‘In my opinion, every Jewish town needs at least one Arab. What would happen if my refrigerator stopped working on a Saturday?’

Anti Semitic Propaganda Cropped 1
My Community Must be kept Pure

Asked David Rotem, chairman of Knesset’s Constitution, Law and Justice Committee after said committee approved unanimously a law that allows communities to reject potential residents if they do not meet criteria of “suitability to the communities fundamental outlook” so that they are free to reject candidates on the grounds of age, sex, religion and socio-economic status.

I was not privileged to take part in deliberations of the Law and Justice Committee, but I can assume that between arguments forwarded was one not unlike this one

(…) this year Jewish-Israeli communities will finally be liberated from the sight and disastrous impact of these parasites. Step by step, the authorities responsible for the (…) future of Jewish-Israeli communities implemented the radical isolation of the Arabs with determined action and iron resolution. In a few months they thereby achieved a feat of organisation that, in connection with the sacrifices made by Jews affected by the resettlement, deserves our unreserved recognition. These measures are necessary for three main reasons. First, the conscientious investigations carried out by the municipal health authorities have provided incontrovertible proof that the 140,000 Arabs who had already penetrated the residential areas of the Jews (…) pose a severe and constant danger for the health and life of the entire population, on account of their born dirtiness and unbelievable disregard for any hygiene conditions necessary for the co-existence of a large community.

Oh, OK, so I modified the argument a little. But the principle, I believe, remains intact.

Anti Semitic Propaganda
“Jews do not belong. Get rid of them!” German Poster in Latvian


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  1. seafoid says:

    The picture says it all. Israel treats the Palestinians as another entity once did the Jewish people of Europe.

  2. Eva,

    I get very concerned when I see every comment and post from you equates Jews to Nazi.

    Can we please base the dialogue based on truth, Justice and current events, rather than trying to make Jews feel bad because of what happened to us during the Holocaust? Just dropped the Nazi talk.

    When people focus to much on that they get obsessed, take the example of the Gentleman from Human Rights Watch who was actually trading in Nazi memorabilia. Focus less on Nazis and your mind will be at ease.

    • Shafiq says:

      Well, passing a law that allows Jewish communities to prevent Arabs from being in their midst does have a Nazi-esque feel about it.

      • Question:

        As a Jew, can I buy land legally in:


        Saudi Arabia,







        • Antidote says:


          That’s how the Zionist take-over started in Palestine, Narr. So they’re a little concerned. Can you blame them? Sure you can

        • bob says:

          Tu Quoque/ Red Herring argument alert

        • Shafiq says:

          As a Muslim/Brit, I can’t buy land in most of the states you mentioned. I’m sure you know the difference between not being able to buy a land in another country and not being able to buy land in your own country?

          Having said that, I am a believer in free trade, which includes being able to buy land wherever you want no matter what nationality you are.

        • Antidote says:

          No bloody way, free trade and being able to buy land wherever you want. American investors, real estate speculators and millionaires looking for a safe haven among normal people have driven up prices and screwed up entire lakefronts in Ontario. One monster cottage after the other.

        • tree says:

          I’ve mentioned this before but I know for a fact that there are no religious restrictions on who can by land in Jordan. What Jordan does restrict is land sales to citizens of countries that don’t allow Jordanians to buy land in their home country. Thus, Israelis are not allowed to buy land in Jordan because Jordanians can’t buy land in Israel. An American Jew, or any other American, could buy land in Jordan because the US does not prevent Jordanians from buying land in the US.

          In Syria and Lebanon there are Jewish citizens who own land there. What the requirements or prohibitions there are on foreign ownership I do not know, but I don’t that it is religiously based.

          Not only is Max throwing out a red-herring, he’s repeating an old and debunked hasbara line. (Par for the course for Max, really.)

        • Shingo says:

          “As a Jew, can I buy land legally in:

          Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Ramallah, Gaza, Syria, Lebanon”

          Is there any reason why:

          a) you would
          b) you can’t?

          Have you tried?

        • Walid says:

          Max, good to hear you’re interested in investing in Arab countries. Yes, as a Jew you can buy property in Lebanon and you can even vote, run for Parliament and worship in a synagogue there but you can do so provided you are a Lebanese Jew; the Lebanese Constitution gives you these rights. As a Jew of another country, other than Israel since it’s the only country at war with Lebanon, you can buy property or properties of up to 3000 square meters and you’d pay a registration fee of 5% of the property’s value, the same as any other Lebanese. If you want to invest in a bigger property, this is also possible by a special government permission. The same applies more or less in Syria. The problem with the Arabs of Lebanon and Syria is not with the Jews but with the Israelis.

        • ymedad says:

          this is silly. can a Jew be a citizen of Saudi Arabia or Jordan?

        • Citizen says:

          As an American, does my government use my money, to the annual tune of
          3 billion directly, and 9 billion indirectly, to support unconditionally
          the inhumane, discriminatory, and internationally described criminal conduct of any country other than Israel?

        • potsherd says:

          Saudi Arabia is an explicit ethnocracy. No one outside the tribe can be citizens there, including most Arabs.

          I believe the law in effect in Jordan, which was originated, btw, by the British occupation, was to prevent the disaster of Palestine from happening there. The Brits learned their lesson about Zionists.

        • marc b. says:

          what is silly is claiming that israel is a ‘democracy’. it is the 21st century model of the jim crow south. and who on this site has ever offered saudia arabia as a positive example of anything?

        • Maxximallist
          Can you buy land in India,China,Japan,Singapore ot Ethiopia or Poland?
          You cant buy a lot of stuff in a lot of countries unless you are a citizen.

        • Cant believe! Even after all those premediated preemtive wars of destruction by Israel!
          Lebanse can teach us all a lot.

        • talknic says:


          “this is silly. can a Jew be a citizen of Saudi Arabia or Jordan?”

          Jordan? Yes. In fact there are Jewish folk in Jordan, who legally own ‘real estate’. Read the Peace Agreement.

          Saudi Arabia

          Jewish Muslims go to the Haj, not sure of how they’d go at immigrating.

        • talknic says:


          ” As a Jew, can I buy land legally in..”

          Would that be as an Israeli Jew? Or as a non Israeli Jewish Muslim? Or as a Jewish citizen of the countries mentioned?


          Yes. As an Israeli Jew you could buy it from Israeli Jews who already own real estate in Jordan. Read the Peace Agreement.

          Saudi Arabia

          As a Jewish Muslim, you can go to the Haj, probably immigrate, probably buy real estate.

          Ramallah, Gaza,

          As an Israeli, Jewish or non-Jewish, you are not even allowed to enter a hostile entity, under Israeli Law.


          In theory, as an Israeli, Jewish or non-Jewish, you are not allowed to enter a hostile entity, under Israeli Law. You could probably illegally buy real estate in the Golan, it is Sovereign Syrian territory.


          As an Israeli, under Israeli Law, you are not even allowed to enter a hostile entity. As a Lebanese Jew. Yes.

        • yonira says:

          What is a Jewish Muslim? That sounds pretty contradictory to me.

        • andrew r says:

          Lisa Goldman, a not-too-interesting liberal Israeli blogger, has apparently gone unpunished for using her foreign passport to visit Lebanon.

        • Walid says:

          Lisa Goldman did more than visit Lebanon, she filed a news report for an Israeli TV station right after the July war. She used her Canadian passport of course. There are many Jews from other countries all over Lebanon and this dual passport business is what is making it so easy for Israeli spies to travel and recruit freely all over Lebanon. Lebanon, most of them anyway, welcome all Jews but not Israelis.

        • talknic says:


          “What is a Jewish Muslim?”

          Heritage Jewish. Religion Muslim or Judaism or Christian or Atheist or whatever.

      • Antidote says:

        “Focus less on Nazis and your mind will be at ease”

        Is there something wrong with your perception of reality and history? Eva is spot on. What bothers you is simply that Jews appear as Israeli victimizers, not Jewish victims of the Nazis in this comparison. Otherwise obsession with the Nazis is perfectly fine, right? Remember the Holocaust, the concentration camps, the gas chambers. Not the laws and propaganda that paved the way for the final solution. Too close for comfort and putting your mind at ease?

    • Chu says:

      Well Max, do you think the coming Knesset bill should be passed?

      “The bill … allows communities to reject residents if they do no meet the criteria of “suitability to the community’s fundamental outlook”, which in effect enables them to reject candidates based on sex, religion, and socioeconomic status. ”

      -To me, it sounds like the old neighborhoods of country clubs, where members cast votes on whether to permit black families into their exclusive villages.

    • lysias says:

      If you don’t want to be compared with a Nazi, don’t act like a Nazi.

    • annie says:

      Can we please base the dialogue based on truth, Justice and current events

      not a problem max

      this year Jewish-Israeli communities will finally be liberated from the sight and disastrous impact of these parasites. Step by step, the authorities responsible for the (…) future of Jewish-Israeli communities implemented the radical isolation of the Arabs with determined action and iron resolution.

      a rose by any other name. never again.

    • pabelmont says:

      If Nazi-ism and its various elements have no place in civilized discourse (or in whatever discourse takes place with Jewish interlocutors), shall it be clearly understood, then, and in that case, that no-one, and especially not any Jews, shall ever again make reference to the Nazis (or to Hitler, or to the Holocaust)?

      Right! Remove all that from history, And, anyway, there is nothing to be learned from THAT PERIOD unless it as a warning, a warning not to let THOSE THINGS happen again; and if Jews are busy making elements (and not so few elements, either) of THOSE THINGS take place again, then, if they do not wish to be warned, then let them not cry on everyone else’s shoulder about, hmmmm, YOU KNOW WHAT.

      (But maybe I’ve misunderstood, maybe what is to be NEVER AGAIN, is ANYBODY ELSE DOING IT TO US — and it is perfectly OK, even laudable perhaps for US TO DO IT TO THEM. And no name-calling please!

    • potsherd says:

      Narr, the solution to your problem is simple. Get the Jews to stop acting like Nazis.

      • Potsherd,

        It was you in fact that set that settlers should be “one step ahead of the bulldozers” intimating they should be killed if they do not accept expulsion from their lands.

        • I have reported this comment directly to the Nation Institute.

          I have to draw the line here. I will not stop until this comment that calls for the murder of Jews is either removed, or this website is. It is hurtful and it is morally wrong. If this comment is not removed I will spread it far and wide.

          Adam and Phil are directly responsible for this and any hard that comes to Jews because of this comment and others like it.

        • Shingo says:

          The statement “one step ahead of the bulldozers” does not appear anywhere on this thread.

          It seems you are adopting Witty’s sleazy habbit of making up quotes. You shoudl be banned for slander and lying.

        • potsherd says:

          Who’s responsible for the harm that come to Palestinians when Jews are driving the bulldozers? Who’s responsible for the murders of Palestinians and their expulsion from their land?

          Those who do evil, let evil be done unto them in the same measure.

        • VR says:

          MN, is it OK if we go after the 350,000 Russians who are not Jewish in Israel? David Rotem says they do indeed exist –

          “Rotem asserts the bill would help 350,000 mainly Russian-speaking non-Jews living in Israel.”

          Bill granting Rabbinate monopoly on conversions sparks fiery Knesset debate

        • VR says:

          Of course MN, they are white – so it may be out of the question…

        • 5 Settler colonist thugs attack and beat a 9 year old child in Jerusalem..

          Anas E. (9) was attacked and beaten by five settlers in the Old City of Jerusalem, in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. Anas lives in the as-Saraya neighbourhood, in the Old City of Jerusalem. Last August, during Ramadan, Anas and his younger sister, Bara’ (8 years) were invited for an evening meal at their uncle’s house who lives nearby. ‘It was around 6:30pm,’ recalls Anas, ‘my sister had already gone to my uncle’s house and I was getting ready to follow her. As I walked out of the house I saw five settlers. They were orthodox Jews. They were wearing black jackets and trousers and had long ringlets in their hair,’ says Anas, ‘they were old; around 30 or 40. No one else was in the street, just me and them.’
          link to dci-pal.org

        • “These are families, religious people and good Jews”

          Amos Oz on the settlers:
          “The Settlers!…A messianic junta, insular and cruel, a bunch of armed gangsters, criminals against, sadists, pogromists and murderers that exited out of some dark corner of Judaism..from out of cellars of bestiality and defilement..in order to cause a thirsty and insane blood worship to rule” Amos Oz

          insular-cruel-gangsters-criminals- sadists- pogromists-murderers-bestiality-defilement-insane-blood worship!!!

        • “criminals against”

          a word is missing: humanity..

        • Antidote says:

          I have to draw the line here: you redefine legitimate self-defense as unwarranted murder. Nobody has called for the murder of Jews but for stopping the murder of Palestinians.

          I would suggest removal of your slanderous and threatening comment if it didn’t perfectly reveal the sick and revolting mind-set that generated it in the first place.

          You are ‘directly responsible for this and any harm that comes to Jews because of this comment and others like it.’

    • Citizen says:

      How can anyone not talk about Nazi walk when Israel’s timeclock is reset every day so the hands point at 1938 every time anyone is critical of Israeli footfalls? To the extent the shoe fits, you cannot acquit.

    • yonira says:

      In this context, I think Eva is right in her comparison to Nazi Germany. This law is race based and sickening. As a whole though I agree with Max. Eva hardly ever has a post which doesn’t bring up the Nazis. As someone who has Zionist leanings, I welcome it, a newcomer coming to this site and seeing it’s infatuation with Nazi Germany would be quite turned off and this only weakens your cause.

  3. marc b. says:

    shafiq, maxirrative has no interest in such mundane, worldly details. s/he is trying to save eva’s soul by opening a dialogue based on truth, justice and the american way. and i agree, it would be much more healthy for eva if she could stop obsessing over comparisons between the racialist policies of zionism and german national socialism and instead obsess over the imagined similiarities between the nazis and critics of israeli conduct.

    • Shafiq says:

      I generally agree (with you, not max) but at times, I feel it’s necessary to make such comparisons (when they’re blatant). This particular law, in my opinion, resembles more Jim Crow laws

    MY COMMENT: OMG! OMG! OMG! That Jew in the background on the poster has such a scary looking nose. It’s almost as scary as Helen Thomas’ nose. I’ll never get to sleep tonight!