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December 31 2010

3 Entry 30: Haiku for Hanin
Pamela Olson

4 Entry 29: What do you do/if you are a Jew
Laura Tillem

3 Entry 28: I nominate Aya Kaniuk and Tamar Goldschmidt
Hazel Kahan

3 Entry 27: Motherhood in Palestine
Randa Hamwi Duwaji

0 Protesters in Bil’in remove parts of Israel’s wall
Hamde Abo Rahmah

10 Sister of Palestinian killed last year in Bil’in now struggles for her life following gassing at today’s demo
Jonathan Pollak

91 The Phantom Menace: Fantasies, falsehoods, and fear-mongering about Iran’s nuclear program

2 Entry 26: Gaza Riviera
Morad Fareed

1 Entry 25: Haiku for Rebecca
Pamela Olson

56 Entry 24: Who is a Jew? Who is not a Jew?
Richard Witty

0 Entry 23: I nominate Mustafa, Zochrot, Emily, Norman…
Cathal Rabbitte

11 Entry 22: Deborah Fink of J-BIG
Bruce Levy

8 Entry 21: Hakenkreuz and Davidstern
Alvin Alexsi Currier

5 Entry 20: Am I a Jew?
Noel Ignatiev

24 Entry 19: Israel, an Elegy

6 Entry 18: Why I argued with the ambassador
Leila Abdelrazaq

3 Entry 17: Peggy Gish and her late husband Art Gish– they walk the talk
Kathleen Galt

1 Mondo Awards submissions, the second day
Annie and Phil Weiss

5 Settlers set fire to home as seven Palestinians sleep inside
Samuel Nichols

10 Entry 16: With thunderous resolution and intention, I say I am ‘Mizrahi’!
Asaf Shalev

8 Entry 15: The day Mahmoud Darwish asked for my hand in marriage

2 Entry 14: Mad props to the proud young Jews who heckled Netanyahu
Stefanie Brendler

3 Entry 13: This is the article I am sick of reading
Rick Burgess

9 ‘Cast Lead’ slaughter was motivation for Al Qaeda attack that killed 7 CIA officers in Afghanistan

0 16 Gazans killed, 38 injured in December 2010

48 I read the news today oh boy: American Jews are abandoning Zionism in droves

1 Beit Hanoun demonstration commemorates 2 years since the Gaza attacks as victims’ families mourn
International Solidarity Movement

4 Israeli justice between darkness and light
Rechavia Berman

December 30 2010

8 Entry 12: For Norman Finkelstein– A conversion story

1 Entry 11: For taking the profit out of occupation– Dalit Baum and Merav Amir
Nancy Kricorian

1 Entry 10: For the indomitable people of al-Araqib
Jillian Kestler-D'Amours

2 Entry 9: ‘Sabra Song’
Dave Lippman

1 Entry 8: Gaza, then and now
Salena Tramel

1 Entry 7: I nominate Adalah-NY
Rebecca Vilkomerson

27 Entry 6: The land, the gun, the olive tree
Sameeha Elwan

80 Entry 5: Zionism’s call to me– and my answer
David Samel

5 Entry 4: My first trip to Palestine
Morgan Bach

356 Never again? Elderly Palestinian women called ‘whores’ on Yad Vashem tour, while racism explodes across Israel

35 Notes on my own racism, part 5: Feeling for Marty Peretz

2 Entry 3: Hedy Epstein, an inspiration (and star of Egypt)
Sandra Tamari

2 Entry 2: Year of the Flash Mob
Rae Abileah and Colleen Kelly

12 Entry 1: ‘I loved you once, I love you now anyway’
Morad Fareed

1 Yo, heads up, Mondo Awards roll-out begins this a.m.!
Annie and Phil Weiss

2 This is funny: Lanny Davis called himself a ‘super-lawyer’

4 Remnick book tour is turning into Israel-turkey-trot

0 Hatem, 17, was shot in the head while purchasing strawberries to sell at market in the Gaza Strip, about 800 metres from the border fence with Israel.

3 SJP statement on FBI intimidation: ‘We live in an age in which silence is not only criminal but suicidal – we shall, therefore, make as much noise as we can’
Students for Justice in Palestine

December 29 2010

10 Why doesn’t CNN hold Fran Townsend to the Octavia Nasr standard?

28 Gaza was #11 in the long sad caravan of Israel’s wars of regime change
Helena Cobban

3 ‘The Palestine Cables’: Other countries want to ‘smoke out’ Israel on NPT and Mossad use of passports

1 Lanny Davis drops Ivory Coast account

142 Am I allowed to be a Palestinian Jew?

17 Cast truth

16 Only Jews get to say it

4 Lanny Davis dismisses U.N. report on Ivory Coast because– U.N. blasted Israel

5 ‘Weekly Standard’ shows that Palestine is #1 recruiting tool for Al Qaeda

10 Gaza Two Years Later: War is never over
Sarah Ali

4 Gaza Two Years Later: The world has come to recognize our plight

10 Peace to my cousins

5 Rabbis’ wives urge Israeli women: Stay away from Arab men & School principal prohibits students from speaking Arabic

23 A (missed) opportunity for dialogue
Shiri Raphaely

3 Wafa’s parents thanked us, but I only felt deep shame (How I became an activist)
Pat Carmeli

2 Mondo Awards : Tick Tock!
Annie and Phil Weiss

December 28 2010

11 U.S. has lost the football

6 Love it– or live it?
Ali Gharib and Phil Weiss

28 ‘TNR’ will stop publishing Peretz’s blog ‘The Spine’ (the lobby is melting down)

54 Don’t kill dialogue

10 ‘NYT’ laments Arab countries destroying ‘cramped, historic city centers’ in 60s and leaves out–

25 This makes me feel less guilty about my intermarriage

10 Washington Times twice does what NY Times can’t– runs Ahmad Tibi on Israeli ‘democracy’

14 The question is not whether there is a humanitarian crisis in Gaza, but whether there is collective punishment

2 BDS leadership on the second anniversary of Cast Lead: ‘Without paying a price, Israel is very likely to continue on the path of massacres’

24 Let Pollak’s refusal of leniency be read in every Hebrew school down thru time
Jonathan Pollak

6 Gaza Two Years Later: The Earth woke peacefully

10 Gaza Two Years Later: In wars
Lina Al-Sharif

3 Jonathan Pollak sentenced to 3 months in prison; tells judge ‘I’ll go to prison with my head held high’

5 At Christmas, the real divide

15 Story of sheep burned alive is questioned

December 27 2010

34 Israel’s damage to ‘American interests is incalculable’ — Shlaim in ‘The Hill’ of all places

10 Israeli secret service targets Israeli BDS organizers, claiming “terrorist activity”

3 An Open Letter from Gaza: Two years after the massacre, a demand for justice

16 Israeli activist sentenced to 3 months in prison for protesting Gaza war

24 What rough beast slouches towards East Jerusalem?

11 Week of international solidarity actions in the West Bank is one sign ‘things are coming to a head’

0 Israeli paramedics refuse treatment of Palestinian girl injured by police jeep unless photographer stops filming

16 Gaza Two Years Later: A little girl
Rawan Yaghi

8 Gaza Two Years Later: As bombs fell, I read Darwish by candlelight
Sameeha Elwan

32 Great shakeout in Jewish identity begins

5 Wikileaks show State Dept lied when it told reporters Dubai hadn’t asked U.S. for help tracking Israeli assassins

8 Here’s how you know the lobby is out of touch

37 ‘Delegitimization’ is now the lobby’s greatest fear

December 26 2010

34 The drums of war are heard again in Israel
Ilan Pappe

40 Thank you

6 Saving children from spiritual damage caused by toy pigs…

28 Rabbi threatens civil war if settlements are evacuated

1 International protests in West Bank meet attacks, arrests

14 Seattle executive gave in to ‘bullying’ and yanked ads denouncing Israeli war crimes

91 Sorry, ‘Mother Jones’ but you’re piping the Israeli narrative of Gaza ‘war’
Mohammed AlNadi

9 Remnick: I can’t take the occupation anymore, Jesus

18 Isn’t it time we stopped? (1990)
Jeffrey Blankfort

17 The toxic downfall of the Jewish dream of a safe homeland
Lillian Rosengarten

4 Ethnic cleansing in Silwan

7 Murphy: ‘The FBI raids and subpoenas . . . [are] best understood as backlash aimed at silencing our successful movement’
Maureen Murphy

5 How long will American Jews deny this crushing reality?

December 25 2010

16 The murder of a 20-year-old shepherd on his family lands on the Gaza border– meets only thundering western silence
Max Ajl

7 Gaza children go to school in shipping containers

26 DADT repeal exposes Israel’s discriminatory policies

9 US interest in stabilizing Iraq and Afghanistan demands rapprochement with Iran

38 Obama’s only tool against Netanyahu is… delegitimization

24 If Houston’s Pacifica radio station is concerned about anti-Semitism, it should emulate ‘Beyond the Pale’

13 Colleges now recruiting Jewish students in part for anticipated alum donations

55 I think Pollard will be freed

December 24 2010

46 My wife’s Christmas message

9 Christmas in Bil’in

30 Will Assange go the way of Ruby or Dreyfus?

23 Abulhawa: Delegitimization? We are merely drawing back the curtain on child arrests and confiscation of water

2 Bedouin village razed for 8th time, Arabs flee home due to racist threats, Anger in Nazareth as Christmas trees banned…

39 We have received complaints about the words on your T-shirt so we have called the police –Gagosian Gallery
Laurie Arbeiter

18 I been thru the desert with the JNF, it felt good to make it bloom

10 Israeli military kills 20-year old Gazan for herding animals too close to buffer zone

11 We’re number one! Bibi protest top global Jewish news story of 2010

8 Horowitz joins stellar group of judges in Mondo Awards contest

December 23 2010

74 Seattle nixes bus ads decrying Israeli war crimes

79 Assange is holding dirt on Israel because western newspapers didn’t want to publish it

11 Seattle Jewish groups say that bus ads blasting ‘Israeli war crimes’ foment… violence

17 Notice the volk vibe in this racist Tel Aviv rally against miscegenation and integration

13 This post-Zionist would leave in place the law of return

0 The tragedy of child arrest: a story from Ofer Prison

14 Tony Blair’s lips are moving. But he’s saying…nothing.

211 The world will be a much safer place when American Jews stop believing these 4 bad ideas

December 22 2010

19 Israeli soldiers and nonviolent resisters argue about international law and Nazis

71 Debating BDS at Princeton
Max Blumenthal

26 Obama affirms the right of return (for gay soldiers)

16 ‘The Palestine Cables’: Gaza is a burning issue from Egypt to Latin America to Pakistan, to John Kerry being ‘shocked by what I saw’

47 Well at least it’s a debate

28 ‘I would have gone on believing what my own family told me till I actually saw the settlements, saw the roadblocks–’

18 Awake and bear witness!! Israel has destroyed this Palestinian school in the Occupied West Bank 3 times in recent years

8 Maybe Americans are ready to see– children’s pictures of the devastating assault on Gaza
Susan Johnson

19 Pssstt! Use pro-Israel website to support Seattle bus ads!

63 The thinktank of the Obama left is helping… Netanyahu!!
Alex Kane

25 Philo-Israeli anti-Semitism
David Bromwich

6 Christian Zionists support Judaizing Jerusalem

5 Company loves misery

52 Smearing Private Manning

21 Progressive radio station in Houston airs Israeli Consulate programming so as to counter alleged anti-Semitism

5 Israeli planes bombard Rafah in Gaza

25 Is this the best that Iranians and Arabs can get from the left in the US press?

1 Keith for Christmas

3 Wiki cable says Wilders foments Islamophobic hatred, and new Washington Post blogger is proud to share a mike with him

1 Europe is acting because our policy is bankrupt

December 21 2010

17 ‘I was as blind as the average left-of-center American. And then I spent a week in Ramallah and Bethlehem–’

126 The smoking cable: Israel said it had ‘secret accord’ with U.S. over expanding settlements even as Obama said in Cairo they must stop!

4 Siege mentality: Israel designates BDS activist ‘a suspect of hostile terrorist activity’

2 This time round, we get to do the pogrom

9 In a big antiwar piece, Mearsheimer dares to say ‘why they hate us’

5 Our 4th Mondo Awards judge: Joseph Dana, scholar, activist, tweeter, optimist

2 Europe’s impatience

6 Aid groups say they, not Hamas, are thwarted by Israeli restrictions on Gaza

23 Ten days to raise $3,000 – Please help us reach our matching goal!

December 20 2010

5 Forging the bonds of a juster world, Helena Cobban is third in our panel of Judges!

4 Realist GHW Bush dealt with the shock of his son’s neoconservatism by joking
Scott McConnell

83 Rogue nation

1 Almost 100 Gaza laborers shot this year for collecting rocks; Abbas wanted Israel to help attack Hamas, per WikiLeaks

390 What does Israel’s non-defense of poor Sderot say about security and policy?

9 Howard Berman’s reversal is exposed by Haaretz (where’s the American press)

3 Sneak Peak: The editors’ note from The Goldstone Report: The Legacy of the Landmark Investigation of the Gaza Conflict
Adam Horowitz, Lizzy Ratner, and Philip Weiss

17 Seesaw battle underway in poll over Seattle bus ads

44 Aubrey Chernick and the nexus of Islamophobia

141 Secular Herzl sought to use ‘mystic elements’ to bind Jews to a place they had no living connection to

4 The ‘intifadah of graves’

December 19 2010

12 Groundswell

3 Omar Barghouti is on the Mondo Awards Panel of Judges

9 11 more families in Occupied West Bank are ordered to leave their homes inside 24 hours. Where is the U.S.?

45 Guerrilla ad campaign in SFO

35 Brooklyn-Jenin: Why didn’t the judges prevent the demolition in Lod?

41 What slapdash H.R. 1765 reveals about the lobby and public awareness
Sama Adnan

1 Gaza’s Social Network: Gazan bloggers share the reality of the siege with the world

5 Red carpet is rolled out for the Spine-weary

31 How does it feel for a Jewish reporter to do a spirit of Christmas story?

81 quick sermon on irreligion

December 18 2010

38 Hollywood dramatized ethnic cleansing in India and Pakistan, why not the other I/P?

28 Obama’s failure has served to expose Israeli intransigence here and abroad
Maggie Sager

21 Palestinian farmer watches settlers burn 19 of his sheep, killing 12

8 Drumroll please

8 Stammering Crowley to Matt Lee: ‘I’m going to leave it at that’

35 Is the bottom falling out on the special relationship?

10 ‘Jewish Week’ frankly addresses power of ‘lobby’

26 Bronner exaggerates Palestinian violence

11 Israeli occupation contributes to the water crisis in the South Hebron Hills
Samuel Nichols

6 Imagine the Brookings Institution having a forum on the Future of the South in 1964 and inviting no black people

1 Roger Cohen’s split screen on interventionism

5 50 years ago in the U.S., Jews were incensed by real estate ‘covenants’ against Jewish purchases

33 Mondo Awards: Call for entries

December 17 2010

15 State Department says it has ‘raised’ Abu Rahmah case with Israelis…

56 Mr President, answer Matthew Lee of the AP: ‘Why is it beneath the United States to come out and say something about this practitioner of nonviolence?’

1 S. African politicians ‘beaten up by IDF’ & Please sign the petition to free Palestinian children detained by Israel

279 Jeffrey Goldberg likens BDS movement to Nazi Germany policies

27 Say it ain’t so: Zakaria, Huffington and Tom Friedman go to bat for center that is desecrating Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem

1 Dozens tear-gassed in Bil’in as they walk toward lands owned by people of the village

50 At Brooklyn College, the dialogue problem

5 At 6 am, reeling from all-night debaucheries of neoconservatism and Islamophobia and cursed dice, the ‘Washington Post’ doubles down

30 E tu Canberra?

4 Hollywood transformed Jews from outsiders to insiders (and endowed many of them with cultural power)

8 Hasbara at UN

2 Emily Henochowicz is looking for work

December 16 2010

16 State Department hails ‘civil society activists’ around the world but refuses to say anything for imprisoned Abdallah Abu Rahmah

89 Editable comments | Site Improvements

21 House vote against Palestinian statehood actually showed that Israel lobby is losing its grip
Josh Ruebner

15 Miami Jewish Federation smear-video says that Jimmy Carter and Walt and Mearsheimer want Israel ‘wiped off the map’

1 Congress is fueling terrorism by denying Palestinans authority and empowerment
Maggie Sager

3 Israel can’t defeat Hezbollah –Israeli expert [Hint: So it should stop trying]

67 BBC badgers Barak as no American outlet would: What is the US getting for its billions in aid?
Susie Kneedler

8 Talks foundered because– U.S. does not know what Palestinians want!
Ira Glunts

27 Sourani, in 1999: ‘We should wait on no one to claim what is rightfully ours’

31 The Guardian calls it: The peace process is dead, but some don’t want the party to end

December 15 2010

68 When in Rome, do as the Israelis do

19 ‘The Palestine Cables’: WikiLeaks dox expose Netanyahu’s vision of Palestinian bantustan

73 The shame, the shame! ‘I got him to crap himself’ is boast in new soldiers’ testimonies about occupation

85 Secret House resolution says No to Palestinian statehood

1 Poll says most Israeli Jews back rabbis’ anti-Arab letter, and Arab lawmakers say the letter originated in Knesset

2 Alia Malek on Rula Jebreal
Alia Malek

13 Why I was willing to risk arrest at the AIPAC annual dinner
Noura Khouri

72 ‘It is ethnic cleansing’

10 Thoughts on a Jewish freedom-fighter, Masha Bruskina
Donna Nevel

8 ‘I want to say one word to you. Just one word.’ Benjamin: ‘Yes, sir.’ ‘Zionism!’

16 ‘My name is Israel and I’ve been sleeping with a neofascist fundamentalist’ ‘Hi Israel!’

2 Aslan: Everything they are saying about Muslims they said about Jews and Catholics before them

1 The railroad not taken, in the Middle East
Jeff Klein

December 14 2010

24 Next month it becomes illegal for me to visit the place my 4 grandparents lived and died
Tala Abu Rahmeh

107 Slater: What’s really wrong with the Goldstone Report
Jerome Slater

18 ‘Hey AIPAC leave Iran alone!’ –Flashmob strikes AIPAC event in Oakland– 7 arrests

19 86-year-old Holocaust survivor joins flashmob at Best Buy in St. Louis: ‘We don’t want your dirty [Motorola] phones’

10 Fear and loathing in Long Island

2 U.N. says IDF is demolishing water cisterns of Bedouin community near Hebron settlement

6 Abunimah: Let’s stick by ‘Dayton Agreement’ principles for Palestinian refugees

6 Israel refuses entry to Palestinian firefighters being honored for Carmel fire assistance

12 Schnabel says ‘Miral’ was delayed because ‘the world’ isn’t ready for its message

9 International pressure mounts on Netanyahu

4 roundabout argument for social media

43 A long Palestinian struggle has ended Partition, maybe?

December 13 2010

8 Brown vs Board of Education

289 Palestinians in Israel would prefer one secular democratic state (but who’s asking them?)
Audrey Farber

30 Clinton: Occupation robs Palestinians of dignity and self-determination and is radicalizing the Middle East

14 UXOs: Did Israel deliberately arm Hamas?
Thomas Suarez

14 Peretz: secret meeting of Kissinger and Harvard heavyweights pulled Israel’s chestnuts from fire in ’73

15 More on the Washington Post’s new blogger’s ‘barbarous dialect’

7 Princeton is stage for Jews for boycott, Vilkomerson and Blumenthal

2 Hummus wars: DePaul Israel lobbyists say boycott campaign threatens Jewish students

1 B’Tselem spotlights illegal behavior of police toward minors in Occupied Silwan suspected of stone-throwing

42 The bubble: NPR devotes 9 minutes to Israeli miracle company ‘Better Place’

9 Neocon questions: Where is the Palestinian Gandhi? And where is the great Churchill of our times?

32 ‘Washington Post”s new blogger promptly calls for supporting human rights in Iran– and killing Iranian scientists

17 My nightmare is shadowed by Assange

December 12 2010

7 Adeeb Abu Rahma, a leader of nonviolent protest, is freed after 17 months in prison

6 Friedman seeks to blame Palestinians for breakdown of talks

5 Israel: PA must change school curriculum

2 Israel has lately shot 20 Palestinans working in Gaza ‘buffer zone,’ and killed 2

69 Israel provides 1 mental health clinic for 290,000 Palestinians– and 13 for the 500,000 Jews of Jerusalem

10 NYT should be printing Roger Cohen in its UWS edition (and LES… and OBX… and MV)

40 Then on Saturday, Saban benchpressed 400 Congressmen

December 11 2010

26 671 ‘New York Times’ readers recommend letter calling Israel a ‘fascist state’ that is dragging us down

19 Kissinger ’73: ‘If they put Jews in gas chambers in the Soviet Union, it’s not an American concern’

38 Goldberg/Netanyahu: Because of Spanish Inquisition, and Holocaust, Israel gets to have a nuclear monopoly

3 Israel used lethal tear gas grenades but promises not to use them again

26 Gutenberg… Assange

21 The Jewish community begins to embrace… the Goldstone Report!

22 Assange is held in cell where they once held Oscar Wilde

2 Solarz may not have liked the lobby, but he milked it to survive in ’82

December 10 2010

30 Reverse peristalsis moment

1 Two Gaza teens killed playing with leftover IDF artillery; 2 year old among injured during weekly anti-wall protests

93 Proportionality: ‘Human Rights Watch’ files report on Jordanian restaurant turning away Israeli Jews

2 Today in Bil’in

34 Former Israel ambassador Lubrani says using force against Iran would be giant mistake
Scott McConnell

28 Debate over Peto thesis reaches the halls of government as Israel/Palestine proxy battle rages on in Canada
Avi Lewis

7 Let the government know what you think about the criminalization of peace activism
Daniel Kaplan

6 move over rover and let Europe take over

15 U of Miami to host conference on Walt and Mearsheimer to which the authors are not invited

8 Jim Crow journalism, now in the LA Times

5 MJ Rosenberg: Solarz was a great man, and a progressive on Israel-Palestine

16 Fearing end of ‘Zionist dream,’ Cohen says donors shut down debate inside Jewish community

December 9 2010

20 Support grows for Israeli rabbis’ racist letter

44 Inconceivable– the MSM once reflected an Arab perspective

40 The Simon Wiesenthal Center’s perverted stance on ‘tolerance’
Martha Reese

December 8 2010

28 ‘The Palestine Cables’: WikiLeaks expose European chill on Israel after Cast Lead, and Lebanese advice on defeating Hezbollah

15 Why is the White House sending its Iran negotiator to a neocon conference in D.C.?

52 US’s greatest contribution to the peace process has been to reveal Israeli intransigence

6 While the US stumbles with Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, others are taking the lead

0 Twelve homes in East Jerusalem razed in one week, West Bank village Tana razed, school in Nablus razed . . .

46 The US has failed in the peace process, bring in the international community

14 Jim-Crow Journalism: Were there really no Palestinian analysts available for latest NYT article?

8 Another silent walk-out in protest of Israel’s PR campaign

2 Contempt for democracy: Chomsky says Arab public opinion counts for nothing in US intellectual culture

4 ‘End Military Aid to Israel’ campaign comes to BART

16 Saudi editor imprisoned for pressing democracy

0 Theopolitics of disaster

9 More on the Jewish presence in the establishment

1 More Chomsky: Obama’s ‘humiliating, pathetic capitulation’

December 7 2010

38 Beinart wants to save Zionism for himself more than he wants to save Israel
Jack Ross

51 Sullivan: end US aid to Israel

135 Hamas aims to kill ‘all Jews worldwide,’ Oren says (after laying wreath on King’s grave)

1 US role in Palestine is ‘perfect symbol’ for recruiting Islamic terrorists –US Embassy in Algeria

1 Solarz got his wish

24 Not sure whether to laugh or cry

0 Rabbis say don’t rent to Arabs, Israeli forces surround mosque, more scrap collectors shot

43 The forest through the trees: What the Carmel fire reminds us about Israel’s history

21 A rabbi’s daughter sheds her ignorance

131 My shiksa friend sees the crisis

18 See Ilan Pappe discuss his new book Gaza in Crisis in Santa Fe, Houston and New York City

2 Expansionist ‘NYT’ keeps annexing Golan Heights

1 ‘For Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, receiving medical treatment is highly problematic and involves numerous obstacles. Sometimes patients are forced to opt out of treatment altogether’

13 As a lame duck, Grayson, do you think you could just quack once for Corrie, Henochowicz and Dogan?

3 At the Nation Institute, McKibben and Jealous describe inspiring struggles

December 6 2010

26 What’s J Street doing meeting with Israeli officials on BDS?

23 Attention progressives for Palestine: Rep. Alan Grayson wants to hear from you

10 The intellectual dishonesty of Benny Morris: Blame the Palestinians, always

47 A jolt? More on Brazil’s decision to recognize Palestine

4 Carmel fire response shows criticism of Israel is based on policy not anti-Semitism

14 Argentina, Uruguay recognize Palestine within its 1967 borders

2 Fundraising drive off to a great start – please help us keep it going!

39 Israel supporters using Wikileaks to promote attack on Iran are ignoring Arab public opinion

7 BDS movement spreads to Australia

13 Message to Vieux Farka Touré: Colonialism is colonialism, whether it happens in West Africa or Palestine

10 Two wrongs make a right argument is promoted in 92d Street Y hall (etched with names Maimonides and Jefferson)

12 Sometimes a letter is better than a column

11 How we will win

December 5 2010

24 What are Israel’s priorities in time of natural disaster?

5 Federal government widens case against Midwest anti-war activists; subpoenas two people who visited the West Bank last summer

184 Abunimah: The Native American analogy doesn’t work
Ali Abunimah

22 Happy holidays

29 An Israeli’s Wiki-piphany

82 MI university deems Helen Thomas’s Zionist-control comments to be anti-Semitic

64 The Witch Tree

7 Doris Lessing on orthodoxy and the intellectual

December 4 2010

15 Odious NGO Monitor smears Electronic Intifada, tries to cut funding

6 First BDS victory in Japan: MUJI cancels plan to open Israeli store

37 Jeffrey Goldberg doesn’t work for ‘The Forward’ any more– and that’s appropriate
Scott McConnell

91 The American Jewish belief in the endurance of anti-Semitism is at the core of the problem

12 Meet Moshe Soprano

21 Engel and Ros-Lehtinen are quick to try to stifle Palestinian state

8 To Gaza with humble apologies
Lillian Rosengarten

6 State Dep’t reporters continue to be rambunctious about Israel announcing 625 new houses for Jews

21 Would this work? You get to keep all your letters, and it still sounds like a Jewish state–

December 3 2010

31 Double your donation in December, get two gifts!
Phil Weiss and Adam Horowitz

150 ‘Wikileaks’ cable drop is a giant power move for the left

31 Mt Carmel fire is huge news– what about the arson all over Palestine??

6 The latest from Haiti

16 Why doesn’t the world offer assistance when settlers set fire to West Bank land?

24 Walt: tribalist Goldberg is smearing us because ‘goyim’ aren’t allowed to criticize Israel

1 Today in Bil’in

3 And the winner is . . .

30 We’re married to a man who’s acting erratically and saying racist stuff, and we’ll never get out

29 Ex-CIA official: Obama’s only peace process is to ‘hope for a miracle’

15 Qatar nutmegs Obama
John V. Whitbeck

59 Helen Thomas says Congress, White House, Hollywood and Wall Street are owned by Zionists

December 2 2010

43 Gazan flowers headed to market in Holland because Israel won’t allow them in the West Bank

38 Oh, Canada: Al Jazeera investigates ‘the other special relationship’

50 The big fat national conversation could actually start w/ California divestment initiative

99 The Middle East’s only pretend democracy

70 Watching The Pianist in Gaza

3 US admits it failed to get settlement freeze; Israel announces new building near East Jerusalem and Palestinians say ‘Israel has chosen West Bank settlements over peace’

2 Big news: $20,000 matching donation fund for Mondoweiss for December

23 This Hanukkah, help shatter the ‘Israel barrier’

34 Young Princeton Jews object to Koolaid being served in Jewish identity cafeteria

10 Jordan to U.S.: The way to stop Iran’s ‘octopus’ is to address Palestinian suffering

27 At State Department briefing, reporters accuse ass’t sec’y of ‘speaking for Israel’

13 When will Chris Hayes’ Postcard from Palestine reach Rachel Maddow?

1 U.N. reports ‘sharp increase’ in demolitions of Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem

11 Right of return: 10s of 1000s of Russian Israelis are working in Moscow, and immigration to Israel is ‘dead,’ says State Department cable

0 Because that’s where the power is

December 1 2010

2 Targeting Silwan’s children

64 Coming soon – The Goldstone Report: The Legacy of the Landmark Investigation of the Gaza Conflict

103 Notes on Hanukkah: The Maccabees and Zionism’s ‘invented traditions’

46 ‘Daily Kos’ banned me and smeared Rachel Corrie, but we can’t give up on the Democratic Party
Jim Harris

56 Some things just didn’t make sense
Steve Feldman

3 Solarz said Israel’s security was a reason for Gulf War