Entry 26: Gaza Riviera

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This is Entry 26 in the Mondo Awards end-of-year Inspire-us contest. The author also wrote our first Entry.

Gaza-ing through the bullet-lit sky

I wonder why I ignored the cries from this place

Where my feet now stand

Where even waste lays waste

I fertilize hope

So my son may get her face

I lean on the gods

That I may catch upto words.


Gaza-ing at the branches I never had time to see

I want to leave behind this place

Where blood blossoms on each tree

Where pride masks each face.

I am more self aware

I no longer chase

I am more afraid

He will get my face.

I can’t find the words.


Gaza-ing at the sea I had not the patience to understand

I just want to connect to this place.

Where an the act of opening your hand

Is to give – not take.

How could I have neglected such a special place

Where dreams have a dream

But only for dreaming’s sake.


Gaza-ing at the hills I will never truly know

I wish I could spraypaint the annals of this place

I’d hijack jills.

I’d roll up these hills.

I’d keep him safe.


When can I return to this place

Where the gods shrug to God

And he begs to Fate

But he too knows he arrived here

Just a little too late


Gaza is burning.

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