Timing is everything

Two Armenian-Americans have sued the Turkish government in California for the Armenian genocide of nearly a century ago.

The suit seeks class action status on behalf of all Armenians and Turkish citizens "who were deprived of their citizenship, brutally deported, (and) had their property seized" by the Turkish government.

Hmmm. Here’s the law firm. I imagine they’re preparing a Nakba lawsuit as we speak. (thanks to Reem Mokhtar)

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  1. American says:

    I said this would happen.
    That even though the resolution excluded the recognition of the holocaust as a basis for reparations that American courts would turn out to be avenue for these lawsuits.

  2. hayate says:

    “Here’s the law firm.”


    * Brian S. Kabateck
    * Richard L. Kellner
    * Sue Brown


    * Claudia E. Candelas
    * Josh H. Haffner
    * Ronald I. Karz
    * Karen Liao
    * Lina B. Melidonian
    * Michael V. Storti
    * Alfredo Torrijos
    * Evan Zucker

    I wonder if they hire using a “quota” system?


    Anyone want to guess who their other clients were?