that people in the 21st century still buy into the “it’s a tradition” argument and continue to support it with their hard earned money.

        • marc b. says:

          Avi there is nothing more repugnant to my sensibilities than the concept of inherited status. Thomas Jefferson (for all his faults) advocated for the extinguishment of inherited wealth as it promoted decadence and undermined the democratic prospects for social mobility and advancement. What did any of the royals do personally to secure their wealth and position? Not a damn thing.

  3. Walid says:

    If this is a Dershowitz stoning, here’s one of his best quotes taken from his lecture at the 2003 Herzliya Conference in which he advises Israelis to disregard international law, as if they hadn’t been already doing it or had been waiting for Dershowitz to come along with his precious advice :

    “…Israelis are obliged to follow the rule of law that exists in the democracy called Israel the way I am obliged to follow the rule of law in the democracy called the United States. International law is not democratic. You are not participants of international law, you are excluded from the United Nations Security Council, you are excluded from the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, which included Libya and Syria and other wonderful compliers with human rights. Your moral obligation to comply with the letter of the rule of international law is voluntary; it is a matter of choice and a matter of tactic, not a matter of moral obligation or democratic theory. You were not represented in the making of those laws; you are not represented in the implementing of those laws. International law stands on a different footing–it lives or dies by its credibility, it doesn’t live or die by the process of democracy, by which it has been constructed. Moreover, I am not suggesting that anybody or any country violate the rule of law, what I am suggesting is a dynamic view of the rule of law–change it!”

    • Avi says:

      [...] dynamic view of the rule of law

      Dersh would be the ideal defense lawyer for a serial killer. He’d come up with a 1001 dynamic views of the rule of law in his attempt to set his client free. He’s a danger to society. As for the serial killer…..

      • Chaos4700 says:

        Hey, being a defense lawyer for a serial killer isn’t a bad thing — someone who’s willing to make the justice system work as intended is honest enough.

        What Dersh is, is he’s the mafia don’s personal lawyer — making his case knowing full well that his boss’s other cronies will go out and break a few kneecaps if that’s what it takes to silence the prosecution’s case.

        • Avi says:

          Hey, being a defense lawyer for a serial killer isn’t a bad thing — someone who’s willing to make the justice system work as intended is honest enough.

          Of course. I’ll never argue otherwise. My point is that the dynamic views of the rule of law argument is merely a nice euphemism for lie, cheat, break and weasel your way out of it kind of thing.

  4. Walid says:

    Sounds a lot like “Jerusalem is NOT a settlement”, doesn’t it?

  5. Walid says:

    It gets better, Dershowitz at Herzliya 73 continues:

    “…Democracy should not have to justify its actions and show how the rule of human rights has become a weapon in promoting human wrongs… You are the lab for that process. You are contributing greatly. Do not allow the world to bully you into believing that you are the human rights violators…”

    Azmi Bishara commented about this in Al Ahram:

    “Israelis listened to this in rapture. They knew all these things already and they put them into practice. But they were ecstatic to hear it for the first time from a distinguished university professor, for now they can act on the conviction that their ideas and practices graduated from the University of Harvard. Israelis are fond of opening their self-justifying arguments with such assertions as “even in the US they have administrative detention”, or “even in a great democracy like the US they use torture”. It is as though all Israel needed to encourage it in its flouting of international law and the international will was a Harvard professor, courtroom king and champion verbal gladiator to tell it to become the laboratory for new international laws which will free the democracies’ hands in the war against terrorism. Now Israel’s codes of behaviour can become international law. Have you ever seen anyone more modest? It is as though his pride and ardour are fired by the thought that US and Israeli forces are waiting for his go ahead before committing their crimes, as though army and security officers carry his collected lectures around with them like an instruction pamphlet they open in order to put their finger on the necessary provision of international law to trample underfoot. The tragedy is that they are already committing the crimes and all our distinguished professor is doing is lending them moral justification and appeasing consciences with the liberal logic of an ex-civil libertarian. “

  6. Walid says:

    Sorry, the post should have been “Dershowitz at Herzliya 2003 continues:”
    The man left so may droppings all over the place that it gets confusing.

  7. Thank you Walid for putting it out . This very argument could be used one day aginst the very notion of the existence of Israel which was created without consulting Arabs/Palestine , which was created by ignoring the Arab resistance by protracted manipulation,obfuscation,deception,false promises,and negation of the democratic principles by superpowr ( Russiia, UK, USA (and possibly similar promises from Germany before 1941). Plaestine was not party to it. They have every right to do what Dershovitz is suggesting only against the other side.

  8. Did Dershowitz write a book called Chutzpah? Is it an autobiography?

    • eGuard says:

      I think (don’t have the book at hand) his bio was called “Beyond Chutzpah”. And not auto, but by some guy Normal Fink.

  9. Citizen says:

    Yes, see my link to p 16 of Chutzpah above in this thread. It’s partly autobiographical.

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