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June 30 2010

65 Israel’s ‘periphery doctrine’ of non-Arab friends is in tatters

25 Avishai: ‘on the verge of fascism…’

54 Writing from the ‘Ramallah bubble,’ Friedman is blind to Gaza and West Bank poverty

27 Iara Lee: International pressure since flotilla shows it might be ‘the beginning of the end’

20 Israel reported to have seized Palestinian legislator in Jerusalem

11 Will mainline American Protestants give Palestinian Christians a voice?

38 Elena Kagan thought experiment

23 ‘Is the open sea your father’s meadow? Do you think you have the right to kill someone who has a death wish?’

13 ‘Balto Jewish Times’ piece calls BDS ‘powerful form of nonviolent resistance…’

51 Kagan’s Jewish identity seems very 1993

5 ‘Tablet’ piece calls upon Jews to recognize the ‘underlying grievances’ that fuel resistance

June 29 2010

25 No contest on whether to protect Israel or protect U.S. citizens

112 Ambition and orthodoxy (Kagan’s hero is also Dershowitz’s)

44 IHH report on the freedom flotilla

3 ‘Liberate All Ghettos’: Gaza solidarity in the Warsaw ghetto

8 NPR corrects itself – to a point

June 28 2010

87 Greenwald wounded him. The pack moves in

23 Israel’s Iranian Opposition?

48 Mearsheimer says ‘apartheid is despicable system at odds with American values’

213 ‘Terrorism’ is the primary bulwark through which Zionism defends itself from scrutiny

10 After the World Cup, a big flotilla to set out for the land of burning olive trees

76 I’m crushed and livid (massive Jewish expansion set for Obama’s lap, East Jerusalem)

106 Religion doesn’t matter any more,

24 Supporting Iraq war was, and apparently still is, a good career move

9 The movie where Ari Ben Canaan finds out his father is Darth Vader

5 Elena Kagan made who/whom mistake in 2006

June 27 2010

176 To defuse one-staters, liberal Zionist must justify ‘wrongs’ of ’48

39 Anti-Zionist show in Rochester is back on, though not in original church venue

6 ‘NYT’ makes excuses for Netanyahu

46 Long predicted, Goldberg’s eclipse finally begins

43 Goldstone missed the cut

37 Roll over Ben-Gurion– Michael Oren says the special relationship is over

June 26 2010

74 ‘NYT’ reporter who grooved on Jewish terrorism made Chomsky out to be ‘self-hating’ nut

63 Why does U.S. soccer fall short?

43 A tale of two schools

70 ‘NYT’ story on anti-Zionists says their ‘dual loyalty’ prophecy has come to pass

13 US tax dollars at work in Egypt

53 Internet is undermining the authority & status of academics and journalists before our eyes

5 A: Because they differ on the only issue he cares about, Israel

14 Israel seizes oxygen tanks bound for Palestinian hospitals

11 Three US Presidents’ failure to effect right of return calls on Jews to examine our role in society

55 ‘Zio-pressure’ reportedly scotches anti-Zionist musicians’ church gig in Rochester, N.Y.

20 NYT describes Jewish terrorism as ‘romantic’

10 Dual loyalty ha ha

11 I have a friend who calls Uncle Sam Uncle Sucker

June 25 2010

21 ‘Safe passage’ shows the siege of Gaza is about more than just nutmeg

14 The failed peace process is on display in Silwan

June 24 2010

110 Israel lobby group FLAME says black Ethiopian Jews are ‘backward’

80 Midnight on the Mavi Marmara

50 The ‘one state’ conversation continues

54 Where Kindness Is A Crime

59 The brand is tanking, in the East River

78 Third war is urged on Obama

2 Today in Palestine: Gaza cancer patient is denied chemotherapy, given painkillers

140 cycle of abuse

33 ‘New York Review of Books’ is thinking outside the box, again, on one-state

June 23 2010

131 Israeli expo in NYC markets penthouses in settlements

50 Helen Thomas (and the long, anticolonial walk to freedom)

107 Don’t fall into the ‘noble savage’ trap re women’s rights in Middle East
Sean Lee

22 Did the State Dept cave to pressure in denying flotilla activist entry to U.S.?

6 Gack!

1 Egypt and France condemn Jerusalem house demolitions–where is Obama?

13 Sometimes Americans deserve to win

81 Guardian piece: obsession with Israel has rational basis, but is dangerous

8 Not just Barak and Olmert– Ben-Gurion predicted apartheid 40 years ago

June 22 2010

52 ‘Fresh Air’ gets Gaza’s history wrong

25 Ghetto Israel

20 ‘Haaretz’ runs piece saying only boycott will move Israel

191 Lawrence Wright: ‘most ideal outcome of entire flotilla episode’ would be…. release of Gilad Shalit!

25 ‘Commentary’ attacks labor (because Israel always comes first)

29 Jewish group protests ‘Brand Israel’ in North Carolina

140 What’s the difference between incitement and patriotism?

15 Now they’re cooking

3 Today in Palestine: Obama silent as Israel moves to demolish 22 Palestinian houses in Silwan

2 Rieff deorientalizes the discourse

2 Speaking of Berman,

June 21 2010

38 ANC is PNG on NPR’s ATC
Rusty Pipes

123 Israeli ad looks for help sabotaging upcoming flotilla

21 Volunteer in Palestine

93 ‘Renowned philosopher’ says Jews invented democracy (OK, but what about hummus?)

29 The settlers’ one-state argument, or ploy

122 Liberal Zionists excommunicate anti-Zionists

3 Today in Palestine: Groundbreaking for 600 settlers’ homes!

11 Rabbi who went after Helen Thomas has supported ethnic cleansing

2 Michael Wolff cant resist trivia

31 Update from Oakland: Victory!

June 20 2010

9 A year after Cairo, global poll on Obama’s Israel/Palestine policy is highly disapproving

19 a tale of 3 headlines

28 Turkish officials blow AIPAC claims out of the, uh, sea

62 Daybreak outpouring of Bay Area picketers stops unloading of Israeli ship

37 Sister Rosanne asks, How can I keep my soul and be a Jew when Israel is blockading Gaza?

27 Movements take years to build… to Freedom Summer

103 Friedman: Middle Easterners are scheming, except Israel

5 Cartoonists get the story, even if MSM is muzzled

June 19 2010

41 Who does Tony Blair work for?

15 More Henochowicz, with spiritual leadership

23 ‘CSM’ questions Israel’s Iran paranoia, thereby breaking MSM taboo

59 Casual prejudice against Muslims

55 Our western privilege is the legacy of historical violence

30 When will Schumer and Engel decry this racism?

June 18 2010

74 Why is this happening in a church basement?

8 The ‘Associated Press’ really ought to say Rachel Corrie’s name, it’s on boats and books and movies

0 6/18/10: Today in Palestine

10 Roger Cohen needs to get over his inhibitions and extend his historical imagination to Palestinians

27 Bill Bennett & his neocon sidekick say reelecting Obama means the end of Israel

June 17 2010

31 Illinois Methodists vote to divest from the occupation

42 What Occupation? News from the good Palestinians

22 Henochowicz, unbowed: I stumbled onto this injustice because I am Jewish and American

43 Howler

10 Israel eases the siege in English, leaves it in place in Hebrew

38 Due to demand, Jewish boat to Gaza is becoming a flotilla

6 Somali military may be violating U.S. child soldier laws, but what about Israel violating arms export laws?

19 ‘J Street’ leader suggests that Israel’s behavior threatens security of Jews in U.S.

56 NYT op-ed page has run 0, count em zero, Palestinian authors since flotilla attack

7 I remember the real reason I hate soccer– the power issues

6 Pinkwashing

12 Helen Thomas, and Amira Hass, on the right of return

3 Darfur was a no-brainer for divestment by TIAA-CREF– why not the occupation?

32 My question for J.J. Goldberg

22 The ‘Mavi Marmara’ and the ‘Rachel Corrie’ (and non-violent resistance)

11 mind your own business

June 16 2010

128 Chomsky in Lebanon

32 Terry Gross has no empathy for Palestinians

11 ‘Democracy’ Means the U.S. and Israel Approve

11 Brits say 13 ‘Bloody Sunday’ victims were innocent, 28 years later (flotilla echo)

8 Henochowicz posts photo of her face

6 Rough days ahead

21 Lobby stomped journalist over Armenian genocide

6 Credibility, once shredded, is impossible to piece together again

4 ‘a wretched reality that should appall anyone with an ounce of humanity’ (still Israel seeks to justify blockade)

13 Israeli comedy show says Obama wants to exterminate the ‘dirty Jews’

7 Tell me, has the ‘NYT’ run an Op-Ed by a Palestinian in the last month?

7 ‘J Street’ takes on AIPAC flotilla letter

42 Transatlantic Jewish coalition set to break the siege of Gaza

June 15 2010

25 ‘Global citizens must respond where governments have failed’

49 After killing Ziad al-Jilani, Israel now seeks to question his American widow (where is Congress?)

131 One possible framework for a single state in Israel/Palestine

55 Blockade of ‘Mavi Marmara’ continues, stateside

15 When will ‘NYT’ get around to printing Emily Henochowicz’s name?

29 Three American girls are left fatherless by Jerusalem killing

14 Israeli investigation on flotilla will be biased (and Netanyahu leaked the results already)

1 Bloomberg, and Carnegie expert too, say Obama’s changed nothing re Israel

7 Don’t forget the two-day detention of the flotilla members

June 14 2010

69 Who knew that the Israeli blockade is ‘economic warfare’?

41 North American Jews meet to ‘confront racism and Israeli apartheid’

8 Muslim Student Union threatened with suspension for disrupting Israeli Ambassador

34 From birthright to boycott

58 Fair and balanced, the inquiry commission is

2 ‘Before my bump’

35 Israel called him a ‘terrorist’; but hear his family’s story
Iman al-Jilani

59 A conversation about the Warsaw Ghetto

131 Let’s get the facts straight on Hamas

14 The moral authority of non-violence

5 Palestinian Gandhi finds, No mitzvah goes unpunished

10 ‘NYRB’ on nonviolent demos

4 Tortured Egypt

21 Christian Zionists were the sine qua non of the creation of Israel

June 13 2010

21 My brother-in-law was going to pray when he was killed
Jilani family

32 ‘LA Times’ runs two incisive pieces on the conflict

165 Non-violence is not a principle, it is a tactic

41 A father, 41, is killed at a Jerusalem checkpoint. Now whose story should you believe?

23 Let’s be clear: We have taken the American left

30 Reliable sources prove reliable on Helen Thomas

32 Don’t blame the Jews for the Israel lobby

7 ‘NYT’ laundry service

16 The problem with soccer, redux

June 12 2010

151 Nader: ‘Anti-semitism against Arabs is rife’ in U.S.

21 US position on flotilla is compromised by its love of drones

127 Solidarity with Palestinians, yes– but why not solidarity with Jews?

39 We need Roger Cohen to stand up for his opposition to nationalist myth-formation

June 11 2010

79 Recasting the Gaza blockade as a humanitarian project

14 Gaza activists in prison stripes try to give themselves up to Congressman Brad Sherman

21 These ‘Times’ demand Robert Mackey

28 Report: Obama to call for independent inquiry of flotilla raid

33 Pillow talk: ‘NYT’ correspondent’s husband says Israel is in a war against critical information

2 Egyptian artists, Abbas, many nations, and Gazan children too– decry the siege

80 Corporate media’s message: Turkey is the new enemy

86 Gaza flotilla lesson: nonviolent discipline is the best moral and strategic choice

14 Siegman: Moral issue posed by flotilla resisters is same as Jews resisting Nazis

13 ‘NYT’ quickly closes the blinds

44 ‘J Street’ rabbi in Madison suggests that flotilla members were terrorists

2 Israel brings peace to the Middle East

56 Video shows FBI visit to the home of a Palestine solidarity activist

7 Cordesman’s apostasy is huge because he served as stenographer for IDF after Gaza war

June 10 2010

80 Schumer on Gazans: ‘Strangle them economically’

7 Margulies: Turks know the difference between Jews and Zionists

8 Emily Henochowicz was shot while holding Turkish flag

9 ‘Guardian’ offers more clues on how the 19-year-old Turkish-American died

31 With US mood turning, Israel lobbyist urges approach to Russia (‘we share values’)

29 ‘J Street’ publishes an ‘I am scared’ letter from an Israeli

268 New footage of flotilla attack contradicts Israeli account

54 Ads promoting one democratic state pop up in Ramallah

66 Israel’s ‘self-defense’ narrative falls apart

20 Christian Zionists pipe new hasbara line (glass houses)

15 Israel said to consider stiff penalties for those supporting BDS

18 Abbas seems to know, one-state solution is coming

40 Steven Cook of CFR works overtime to make sure US shares Israel’s new enmity to Turkey

2 The wait-and-see president

13 An American boat?

26 The moral failure of American liberals: A defence of Helen Thomas

7 Israeli Foreign Ministry acknowledges Gaza is occupied

8 Judt: Who lost Zionism? Who lost Turkey?

6 ‘Washington Post’: Gaza turned Emily Henochowicz

0 Attacks on West Bank mosques, and other news

13 The suppression of Arab-American speech

1 Yglesias’s views have changed dramatically since college

June 9 2010

64 Obama’s refusal to jettison the special relationship is an abrogation of his responsibility

163 Israel’s cult of victimhood: ‘Barefoot’ soldiers on the high seas

51 Farewell Helen Thomas

9 All Palestine is divided into four parts

13 Let them eat chips

17 What would Obama have said about Bull Connor?

19 In Israel, discrimination against Palestinians justified because they ‘strike terror in our hearts’

38 The ‘Times’ runs Michael Chabon on the flotilla

40 Sullivan asks how to redeem the Jewish state

8 Even ‘The Jewish Week’ says what CFR can’t: Israel is a liability

5 Payback

4 The flotilla did its job, brought global attention to the persecution of the Gazan people

7 Yglesias Thomas

12 Chief rabbi/Thomas

June 8 2010

44 Flotilla was successful: NBC Nightly News airs searing report on Gaza ‘prison’

95 Internet killed the hasbara star

15 Israel holds passengers’ computers, cell phones, Blackberries

23 She looks like a very nice lady

33 ‘Pigs for Palestine’

1 Israeli settler opens fire on schoolboys, wounding two 16-year-olds

25 Adviser without portfolio, Walt tells Obama how to get back his Cairo form

11 Huckabee said Palestinians should leave Israel, and he’s golden

9 Dan Schorr continues to shade his liberal legacy with unreconstructed Zionism

56 In Helen Thomas case, the world sees a taboo being enforced
Ann El Khoury

17 The nighttime attack on the chocolate flotilla

8 When neocons say Gaza is not a humanitarian crisis, they’re right

12 Kucinich cong’l letter says Israeli raid on flotilla endangers ‘lives of American soldiers’

June 7 2010

49 Hitchens advises the Palestinians on how to get freedom

12 Mother of nine dies after being run over by settler

12 I think Matthews feels Helen Thomas’s pain

59 Pro-IDF, Anti-Turkish Rally in Tel Aviv (or a Glimpse Into Collective Israeli Derangement)

5 ‘TNR’ says Judt wants to turn many of world’s Jews into refugees

155 An unqualified defense of Helen Thomas

29 What 1967, and 1948, tell us about today

20 O’Keefe: Gandhi would have defended the ‘Mavi Marmara’

5 Inhumane siege is fueling international outrage (inc’g American poets)

6 In fairness to CFR

73 Headline says it all

7 Netanyahu’s psyche

4 A Jew explains why he is leading flotilla protest

36 ‘Increasingly vocal’ Jewish left is taking over the American Jewish ‘street’

June 6 2010

55 Israeli discourse on Gaza flotilla makes our press look poodle

57 Israel, your Sun City moment has arrived

15 I wish the American Jews who feel misrepresented by the lobby would stand up

14 Your nonviolence is violent, they told us, and you need us to get your freedom

169 Finkelstein: Did Netanyahu OK nighttime commando raid to restore Israel’s Entebbe glory?

8 Beinart and Mearsheimer now closer to one another than Frum (and wait–Who’s Jewish?)

14 (Wake up, blind America) 10,000 protest flotilla attack in Israel

4 The Freedom Riders (and the Freedom flotilla)

14 A Palestinian-American family slept. Till 9/11

18 CFR party line ignores everything Cordesman, Petraeus and Mossad chief have been saying

June 5 2010

50 Israeli Strangelove now at Harvard calmly lays out ‘Armageddon scenario’

61 Remember that Herzl came up with Zionism when he heard Parisians crying ‘Death to the Jews!’

45 (Gulp) Israel deploys nuclear cruise missiles near Iran

14 ‘NYT’ opens ‘inflammatory’ discussion–Israel as strategic liability

111 The Helen Thomas moment

31 Questions Ethan Bronner could have asked

48 My heart wanted to ask her: What will it take for Jews to say, Enough!

2 Judah Magnes is rolling in his grave

14 Uri beats narrow escape from crazed rightwingers

3 In Houston, they sport coonskin cap and kuffiyeh

55 Jewish group said to prepare boat to go to Gaza

10 The withering of liberal Zionism

21 A prayer for her country

112 I need your help

4 An Israeli turns on the charm

42 Jews at CFR, c’ted

3 Witness: Hours elapsed with wounded lying unattended

June 4 2010

134 Updates on the MV Rachel Corrie

26 The myth of Israeli strategic genius

9 Goldstone removed from Hebrew University board

10 ‘NPR’ gives platform to two Muslims to say, End the special relationship

43 Rep. Sherman: prosecute U.S. citizens involved with Gaza flotilla

67 Remembering the dead and the Rachel Corrie’s mission

16 ‘Terror’ smear against IHH springs from a familiar source

14 Justice for All? A Tale of Two Victims: Leon Klinghoffer and Furkan Dogan.

5 An Israeli military investigation of the flotilla attack will not suffice

13 What about the Turkish charity’s alleged links to terrorists?

12 ‘Tablet’ runs groundbreaking Luban piece attacking liberal Zionism’s Jewish narcissism

8 CFR braintrust on Gaza is almost all neocon and a six-letter-word-beginning-with-J

14 Dominoes are falling

45 MV Rachel Corrie due to reach Gaza within hours. “The world is watching” — Mustafa Barghouthi

54 Sullivan gets it: ‘There is no sense of the human here, just the tribe’

4 Senor: Israel chose ‘most confrontational way’ to stop flotilla, so no wonder it went ‘sideways’

13 ‘Al Jazeera’ reporter says Israelis fired from helicopter

83 Blinding the witnesses

7 Two rallies: which crowd do you want to be in?

10 Does Zionism = Amos’n’Andyism?

2 Ed Koch calls Jeremy Scahill a ‘terrorist supporter’ and other news

7 Mainstream news org calls for sanctions

6 What’s ‘Let’s roll’ in Turkish?

0 ‘NYT’ covers NY student’s blinding on-line

June 3 2010

77 We aren’t the world

23 Burying Gaza, Frank and Matthews remember the good old days fightin apartheid

213 Can the Israeli government kill Americans with impunity?

19 Can the Israel government maim Americans with impunity?

6 Voices for Evergreen divestment

15 Israel is becoming a liability for the United States

24 Netanyahu now under siege by American Zionists, including Wieseltier

12 ‘MV Rachel Corrie’ said to turn around so as to be fitted with video equipment

37 ‘Facebook’ page issues assassination threat to Palestinian Knesset member who was on flotilla

5 Shift in discourse, continued

8 It’s ’68– and who will be the Cronkite of the Jewish community?

34 ‘Huffpo’ reflects staggering shift in liberal American discourse

4 Evergreen students vote for divestment, Henning Mankell mulls related action

26 ‘Mad dog’ diplomacy: A cornered Israel is baring its teeth

17 OMG: ‘New York Times’ finally debates… Zionism

4 ‘Don’t tangle with us’ is the message, 2/3 of Israelis say

16 ‘If you express solidarity with Palestinians, then you will have Palestinian experiences’

14 ‘New York Times’ fails to interview a single flotilla member about killings

2 Neoconservative ancien regime waves goodbye

9 Olbermann seeks non-IDF version of events

7 In ‘WaPo’, Obama administration distances itself from Israeli raid

3 New conventional wisdom, echoed by Cordesman: Israel is ‘strategic liability’

11 Gaza moved the people, the flotilla is moving the governments

1 Megan McArdle of ‘Atlantic’ steps on third rail and lives

June 2 2010

21 Protest in New York, and celebration

11 Helen Thomas shows up Obama on the ‘ironclad’ relationship

13 Bless her heart, Andrea Mitchell seems upset by Gaza blockade

57 Israel’s spin won’t work this time

7 No Borders

83 Were Israeli photos of flotilla ‘weapons’ faked?

12 social-climbing for nationalists

41 ‘In the spirit of humanity!’ –a look at the MV Rachel Corrie

11 Goldstone vindicated by flotilla attack as Israel faces another UN investigation

67 Obtuse NYT editorial portrays courageous humanitarian mission as human sacrifice

29 Israel’s war against non-violence

17 ‘Huffpo’ stakes out new frontier in the liberal discourse (Welcome home, Barney!!!!!!!)

27 Israel censors the news, again

4 Drive-by settlers, and other news

3 Did Schwerner, Chaney and Goodman provoke and incite their murderers in Philadelphia, MI?

23 Anywhere but here: ‘Haaretz’ prints another Israeli rightwinger talking one-state

20 ‘hard-core… growing threat… militants’– the Times exposes the flotilla

67 Goliath meet David

5 Be sure to read the bath towels

10 Turkey convened emergency NATO meeting

1 NPR gives air time to Huwaida Arraf and challenges Mark Regev

1 My wife baits a secret rightwinger

June 1 2010

44 Compassionless, Matthews ratifies Israeli raid

13 Winograd seeks to rally Democratic base around flotilla, AIPAC

16 Lessons from the UC Berkeley divestment effort

9 At Wiesenthal fundraiser, no time for Mamilla or flotilla

83 MV Rachel Corrie heading for Gaza — with the full support of the Irish government

42 Mystery solved: flotilla cargo contents revealed!

40 Why do they hate us?

15 What leaders will decry Henochowicz’s ‘devastating injury’?

9 It’s up to Obama whether the siege of Gaza continues

12 Terry Gross fiddles while Zionism burns

3 Sullivan connects the dots

61 Obama: No daylight

49 Hair-curling demo in support of flotilla raid outside Turkish embassy in Tel Aviv

19 OK you’re not brave enough to take to the seas; but can you go to 42d and 2nd?

8 American student shot by Israelis loses eye– but Obama is emasculated

2 Who will take on Netanyahu? Comedy channel?

18 Many flotilla activists still unaccounted for; access to lawyers being withheld

7 lobby owns the ‘Beast’ huh?

31 Turkish PM Erdogan calls on Israelis to challenge their ‘bandit’ gov’t

56 Ynet: 75 percent of flotilla passengers had a ‘knife in hand’

1 Mossad chief says, Israel is a burden to US

1 Seham’s ‘Today in Palestine’ news digest

14 Israel’s flotilla actions vindicate Goldstone report

15 ‘Washington Post’ relies on Israel lobby group for statistical graphic about blockade

6 Now US wants to be pariah state

3 Echoes of the ‘Exodus’

22 American mandate in Palestine is coming to an end, and about time

65 New Yorkers join worldwide chorus of condemnation over Israeli attack on flotilla

8 ‘Economist’ suggests Israel shares South Africa’s destiny