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January 31 2011

13 On the eve of the ‘march of a million people’

15 Yousry is now Omar: ‘Tell Mubarak we don’t need his damn Internet for the Peoples Revolution’

4 Brooklyn College reinstates teacher fired for scholarship on Palestine

32 ‘Huffpo’ gives Dershowitz a platform to say tyranny is just fine for ‘the average Egyptian’

6 ‘Welcome to the lions of Almaza’: Neighborhood patrols defend a Cairo in flux

18 Interview with Ahmed Moor from Cairo: ‘This is a society-wide program for change’

6 The widening double standard

29 A democratic Egypt may save Palestinian and Lebanese lives

21 Brooklyn College does right thing and rehires Kristofer Petersen-Overton

16 Twilight of the gods– neocon puts aid to Israel on the table

2 Palestinian Authority bans Egypt solidarity rally in Ramallah

23 Endgame

0 ‘AJ just showed protesters dressed in shrouds used to wrap dead before burial, indicating willingness to die for freedom’– tweet from Alaa Abd El Fattah:

39 Like a be-in from the 60s– joy, peace, excitement
Felice Gelman

128 ‘Tomorrow we’ll trample you with our shoes! Leave with honor, you disgusting bunch!’

23 NYT’s Douthat says all that wonderful Middle East stability gave us 9/11

51 ‘Mr President, we have Professor Chomsky on line 2.’ ‘Noam! Hi! I need to talk to you–’

5 Obama failed to seize the day (and spent his political capital)

9 No to Mubarak, No to Suleiman, Down with tyranny

38 Noticing my distress, the other detainee whispered: ‘I’m sorry. This is not Egypt. This is Mubarak’

6 In the Knesset, speaking Zionistically, Huckabee says that Egyptian revolution is a ‘threat to Israel’

6 Maybe Abrams was disinvited? Be still, my heart

4 Door #1, #2, or #3?

January 30 2011

11 ‘It’s a revolution of the people, not of the Ikhwan, not of Baradei, not of Soliman, not of Facebook and Twitter, no this is a people’s revolution’

19 Neocons to lecture Obama on Monday

10 Now what happened in Iran in 1979?

6 Twitter revolution? Check out Parvez Sharma on CNBC

33 Yikes

17 This revolution ‘undoubtedly means the end of Israel as a Jewish state’

25 Homage to Cairo: ‘Ordinary people are standing shoulder to shoulder.’
Maryam Monalisa Gharavi

60 Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood vs. Al-Qaeda

21 The latest from the Egyptian revolution

0 More than 1,000 Jaffa residents protest Jewish settlement project being built in the heart of the city

67 No ‘Berlin Moment’ in Egypt

34 ‘Our heroes in Egypt are not waiting for our children to dream…’

71 How long before American media takes these 5 Egyptian lessons to Israel?

15 ‘Within 24 hours of the assemblyman’s phone call, I was fired’ –Brooklyn College adjunct professor

0 Wave of settler violence (and a Palestinian is ‘exiled’ for attacking one of them)

6 Liberalism and religious parties

8 ‘Salon’ says denial is a US belief in the 2SS

4 Why did ‘New York Magazine’ say that Peretz participates in demonstrations against occupation?

10 Israelis and friends gird up their loins against the idea that Arabs can vote

179 The Egyptian revolution threatens an American-imposed order of Arabophobia and false choices

January 29 2011

35 ‘Muslims, Christians we are all Egyptians’: Scenes from a revolution as told by one eyewitness

11 Close U.S. ally and new Egyptian VP Soliman ‘keeps the domestic beasts at bay’

38 Egyptians believe Mubarak instigated looting to show only he can protect them from chaos
Parvez Sharma

19 Over 100 dead so far during the Egyptian revolution, is the world watching?

1 Some brought their children out in the streets, others threw food down to the protesters

January 28 2011

17 As night falls in Egypt families begin looking for missing loved ones
Parvez Sharma

30 Israel and its American friends want to stop the Egyptian ‘earthquake’

73 Egypt is burning and most western pundits have no idea why
Parvez Sharma

93 Following the news from Egypt: ‘We are saying enough of this regime! It is a corrupt regime!’

45 Clinton statement celebrates ‘civil society’ in Middle East

14 Jewish settlers in occupation shoot two Palestinian youths, leaving one brain dead

4 Israeli forces blast peaceful protesters with sewage water in Bil’in today

18 We live in times where the power is coming to back the people
Lina Al-Sharif

52 The road to Jerusalem leads through Tunis and Cairo

28 Tunisia spirit hits Kentucky

6 #Jan28: This revolution will not be tweeted?
Parvez Sharma

10 Washington ‘ecosystem’ on Israel is shifting– Beinart signs on with Walt & Mearsheimer

6 Brooklyn College’s claim that it fired Petersen-Overton for insufficient credentials doesn’t hold up

2 ‘LA Times’ piece says Erekat, Abbas and Qurei are colonial pawns

January 27 2011

25 Egypt shuts down the internet on eve of protest as the world community gathers

16 A prayer for Egypt

16 Biden: see no good, hear no good, speak no good

5 Ahmed Moor reporting from Cairo: ‘I was tired, but not more tired than the people who have waited 30 years for the opportunity to breathe’

3 In ’09 Obama lectured Cairo about his commitment to democracy

15 State Dep’t says democracy is OK for Tunisia but not Egypt because of Israel

24 The Egyptian intifada and what it may mean for Israel/Palestine

13 Abunimah on the Palestine Papers: ‘If the US is unable to change its utterly failed policies, it might as well get out of the way’

1 At last, boycott gains legitimacy at Harvard

21 Latest from Egypt: ‘Whether you are a Christian, a Muslim, or an atheist, you will demand your rights!’
Seham and Adam Horowitz

6 Inshaallah Twitter
Parvez Sharma

3 Palestine Papers fallout?: Palestinian academics and students stage ‘sit in’ in Palestinian embassy in London demanding ‘right of representation’

10 State Dep’t says Goldstone report ‘significantly retarded’ efforts to achieve Middle East peace

3 ‘The American gov’t gives our dictators tear gas, but our American friends gave us Facebook!’
Ali Glenesk

64 New McCarthyism: Brooklyn College fires teacher who dared to speak out for Palestinian self-determination

10 Israeli-US scenario: Jettison Mubarak and find another servitor

9 ‘Anonymous’ hacker group joins the fight in the Middle East

10 Correcting a slur against Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood

14 Palestine Papers: The peace process is dead and the Palestinians’ Arab ‘allies’ should shoulder some of the blame
Hisham Wyne

23 More vindication for Goldstone: British news reports Israeli soldiers were ordered to ‘cleanse’ Gaza neighborhoods during Cast Lead

8 Breaking: Settlers kill 19-year old Palestinian in West Bank village near Nablus
Popular Struggle Coordination Committee

4 Macy Gray wants to build bridges, can she help tear down an illegal wall?
Eleanor K

9 Saudi Arabia’s silence may be a good thing

7 Grassroots coalition building may include some Jewish therapy on the side

3 Hollywood reporter says Oscar jousters smear King Geo as Nazi-symp

January 26 2011

31 Goldberg-Ibish (and Malley-Agha) counsel Palestinians to give up their bargaining tools

9 A mind is a terrible thing to waste

13 Palestine Papers: US intimidated PA into stifling Goldstone Report

19 ‘The days of ‘48 have come again’: 15 minutes from Tel Aviv, Israel creates a new refugee camp

41 Palestine Papers: Admiral Mullen says Palestinian state is a U.S. ‘cardinal interest’ after raising troop deaths

32 Meanwhile, in Judea and Samaria . . .

11 Palestine Papers expose a Palestinian ‘tragicomedy’ driven by Israeli and American intransigence

193 Al Jazeera funeral for two-state-solution stirs fear and denial

10 ‘NYT’ runs sloppy apologia for Islamophobic editor

7 Thinking about the matzav 17 hours a day
Yonah Fredman

14 Obama plays catch-up on popular movements in Egypt and Tunisia

94 ‘Tahrir means Liberation’: A report from Cairo

January 25 2011

9 The meaning of today’s events in Egypt
Issandr El Amrani

21 ‘Palestine Papers’ reveal PA collaboration with Israel, under US tutelage

5 A tale of two reports

2 The truth that the ‘Palestine Papers’ has broken into the mainstream: Israel is the obstacle to peace

39 Today in Egypt

50 Today in Lebanon
Sean Lee

6 PA admits the memos are authentic; anger grows in the occupied territories and refugee camps across the region

10 Boycott and I Choke

1 Another child arrested in Nabi Saleh

12 Irish republican bent-knee episode of 1922 suggests that P.A.’s weakness could have virulent consequences
Ed Moloney

21 New Orientalist Times

7 Change I’m having trouble believing in

1 ‘Haaretz’: it’s beginning to feel a lot like apartheid

86 Palestine Papers: Why there will never be a State of Palestine

10 ‘Washington Post’ administers loyalty oath

January 24 2011

20 Times’ Kershner uses biased Turkel history to report on biased Turkel report

157 When Livni spoke of ethnic transfer, Abu Alaa said only solution is ‘binational state from sea to river’

13 Palestine Papers: Obama rejects Bush commitment to Palestinian state on 1967 lines; opens door to expulsion of Palestinian citizens of Israel

0 Palestine Papers: Obama didn’t abandon all Bush policy – he maintains a firm disregard for Palestinian democracy

20 Latest Palestine Papers: Plans to ‘transfer’ Palestinian citizens of Israel, Right of return for refugees, and the Obama administration

29 An afternoon in the Jerusalem studio of GOD TV, the Christian Zionist ethnic cleansing network

6 ‘The Palestine Cables’: WikiLeaks exposes Egypt, PA cooperation with Israel during Gaza assault

15 ‘Palestine Papers’ fallout: Fatah protesters attack Al Jazeera while in Gaza ‘anger and disbelief’

16 More reax on Palestine papers

7 Israel rejects “the biggest Yerushalayim” while Palestinian negotiators plead ‘what more can I give?’

11 American intifadah: We shake off the neocons

12 Israel has taken over from Northern Ireland as a factory of grievances
Ed Moloney

68 The stark reality of the ‘Palestine Papers’ points the way forward

4 Youth activists respond to authoritarian PA crackdown on Tunisia solidarity rally

6 Brooklyn-Jenin: A call for the remnants of the Israeli-Jewish left

0 ‘LA Times’ showcases Israeli racism

0 Tear gas inhalation has contributed to four Palestinian deaths (and that’s not counting those maimed/killed by high-velocity canisters)

13 Saban family tried to give Emanuel over 1/2 a million

January 23 2011

130 Al Jazeera publishes bombshell leak concerning the peace process; ex-CIA official ‘The overwhelming conclusion one draws from this record is that the process for a two-state solution is essentially over’
Henry Norr and Adam Horowitz

6 Report: US will not veto UN resolution condemning settlements

44 Gisha: Israeli flotilla inquiry cannot authorize the collective punishment of a civilian population

4 My Khan Yunis
Fidaa Abu Assi

5 Encounters with Israeli cinema
Maryam Monalisa Gharavi

26 If Israel continues to quash nonviolent protest without sanction, Palestinians will ‘conclude that nonviolence is an ineffective path to freedom’

January 22 2011

77 Israelis target Macy Gray with racist diatribes after she agrees to play Tel Aviv (and who are the “assholes?”)

29 Crisis in Alabama averted, thanks to the ADL

1 Israeli forces clashes with Palestinians in Silwan and Shufat refugee camp for the third day straight

12 Unbounded joy
Yasmeen El Khoudary

January 21 2011

29 Goldstone Report Weekender: Weiss profile; Ratner on Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish; and Siegman discusses ‘delegitimizing Israel’

0 New Palestinian refugee camp in Lod following home demolitions

4 Gaza conversation at Busboys and Poets in D.C., this Sunday

164 If Obama saw what white phosphorus did to the kids’ rehab room at Al Quds Hospital in Gaza, maybe he would become a decider?

22 McEwan’s antenna tunes in tired song
Eleanor K

19 British double standard on recognizing Palestine lets Israel off the hook

11 Ex-Jerusalem pol asks the US ‘to intervene to keep the current Israeli Government from driving off a cliff’
Wayne Smith

24 Hunting the neocons

13 Why did Rahm Emanuel take his family to the occupied Golan last spring?

53 Don’t single out Israel

5 Washington wisdom

9 But she still loves Michelle

January 20 2011

22 ACLU of Washington sues Seattle over I/P transit ads

7 Spirit of Tunisia is infectious

29 MSM self-censorship on the Israel issue

19 ‘Israeli occupation as brutal as Nazis” — Elkana, Holocaust survivor

1 One foot in, one foot out: A tour of a Palestinian village
Cat Rabenstine

5 Israeli forces arrest four children near Hebron

121 Macy Gray shuns boycott, will play Tel Aviv
Eleanor K

7 Is boycott working? Ahava products discounted in cheapo promotion

27 NYRB blog: all that can save Israel is the new (non-Zionist) left

35 ‘J Street’ says US should not veto Security Council res condemning settlements

6 Ashrawi in IHT: settlements are ‘a war crime’

8 Avishai: Goldberg ‘misled and hyped’ Americans about Iranian nuke threat

3 UN says demolitions of Palestinian houses in occupation jumped 60 percent, ’09 to ’10, keeping pace with settlement boom

January 19 2011

31 Lizzy Ratner and Laila El-Haddad discuss The Goldstone Report on GRITtv

1 UN rights board calls for complete halt on Israeli settlement activity as home demolitions increase across East Jerusalem

13 Macy Gray criticizes Israeli policy; asks if she should play in Tel Aviv
Samuel J. Nichols

65 Citing ‘national security,’ coalition of realists and liberals (Freeman-Zogby-Beinart) call on Obama to condemn settlements

18 ‘Tears of Gaza’ showing tomorrow in L.A.

23 State Declaration: The Palestinians’ agonizing choices

27 Through the Looking Glass – Five years in Students for Justice in Palestine
Tom Pessah

5 Stories from the Holy Land
Cat Rabenstine

5 Sarah Palin finds an, unh, amen corner in Israel

8 Now Jennifer Rubin says that ‘J Street’ is anti-Semitic

January 18 2011

43 There is no substitute for seeing it for yourself – Travel to Israel/Palestine with Interfaith Peace Builders in May 2011

23 ‘Goldstone’ becomes a punchline on the Israeli Supreme Court

29 Congresswoman Barbara Lee, and the silence of friends
Jim Harris

4 More on ‘Boycott from Within’

3 Al-Arakib after the 10th demolition

248 When the rocket hit our school in Beersheva, I thought of Yossarian
Jon S.

0 Al-Araqib residents expelled to make way for trees

7 A dialogue with the young Walzer who was thrilled to echo MLK’s call to non-violent resistance

9 Canadian B’nai Brith suggests The Bay is practicing boycott without saying so

11 Neocon/neophyte journo Rubin misrepresented State Dep’t official on anti-Semitism

10 Another American protest of the special relationship

4 All paperwork was in place for the 8 and 9-year-olds to see the beach, and permission issued…
Jeff Loewenstein

65 An educated Palestinian describes her rightslessness

2 Israeli pressure mounts on British Telecom to divest from occupation

18 Bra-gate, the plot thickens

4 Lieberman is most powerful politician in Israel, and peace process is kaput

5 Mazel tov– career path that didnt work out for Marty Peretz still happening for Jeffrey Goldberg

January 17 2011

25 Apologetic, self-centered, nationalistic

4 I get a closeup picture of the health care system and women’s lives in Palestine

5 Levy: Labor never really took on nationalist Revisionism

10 Obama puts peace process in concrete shoes and pushes it off the Staten Island ferry

8 Our beloved land is bogged down in a tragic effort to live in monologue, not dialogue

0 While the world watches Tunisia and Lebanon, Israel steals more land

17 Another American family, this time the Jilanis, will have to grieve without justice over Israeli killing

1 Gaza Youth Breaks Out has politics
Vera Macht

7 The worldwide effort to end the Gaza siege will succeed because it is in the spirit of the great civil rights movement 50 years ago
Dorothy M. Zellner

4 Gaza Two Years Later: There is nothing that tastes as beautiful as reading in the dark

33 Dominoes
Hazel Kahan

January 16 2011

91 Falk: Tribalism is genocidal; while a diverse religious identity thickens the fibers of global civilization
Richard Falk

17 ‘Time’ magazine cover story saying Israel doesn’t care about peace was ‘absolutely’ anti-Semitic, says State Dept official Hanna Rosenthal

0 ‘Peace Now’ says Lieberman is greater threat than Iran

48 Netanyahu seizes on Tunisian turmoil as yet another pretext for iron wall

18 Boycott dons fine new western garb– ‘for professional reasons’

34 Palestinian congressman doesn’t advertise the fact

3 Israel destroys Bedouin village for… ninth time… (to make way for Jewish treeplanting?)

35 Khouri: Tunisia is Gdansk shipyard of ’80 with Jazeera as megaphone to other Arab countries!

105 The first fight was, I’m sick of lecturing Arab women on how they dress

3 Israel’s McCarthyism worse than Tailgunner Joe’s

7 More on Amy Chua and the neocons hating Russia

January 15 2011

0 South African Jewish group prepares war-crimes charges against Livni in advance of visit

3 ‘Jonathan Pollak will be happy to receive letters’

15 ‘Opportune neglect’ and the end of the Iraq invasion/occupation effect in the Middle East
Bassam Haddad

12 Terrorist or pianist?
Jehan Al-Farra

44 In Tunisia, the Arab street writes a new script
Robin Yassin-Kassab

22 Who profits from the occupation?

9 Wikileaks cable: 4 years ago Israel said it will have to deal with Hamas ‘sooner or later’

36 To become a professor at Yale, it helps to be a slacker

January 14 2011

33 The Jasmine Revolution

73 ‘This is big: very big’: Ben Ali, gone in Tunisia

30 World-renowned computer scientist suffers harrowing mid-air IQ drop

39 Palin doesn’t threaten pogroms

63 Brooklyn-Jenin: On concentration camps and Yonatan Pollack

3 Today in Bil’in

4 Another Made in USA “less-lethal” weapon kills in Palestine

10 You can’t see freedom from any window

10 In testimonies from Occupation, the most moral army comes off like Cossacks

131 Why I believe that Palestinians are holding up the world

January 13 2011

18 Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu slandered by Israel apologists

87 Activists uncover FBI infiltration of anti-war and solidarity groups, including trip to Israel/Palestine

13 Canadian retailer ‘The Bay’ drops AHAVA Cosmetics
Nancy Kricorian and Rae Abileah

2 Social Affairs Minister: Israel today feels like Alabama in the 1940s

22 Protesters confront US tear gas maker over Bil’in death; more protests planned

67 Palin gets an experienced attorney in the rapidly-growing field of blood-libel accusation

12 Imagine if Bill Clinton had taken Geo Mitchell off Northern Ireland case because he wasn’t close enough to England

20 Should the Palestinians unilaterally declare a state?
Issa Khalaf

112 Out of answers on how to confront BDS, StandWithUs comic book portrays Palestinians (and allies) as vermin, reminiscent of Nazi propaganda

20 For too many Israelis, Arab money is dirty money

3 The day all hell broke loose
Zeinab S. Fayyad

42 Giffords moment shows that Jewish orgs should stop fretting about continuity

1 Nakba 2.0: In a herder community in the occupied West Bank, Israel destroys 13 structures, including 9 homes and a classroom

3 ‘TNR’ rounds up the usual suspects– ‘The Israel Lobby’ and ‘Seven Jewish Children’

10 ‘I am here to save the Jews from Israel’

10 Israel’s new charm offensive

January 12 2011

38 The day after Zionism

38 The ethnocentric blindness of left Zionism

23 Once again, Dershowitz issues an ad hominem attack on Goldstone

7 Because this headline would never make it into the MSM– ‘Rabbi: Gentile sperm leads to barbaric offspring’–

8 Thanks National Geographic, Palestine needs to be travelled to

6 Two provocative leftwing pieces on Israeli politics appear over there (never in the U.S., we’re not ready)

46 Giffords wasn’t shot because of her Judaism, ADL says

8 Sachar, eminent historian of Jews, celebrates the rising American Jewish concern for Palestinian freedom!

28 Let’s counter the mythology that Iran wants nukes and would strike Israel if it had them

2 Inside Qalqilyia: Choked by a wall and 12 settlements, its water and ancestral lands stolen

10 Overnight traumas
Fidaa Abu Assi

January 11 2011

15 Another name is registered in Gaza

7 Solidarity in Lyd: ‘We strongly disbelieve that Jews can demonstrate by themselves ala Tel Aviv’

30 Congressman Peter King suggests that Muslims are not American

2 Amnesty calls Abdallah Abu Rahma ‘prisoner of conscience jailed solely for speaking out’

217 Birthright Israel calls on its alumni to ‘take back Zionism’

1 Israel accelerates rate of killing Palestinians in early 2011

56 The general vanishes
Yakov M. Rabkin

36 You know the lobby’s in crisis when Beinart gets microphone from Oren and Wiesel is trying to revive Zionism

42 Available Now: The Goldstone Report: The Legacy of the Landmark Investigation of the Gaza Conflict

122 EU envoy sticks a fork in 2SS

9 This 65-year-old had it coming

14 With Goldberg, nukes are either a few months or four years away– but that’s definitive!

January 10 2011

179 Mossad chief’s statement removes Iranian nuclear threat (Will the ‘Atlantic’ report it here?)

0 ‘He sleeps with a loaf of bread in his arms’

13 ‘What is this, delusional?’ (the west’s deafening silence on the Judaization of Jerusalem)

217 Lerner points to anti-Semitic character of new hatred in America

14 ‘LA Times’ brands Manning’s jail conditions at Quantico ‘indefensible’

53 The lobby has been broken because… Israel isn’t good for the Jews

24 Why it will be said one day that anti-Zionists had a better grasp on 20th C history than Uri Avnery or Tom Friedman

January 9 2011

72 Dep’t of Homeland Security suggests anti-Semitism may be motive for assassination attempt in Arizona

9 Remnick takes another step– the occupation is ‘deeply wrong’

12 Angry Arab says that after Bill Clinton got in, Arabists were ‘eliminated’ from State Dep’t

14 Ynet: US gov’t believes that Palestinian state would be ‘disaster’ and 2nd Tehran

11 Amidst ghettoes, camps, and a mural for a mass-murderer, a settler offers his coexistence plan
Scott McConnell

24 Hillary Clinton condemns Shepherd Hotel demolition as demonstrators cry, ‘This is stolen land’

0 Abu Rahma family has become symbol of occupation (and of an authoritarian regime– Gideon Levy)

23 Barghouti: Ariel U boycott is first step

105 War and Michael Walzer

33 Israelis demolish Shepherd’s Hotel in occupied East Jerusalem to make way for Jewish housing

25 Left is now driving the discourse on I/P– and causing some Dems to stop being ‘Israel lovers’

9 English publications can speak frankly about the Israel lobby’s power over Obama

Scott McConnell

January 8 2011

1 The siege of Gaza: Due to attacks on fishermen, now even fish must come thru tunnels from Egypt

0 Report we ran on settlers burning Palestinian tent got some details wrong
Samuel Nichols

4 Wild woman lament for dead children
Lillian Rosengarten

12 One small step for a man– Jewish Journal states that Israel is ‘imperfect’

21 Youtube + Warner Music Group + Motorola = internet censorship
Anna Baltzer

5 Jawaher Abu Rahma inspires Boston protesters in snow
Noam Lekach

0 Israeli killing of 65-year-old Palestinian in bed in Hebron could catalyze Hamas-Fatah talks

32 Some thoughts on al-Qawsmi, Abu Rahmah, and Kershner

5 They spoke to each other in Arabic about the nature of love… They said they will keep doing this till the world takes notice
Nicholas Furrow

20 ‘J Street’ honorably opposes McCarthyism in Israeli civil society (but what about ethnically-cleansed Palestinians?)

46 More on Joel Greenberg and his rabbi father

4 Well this one could be a suicide

January 7 2011

38 The stubborn innocence of the cultural void
Eleanor K

5 In Bil’in, protesters wear yellow stars with ‘Palestinian’ written on them

55 Brutalized

60 Who cares whether Jawaher Abu Rahmah had a previous condition?

11 A week after Jawaher Abu Rahma’s death, Bil’in continues to march

47 US gov’t official: Israelis ignore everyone in the US except Tom Friedman and Jeffrey Goldberg

2 A poem for Gaza
Remi Kanazi

7 A senile ‘fixation’

6 Bizarro world: Le Pen’s nationalist daughter (correctly) lectures Israel on minority rights

8 Adidas weighs withdrawal of sponsorship of Jerusalem Int’l Marathon that goes thru occupied villages

16 Haj Omar al-Qawsmi, 65-year-old Palestinian civilian, is killed in bed in occupied Hebron by Israeli forces

12 When the Messiah comes, the first sign will be a gag order

151 How I became a human smuggler

12 What is radicalism?
Noel Ignatiev

19 Jews leave three D.C. turrets. Yes it matters

4 Joel Greenberg of Wash Post once went to jail rather than serve in Lebanon war

14 Skeptical ‘Washington Post’ report on teargassing death is written by reporter said to have served in Israeli army

8 Coca Cola, P&G, Westinghouse, Philip Morris, Hewlett Packard wanted to open Gaza border. But they’re chopped liver

January 6 2011

13 In Ajami and Mas’ha, evidence of the continuing Nakba

9 ‘Forward’: Israeli army doctors warned in ’03 that CS gas in high concentrations could kill

7 Sanchez’s PR man said Palestinians have no claim to Jerusalem

78 Why does Israel ban Gazans from recycling?

6 76% of children arrested in Silwan tell DCI they suffered some form of physical violence during arrest, transfer or interrogation.

1 For Jawaher Abu Rahma: As one sleeps, another wakes up. As one dies, a whole generation is born.

42 Well who does he remind you of?

17 Israelis refused to ‘read or touch’ detailed Palestinian documents

12 Atlanta Journal Constitution changes article headline after being faced with the reality of Gaza

22 ‘Gaza Youth Breaks Out’ responds to their critics

January 5 2011

47 In the ‘Forward,’ Pogrebin condemns the ‘un-Jewish’ smear campaign of Goldstone by Jews

12 Repeat after me: Arab countries can’t compete globally because they are ‘baksheesh’ societies

19 Signs of desperation in the lobby

12 The invisible world inside Israel

39 Collective punishment: Wikileaks doc says Israel kept Gaza on ‘brink of collapse’ partly as response to capture of Gilad Shalit

3 #hasbarafail

8 Totalitarian diets and other corrupted ethics

3 New poster focuses on Palestinian political prisoners

4 US appears toothless in latest Wiki snapshot

84 More on Helen Thomas’s purdah

8 Gaza Two Years Later: 23 days of my life
Jehan Al-Farra

January 4 2011

71 Stunner: Protesters in Tel Aviv call Barak ‘child murderer’ of Gaza!

17 GQ story on Dubai job suggests Zionism is dumbing Jews down

10 Good guys actually won this shootout at the Hasbara Corral

7 ‘Charlie Rose’ transcript saves Hoenlein from on-air allegation he served as Netanyahu’s emissary

3 If you can make it here–

8 Rehabbin’ Rick Sanchez to rend his garments at NY synagogue, tickets $25 a pop

2 ‘Democracy Now’ interviews two witnesses to the killing

16 Another liberal Zionist endorses BDS– well, S anyway

1 In Ramallah: ‘Today an orchestra, tomorrow a state’

2 One family in Gaza
Jen Marlowe

2 In the wake of Jawaher Abu Rahmah’s death, four organizations ask US corporation to ‘cease providing equipment to the Israeli government’

3 Israeli troops– which killed 176 students, teachers in Gaza war– now raid Jenin university dorms

1 Do Bil’in Jews signal new politics in Middle East?

5 Why is NYC Mayor’s Office posting pro-Israel article from the Jewish press on a government website?

2 ‘Israeli army’s anonymous version of Jawaher Abu Rahma’s death contradicted by everyone’

56 Bil’in Popular Committee produces 4 eyewitnesses to Jawaher Abu Rahmah’s teargassing
Jonathan Pollak

2 Bradley Manning– in song and story

151 Arendt and Einstein warned of ‘fascism’ rising in Israel 60 years ago

56 Goldberg’s next war sure sounds a lot like his last one

29 Is this anti-Semitic?

3 Gaza Two Years Later: The roof of my house
Sarah Ali

37 IDF pushes claim that ‘Palestinians lied’ about Jawaher Abu Rahma’s killing

2 Gaza Two Years Later: From beneath
Rawan Yaghi

2 Gaza Two Years Later: I waited 23 days to cry, and two years to write
Fidaa Abu Assi

January 3 2011

159 Israeli spoof of brainwashing — in kindergarten

32 Habibi Chomsky

4 Baby steps (State Department is ‘aware’ of killing involving tear gas at protest)

4 Signposting the occupation
Eleanor K

16 J Street asks: ‘What if Israel Ceases to be a Democracy?’ (Pssst…it never was)

4 ‘I’ve always been mortified by what’s happening to Palestinians’ –US street

0 Holocaust survivors warn of stirrings of neo-fascism

47 Why is 85% of a $17m Marine Corps contract being spent in Israel?

20 Two experts weigh in on Israeli killing of Jawaher Abu Rahma at the wall

28 Gaza Youth Breaks Out surprised by the reaction to its statement: ‘We did not expect this to be so big’

January 2 2011

7 Lo, Uri Avnery said to carry ‘Murders in Uniform’ poster

12 Is it anti-Semitic to warn women about the perils of meeting Israeli men?

5 Let the world see….’A Child’s View from Gaza’

7 Groundbreaking report terms Israel’s isolation cells ‘dungeons’

0 Reider: ‘A non-violent movement of exactly the kind prayed for by liberals wishing for a Palestinian Gandhi’

8 ‘Why are you on the Palestinian side, working against your homeland?’

5 Outside Akko, I run into Christian Zionists from Arkansas

176 Gaza youth breaks out with a ‘manifesto for change’
Gaza Youth Breaks Out

9 American-made teargas was also fired in occupied East Jerusalem

4 What really happened in Bil’in
Felice Gelman

6 How many 32-year-olds can raise ‘millions of dollars’ for a presidential campaign?

30 Gideon Levy: 2010 was the year the truth came out

10 What a pathetic reveal: Obama sat at Israeli defense minister’s knee like pupil

January 1 2011

6 Demonstrators ‘return’ tear gas canisters to US ambassador’s home

11 Scenes from Jawaher Abu Rahmah’s funeral

6 Tear-gas killing in Bil’in is ‘war crime’– says Palestinian negotiator, Erekat

1 On New Year’s Day, we’ve wrapped up Mondo Awards with, wow, 34 entries
Annie and Phil Weiss

7 Report from Bil’in and meeting Jawaher Abu Rahmah

5 At scene of gasing, journalist Goldman discredited IDF, Ynet and NYT (which wasn’t there)

10 The teargas grenades that killed Jawaher Abu Rahmah were most likely ‘made in the USA’

1 Entry 34: As a Christian and idealist, I nominate George Khoury of Sabeel
Carrie Cunningham

0 Entry 33: The spirit of resistance

1 Entry 32: ‘The Prison Called Gaza,’ a play
Jerry Hoyt

2 Entry 31: I nominate Furkan Dogan, inspired by Gaza
Robert in Antalya

39 Bil’in protester Jawaher Abu Rahmah, 36, dies of asphyxiation caused by tear gas inhalation
Jonathan Pollak