Mamas, dont let your boychicks grow up to be pundits

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You have to hand it to Hebrew School. What a training ground those late weekday sessions have shown to be.

Salon produced its Hack Thirty List– “our all-star team–of the most predictable, dishonest and just plain stupid pundits in the media”–and by my reckoning at least 16 of the 30 are Jewish. Even more impressive, Jews occupy the first five, and six out of the first seven, positions on the list. It’s a complete rout, dear Gentiles.

Congratulations to Richard Cohen of the Washington Post, who beat out Mark Halperin, Tom Friedman, David Broder, Marty Peretz and Jonah Goldberg for the top honors. Poor Jeffrey Goldberg came in only at number 26. Just shows how tough the competition was. 

I am wondering whether the Jewish Weekly, the Forward, and Ha’aretz will write this up. hey usually never fail to notice such honors.

If ever there was a reason to give your kids a good Jewish education, this list must be it. Well, the Fortune 500 list is nothing to sneeze about either.

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  1. DICKERSON3870
    November 26, 2010, 2:29 pm

    RE: “I cannot fathom the existence of a woman who’d respond approvingly to this defense [by Richard Cohen] of Clarence Thomas’ vocal appreciation of large breasts.” – Pareene
    MY COMMENT: I can! I’m tickled pink to introduce Fred Hiatt’s latest hire, Ms. Jennifer Rubin!
    BY M.J.ROSENBERG, 11/23/10

    Politico reports that the Washington Post has just hired Jennifer Rubin from Commentary as a new political writer. Rubin is fanatically anti-Muslim, racially insensitive (a nice way of putting it) and a virulent hater of President Obama (her hatred veers into all the usual places). Her politics are driven by her paranoid hate of Muslims which she follows into the ugliest corners of rightwing paranoia….
    SOURCE – link to

    P.S. And here’s another one!
    BY DANIEL LUBAN,11/24/10:

    …While it is sad to see the continuing self-destruction of one of America’s great newspapers, I am curious to see how low they can go. David Broder is getting up in years and surely due to retire soon; could Pamela Geller be next in line for his job?
    SOURCE – link to

    P.P.S. And the Coultergeist. And that crazy, bug-eyed Asian woman. And Mellanie Phillips. And Caroline Glick. And Phyllis Schlafly, And Debbie Schlussel. And Midge Decter. And all the Fox News babelicious manikins. Just to name a few!

  2. Les
    November 26, 2010, 4:22 pm

    Delicious reading. How could anyone disagree? #30 David Brooks: “The milquetoast New York Times conservative never has anything to say”

  3. Dan Crowther
    November 26, 2010, 6:43 pm

    Normally, I am not a person who “takes offense” at what someone has to say or write. But this article really ticked me off; I’ll explain why in a bit. First, a question: If the author’s name was not Wolman, would this have been published on Mondoweiss? I think to ask that question is to answer it. And yes, I am saying that if a gentile were to send to Phil Weiss a funny lil bit about Jews as media hacks – I doubt very much it would see the light of day. The reason this is infuriating is because this site far too often falls into the age-old trap of “we can joke about ourselves, and we can make objective observations about ourselves- but no one else can.” To me, Mr. Wolman’s article is nothing more than rubbing a incredibly self righteous sense of entitlement into “the dear gentiles’” faces. hardy-har-har. To hear it from Mr. Wolman, Jews learn how to be less than honest, conniving and money hungry in late afternoon hebrew school. Holy sh*t. Is Wolman an alias for Duke, as in David? I have read many articles on this site from Phil Weiss about the collective sense of impending destruction at the hands of the gentiles among Jews and why those fears are rational, even today. Apparently Mr Wolman didnt get the memo regarding the Jewish People and their possible annihilation; he must still have a foot in the real world where his joke about Jews dominating the pundit class AND the Fortune 500 is both funny and true. And that’s the thing that bugs me the most; when a Jew reads Wolman’s article, it can just be funny- but when I read it and chuckle, I have to question whether or not I have a deep seeded hatred for Jews. After all, a generalization about Jews was made- and I found it truthful and humorous- certainly I must want to kill entire families, right?

    I don’t mean to be indignant; I just think the truth should be able to be said or written by anyone; no protected or privileged classes.

    • Bruce
      November 27, 2010, 2:57 pm


      So many misconceptions.

      As to your first question, Phil can speak for himself, but I am relatively certain that if you had sent him an email with the same posting as I did, he would have posted it. That’s how many, no matter their ethnic origin, started writing for Mondoweiss.

      As for censorship on the site, do you read the comments (your own, for example)? Are you saying the site lack’s “objective” or even “subjective” observations about Jews in the postings and comments?

      That my posting “is nothing more than rubbing an incredibly self righteous sense of entitlement in the “the dear gentiles” faces” says a great deal more about you than me. What is the honor in serving as a “media whore” and sucking up to power as the “Hack Thirty” list clearly implies? All that hard work at “careerism” to end up being one of the country’s leading Hacks? Who wants to be entitled to that? Certainly not Phil nor me. Since you didn’t get it, ironically pointing out that gentiles were falling behind in hacking for the elite, is actually something gentiles should be proud of.

      My post wasn’t an inside joke among Jews. It was an inside joke among Mondoweiss readers? Do you think most Jews would find the posting funny? If yes, you obviously don’t know many.

      Just to set you straight, Jews don’t learn “how to be less than honest, conniving and money hungry in late afternoon hebrew school.” We learn that in public or private schools and from American culture. In hebrew school, we learn how to be bored out of our minds while our friends are busy playing sports or having fun. It is good training for a “careerist” path through America’s elite Universities on to a job in the professions serving the people that do matter.

      And while you ponder what generalization my posting made about Jews, and whether or not you have a “deep seeded hatred for Jews,” maybe you should spend a few minutes examining all the other “careerist” minorities and ethnics that have recently attained status in the U.S. Establishment – the Barach Obamas, the Eric Holders, the Robert Johnsons, the Condoleeza Rices, the Colin Powells, the Clarence Thomases, the Fareed Zakarias, the Samuel Alitos, the Angelo Mozilos, the Maureen Dowds. Or my favorite WASP example, David Gergen. Are they any different than the Jews?

      • Dan Crowther
        November 27, 2010, 8:48 pm


        First off, thanks for the reply. Cheers. Truth be told, I overreacted. Your article was definitely a mondoweiss inside joke- and as a regular reader, I should have welcomed some frank humor. Me and you probably see eye to eye here- its too bad I jumped the shark. My post was a bit fatalistic- I don’t actually worry about “deep seeded hatreds” – I suppose the last few weeks with all the “if you criticize Israel- your an antisemite” talk in the US, Canada etc- had me a little hot under the collar- so when I saw your article, I thought ” what the hell?” So, instead of getting mad at the people who would call someone anti-semitic for opposing racism- I went postal at you, the guy who was willing to “put himself out there” and be funny about a topic most Jewish men wouldn’t joke around about. Bruce, my bad.

  4. southernobserver
    November 26, 2010, 9:38 pm

    speaking of weak-tea pundits, mr weiss may want to discuss the latest waste of space on bitterlemons.

    link to
    Yuval Rabin and Koby Huberman are pushing their ‘israeli peace initiative’ again, as a rather belated response to the 2002 arab peace initiative. On the one hand it is great to see some istratinian’s finally follow this up. 8 years may be seen as a long gestation of course. On the other, the actual suggestions seem to be more of Mr Clinton’ failed proposal, with no acknowledgement that if the Palestinians make all of the sacrifices yet again it can’t possibly work. The usual code words are there, and don’t discuss any of the real problems, either that 40% of 22% is not remotely sufficient for any meaningful return of the Palestinian diaspora or that the settlement blocs destroy the hypothetical state before it starts.

    Even the Istratine partners on Geneva initiative clearly laid out that Ariel had to be given back. Even that seems to be lost.

  5. Justice Please
    November 28, 2010, 5:31 pm

    Did the ADL already denounce the list as ANTISEMITIC!!!!!! ?


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