Bill Clinton slightly tweaks Netanyahu, goes on to say very little

Rabin was assassinated 15 years ago today. Bill Clinton is on the NYT op-ed page with a piece called, “Finish Rabin’s Work,” saying it is time to cut the two-state deal we all know everyone agreed on. A reader writes, “The only really interesting part is the indirect pop at Netanyahu (and Peres) when he says Rabin would have worked out a comprehensive deal within three years [of 1995] had he lived. Clinton presumably cleared this with Hillary Clinton.  It’s probably not a big deal, but perhaps it’s a warning to Netanyahu that he better get with the negotiations. I doubt it, but it’s one possible interpretation.  Clinton really was angered by Netanyahu. I don’t know if it’s entirely accurate to say Abbas approved a plan based on the Clinton parameters of 2001.”
Also, 15 years is a long time. Per Clinton:
The end of his life overlapped with the emergence of the most interdependent age in human history, the explosion of the Internet and the era of globalization. We are linked in so many ways that we cannot get away from each other…. Therefore, each in our own way, we must all take up the cause for which Yitzhak Rabin gave his life: building a shared future in which our common humanity is more important than our interesting differences.
FYI, it was on this basis that the late Tony Judt urged one democratic state. Seven years ago. Time flies.


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  1. seafoid says:

    Yitzhak Rabin gave his life to the oppression of the Palestinians. He signed up to Oslo but never stopped the expansion of YESHA. The Oslo deal was deeply unjust.

    • Kathleen says:


      But Clinton is wise to give Rabin the credit that he does not deserve. Many people love this. Giving credit where credit is not due. Clinton is hooking many readers. But Rabin did make the move that he knew needed to take place and paid the ultimate price with his life.

      “Clinton really was angered by Netanyahu. ” Most of the world is angered by Netanyahu

    • Kathleen says:

      Most people have no idea that the illegal settlements kept expanding during this period

    • potsherd says:

      Rabin is the best Israel has to offer as a hero of peace, yet already they are trying to downgrade the observance of his death.

  2. MHughes976 says:

    I can see that a Grand Agreement – or something proclaimed far and wide as a Grand Agreement – would be a very good thing for the now hard-pressed Democratic administration in the United States, worth bucket loads of votes. So no wonder Clinton calls for it. By the same token the Republican gains create an environment where the negotiation performance – with its highly paid supporting cast of Palestinians – will continue to gain applause but results will not be expected.

  3. Citizen says:

    The one thing that can be expected regardless of the Democrats and Republicans is that the settlements will continue to expand both in width and height during any peace process. And, not unrelated (although treated as not related by our political leaders), ever more economic and monetary pressue will be exerted on Iran–and all the while “all options remain open.” Our policy of feeding civil war in Iran will continue, just as our contrary policy of feeding Iranian unity via our constant threats will continue. It’s one thing to hold contrary ideas in one’s head, but quite another to implement both simultaneously. Eventually, something has to give. What/who will it be? And then, what will be the result?

  4. Jim Haygood says:

    Bill Clinton:

    Everyone knows what a final agreement would look like.

    The remaining issues can be resolved, and the incentives to do so are there. Israel has its best partner ever in the Palestinian government on the West Bank led by President Abbas and Prime Minister Salam Fayyad.

    Excuse me, but what is this man jabbering about? ‘Everybody knows what a final agreement would look like’ — oh, you mean the Quartet’s patronizing vision of frog-marching the Palestinians into accepting a fragmented bantustan? What ‘everybody knows’ is usually wrong.

    And the huge qualification of ‘the Palestinian government on the West Bank’ speaks volumes. Gazans voted for a different government; the U.S. and Israel annulled the election, punished their ‘incorrect’ vote with a siege.

    Bill Clinton thinks the disaffected Gazans can just be airbrushed out of the picture by a quisling Palestinian government which doesn’t represent them?

    Like Clinton himself, the whole essay is intellectually dishonest — just another brick in the wall of official lies and deceptions.

  5. Kathleen says:

    Bill Clinton seems to be stepping out on these issues the last few months.

    With Clinton coming out recently saying
    link to
    “”It will take about half the impetus in the whole world — not just the region, the whole world — for terror away,” he told an audience of Egyptian businessmen from the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt. “It would have more impact by far than anything else that could be done.”

    The founding of Israel and the dispossession of the Palestinians more than six decade ago has long been a rallying cry among Arabs and Muslims in the region and more recently is a regular recruiting tool for organizations like al-Qaida.

    Clinton presided over the breakthrough Oslo Accords in 1993 that led to direct peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians over the principle of land for peace as well as a last ditch effort to negotiate a final agreement in 2000 before violence derailed negotiations.

    He said both sides knew the outlines of any final agreement and said it was similar to the one he hammered out with Yasser Arafat and Ehud Barak in 2000.”

    Clinton is publicly lining up with Former head of the CIA’s Bin Laden’s unit Micheal Shuerer who has been saying this for years now. He has been on C-span’s Washington Journal repeating “they don’t hate us for our freedoms, they hate us for our foreign policy”

    Micheal Scheuer on Bill Maher
    link to

    Scheuer “What Bin Laden basically said is America is fighting a war that does not exist. We’re fighting because our leaders tell us that the Muslims hate freedom , and hate liberty, and hate women in the work place, and that’s got nothing to do with it. It has everything to do with what we do in the Islamic world. What our policies are and what our impact is there. That is what Bin Laden was referring to. That is what my book says”

    Bill Maher is stunned by what Micheal Scheuer has to say about Israel
    link to

    Micheal Scheuer
    link to
    “AIPAC is a perfectly legal organization, and the wealth of its members is channeled into reliable campaign contributions for any candidate from either party who will put Israel’s interests above America’s. From McCain to Obama, from Pelosi to Giuliani, from Hillary Clinton to Vice President Cheney, AIPAC pumps money to any and every American politician who is willing to adopt an Israel-first policy.”

    Former head of the Cia’s Bin Laden unit Micheal Scheuer on Tavis Smiley’s program
    link to

    What Scheuer keeps repeating lines up with former Cia analyst Ray McGovern has said about the conflict
    Helping Israel Die

    Taboo Thwarts Candor on Israel / Iran by Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern

    Former CIA analyst Kathleen and Bill Christion have been saying very similar things
    link to
    “Nobody Should Preach to Us Ethics, Nobody!”
    Israel, a Light unto Nations?

    By Kathleen Christison
    Former CIA political analyst

    In the never-ending propaganda show designed to depict Israel as a moral nation victimized by immoral terrorists and anti-Semites, CNN recently ran a film clip of the late Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin declaiming, as only he could, “Nobody should preach to us ethics, nobody!”

    And, of course, few do.

    link to
    Former CIA Analysts
    What’s Really Happening in Israel/Palestine
    A presentation by
    Kathleen & Bill Christison
    link to
    link to

    So many others have been saying very similar things for years. Former President Jimmy Carter, Queen Noor, Edward Said, Ilan Pappe, Norman Finkelstein and now J Street, Mondoweiss . The list goes on and on.

    How many times do we have to hear the same thing?

    Now these are the kinds of links that I provided over at FDL on issues. Always supplying others with anything that I had read from other sources about the topic they were on.

  6. Kathleen says:

    Phil Clinton “goes on to say very little”

    I disagree. I think he warms people up, widens the crack with a very personal story about the fixing his tie and Hillary asking him to go out on a balcony to smoke. Very personal.

    He warms people up by sharing Rabins history while not being totally honest ( I would call Rabins arms taking up arms terrorism in my book freedom fighter from many Jews perspective “He took up arms to defend Israel’s freedom, and laid down his life to secure Israel’s future.”

    This is a strong statement. “Israel’s future” I think he is saying a great deal here without really spelling it out.

    Rabin: ““Enough of blood and tears. Enough. We have no desire for revenge. We harbor no hatred toward you. We, like you, are people — people who want to build a home, to plant a tree, to love, to live side by side with you in dignity, in empathy, as human beings, as free men. We are today giving peace a chance, and saying again to you, enough. Let us pray that a day will come when we all will say, ‘Farewell to the arms.’”

    So beautiful

    Clinton “Rabin was a hard-headed idealist. His great gift was to keep the public’s trust while taking measured risks for peace. This approach was best reflected in his own guiding principle: he would work for peace as if there were no terrorism, and fight terrorism as if there were no peace process.

    If he could speak to us today, he would ask us to remember him not by mourning what might have been, but by looking clearly at the opportunities and obstacles to peace and getting on with the work at hand.

    There is a real chance to finish the work he started. The parties are talking. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has the necessary support from his people to reach an agreement. Many Israelis say they trust him to make a peace that will protect and enhance their security. Because of the terms accepted in late 2000 by Prime Minister Ehud Barak, supported in greater detail by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, and approved by President Mahmoud Abbas and other Palestinians, everyone knows what a final agreement would look like. ”

    I so disagree with you Phil. I think Clinton says a great deal here without undermining his Hillary. Tactful, powerful and artfully done in my opinion

  7. RoHa says:

    I do like this idea:

    “our common humanity is more important than our interesting differences.”