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May 31 2010

6 ‘Washington Post’ equates flotilla with jihad

130 Klein: ‘These boats were like the messages passed between prison bars’

31 The U.S.S. Liberty and the culture of impunity

5 ‘I cried when they threw out Noam Chomsky’

10 My flotilla newslist, complete with Henning Mankell, Azmi Bishara, & Norman Finkelstein

17 Obama’s opportunity, and test

10 What if it had been Somalis?

5 How they do it

67 Turkish jurisdiction

0 NPR plays he-said/he-said with one-sided attack

53 Israel apologists and the Israeli national will

15 Diana Buttu: Anger, angst and shock among Palestinians over Israeli attack on flotilla

3 Obama should join alt lobby and call for lifting of siege

83 ‘American Jewish Committee’ says flotilla activists used ‘automatic weapons’ on Israelis

29 Flotilla is global gamechanger– just like ‘Exodus’

12 Falk calls for criminal prosecution of those behind raid

6 Alarmed by ‘military operation,’ rabbis’ group calls for end to siege

18 ‘Americans for Peace Now’ characterizes flotilla as a ‘threat’

3 how to win friends and influence people

193 Facing armed attack in international waters

34 Gaza responds to the freedom flotilla massacre

44 American Jewish Committee rushes to justify attack

53 How can Obama meet Netanyahu after this?

77 Defensive ‘Times’ describes attack as ‘propaganda coup’ for ‘Israel’s foes’

41 In Beirut– anger and devastation

558 Reports – 19 people killed, 30-60 injured in Israeli attack on freedom flotilla

12 Israeli version of events doesn’t pass laugh test

5 Haaretz columnist calls on Netanyahu to stay home

May 30 2010

3 Double fault

28 A message to America about dignity from Khalid Meshaal

25 More on Toronto Pride

44 On board Gaza’s ‘freedom flotilla’

11 Toronto Pride founders protest decision to bar Palestine solidarity

31 NPR, the CIA, and the settlers: a detective story

5 the ultimate privilege

May 29 2010

489 The trap

46 Global flotilla hits NY chocolate shop

25 EU calls for immediate end to Israel’s siege of Gaza

7 Eviction notices for two more Palestinian families in Sheikh Jarrah!

179 Live stream of the flotilla–

12 In NPT, US sacrifices its own policy goals to serve as Israel’s lawyer

8 Navratilova joins in Peer hugs-n-Holocaust show (updated below)

6 When the establishment is at the guns, Obama will always retreat

16 Some conspiracy theories are true — Cockburn

40 Who lost Zionism?

2 Obama likes Mid East NPT conference, but Jones quickly expresses ‘serious reservations’

May 28 2010

19 Obama says nuclear-free Middle East is good goal– with an asterisk

43 Two states for one people

52 Free Gaza flotilla subject to coordinated Israeli government media campaign & military action

34 ‘Newsweek’ justifies collective punishment in Gaza

16 Ellis: path to peace begins with Jewish confession of wrong-doing

49 Lieberman: Israel must stop flotilla ‘at any cost’

156 ‘Amnesty International’ contradicts Benny Morris

34 Israel targets landmark Palestinian estate on West Bank with ‘papers from God’

12 Sullivan has religion on lobby

May 27 2010

243 With sea confrontation looming, New Yorkers say ‘break the blockade’

38 Beinart rues absence of Palestinian voices– and redlining of Chas Freeman and Rob Malley

12 ‘Washington Post’ readers aren’t ready yet to learn about Nakba

22 Democrats afraid of Jewish donor ‘revenge’ in midterms

36 Propaganda on the Tennis Channel during rain delay at the French Open

9 ‘WSJ’ runs Israeli flotsam and jetsam about flotilla

36 Israel attacks the ‘gourmet’ flotilla to Gaza

15 ‘Forward’ cartoonist says Americans are abandoning their Jewish identities because of Israel’s actions

5 You say Margolin, I say Margolis, let’s call the whole thing off

140 Bethlehem Checkpoint: Waiting in a Line vs. Waiting in a Line under Occupation

16 When Truman and Ben-Gurion took a stand for… terrorism

53 Liberal Zionism, oxymoron

21 Beinart has defined the new center, two steps to the left

7 Schaeffer: ‘the religion tends to feed exclusivity’

20 ‘We expelled the Palestinians to create a large Jewish majority. And it was wrong…’

4 Gideon Levy seems to be an anti-Zionist

13 Qumsiyeh: they once thought equality was impossible in the south

4 Berman’s judgement is impeached from the center-right

May 26 2010

32 We Accuse!: Press Statement by the Family of Ameer Makhoul

107 Teaneck harassment case ends with apology & forgiveness & Ilan Pappe

73 The thrilla in the Mediterranean won’t be coopted

343 Beinart’s influence: ‘Tablet’ author says Israel is a bully and Zionism is toxic subject

12 Wawro traces history of ‘domestic considerations’ back to Balfour and Eddie Jacobson

53 A tree burns in Palestine

33 Chomsky is not aboard the Gaza Freedom Flotilla

14 FYI, Israel: Everyone loves Chomsky

74 Israel says that flotilla is ‘violent’

36 Beinart’s hermetics

0 More on ‘Zeek’

May 25 2010

60 Isabel does her job

72 Freedom Flotilla carrying 10,000 tons of aid to Gaza, and maybe Chomsky

88 Teaneck harassment trial involves pro-Palestinian bumper stickers

31 More on the Gaza flotilla– and a call to demonstrate

41 Could Flotilla bring sea change in Washington attitude to Gaza?

51 ‘Commentary’ calls Walt an ‘intellecual terrorist’ and Khalidi an ‘anti-Semite’

76 It wasn’t Edward Said that upset the students; it was the very word ‘Palestinian’

40 Republican Party aligns itself with settler movement– game on!

8 The Twilight Zone on Capitol Hill

14 ‘Tablet’ editor claims there is nothing but diversity in Jewish debate over Israel

May 24 2010

171 Dershowitz falsely suggests that Chomsky is against the existence of Israel

81 Your Israel lobby at work: ZOA blasts Obama appointee for saying al-Quds

58 Gaza extremists target children’s camp

May 23 2010

90 If Saban bought ‘LA Times,’ Americans wouldn’t hear Ahmad Tibi’s call for equality

18 Is Chomsky getting religion on the lobby?

15 Doorstop book by Texas scholar suggests New Historians are bustin out all over

152 Finkelstein on Morris, on the root cause of the conflict

10 Recovering from the special relationship is going to involve a lot of historical accusations/confessions

45 Even Peter Beinart couldn’t say this here

12 Boycott racial profiling in Arizona now

13 FDR had vision

100 Has ‘Zeek’ gone into the bunker?

May 22 2010

27 Thinly-attended neocon event at American Enterprise Institute mocks ‘Princess Obama’

280 Benny Morris suggests Israel had a military aim in destruction of 31,000 Gaza chickens

82 ‘Ir Amim’ comes to the US to smash Jewish ‘myths’ about Jerusalem

30 Zuckerman insists Israel is strategic asset

4 I guess Mikey needed a pick-me-up

27 ‘JPost’ says fear of losing Jewish money drives Obama shift re Israel

32 ‘Debate Ltd’ seeks guerrillas for international hasbara army

11 Israelis made ‘strategic theft’ of ISM’s video cameras

May 21 2010

139 Beinart has pushed the reset button on Israel

13 Did Specter’s blind support for Israel help end his career? Just wondering

63 Qumsiyeh: we’re reaching the ‘endgame’ of an anti-colonialist struggle

9 It’s hard to blame your uncle when you’re 62

May 20 2010

27 I drove four hours to hear about the Gaza flotilla

216 The continuing power of Walt & Mearsheimer

75 House votes 410-4 to award another $205 million to–

18 Did you know that mixing cardamom and coriander can wipe Israel off the map?

53 ‘Beinart, your brutal honesty makes you my political foe’

22 Playwright was willing to change Wiesel’s name; but show will go on in New York

274 Martin Indyk’s references to Nakba represent denial of atrocities

10 Fogies shut their mouths amid new wave of idealism

79 Rose: Nakba was natural outcome of foundational messianic ideology of Jewish state

26 Religious quota

6 Only in Haaretz

May 19 2010

58 What’s Hebrew for ‘Sun City’?

29 When it comes to war with Iran, says Perle, Netanyahu outranks American generals

34 Anti-establishment fever? Not on Israel.

79 Which side are you on? Which side were you on?

16 Speaking to Israelis about the Nakba

50 The Wiesel industry

29 This is how the world now sees Jews

49 So much for bringing democracy to the Middle East

62 Lame Specter, Blumenthal and Kagan show– the American Jewish revolution is over

16 Satanic verses… Mohammed cartoon… Sharia law

28 Chomsky has blown cold and hot on P.A.

20 ‘They are us and we are them’ (Jewish universalism lives)

99 I zapped a hijacker

9 Uncle Shmuel wants you

May 18 2010

335 Making the case for Zionism

16 Bush-Obama neocon at Treasury is lobby’s hope re Iran

17 Christian Zionists are chopped liver next to ‘political, intellectual and economic elite’

96 ‘I will not cooperate with any Israeli institution while Palestinians are denied basic human rights’

51 Under his breath, Richard Cohen whispers, ‘Israel, beware’

46 Chomsky says ‘viable Palestinian state’ is possible under Fayyad plan

7 Watch out

5 Beinart was ‘sickened’ by Israel lobby’s call on him to rationalize civilian deaths in Gaza

22 yup the Israelis are really concerned about not wanting to be surrounded by Arab enemies…

54 First they came for our tiaras

May 17 2010

263 Elvis Costello cancels Israel concerts: sometimes it’s ‘impossible to simply look the other way’

17 Nakba Day is a reminder that George Mitchell can’t ignore Palestinian refugees

15 Why can’t ‘NYT’ get on the horn to Finkelstein, Malsin, Falk & famous Spanish clown?

67 Kattan: Truman administration threatened sanctions against ‘brutal’ Israeli stance on refugees

23 ‘NY Review of Books’ goes after the Israel lobby, Jewishly

5 ‘Washington Post’ says boycott of West Bank products hurts Palestinians

20 Chomsky and Zionism

112 Scary video from UCSD

4 I prefer the words ‘shared Jerusalem’

138 War is Peace. ‘Settlements’ are ‘Jewish housing.’

May 16 2010

15 Chomsky says Israelis were upset that he was only lecturing at a Palestinian school

4 A thought from Jean Amery

38 The greatest lecture Chomsky never gave is boost to BDS movement

118 Israel reportedly denied Noam Chomsky entry to West Bank

12 ‘Haaretz’ covered Berkeley BDS struggle while ‘NYT’ turned a deaf ear

370 An Israeli on Nakba Day: ‘Our humanity is bound up with your right to return’

21 Englander short story in ‘New Yorker’ says Holocaust legacy gives Israel a pass to do anything

4 Saddle up Petraeus

7 Barghouthi: Until Congress listens to Palestinian-Americans, forget about two state solution

1 Gaza and BP

May 15 2010

4 Angry in Ames

14 Israeli soldiers drag, beat and kick Israeli woman

68 Even Reform American rabbis are fanatical about Jerusalem

3 ‘NYT’ offers neoconnish shelter to Berman, leaving liberal response to ‘American Prospect’

14 This sure beats Niger yellow cake

5 Kafka on truth and success

66 Rahm Emanuel assures Haim Saban he’s a hawk for Israel

May 14 2010

59 Excerpt from: ‘The Unspoken Alliance: Israel’s Secret Relationship with Apartheid South Africa’

54 Inside the Beltway, at Cato no less, Iranian honoree says ‘gushing wound of Palestine’ is source of the radical fundamentalism

8 How do you occupy the internet?

33 If it was all about oil, we’d have boots on the ground in Venezuela…

19 Dershowitz expects to teach another professor’s class

19 Traveling from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv in N.Y

May 13 2010

67 Hillel to DePaul SJP: The Nakba is a ‘festivity to to delegitimize and destroy Israel’

114 Dershowitz Goes To Tel Aviv

33 New ‘HRW’ report affirms Goldstone’s claim: Israel wantonly destroyed Gaza’s civilian infrastructure

52 Dersh the knife

7 ‘J Street’ calls out Conference of Presidents over two-state-solution

15 If OECD membership is the soft carrot, where’s the stick?

9 PETA, where are you?

26 Some two-state thinking has a nostalgic quality

16 Six retired generals and admirals don’t buy Israel lobby’s security plaint

110 Denying Edward Said

5 Not a debate

May 12 2010

73 Jeffrey Goldberg vs Nelson Mandela

18 NPR report on West Bank expulsion order turns horror into a she-said/she-said debating point

123 Omar Barghouti in Rome

192 Palestinian issue fuels next cold war, with US as enemy of Arabs

17 Israeli gov’t embraces radical settler movement with connection to 6th Avenue fabric store

May 11 2010

66 if this were happening in the U.S., we would fill the streets

16 memo to Obama: construction in East Jerusalem is going on ‘as normal’

8 Homage to Haiti

22 Who put charming the Israeli public at the top of Prez’s To-do list?

10 Fungus threatens to delegitimize Israel

47 Candidate Obama was for diplomatic engagement. President Obama spurns Hamas outreach

74 Has he no shame?

38 Stop gaywashing the occupation

125 Atwood and Ghosh shrug off BDS, saying the sword is mightier than the pen

35 University of California execs say they’ll only divest from occupation if US gov’t finds genocide

35 ‘NYT’ grants East Jerusalem to Israel

36 Obama knows that Israeli policies are out of kilter with our values

16 Promises, promises

159 Suffer little children

May 10 2010

29 On brothers and keepers: a missing link?

102 Politics is a matter of the heart, which is why the BDS social movement is important

20 Goldstone helped end apartheid; Israel helped prop it up

12 BDS activists target Israeli pharma at Italy expo

113 Kagan appointment shows, Jews are the new WASPs

17 Finkelstein evening was filled with uplift

May 9 2010

43 ’60 Minutes’ piece hints that Palestinian conditions endanger Americans

53 Goodbye, settlement roads!

272 Desch: Bloom misses the historical shift re anti-Semitism

5 Israeli children rally against the killings

140 Israel doesn’t get it yet–but they sure are hearing

69 In the Chicago Tribune, Mearsheimer explains why ‘the Zionist dream’ is in danger

135 Harold Bloom says at least half the countries do worse things than Israel

37 Startup Arabs

6 I’d rather be a lamppost in Denver than the Israeli ambassador to the UN

May 8 2010

74 Sheldon tries to monopolize the conversation

17 Student protests force Israeli hasbara retreat

61 Dershowitz and Jeffrey Goldberg are against apartheid

19 The news from Bil’in yesterday

61 Jewish charity blacklists and the Israel question

120 Dog wags tail (against the Israel lobby theory)

May 7 2010

11 Finkelstein is movin on up to velvet rope in meatpacking district

29 Postponing Jerusalem will put the nail in the coffin of the 2SS

287 My Holocaust education

14 The 2 brothers from Al-Walaja can only enter Jerusalem when they are arrested

8 Yes! WaPo says Israel’s gobbling of Jerusalem goes well beyond Biden insult

10 JJ Goldberg: American Jewish community adopts Jerusalem line ‘as holy writ’

28 Dumbing down the Jews: No free speech on this issue

144 600 people readying to sail to Gaza on 8 ships, including ‘MV Rachel Corrie’

29 NYT should read the Goldstone Report

31 Marco Rubio Pandero

11 Say DeNiro and Bil’in in the same breath, and you’ve won the game

21 Shadow elite… transparent cabal… lobby…

13 I don’t like

165 Israeli repression wave continues – Palestinian leader in Haifa detained; case placed under gag order

May 6 2010

108 Tristan Anderson deserves justice

26 Iowa is listening

25 Israel grabs more Palestinian land to build Greater Jerusalem

206 ‘NYT’ ignores gigantic elephant named Gaza in the room

43 Palestinian statelessness is an American Jewish achievement

26 Send out the clowns

60 Boston Science Museum promotion of Israeli technology is angrily disrupted

9 ‘New Yorker’ profile of Haim Saban is pretty good

May 5 2010

187 Olympia mural uses Corrie tragedy to strengthen bonds of solidarity

24 A ‘historic opportunity at hand’ tonight as UC San Diego votes on divestment

67 Look into the terrifying face of the enemy

53 Pot calls kettle apartheid

17 Producer of ‘Budrus’ set his sights on–

29 Now, Goldstone is trying to delegitimize US sovereignty (and maybe impose Sharia law too)

5 Frum’s rejectionism

105 Dual loyalty is truly a problem

169 UN’s Ging calls on west to break the Gaza siege

39 In Jewish family, diaspora gets to be the enabler

May 4 2010

63 when will this occupation be televised?

105 Goldstone after bar mitzvah: I reached out to Netanyahu

94 Big brave Charney Bromberg says… it’s apartheid

77 All the nukes that’s fit to print (cont’d)

80 Is David Brooks talking about the Nakba?

38 A ‘one-issue guy’, Saban funded Brookings as his personal power ranger

19 There were righteous Afrikaners, too

100 Chomsky and other scientists condemn Boston museum’s Israeli celebration

3 More damning than the apartheid analogy (the OJ analogy!)

6 Is this what Leo Strauss and the neocons mean by hidden meaning?

May 3 2010

178 Where Sullivan gets it wrong: there already is a non-violent Palestinian movement

74 The Palestine-Mexico border

112 Mustafa Barghouti can go on Jon Stewart but he’d be arrested if he set foot in Jerusalem

108 Imagine Jimmy Carter doing this

4 On Berman and projection

15 More sea change

3 Define subterfuge

65 Silverstein knocks J Street

29 How about BPS? (boycott, pressure and sanctions)

3 Let us now praise the grassroots (and Seeger on his birthday)

May 2 2010

16 Berman doth project too much

42 Aaron David Miller’s lost faith

155 ‘Special relationship’ has only threatened the ‘stable flow of oil’

78 If Fayyad is so great, why not let Israelis vote for him too?

116 ‘NYT’ falsely suggests that anti-Zionist scribes are beavering away in Jewish media

13 Security Council sea change?

42 I can’t place an old friend on Fifth Avenue