Israeli children rally against the killings

of baby seals. Canadian embassy, Tel Aviv. (h/t Max Blumenthal)

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  1. Avi says:

    It’s easy to criticize with graphic detail the actions of a foreign nation.

  2. Chaos4700 says:

    Do you suppose there is a Canadian version of eee out there somewhere, shouting at Israelis to fix their own country first?

    • Frances says:

      I suspect if there is, she’s one of the Native People of Canada and eee will stand behind her playing the violin as she screams that Israel should mind her own business because she’s flouted a whole lot of international laws. At which point he’ll bonk her over the head with said violin.

  3. Walid says:

    Israel can be proud of its children such as those seen in a 2006 photo:

    link to

  4. Koshiro says:

    Wonder if these kids have ever been shown what ‘shechita’ is all about… then again, cows don’t look like cute little toys, so slaughtering them in horrible ways should be okay.